Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Kathy lets Kristen know that Rachel is talking about her and Hayden being in a relationship..

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10:45am Out on the backyard couch Kristen and Kathy are talking. Kristen asks Kathy what’s going on? Kathy tells her that her and Hayden are really the only two people that she trusts. Kristen says she knows. Kathy says that Rachel told me she would give me her vote, but that Brendon said no to her getting his vote. And that now there is this new found friendship between Rachel and Britney. Kristen says yeah. Kathy says that she is not saying this because she doesn’t want to get in the middle of anything, but that she is just letting her know. Kristen says for protection reasons. Kathy says yes, well that she told Britney last night that you and Hayden have some sort of relationship. Kristen says oh really. Kathy says I am just telling you. Kathy says that was wrong, and that it bothered her, because she told Britney that, and if she and Brendon win HOH Britney will be the second one she pulls out of the block. Kathy says that it just blows my mind. Kristen says she said that about me? Kathy says no, she said that about Britney, that Britney would be safe. Kristen says oh! Kathy says that she was trying to say that you and Hayden have a relationship and that Brendon and Rachel aren’t the only couple in the house.

Kristen interrupts Kathy and asks How so? Kathy says well, I said that wasn’t true. Kathy says that Rachel said that she is going to vote for me (Kathy), so she is taking a risk by even saying anything to Kristen. Kristen says that she isn’t going to say anything. Kathy says thank you, and that it’s amazing, how an un-found friendship came come up. Kristen says that she won’t say anything. Kathy says that it pushed a button of hers, why would anyone even say anything like that? Kathy says that it is just amazing how Rachel would do whatever it takes to keep them here, ..but you don’t make something up about other people. Kristen says yeah, especially like what proof does she have ? …none! Kristen says none? Kathy says it is like saying you and I have a relationship.


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11:30am In the backyard Brendon and Rachel are talking. Brendon says that he knows Kathy is a genuine person and feels bad about sending her home because they are in a shortage of good people. Brendon says that he feels bad for Kathy because he thinks that Monet and Britney laid an emotional trap for Kathy and she fell right into it. Rachel says that she likes Kristin as a person, but that she thinks she is dangerous.They start talking about Britney. Brendon says that he doesn’t understand how Britney is the way she is. Brendon says that maybe he doesn’t understand Britney because he doesn’t come from an entitled background. Brendon says that he can’t believe Britney doesn’t have more respect for people, especially since she is so well traveled and has studied other cultures. Brendon says that maybe it’s because Britney reminds him of how his ex-girlfriend was with her family. He says that they had money and felt like they could buy their way out of things.
12pm Andrew and Britney talk about Disneyland and Disney cruises in the backyard.

12:30pm – 12:45pm Kathy, Rachel and Kristen are all in the bathroom getting ready for the day… Rachel says that she would love a waxing kit. Kristen says she doesn’t do it herself because she isn’t good at it. Rachel tells Kathy and Kristen that she gets her whole face waxed because she can’t stand hair on her face. Rachel says to Kathy isn’t it crazy that Farrah Fawcett died last year from cancer. Kathy says yeah. Rachel asks what time of cancer she had. Kathy says that she thinks it was rectal cancer. Rachel says isn’t it crazy how competitive people can beat that …like super competitors. They then talk about surviving cancer and losing their hair.

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Huh? I’ve never been more confused….


I thought Kristen was really bad at refuting Kathy when Kathy brought up Rachel’s suspicion of their showmance lol. Kristen was like. oh that’s weird.. yeah she has no proof.


Andrew told Kathy about the showmance! Kathy is starting to show her game.. Don’t sell out your friend Andrew, sell out Rachel who has already turned her back on you.


Why, oh why, does Matt continusously protect the “family Jewels” with his left hand. Even during the beer/cup game, he kept the left hand in his pants. Big Brother, please advise him that no one with take it away from him and he can let it be alone for a while.

Thanks for wonderful entertainment – the country song fits: God is great, beer is good and people are crazy!


Now I hate Boy George more


Kathy trying to fight but Andrew already got Brendon and Ragan vote you need 5 to stay and 4 for matt decision. How Enzo talking it seems like he keeping Andrew. So whatever Enzo vote the Brigade vote. So right now is Kathy evicted (5-3)


So who is Kristen planning on voting out?


Thanks moot, I can’t believe Kathy left that suit at home and didn’t wear it into the Big Brother house. Matt looks the same, except he doesn’t have his hand down his pants in that picture. Great detective work!


they were talking about what kind of cancer Farrah Fawcett had…


No, she was saying what type of cancer she had. Kathy was answering what type of cancer she thought Farrah had.


Woooaaaaa…. Way too much hard talking there macho man.
No respect for them and no respect for you.
Lighten up a bit on the trash talk please.


Hey maj why don’t you lighten up and maybe loose one of your two asses. It it walks like trash,talks like trash and acts like trash – then trash it be. I left all sensitivity back in the sandbox. But thanks for your comment. I will take it under consideration.(NOOOTTTT)


Can’t believe “Retch”el used the topic of cancer (much less Farrah’s death) to deliver a veiled message about Kathy not being a “competitor”…All she and her lip partner have been saying is how Kathy isn’t a strong player or competitor and then to her face she talks about how cancer survivors are strong competitors – taken from above feed: “Rachel says isn’t it crazy how competitive people can beat that …like super competitors.” Am I wrong in thinking she’s being an underhanded b*tch here?!?!


Honestly I think she just talks and talks and keeps talking, I dont think there is much if any thought behind any of it.


As a winner against the battle of cancer, I do agree with all of you that Kathy is pretty stupid to keep smoking. I didn’t smoke and I got it. I know if I had been I would have stopped. But, my sister didn’t stop smoking and she died at 65 of breast and brain cancer even after she had won against it once before. I like Kathy but she makes it hard when she shows such stupidity. (if I didn’t spell that right it is because I am to stupid.)


I,m 67 & my brother is 68, he beat Colon Cancer & had 1/2 of his colen removed in the 1998, & he never smoked a day in hs life. He retired from the USAF. And he live’s today !!!