Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Ragan thinks Rachel got clues in her HOH letter .. “I love you more than Hunting for Sharks in Oil free water.”

10:45am Hayden and Ragan are alone in the backyard talking. Hayden says that he wants to talk to him later about scenarios for next week. Hayden wonders if it would be better to put Brendon straight up or try and backdoor him. Ragan says problem is you put up to pawns he gets picked, he will take Kathy off put another strong player off, and then one of the people they wanted to keep will go. Ragan says obviously the only insurance policy we have is to do Kathy and Brendon and then the person who would go up as replacement if Brendon won would have to be the person that would most likely flip. Britney comes back out. Britney says that you want strong competitors playing against Brendon in the POV. Hayden says it is a tough call. Ragan says here is my recommendation, more or less says they shouldn’t get ahead of themselves and that a pawn would have to be comfortable with it when the time comes. Britney says that she doesn’t like to be cocky about it either and that she feels like that is like how he was, and he made himself look like such and idiot.
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10:55am Brendon and Rachel talk in the lounge room. Brendon tells Rachel that he will call another house meeting tomorrow to make sure that he seals his fate on going home. Rachel tells him not to do that and that she doesn’t want to be apart of it. Brendon says good, that will be better and when they ask where you are I will say that he didn’t invite you. Rachel says when people ask me, I will say I didn’t want to go. Brendon starts to talk…and Rachel laughs and says that she was just kidding, then asks him if he is being serious?” Brendon says yeah, I am because I can’t have you jumping in for my defence and have people attacking you. Rachel says of course I will defend you. Brendon says I can’t have you doing that when I am going after Matt because peope are then going to go after you. Brendon says that he already threw himself under the bus the other day so its not going to hurt. Brendon says that he needs to make sure they send him home because if not then he did it all for nothing. Brendon says that he did it for her (Rachel).
11:10am In the backyard Britney, Ragan, Kathy and Hayden are sitting on the couches. Ragan and Britney are going through who won what and when it happened, who was evicted when and what information the can remember about the other house guests.

11:30am Rachel says I am on your team. Brendon asks if Rachel can massage him. He is stressed out and needs a massage she says okay. Rachel says that she thinks they are still considering getting rid of her after his speech. Brendon says no no, stop you are stressing me out. Rachel tells Brendon to chill out. Brendon says you are either with me or against me. Rachel says shut up, then laughs and says you stole that from me. Rachel says she invented Bo Jangles. Rachel says this is her house, she invented a lot of shit. Brendon tells Rachel he does not want her to try and stop him, cause it stresses him out and makes it harder.


Ragan, Britney and Hayden are still out in the backyard talking. Britney says that Brendon and Rachel are grasping at straws right now. Britney says they will use everything you say and turn it against you right now. Ragan says it puts all of them in an impossible position. Ragan says he is not above any of this. It is not all their fault I am playing a hand in this too. Brit says this has been the most uncomfortable week. Enzo is there as well he says he is stuck in the middle of it too. Enzo says they are trying to get information out of him. Ragan says the only reason this has emerged this week, is because there hasn’t been that kind of sportsmanship where people attack people. Ragan says he don’t want to feel compelled to say stuff about them he doesn’t want to be portrayed as an evil gay guy. Ragan says that he doesn’t want to be that person. Hayden says they have no coping mechanism in there, there is nothing to do to relieve stress. Ragan says he doesn’t want anyone to feel anymore uncomfortable than it already is. Britney says she thinks they are just playing a very bad game. Britney says that they chose to talk about people and be unsportsmanlike and how to treat people. Britney says they operate on such a low level it is incomprehensible. Britney says that up until yesterday Brendon had never been mean to her. Britney says they have an agenda and that all of Rachel’s tears are fake. Ragan says he thinks he would feel better if he doesn’t personally attack them, but he has, but doesn’t want to. Ragan no longer wants to bash Brendon and Rachel and thinks that the others should stop too. Hayden says the thing is that saying negative things makes him feel better after how they treated him last week. Ragan says for him since he was bullied growing up he doesn’t know how not to respond to it. Ragan says that it is hard for him to sit there and take it. Britney says what makes her mad is who he chooses to attack. Brendon won’t attack a strong person. Britney says who he chooses to pick on tells her a lot about his character.

