*updated* Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Enzo: “I had a golden opportunity to win 500 thousand dollars…F*CK”

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9:20pm Kitchen Enzo and HAyden. Enzo saying he doesn’t even feel like having his wife come to the finale on Wednesday.. Hayden ask him why, Enzo doesn’t want to burden her any more she’s been through a lot. (enzo is a broken man) Hayden leaves to take a piss, enzo start to get the pool table ready. Enzo says to the feeds: “I had a golden opportunity to win 500 thousand dollars…BLANK” hayden walks back outside breaks the balls then gets called into the DR. Enzo: “All I had to do was win 2 competitions and I would of won 500K… BLANK man… .. Now wifey has to go back to work…”

9:27pm Lane and Enzo Lane asks enzo if he’s upset… Enzo: “I lost today man.. I had a chance to win 500K and i blew it”.. Lane tells him not to be upset, lane says he’s playing for 50grand no matter what happened today. Lane starts to play pool by himself…

9:33pm hayden joins them He wants to know if there rocking the brigade shirts tonight. Lane says he is they’re final 3 the brigade did it. Lane says that Enzo doesn’t want to wear his. Enzo tells them that his looks wack he needs to remake his. Hayden comes back wearing the brigade shirt and they start rehashing the comp with Enzo. Lane tells Enzo that he tore the covers off each picture then started to figure them all out, this way he has a rough idea of each one before he matches with names. Enzo wishes he had done that.

10:03pm Brigade Sausage party minus the meow meow

10:30pm Hayden and Lane in the hot tub Talking about becoming famous after this and maybe getting on the amazing race.. Hayden mentions how down enzo is they contemplate getting him but decide not to. They start bragging how awesome they are, how awesome the brigade is and how awesome they’re secret mini brigade is. Hayden goes on about how millions of millions people watch them. ( Brigade this brigade that ) They start advertising steamboat, lane wants steamboat to hook them up because of all the free advertising they are giving them.

10:50pm the mini brigade is talking about sports… and things they missed because of big brother.

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234 thoughts on “*updated* Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Enzo: “I had a golden opportunity to win 500 thousand dollars…F*CK”

  1. Here we go Enzo crying. What is it he always says. “let death take you”. Now he knows how everyone else felt. Hayden and lane should make a pact and just tell him that they are taking each other just like they told Brit about the brigade

        1. The man (Enzo) is sad because of his love for his wife and daughter. He’s on the show for them. Read the article again. He’s down because he thinks he blew a chance of winning the money, so now wifey has to keep working.
          Last night on the show, his wife said Enzo has 2 full time jobs.
          This is a man who loves his family. I think some of you fools resent Enzo no matter what he does, because the way he talks, he’s italian, and he’s a cool guy with a sense of humor, the kind of guy that everyone likes, and he has a beautiful wife with a great career.
          I say to you Enzo: Hold you head up high, the game is not over yet. Listen to Lane, you’re still playing for $50,000. There is still a chance you’re going home with something.

          1. I respectfully disagree. I dislike Enzo not because he is Italian, but because he is a sore loser and a sore winner. If Lane acted like Enzo did when he won his POV, he would have been so upset. However, Enzo thought it was OK to rub it in Ragan’s face when he beat him. I also dislike his illusions of grandeur after BB. Really? Come on. Get over yourself. At times yes, he is funny and I do respect that he loves his family, but for the most part, he really annoys me.

          2. Totaly agree with you…and besides he is the only honest one of the three left..Besides I would not count him out…Why would Lame bring Hayden to the end…Hayden will take it hands down….also Hayden would be better taking Enzo…Lame has won HOH….and this last round ..I would not count him out…People watch TV and then automatically judge people…Its a shame but it is what it is…

          3. Enzo has no class. His wife has a high-income job according to him. He has inflated himself and the alliance ad nauseum. I didn’t have to read the article-I watched and heard for myself. I started out liking him and gradually was turned off by his misogynistic language, unwarranted boasting, gloating, and poor social graces. Farting and eating like a pig do not a social game make. He can be funny at times, but he has worn out his welcome.

            1. I don’t think wifey was going to quit her $100K+ career, I think Enzo was going to quit his. And I’m guessing the “works two jobs” might have been an embellishment for TV. Enzo never mentioned having two jobs, and he certainly doesn’t seem like the motivated type.

          4. I C so Enzo has valid reasons to cry but nobody else does?
            Classic delusional BB FAN!!!
            Good explanation = excuse for Enzo…

          5. Okay let me tell you something! Enzo DOESN”T work 2 full time jobs!!!!! He hardly does the real estate thing because he is not known in our town to be a great agent! Him and his wife are always out and about. So I know he doesn’t work two full time jobs. I always seem then together on the weekends and of course his wife has to go back to work she is the only one that makes the dough in that relationship. Why do you think he married her? He know she was smart and everything and he barely graduated H.S.

      1. Simon, can you please remove Rachel’s picture. The one to the right and she’s holding up her breasts. It’s not that I don’t like Rachel. She’s alright. I like her better than Britney, but I’m getting a big headache when I go to your site and see her doing that. Her body is gross looking.

