Big Brother 12 Spoilers – *updated* Matt Explains his original plan, “I wanted to cut the head not the tail off the Beast”


Big Brother 12 Spoilers

8:00pm Taj Room Kristen and Matt She telling him that Brendon is voting to keep Andrew in. Kristen tells him that Kathy asked her to talked to you and to find out where you think the vote is going. Matt says he wants Andrew to go home. He goes on to explain his entire “Plan” for this HOH. He was wanting to take out brendon at first but brendon winning POV kinda put a end to that. He admits he botched the job, “I wanted to cut off the head not the tail of the beast”. Kristen admits that at first she was thinking of keeping Andrew but in light of everything that is happening her vote is with kahty to stay. She brings up how badly she wants to win HOH. Matt says the entire house has that same mentality right now. She says she can;t understand why people pray for sport games she thinks that it’s terrible people down on their knees praying for football games, but she really is praying that R/B get sent home this week. Matt says he doesn’t want both B/R in the jury house because they’ll be talking mad shit in there trying to sway votes. They both agree that it’s sad Andrew is going to be going home, Matt says it’s all becuase of the head games R/B played on him. Matt says Andrew told him he has 4 votes, Kristen thinks it’s more like 2. kristen tells MAtt that She is going to keep with the story to Andrew that he has her vote but she is very much going to vote to evict him. Matt: “unsolicited 5 people have come up and told me that Andrew is with B/T and this entire POV speech was Bullshit”..”thats 5 votes to evict Andrew” Kristen tells him that there still a lot of time left and that people change their minds quickly in this house, ‘Today is testimony to that”. Rachel apparently asked Kristen today

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who she would put up if she won HOH. Kristen told her she didn’t know because of the chaos today. Matt tells her he’s going to keep Kristen in the loop because he thinks that her and Hayden are on the shit list. Kristen knows she’s certain that she’ll go up if B/R win HOH. matt tells her if they can get Brendon out before the jury house Rachel will be so heart broken she’ll probably volunteer to leave so she can spend the summer with him.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers


Big Brother 12 Spoilers

8:50pm all four cams, hayden, Ragan, Lane, Kristen and Andrew. is around because of your donation every year the site costs us to host the images and run the 3 servers needed to handle the traffic. If you like the site then please consider donating to keep the madness going. Thanks!

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I think B/R are really Boy George and Mario Lopez…….and Enzo is a brother of one of those Jersey Shore characters…..


Matt is an idiot. If he wanted Bredan and Rachel out put one of them up with Kathy, win or influence the veto to take Kathy off, then put the other one up and guarantee one of them ( probably Rachel ) is gone. If he is a “genius” then the standard for genius is not so high these days.


matt doesnt want B/R to go home. he is just playing the whole house.he wants to get the trust of evrybody in the house so if he is in the final 2, he might win. but what he doesnt realize is that they might know the truth about his wifes disease, and they will vote against him.natalie from bb11?


I think if you are going to lie about something that would be the very last thing you lie about your wife having an illness you know she don’t have, I think his wife maybe pregnant and maybe that’s why she have people taking care of her and that why she said she was doing better in the letter which make his LIE sound plausible, Matt is an out and out liar for saying that and you better be careful what you lie about. I have no respect at all for him. Maybe he shouldn’t make it to the jury house. I don’t like B/R but you see them for exactly who they are!


Matt is too worried about his nuts than the game….


the nicest guy in the house may be going home. will be kinda boring afterwards if that happens.


I’m rooting for Andrew as well (that is who you’re referting to right?) but at the same time he’s just as dishonest as everyone else in the house until he reveals what he does for a living. So maybe he isnt the nicest guy in the house, could be that beast Lane.

Go Andrew!


right.. but he didn’t make up a fake disease for his wife. 🙂 i have felt badly for him because he seems lonely in the house. along with the sheriff, he’s one of the older ones. he’s trying to win like the rest of them, but he shows a sense of decency i don’t see in most of the others, at least not the guys. to me, lane seems like he thinks he’s a big, macho man. tired of him and the rest of the brigade. and the same for b/r. dissappointed in this season.

Other K

Yeah I would have though Britney and Rachel would have screamed at each other by now but now that Monet is gone Britney is too busy trying to get allies.


Simon, I read on another site that all of the evicted house guests were going to be sequestered this season. Any truth to that?


Kathy just said on AD that Brendan flat out told her he was voting to evict her. Is this true? I’m wanting Kathy to stay, because anyone aligned with B/R needs to be out. They’re too much in control of the house, especially after the shit Andrew pulled at the POV ceremony, which obviously was BS. And on another note, Rachel is obviously a puppet to Brendon because she can’t even think with her own head. He’s changing her mind every which way.

Hopefully next week Kristen or Hayden (BG/B’s biggest targets most likey) win HOH, and the other one wins POV. That way it’s ensured Brendon or Rachel are out. Hell, Britney would be easily swayed to put B/R up on the block if she won HOH, so it wouldn’t be any sweat off of my back if she became HOH either.

I just want Brendon and/or Rachel out. now.


Yep, it’s funny how much of a difference 24 hours can make.

I’ll take it lightly though because there’s still 3 days until live eviction.


Simon what happened to boy george pic?omgeeeeee!


Big Brother 12 Season Finale Announced

CBS has announced in a press release today that Big Brother 12 Finale will be a two hour event that will air on September 15, 2010.

