Big Brother 12 Spoilers: *Updated* Andrew asks Kristen if she got a modeling contract after how far she would go?

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12:15pm Matt, Hayden, Lane and Enzo are talking on the couch about Rachel being drunk last night. Enzo tells Matt that Rachel was running around slamming doors, getting mad at Brendon and saying that she should not have voted out Monet, that she should have voted Matt out of the house. Matt laughs and says its going to be a good week for a backdoor. Hayden asks Matt if he is going to back door Brendon or Rachel. Matt say uuuhhh…I dunno Brendon… what do you think. Hayden says that he thinks it would be good to have Brendon nominated. They question if Britney won the POV if she would use it. Matt says that she would because she just told him that she wanted them out this week. Matt says that to not have them up on the block there is a chance the they won’t be able to play for the POV, and no one would pick them for the houseguest choice. Hayden worries that both will play POV and one will win. Matt says no way! Matt says that if he nominates Rachel and Brendon wins the POV then neither of them are on the block and we’re fucked. Matt says one of them is going home this week. Matt says that there isn’t even any need to tell people to use the POV because he says that everyone wants Brendon and Rachel out. Enzo says yeah if one of them goes home it would look like such a dirty nasty plan …but if they don’t we’ll look like total fuck-ups.

12:50pm – 1:30pm Matt talks to Lane about the conversation he had with Rachel and Brendon earlier. Lane asks if Ragan will be fine Brendon or Rachel leaving this week. Matt says that he had a talk with Ragan and he understands because of the way they treated him (Matt) last week. Big Brother calls for an outdoor lock down and all the houseguests come out into the backyard. Enzo and Ragan are working out while Rachel watches. Andrew and Kristen are on the lounge chairs. All the other houseguests are on the couch. Andrew asks Kristen if she got a modeling contract after how far she would go…? Kristen says what do you mean.. Andrew says UMmm.. never mind sports illustrated or something… Kristen says Oh.. swimsuit is the furthest I’d go.

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2pm The Have nots get their food choice for the week and it is Bok Choy and Baby Food which includes baby cookies and rice cereal. Rachel and Britney start cleaning out the fridge and wanted to move the baby food outside because it was taking up too much room. Andrew pissed off because that is all they get to eat and he wants his baby food cold. Rachel wanted a compromise but Andrew got mad because he doesn’t have that much food he can eat because he only eats kosher food.

2:30pm – 3pm Brendon and Rachel are talking in the bedroom that he’s not trying to side with Andrew. Rachel just wanted Andrew to compromise. Rachel says fine, I’m a bitch, I’m sorry. Brendon says no you’re not. I’m just trying to explain to you why Andrew overreacted. Rachel says that she thinks that Andrew doesn’t like her and starts to say this isn’t the first thing Andrew’s .. Brendon says Andrew is oversensitive in a lot of ways. He wants to talk to Andrew to make sure he’s not upset with Rachel. Rachel just wants to drop it. Rachel felt like she just didn’t want to waste food. Brendon says it’s disgusting how much food is wasted in the house. Brendon says that he just wants to explain how Andrew feels, he says that Andrew doesn’t have much in this house. Brendon says that he wasn’t siding with Andrew. Rachel says it’s not even worth her time to talk about it anymore. Rachel feels bad for Brendon being a have-not. Brendon thinks that a lot of people in the house don’t know what it’s like. Brendon says that he really doesn’t like people being fake and throwing competitions. Brendon starts asking Rachel about how is is in her real life and whether she drinks every day. Rachel says that it’s a part of her job. Brendon says that he is just worried about her health.


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89 thoughts on “Big Brother 12 Spoilers: *Updated* Andrew asks Kristen if she got a modeling contract after how far she would go?

  1. I know Brachel feels so stupid about voting Monet out. If they don’t, they will. I think Brandon should get voted out so Rachel can have another break down & walk out. Then Britney should target 2 Brigade members & send 1 of them outta there!
    In the meantime, I need for Rachel to get sick & lose her voice.

    1. you may get your wish. I hear on the news that CA is having everyone between the ages of 7 and 65 innoculated against “Whooping Cough”. Sadly, 2 babies have died because of this disease.

    1. Happy to hear it. He thinks it is soooo funny , but it just makes him look like the idiot he is. I hope they make him make an apology to this group of people who really have the illness.

        1. Thank you, Tony, for the info. I have said earlier how I feel about someone testing faith by faking illness on anyone. It is not fun to be ill. No one wishes it on themselves and should never wish it on others. I know he was just playing the game but I wish he had used another angle. This one wasn’t necessary to use to get to the money. His cast members aren’t going to see it any different, I believe. Especially Ragan.