    1. Whatever..I’d make him think he’s still got a shot..The DR will probably tell Hayden and Lane to do something like that..or..maybe production IS like most of us and want him to piss and moan and whine for 6 days..HAHAHA…I love it…Either way I’m glad he had to stay in the house all the way to the bitter end and win NOTHING…save a tv,that he says he’ll sell anyway..GB…YO

      1. You know, that would be good. They should both tell him that they haven’t decided, then make him dance for it. Make him clean their rooms, fix food for them, wash the dishes. He should bring them drinks at the hot tub. Maybe some deep tissue massage to help them get over that 2 1/2 hours of riding the rope that he fell off after 19 minutes.

    2. Exactly. Enzo was laughing and rubbing it Brit’s face and now the shoe is on the other foot. He has not played this game at all, so I am not sure why he and his ego thought he could win. As he Enzo would say, *It is what it is!* Now, that is what I AM talking about!!

      1. Because he’s the darling of his family – they just love him – he is the funniest, cutest, most lovable thing around! So he thinks that translates to the game and to the entire country for the 25,000, and hell, let’s just give him all the money, the 500K, the 50K, and the 25K because he is such a great, fun, guy! (barf)

      2. but he did play it…his “socially” was better then others and also “physically”, but his physically wasnt good enough.

    3. His smirking at Brit was the last straw. I already disliked him, but now I think if he was on fire, I’d cross the street to fan the flames.

    1. Here is the scariest thing you will hear all season… if you look at most of the polls online…
      BRENDON…. is the odds end favorite. Followed by Brittney. The DODO BRAgade does not
      rank high at all. Meaning Third place will not see a dime.
      I want Regan to get it for no other reason than to see Rachel EXPLODE that is all

      1. Ragan and Rachel was all production, they will be laugh at this everytime they watch the DVD, they get paid and they have to do what they are told to do it is that simple.

        1. I have to disagree with that assessment. I think, ever since Rachel called out Matt and Ragan as an alliance, she and Ragan have been on the outs. I also think it’s a case of liking someone less the more you get to know them. Now every time they are together they just seem to get into arguments b/c they don’t like each other any more and they both think they are right.

          1. Yeah, Ragan gave her grieve for saying that he and Matty were in an alliance….we’re friends, we’re not in an alliance. Yeah, what is another word for friends in the BB house? Alliance that’s what. Just as Ragan surmised about others that we’re “friends” in the house. Rachel didn’t conclude anything but the obvi, (sorry, had to) Ragan was using Rachel when she was HOH, but threw her aside, quite cruelly when he no longer did. He and Britney came off very mean in their comments, I don’t like to see that in people, and wouldn’t want either to win the 25k. Brendan atleast played the game and didn’t throw comps as others did, wasn’t a floater and was a target from the beginning. He gets my vote. I don’t know why that is hard for some to believe If Brendan wins, that will be why. I feel he should get more than those who clumsily got to the end because they had the numbers. I’d rather the money go to someone who was willing to do whatever he needed to in order to win.

      1. Ugh. If Brendon wins, Rachel will say it is because America loves them. I don’t want to give her the satisfaction. Go Britney!

        1. Rachel probably will say that but brendon was hated because of her. After she left the house everyone said how much better brendon was. I think brendon should bump the zero

  2. Final three and not one of them can even spell brigade watching showtime bb must have given them shirts they all have bragade written on them losers none of them deserve to be there

    1. These three losers are hilarious, they can not do anything right, the only time things go right is when there is nobody else to play against. The talk about having to agents for there personal appearances, how long can this gig last for them, a month at the most. CBS most likely will want to get as far away from dumb and dumber as possible. Steamboat oh yah.
      One track minds, SIMPLETONS who think they are the smartest BB players ever. Plus they are planning on playing Amazing Race or Survivor next they are definately the long time best friends.or some relative relationship.

      1. I am amazed at the fact that you referred to these guys as dumb and dumber, ah the irony of it all. With your spelling errors and misuse of words, well, who’s the dummy??

    2. Maybe that’s the way they want to spell it. Bragade.
      It’s their slang. If Lane doesn’t know how to spell correctly, surely Hayden and Enzo do.
      Hayden is a college student, seems intelligent enough.
      Enzo is an insurance adjuster. He’s used to coming across a lot of paper work and a lot of reading materials.

  3. Dodo is delusional if he thinks he actually had a chance to win. The ONLY competition he won all season was by manhandling the prissy queen…something any blind 105-year old woman in a walker could do.

    1. Lol:) I still find it funny he took out matt when matt said if giving a choice between the three dodos he would of tooken enzo :) funny funny

  4. Why does Enzo still surprise me? Making hot food b/c he deserves it & then taking it out to the comp. . . . It just struck me, he reminds of Eric Cartman of South Park .”I hate you guys & I’m going home.” He is such a sore/sorry loser. Couldof, shouldof, wouldof . . . . .

      1. I just really hope that Hayden and Lane still think that Enzo would win, so they don’t let him have even a sniff at the money.

        If Hayden wins, he’ll take Lane and then argue to the jury that Lane’s already rich and doesn’t deserve the money because Hayden won more comps.

