Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Matt says that it was so awesome watching Britney get drunk and dance topless on the table last night..

9am Matt is up, gets ready and then goes to the backyard to work out on the elliptical. Brendon is now up and comes out the backyard. Brendon says that he can’t believe how people in this house show no loyalty. Brendon re-confirms his deal with Mat, where he won’t put him up next week if he wins HOH. Brendon comment on how some people were saying yeah, we’re going fight for HOH then during the competition and then they just took dives and jumped off. Matt tells him you just have to take it day by day, it is what it is. Brendon says that he understands this game changes day by day. Matt says that every other season by this time the house is usually divided but this season it’s not like that. It’s just different little small groups.

Brendon says that after watching the last HOH competition, he sees that people are just out for themselves and that’s it. Matt says that this week coming up is important. Brendon says that several people here are two faced and he’s going to fight hard for HOH. Brendon says that some people look at it like oh it’s not me on the block, so who cares send whoever home, they show no loyalty. Matt mentions that after next week everyone goes to jury and Brendon says yeah he just doesn’t want to be separated from Rachel. Brendon says that it’s a shitty situation, one of us stays the other one goes home. Matt says yeah… why are you up so early …shitty sleeping situation? Brendon says yeah. They talk about being gassy and Brendon says that its hard to be romantic when your all gassy and farting. Matt says yeah.

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9:30am – 10am Brendon goes inside to get a cup of coffee and then comes back outside. Matt is finished on the elliptical. They sit on the backyard couch and talk. Matt says that he appreciates Brendon and Rachel not putting him up on the block next week. Brendon says thanks to Matt for not putting him up this week.  Matt and Brendon discuss the other peoples motives in the house.  Matt says that some people are here just to win something like some cash or a car, but that he is here to win the whole thing.  Brendon agrees and then goes off again about people being so obvious in throwing competitions.  Brendon says that Kathy is trying to pull on the houseguests heart strings. Matt says yeah, and it is one thing to say you want to be here and it’s another thing to show that you want to be here. Matt says it’s a mental game and if you tell yourself you can compete then you can! Brendon agrees. Brendon says that when Kathy was telling him her sob story he was thinking to himself I know, but Matt has the same sob story. Britney joins them on the backyard couch and Matt says that it was so awesome watching her get drunk and dance topless on the table last night. Britney says yeah, right! They laugh. Rachel comes out to the backyard and jumps on the elliptical. The other houseguests are getting up for the day, making breakfast and getting ready….

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Brendon is such an idiot, of course everyone is out for themselves to win the game. Just when I think he has hit bottom with being dumb he gets dumber. LOL!


I think what he meant is there are people he feels who are not aligned and working together with anyone but simply trying to float by each week. Where as himself and Rachel for example are a team working together in the house to try and get by each week by having to win competitions. At least that’s what I believe he was trying to say. “Obvi” he will be putting up Lane and Enzo if he or Rachel win HoH.


there are ways to play the game and ways not to play it – and just thinking of yourself and going with the flow is not going to cut it. You have to build alliances and Brendon is also right, you have to exhibit some sort of loyalty. If you play by constantly throwing people under the bus or do what Kathy does and stay with people who have the power only when they have it and then campaign at the last possible minute when you havent done anything – well not only are you going to lose but you are going to lose, but you are not playing the game as it should be, anyone could do that. I have no clue why they wasted a spot in the house on someone who plays like that and even Kristen. Makes me have so much more respect for Brendon, Andrew, Rachel and Britney’s game. Even Matt – he seems to be appeasing both sides without having to betray any one side and while having none figure out his alliances. Not sure how long this strategy will work, but I think he has more figured out than he lets on.


I was watching BBAD but I between Kathy’s “ya know” and Rachel’s “like”, I had to leave. I just couldn’t take it anymore. I noticed Rachel now has Brendon saying “like” constantly. What else is gonna rub off on “her man”. Blah…!


I can’t bear to watch. It’s that bad. Thanks to Simon and Dawg, I can check here and go back and watch only the good parts. I feel your pain, guys, taking a bullet for the rest of us, watching the painfully unwatchable and letting us know what’s safe to watch and what is worth skipping. Sent you a small donation, wish it could be more, but if everyone sent a little, it might add up and help you guys cover costs and maybe even a little extra for booze to help you get through it all with a bit of sanity. I appreciate all you guys do, which is why I come back year after year!


