**updated** Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Ragan about Rachel “She going to come in here say I NEED A DRINK and down that Nail polish remover”

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

5:30pm Backyard Matt practicing with the golf clubs, Lane watching from the hammock A bunch of houseguests on the couch laying around. Theres little birds outside you can hear them on the feeds.. Lane tells MAtt that Brit has told DR about the little birds and they’re getting rid of them. Matt doesn’t think they will he calls it murder if they do.


Big Brother 12 Spoilers

5:33pm Cabana room Ragan, Hayden, Kristen, Brit Brit tells them about her dog that ate a towel once. She says she had to induce vomiting in her dog cause it’s such a small dog and it ate so much of her towel. Matt asks her how the fuck did her dog eat a towel. Brit explains that she was making somehting with peanut butter and wiped her hands on the towel minutes later it had eaten a huge chunk. She tell them about her friend who was trying to be a Broadway dancer and he had this belt that his dog (a pitbull) ate and the belt got wrapped around its intestines and died. Ragan brings up a show called “intervention” where there was this one girl that was addicted to huffing computer dusters every time she would take a huff she would say “Its like walking on sunshine” Matt there now he saw the same episode and they laugh. ragan continues tells them that he saw a episode about that same girl a year later and she’s all cleaned up gained a bunch of weight and is doing well. Matt says “AHH now thats no fun” he’s the only one that laughs out of the group… Brit says she say that show intervention once and they showed a girl who smoked black heroin.. or tar heroin. Matt goes on to explain to them that black heroin is basically byproduct crap and it bad for you. Ragan says “wouldn’t it be funny if Rachel walks in here says I NEED A DRINK and starts downing the nail polish remover” I laughed so hard couldn’t catch what comes next….


Big Brother 12 Spoilers

5:50pm HOUSE MEETING… Andrew sits in the centre of the living room tells Everyone that he’s very sorry for losing it with Kristen this morning.. He understands she is close to Kathy and to some degree close to him. HE wants to apologize to rachel and Brendon for saying he’s coming after them. he tells them he’s so very grateful to be in the house and he knows that ever last one of them has sacrificed so much to be there. He explains that the week has been very hard on him, being on slop has caused him to act differently. He cries a bit and says he swears theres estrogen in the protein shakes because he usually isn’t this emotional. He explains that he’s a loaner and thats just the way he is. He tells them all he loves them and he now needs to go and pray. Everyone gets up and leaves hayden gives that house meeting a C and the last one an A (i give them both F for no fucking blood)

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

6:20pm Have Nots Room Brendon walks in and hands Andrew the POV says no matter what happens I want you to have this. Andrew says I can’t take that they won’t let me keep it. Brendon tells him yes take it.


Big Brother 12 Spoilers
7:13pm Eating dnner.. Rachels talking about her ex boyfriends. Rachel “I like totally was in like love with him”
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84 thoughts on “**updated** Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Ragan about Rachel “She going to come in here say I NEED A DRINK and down that Nail polish remover”

  1. I hope that Andrew really doesn’t think anyone was buying into his silly Veto speech. I laughed so hard, I cried. ; )

      1. Don’t replace pics again, please….It was so hard to just glance for an update. Maybe after they are gone

  2. Before Annie left she said “two players are long time friends” I believe her. Anyone else think that Matt and Brendon are long time friends? Its as plain as the boobs on Rachaels chest.

    1. I don’t think anyone knew anyone else before the show started. It would give them too much of an advantage.

    2. Annie said it was a lie. She said this in interviews after she left the house. She clearly said that nobody is related. She made it all up. I wish it was true. We need a twist.

  3. Does production tell the guests what people (us) are saying about them?

    Where did Brenda get the word ‘Brenchel’ or whatever from?

  4. So Rachel didn’t know about the POV speech? I thought Andrew told her she overplayed it. Is it just BB editing.

  5. That pov comp was definitely rigged. To use Rachel’s “sippy cup” as a prop (magic potion putch bowl) was a dead giveaway. I can imagine what they when through to get it from her.

