Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Lane tells a story about his car getting stolen.. he and four of his friends pulled the kid into a room and…

11:30pm In the jumanji room Lane, Britney and Enzo are talking. Enzo says that he lets his wife pay for every thing because he is so broke. Britney says that with her last boyfriend she always paid for things. She would always pay for groceries or at least half. Britney says that with Nick they just alternate each week. Lane says that he is always the one to pay for things and that with one girl he dated they used to fight because he wouldn’t let her pay. Lane says that he is they type of person to just show up with a new tv for you.. Lane says that he is the type of person that would rather buy something for someone else than buy something for himself. Britney says that she like to buy little things for people. Lane starts talking about Steamboat and says that you have to watch your stuff because people will steal your stuff. Like if you have a nice jacket …it will get taken. Britney says that where she is from you could leave your purse in your front seat of your car and no one will take it. Enzo says that where he is from you don’t even have to put stuff down and people will take it. Britney says that at a bar you can just leave your purse on your chair ..there are not coat checks … Enzo says that you have to watch your money even if you just got a drink at the bar and your watching a game and your change is on bar if you go to the washroom …it will be gone.

Britney says that in Arkansas you could leave $2000 on your front seat and nobody would do anything about it but in Little Rock they will break into your car. Enzo says that in his town they break into steal tom toms. Britney tells a story how one time her mom left her purse in the cart at Walmart and they drove away and fifteen minutes later realized that they forgot it and went back and it was still sitting there. Britney says that in Arkansas no one steals anything.

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Lane says I had my whole car stolen. Lane says that at his dorm there was a patch of grass and they were practicing and all had their keys in a pile. Lane says that there was this one kid that had problems cuz he was in a wreck a long time ago and he left early and that he had been sitting near the pile of keys and Lane says that he didn’t think anything of it. Lane says that he went over there and was like damn my keys are gone …but that he was like alright ..I have a spare. Lane says that he locked his car and the day after the next day .. HE stops and says oh actually we thought the kid took my keys so we waited and watched from my buddies room so that we could watch my car. Lane says that they lights flashed to unlock the car and there was like one black dude and three other kids over there next to him, so we darted back down there and went up to them and said where are my keys what did you do with them? Lane says that they threw something in the grass … Lane says that they bitched them out tried to frisk them and they called the cops. Lane says that the cops came and said what are you doing you cant just frisk kids on your own and Lane said that he has my keys. This dude is about to steal my car. Lane says that the cop was like well you have no evidence and its your word over his. Lane says that the cops didn’t search the kids for the keys and they kids went off…

12am – 12:10am Lane says that a couple days later he was away hunting. Lane says that where he was hunting there was no cell phone service and when he got back into town he had like 15 voice mails asking if he had his car and then telling him that they think someone stole his car. Lane says that him and four other guys grabbed the one kid they suspected had stolen his car and took him to a room on campus and ….(Big Brother cuts the live feeds) When the live feeds come back Lane says that he got his car back and there were two machetes in the trunk and a bunch of his other things in it because the kid was living in his car. Britney asks Lane what kind of car it was. Lane says that it was a Chrysler 300. Britney asks if it was covered by insurance and Lane says yeah. Britney asks him what he did with it after. Lane says that he traded it in. Britney asks what for? Lane says for another 300. Both Enzo and Britney talk about how nice Chrysler 300’s are… Enzo talks about how his dad’s car that got stolen once and that he had just gotten it. Enzo says that they suspected his of insurance fraud because it was a car that couldn’t be stolen with out a special key. But that they eventually sided in his favor. Lane starts telling a story about how in high school he took a girl to this spot to do it … Big Brother switches all four cameras to the HOH room where Hayden is sleeping…
12:30am – 12:50am The cameras switch back to the jumanji room with Britney, Lane and Enzo. Enoz is talking about comedians and staying up all night downloading different comedians and laughing all night. Enzo goes to the storage room and grabs a bag of chips and then comes back to bed. Enzo asks them what their high schools were like. Lane says that his high school was all about sports. Enzo says that in high school he used to get high before, during and after school. Britney isn’t saying anything. Enzo says that he was a bad student in high school and wishes that he had hit the text books like 10% more … because he was failing courses left and right. Lane says that he was always taught that all he needed to get were C’s in high school and he figured if you were good at sports and big ..that you could go straight through college. Lane says that he got into trouble in college because SAT stuff kept coming up and he didn’t know any of it. Enzo says that he tried to go to college and kept failing because he didn’t know how to write reports. Enzo says that people used to do that shit for him. Lane asks Enzo if he got all of his stuff out of the have not room. Enzo says yeah. Lane says because they’re going to be locking it up soon. They talk about how its day 64 in the house. They are excited for thePOV competition tomorrow. Enzo says that he can’t believe they all hid their stuff in the kitchen. They talk about how Big Brother had to keep giving them hints and they still didn’t get it and questioned it. Big Brother told them that the coins were not in the cupboards and so they were asking if they meant drawers too. Enzo says that big brother told them that they weren’t in the fridge so Enzo was like …so they’re not in the cool whip or ice cream? Britney laughs and then joins in the conversation. Enzo says that Hayden saved Britney’s life for sure by taking the garbage out into the backyard because he figured if Hayden went through it then there was nothing in it. Both Lane and Britney agree. Britney says that if Hayden hadn’t taken the garbage out into the backyard one of them would have gone through it again and found her coin. They start talking about what will happen after the show ends if they are paid to do other events and interviews. Enzo is asking if they are done after Vagas?! Lane and Britney tell him that they might have other stuff in LA … like interviews with Oprah, Jay Leno… Lane says that he is taking his mic off so don’t talk to him. Enzo asks how can you guys go to sleep so early. Enzo is still eating chips Britney says you’re still eating chips?! Enzo asks them again …so you guys are really going to sleep?! Neither Britney nor Lane say anything. Enzo asks so what are you jerking off over there? Silence… Enzo continues to talk and no one replies so he rolls over and says to big brother …shut off the lights!!
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1:30am Enoz is tossing and turning … Britney, Lane and Hayden are sleeping….
1:50am All the house guests are now asleep..
Big Brother 12 Spoilers