    2. Let the Melorheostosis group be outraged. Matt said that he’d make a donation to the cause. He’s not laughing about the ilness, he’s laughing that the housemates seem to believe him and it might help him win.

  2. Matt is too obnoxious. I don’t see how he is such a “genius” , unless in his own mind. Using a ploy that his wife has an illness to gain sympathy is really in bad taste, even for BB. And that Enzo! I’m from Jersey and I can’t stand him. His vocabulary is as limited as his hair patches. “The brigade” is a laugh. Lane can only talk about brands of beer. Where do they get these people?????

    1. Genius means ability to score high on tests. My brother is high genius, but he still is truly “absent minded” and misses things that are obvious to the rest of us.

    1. they cant eat any leftover fish sticks. What you get is what you get. So its slop and baby food and bok choy thats it. BB already stopped them this afternoon, enzo and andrew tried it. lol was funny.

  3. “Brendon says that he really doesn’t like people being fake and throwing competitions”

    who’s throwing competitions?

      1. Okay, Rockstar, I rarely disagree with you but I don’t think Lane was trying to win. He does not want to win HOH to early in the game. He said that. Did he throw the comp? Well, he didn’t give it his all, I think.

  4. Just my opinion but I think if Matt doesn’t get at least one of the R&B out, Enzo is going to explode. If Matt cuts a deal with them, I have a feeling Enzo and Lane might just cut their ties with him. Enzo is very loud about getting them out. However, I agree with some of you that thinks Enzo is just floating with the other guys. He might calm down, too.

    1. I agree Grandma. Matt is being too cocky and his own team might backdoor him because he can’t win next week. He’s making too many moves. He is Ronnie wrapped with a bow.

  5. What is the problem Rachel has with Andrew wanting to keep the baby food in the frig? There is no problem except in her own mind or what she uses for a mind which I think is her arse most of the time. Rachel and Matt both need to go, Rachel this week and Matt the next when he is no longer HOH. Both of them are soooo pathetic!!!

    1. I really don’t get why everyone is sooo respectful of Andrew’s “kosherness”. He is a floater. He does not take part in the game. Always performing some godly act in another room. At least that is how CBS portrays him. He does not participate in “the game”. He just prays and acts too busy for it. If this type of game play works, I’ll be shocked.

      1. It has nothing to do with Andrew’s religion what my comment is about. Everyone has a right to have food in the frig when they want it in the frig. Rachel might want her booze in the frig (I keep mine in the frig) and it’s her right to do this. Nothing more, nothing less.

        1. I was agreeing with ya Red. Just commenting on my thoughts (not good ones) on Andy’s game play. I don’t think that would have worked in previous BB seasons. He always seems to be away from the rest of the HGs.

  6. If rachel or Brendon don’t get nominated! You might as well kiss this whole boring season goodbye. Matt is on a power trip already!

    1. I confirmed my August reservations today for two week leave without BB….thanks CBS for another routine season full of non shits & giggles. Better luck next season when you actually have real players who think outside the scripted box. Anybody want anything from Comic-Con?

  7. woww every year more and more haters are on this site bitching about the show that they can’t get enough of. It’s hilarious, I would like to know what would make BB better for yous? Everyone says change this change that, if he or she don’t leave soon I’m done watching, CBS better step in and say that lie is too much or in bad taste. Haha if they did all the things that we wanted the show wouldn’t be the show we love to watch religiously. Keep the site going it’s the best one by far, big simon. and if anyone hasnt told you today you the man keep up all the great work, we appreaciate it. Haters stop hating, we all love BB and if we wanna keep it on tv keep watching, alright? alright! and for those who ain’t gonna listen and keep crying like Rachel and Brit , two words “Yah Mutha!”

    1. hey duff – it was a great show conceptually and it now seems too routine. Last year we reveled in our dislike of Ronnie & pigpen & chimma – but they were new to the routine & expected gameplay we lovers are getting knumb too. …and they provided some good stuff to view, but overall…..12 seasons of expect the unexpected….can’t they do us game lovers some due credit and switch it up a little? We deserve this respect at a bare minimum. So tired of the stereotypes (showmance, jocks & tits and some dumbass smartie….token gay and religious freak. PLEASE CBS….. Something new? (sorry for bad errors – have to go.)
      xoxo all

      1. but the system works, right? what would you have them do, like brainstorm with me here. they would have to change up the whole scheme of things and that might not work, risking the show. I just haven’t heard if any good enough ideas out there that are better then what they do now. maybe it’s me be a reletively new watcher to the show, (couple seasons under belt). tell your mother I said hi, meow meow.

