Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Lane says that this was the best day.. no one got evicted.. they got a football, steak & lobster, beer, and guaranteed $50,000

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10:50pm In the backyard Hayden and Lane are sitting around the hot tub talking. Lane says that he will experience all three final HOH competitions. Hayden says that he doesn’t think that he’d do very well at the faces competition because he isn’t that good with faces. They talk about what the trips that they missed coming into the house. Hayden says he missed a San Diego beach house trip this summer. Lane says that he missed a river trip that he does every year. Hayden and Lane talk about being called the Beast and the Animal. Hayden says that he wonders if they will get called back for Big Brother allstars. Lane says that they have to we are the best alliance ever. Lane goes inside to get two more beer and Hayden talks to the camera. Enzo is in bed in the jumanji room. Hayden says wow I made to the final two maybe… . Lane comes back outside.  Hayden and Lane make hotdogs and throw the foot ball round.  They talk about how Enzo only stayed on the rope swing for nineteen minutes. Hayden says that you had to be mentally tough and that Enzo admitted to them today he wasn’t mentally tough. Lane says, yeah Enzo’s the smart one. Lane says that Enzo feels fine after nineteen minutes. Lane says he went two and a half hours and feel sore and we’re in the same place. Hayden says counting the stipend we’ve made $50,000 to $60,000. Lane says yeah, I made some more on the wiener competition. Hayden says with the winnings from the competitions its more like $65,000 or $66,000. They start talking about how the big goal was making it to the jury house. They talk about getting sponsors to pay them to wear stuff at bars. Lane tells Hayden that you have to use the people you know. Hayden says that he hopes they get approached at the wrap party for sponsorships and advertising. Hayden says that he can’t wait to eat a Brigade burger when he gets back to Texas. Lane says that he can’t wait for the end and says that he will go up into the crowd when he gets out to shake people’s hands. Lane talks about how the first and second place winner’s travel together for trips and interviews.

12:15am Lane talks about how he thinks this was the best day in the Big Brother house.  Lane says that this was the best day.. no one got evicted.. they got a football, steak & Lobster, beer, and that he or Hayden are guaranteed $50,000!! Lane tells Hayden that he has gone into his bank and begged for a loan saying that he was hungry and that they laughed and told him to talk to his Dad. Lane says that he didn’t want to ask his Dad for more money when he is 24 years old. Lane and Hayden head inside to the kitchen. They talk about how the people they know back home must be amazed that they made it this far. Lane says that all his ex-girlfriends are probably like, son of a BLANK!! Lane heads into the bathroom to take a shower. Hayden looks at the camera and says unbelievable! Enzo gets up from bed in the jumanji room and heads into the bathroom. Hayden ask him where he’s been all night. Enzo knocks on the washroom door before going inside. Lane asks him why he just knocked? Enzo comes out of the bathroom and Lane asks him where he is going? Enzo tells Lane that he is going out into the backyard to jog. Enzo says that he feels like hitting something! Enzo goes out into the backyard. Lane tells Hayden that he can’t believe he’s going out there to jog right now. Hayden says to Lane that Enzo is a nutcase.

1:30am In the backyard Enzo is jogging around and talking to himself. Enzo says like those two don’t have a BLANK deal already! Enzo says that the only way he could make the finals is by winning, its a wrap! Enzo says that it is his own fault! Enzo says that it’s alright, there’s nothing I would have done different, I made the final three and there is nothing I could have done different, it’s a BLANK wrap. Hayden comes out to the backyard and tells Enzo that he is going to bed. Hayden says that he got a good buzz today. Hayden says don’t beat yourself up dude. Enzo says it is what it is…. Hayden says that you know I love you, good night man! Enzo tells him they deserve it. Hayden heads back inside while Enzo continues to jog. Enzo says to himself that he is ready to get the BLANK out here now! Enzo says that he wishes today was the finale. Enzo says BLANK!! Enzo starts lifting weights. Enzo says got to wait till Wednesday, BLANK!!!!