6:50AM All Houseguests Still Asleep
8:55am No wake up call yet… they’re all still sleeping..

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70 thoughts on “Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Lane tells a story about his car getting stolen.. he and four of his friends pulled the kid into a room and…

  1. Lane is just a pure brute. I imagine him being the type to get into bar fights every weekend. And with his size he’s liable to kill someone one of these days and then everyone will say they just didn’t see that coming….he’s such a nice guy. I’m not real sure he’d be all that tough in prison though.

    1. U hit it right on the nose….Lame…would not be able to handle prison…much less, Jersey, …he is as dumb as nails…him and Shitney make the perfect pair…she believes she is better then any one…and he using his muscles…

      1. Britney, while a huge flirt would not give Lane the time of day. He might be rich but he is uncultured, ignorant, uneducated and nothing more then useless. Sure his momma might be proud he could find his way to auditions, it seems that is all the hope she held out for him.

        Lane would be much better served taking some college courses, volunteering or doing something that might make him a man but I doubt it.

    2. Lane is a football player who reached the college level, he could handle himself just fine. Obvously if he’s outnumbered he may fall but take from another former ball player you learn to hold your own beore you fall. Also jocks are not dumb, they need to maintain a certain GPA in order to play making their harder not easier, you need to memorize a buttload of plays, audibles. All this thinking while playing at high velocity. The brute part well what can you say, when you’re fighting off other young strong competitive men its going to affect you. Lane must have some finese if he’s dealing with customers on the golf course, golf is a gentlemens game.
      See ya Brite. Hayden & Lane in the end? Who woulda thunk it.

      1. What?! First of all, I’ve never heard of the school that lame went to. Second, he’s big as an ox and it took four of his friends to beat up a homeless guy? Slowly, bits and peices of lame’s story is coming out and the reality is that he is nothing but a huge rich kid that could never hold his own where I came from.

        I’ve seen it a million times. He’s the person that people have hang around so that they could look bigger and badder, the whole time they are pimping him for everything he has….Wait a minute, isn’t that what Hayden and Enzo are doing?

        1. I think you may need to get your facts straight. Lane did not beat up a homeless person. All reports that I have found state that he and his brother beat up a fellow football player (not one from Texas Tech where Lane went to school, but I believe Texas State where his brother went to school.) The reports are sketchy so I am not sure if they even served any jail time. I am not saying beating anyone up is acceptable, but get your facts straight. Texas Tech is a well known school, not as well know possibly as University of Texas, but a well known school just the same.

  2. …………and since you have so much credibility Britney, we’re going to believe you when you say that no one in Arkansas steals anything. They’re all angels. No thief, no thugs, no liars……excuse me while I go bang my head against the wall.
    I think all of us here on this thread know of a Britney in our life. You know, that weirdo that when they open their mouth, chances are, a lie is what you’ll hear………and they know that you know they’re lying, but they keep on lying anyway?
    And what makes these jokers think someone will pay to see them? After this is over, if I see them on TV, I’m changing the channel. Well, I’ll tune in for a minute to watch Enzo clowns, but that will be all.

    1. I don’t think she was talking about the whole state of arkansas, I think she was talking about her small town, I went to school in a small town and you don’t have to worry about people stealing you can leave your doors unlocked

  3. Here in ” Michigan ” people steal your cloth’s off your close line’s. They break into home;s everyday. Sad in & around Jackson & Hanover Horton.

