Big Brother 12 Spoilers: BB wake up call …Britney puts on a finger condom and goes back to sleep..

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9:45am – 10:25am Big Brother switches the live feeds to the “We will be back” screen to wake up the house guests. Hayden is laying in the HOH bed staring off at the wall, then after a few minutes he rolls over and goes back to sleep. Lane comes back into the jumanji room and gets back into bed. Britney is laying wake in her bed, she tries on her finger condom and then tells Lane that it is a finger condom. (She cut her finger in the luxury competition.)  She take it off and then goes back to sleep. Lane says play a song!! Britney says or turn off the static! Lane says oh…



10:45am All four cameras are on the jumanji room. They are all back asleep…
11:25am Still sleeping..

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Lets get this over with already!

Anonymous Bill

This is so sad, Brit cut her finger. pffft


Have they shown the jury house on BBC yet?




Yes, on Thursdays episode.


Yes, they showed a short clip of everyone entering the house, andthey also showed Matt telling everyone his secret about his wife not being sick and Kathy became very upset with Matt. And that’s all folks


Enzos wifey is HOT YO!!


Not really, she is kind of a mousy looking thing. I would say average.


she is average looking, so she is too cute for him


Britney’s gonna win POV today and Enzo will go home


This would make the finale of the show worth watching


I want to agree, but I don’t really want her in the finale but if she is who cares, because I don’t want the guys there either


That would be ideal Ladybug!!

BB King

It’s obvious now if it wasn’t before, BB is rigged like the WWE. Winners of comps are decided upon in advance. Just look at Brit’s recent win in the luxury comp, where BB hinted her where to look for the coins. Or take Brendon winning HOH, who else could lift those 25 lbs ropes besides muscular men. Matt was compelled to use the DPOV because BB let Rach in and ignored her pretzel message, though it was a clear violation of the rules. BB later lied to Matt and said they didn’t see it, but Rach confessed to the incident in her DR session. These are but the transparent examples, who knows what else is going on.


Yes u might be right on some points, but the rope comp could have won it lane, Hayden and even Enzo. They are also strong men. So no not everything turns out the way bb wants


i agree with you 100%


who else could lift 25lbs of rope, well lets see maybe lane how about hayden, and enzo should be able to, if he wasn’t useless


It does appear that most of these comps were rigged. What about the jury votes? Do you think that BB production tells the jury who to vote for?


You forgot to mention the paint can & surf board being geared towards smaller people. Its been like this for years. Production’s involvement has been so blatant, I can’t believe you haven’t figured it out before now.


Also that POV comp that Brendon won, the punishment one…Matt was fighting for his life and his button clearly was not working. He talked about it on the feeds, he really wanted to win to save himself. I don’t know if any of you noticed on the TV episode, they barely showed him pushing his button. I think once for like 5 sec did they show him. He didn’t win any luxury items. I think that one was rigged for Brendon/Enzo for sure.


Matt wasn’t compelled to use the DPOV for any other reason other than saving himself from the block. Anyone in that situation would use it and would be dumb not to.


Ragan and his Wilson made The Soup 🙂


that was hilarious

The Excitement

I hate how Britney keeps telling the boys that they should take her to the Final 2 because she can’t win. that’ bullshit yo! if Britney gets to the Final 2, she’ll definitely win!
she can definitely beat Lane and Enzo. she might have trouble against Hayden. Hayden has proved himself worthy by winning comps. but Lane and Enzo are perceived as the biggest floaters in the house(other than Kathy), so i’m certain the jury will vote against Lane and Enzo if they’re up against either Britney or Hayden.
Here’s how I’d rank them:
1) Britney could beat all 3 in the Final. Hayden would be her biggest challenge.
2) Hayden would also has a good chance of beating all 3 in the Final as well. But Britney has faced greater odds to get there.
3) Enzo has played a great social game, but he hasn’t won anything except 1 POV.
4) Lane hasn’t played a great social game, nor has he won anything excpet 1 HOH. He’s the ultimate floater.

Lennon's Ghost

Why do you “hate it”? It’s called strategy and gameplay. She is psyching them out in so that they will take her to the final 2 with them. It just might work.
Very smart Britney!


The ONLY reason Hayden has won any comps is because there is nobody left to compete against. Sheesh, everyone forgets this Brigade without Matt is a joke.


And to add to this, the ONLY reason these do-do’s are in the position they are is by riding Matt’s coat tails with his strategic moves and his wins. He should still be in the house, Please vote Matt for America’s Choice, he deserves it more than any of these fools!


Didn’t anyone see the reaction of Rachel, Brendon and Cathy about Matt’s little lie???? When everyone else finds out we will be lucky if they don’t beat him up let alone give him any money.