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1:50am – 2:35am Lane is finished his shower and heads into the jumanji where Hayden is already in bed. Hayden asks where Enzo is? Lane tells him that he was laying down doing crunches in the backyard. Hayden asks at 2am in the morning??? Hayden tells Lane congrats man! Lane says you too!! Lane says that we made it to the end. Hayden says if you had told him week one that he would make it this far he would have said you were nuts!! Hayden and Lane go to sleep, while Enzo continues to workout and pace around the backyard. Enzo then heads inside to take a shower and goes to bed…
7:45am Hayden, Lane and Enzo are still sleeping…

10am Big Brother switches the Live Feeds to the “we will be right back” screen…..

10:15am Surprise, surprise … when the feeds come back .. all three of them are still trying to sleep with the lights on…

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156 thoughts on “Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Lane says that this was the best day.. no one got evicted.. they got a football, steak & lobster, beer, and guaranteed $50,000

  1. Enzo is being hard on himself because he feels that he had failed his wife and child. His wife and child are his priority and it hurts him knowing that he had let them down. Enzo’s wife said last night that Enzo has 2 full time jobs. Also, after Enzo lost to Lane, he said he felt bad because he didn’t want his wife to have to keep working.
    Any husband and father who feels this way about his family is a winner in my book.
    Enzo, all jokes aside, you’re man with great integrity.

    1. I am sure Enzo is a good husband and father. No argument there. But something doesn’t sound right. If she is an investment banker, then she has a sweet office job, where she sits on her ass all day and makes a ton of money. Enzo himself says she makes money, so why the hell would he need to work two full-time jobs, whatever he does? Either he is lying about her making a lot of cash or she is lying about his “two” jobs because she is ashamed of him (or simply wants to ensure a sympathy vote out of voters for the $25,000) – either that or the two jobs are part-time only because I don’t see him slaving away 16 hours a day if he does not absolutely have to. He is a slacker.

      1. On BB after Dark, Enzo said his wife wasn’t working since she had the baby and unless he wins the money she has to go back to work. The recession and market crash put many investment bankers out of work with poor prospects to find comparable jobs. Don’t know if she’d find a great job in investment banking.

    2. yeah, the thing is….Enzo has stated while in the house that he has been unemployed. That he stays home all day while wifey works. That she has a very high paying job. He also states that he feels quilty…SOMETIMES……because he is home all day but doesn’ t take care of the kid and has no dinner, etc., ready when the wife comes home. Maybe wifey didn’t watch the live feeds before she tried to make him look better in public by stating he has two full time jobs. Hey, she has to live with him!

      1. Theres no way she watched the live feeds.. any women in her right mind would have dropped his ass. He even said after the wrap show he is going to go to Vegas and get himself a piece of ass. Wtf.. The guys a loser. “great integrity” Yah, sure. Seems like a swell guy.

    3. Don’t forget when a HG speaks outloud, it is for the camera. Enzo has not forgotten about the favorite vote and the 25k….he is pouring out for the sympathy vote. It was mentioned earlier in the season that Enzo was home by noon alot….so, it is also not lost on his wife to mention that Enzo has two jobs. In a reality show it is hard to distinguish what is truly reality. This is a game, and they are always playing it. I also think it was very unfair to all the other HGs for CBS to show Enzo’s family during the voting of America’s favorite…..they are manipulating just a bit wouldn’t you say? I am voting for who I thought played hard, was a huge target throughout, and was in no way considered a floater. My vote goes to Brendan, he deserves it more than Britney, Ragan, Enzo or the others. That is just my opinion, but that is my reason to vote for Brendan.

    4. Doesn’t compute. Enzo said in the house that he doesn’t work a full day — gets off work at 1 pm and then takes care of the baby. AND that he doesn’t do housework that they have a housekeeper. IF Enzo was working 2 jobs, he would have been bragging up how hard-working he is in the house. His wifey, a smart cookie, is probably enhancing the truth to get the public’s vote for Enzo.

