Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Lazy day in the backyard sun tanning and relaxing…

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12:50pm Lane, Hayden and Kathy are making chicken salad.
1pm Enzo and Ragan have a quick talk in the have not room about who they should vote out this week.  Ragan says that he lives by the golden rule, and to do the honorable thing.  Enzo says that he was talking to Brendon this morning and it seems like everyone is on the same page to evict Kathy.  They talk about how they think the best thing is to get out the people that aren’t good competitors.  Enzo says that Brendon said he would look like a hypocrite if he didn’t vote out Kathy because he has been saying all along about getting out the weak players.  Ragan says that he feels bad but that it’s the best option to vote out Kathy.  They both agree that Andrew deserves to stay more than Kathy does.  Their conversation end and they leave the have not room.

1:15pm Ragan and Andrew are out in the backyard. Andrew is in the pool pushing around the rubber ducky with his head resting on it and pretending to shoot things.  Ragan is lounging in the lounge chair beside the pool.  They are talking about being a have not and can’t wait for it to be over.  They speculate on when the next have/have not competition will be and both agree it can’t come soon enough. Ragan says that he thinks there will be a luxury competition on Friday where the winners will choose the have nots for the week.  Ragan gets up and joins Enzo on the backyard couch. Enzo complains that he is stuck eating crap and they’re eating chicken salad in there.  Enzo says that he needs to get off being a have not.  Ragan says that he thinks people will be fair.  Enzo says that those people who haven’t been a have not should step up.  Enzo says that he doesn’t care if its one week on and one week off …just give him time to replenish.


1:30pm Andrew is floating in the pool with his legs up on the edge of the pool.  Kristen is putting on sunscreen and laying out on the lounge chair near the pool.

1:45pm Rachel and Britney are lounging on the double lounge chair talking about mini-mart food stores and all the food and drinks they love to eat from them. Matt starts burning ants with the magnifying glass and just as Britney says we’re gonna get a Matt stop that from Big Brother… the live feeds cut to the we will be right back screen.
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2:10pm Ragan, Lane, Enzo and Matt are hanging out on the backyard couch.   Enzo says to Matt stop touching me. Lane asks are you guys holding hands over there?  They start talking about winning HOH.  Lane says that he isnt sure who would be in his pictures.  He thinks a bug one with all his family together.  They ask him who would write his letter and he says that all of his family would probably write it.   Rachel and Britney are talking about when they thought they would be married and have kids.  Britney thought that she would be married and have kids by the age of 22.  She says that she wants to be married for 2 or 3 yrs first before she starts having kids. All the houseguests are just hanging out in the backyard and talking about random stuff…

2:25pm Rachel and Brendon are sitting on the lounge chair talking. Rachel names off a bunch of things she wants to change about herself… like vinears, botocs, and lazer hair removal…. Brendon tells her that he doesnt need any of that and that he likes her the way she is. Brendon then asks her if she moves to hollywood is she still going to get all of that done. Rachel says of course she will. They talk about taking a vacation together once they get out. Brendon then starts talking about his schooling … is around because of your donations. Every year the site costs us to host the images and run the 3 servers needed to handle the traffic. If you like the site then please consider donating to keep the madness going. Thanks!


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71 thoughts on “Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Lazy day in the backyard sun tanning and relaxing…

  1. this is good, kathy goes home…its the best case scenario for the house, the viewers etc….keep those that can actually play the game….andrew staying becomes a great thing for the house

    I fully expect andrew to win HoH

    1. I agree. Andrew is there to play BB. I admit, my first impression of him was favorable. Now I know why he rocks when he is praying. He trying to restraint himself from sticking his head in the door jamb and beating his brains out with the door. To atone for my sin of sticking up for Rachel, when it look like Brenderina the Ballerina was going to plee-ay her skanky ass to the curb, I’ve cut off all my hair, can only clothing which is a blend of barlap and sandpaper, and can only sleep standing up. It was either this or a vow of chastity for a year.

      As the history of this show has proven (ad nauseum), this usually show gets better, as week by week the posers and hosers are eliminated – for this season – not till mid-August – does it get interesting. So far, Andrew is my favorite, and then Britney. Everyone else can go suck Rachel singing “queefer”.

  2. Vaneers, botox and lazer hair removal.. Wow – this girl really doesn’t like herself.. by the time she is done she will have officially become Heidi Montag. Brandon should be thinking high maitenance, run for the hills and how much is this going to cost me!!!

  3. Is it really smart to keep players that are stronger than you.If they keep Andrew they will regret it just like they did with Monet and Annie.I’m just saying!!!

    1. I agree! Keep and use the weakest players. The weak players vote too. The strong players can win comps and get you out of the game.

      1. I agree with both of you. If you are there truly for the money, you play to win. That means you get rid of your competition, stronger players, and keep the weak that you can control. Of course, that doesn’t make good entertainment for the viewers. But, the money will last longer if you are a player. Regardless if you think you are going to become famous after the show. It hasn’t proven the case. CBS wants viewers, the players want fame, me I would want the money.

  4. They have it backwards, you get rid of the stronger players first but then this doesn’t surprise me because they are all sooooo dumb anyway! LOL!

  5. if brendon is true to his “:evicting the weak players” he might want to rethink that because Boy George is a weak player

    1. who has been weighing him down since the day they got together, aqnd if he don;t drop the dead weight it will be his ultimate demise

    2. give Rachel credit, she won HOH. All these men standing around with dumb I wanna screw my cousin looks on their faces should be ashamed. A chick beat their asses. Rachel is not weak.

