Big Brother 12 Spoilers – ** Updated ** Kathy Needs the Money For Cigarettes so Just give it to her CBS


Big Brother 12 Spoilers

9:10pm Taj

Hayden, Kristen and Kathy. Hayden mentions that B/R will be voting to keep Andrew, he’s sure of it.

Hayden next week is going to be crazy if B/R win HOH. Kristen thinks it’ll be Hayden and herself going up. Hayden says theres a good chance it’ll be us two or brit and Lane. Kathy chimes in that it could be her and Kristen. Kathy curses something about her being the fucking target.. She laughs and is shocked that she just swore. Hayden says before he came on the show his mom and Grandmother asked him to please not say the f word on television. Kathy starts to explain why Rachel wants her gone this week. during Rachel’s HOH reign (or is it rain rachel) Kathy slept up there in the HOH but she really wasn’t sleeping she was gathering information she has Learnt everythign about rachel. She will tell it all if she gets to stay “I told the DR if i stay it’s all coming out ..IT”S ALL COMING OUT EVERY GAME PLAY THEY HAVE EVER HAD” Kathy adds that Rachel drinks so much and when she does she’s all over the place. Hayden interrupts “Add she makes shit up to”. Hayden tells kathy theres a good chance she’ll be staying she has some solid votes.. he need four we have kristen and me, lane, enzo probably… brit proabably and then it goes to matt. Kristen adds they have Ragan for sure. kahty doesn’t want it to go to Matt she wants to leave him out of it. Kathy it would be better if we can do it without use matt as the tie breaker

Big Brother 12 Spoilers


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9:40pm Taj Kathy and Kristen Hayden has left to talk to ragan in the HOH. kathy and Kristen are happy. Kathy keeps telling her if she stays she going to cause some hell with Rachel. They go around in around about calling rachel out. Kristen says if things are looking bad on Wednesday then go out there talk to every person and tell them you have information about Rachel and Brendon. Saw that B/R doesn’t want you to tell there secrets and plans and this is why they are trying to get you out. kathy is going to do it if she needs the votes come wednesday. I’m going to tell that

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

9:40pm HOH Hayden and ragan Hayden telling him the same thing he’s been saying to everyone. How strange it was that Brendon was campaigning to keep Andrew just moments after Andrew told him he was gunning for R/B. ragan agrees, tells him that he feels like Andrew is too suspicious of a character to trust. They both have a laugh and how stupid Andrew’s speech was. Ragan defends Andrew’s weird behavior calls him a odd duck. hayden points out that they have been here for 4 weeks already you would think the weirdness towards other houseguests would have gone away.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

10:00pm backyard Pool, chit chat, working out.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

10:42pm Rachel and Brendon Working out Somehow Rachel turns a workout into some erotic display…

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sigh….yeah lets all cry for kathy, then smoke a cig with her…..wejgjrshkjwrjhkje5yh jseh5j

I fear that the loss of andrew may be the biggest elim of the summer in terms of entertainment…if he goes…

lets put it this way

how many times watching the live feeds do you hear “Kathy, please go to the Diary Room”


Okay, Okay, I take back everything I said about Rachel wearing more clothes!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am watching BBAD and her white and black bikini leaves nothing to the imagation. Sorry, for a false rumor earlier.


I am so sick of hearing R and B are “liars” and ” make stuff up”…they are MAJOR hypocrits…I cant stand to listen to these people anymore….brenden is a NICE guy…hes not malicious as kathy and co make em out to be….and it bothers me.

its like they all believe that if A/B/R are gone, then hey, its a PARTY! many are forgetting they will then be the low man on the totem pole…of course, that would require thinking ahead

to matt’s credit, hes the only one to do so thus far


Kathy = malicious? no, Matt is a snake, but it’s gonna get him far. As far as Kathy being malicious…she’s listened to people talk more than she’s inserted herself in anything from what I’ve seen so far. R/B/A are good competitors but everyone called bullshit on Andrew’s POV speech today, and it obviously was. He outed any kind of alliance he has with those two, so that’s a mess the three of them will have to clean up next week if Andrew stays, which at this point isn’t gonna happen.


moreso meant other hg’s were malicious, brit and lane in particular…kathy has just been more snake like…I just think it sucks to throw R and B under a bus like they are the ONLY ones that have friends in the house…