      1. Perhaps taking care of their little girl is what they count as one of his “jobs”. My career had me leaving home daily when our kids were young, but my wife stayed home to raise the children. We always considered that her full-time job. She wasn’t paid directly financially, but received much more in other ways and we have two wonderful well-adjusted adult children now to show for it.

    5. Most families today both of the parents work. Everyone in the world has a story. This is a game and when you leave BB house life goes back to the way it was. If a person doesn’t like it then they need to change it and not count on a game to do it for them.

    6. If he really loved them and wanted to win he would have manned up and stayed on the damn swing more than 19 freaking minutes.

      500 thousand dollars are on the line. You don’t fall off that thing until your body has absolutely given up. I don’t care who you are, how strong you are, or what kind of shape you are in. If you WANT IT BAD ENOUGH, there’s no way you fall off 19 minutes in.

      Enzo may be a good husband and a good dad, but he was a total flop in this game. He’s delusional, self absorbed, and hypocritical. He masterminded nothing. He contributed nothing to the alliance. And he won nothing. Nothing is what he deserves to get.

      That being said, I’d take him to the final two in a heartbeat because no matter how much the other players might like him, he didn’t do enough to win, even though he managed to make it this far.

      1. I didn’t read a thing past “If he really loved him…” because to me you lost all credibility with that opening. Of course he loves his family. Don’t include moronic statements if you want the rest of what you have to say to be taken seriously.

        1. Well, I guess I really don’t give a BLANK if you take me seriously. I’m sure he does love his family very much and maybe I should have worded it a little bit better, but bottom line, he fought hard for them…for all of 19 minutes. douse me with freaking gasoline and light me on fire and I’ll stay on there for 19 freaking minutes if it means 500k for their future.

      2. Enzo just isn’t a competitor. He played a social game. He cannot play a physical because he just doesn’t have that drive inside him. There is nothing wrong with that but he was the one who decided to go on BB which is never and will never be designed for a social player. You have to have some type of physical aspect to yourself unless you get CARRIED along in the game by others which isn’t bad either but you just have to know your place and accept it. Enzo did not accept it. He had the swagger of the smartest, most masculine male when it real life, he’s the tooth fairy.. For that he will be mocked and torn apart.

  2. The only hope left for Enzo is if Lane wins, and he takes Enzo into the final 2.
    Other than that, you can bet that any big checks coming from CBS won’t have an Italian last name on it.

    1. Don’t be too quick to think Enzo is a goner….if either Hayden or Lane win, they would be stupid not to pick Enzo. Hayden would win if Lane picked him and Hayden has an even better chance w/Enzo than he does w/Lane. They say Enzo would win, but do the really believe that? I don’t think so.

  3. Noting that I have no favorites and never go..”I used to like him, but he did something stupid, so now I hate him” or the opposite…”I used to hate here, but that was so sweet, I love her now”, I have to say that I was impressed by the sparkle in her eyes and the smile on her face when Penguido’s wifey was talking about ‘Zo. She adores him and must understand that even though he talks kinda nasty about women at times and has some uncooth habits, that ‘Zo does respect women…unlike the hick thug lier (oopps…liar…or whatever) and has a big ole soft spot in his heart. The Penguido is just a fun-loving gumba and that plays well in Bayonne and many parts of North Jersey.

  4. Brigade, grenade, dodo, trapped, shun…Enzo had a lot to do with BB12 slang. Enzo deserves credit for keeping the bra-gade together through the whole season. They would have splintered off if it weren’t for Enzo’s pep talks.

    1. Lane and Hayden had their own alliance, and whether or not Yo mf kept the bragade going, he was all talk and did not win anything. He was only working for himself to bring home big money. He was mean to Brit and Regan, was emotional, but complained that others were emotional. But now, every time I start to cuss, which isn’t anywhere close to Yo’s practice, I think about it and pull back, thinking about awful it looks and sounds.