        If Lane wins, he’d be smart to take Enzo. I mean, if you think about it, why would anyone vote to give Enzo a dime? Lane would likely lose against Hayden no matter what. Unless, of course, the jury just decides that the final HOH winner should win.

        But I hope Lane doesn’t take him if it’s up to him. I want Enzo to have to vote someone else the money and not get a red cent.

        1. lane will never take hayden…he wants the 500k and knows “for sure” he will lose to hayden, but “not for sure” against enzo.

          1. Enzo could get votes b/c the jury has not seen all that we have seen. Hopefully, Brit can let the jury know what went down so Enzo does not get any votes, just in case hevis a final two

        2. Enzo is pacing around the BY. “A minute and 13 seconds…I got out dodo’d by a f***ing dodo! haha that one cracked me up:) I think lane is right he is playing for 2nd no matter who he takes…so i think he rather see hayden win the money then enzo:) i truly believe they vote enzo..I see matt voting for lane cuz he is bitter with enzo..but other then that i don’t really see lane winning…No one has a bad thing to say about hayden and they will say he played the best game no matter what is said by brit when she comes in..

    1. He so deserves 3rd place:) seems like hayden and lane are set on who they want to take…hopefully cuz i really wanna see mr insensitive take 3rd haha:)

  5. Enzo acts like he has won before but lost this newest. The only thing Enzo has won is when he body slammed Ragan out of the way.

        1. Agreed. I saw nothing of the hyperbole Regan was stating…it looked fair to me… Enzo was just trying to win some shit yo.

        2. What life? He’s terrible at everything. He says he’s a claims adjuster, then his wife says he works two full-time jobs. He looks like a ghost payroller, to me.

        3. haha only cuz it was against ragan…so if he did that to lane or hayden or lets say brit shoot or even brendon …even his family at first was like oh shit…then they cheered and laughed..

          1. Enzo did nothing wrong in that competition. In fact, if Ragan hadn’t squealed like a little girl, no one would have said anything about it. Enzo won it fair and square because he went all out for it. He didn’t hurt Ragan. And if it were against Brit or anyone else in that house and Enzo had done the same thing, he STILL wouldn’t have done anything wrong.

        1. No, he would have stood up there befuddled as usual, watched as they went and got the CD, then thrown his hands up like usual. Enzo’s not a real man. He just enjoyed being over Ragan and Brit a little too much. Matt, too. But he rolled over and purred for Hayden and Lane.

        2. Why wouldn’t he? Regardless if it was Lane or Brendon, Enzo is still challenging that person, so why wouldn’t he do the same thing. Are you trying to insinuate that Enzo is scared, or know that his smaller body doesn’t stand a chance against someone who has more body weight?
          If so, that would be very arrogant of you. How are you, one of millions of viewers think you can dictate how a man, who you do not personally, should play his game?

          1. I don’t think Chloe was trying to insinuate any of those things you suggested. I think it is pretty clear that Chloe was saying he never gave it his all, never tried hard, and took the easy way out because he knew he could (and was lazy). He always counted on the BG to do his work for him.

    1. I can not stand Enzo but I have to disagree. I thought what Enzo did wasn’t that bad. I would have pushed him down the slide and ripped the CD out of there hand if I had to. Regan said in his DR earlier in the week that he knows it’s going to be a fight and he will do anything to win. He should have hip checked Enzo off the top of the hill. Instead he squeeled like a girl

      1. I’m not necessarily an Enzo fan and I like Ragan. But I agree unless they didn’t show the whole thing ,I didn’t think what Enzo did was that bad either. He had the advantage of being bigger than Ragan. But I think Ragan was more frustrated and overly emotional at that moment because he knew he was going home and had to win more than anything else.

      2. Agree. I’ll bet if you watched that scene in “mute” mode, you’d hardly give it a second glance. The best part of it would probably be that Lane FINALLY showied some enthusiasm (he actually stood, got up off the bench for a second, and watched like he was interested).

      3. I never said what he did was bad. I wish he had played that hard all game and I just have my doubts whether he would have even lunged like that if the person next to him was bigger than him. I say that based on how he has handled himself in all the other competitions. It wasn’t supposed to be an attack on him as a person.

  6. Enzo should stop whining and start scheming. Both lane and hayden have won stuff, the jury respects people that win stuff and make moves in the game, of which, enzo hasn’t done either that the other Brigade members haven’t done themselves. (i.e. form the alliance,plan evictions, etc.) That should be his angle, work them both into thinking that they can’t beat each other.

    1. That’s the smart AND logical thing to do,so count Enzo out on doing it..Did you hear his mom say how he “Didn’t always get the best grades in school”? That pretty much summed it up for me…Enzo=DohDoh

    2. exactly! being a funny guy is just not enough to win bb and ultimately the jury will vote on gameplay.. enzos didnt win shit and he’s such an easy target in the final 2.. i think hayden will beat either one but enzo is the obvious choice.. so get off your whiney ass and start fighting for the 50 g’s yo!