I can’t stand BG but come on…. Brendon may try to portray himself as nice but look at how he tries to manipulate Rachel. A nice guy wouldn’t have gone into the program with the idea of starting a showmance immediately. A nice guy wouldn’t have hit on R just as soon as Annie turned him down. (Not passing judgment but his immediate interest in first the bisexual and then the tranny???) A nice guy wouldn’t scheme behind his gf’s back in ways that could embarrass/expose her (veto ceremony). A nice guy wouldn’t dry hump his gf on television and then tell her his parents wouldn’t approve. A nice guy wouldn’t try to make himself the center of attention at all times (R still on block, B off and he chews her out for not being sympathetic to his feelings when he hasn’t even considered hers). A nice guy wouldn’t try to control how his gf thinks or what she says. A nice guy wouldn’t assume the throne when his gf won HOH. Did you hear how many times he took over negotiations and used he word we when describing his opinion? He’s a total schmuck, no way around it. And he is only using Andrew b/c he needs him. There is no real trust/respect/admiration there.


Brendon has no choice but to lead Rachel! She like the wind changing her decision with every drink she takes! Personal I wish he would drop the Bitch!


Absolutely. He is a class A jerk. I really think that he thinks he is this season’s Jeff and Rachel is his Jordan. They seem to think that America loves them. They are in for a rude awakening when they leave the house. I feel bad for Andrew, because he doesn’t deserve to go yet. The only one that keeps me watching is Brittany, but her chances are pretty slim. Someone needs to shake up the brigade and expose Matt, or he will waltz to the finals. I know it’s suicide to play too hard too fast, which is why Annie is gone, but none of them are really playing at all. They are all trying to be safe and have everyone like them. BB dropped the ball again. I thought the Pandora’s box twist last season was beyond lame, but this season’s twist self destructed first week. If there was something else coming, Julie would be teasing us with it by now. She started making references to the coup de etat weeks before it came into play, so that tells me there is no back up plan. They must have gone over the scenario where the saboteur got voted out first week, but apparently they didn’t. Hey BB, if production can’t do any better than this, you need some new blood with new ideas to revive the show. You can’t count on every season having a Jeff and Jordan to keep people tuning in.


I used to like it when they would bring back a surprise houseguest… they usually got kicked out again but it was fun while it lasted. I think Annie should have been coached in subtlety before she entered the house. I mean to come out guns blazin’, call yourself a lesbian/bi, and align yourself the first day is suicide on this show.


Putting all prejudices aside…Rachels down fall is Brendon. He is a jerk and you have laid him out well here. If you honestly look at the kind of person Rachel has shown to be in this game she is a very trusting and honest person. Great traits to have in a woman if you don’t abuse the privelage but bad for this game. She is giving and nurturing which again are great traits in a woman but bad in this game. She felt bad and compassionate towards Britney and Monet because she thought she made them upset. All this adds up to a woman with a pretty decent heart. Because she is in love with Brendon and because she is insecure about her looks, she allows Brendon and others to lead her at times. She is not dumb, just trying to straddle too many fences and Brendon (pun intended). She needs to be rid of him and then see how she will play the game for herself.


that part I agree with, but I dont understand why in this game it makes him a target…it should make him someone you use for votes then drop easily whenever you want because they arent liked or trusted


I completely agree with you, its very hyprocritical. B and R discussed strategies for the game and so that makes them snakes? I cannot stand Kathy AT ALL at this point. Honey, actually WIN something first – and THEN talk smack about all the hell you’re supposedly going to cause. Lame.
I wonder when people are going to start figuring out about the Brigade. 1 thing they are doing righ tho, is that by putting the target on B/R’s back in such a way, they are definitely diverting the attention from their own alliance.

Mr. Don't Give a F**k

i no longer care what happens neither of the contestants including those evicted deserves the money….. time for CBS to lower the prize money substantially half a million dollars for them sitting around for most of 3 months? where do they get the money to waste on these so-called “reality shows” that are all secretly rigged for ratings

filthy mutt

you know what i mean….you know what i mean….you know what i mean……you know what i mean…blah blah blah…you know what i mean.?