  5. if lane wins the third hoh against hayden he has a better shot of beating enzo in the end….if he chooses hayden he has no chance at first place but at least with enzo there is a little bit of hope…lane will have had 3 comps under his belt and enzo just one pov…it all just depends on how the jury votes…

  6. All Enzo has wanted to talk about the past month is the Bragade this and the Bragade that…but since he isnt getting to compete in the final HOH competition he cant talk Bragade anymore…no more bragging? Wow it may be a little more quiet around there.

  7. The Final Comp has been revealed!
    It is an endurance competition

    Julie will say
    Spell out $500,000
    Five Hundred Thousand Dollars
    The competition will stretch out for days with these two lame brains

    Julie will allow them to consult with Enzo, while he sits there eating a frozen pizza with the cardboard still on the bottom( YO this aint like mama makes it, it tastes likeF*ing cardboard)

    After 3 days, the entire production staff will just walk away. Huey Duey and Louey will not notice, because they will be self absorbed in a conversation about how great the BRA GADE is, and how famous they will be.

    Julie will finally come back and Declare Enzo the winner, but after an NCAA investigation, a la Reggie Bush, Enzo will have to vacate his title, due to cheating multiple times.

    Great season BB! Your Contribution to lowering the collective IQ of American public is accomplished.




    2. That was pretty funny. Had to laugh. CBS should to a “clips segment” on all the trash talk Zero did prior to each HG’s imminent eviction. Then, switch to the pity party he started last night and will certainly continue all week. Wifey said 2 jobs? Why haven’t we heard anything about the second one? Or did we and I missed it?

      1. Please, understand she said two FULL time Jobs
        If I had to guess,
        His first Full time job is thinking up stupid words for everyday things.
        His second Full Time job is figuring out how to spell these new words.
        He is a regular Merriam Webster

  8. Doesn’t matter. You know who is going to have use of all that money, and it’s not going to be Brendan. Therefore, I suggest everyone consider this when voting. A vote for Brendan is a vote for Rachel getting more money for PETRONE!!!!!

        1. matt deserves it he did a lot and they got scared & betrayed him. He could of gotten rid of 1 of them but didn’t he rid of kathy instead. He should of put up haydens ass

          1. Matt should have known when he was told that the BRAgade were voting him out.. He still voted out Kathy.. What did they need to do, write him a note?

            Dear Matt,

            You win too many competitions, you are a fierce competitor. We are afraid of you and we don’t trust you. It is nothing personal. We are voting you out even though you are in the BRAgade..

            Sorry, hope we can still be friends but you are not welcome at Steamboat either because maybe you’ll get the free tshirt and we won’t

            Hayden, Lane and Enzo …

    1. Who gives a shit what he does with the money? U vote for ur favorite player.. geesh get over it. If I want to vote Brendon (and I shall be) I really don’t give a rat’s ass if he takes the money and let Rachel bathe in Patron. I just dislike the other houseguests more than I do him.

  9. wow, all this time, all that talk, and enzo is going to leave without winning a dollar (i mean the stipend but that’s not a prize)…oh well….watching enzo play the faces game i couldn’t help but think that this is the dumbest man ever….you can’t win this game and have no skills whatsoever, i mean maybe you can make final three with a good social game but you can’t win and that’s that….

    1. Do you accomplish everything in life that you set out to do?
      Enzo is a winner in my book. The man is a great husband to his wife and a good father.

      1. You know this how? I am not saying he’s not a good husband or father but I am asking how you know. Are you his friend? Are you just assuming because of the family tv chat session? The point is no one knows what these people are really like. We only see what BB wanted us to see. We may get a glimpse of their real selves on the live feeds but with all the diary room sessions can we even believe most of it? I doubt it and does it really matter? I’ll keep watching BB even if this season sucked because the next one might be better.

    2. And now Enzo is acting all bummed and sad. But this is exactly the same thing he ragged on the other house guest’s who knew they were leaving, for doing. He criticized the other evicted HG’s and shunned them and now he’s doing the same thing.

    3. he only lost by 30 seconds. IMO 1:43 was a solid effort. I gained a lot of respect for Enzo because I feel he has tried in the last few comps, but has just been beaten by better competitors.