    3. no one wants to fight this year, as much as I hated natalie at least she was willing to fight,
      and by the way its not brigade its bragade just look at their shirts

      1. Natalie was not willing to fight. She quit during the hot chocolate HOH b/c she saw Kevin was winning. The HOH she won was more luck than any strength or skill. She opened Pandora’s Box and gave up the last veto, but even if she had played, I don’t think she would have tried very hard b/c she was safe as HOH. Then she threw the first part of the final HOH. True she and Kevin made a deal, but at that stage you shouldn’t believe anyone and fight it out for yourself. I didn’t really think Jordan played the best game either, but she had my vote b/c the one thing I could say about her over Natalie, was that at least she tried during comps. and didn’t quit in the middle just b/c her partner was winning.

        1. I agree I don’t like natalie either, I didn’t mean she fought to win the challenges, I just meant to stay in the house, I do think it was more kevin fighting though,
          you have to admit though she fought more than these jokers

    4. There is nothing Enzo can do Hayden and Lane are the final two., remember blodd is thicker then water and Enzo was along for the ride and it’s his stop, time to get off the train Enzo you were used by the life long buddies Hayden / Lane.

    5. How soon do we forget. Enzo won a big TV.
      It’s not cold cash, but it can be cold cash if needed to be.
      Good luck Enzo, I hope you go home with at least $50,000.
      If one of them jokers take Enzo to the final 2, they can kiss the $500,000 goodbye.
      That money will have Enzo’s name all over it.

    6. they have a whole week…you seriously think enzo can keep his mouth shut?? he will be in there ears left and right…its not gonna matter to that jury who won more or less..hands down hayden won if he is in final 2!! enzo would beat lane!! jury after jury vote personal!! with little who did what in the game…I see brit and matt voting for lane against enzo…but other then that..idk it be totally up in the air…and those guys loved that fact enzo trolled all over ragan…so to them that was enough fight…well to rachel and brendon…time will tell:) Goo Lane:) he makes me laugh lol

    1. ManKathy should have gone in and made the boys’ beds while they were fighting for the money instead of making himself food, first.

      Do you suppose he has any idea how despised he is as a player by the fans?

      1. No:) cuz rachel told um that enzo was viewers favorite…which he was kinda at first in the game but he took a turn around….but he still has fans out there..

  7. This is why an alliance is great up until a certain point. If lane would have taken out Hayden a couple weeks back it would have been lane Regan and Brittney. Lane would have won part 1 and then a toss up between Brit and Regan for the 2nd part. And if it was Brit then he would have been guaranteed final 2 and a better chance of winning. They all thought about the team but the thing is only 1 person wins the $500k. They never thought for themselves. So now lane can’t win at all. Hayden can only win if he takes himself and Enzo can only win if lane takes him. They never made a move to help themselves and now there all squirming

    1. I don’t know if they would have had that wall slammin comp if Brit was still there..Probably changed it up a bit so there was less slammin and more water or something,cause she woulda been Toast!

      1. you’re right.I “heard thru the grapevine” they changed that comp at the last minute.They took away some apparatus that was going to be used if Brittney was still there,made it a whole lot easier to build I guess

      1. I know I just don’t want Enzo to go to the final two, but I think Lane will be tempted to take him because he knows for sure he can’t beat Hayden. Hayden just needs to win.

    2. Lane should have listened to Ragan and gotten Enzo out. He was right that that could have swayed the jury vote as him waking up and playing the game, but now, he’s got nothing. I admire loyalty, but these guys should have realized they’re not exactly friends. More like, four guys who are playing the same game that like each other well enough. I was waiting for one of them to do something like use the alliance to get to week 4 (when evictees go to jury) and then start taking out the aliiance w/o them knowing so only they would be left and then essentially have all the jury votes. But these guys just played together and not really for themselves and now they don’t really have anything to show for themselves individually.

  8. If Hayden takes Lane he is playing with fire…Lane has won just as many comps and has Brits vote…but if Hayden takes Enzo he will get Brits vote and the votes of those that think comps matter most… it seems that either Lane or Hayden would be better off taking Enzo…but am I seeing things f’d up yo?

    1. Hayden takes Enzo here are the votes:
      Rachel : Enzo
      Brendon: Enzo
      Kathy: Enzo’s Babies College Fund
      Matt: Hayden
      Regan: hayden
      Brittney: Enzo
      (This goes for both Hayden and Lane)

      Hayden Vs Lane

      Rachel: Hayden
      Brendon: Hayden
      Kathy: Toss Up possibly Lane
      Matt: hayden
      Regan: Hayden
      Brittney: Lane

      That is my prediction… Enzo vs Hayden or Lane… Enzo Wins
      Hayden vs Lane…. Hayden is the winner

      1. I agree for the most part but I think Brit will vote Hayden over Enzo…and if Hayden has taken Enzo over Lane … Lane will vote Hayden…so Hayden still wins. If Lane takes Hayden over Enzo… I am not sure but I think Enzo would vote for Hayden…but if Lane takes Enzo… B&R vote for Enzo but I think Brit will convince Regan to vote for Lane and Hayden will vote for Lane too…Matt will vote for Lane..with kathy a toss up. It still seems like a better chance for either to take the meow meow…

      2. OMG.. have you not been watching the season?? I can’t believe you think Kathy would vote for Enzo over Hayden. AND I can’t believe you think Kathy would vote for Lane over Hayden. That just goes against all common sense when it comes to this season. Kathy was in LOVE with Hayden like a son. Kathy is the easiest for sure vote for Hayden against anyone.