Britney says everything Brendon does traces back to his insecurities because he has to feel self important. Britney says that Brendon has poor sportsmanship and that she doesn’t think Brendon has ever played sports so he doesn’t get it. Enzo says Brendon has a weird body. Britney says Brendon thinks he is so hot because he walks around with his shirt off. Hayden brings up the fact that that Brendon had wanted to know what Rachel’s ex boyfriend had looked like. Hayden says that Brendon just wanted to know if he could beat him up. Britney says Brendon is emotionally stunted. Ragan says he thinks Brendon looks older than thirty. They don’t think that he is thirty. Britney says she doesn’t think she has ever disliked anyone so much in her life to be honest. Enzo wants to see Brendons friends he wants to see who he hangs out with. Ragan says his theory is that Brendon goes from relationship from relationship that never lasts, and that he would be surprised and that he thinks Brendon is socially awkward and can’t maintain his friends. Britney says she thinks Brendon has a social disorder, because he is always putting people down. Britney says that she has a problem with how he treats people. Enzo says well should we get rid of him this week, what should we do? They all agree no Rachel is a bigger risk because Rachel rises to the occasion in a pressure cooker situation.
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12:20pm – 12:30pmBritney wonders how much of Rachel being unstable is planned. Ragan says he remembers Rachel telling him about letters Evel Dick that told him in code who he could trust and who he couldn’t. Ragan says that he was curious when Rachel got her letter if maybe there was something in it. Ragan says that he remembers that there was one line that said “I love you more than Hunting for Sharks in Oil free water.” They start talking about what it meant. Ragan says with the way that her mind operates he wouldn’t be surprised if it was a secret code. Ragan says he was kind of worried because that was when he was talking bad about her to Matt. Enzo says that he wishes he would have thought of a secret code. Hayden says him too. Enzo says that he never thought about shit like that. Ragan says he questioned Rachel about the sentence and her answer was awkward. Ragan says that it just doesn’t make sense. Ragan says but it makes him think that they should stop letters from home. Brit says no don’t say that. Enzo wonders why it didn’t make an episode. Britney says because it is a form of cheating. Britney says that Brendon and Rachel’s relationship is so bothersome to her because of how controlling he is of her and how he wants to control every move she makes. Enzo says their relationship is doomed. Hayden says you don’t get in a relationship in this game, this isn’t the environment to try to find a relationship. Britney says that Rachel has already planted seeds of doubt about their relationship.

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If people aren’t careful Kathy will win this competition: shes hides under the radar, befriends those in need, and is seemingly weak… she really needs to get out otherwise you might see her in the final two… Seriously who wouldn’t want to fight against her? She the ‘best’ competitor to be up against….
Also: Does Ragan get the opportunity to win the 500 G’s still? or did he lose that as soon as he became saboteur?


He still has the opportunity to win the 500 gs.

I hope he wins. Other than B/R and Matt, he’s the only one trying to win HOH comps AND he hasn’t made up the big LIE like Matt.


Yes, he still gets to compete for 500 000


Rachel drank a bottle of tequila in a bikini contest woke up shirtless with vomit all over her and a death grip on a wad of 100’s


A little oil in the ocean never stopped Allison Grodner from hunting sharks before. Why start now?


HA! I am truly impressed by your ability to come up with new ones every time. Never gets old in my eyes, QAZ.


😀 ty


I can not believe this came out of Brit’s mouth Britney says she thinks Brendon has a social disorder, because he is always putting people down. REALLY !!


i know i like her but she has some nerve!


I have to agree. I use to like Britney but she’s becoming the very person she despises so much in the BBH by putting people down. It’s like the pot calling the kettle black. Britney pull it together because you are losing it fast sister!

Vegas =]

I know, she is always putting them down also. At least Brenden told her face to face. She is still talking shit about them, why? is she like obsessed with them. Brittney is always basing on them, I liked her in the start of the season now it’s just disgusting to watch her speak.


Yea aint that something Brits definitely got a mouth on her to the point where shes losing some of her cuteness…but only just a little bit cuz I think shes a hot little southern princess, who I’m rooting for to win it all.
HGs keep Rachel and dump Brendon, she creates a lot of drama and it would be the shit if she won a 3rd HOH ‘The Bitch is Back!’ Who would watch BB if they nobody lied, nobody cheated or talked shit.