  6. Oh god. Watching Kathy feed Andrew his baby food. I didn’t need to see that. It spoiled my lunch. I’m sorry, but I just can’t like her. I will be glad when she’s gone.

  7. yeah evicting weak players first is a good idea then the game would get more interesting and best gameplay but too me it looks like votes to stay
    Andrew- Ragan Brendon Enzo Lane Hayden
    Kathy- Britney Kristen Rachel

  8. It sad to watch this bunch of restauarant opening wanna-bes sit and try to convince me (us) that maybe , MAYBE, this week they will show some game play and get rid of Kathy. But, staying to true to character, poor Andrew will fall victim to the supposed “brainiacs” that thing they are running the show. Thus leaving us with a week of whining and “shoulda, coulda, woulda!!!!? Oy vay Dios!!!

  9. “Retch”el should also add a nose job to her list of plastic surgeries…hopefully Brendon’s eyes are being opened up to what this girl is really all about…the fact that she’s always stated that she likes Brit and feels like they’re alike says something, but now that she feels like she’s got a new BFF should scream something!

  10. My husband just had the best/worst idea ever: BB13 should be a cast of all our most hated players!!! Or make opposites be partners: Evil Dick and Jen, Cappy and Michael, Chima and Russell, Casey and Jesse, Gnatalie and a blogger:), Jordan and Ronnie… Help me out here, guys!!! The possibilites are endless :D

    1. Of course, the only person we’d want to watch is Evil Dick, so it’d have to be his daughter Danielle and Jen…

    2. I have a better idea, all of us on this website would be perfect for BB13, we would show the world how to get along, not lie and really play the game. Anyone like this idea? I luv it! LOL!

      1. I won’t pass the picture test. No one would want to see my body and all the scars. You would all think I was a floater, and not in the pool. But, I would be good for a laugh. They have asked me to tryout twice, they need older contestants they say, but I can’t do without my drugs. Of course, that might make me popular in the house!

        1. I have begged to be in BB however, I do have a scar that might not pass the picture test. No tiny bikini bottoms for me. However I don’t mind showing my ass. haha

  11. I think the kid from those YouTube videos– greatest freakout ever should’ve on BB: STOP BETRAYING ME!!!! Lmao

  12. why does cbs have 3 models in the house (Rach, Kristen & Monet)-check it on the web. The only regular girls are Kathy & Kristen (mother & daughter?).

  13. If, God Forbid, I was a a patient on the terminal ward of my local hospital and this show was the only thing I could find to watch – I wouldn’t turn off the tv. I’d request that my my life-support machine be unplugged – STAT!!!!!.

  14. Wouldn’t it be great if Jeff from BB11 walked into the house on a live eviction show with the coup de tat, and over threw Matt’s noms, and put Roachel ( BG ) and her blind boyfriend Brendon on the block and forced Matt to choose live?!?!?!

    1. As Roachel stands to leave, Janelle saunters in, plants a big one on Brendon right in front of BG!!! The house is cheering, of course, BG is sobbing, and Jeff and Janelle starts to tell the whole house that they are NOT the best season ever, that America thinks they’re boring, and to stop comparing themselves to past players that people actually liked…

      1. Janelle is now a very rich and happily married woman. I think the last thing she wants to do is appear on this show. For her, BB is probably the last thing she wants to be remember for.

  15. Kathy’s motivation for winning the 500K is so she can finally buy that Iron Lung machine she knows she’s going to new after the show. Save your money sweetheart, Dr. Kevorkian makes house calls and is rather reasonably priced. Ask Rachel, he performed her lobotomy. What, he’s not a brain surgeon? Well, he is a doctor and she couldn’t resist his prices – tee-hee!!!!”

  16. I totally agree iman I hated how BB 11 ended with that little coat tail riding no mind Jordan winning it. I was rooting for Russ/Michelle last year!! Couldn’t stand Jeff/Jordan and the douche/dummy confimed everything I thought about them when they played Amazing Race…badly!

  17. List of things that would make this season better: BG in a banana suit for remainder of time in house, Camera crew goes to Brendons’s hometown and it’s deserted, Kristen admits that Hayden is her cousin and she doesn’t care– still makes out with him, several people are injured in a BB accident, and Andrew stands by and watches!!!

  18. You have to love Brendon for telling Rachel that he likes her just the way she is. Doesn’t he know how much work she has had done to get her to that point. She said she has a full facial wax. If she didn’t she might be a bearded lady. He may want to keep some of those treatments going if he likes her the way she is now.

    1. Danielle a few seasons back use to shave her whole body. I understand being overly hairy but I didn’t know girls to shave their stomachs. Rachel and her full facial wax is scary. I know females have facial hair but a full facial wax? huh? WTF Where do they find these women? The circus

        1. because I have had enough of her and her man. I’m getting high blood pressure. I’m about to sue BB for undue stress.

  19. Dude, I usually don’t get offended by these things but the use of quadriplegic veterans as an expendable game prop is too much. We just had two guys captured in Afghanistan, one killed and one being held by the Taliban. Even if you aren’t American it is still pretty low.

  20. I’ve had more fun in the past 10 minutes reading this than I have since BB began this season, and that includes endless hours of mind-numbing BBAD.

    Thanks to you all! :-)

  21. My daughter calls Rachel, Lindsay Lohan, but I think she’s actually Winona Judd’s kid. Like OMG, I just wanna smack her upside her head! She is soooo ditzy!! I don’t see how people could stand being around her and Brendon all the time.

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