Do tell us, what do you mean? LOL


Simon, I think I got my donation to you. I wish it could be more. Love you and Dawg and the site. Good night everybody, Grandma needs to rest the old head and her keyboard. See you tomorrow.


if r and b go after andrew, or even if they keep rachel around to “watch her in pain”….(totally not malicious right hayden?) the numbers arent there even with an HOH win to take down the brigade’s 4 votes…

if r or b don’t win HOH this week or next…then its basically an obvious outcome with 2 fights

ragan crying when matt screws him
kristen crying when hayden screws her

if those happen, how can I vote/watch/support these people? bleck…I liked Russ from survivor as a game player, not a person…I respected the way he actually thought ahead and made moves…it could never happen again but it was fun….

so far no one is really making any moves other than piling on R and B…they seem oblivious to the future without them, thats all…and it makes for a much more boring game


Gotta agree with you… especially the Russel from Survivor Part


Kathy is obviously kick-@$$. I like this side of her!!!

Rachel’s voice is annoying. She’s too loud and overly-peppy for my liking.


Kathy is useless! They need put her ass back in the carmel!


cbs needs to bring the sab back for one move….expose kristen and hayden’s hooking up, or tell andrew to do so…because this is ridiculous


CBS should have had a plan if Annie was evicted right away like she was. They should have kept her secluded and let her continue to sabotage the house. CBS made a fatal error with that twist.


I think Brendan and Andrew are brothers. Notice how they never relate to eachother, and Brendon wants to keep him,but, he was probably afraid to use it to save his own brother, for fear Rankel woul go up.


I agree with Cassie, I think Brendon and Andrew are brothers, they look so much a like!! if they arnt brothers then they still no each other some how out side the BB house, and it just all makes sense in my head, plus they seemed to bond right from the start, not to mention Brendon is always telling Rachel, “i know for a fact we can trust Andrew” blah blah.


I agree that Andrew and Brendan are brothers, especially after watching Andrew lean over Brendan to kiss Rachel.

Hayden, Lane & Kristin final 3

What secrets does Kathy have on B & R? Oh that’s right none. B & R have said nothing about their plans in this game because other than surviving each week by winning competitions they have no plans. Go ahead Kathy and tell everyone these great secrets u have all of a sudden. Love how when rachel was HoH Kathy was up her ass and now that she is on the block she no longer trusts Rachel who has been on her side since day 1.


Last summer at this time I was totally hooked on BBAD and was sleepy all day at work the next day. This summer – I usually fall asleep within 15 minutes of it coming on.

Hayden, Lane & Kristin final 3

Coming into this early on I thought we had alot of great game players this season with so many having been die hard fans since season 1 BUT other than maybe a couple people these people suck at the game.

Hayden hasn’t had to play the game these last 2 weeks. He has done a great job of aligning himself with nearly everyone in the house.

Brendon has been impressive early by winning 2 out of the first 3 PoVs needed to stay in the house and almost winning HoH. His strategy of keeping Andrew in the house almost worked and would’ve given him a most needed ally. He and his lone ally in the house Rachel will need to keep racking up comp wins if they want to stay and hope sooner rather than later the rest of the house discovers the real threat (Lane, Enzo, Matt and Hayden).

Lane, Enzo, Matt, Kathy, Brit, Rachel, Ragan, Andrew & Kristin have all been horrible game players in every aspect of the game.

So far this is the worst played game of BB i’ve seen in 12 seasons. If Brendon is evicted next week u may as well call this season a wrap since their will be no strong competitors left in the house to stand up to the weak Brigade. Seriously doubt that Brit, Ragan, Rachel and Kathy will be able to withstand the onslaught of Brigade + Kristin.

After next week this may end up as the most boring and weakest seasons of BB ever.


Somehow I totally agree with you!
once Brendon is out , rachel might just give up! and the whole BB season has gone to the dirty scums! No use in watching!
eevryone in the house is creating drama and its solely around Brendon and rachel! Those half witty Catty chats (the entertaining ones) – (or semi-entertaining ones) are all because Of Brendon and Rachel…
And the guys seem oddly threatened by Brendon!

Kathy is a LOSER!

Hayden, Lane & Kristin final 3



Kristen is floating trash..can’t wait to her shmooshed face kicked outta there!