Big Brother 12 – Lockdown is Over Houseguests Get Lawn Games


5:10pm Kitchen Rachel Brendon flirting.. They talk about girls that seek out men so that they will have the mans money. Rachel says she knows some girls like that, Brendon does to. He goes on to explain a ex girlfriend that was like that. they both agree that it was girls that were spoiled as children.

5:30pm Green Room Enzo, Brit and Matt. Again they are going over the noises in the house. Matt thinks they will start getting louder probably tonight. Enzo hopes he can get sleep before the HOH. Enzo brings up the times on BB when they have the fans record messages and they play them back throughout the night. Matt “DAMN i forgot to bring ear plugs”. Enzo Asks Brit what her future entails with her Nick (fiancĂ©e) She says jokingly she plans on having a good haul in the luxury comp and get a vacation then they will remodel their house and being planning her dream wedding. She goes to tell him they will wait 5 years then stat having kids. She wants to have 4 but nick only wants 2, Brit smiles and says “I’ll seduce him to have 4) She wants to have a boy and girl with the boy becoming a pro golfer and the girl working in broadcasting. Matt wonders what the HOH will be like tomorrow. Brit tells him it’ll be endurance, He’s not convinced. Enzo hopes it’s a mental challenge, Brit asks him why has there been a lockdown for so long “they must be setting up something big”

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

5:50pm – 6:20 Backyard Playing games

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

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I never see Kristen but when I do she’s always with Hayden….just saying


Looks like 2 me, Hayden and Kristen are the friends. They look like brother and sister. Don’t know if this means anything but both of their names end in ” en “. But who the hell knows. Great work on the site by the way guys!!!


I agree, there is something up with them. Too me they look alot alike. Also when the saboteur made the announcement that two people have been life long friends kristen looked very worried. At first I though brittany and kathy were mother/daughter, but that would be wayy to obvious.


Why the hell does Enzo call himself Meow Meow?!


he thinks he is in the mob. He’s a wannabe


Hey jimik60, you might be right in your earlier post about the several pairings you heard about from a friend at CBS. I remember Kathy saying on BBAD that she & Brittany look alike & are both from Arkansas but that they’re not mother/daughter. That doesn’t mean that she’s not Brittany’s aunt though. Would you repeat those pairs again?


Brittany/Kathy = mother/daughter (although, Id denied giving birth to Britney)
KristenAndrew = brother& sister
Matt/Ragan = Matt married to Ragan’s sister (but I think they are brothers).
Hayden/Lane = cousins


Seriously? Have we not gone through this before? Where are the damn rodents????

If its the same pair I will laugh my self silly.


I have been saying for a week that Hayden & Kristen are ” twins ” & nobody reponds to me ! They have the same nose & mouth & big Brother never shows Kristen to much, She’s on & off.


Judy, I agree with you. There was a pic on this site last week (I think) that showed Hayden on the HOH bed with Kristen next to him…. the faces looked so much alike, I immediately thought that they were siblings.


Again, most of the time I eat crow & i,m wrong.


been saying it also Judy……I think they are in cahoots one way or another…the twins seem right to me!


If they are twins, why are they always flirting and asking weird questions about each others type…..i am more inclined to believe the mother daughter theory for the life long relationship, kathy and Brit…i got my money on Kristen for el salvatore….the kathy/brit x’s on photos are Kristen Bitty’s initials….

chick from louisiana

I’m not sold on the Kathy/brit thing or the twin theory with hayden/kristen. Here’s my reasons- First Annie said that BB made her dye her hair because there are too many blondes in the house. Seems to me , if they (brit and Kathy) were the secret mother and daughter like people seem to think, wouldn’t BB make one of them dye their hair instead of annie. ( so it wouldn’t be so obvious) And the hayden/kristen thing still has me stumped. Seems like they are a little too flirty to be brother and sister. ( i could be wrong and probably am) But they still could be the long time friends. I don’t know.

Uncle Cool

Lifelong friends doesn’t mean relatives, I don’t think. It means people who grew up together.

The first thing I would look at is age.

Kathy 40
Andrew 39

Ragan 34

Enzo 32
Matt 32

Brendon 30

Annie 27
Rachel 26

Hayden 24
Kristen 24
Lane 24
Monet 24

Britney 22

How about Annie and Rachel? That would be a shocker.

chick from louisiana

That’s a good theory. How about Matt & Enzo? That would be a shocker too.


Annie also said that BB didnt want her to reveal that she was Bi sexual….then she did and was talking about it openly….annie is a liar!




I heard life long friends.

Uncle Cool

Definitely Life Long Friends.


i think it is def. kristen and hayden…,..they do look alike, but if they are related that is just creepy because they flirt way too much! Maybe they are a couple who look alike (?)


totally off subject but anyone seen michelle noon latley….what did she do to her face…