Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Lane tells Annie to Stop Being a little Girl and Hit him

Big Brother 12 Spoilers


7:18pm July 14th Backyard Britney and Monet play badminton
Big Brother 12 Spoilers

7:20pm Kitchen Lane and Brendon. Lane is telling him about his house in texas he says he lives in a retirement community it was pretty cheap. Brendon asks if he has a Home Owner Association. Lane says of course I do it’s a retirement community. Brendon tells him that he’s wasting his money on something like hat. Lane agrees they have all these rules that make no sense, like he can’t have his laundry hanging out in the open and he can’t park on the road. Brendon asks what happens if he doesn’t listen. Lane says he got a ticket once for 900 bucks. Lane is planning on moving when the show is over.. he really likes his place but hates the HOA. Brendon talks about the housing bubble and how people mortgaged too much. Matt joins them and Lane proceeds to tell them about this land he owns that they call “Dead Man’s Pasture”. Matt asks why. Lane explains that a family was found dead in the back of a truck once in the field. Matt asks him about life on the ranch.. Lane says he doesn’t know but he knows about cutting off bull balls. He explains that they wrap a thick rubber band around were the balls meet the body and after a couple days the balls just drop off and are collected. Brendon says he heard that Bull unit is worth a lot of money. Lane says not really the steer is worth a lot because there huge.
Big Brother 12 Spoilers

8:20pm Backyard Brendon and Rachel, Brendon is pissed at Brit and Monet.. he says the do shit around the house and when people do things for them they never give any thanks, he calls them spoiled and lazy. Rachel agrees, Brendon tells her they need to win HOH and put them both up and they need to convince the house to see Monet and Brit the same way they see them. Brendon is getting pretty steamed about this. He says just as roommate these girls suck.. he’s also a little worried they will be going after Rachel and Him becuase they see them as a threat. Rachel just listens and nods.. they both continue to play gold while Brendon reiterates everything a couple times.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

8:30pm Couch Matt, Lane and Hayden, LAne says Brendon is not athletic guy at all you can tell an athletic dude and brendon is not.. he’s smart and he works out but he’s not a athlete you see… watch him swing that club “hahaha”Hayden points out Enzo is more athletic but Brendon is smart so is more dangerous.. Annie joins them and Lane gets up to go .. as he leaves he pinches her and tells her to hit him back.. she says not. he says stop being such a little girl and hit me… she refusing both of them giggling.
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I see After Dark is starting off with Brenden and Hayden talking game. Are they (B&H) getting tighter now or is Hayden just appeasing him and they are planning to still go after Brenden? I haven’t been able to get caught up to speed much today. Brenden and Rachel kind of have that ‘underdog’ thing going on right now like Jeff & Jordan did early on, so I can see production doing some manipulation to keep them around for that reason.

I hope Annie goes nuts tonight. I’m just waiting for something crazy to finally happen with this group.


I find it interesting that Lane brought up the “out of no where” subject about bull castrastion. Especially interesting it the fact that a “rubber band” is used in the process. A rubber band is also on the list of tools that can be used by the saboteur. Coincidence?!!


Where did you see a list of thing that the Sab can use?





To continue this thought – maybe the saboteur is going to use the rubber band to give Brendon a real case of “blue balls.”

Evel Jim

Ok, live show thoughts. Whoever writes the closed captions during the live show should have used “Fuhgeddaboudit” rather than “Forget about it.” when Enzo was speaking. It only makes sense.

Second, Hayden is kinda driving me nuts. Could that underbite be bigger? it’s like a permanent pouty lip. Plus, he yells at the camera whenever he’s in the diary room. WTF? I just want to punch him.

Rachel is proof positive that that a person can be book smart and an idiot.

Lane is just a stupid as Rachel. Complaining that the mayonnaise hitting him in the face and “down on the farm” they would never have “dairy” hitting them in the face. Mayo is not made from milk, it’s eggs and oil. You’d think a farm boy would know that. That said, he’s showing his loyalties are not strong. I think he’ll be the first in the jury house.

Brittney is growing on me. Very hot, hottest in the house imo, but I like a southern accent. Her mouth might get her into trouble, but her shit stirring may work out well and will at least be entertaining while she’s there. Need to see her in more comps before I can figure how far she’ll really go though.

Quote: “Well… this is awkward.” – anyone hanging out with Andrew. WTF is with that guy? LMAO that he thinks Matt is Ragan’s gay lover though.

I’m thinking Kathy for the saboteur. She’s the only one that I see that would take $50k and forgo the chance for the $500k. Plus she was unaccounted for during the blackout and can’t possibly have not thrown the comps she has been in so far. She has single-handedly kept her team from winning twice in two comps.

Lifelong friends is a tough one. I was thinking Hayden and Kristen until the live show. I don’t think that they would show Kristen in the DR giving her thoughts on who the friends are, but I could be wrong. If it’s just the saboteur screwing with the HGs, it wouldn’t surprise me. If it’s not Hayden and Kristen, whoever it is are good actors because they aren’t giving anything away.

My favorite to win at this point is probably Matt, I think he’s playing it real well. That said, week 1 isn’t even over yet. I think that I’ll be pulling for Britt though.