      1. He lasted only 19 minutes on the swinging rope. Enzo’s version of trying is very different from mine. The Survivor crew would laugh at him.

        1. Enzo reminds me a little bit of Russell Hantz from Survivor. I didn’t like Russell and I don’t like Enzo – but both think family is important and that’s admirable. To some extent, Enzo played the villian just like Russell. Just like Russell too – I think Enzo is going to wonder why he doesn’t win – IT’S BECAUSE OF HOW THEY PLAYED THE GAME! That is what it comes down to and Enzo didn’t play the game well enough to win!

          1. IMO there are two ways to play the game. 1. You take control of the house by winning competitions and putting yourself in control and making big moves. or 2. You become a floater by staying under the radar and letting everyone else get the blood on their hands. It comes down to who play their role best from beginning to end. So IMO Enzo should win.

  10. don’t be to anxious about Enzo leaving…. It could be that Lane wins the next compo and choose to send Hayden out as he already won prizes and will be able to bring in jury votes for the $$$$$. for
    himself….you never know with BB…..

    Vote for BRIT for America’s Choice….me and my friends did.

    1. I’ll pass on the Brit vote, I’ve voted for Brendan, one who competed, instead of one whose greatest achievment in the game has been as a great trash talker.

    2. There may not have been a nip slip but there was a little exposing of the pad. Sit with ur legs closed when u r wearing huge maxi pads. Also, she may not have had sex but did u not listen to some of her conversations on the live feeds and BBAD that girl ain’t no class act. The classiest lady in that house that was Kathy and I think thats just cause none of the guys in there wanted to bang scary spider eyes lady.

  11. If everyone all liked the same player, all the houseguest would be cast the same and then the hamsters would be even more boring. I can’t like Brendon but you can like Brittney? Everyone having the same thought seems scarey-er than someone liking a trashy tv villian and her neader-tal sidekick.

  12. Enzo is human so it would have to suck making it this far and having to leave. Just like it sucked for Britney when she had to leave this past week when he couldn’t wait to brag about the Brigade or Bragade which ever it is.The game is what it is and he didn’t win that last competition just like Britney didn’t win POV or HOH.So I don’t gloat or think it’s karma that he couldn’t pull if off but I’m not disappointed either.It’s a game. They will probably have Enzo back at some point again maybe for All Stars especially if he cheated and they didn’t do anything about it with the eating while a Have Not. There are a few of them that we might see again including maybe Rachel or Brendon.

  13. I disliked Enzo a lot, I find him annoying and not very good looking. But, he is good at manipulating people and being fake when he needed to be. He kept two people very loyal to him and his ideas. He was just not skilled enough for the challenges…on any level. LATER ENZO….

  14. You’re actually listening to Britney to help form your opinion about Brendon??? That’s like listening to the Devil in trying to make a decision between good and evil! Chum Bath, winning POV’s, winning an HOH, staying in the house even with being nominated in the first week, being a decent human being despite his choice of girlfriends…I truly think Brendon is deserving on the 25K. Matt, Britney, Enzo and Ragan don’t even come close! So, you can think it’s funny that he’s going to win, but that’s not funny, that’s just being America’s Choice and beating down all the haters!!

    1. I agree. Plus , all you had to do is look at Brendan’s face and you can tell he is over Rachel.
      I think he is with Rachel for production sake.

  15. Does anyone sense the feeling that Hayden and Lane know each other before Big Brother. Just by the way they talk to each other and last night they started talking about some guy and the camera went to the shark for awhile. Maybe they are the friends in the house?????Anyway, I can understand why they are so happy right now but when Lane and Hayden talk in the DR, it almost sounds like they are playing for themselves and are not decided who they should take to the final 2. I really feel bad for Enzo. He has a very loving family and he could sure use the money for some good instead of spending it on vacations and himself. Lets all vote for ENZO for at least the $25G’s.