  4. Let’s put all of Enzo’s remembered sayings in one place…HERE.
    I’ll start.
    1. After a true or false contest Enzo said “that was so hard”…..yeah one of two answers is difficult.

    1. I’ve been putting in my vote for Dawg whenever I stop by. Apparently I am voting on behalf of the entire state of South Dakota. lol

  5. Enzo’s wife’s parents must be so thrilled she married such a human sponge deadbeat (that dripping sound you hear is sarcasm). What male with an ounce of pride would
    admit to others, and on tv none the less that he let’s his wife support him and their
    child. Notice he didn’t say he stays home and watches the baby while she works.
    Her or his mother probably does. If this does not wake up his wife to the kind of loser
    deadbeat she married nothing will. If I were Enzo’s parents I would lock myself in
    the house and hide in shame.

    1. In all fairness, Enzo’s wife makes a lot more money than he does. So it makes sense that Enzo stays at home and takes care of the baby. You have to remember, that was temporary, Enzo does have a career. The guy said he loves children, and if that’s what works for them, then hooray. I don’t think Enzo is a housewife or anything like that. You might mistaken being flexible for being lazy and not wanting to supoort your family.

      1. I have watched Enzo, that ball of fire get up and get things done Enzo..(hmmm, sure, yeah, right)….and I am thinking anyone calling him lazy is pretty much correct. These idiots say things on camera that are going to haunt them and their friends and family for a long time. Last night on AD he said “i just hope my wife still loves me, I haven’t won anything”. If she has stopped, Enzo, it’s showing off your foul language and the worst eating habits in BB history.

        1. lets not forget his hands always in his pants, and his nasty gas … he is a nasty nasty man… he needs to go.. hes not worth a sh*T

      2. PLEASE!!! Enzo is so embarrassing, I’m so tired of hearing the f-bomb, his horrible command of the English language, disgusting habits…his wife had to have been pregnant to marry him, He makes all Italians sorry their names end in a vowel, and I hope the people in NJ push their sons in school, or they’ll grow up sounding like Enzo. I hope his wife CAN support him – I sure don’t want to pay for his food stamps or welfare check. Nicki

      3. Enzo said.. if what Enzo says is actually true. He’s a wannabe. What no one is sure. His wife is defending him in interviews. If she really didn’t care, she would say Enzo is awesome. She doesn’t she defends him which means she is probably just as bad as he is.

      4. I’m basing my opinion on the way he is in the house.. He is a lazy lay about who let’s
        everyone else do everything, even take him to the final four and win the competitions.
        He doesn’t even bother to try until he has to. I can’t see that he would be any different
        and any less lazy outside of the house than he is inside of the house. He even
        brags about how lazy he is at work, how he just bull shits people and doesn’t
        bother to answer their concerns. Won’t answer his phone when his boss calls to
        get him to go back to work… If that isn’t a lazy good for nothing I don’t know what is.
        Loving your child is the only job a parent has, they have to provide for their every need
        and Enzo doesn’t care if he has a job to go back to , to enable him to do that and why
        because his wife makes good enough money to support them all.

    2. get off your high horse. he does work. his employer was interviewed. so what if his wife makes more than him. your post proves that you live in a enequal state of mind where the man has to make more money than the woman. YOU are what is the matter in this picture.

    1. Well, I’m not LOLing about the r***** part.
      The funny part is how goofy and stupid you made Lane out to be, which is what I’ve imagined.

  6. What you people have failed to realize is that the reason some students are smart is because of the resources that they have. Rich kids are more likely, and I said “likely” to score better on the SAT tests and do better in school than students from low income families.
    Reason being, rich daddy can buy grades….not litterally, but tutors are hired, expensive learning tools that money can buy, better schools, private school, and even if they attend public schools, they are enrolled in a better school district due to their residency…… etc….
    Sure, there are low income students who do well in school, but the ratio of students from low income family vs high income is nowhere close to equal.

    1. Being educated has nothing to do with intelligence. Some of the most intelligent people
      in history had minimal education available to them or were dropouts because of their
      economic situations. Intelligence is how you use your mind in everyday situations and
      life in general, not how many facts you can cram into your mind and retain.

      1. Education CAN improve intelligence, and they can go hand in hand. Education can improve your ability to think in ways you didn’t before, and can also improve the way you apply information to everyday situations and tasks.

    2. HelloThere says: “What you people have failed to realize is that the reason some students are smart is because of the resources that they have”.

      This is wrong. Privileged kids tend to score better because they grow up in an environment of opportunity. They have options in life and wish to take advantage of them. Poor kids grow up in an environment of hopelessness. They have little or no opportunity and are surrounded by others also without hope. Their parents have lost the hope to make their lives into what they dream. They drop out because there’s no point in participating.

  7. I’m surprised Lane hasnt already forced himself on Britny and r*****her. He was already proven himself to be a violent criminal.