Britney is a cliche with fried yellow hair


Of course all contestants of middling intelligence should have coded messages in their letters from home….I don’t know why anyone would be even slightly surprised.

I can’t wait until B/R go home. It’s so boring watching the rest of them sit around all day and only talk about B/R.

Bitchney should also take a good long look in the mirror and analyze where her mean girl, two-faced behavior comes from. . . . she’s probably been pretending to be friends and then doing character assignations since middle school. . . does she really need the ego boost of putting others down?


They should honestly stop these messages from home if everyone is gonna cheat. And a message to Britney, obsess much about B/R. I don’t think she’s a conversation in the last couple weeks where B/R haven’t been the focal point. And finally (I realize I’m a Britney hater). but insulting someone is a two way street don’t put someone down and then cry foul when someone does it to you.


Ongoing I feel the same way. They sit around bad mouthing b/r about all the shit they say. Do they not see they are doing the same only a lot more. Kathy and Enzo at the end that would be a trip.


I think Britney needs the entertainment more than an ego boost. Again, what else are you going to do in there?


I am going on vacation and usually I fret because I will miss a week of BB. This is the first time ever that I don’t care. This is the worst cast ever. They are so boring to watch. I don’t even tape BBAD any more. I am so disappointed in this season. I don’t like Rachel but at least she puts a little bit of drama in the house.


On a camping trip my wife brought a tv after we set camp etc, she made me drive around til we found a signal so she could watch BB…’honey what about the kids?? ‘they’ll be fine, they got Gameboy! PULLOVER I GOT A SIGNAL!!! why cant the hg’s tell that dr bill is lying?’ Anyway so now look at me


That’s funny. I was camping in Traverse City, Michigan and paid a terrible high price for a room so I could watch the Survivor fanale.

brit is hot but a bitch

shut up britney!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I KNOW!!!!! She obsesses so much over Rachel and Brendon. It seems like everytime a conversation is happening it turns out to be something about Rachel and Brendon. WTH?? They all bash Rachel and Brendon CONSTANTLY.. bagging on Rachel for “always” trashing other people..yet that’s ALL they do! Britney’s the worst!


Next week, Matt needs to use the Diamond Veto and put up a fellow Brigade member. He should ditch them and allign himself with Britney and Ragan. They all have the brains and can win competitions easily I think. Lane, Hayden, and Enzo are the floaters and they are just sitting back while Matt wins and does the dirty work.


I totally agree with you. They should grab Brendon and Kathy and go for it.


There are repercussions to actions like that in this game and they tend to cost you $500,000.

Vegas =]

I know the only thing L/E/H offer are the votes, other then that Matt is doing everything. He’s in a better position with Britt/Ragan why? Brittney wins vetos, and Ragan has proven he’s good at endurance challenges. L/E/H haven’t done shit, just play pool yo =]


So true, good point. I wouldn’t trust Britney though….I think she’s more alligned with Lane than she’s letting on. If I were Matt, and wanted to win the game, I’d align with Brendon, Ragan, and Kathy (4 strong, yo) but I wouldn’t do it until after this week’s HOH comp to see who wins and determine the game play based upon that. Best case scenario — a brigade member wins next week and puts up Brendon and Ragan….Brendon or Ragan wins POV and Britney is put up in their place, Matt outs the Brigade, joins up with Brendon, Ragan, Kathy, and puts up another brigade member in the place of Brendon/Ragan (non-POV person)….then they have enough to get out the brigade member on the block, other brigade HOH can’t compete for HOH next week….ok, complicated scenario but it could work out well and be mighty interesting to watch. Brigade is going to drop Matt first when it gets to final 4 — I think he realizes it and that’s why he’s develop a semi-alliance with Ragan and why he didn’t put B/R on the block the first time as HOH.



Uncle Cool

If they find out about ‘the lie’, they’ll ditch him in a heartbeat. ALL of the houseguests. He’ll be put out before Brendon if it is found out.

He may even be shunned by all of them if he wins the 500 K because of ‘the lie’.


what is bojangle’s? I know it’s a fast food place and i heard enzo say it on one of the episodes, but what does it mean? is it an inside joke?


Is your Google finger broken or something?