  16. Enzo hasn’t won one of the final 2 comps – he’s sulking around like Ragan and Britney did for their 2 weeks! I can sort of feel sorry for him since at home he has the wife and daughter and the meatball making momma – but he truly floated. Someone said he no longer is cheering on the Brigade – what’s amazing is – he kept the Brigade together the whole season to make sure he got to this point…to make it this far. Without the Brigade, Enzo would not be in the final 3! No doubt about it! Plus, it’s very sneaky by CBS to me, to have that kind of comp (seemed to be tailor made for Enzo) and to meet Enzo’s family on one of the final nights – pushing your favorite HG much??

    1. Enzo’s family has never been on before so it was time.. Lane Haydon and Brit had their families on. Matt and Brendon had their families on. Not Rachel or Ragan though. I don’t believe BB tailor made the comp for Enzo and it was time for the face comp anyway. Enzo is east coast and middle america just will never understand Enzo.

      1. Hey jl – gimma a break!!! It’s not about middle america understanding Enzo – it’s about Enzo overall not playing the best game! If he could have stepped up and done more – he might not feel like he’s an outsider now! It’s karma – what he did to Ragan and Brit (even though they deserved it for how they acted) – he’s getting in return for how he acted! And I don’t care about it being time to meet his family – please – we could have met Enzo’ family thru out the season – why wait until it’s time for America to vote????

      2. Brendan’s family was not on. It was his ex-fiancee and her family. However, I am still voting for Brit because I don’t think he will do anything but share the $$ with Rachel, who is disgusting in so many ways!

      3. I agree. I know lots of east coast peeps. Love the humor. Too bad most folks don’t get him. I hope Hayden wins and takes Enzo to final two. Hayden’s played a loyal game and Lane is a dumbass rich kid. Remember when he felt bad for Britney after she found out about the alliance — Lane said that Brit’s being sad made him feel bad like when “one of my good dogs died” WTF!!!!!

  17. how does any one know who is a head in the polls. And people are voting on who deserves it in the game thats what its all about…..So give me a break

    1. Nobody knows. CBS is gonna rigged it, as usual.
      And all you people that are voting for Brendon will be pissed off when you find out he didn’t win it. lol!

      1. I won’t be, I’ve voted for Brendan, because he deserves it over the others….but if he doesn’t get it, life goes on, it won’t effect my life personally……..oh yeah, LOL

      2. You were funny about Lane capping off his day – however, you and Enzo won’t be laughing with he doesn’t win the 25K. Sorry – Brendon for the win in this competition!!!

    2. some of the spoiler pages have a place where u can vote who u want to win and it shows who has the most percentage. its pretty close between britney and brendan on these. i personally m voting for brendan!

  18. Who’s to say his rich Daddy would actually give him money, or that they’re on good terms like that? I can’t get all pissy about someone wanting to get and/or make their own money, like I can about someone cheating.

    1. He’s already said that his rich Dad gave him his job, gave him $ for his house and car, and gave 100 K to get his brother off a legal difficulty. It’s reasonable to suggest from what Lane’s said in the past AND what he said right there about what the bank said, that Dad would give him $ again.

      1. We all know what you do for a living (slob slob on the knob knob) there must be a lot of calories in it too if you know what I mean. I think its ok that Lane lives off his parents. Just about all little celebrity chickas do it at some point till they make a name for themselves. Look at all the boy toys the Hilton hobag has dated that were heirs to oil fortunes, etc.

      2. If I recall correctly, Lane also said his Mom & Dad divorced, and their (Mom & kids?) lifestyles changed. It’s just as possible that Dad traded Mom in for a younger model, and cut the money supply as a result. It happens…

  19. can you say jealous? LOL! Hey at least he went to the bank to ask for money……..its a lose-lose for Lane……if he had said he went to his dad to ask for some help, you would bitched about that too……..he did what most of us do when we are running low on funds (besides and including working), we ask the bank or ask parents…..quit the lane hating… sound petty and jealous.

    1. That’s funny. When I was 24 and low on funds, I didn’t go running to my parents. I stopped going to the bar and shopping until my next paycheck.