    1. i also think that production instructed rachel and brenden on how to play the game. one folds and the other one stays. rachel was trying to make like it was her genius plan to do this, but i don’t think so

  6. ok guys dumb remark, can anyone let CBS know when they cut the feeds they should CUT ONLY THE FEEDS where someone says something wrong, I understand if someone doesnt sign a required letter to have their name on the show but come on, your cutting 4 feeds to stop one camera?????

  7. Was Brendover lying to Boy George when he told her that Captain Kosher threw the POV comp as evidence of his loyalty to them? Or is it CBS editing? Cuz Andrew seemed liked he really does hate BG and knew if he didn’t win POV he was in trouble. But his final few answers in the POV were so off, it makes me think he did throw the competition!

    1. Someone on here said that Brendon uses “Andrew” as his “cock-blocker” in order to get out of having to go all the way with that “hagyena.” So it is possible. Though, I think Andrew sabotaged the plan with his speech. If ever Brendon had his chance to get rid of BG and turn the game in his favor it would have been then. If he did put up Bg that would have been BB History!

  8. yes agreed, LOVING THE FULL SCREEN….. but man come on the money they are making they should be able to do this……. why cut all live feeds when its just one camera…. Simon how are you and Dawg doing…… you guys think this season is better than last year?

    1. I’m liking the season i’m pretty sure dawg is to, there is some houseguests we really like this year. Last year there was a few we liked but not too many. Like the rest of you we’re waiting for some kind of catalyst to get things going, then it should be good.

  9. We “Bon Temps” girls want to challenge Matt to a game of poker (no! not strip). Everyone has what’s called a “tell” that you can spot if someone is bluffing! Every time Matt lies, he looks like he’s about to piss himself from laughing. That obnoxius “leprau-dyke” is easy pickin’ in a poker game.

  10. the “plan” was idiotic from the start more evidence how dumb brendon and rachel are they’re educational background is sounding more bogus every idiotic decision they make , andrew would not be going home if this plan never came about it was not needed….. now they won’t have any allies next week as kathy and kristen jumped that sinking ship called “brachel”… andrew should thank brachel for is going home…

    1. actually is was all andrew’s plan and rachel didnt even know about it. watch the show before u start to blame everything on brechel

    2. I cannot see how this is Brendon’s fault. The ONLY person to blame for not getting either Brendon or Rachel out is Matt. Him and him alone. I would think that there is something very fishy on why he did that(or didn’t.) Is he really wanting to make sure Brendon and Rachel both go to jury? I can see how that helps his cause if he makes the final two.

    3. If Brenchal were smart they could have insured Brit and Monet did not win POV. one drop one second behind one and other one second behind other. Unless perfection occured someone other than the NOM’s would win.

  11. The only smart thing Matt has done so far is join an alliance with “Larry, Moe & Curly”. He is leading them “like lambs to slaughter.” The only one with any balls in that group is Kristen. If the 3 of them were to put their heads together (thus creating one brain) maybe they could see this. Hopefully this week they’ll wake up and realize what an asshole Matt is and plot to make Matt the one to “voluntarily” leave the house.

  12. I’m wondering what the ratings are looking like for this season. Does anybody know? So far it’s been a real snoozer. These so called brainiacs are boring me to tears. It’s like the Rachel and Brendon Show (I’m still not convinced he doesn’t have latent homosexual tendencies…lol what a phrase) with a few extras thrown in. Of course boobalicious Rachel wouldn’t know and I’m not entirely convinced she is as smart as she want us to believe. Anyway, I’m rooting for Andrew or

  13. Brit. I didn’t finish my thought before I hit ‘Submit Comment’..lol Opps, Anyway, Team Andrew or Team Brit all the way. I like Enzo too but he hasn’t done anything either. He’s great for comic relief though.

  14. Okay, so after reading all the posts on this awesome site and way too much BBAD….It’s fair to say I’m addicted. For what it’s worth, I have to admit that by now all the HGs have really grown on me. I even like obnoxious Enzo, who I hated at first. However, the only one I can’t seem to connect with is Andrew. I do think R&B are way cooler seperate than they are together, and if they would split I would probably end up pulling for B. Also, now that Monet is gone, i like Brit a lot more than i expected. Lane is likable, but seems to be playing the game the least in my opinion. Surprisingly, Kristen at first was nonexistent to me and now find myself liking her and hoping she throws the Brigade for a a loop just for fun. Anyway. Thanks for this site!