        1. He might be related to her. The way Kathy acted toward Hayden.
          Well, I didn’t see that for myself, but read it on the internet.
          Well, actually, I didn’t read it on the internet, it just sounded good so I typed it.

      3. I just don’t see Dodo getting a single vote…he hasn’t done anything all season…he won ONE competition in the most unimpressive fashion. Rachael & Brendon have talked all season about wanting the competitors to win, so that seems to mean that they will vote for anyone but Enzo. Kathy the cougar was hoping to make Lane her prey, and she was loving on Hayden / Kristen, so it seems she wouldn’t vote for Dodo in either scenario. Ragan is so pissed that he lost a physical competition because Dodo had the audacity to be physical, that his bitter vote with be for anyone but Dodo. Obviously Britney will vote for Lane, but she would likely also choose Hayden over Dodo because she sees him as a strong competitor. Matt and Dodo had bad blood the week Matt was evicted, so I think he would choose anyone but Dodo too. So I don’t see any scenario where Dodo receives a single vote.

          1. Of course…it would be stupid to NOT take Dodo for either Lane or Hayden…and while all three of them are undisputable douchers, they aren’t exactly a brain trust.

          2. Yes, but then the biggest floater of BB history would get some cash. And I just don’t want that to happen. Enzo/ManKathy should walk away just as broke as he arrived.

  9. hayden is going to make his living doing special apearances at bars and going on future reality shows…he s got lane really into it now. i think hayden is really money hungry .. ..maybe when he wins he can afford a hair cut just sayin

    1. Carol, these are a couple of young guys who haven’t had many years to experience a lot. This is the biggest thing to happen to them. It would be a big thing to me, too. And, the money is more than they can imagine getting in a large sum. That too would be a big deal to me. Their world is made up with their young friends and bars and clubs and sports. This is exciting for them. Yes, they are wrapped up in it all right now and they think they are going to be big. But, they both have said they don’t think it will last. That is why they are talking about a business together. The point is they are young and something unimaginable has happen to them. They are up in the clouds. I think it is great. Because I am older I know that clouds can turn into a storm. And, one storm can change everything in an instant. I hope they enjoy all they can while they can. I only wish I was many years younger because I would be one of those girls at the bar hoping they might buy me a drink.

      1. At this point I am just enjoying the fact that they are talking about anything…….as long as they keep talking we dont have to watch Enzo sleep….and cry….sniff, sniff…..poor guy……HAH!

      2. Grandma, I agree. They’re young and of course have delusions of grandeur. What bothers me the most is the fact that Lane believes that he will reap rewards from this show when it is over. This coming from a young man that admittedly does nothing but schmooze (sp?) people and play golf all day. That thinks its ok to hold women down as a game when having sex and shoot animals after scaring them, giving them no chance of escape. That kind of sense of entitlement bothers me. I wonder what this boys parents might think after watching this. Was this how he was truly raised? Boggles my mind…..

    2. Haven’t you ever put on a blouse or worn your hair in a certain way…and you thought you looked great? And then your friends were talking behind your back wondering WHAT were you thinking of?….that’s Hayden. He obviously thinks he looks great with his hair. I don’t like Hayden’s hair and I think he would look better with the traditional haircut. But he is wearing his hair like HE wants it, just as you and I would do.

  10. Who Cares, I would rather watch the Jury House.
    Knowing how screwed up this season has been
    one of two things will happen Hayden will take
    the wrong guy to the final two or Lane will take the
    wrong guy to the final two… that is it.
    Do you know how sad it is when the Jury House
    is more fun than the big Brother House with competitions
    Seriously start talking Jury House Feeds, I do not care about
    Three men who can’t spell Brigade, unless their alliance was
    always supposed to be BRAgade… when I think of men,
    manly men, Bras are the first thing I think of…. that and if Enzo
    didn’t have that extra support he would never had made it that far
    Matt that was seperated

    1. I agree.. but I was really disappointed that regan did not go ape shit on Matt… it just confirmed how lame Regan is in my mind. And I am so sick of rachel not realizing that she WAS the main cause of drama in the house. My new vote is for the pic of Rachel to change from Boy George to Xerxes from 300…. just a thoguht.

      1. Rachel and Brendon both were delusional in the house…and she brought that attitude with her to the jury house. From the look on Brendon’s face, maybe he got wise to Rachel. Hope so.

        1. Yeah, he did look a little defeated when she stormed off and he said, “Welcome to the jury house.”

          What’s the over-under for how long their relationship lasts outside the BB stages? I’d pick 4 days.

    2. I agree, at this point the Jury House would be much more entertaining than watching Enzo sleep while Hayden and Lane talk about how pumped up they are for “STEAMBOAT!”.