I’m with you on Hayden. I don’t see how any girls can think he’s hot. He looks like he has a set of wax teeth in his mouth with the way he can hardly move his lips when he talks. He should seriously consider being one of those ventriloquist dummy dolls for Halloween this year – you know, really make the most of that mouth impediment he has going on.

Speaking of Evel, I really think it would be an awesome monkey wrench to throw in the game to have Evel Dick thrown in the mix of houseguests as a surprise twist.

My guess for the Saboteur is Kristin. She is likable and has been under the radar. That seems like the kind of person they’d use to really throw everyone off. When they have showed her talk game (not often), it’s pretty evident she is smarter than she is letting on and has potential to go really far.


LMFAO!! OMG…that’s Hilarious guys….
Hayden is soooo not all!
Andrew is hella weird, reminds me so much of Ronnie
Brendon is HOTT! But I hate the fact that he’s chasing behind that fake ass “Alicia Silverstone” reject.
And Britney is pretty she looks like “Nicki Minaj” for some reason I dunno…lol
Kristen is wayyy too quiet, I think her and Hayden are related in some strange way.
Kathy I don’t know about her but she could possibly be the Saboteur.
Monet, is to me, not cute and she’s really sneaky, I don’t like her!
Matt is quiet, he reminds me of Dan.
Ragan, love him, he really needs to show himself more.
Enzo is a shit talker but I actually like that about him.
Lane is just another Memphis that’s probably gonna sail his way through the competition
OMG that would be awesome if Evel Dick came back, ill be glued to the computer and television

Uncle Cool

Brendon looks like an alien and is ridiculously naive to let Rachel manipulate him.

Lane is getting more intolerable every day. He should keep his mouth shut.

Hayden looks a lot like Mike Modano who also can’t close his mouth and breath at the same time.

Britney is a stuck up beeyatch who trash talks everyone behind their back.

Matt is definitely smart and is keeping in the background more than Kristen is.

Ragan has a great sense of humour and seems to be just loving life. Good for him.

Monet seems to be pretty intelligent and is very good looking.

Andrew seems out of place in this competition.

Enzo seems like an actor and I doubt he really talks like he’s from Goodfellas in real life.

Kathy is definitely the saboteur. (note: I did not know how to spell saboteur until BB12 started).

Just my opinions so far.

C Note

From a mans standpoint…..
Matt is playing a great game… Definetly Dan
Britney is stealing all the tv time. She’s growing on me for that reason.
Monet is someone I would chill wit but aligning with Brit isnt smart.
Kristen who is Kristen, she’s M.I.A. 90% of the time. She’s prolly dead in the pool. My fav so far tho.
Kathy is the sab.
Andrew (finally mentioned his name) is just plain crazy and people like him for that.
Hayden is related to Kristen in some fashion!
Brendon is smart and athlethic, dangerous combo…..
Rachel is annoying and dumb and Im allready tired of the beanbags…
Enzo is playing a great game but he is thwe odd man out in his alliance.
Annie is another person I would chill with but she can be annoying at times. I would want her on my team, homegurl is a fighter.
Ragan is just a good soul and he will eventually lose it.
Lane will make it far but he better hope Andrew doesn’t win HOH.
All in all Im so torn this season, one minute I hate someone the next minute I like them. The only constant is Kristen and Matt so I will stick by them. Kat is the sab with andrew a close second. Andrew said if he makes it to week 5 he will die his hair, I read into it and thought that was weird.


yeah what I think…
Matt’s pajamas are really weird. They are pink with weird girly things all over them. I Like his tattoos though. I’m kind of on the fence with him.
Britney- I actually like Britney, someone I could go for. But she needs to not use her mouth in certain situations. Good to add drama in the house. But it will get her kicked out of the house…if she keeps it up. Which I don’t want.
Monet- Not to sure yet….seems like she would go for a girl alliance…have to see more of her.
Kristen- who hasn’t got a lot of air time…that’s really suspicious to me…
Kathy- I’m already going for. She’s a person I like in the game. But everyoneee thinks shes the “SAB”…cuz she sucks in games. I hope shes the sab…or else no offense kathy…ur the worst player in big bother history…but i still like her.
Andrew- kind of flip flopy…one reason to hate him is because he says he likes enzo…
Hayden- DO NOT LIKE HIM. he looks like a fish when he talks. he thinks hes the shit and not even cute. I’m, a woman…and hes u-g-l-y. cut the hair boy! and another reason to hate him is because hes apart of the “bridage”
Brendon- cute, but dont really like the shomance this year…I just do not like Rachael that much. Hes very smart tho.
Rachel-….can i say more. Her laugh, makes me want to jump threw the tv…and strangle her. She seems like a HUGE bratt! ex- she totally rolled her eyes when she called monet’s name up…wtf!
Enzo- dont like him…wayyyyyyy to cocky. trying to hard to make his alliance big brother history…I think he will stab his buddy’s in the back. once he gets the opportunity for a better deal.
Annie- kind of weird…I used to think she was funny intill the pov cermony and she was like…”something about a spiders web” “Britney” que death stare….like girl calm down look at fish face who put you up and was planning on it in the begging. .
Ragan- two words….love him. Hes a person I would chill with. I love his personality and him…he makes the game funny.
Lane- dont really like him. I always love the country boys…but him I strangely don’t. seems like a quieter whiter russle…
All and all…maybe some of the house guest I hate…maybe they will warm up to me. It is the first week…so who knows.