Suvivior Nicaragua will premiere at 8pm EST/PT before the Big Brother finale at 9pm EST/PT.


ok – so eleven people in the house right now – if we lose one each week until the finale on Sep 15th, then there isn’t an additional week left to bring one ove the 3 evicted cast members back. so that would shoot that twist to hell. Is my math wrong or does that make sense – as it is right now there would still be 4 left standing on Sept 15th – Do they do double evictions?


Yes, they usually have one week that’s a double eviction!


Simon where is boy george pic?


as long as either boy george or brendan go home next week one will be in jury and one wont.


I cant believe people on this board want R and B gone becaus E”they are in control”…REALLY?


how the heck are they in control…do you know something the rest of us don’t? everyone is taking a dump all over R and B to save their own rear ends…its pathetic, like they th ink the game ends when brenden goes…

sadly, the game basically will be the most predictable thing ever

I want brenden to win HOH next week since andrew is now getting voted out

THEN both are in jury, and the BRIGADE wont get a free ride

you see matt discussing when he will have to screw regan, but oh gosh, that brenden, hes just flat out in control and a bad guy right? please


watching after dark now, why does it say that the veto comp and veto results will air sunday night, what happened to weds???????


Kathy is leach
always riding someones coattail
Capt Kosher gotta tell someone about
Blinkys ( Kristin) and Haydens ( he always has
his hands in mouth) showmance.
Cant forget about Matt ( Short n’ Stubby) lie.
Go out w/ a bang Capt K!!!!


you are so awesome.
i thought i was the only one seeing kristen blink and roll her eyes into the back of her head like EVERY TIME she talks.

Mr. Pickles

Matt/ short & stubby, blaaawww haaaaaw!! His pajamas look like an after life version of grrranimals for kids!!!! He thinks he’s playing so f’ing smart but it’s gonna come and undo the butt flap on his jammies and bite him in the ass! Maybe he suspects this and that’s why he’s always gaurding his bic’ed nutsack? In reality I think the brigade has already started to implode and poor gabagule (Enzo) is the only one who doesn’t realize it. Matts got ragan, Brendon and Rachel. Hayden has Kristen, and lane has Britney (watch out Nick) Enzo is the only one still relying solely on the brigade!

BAB - formally BB

Hayden might have been right – seems like Brendon had his heart broken, and bad! To say “I Love You” after knowing someone for 3 weeks is foolish. They’re arguing and bickering over silly things. Match made in heaven? 🙂


I think you meant Hell!


You know, who knows if this relationship will last even to the end of BB. But we all have to realize that yes it’s only been 3 or 4 weeks, they were in the house at least 4 days before on air, but these days that they are in the house is 24/7, when most peoples date last about how long? 3-4 hours? Dinner & Movie, Dinner, coffee. These two people have enough time in there for a few dates per day. They are experiencing a relationship with more stress than most of us deal with during dating as well. You have to consider more things that 3 weeks. Besides how many people have feelings for someone the first time they see or meet ?
So I think we should give the time length a break. Let’s see if they last the show full of stress. My opinion is that the relationship does seem real to me. I have really tried to watch their interaction together that it seems real.
Don’t get me wrong they do have problems currently to deal with head on, Rachel seems to drink too much, Brenden has to deal with that & decide if he wants to go into this relationship long term knowing this. And Brenden has Self Esteem issues and does Rachel have the patience to deal with that..
So time will tell. Not the time spent together. The hours together have taken up the days & weeks that a normal relationship takes to grow,.I think they have had the time, they are in a relationship, and they feel that they love each other, now lets just wait & see if it lasts.
If so then I wish them the best. No matter their game on BB.


oh, if only andrew knew that if he blows the cover on kristen/hayden he would FINALLY cause the brigade to actually think about something…

matt can say what he wants, yes he wanted a big blindside, HOWEVER…he also wanted to make sure that if somehow they stay, he isnt put up….If I was brigade, Matt would be cut out of the group so fast…

and Lame is the worst BB cast member ever..


exposing hayden and kristen is not going to do anything because they’re both FLOATERS , at least the barfance of Pussyman & Boy George’s secrete lovechild is doing something while not for the 500k/50k, their playing the game well enough to get in jury


i agree 100% matt should be fed to the fishes, he’s obviously a traitor to the brigade


you all hate b and r cause u cant have r


i actually like them, however, even if i didnt, and i can see why people dont, it DEF is not because they want rachel. are you kidding? her face looks like a scary before picture, or after if we are talking drag queens.


I really don’t hate any of them. And, I don’t want R. I like something about each of them and don’t like other things about them as well. I don’t have a favorite, yet. Need to have another week or two before I decide.

surfer guy

Enzo seems to be my favorite hes really funny and seems to be the most genuine


Seems as if everybodys had her!


Kathy wont shut up geez
blah blah blah blah
ya know blah blah


HAHAHA so true, but she’s just talking alot because she’s up on the block and she’s pleading her case just like anyone else would.


Well she’s not being useless now that she;s on the block. Let’s see if this puts some bullets in her chamber if she stays this week.

Mr. Pickles

At one point Kathy said she would take a bullet for anyone in the house! Unfortunately by the time she woke up and got untangled from her blankets it would be too late!!

Mr. Pickles

I don’t think Andrew knows about the brigade yet does he? If not his only advantage by outing Hayden and Kristen would be exposing them as a couple. I still think he could approach them with his knowledge of their evening lip wrestling matches and tell them he would keep it quiet in exchange for their votes. It could be his best chance of staying after his botched pov speech!