  11. I think that Enzo should just take it like a man, he had a chance to win a competition and he blew it twice. I mean come on he only stayed 19 minutes on the rope. Then he acted like it didnt even bother him. Lane did a good job on the second comp, which surprised me. So Hayden and Lane deserve to go to the finals and I hope they are the final 2 in the end. Enzo should just appreciate they made it this far final 3. If Enzo wanted final 2 he should have done better in the competitions I think he was getting to arrogant about winning. I think he might be acting depressed so they will feel sorry for him and take him to the finals. I hope they don’t I would like to see Hayden and lane in the end and I think Hayden will probably win. I think alot of the juror members liked Hayden and Lane personally. And did you see Rachel in the jury house start crap again she is so ridiculous, I cant believe Brendon is still with that thing.

    1. didn’t you notice that Brendon did not follow Rachel as soon as she left?? He was actually nice to reagan, and then left. I think brendon’s eyes are opened where Rachel is concerned.

    2. I read that Lane was only in the first endurance comp (with the jungle ropes) for 3 hours that’s better than 19 minutes but didn’t prior guests like 12 hours in their comps (overnight)? For a past football guy, Lane hasn’t really demonstrated much phys skill.

            1. BB could have Matt and Tre from South Park present a third place prize to Enzo (it would be a change sorter) and have Robert Goulet sing:

              “Here he is, the Biggest Douche of the Universe! In all the galaxies, there’s no bigger douche than you!
              You’ve reached the top, the pinnacle of douchedom! Good going, douche. Your dreams have come true!”

              1. My sentiments exactly!!!! I love it! Enzo totally manipulated two boneheaded 24 year olds into thinking he was the Jersey Kingpin. Britney should’ve gotten rid of him when she had the chance. He showed no loyalty to her. Hayden betrayed everyone by being social then backstabbing. Lane has just gotten increasingly sickening.

  12. I think Lane should have stopped with that tat on his shoulder. That looks absolutely kick-ass. But I don’t like the extension to the side of his torso, especially from the back. Looks like he has half a ladies’ dress torn off.

    1. Tribal tats are the one of the first signs of doucedom. Talking excessively about past and future bar fights, though, is proof positive.

  13. why would anyone get excited seeing these two in bars and pay money…….they happened to be on a show..no talent just on a show semi entertaining us. i live in cincinnati and see way cooler cuter guys walking down the street then these three

  14. I am going to be checking on what they have accomplished in regard to their plans on making money as a result of BB after the leave the house. Just out of curiosity.

  15. I read somewhere else that Hayden is talking to Lane about being on The Amazing Race. And Lane has NEVER watched it and knew nothing about it. You wonder how a BB cast wouldn’t have seen advertisements for it while watching past seasons of BB. Or KNOW that JEFF and JORDAN got on Amazing Race after their BB gig. But of course, he barely even knew about BB — and only watched recordings of it when he was trying to be cast. CAN BB please pick S13 guests who actually know and watch BB?! Please also pick non-thugs.

    1. Maybe they can find non rapist, non perpetual students, non rich brats and non PH d’s for a change… it might be nice to ahae real people playing a real game not influenced by production for once.

  16. god hayden is star struck….and he thinks he s the star…talking about how many viewers they get they must think we all luv them….steamboat

    1. I wonder how many people actually watch BBAD or the Live Feeds and of those people, what very small percentage would be interested in Steamboat because of Hayden and Lane? This final 3 seems so naive.

      1. U know, I have watched the show, but apparently I missed out of 2 things. This 8 second thing that has ppl wondering about r****, and this steamboat thing. Can anyone please explain this to me so I can really get a good understanding. Somehow, if it was talked about during the show, I missed it. I also just found this site like 2 days ago, so I haven’t been on here reading posts till now. I definately feel the same about a lot of things mentioned on here. I just don’t feel like this was a big season myself. I don’t think there was anywhere near the amount of power plays and things that make this game a good game to watch considering how much they gave the HG to work with. I mean, they had saboteurs and plenty of opportunity for alot of side deals and stuff. My personal feeling is just that it could have been better. To me, the biggest power play was the BG, but they kept it a secret till the very end. If there was a hint of it during the show, it would have been a bit more interesting. Like I feel they had to force the situation for the diamond pov to be used. I just felt that wasn’t done on part of the HG, but on part of production. Just my personal opinion. What do I know, ya know. Just would like clarification on this 8 second game and this talk about steamboat.
        Thank you all

        1. The 8 second game: You do a girl doggie style and your friends all bust into the room. You have to keep riding the girl for 8 seconds while she’s trying to squirm away and cover up/remove herself from that situation. Then, you can’t talk to the girl the next day.
          I’m not sure about Steamboat, other than it being a place to go snowboard.

