Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Brit: “Andrew is bipolar 1/2 Jewish 1/2 Satan”

Big Brother 12 Spoilers


8:45pm JULY 14th Hammock Ragan, Kristen and Rachel Ragan is talking about the goodbye messages he says he wants to go and record his soon he has things to say, good thing . Rachel wonders why they are taking so long to call them in to record them. Talk drifts to the noises and they all think they have something to do with tomorrow’s HOH competition. They start listing all the noises they hear, theres a brand new noise in the kitchen that sounds like a squelching hearing aid, there a stopwatch ticking in the taj, there crickets in the bedroom and a high pick bell. Rachel says theres a pattern to the noises she’s claims to have figured it out. Ragan asks about the pattern and Rachel explains… he tells her its too complicated and that Big Brother would never do something like that.
Big Brother 12 Spoilers

8:45pm Bedroom Brit, Enzo, Kathy and Monet. Enzo says he has to eat to survive in the BB house. he points out that all he wants to do is sleep… he’s “cracking”. Brit giggles says she told Annie that she should talk to enzo tonight about where his vote is going. Enzo “no don’t do that” they all start to laugh. Brit mentions how weird “Captain Kosher” is. they all agree if Andrew was on the block he would go crazy. .. Enzo complains about how hard BB is getting and how he’s having trouble copeing. He asks the girls if they’ll come back for allstairs.. they say yes. He tells them “fuck that i’m not coming back, this shit ain’t for me” Talk moves tot he saboteur, Brit lists off the 2″confirmed” people that are not the Salvatore, Rachel and Annie. Brit says that Andrew is bipolar he’s half Jewish. his one half is Jewish, the other half is Satan.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers


9:00pm HOH Brendon and Hayden Brendon is having trouble figuring Enzo out. He asks Hayden whats up with him. Hayden thinks Enzo can be trusted and he won’t put Hayden or Brendon up but he also thinks that Enzo is going to lose it eventually. Brendon says rachel is calling him the a male Annie. Hayden says that Enzo could win competitions he’s semi athletic and plays some sports. Hayden asks him if he talks much to enzo. Brendon doesn’t really he makes him nervous because he’s always pacing around acting paranoid. hayden agrees he says that Enzo is just a paranoid dude but he’s alright. Brendon says that Brit is a snake and she’s fake, He thinks that everyone in the house knows she’s fake. Brendon is worried that Monet and Brit are spending alot of time with Lane and might sway Lane onto their side. He points out that they are very cute girls and Lane is always flirting with them. Hayden mentions that Lane is like that to everyone. Brendon says that he thinks Enzo is pretty tight with Brit but especially Monet. They both promise to keep the other side safe. Hayden won’t put up Brendon and the plastic monster and Brendon won’t put up Hayden and Kristen. Brendon is pushing for them to go after Brit first then Monet second. He says they need to start mentioning that she won 10 grand.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers
9:30pm HOH Annie and Hayden Annie tells Hayden she thinks the saboteur is Brendon or maybe Andrew. Hayden says theres a lot of speculation going around and it’s hard to figure out. She tells him that she’s been trying to talk to people and tells them the advantages of keeping her here but she feels like nobody is listening. She says she’ll throw HOH and if it’s given to her she’ll put whoever Hayden wants up on the block or she’ll vote anyway Hayden wants (Pretty much the deal she’s offered him 100 times now) He says he likes her and would really enjoy visiting her and he does see the positives of her staying. Annie tells him he needs the numbers to win. She reminds him that no one has seen Rachel and Brendon kiss but “apparently they kiss all the time” Hayden reassures her that he’s going to talk to everyone tonight and get an idea of whats going on. they go through the alliances Hayden says rachel/Brendon, brit/monet and Annie says Hayden/Kristen. She points out that rachel has brendon doing all the work for their alliance she going to walk out of here like Jordon did. She reminds him that Jeff did all the hard stuff and Jordan just walked around (Eating cookiedough and saying sweet things that were kind of dumb) Annie tells him she wants to play please give her the opportunity to prove herself. Hayden says if she stays this week she must not throw the HOH its important to get. They are having a very comfortable conversation.. Hayden says he likes Annie more than he should. (it makes me wonder… is he going to keep her this week?)

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

9:30pm Cabana Room – Brendon and Plastic Kissing

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Enzo needs a “benzo.” Maybe if Brittany shut up she would have picked up on Enzo saying, “he’s outta here.” Obviously, he has had enough. Hopefully, she’ll live up to being the C**T mouthpiece she is and tell the “boys”. This would start some internal combustion within the “Baddabing Brigade.” She doesn’t know about the “Baddabing Boys” alliance – at least, I don’t think she does.


Britney is poison. The stuff she says about other people is so repulsive.She may be cute, but I wouldn’t do her with rented privates.


That was the funniest thing I’ve read yet!!!!!!

I really wanted to like her…. but she is very immature still… all personal shit talking….. it would be different if it was game talk
Then I’d just assume she was the sab


is it me or does britney’s one eye go off to the side? like her eyes are never completely centered.


Yeah I pretty sure she’s developing a lazy eye… should get that checked out pronto.


I might but I would have to gag her


Ugh these B*%ches about being fat…..are u kidding me???? STFU…

Uncle Cool

Annie is way better to keep. She is smarter than Plastica and more entertaining to watch.