    1. Oh come………Just because the guy likes to fight, and don’t take no craps from anyone, doesn’t mean that he’s a potential rapist. Lane hasn’t done one thing since he entered that house to be label as such. Mr.Dum dum maybe, but not a rapist.

    2. so in your mind r***** is acceptable since he already is “a bad guy”. you are sick and it makes us wonder what goes on in your head and what you would do.

  8. I thought Enzo had a job, but I guess his wife makes way more. Each to his or her own, I guess she doesn’t mind and maybe fell for his Or who knows maybe she’s like him in some ways. She had to find something attractive about him.

    So I guess if he wins he’ll have his own money and can even out the playing field. Not that I want him to win, he rubs me the wrong way at times with his own grandeur. He’s said some stuff that I have found funny, but overall I’m not a big fan. But I won’t completely knock his game play he hustled/swindled his way to the top without being suspected or winning until just about everybody was gone. So if he did win I really wouldn’t be upset because of the how the cast/cult was overall with each other this year.

  9. enzo is short for his real name. and by the way, you sound a little jealous of enzo and as much as you cut him down your choice of words in your post, as well as your attitude, proves to us that you are the scum you pretend to hate.

  10. You can tell from all the hating going on in these comments that the season has been going downhill for awhile now – with so little controversy in the show, someone has to do something to get things stirred up, right?
    Well, I don’t hate Britney, Lane, Enzo (even when Simon spells it as Enoz) or Hyden either. The dumb comments they make while making small talk, while occasionally inane, are nothing more than that, small talk going on between people who are almost terminally bored with nothing else to do all day but hang with each other.
    If anything, this year shows the show needs a total revamp, or it should be cancelled.

  11. I think brit was talking about her small town not the state of arkansas, small towns are like that, you can leave your doors unlocked

      1. Yea, Simon & Dawg and get these blogs out asap for ours and their fun and they do it really well. Obviously we’re all impatient, opinionated pricks & bitches otherwise why would we bother with a spoiler page. Lets not add unappreciative to the list.

        Brite wear a bikini, short shorts or a mini if you have one and maybe they’ll think with their crotch.

  12. One more comment and then I am done….I agree Enzo is a foul-mouth, bad habit, lazy, good-for-nothing, and how he will always do this and that and does NOTHING!!!

    1. damn you guys act like Enzo is bin ladin.Enzo was off 14 seconds in the stocks 2nd place in the quiz against brit,got 8 pins in bowling,the dude said hes idol is howard stern,he knows hes obnoxious. if enzo wasnt on this season it would be boring as hell,look at all the attention you haters are giving him ,your making him famous,thats all you haters talk about,the enzo you love to hate.i bet if enzo gets in a movie you guys will boycot it,lol

      1. I don’t hate Enzo….I think he is being obnoxious on purpose. I am Italian and from NY so I understand him….but he could stop using the F word so doesn’t improve his image. He also has to stop saying, on BB After Dark, that he has to make a move…and when might that be??????

        1. i think he tries to make moves and win but hes going against college athletes and very smart people,lol he made it to the final 4 thats pretty good considering he cant win.I think brit or lane will win pov today and send him to the jury less bb riggs it for I just hope hayden wins it all.i might be the only one that thinks this but i could see enzo in movies.

  13. *********Just the TIP*********

    Just because you’re gay, don’t knock strong heterosexuals. Lane is a much better person than Gaygan (pedophile comments, giving aids to babies).
    Enzo is a goofball, but still better than the low life Ratt (lied about his wife having a terminal illness).
    Hayden may be a floater, but he seems normal enough, and he’s won a few comps.
    Bratney, she is what she seems. A spoiled brat. She needs to go, or she’ll sneak into final 2.

    All in all, this bunch is the about the best you’re going to get out of this year’s crew. And, that’s not saying much. Come on, BB, it’s still not too late to bring back zingbot and allow America to vote him the WINNER.
    Please, do NOT include any of these clown in the next AllStar season, which I hope is next year.
    Zingbot FTW!

  14. I’m starting to think that says is really Enzo’s wife they way they are always defending
    him, but then again who wants to constantly have to defend the actions and words
    and make excuses for the person they married.

    1. Izzy Lizzie – This is from Wikipedia regarding the name Enzo.

      Enzo is an Italian given name derivative of Heinz (diminutive of Henry). It can be used also as the short form for Lorenzo, Vincenzo, Crescenzo. It is frequently in both the northern and southern parts of Italy as well as in Latin America.

  15. WOW – love thissite because if all that lovely HATING going on – OK, spelled Hyden wrong SO WHAT F***KERS!!!!
    GEEZ, you fdorks are really something – got nothing else to do this evening but point out hydnes name spelled wrong – get a F-ING LIFE DORKS!!!!

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