**Updated** Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Hayden and Kristen Target B/R, Hayden:”this time we’ll put both of them up”

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Big Brother 12 Spoilers

3:41pm Taj Room Hayden and Kristem
Kristen saying that Brit and Rachel are constantly together now and Rachel is spreading rumors about me, I think they are coming after me “IM PISSED”. Hayden says he’s really gunning for HOH this week if he wins He’s putting up Brendon and Rachel no more bullshit. I’ll say to them “You guys are spreading Rumors so thats why i’m putting you up. Kristen says she was thinking of putting brit up as a pawn and then one of brendon and rachel.. probably Brendon. Hayden doesn’t think they should risk it anymore just incase one of them gets the pov and takes the other off.. They are going to call Rachel and Brendons showmance out.. to stir it up. hayden says that Brendon asked him today if he was in a showmance with Kristen, Kristen’s reaction, “Oh my god are you serious” Kristen asks HAyden to keep quiet around Kathy she doesn’t want her to get involved in all this. (Kristen is PISSED shit is going to fly between her and boy george for sure)

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

4:00pm Backyard Rachel and Matt are rearranging the ball soutside, Brit is telling Brendon, Enzo, Hayden, Lane, and Kathy about how she wouldn’t be a very good interior decorator.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

4:21pm Taj Room Kathy and Kristen Kathy says that her feelings are very hurt by what Matt said about her being a weak person in the house. Kathy: “I save pepole’s lives every day at work i’ll take a bulllet for someone.. don’t you go and say that i’m weak…” Kristen agrees. Kahty goes on about Matt saying that she is up because she’s voted against him in the last eviction, Kathy brings up that Brit voted to evict Matt as well. Kathy now bringing up that someone needs to get b/r out. She brings up how much Rachel drinks so much it’s embarrassing. Kristen tells her Hayden, Andrew and Kathy are the 3 people she wants left in the house. Kathy tells her if she stays and wins HOH she’s putting B/R up (but you’ll never win HOH so your comment is moot) Kahty wants to see one of B/R to be taken out before going to the jury house because a) they will vote the same and b) she wants to see them be apart and miserable. (Strong words coming fomr a person who days ago was B/R’s servant)


Big Brother 12 Spoilers

4:30pm Same room, Krsiten and Kathy They are still hating on B/R with a little Matt hate for not taking them out when he had a chance. Kristen taller her that if b/r win HOH then she’ll go up maybe with hayden. She would like to take Rachel out because if she gives Brendon the boot rachel will team up with brit and come after her. She points out to Kathy how close brit and Rachel are all of a sudden. Kahty thinks Brit is just keeping herself safe because she’s lost Monet. Krsiten tells her that she’s on a mission now and she knows what she has to do. Kathy tells her that rachel and Brit were telling her earlier that she shouldn’t campaign for votes she should just wait and see whats happening. Kristen: “They want you to go home”

kath you know he had enough Gaul to ask me? He asked me if he took me off the block if they would put up rachel… “umm duh why would he ask me that” Kahty “You can’t compare them to Jeff and Jordan to compare them makes me want to throw up”. Kristen says that people can see through all there bullshit. kathy says if she’s left in the house she will help take down B/R thats her only goal. Kathy brings up how rachel is saying that Andrew is being mean to her, Kathy can see threw all that bullshit.


sBig Brother 12 Spoilers

4:43pm Cabana room rachel and brendon .. can’t hear what they’re saying becuase I threw up in my headphones. I can only assume she is dreaming about drinking,…

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

4:50pm Backyard Couch Enzo, Brit, Ragan, Matt, HAyden and LAne.. chit chat


Big Brother 12 Spoilers

5:33pm Same bunch on the couch.. Enzo says that his wife is either in puerto rico or at home watching him.. “I don’t even know whose looking after the KID what the fuck”
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35 thoughts on “**Updated** Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Hayden and Kristen Target B/R, Hayden:”this time we’ll put both of them up”

  1. Sawg & Simon; I found a picture of an Iron Lung Machine. i f you want I’ll send it to you so ytou can use it in place of Kathy’s picture.

  2. Hayden ” I’m putting up Brendon and Rachel no more bullshit. ” LOL Yea that’s funny yo, so far you and your Brigade friends haven’t done shit right. I’ll believe it when I see it yo. This time pull the pin and through the grenade, not the other way around yo.

  3. Alison, here’s a suggestion to prevent Showtime from cancelling further BBAD episodes. From now on, everytime Rachel either mentions, eludes to, or imagines out loud that she and Brenderina are America’s sweethearts – make her jump rope around the yard topless! Not only will this satisfy Showtime’s nudity per second quota, but we, the viewing audience will be able to literally watch Rachel beat the shit out of herself with her tits. PLEEAASSEEE!!!!

