Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Matt goes into great detail about the mysterious explosive shit someone took in the HOH bathroom..


12:10pm Britney, Rachel, Ragan and Brendon talk about past seasons of Big Brother. Britney says that the people this season would never let someone be as mean as Russell was to Ronnie. Brendon says that their season is different; they don’t have super polarizing personalities. Britney says that she remembers just really random information from past seasons. Brendon says that he just remembers Michelle get hot by the end of the season … he says that she was getting hotter and hotter as the season went on. Matt joins them in the kitchen and is really curious as to who destroyed his toilet in the HOH bathroom. Matt says that he knows a few people have used it but isn’t sure who did it. Britney says that she wants to look to see what he is talking about …but really doesn’t want to see it. Brendon asks Matt to describe it. Matt then uses a napkin and goes into detail about what someone’s shit did to the toilet.
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12:30pm Matt then heads out to the backyard where Enzo and Hayden are and explains in detail again about his toilet in the HOH room. Matt says that it was all up around where your back would be… all up and under where the seat… and all in the bowl. Matt says that it has been there since yesterday afternoon ..he says it just isn’t human. Matt says that he just doesn’t know how to clean it up … that he needs a toilet brush or something. Hayden asks if it was Enzo. Enzo says it’s not him because his shit comes out HARD …like it rips out! Enzo then leaves to go inside. Matt hangs out for a bit and then leaves to go back inside. Andrew joins Hayden on the backyard couch. Hayden tells Andrew that he thinks Kathy is going out the door. Andrew asks if Hayden if he has told anyone they’re in an alliance. Hayden says no, nobody know, we’re good. Andrew says okay and then gets up and leaves the backyard.


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12:50pm Matt, Rachel, Brendon, Enzo, and Hayden are all sitting around the kitchen table talking about the explosive shit in the HOH bathroom. Britney says that it has to be one of the people in the house that has really bad gas because there had to be some pressure behind it to make it splatter like that. Matt jokes that the saboteurs message would be two of you are life long friend and one of you has explosive diarrhea. They are all laughing. Matt says that as soon as he went into the diary room they asked him if he need a toilet bowl brush, then laughed and handed one to him. Matt says that hes not pissed off about it but he is just dumbfounded as to how it went every where…. Matt leaves. Brendon starts going through the people that have use the HOH bathroom in the last couple days. He is sure it is one of the guys … and doesnt think a girl could do that damage. Rachel pipes up and says that she doesnt think its one of the girls either and that she hadnt used the washroom up there yesterday. (Which is a lie …she was up there with Kathy and Kristen complaining about how gross she felt and really needed to go to the bathroom. Then used the HOH bathroom.) Hayden starts talking about how Enzo came into the cabana room last night and told them that he his shit is so hard that he has to stand up and spread his ass cheeks to shit because it hurt so bad. They all start laughing as Hayden re-enacts how Enzo said he had to take a shit.

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1:10pm – 1:30pmBritney and Andrew lay in the hammock for a minute and talk.  Britney tell Andrew that she thinks it would be really beneficial for him to start talking to some people because she thinks that people are really confused about who they are voting for.  Britney says she’s in NO alliance at all. Andrew seemed shocked. Andrew said he does not have an alliance either and that he would not come after Britney. Britney told Andrew that she trusts him not just as a game player but as a person. They talk about how HOH is so important next week. Andrew asks Britney if there is anyone in particular he should talk to. Britney tells him to talk to everyone. Andrew says thank you for telling him and then gets up and goes to swim in the pool. Meanwhile, in the lounge room Brendon and Rachel are talking about the votes. Brendon and Rachel start arguing again about how Brendon 100% trusts Andrew but that Rachel doesn’t. Brendon tells her again that Andrew threw the POV competition and is completely on their side. Brendon says they need to make sure that Andrew stays in this house and Rachel says she thinks that the house is voting Kathy out. Brendon tells her that she need to trust him on this, he really needs her to do this one thing. Rachel then tells Brendon that she accidentally let it slip that Kristen is using Hayden in front of a few people. Brendon says that they need to keep planting seed about Hayden and Kristen. Rachel says she doesn’t know how they are being received in the house. Brendon says that he should be being received well, he couldn’t see why people wouldn’t like him because he doesn’t done anything wrong. Rachel gets annoyed that she is getting blamed for all the dirty work. Rachel asks Andrew who he would use a POV on in a certain situation and Brendon says that he isnt sure…. Rachel asks Brendon if he is dating Andrew?! (lol) is around because of your donations. Every year the site costs us to host the images and run the 3 servers needed to handle the traffic. If you like the site then please consider donating to keep the madness going. Thanks!