  15. Hearing Rachel talk about all these guys that buy her things and take her places is making her sound like an escort … but she doesn’t sleep with them?! Now I am kinds feeling bad for Brendon! haha

  16. Its gonna be sad to see Andrew go, he’s such a nice guy, but with some bad luck in this game, hopefully one houseguest gets to come back, lol.

  17. I’m going to do my best Rachel imitation: It’s of Rachel signing up for Big Brother Live Feeds for the very first time (as I just did): “OHMYGODOHMYGODOHMYGOD, I’M WATCHING LIVE FEED I CAN’T BELIEVE IT OHMYGODOHMYGODOHMYGOD!!!!!”

    Seriously, I did just sign up. I have barely enough money to buy food but THIS was a priority. I’m still getting the hang of it. Actually, no I’m not. I clicked something and it popped up but I’m trying to figure out how to actually chat AND watch. Can I do that? I’m also trying to figure out how to watch some of the other stuff they’re offering, like the pre-show interviews. I didn’t get the fancy package, I bought the $14.99/month one. Maybe those features don’t come with that package? Also, as I have no clue how all you guys chat live here (all the comments, when I come here, are hours old and no one ever responds to my comments *sniff*) I will probably never know what you say in response to THIS comment (gee I’m dumb!).

    Someone come and find meeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!! I want to hang with you guys! Simon, Dawg? I think you have my email address. Can you help a girl out? Thank you! :-)

  18. so it is ok that Kristin and Hayden are playing the game together…but its not for Brendon and Rachel..
    could everyone start looking at the whole show there is more than Brendon and Rachel that are aligned..and why shouldn’t they be..why don’t you start talking about someone else..you are all boring ..move on..

  19. one more thing..if you check the polls Brendon is number one followed by Rachel..I guess it is just this group of people that don’t like Brendon and Rachel..by the way you people are wrecking the site with all your stupid comments..

    1. haha so true. majority of america loves brendon and rachel and ragan. there are only a bunch of haters on this site. go brechel <333

        1. they ate it up last year with Jeff and Jordon and they are eating it up with Rachel and Brendon. Brendon annoys me but he’s not a douche like Jeff so people are loving him.

      1. The only people that love them are the ones that only watch the show on TV. To most people that have paid to watch the feeds it is apparent that CBS is tailoring their coverage to make them look like the next Jeff and Jordan, which was also scripted by leaving out unflattering footage. What makes the show has little resemblance to what happens on the feeds. It’s easy to skew a poll too. Just because the poll says everyone loves them, doesn’t mean it’s true. I have administered lots of forums, and some people are vote tards. They keep registering under proxies and voting. Heck, CBS probably pays people to bump the polls the way they want. As usual, CBS doesn’t care what the people that pay for feeds think, as long as the TV viewing public is so easily manipulated.

        1. I agree with you chloe, there are 2 different shows happening here the one that cbs edits for the broadcast and the one that we see on the feeds (the real one). I am certain CBS “bends” the rules a bit to help keep entertainment in the house.. for the most part i’m ok with that, what I don’t like is when they portray people completely different with editing. I almost exclusively watch the feeds this year but last week I saw the thrusday show and oh my god no wonder they’re are thousands (millions probably) of b/r fans out there.. its gross how they are editing it but they do it every year so whatever just stop watching the broadcast thats what I do.

          As far as polls go I wouldn’t trust jack shit from CBS, it’s so easy for cbs to change the poll results it’s not even funny. The only poll I would trust would be my own and even then I would change the results to have dawg win (people being around the site in the old days will remember the polls)
          With all that said after watching almost 18 hours of feeds yesterday I have realized that I absolutely LOVE this season. Maybe it’s because I just like the show but theres something about how the house is stacking up that is entertaining to me.

  20. very easy to rig any poll…. and they control the site, only things you can believe are someone else’s is their own opinion, a poll means nothing just look at how Bush got elected he didn’t win the polls it was rigged for him

  21. I don’t believe the polls either because the NON-CBS and Showtime polls AND my family and friends who watch all can’t stand Brendon and Rachel. Here in Missouri we’re middle-America, baby. Brendon and Rachel have GOT to go!