  20. Enzo may be responsible for the Brigade lingo used in the house and some may believe he deserves some monetary reward. However, Enzo was all talk and no action. Socially or not, he couldn’t win jack. He was too loud and self-absorbed to win a competition. A whole lotto mouth does not translate into a winner…

  21. Bendon’s getting votes for favorite because he showed enormous heart, drive, loyalty and honesty. A rare combination in this cast of BB houseguests. There are funnier players and more charismatic but none with his level of character. I wouldn’t say he picks on little people. Although I’m a Britteny fan, she and Ragan can be very mean spirited and emotionally abusive when people are very vulnerable and in a position to be evicted. Brendon at least has the character to support someone he cares about regardless of the impact on him personally. That’s character.

    1. i completely agree. brendan is a good guy, and im voting for him to get the 25 grand. and if he want to buy achel some tequila with it, stop hating cause he’s not buying it for u guys! als, i gotta say i like rachel a hell of a lot better than i like britney! she may be pretty on the outside but she is a major a**hole, know what i mean? and i for one was glad the brigade kicked her out! she got her 10 grand.

  22. Lane works for his Dad and it seems like they are all very close. It seems all his financial support has been from his family, either through a job in the family business or gifts. What I don’t understand is Lane’s statements that if he won first place he’d give practically all the money to his parents. They sure don’t need it and I’d think his parents would be happy to see him financially independent for a change. Lane still thinks like a kid, not like a man who might have to support a family of his own one day.

  23. Enzo is kind of pathetic That whole business last night outside where he was berating himself and bemoaning that he had come up empty handed was a bid for sympathy from Hayden and he kept sneaking glances at him to see if he (Hayden) was paying attention. He is still hoping that Hayden will take him to the final two — but Hayden won’t. When does that decision become known?

    1. Not until the finale. Everything happens on Wednesday. The last comp, the selection of the final 2, the votes from the jury……CBS is really loading up Wednesday!

  24. Just 6 more days of hearing about “STEAMBOAT!”, people. It’s an endurance competition for all of us to put up with.

  25. What are you so confused about? We’re not basing a vote for Brendan out of a popularity contest…..that would be really shallow, not to mention really dumb. Thos who are voting for Brendan are doing so because he didn’t hide behind the floater mentality. He was a huge target from the beginning, they all were afraid of him because he was strong and didn’t tow the house line. He tried hard at the comps, he didn’t pretend to fall just to get out of a comp early and have others do the dirty work. He was willing to be on slop for the rest of the season, had his head shaved and was the only one to elect to be dunked in chum every hour for 24 hours. He played harder than the others, so he gets my vote and any others that come his way… will be because we feel he deserves it….it won’t be based on what Britney thinks. Britney thinks alot of vile and mean-spirited things, can’t wrap my mind around considering at all what she thinks, or even caring. It that’s you, fine….but don’t judge others who see Brendan as the most deserving.

    1. britney was the biggest hater in the house, and she left the biggest fool, because she totally got played, the guys made her look really stupid, which is hard to do sitting next to them

  26. I don’t even know why Annie, Monet, Andrew and Kristen are even contenders for America’s favorite player. All four have won nothing and could not even make it to the jury house, so what’s to like about them? Annie is a failure as a saboteur, Monet only won $ 10K, Andrew’s biggest moment was ousting a relationship that did him no good and Kristen’s was…well…I can’t think of one, besides wearing a hippie outfit.

      1. THATS BULLSHIT thats why ill never want any sort of prize money im not paying taxes on winnings, the people who gave the prizes should pay the taxes…

  27. Hayden will most likely win HOH. The odds are in his favour. If Hayden is smart he will take Lane because no one will give Lane the $500,000.00 now that they know he comes from a well to do family. Enzo is a wild card. Take him to final 2 and its a crap shoot. Expect the unexpected! lol