    Now I just have to think about what to do with Matt the prickless wonder!!!!!” Ill get back to you!!!

    1. Matt is spineless but he is also making sure to play both sides which is irking me lol, now that monet is gone the ones targeted wishes she stayed. thats what they get. I too will be glad when brendenrena gets their behinds booted. No way do I want them to make it to jury which will be even more nauseating. No break them up now and see how they will play without the other.

  4. NEW BB Twist – since the couple twist a few years back went over so well, BB has decided to bring together a brother and sister again. No one knows who they are but Hayden and Kristin are indeed brother and sister and this is why they are keeping their relationship on the down low. BB production is trying to keep them a part but they keep whispering and making plans. BB is okay with the kissing because they haven’t made it past second base but will step in if they need too by calling them to the diary room in the nick of time. maybe?

      1. I need something to entertain me. I’m going insane. I like Rahcel, I like Brendon, not together though and this til death do us fart thing between them is driving me insane.

      1. Kissin’ cousins???? They aren’t brother and sister. I think Rockstar is reaching for something to entertain her beyond BG/B. She needs to eat more cookies or get the chocolate out of the closet.

    1. no no nooo..i have been watchihng BB after dark and those two are sleeping in bed together real early in the AM so noone can see.. so they are definitely not “blood related”. They are definitly boyfriend and girlfriend now on the show.

  5. Simon, I am sure you had a hard time with “You Know” and Spider Woman. Then you had to follow-up with Boy George and He/She. My hat is off to you! You deserve some money. I will try again to get it to you but for some reason it doesn’t like my US currency. My dollar is weak like Kathy.

  6. Britney says Enzo sounds like someone from The Sopranos. We’ve been calling him Big Pussy – a character from The Sopranos since Enzo called himself Meow Meow.

    1. It might have something to do with the spider she ate last night. Maybe it wasn’t dead. Red, she does seem a little down, tho. I think she might be worried about her relationship with Hayden getting out. Don’t you have to laugh how they want to fight when the truth is coming out. Hayden going to call them (R/B) out for spreading rumors. (Andrew knows the truth but Hayden and Kristen don’t know that.)

  7. Andrew starts vaccuming when Rachel and Brendon are having a sexy haircut. hahahahahaa She’s shaving him and Andrew is sucking.. hahaha pisses my pants

  8. I thought the same thing about Lane, the exact same thing! “Meathead”. I even said it to my daughter today!! That’s funny……Although it might not seem so funny if BB12 was more interesting. I’m almost (*almost*) at the point where I WANT either Brenden or Rachel to win the entire $500,000 (even though they don’t need it since they’ve found their soulmate in one another) just to punish everyone who refuses to put them up! It’s not like they’re a real powercouple. They’re not Will and Shannon for God’s sake. Or even Jeff and Jordan! If they slide through ONE MORE WEEK I am going to start rooting for them as it would serve the rest of this blah cast right for being so idiotic and BORING.

    Where’s Chima when we need her?

  9. See the thing is, R/ B are nothing like Jeff and Jordan cuz J and J were hilarious!! they weren’t all mushy and gushy in front of the cameras…it’s all a show for the cameras. no one could beat the Jeff and Jordan showmance couple thing. Whatever u want to call it. It’s literally sickening to watch R/B on screen…”Puke in my hand bag” gross me out thing.

    1. Totally. Jeff’s one-liners were the best part of BB11. Plus he is a naturally likable dude, which is why they got on Amazing Race and now Jeff’s getting that “Around The World For Free” web show on cbs. Neither Brendon nor Rachel have that sort of personality.

      1. Rachel might get an Around the World For Free Show. Moaner or jimik60 can tell you the channel. lol Oh, I am picking on Rachel too much. I really don’t hate her!

  10. by the way ill call this one now

    if hayden/kristen “call out” the showmance between r and B….uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh what the heck does that do? Well, it lets brenden say “its not like you two aren’t a showmance”

    and BOOM, all it takes is andrew nodding his head and the secret is TOTALLY out

  11. I just wish they would stop blaming B and R for EVERYTHING…goodness, play the game, and when they go home, which we ALL know they will within 3-4 weeks(I mean jury) the rest of the house will actually have to play against each other…GO figure

  12. nvm, they will still just complain about brenden complaining(I honestly hear less complaining from 2 weeks in a row on slop brendon than anyone else)

  13. it just amazes me these peoples character. I mean do they really think its cool to be laying and feeling each other up only after what 3weeks I mean woa, and then talking about getting married when they get off the show. yea okkkkkkkk and I am winning the lottery tomorrow. oh wait i just might but u get my jiff. its sickening. yes u have to scheme but i think when u go beyond that its really crazy. play the game, grow some balls and get out the ones who are a threat to you winning the prize. everyone so afraid of rachael and brendon i am like wow really?

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