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BAB - formally BB

I must have missed something.. when did Andrew and Hayden form an alliance? This is so weird.


Andrew thinks he has an alliance with Hayden, but Hayden is just lying to him.

BAB - formally BB

Oh, okay! Thanks – I thought I was missing something. Brain is obviousl working today, feels like a Monday.

philly baller

I’ve been following the live feeds all day today. Is Lane still on the show? Just wondering. Hasnt been mentioned in the recaps and never any video or pics of him.

Is this all about Brendon and Rachel? And no one else?

Uncle Cool

Pretty sure it was Rachel who bombed the toilet. Who else would it be?


I thought Enzo was saying last night that he was dropping mad grenades in the HOH bathroom..

Uncle Cool

He was saying it was hard.

I am not an expert, but I think when it is hard, it doesn’t splatter. It just splashes.

Mr. Don't Give a F**k

could’ve been rachel, she did say she has been constipated , and i know when constipation goes down it get explosive …… matt needs to find out


As they say in the south, the bit dog yelps the loudest. Nice job on the toilet Boy George!
Britney stop courting danger, stay away from Andrew. I want to see Andrew evicted with only two votes and BG/R’s faces when it happens. A nuclear meltdown will ensue… and isn’t it great that those two will understand the physics of a nuclear reaction, ha ha.
Hayden & Andrew in an alliance, WTF? When did that happen? Andrew is an idiot, why you people think he is a power player I don’t know???
Rachel asks Brendon if he’s dating Andrew, LMAO! Maybe she is beginning to suspect the menage-a-trios too? I wonder when she’ll realize that she is merely a side dish rather than the main entree?


So… Andrew thinks he’s w/Hayden, Brendon is w/Andrew (I know they’re related or something), Rachel, & Hayden (or so he thinks), Rachel is w/Kathy but Kathy is not w/Rachel anymore, she’s w/Kristen, Kristan is w/Hayden, Hayden is w/the Brigade… *head starts spinning out of control* *presses “submit comment” & goes to lay down*


It has to be Enzo the way he’s been laying farts lately…


agree. EWWW


Oh, and only a squatter would blow crap half way up the toilet lid, am I right?


Yeah, I agree about the squatter comment. And lol @ Rachel asking Brendon if he’s dating him. I wouldn’t trust him either if I were her. Brendon might trust him. But he may put Brendon up before Rachel if it came down to it. So hopefully, she would go with her own instincts. But of course not, since she’s blinded by the swimmer’s body and his charm.


What charm? lol


Had to Brendon. He’s so full of shit. Had to be him.


Britney must so happy now that BB let her bring her “good luck” beauty pageant horse-ridni’ saddle with her into the house. At first, it was just for good luck. But as fate (AG) would have it, this year a “cowboy-type” as been casted. She is dying to hook-up with Lane, and once either of them wins HOH, BBAD will be spending less time on B&R, and more time showcasing Britney & Lane’s “Rodeo-mance.” ON BBAD, viewers can watch as Britney uses Lane and her saddle so she can do some “topless” bull riding, and Lane proves that there is more than one way to “Lasso” the girl of your dreams. Never before has BBAD viewers ever seen this much skin in the BB house after dark.


had to be a member of the brigade cause they are all full of shit


I bet it was Rachel. She reacted to quickly when he said it wasn’t one of the girls.I guess she thought her silence would be suspicious. That is too funny! I would have made everyone who used the bathroom clean a little bit of that shit. Obviously, Rachel did it. So, so nasty, and people are worried about being naked , or having sex on tv. Pssh!!! I rather be seen having sex upside down with a monkey on my feet, than that shit! L.O. flibbing L!!!

bb fan

I bet it was the someone on that is a have not. Baby food goes right thru you. just think of how a childs diaper looks and imagine how much more an adult can eat of that crap. Its definately a have not.