  28. I was impressed by Brit’s speech and interview. She knows it’s just a game and it’s over for her. She took a few days to mourn, but by the time she walked out the door, she had put it behind her and I respect that. Rachel could learn something from her. After watching the episode last night on youtube, I wouldn’t be surprised if the cops were indeed called in. Rachel has been evicted the longest, but she doesn’t seem to realize that the game is over. What happened while she was in the house doesn’t matter anymore. Only Rachel would try to pick a fight with Ragan when none of it matters. Remember last year when everyone thought that there would be trouble when Jeff went to the JH to join Russell? Well nothing happened because they were both mature enough to know that what happened in the house was game and that the game was over. They got along and enjoyed the time they were cooped up in the JH. But not Rachel. I can totally see her stirring up trouble, trying to vindicate herself and I’m sure she will try to do the same with Brit. Even though I dislike Brendon, I hope he wakes up and realizes what his life would be like next to Rachel. I foresee Brendon getting put into situations where he has to physically fight because of some shitstorm that Rachel has caused with her exaggerated and misplaced self importance. Ragan handled himself well, though he should have known where it was going and just said something like, “It doesn’t matter, Rachel. The game is over. Lets try to get to know each other as people outside the game.” That would have gone over her head, but he would have looked even better.

    1. britney is so fake, everything she said in her interviews was fake, she wanted to win, and she is so superficial she is not forgiving that easily

    2. Rachael has the upper hand in the brachael relationship, so I don’t think Brandon could have interceded. Rachel is a time bomb so they shoul stay clear of her.

  29. At this point, it’s clearly evident that Hayden and Lane are not gonna take Enzo with them to the Final 2. There’s really no point of Enzo being in the house. BB should send him to the Jury House. And bring a camera crew in there too. It would be so much more entertaining to watch, than hear about “STEAMBOAT!” every 2 seconds.

  30. If the jury house knew that after the first comp he went inside, made some some food, and watched Lane and Hayden try to win. It was like one of the comps on Survivor where the losers get to eat and watch, tempting one of the still competing to give up. Bad manners!!

    1. Except on Survivor they are supposed to sit there and eat in front of everyone. Only an asshole like Enzo would choose to do something like that. What was he thinking? These two guys hold his future in the game in their hands? And then he whines about it?

  31. Kinda funny how Enzo made fun of everyone that laid around and moped when they knew they were going home and now he is doing the exact same thing. Enzo doesn’t deserve a dime. The only thing he did was float. Lane sure doesn’t need the money. So hoping that Hayden wins the moolah, after all he won more comps. For Americas vote leaning toward Brit or Matt. This whole cast sucked.

    Maybe I will vote for Dawg and Simon since they had to put up with all the b/s. You guys rock.

    1. My vote goes to Brendon- a pretty amazing performance when you look at how these other HG’s just crumble in the face of adversity. He did not look as interested in Rachael in the Jury House as he did when she was in the house. But I don’t really care. $25K will not change your life either way. It is the right message to AG and those production people- cast some people who will play next time!

      1. hahaha BRAgade.. I need to get me one of them.. I normally take mine off when I come home from work.. My BRAgade.. selling them on ebay BRAgade.. haha I have no life

  32. Why is everyone acting like Enzo is the only person in the world with a spouse and child? It doesn’t give anyone an advantage. If you need to win a reality show to support your family, you screwed something up before you ever entered those doors. Enzo is gross. Whoever said this whole cast was lame is absolutely right. CBS dropped the ball this year. The best thing that came out of it was seeing wonky eyed britney’s pageant photo. That shit was priceless! Between Lane and Hayden, it doesn’t matter I don’t think. They seem sewn from the same cloth. People think Enzo should win fan favorite eh? Well he probably will in some lame attempt by CBS to paint him as big brother’s “pauly d”. Give it up Chen. That slurping pig got nuttin on my favorite DJ!!

  33. write a letter to Steamboat and ask them to shun Hayden, Lane and Enzo.. hmm, maybe I have something to do with my life tonight.

    1. If I was on BB I would be saying Dairy Queen everyday and hope that it would get me as many Hot Fudge Sudaes I could hold! Dairy Queen I will bring a crowd!

      1. I love the Peanut Buster Parfaits.. I don’t know if they sell them anymore.. it’s been so long since I’ve been to the city..

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