LMAO!!!!!!!!!!! Unbelievably well said, Carole! Couldn’t agree with you more!


she didn’t dance topless! was an interesting evening though.

nothing like free weeks of feeds. they keep cutting in and out, If you complain…..=extended trial.

anyway I really pray that kathy is indeed going home

every night rachel gets drunk she risks that


i hope that someone other than brachel or andrew wins HOH, then sends one of brachel home, cmon enzo, brittney and,lane play the damn game… brendon deserves to go for what he said , so he’s mad nobody has loyalties, um is this not BigBrother?? last time i check everyone is out for themselves, and only use alliances to further them in the game Rachel and Brendon has proven time after time their not hear to “play the game for 500k/50k”, only here to stay together in the game long enough make it to jury so they can have sex off camera, it’s pathetic time for one of them to go….


Wait, what did I miss? something something topless dancing something something.


Kathy finally did something. She just threw Rachel under the bus, telling Kristen that Rachel is saying the her and Hayden are a couple. Kristen asked her what proof Rachel has, and Kathy says “none”. You can bet Kristen is going to tell Hayden, and who knows how it will go down. Glad she finally did something that might affect the game, though I think it was dumb of her given that she’s on the block and needs Rachel and Brendon’s vote if she wants to stay.


if she can get andrew to be evicted this week she will earn our respect


Kathy talking about cancer meds … what type of cancer? Those medical issues may be real, but it sure is hard to be sympathetic when she’s always got a cigarette in her hand.

Mr. Pickles

I totally agree peeper one hundred percent! They keep saying Kathy is a cancer survivor and yet she chain smokes those marlboros like they’re gonna turn into pumpkins at midnight! Talk about tempting fate and sheer stupidity!



Mr. Pickles

Heeeeeey! Do the Britney, do the Britney, I’m sooooooo schmammered!!! I love drunk Britney like sooooooo much! This is what I do every night in Vegas!!!! Heeeeeey!!!! ( gunshot rings out ) was it colonel mustard? No! It was Brenden! He finally realized if he’s going to pretend to be straight it certainly can’t be with this drunken trannie!


i was watching the E Channel’s, “the Soup” this morning and even they were trashing Matt about his “big lie.” They played up the fact that while Matt he was trying to tell his story, he couldn’t keep a straight face. Which is true. He had such a hard time trying to keep himself from laughing.


but sometimes when I’m being emotional I’ll laugh instead of cry especially during business hours or times of stress. I’ve laughed during funerals. I cried when I knew the new Resident Evil movie was 3d.


lmao@ Resident Evil…


Last night, in to stave of the onset of withdrawal, I started to read what was on some of the other sites. Most of them are more of an analysis of how this is, was, should be played,etc. One site, was explaining how the show is cast. But, the consensus is pretty much the same – this year is obsolutely boring. I guess most of these ass-wipes are not just on BB for the money, but also for the exposure, to further their “brilliant careers”. Top 3 players who are on BB just to further their ‘Modeling, Acting, Stripper, Porn” careers – Rachel, Kristen & Monet!” Not surprising.


Yeah, that is what sucks. People who aren’t there to play the game and win. I honestly do not believe that Rachel is a chemist. I think the white coat is part of her stripper personality. She can’t compose a blog. I can’t see her writing a university paper by herself. She is a lush. She is too obviously fake to be a model, she is a terrible actor, so that leaves stripper or porn or both. I think Brendon is there for the exposure too, and to some extent, Ragan. The only ones that seem to be there to play and win the game are Brit, Enzo, Matt and Andrew. The rest haven’t shown any game.


Dawg, you referred to Matt has Mr. Hand. Do you remeber the movie, “Fast Times at Ridgemont High”? The history teacher was named Mr. Hand. He was played by Ray Walston. he mainly interacted with “Sean Penn’s surfer dude character, “Spiccoli”. If you remeber the movie and can find these characters pictures, they could be use to represent Matt (Mr. Hand) and Hayden (Spiccoli). Just a suggestion.


I am so sick of Rachel and Brendon “wallowing” all over each other…makes me wanna puke! Damn someone send them HOME! (or at least get’em out of the house) Thinking someone is coming back, die to reading they are all be sequestered.

And Matt….please stop “playing with your MESS!!!!


This is the first year I’ve ever read these BB blogs and I have read a few this year as well and I have to agree that most everyone agrees that this is a very boring and tedious season. I’d love to try out for BB but like I’ve read a few times already, at 41 I’m too old and they would NOT get a body-shot of me in a bikini, that’s for sure! 😉 But I’m not sure I could play to win and not embarass myself and/or my family. I’d probably be the one stuck in the caramel.

And thank you to Simon and Dawg to for these updates. Again, as a first-timer I’ve really appreciated the updates and enjoy coming here off and on throughout my day. I just wish you guys had more to work with this year.

And while I’m ‘BBFan’, you can call me Jennifer 🙂


Glad you like the site and welcome, sometimes i’m surprised new people don’t get scared away.

mellow no no…Britney did not go topless….MAtt said that he was going to start up trouble by leaving a bunch of false dont believe ANYTHING MAtt says on here.!!