          1. Thank you very much for the clarifications. WOW. I would definitely say if u keep going while she is trying to run for cover and safety, that is r**** in my eyes. I dunno how anyone would think it wouldn’t be. I don’t get how that is any type of fun when you feel you have to get in a few more “pumps” (if you will) into her just to show off to a bunch of drunken idiots. How can you say ur proud of yourself for that? To me, and again, it’s just my opinion… It shows me just how you are raised in general with respecting people and how to treat women. I dunno, I guess the only way for them to even have a glimpse of what it would feel like is for them to think if some guy forced them to be bent over and they had to escape while they were having someone “pump” them and then see if they felt r**** by the guy to had them bent over trying to run for cover while they had someone force them-self inside of them when it was not wanted. Anyways…. Thanks also about the Steamboat. I just wasn’t sure what they were talking about and then I heard Lane (I think it was him) mention it on the show when they had evicted Britney. Which by the way is going to be soooo interesting when she shows up in the jury house. LMAO… Oh to be a fly on the walls during that time there…..lol lol
            Thank you all. I really enjoy this site and the comments made here. There are A LOT of valid points and interesting things said for me to think about that I had not before. Thank you

  17. You have to be able to act to get a role in big movies. Has Enzo shown that he’s a good actor? I’m not trying to be snarky but I haven’t heard anything that indicates that he has acting chomps. OTH, Hayden and Britney both did nice jobs as commentators in “Just The Tip.”

      1. Oh, I agree. Dreams are very important. But you have to build a foundation for your house of dreams — and so far, Enzo seems to be expecting things to fall into his lap without doing the work for them. If he wants to be a actor, he should have been trying out for acting gigs in New York and learning the business. Like the Bachelor guy — he had a small, one-time role on Walker Texas Ranger before he was even selected as The Bachelor.

        1. Mimi, you and I know that Enzo probably doesn’t have a chance in hell of making a Star on the Walk of Fame. But, for 3 months if these guys think they might, who am I to take that dream away from them. I don’t know about Enzo but Lane and Hayden will be big for awhile in their hometowns. And, girls will flock around because they are famous for the time being. Where they go from here, nobody knows including them. You don’t go on that show without hoping you win and get the money to make a change in your life. We all would do something different and others might not understand why. Young people see fame coming from it. Older ones see paying bills and retiring. I think Lane and Hayden will have fun after the show and I think they will help their families with some money. Enzo may get to give the weather report on TV in a guess spot. Rain tomorrow, YO. Sun out later, YO and get the fg out and enjoy it. YO!

  18. I was wondering about Lane and his 8 second r game.. so I asked a male friend of mine about it and his response.. (mind you this guy does not watch big brother and so has no vested interest in any palyer).was.. oh yea that’s real. It’s a rich guy frat game and if he is nmentioning it he has played it. So my question is… is Lane a rich frat guy? I used to like Lane but now I am having second thoughts…also isn’t spotlighting illegal in many states.. I don’t know about Texas…can anyone confirm???

    1. Spotlighting is illegal in Oregon. And, as for a rich frat boy game, I don’t know. I only know that if Rattlesnake Jake ever played it with me, like I told him, it wouldn’t be a question of him being able to hold me down for 8 seconds but a question of how far across the room he would fly when I kicked his ass!

      1. I’d wait ’till he went to sleep, then grab a baseball bat and hit him straight in the face. In the teeth, as to not to kill him, but knock out a good amount of his teeth!

        1. I wouldn’t knock out Rattlesnake Jake’s teeth. I would have to mash his food for him. Besides, he said the game he heard of didn’t include others watching. It was a joke that you pull on your girlfriend or wife. While making love you called them by the wrong name and held on!

          1. Yes that’s a variation on the 8 second frat game apparently. According to those that know.. (and who knows really) it is what Lane described…at least as far as what Lane described about having guys walk in and watch and hanging on for 8 seconds.

          2. Oh, that’s not so bad. It’s the letting others watch that bothers me. I guess if a girl is OK with group sex, then she won’t have much of a problem, but I think that vast majority of girls would be scarred for life by something like that. Anyway, you could always pay Jake back by calling out another man’s name. A favorite actor, perhaps. A really handsome one. Right after you told him about seeing him on TV.

                1. I didn’t. It is not r**** when you are in bed with someone making love and you call them by the wrong name. Now if you call in the neighbors to watch while you do it that would be very tasteless. Rape would be a legal question but I don’t think they would be getting another opportunity with me.

                1. Goofy, Hayden reminds me of my grandson. I of course think he is cute. I think Rattlesnake Jake is safe in not hearing me call him Enzo anytime soon.

                  1. Forget Hayden then. That’d be creepy. I think calling Jake “Enzo” would be the ultimate insult. Save that for when he really deserves it. Like if he gets drunk and starts acting really, really, REALLY stupid.

                  2. Hayden is not cute. He’s not ugly , but not cute.
                    The boy got a big head. BIG HEAD.
                    That’s why he should cut his hair short.
                    The boy has no upper lips.
                    Scared me when he starts talking and the cam zoom in on his mouth.
                    Oh my God, pull the camera back. Run camera man. Run.

                    1. OK, I won’t disagree with that. I think he looks good from far away, but I agree, when he pulls his hair back or when the camera focuses on his massive jaw, he’s kinda scary looking. I actually think he looks more like a caveman than does Brandon. Still, he has a lot of female fans from what I hear.

      2. I will say that for as much as people seem to hate Enzo and all…at least he recognized that holding a chick down against her will might be r >>>> gee maybe Enzo is not the she- man women hater everyone thinks he is.