    2. I have never ever complained to BB ever. It’s a game, rigged or not, it’s entertainment. I have never said I won’t watch -if- I’m hardcore, blood and guts, showmance and expect the unexpected. It’s all good. It annoys the piss out of me when people complain to BB about this or that. I want to grab someone and shake the shit out of them. If you don’t like it, don’t watch.

          1. Rocky people watch garbage shows all the time. People are not saying the show is crap! There saying this season is. Are you suppose to fake how terrible the season is? lol . I mean really ! The season is garbage, we all know it!

            1. ihatebigbrother – we all have to fake it sometimes. haha Last season the whole site was filled with people saying they were cancelling their feeds and protesting to BB about how shitty the season was. I love it, it’s always slow at first and it takes time to like people or whatever. If everyone complains then the show gets cancelled. I love spending my summer with BB, good or bad. If my show gets cancelled, it would royally piss me off. This is my issue.

              1. every year theres a slew of people that say they hate the show… I’m really liking this year so far (now that B/R are out of power) but i’m a bb weirdo.

              2. It is better to be pissed off than to be pissed on. I love the show, too. It is starting slow and I have a personal reason for being disappointed this season. But, I ain’t going to stop watching!

              3. I agree! I would be pissed if it gets canceled. I love big brother . But we all no this season sucks. Last season was full of drama. I loved last season except the whole jessie thing. But I loved the good and the bad. Last year the first couple of weeks there was drama. This season got me sleeping before after dark goes off :( If this season is going to get better then it better hurry up! Or else I’m gonna be spending my time with the housewives, badgirlsclub, and jersey shore , for some entertainment. I love this site! I don’t even watch cbs episodes until eviction day!

        1. gabkat – my comment was not directed towards you, I’m not sure if you thought it was but it wasn’t, it just ended up in an odd place

            1. I am sure you will want to squat me before this summer is over. haha I’m okay with that. I’ll still luv yah even if you put out a hit on me.

  8. Drinking is part of Rachel’s job. She is a cocktail waitress. I know many cocktail waitresses that do not drink. Where does the cock and tail fit into her job? Oh, that isn’t nice of me. I got a feeling Brendon is afraid she might just have a drinking problem. I don’t think we are looking at “Happily Ever After”.

    1. So true! There are many cocktail waitresses that do not drink – that was a lame excuse on her part. Has anyone heard that she was actually fired from her job at EBC for offering more than just drinks? Apparently she was terminated and escorted off the premises. <— Don't know if it is true, just read that online.

    2. I did a little stint bartending and I had a bottle of ginger ale I drank all night. I would never have been able to make it through the night if I kept drinking. I live in a small ass town. I can only imagine how much you’d get in Vegas especially with them boobs. haha

  9. I’m glad Brendon questioned Rachel on her drinking. He asked her if she drank everyday and she answered that she does it for her job and not everyday. But even after the producers told her not to drink she got drink and had a black out. That is an obvious sign of a drunk. Just ask anyone in AA. Just saying ….

    1. Well BBGranny, your right. It is one of the signs of a potential alcohol problem. Other signs are sneeking drinks, hiding your stash so no one sees how much you drink, and spend a majority of your time either thinking about drinking, how to get more alcohol or actually drinking.

    1. haha….how hilarious, giving them the face right now…hold on hold on I got a grenade for all them haters, too. meow meow

  10. Matt using his wife is not unique Johnny Fairplay told everyone on Survivor that his G-ma who raised him was dying.

  11. I think big brother should try with half the cast middle ages say 40 to 70 and the other half of the house 20 to 30

  12. Next year put in a nun, ex-con, zoo keeper, a granny, dish washer, hot dog vender, house maid, plummer, farmer, trucker, social worker, hunter, singer, a 20 year old & a 60 year old who has all the answer’s. Bingo !!!!! National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation !!!

  13. Doesn’t it seem as though the producers (or whoever picks these BB folks) sort of type casts them? You have the “couple” (brachel like J&J), the alleged brainiac (Matt like , Ronnie), the jokester (or whatever you want to call him) Enzo, like Casey, the model (Chima, like Monet), the quiet background person (Kathy, like Laura), Lane reminds me of Russell the muscels a little, etc. I love to watch the dynamics, it almost reminds me of the folks in my office to some degree (lol). Now if they locked up that group, we’d really have a good show!!! but I am addicted to BB, love the drama.!

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