BigBrothers Big Brother

Could Ragan be making that last part up about Rachel’s letter? Maybe that’s one of his Saboteur moves. Hmmmmm


Speaking of help from home, Weewee Gremlin’s wife sent him all those ducks so he could plot out the voting scenarios each week. Much easier than using skittles or modeling clay. Each duck = different HG. Way to go wifey! Matt thought ahead and planned carefully prior to coming into the house. Which is yet another reason he deserves to and will win!


ROFLMA at this comment Britney says she thinks Brendon has a social disorder, because he is always putting people down. LOL REALLY? Isn’t that Britney talking about herself there??? LOLLLLLL


Like the old expression goes, “That’s the pot calling the kettle black.” Britney’s disposition is so sour and she is a player. Not to be trusted.


amen to Brittany shutting the F up…..backstabbbing bitch. Lane and Kathy at the end would make me happy….they seem geniune….even though this game is for winning….they still seem legit!


Legit at what, Lane cant win shit and Kathy is a two faced suck up.


LMAO!!!! I agree.


Hayden giving relationship advice??? Seriously? Too funny.




Hey jimik60 !!!! I talked with Dr Britney and she said pay no attention to the a’hole Drs. YaeDumDum and Valentina and that they should go take a flying f’k at a rolling donut .
Plus I like you remarks, just like I do Simon and Dawgs….. 😉
and where the hell has grandma been?


The good Drs had me Section 12ed to the Institute for the Marginally Psychotic. Rachel is scheduled to check in this weekend. She’ll be on the ward above mind. Its the for the “Seriously Delusional and the “Done Gone Absolutely Bat Shit”. Ill see if I can get moved to her ward. Maybe get to slap the shit out of her. Thanks but I need break from everything! – Take no prisoners Jokrs!!!


Did she ever get out of them?

Uncle Cool

Go ahead and call Matt a midget to his face. I triple dog dare you, Brenda.


ummmm say what you will but Brendon is hot, the fact that Enzo would say Brendon has a weird body when Brendon’s is by far the best in the house is Enzo projecting his insecurity (or inferiority complex) onto Brendon….i am not a pysch major or anything but it’s obvious, f he had a brain he would know that…he’s very good looking, they should at least give him that or everything else they say loses credibility


Enzo is probably saying that about Brendon because Brendon had his toe nails surgically removed. They’ve been talking about that a few times in the past few days.


His posture makes him look like the love child of a T Rex and a preying mantis.


Brendon is a swimmer with a swimmer’s conditioned body. Very nice!!!! Hello, did anyone see Michael Phelps in the olympics.


No I was too busy smoking pot with his buddies.


Good one!!


Yes, and I wish I didn’t. A face can ruin everything…


Brendon is hot, he just has a long torso. Maybe that’s what Enzo was touching on? Or maybe it was just one more stab. Either way, being physically attractive isn’t enough to win the game. Brendon’s gotta start using the brain he brags about, or he’ll be out right after Rachel. If he approaches the right player with the right pitch, he could coast to the end.


oh I agree he’s not the brightest crayon in the box (physicist my ass), his gameplay is average at best, and he’s codependent, but he is hot with an amazing body so he should just give it up and rest on the laurels of his genetic gifts


I don’t understand why they only let Matt use the diamond veto for two weeks which really means one week because in order to get it he had to be HOH in the first place. Anyways great job on the site guys. I really enjoy reading it. GO GREMLIN GO!!!




Rachel could have won POV and he could have used it to put her back up. He clearly doesn’t need to use it this week though and the Brigade puts him in a good position to not need it next week either, but you never know.


Funny, this was brought up. I was thinking the same thing, yesterday, in regards to codes in letters from home. Specifically, a code for an alliances in the house, and the size in which they come. I can’t imagine it hasn’t been done before.


I have had enough of Britney. She always complains about b/r and she’s 10 times worst than what she was complaining about. These hg haven’t been playing smart. Why hasent matt made a deal with b/r and ragan, a 4 person alliance that has people who actually win something and better his shots of staying safe. Cause now this hoh he can’t play and if rachel would have stayed maybe she could have won and kept her word with matt that he was safe, like last time.


Could the oil reference in Rachel’s letter have something to do with Lane? Doesn’t he work in the oil industry?


Has anyone heard anything more on the two hg’s who are supposed to be lifelong friends?