I don’t really think Hayden has proven himself much of a competitor. He never won anything
when he was competing against anyone other than 2 men who had won nothing and a
90lb girl. The first HOH he won was given to him because nobody wanted a target on
their back right off the bat, so they allowed him to be the last across and win it.


You always expect it to get boring by final 4, but usually you have had plenty of fun and excitement before the season winds down. I am still waiting for something to happen. If Brit loses, this will go down as the most boring season ever. Not the worst, that goes to season 9, but at least things happened on that one. Maybe things you never wanted to see, but things happened.


Chelsea and James Made that season 9. They were the only reason I watched.


I have to say this season is the worst season, at least season 9 had a couple of people that I liked, this season I was only rooting for the underdog


This season was boring because it seems like the Brigade was started before the game even got going. They usually take some time to size up the people get to know them but this season, it was the Brigade and everyone hated Brendon and Rachel and there was absolutely no excitement at all.


Why would anyone vote for Brendon for America’s Choice? He wanted to give up on the game for Rachel, he doesn’t deserve anything! I will vote for Matt or Lane (if he gets evicted). IMO, they played the best game and didn’t have to trash talk like the others to get where they are.


brendan did not want to be evicted, he was just a low place in the game


Yes he did want to win only to avenge her and make her proud. What kind of person does this? He is really a dunce. I find it a bit sweet that he actually thinks he has real feelings for her (even though the way he shows it makes you want to gag) but he did want to throw it away for her. He deserves nothing!


I think he just got caught up in the emotion of all the drama in the house, as far as rachel, once the season is over, and brendan gets to know her better he will break it off, I don’t think she is a bad person, but she is not the right person for brendan

Yae Dum Dum

GO BRITNEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE WIN POV AND STICK IT UP THOSE 3 DUMMIES ASSES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yae Dum Dum



its not just hayden, look at all of them and also listen to them


and to hear them talk of how famous they are, how they will make all stars, how its the best season…

yeaaah no….russ from survivor in ONE move was more exciting than anything we saw in this house


I hope brit loses, Im so sick of her edit, its not who she really is…I quit watching the feeds because of her and maybe one other person , mostly brit


I really torn on this, I don’t wan’t the three amigos to make it to final 3 but I don’t really want brit in the final 3 either


Totally. I switch to any feed she is not on. Can’t stomach her anymore. She has no self respect, she KNOWS they are using her to do their dirty work – she is not playing the game for herself. Ragan presented her with the facts of the position she was in and she agreed with him but knowingly still voted for the boys’ game and not her own. Seems like she has a pathological need for male approval, not to mention the constant picking and unladylike conversation and splayed legs all over the place. It’s just to gross to watch anymore.


oh yeah…her behaivor has been pretty disgusting…and I try not to judge too much in the BB house, you can lie etc…fine…but the things she says…her actions….im sick of it…

not that I want a brigade final 3

but if they are final 3 it messes up their hope for a guarenteed 3 brigade votes


Screw this. College football is on!


This season’s last weeks are the most boring because these guys in particular have the dumbest conversations. Enzo is an idiot. So he figures he shouldn’t go back to work right away? He’s had a 3 month vacation from work. Yo! Get off your fat ass. He thinks he’s going to get acting offers now and be a big celebrity with a standing ovation. What planet is he from?
Hayden, who still hasn’t finished school, is only thinking about trips and Steamboat. What a bum.
Lane seems to have more luxury in his life than anyone in the house. His job is playing golf with the clients. Woe is me.
Britney …. well she tries to be in with them by ragging on other house guests.
Zeeze these people are boring.


oh yeah, lane has a rich family…the car, all of that sort of proves such

i would love nothing better than brit then lane as the next two out…

sure it leaves a worthless hayden, and enzo who is really really really full of himself, but I feel hayden may actually still do something instead of pursuing ACTING….sigh…its like these people on the real world who think they can sing, they go to a concert and approach the singer and say “im a singer”…except they arent…and never will be unless you attach “Airport” to it


I totally agree with everything you said


why is Britney crying I can’t get sound on the live feed


lol at 12:43 pm (cam 3-4). Enzo getting pumped up and starts jabbing at the air.


Does anyone know what has happened with the POV competition?


Win the POV, Britney, like your life depended on it! The Brit fans want you to keep on winning!


I wonder if Britt really cares if she is engaged or if she just wants to know and don’t care? Her mom even said she could see Britt with lane. Also she said she thought the only thing holding her back is b/c nick. I would love for them to get tog. I think they really like each other.


Brit is playing such a good game,winning comps (that she can mentally or physically do), playing mind games with the guys, putting up with the dumb guys, ESP Yo! I hope Hayden goes along with her and takes her subtle hints and lets go of Yo! who has floated and disgusted in the house. Britany to final three then two!!!!