  22. up in Canada we are all BB fans, this season isnt the best, it is kind of lame. and as for Brendon and Rachel WE CAN NOT STAND THEM. she is absolutely gross (looking at her makes me want to take another shower, eww) and he is a pussy. enough said.

    1. hi Samantha. There are a lot of Canadians here. I like Brendon and Rachel. It’s okay to like them, the Canadians would approve. haha

      1. Hey Rockstar. You were the lone Gnatalie fan last year, so it’s only fair that you like Brendan and Rachel. It wouldn’t be fun if we all hated on them. I look forward to some good banter this year. Last year was a blast, all in good fun.

    2. yeah, i am also from canada. i am a huge big brother fan. it is kinda lame this season… but here we all HATE brendon and rachel. and btw simon, i read this site everyday and every other hour. good job simon and dawg ! keep up the awesome work ! love you guys.
      – stefi in canada.

            1. OHH YEAH, (;
              brenda and boy george are awesome to watch. its like free watching a dirty movie for free..
              what do you think about hayden and kristen ?

    1. In Canada if we are taking polls, we would say this, Two and a half men is not that funny, Family Guy is funny, We love chicken fingers, there goddam awesome, We couldn’t understand George W, We couldn.t understand his daddy either, We like beer, We love our beaver, We support our troops, we just wish our government would give them guns, We understood Bill Clinton, or where his head was anyway, lol, We all loved John Ritter, We all loved Farrah, We were mixed on Micheal Jackson, loved his music but, well you know the rest, We think Oprah is a racist, no we know she is, We still watch Springer, even though we know its fake, and We love BigBrother.

        1. I’m off to bed too . It’s 3:13 am and I have a long day tomorrow. I’ll try and block your comment canadian fan. It’s too sad. night all

  23. isnt rachel just gross ?
    i wouldnt mind brendon alone.. but rachel… EW.
    enzo and brit are entertaining . i wish brit wasnt gunning for kristen :(
    lane, hes likeable. ragan, hes alright.

    matt is a rat, rachel/boy geroge is a drinking skank, and brendon/brenda is a pusssy. and has his head way to far up rachels ass.
    anyway, canada loves you simon !

      1. Brit is smart. Kristen was gunning for her fist . what do you do to people who are coming after you? you evict them! But if the two girls were smarter, the would form an alliance. No one would suspect them because they don’t get along! So until things change Kristen has 2 go!Yo!

  24. OMG, Matt had that hand in his pant the whole time he was on the bed talking to Lane. I would love to set with these people { ALL OF THEM } & watch BB,er & see the look’s on there face’s & point out to each one what we had to watch. Rachel’s As- showing every time she jumps on Brandon. Oh, by the way,,he’ll end up with back surgery after the show, & Matt trying to find that thing,!!! Plus planty more but it would be all day. I wish it was like it was back when it was really fun to watch. Just asking “”””what happened to Eddie from the first show “”” that guy was funny & those were the good ol’ day’s. O’l when Eddie got that back rub. Now that was fun to watch !

  25. Andy the man was just messing with Rachel’s two ” DEAD BRAIN CELL’S ” last night. The look on that ugly ass face was worth all of it. Thank-You Andrew, that was priceless to see. I just can’t wait for the day she go’s up & then out the door. Oh, the web she has made for herself. She thinks she has got it all. I wonder if she is even smart enough to know , if she won she has ” TAX ” to pay. My dad paid ton’s when he hit the lottery in 1976 . And it was a hell of a lot more then what both 1ft. & 2ed place is getting paid by BB. She should play the lottery instead. Oh, Oh, maybe not, how can she stick that tongue down & lottery ticket !!! Or wrap those ugly legs around something that small. Bam-Here’s Your Sign Big Red Bottle. We never got to see Ragen at all last night. See how BB has there picks this year. She’ll win HOH tonight or Brandon well & then we’ll know it’s fixed. My husband won’t watch it anymore, he turned on the ” History Ch. ” to funny.

  26. i so agree i do not like Racheal or
    brandon i would love to know who does they are both stupid and i am so tired of her laugh i am surprised more people have stop waching it i am about to

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