        1. Even a broken clock is right 2x a day. No, seriously, it was good that Enzo recognized it was r . It was unsettling that Britney didn’t call Lane out on it but that Enzo did.

          1. My point exactly… I think Enzo may be a bit of a blowhard and misunderstoood but he would never do that to a girl. he may talk a good game but I think many of us women can tell a guy that LIKES women and a guy that does not by the shit they talk.

            1. There’s another part of the 8 sec game and Lane mentioned it the first time I heard him talk about the game. After you hold her for 8 seconds while your friends watch, you can’t talk to her the next day. Yeah …. love that part. (sarcasm)

        2. without knowing exactly what lane said I’m a little reluctant to call it r****, but this guy is going to wind up going to jail one day

    2. Certainly sounds like some of the frat “games” that went on at some of the more infamous frats at my rich kid university. But I doubt if it’s limited to only frat boys and Lane has rich parents.

  19. Ok … so great we have a potential date rapist and a perpetual student in the final two… after seeing Enzo’s house tonight, I am not sure he is as rich as people have made out. ….I hope Enzo makes it to final two, so he can have a chance for the votes.

    1. It takes a pretty penny to buy a house in Bayonne … it’s right outside NYC. What looks like nothing in that area costs as much as a really nice house somewhere else. I didn’t see what his house looks like (I don’t watch the show), but I’ve relatives in the area.

    2. I thought Enzo said his wife made a lot of money. More than him. My granddaughter is in college and she is 21 with 2 years to go. I just hope there is a job for her when she does finish her schooling.

      1. Enzo is a user all he does is hang out with his bros yo and shake people down when they find someone as stupid as they are. Of coarse his wifey makes more $ then he does, hanging out on the street corner doesn;t pay much.

        1. you must be a scombag, how can you talk about somebody like that? when you do’t even know her. Joella is the most classy lady. I know her personally. You must be so trash yourself for even saying stuff like that. This is a game I think every one tried their best,I do believe that anybody has the the right for opinions but is horrible when the family has to trashed like that you should be ashamed ,shame shame

    3. Bayone, NJ is very close to Manhattan, that house can go anywhere from $600K-$900K if not more. I am not saying he is rich, but he is not poor either.

      1. Well. I get that the area might be expensive… but yea, the house was not much to look at. His wife also said he works two full time jobs to pay for it. I think his wife makes more than him and he wants to win the money to give her a break… as he said he wants her to take time off and be with his kid. I know people don’t like Enzo but I would rather a hard working guy get the money than a frat boy( who’s parents bail him out of trouble (to the tune of 100 g’s) or a perpetual student that wants to open a snow-board shop…. but thats me.

        1. Enzo and hard working in the same sentence… Now that is FUNNY .. He approaches
          work the same way he did this show. Let everyone else do the work and when things
          go right be the first in line to take credit for it.

  20. Hollywood is full of out of work actors who belong to the UNION. All of Hollywood hates reality show contestants because they are stealing work from union workers and in essence crossing a union line. So if they think for one minute they are getting any work in TV or the movies they are big time mistaken. They may be able to make a promotional appearance at grand openings for a few months…..but I don’t even see that happening. Their 15 minutes of fame will be shot the minute the show ends. And the best thing is that Enzo will walk away with nothing but his stipend. That makes this worthless season worth it after all.

  21. When I hear them talk it reminds me of one of my favorite Tupac tracks( 2pac and BB….who would have thought it???)
    It’s called Fame, I just give u the chours—–One thing we all adore, something worth dyin’ for
    Nothin’ but pain, stuck in this game
    Searching for fortune and fame

  22. ive been brigade the whole time…but now i finally see these people for who they are it’s a shame. i’m sad enzo can’t win the money…when he talks about being famous and whatever hes just being a clown…hayden and lane honestly believe that they are going to be completely rich and famous. i’m going to apply to be on bb13 and I will set things straight in that son of a bitchin house

    1. I’ve been pro-Bra-gade too, but Hayden and Lane have really turned me off lately. These 2 guys are so boring.
      Whether you like Enzo or not, it’s clearly evident that he was a big part of bringing in the big ratings. He carried the season on his back. He was very entertaining. It is disappointing that he didn’t make it to the Final 2 tho. He was a larger-than life character on this season. He was a great manipulator of the Bra-gade, but he just couldn’t take it all the way to the Final 2.
      We’ll see him at All-Stars, baby. The Meow Meow will return!

  23. BB-G-Ma..Rockstar…you there??? I didn’t get to see tonights episode!! There was a MAJOR gas line explosion here in Northern Cali and it took out a WHOLE neighborhood!
    50 plus homes burned to the ground and 100 plus burned in bits and pieces!! It has been live on ALL channels since 6:30 pm ish and it is now going on 11 pm…….really sad for those people….Im about 60 miles from where it happened….crazy!!
    So from reading here tho looks like Enzo is our new cry baby of the week…..Awwwe…….
    BB-Ma, Looks like Its you and me in a face off! YAY!!

    1. LJ, I just saw that explosion on the News! Wow, that was terrible. Just what you all need in California, another fire. I am sorry.

      1. My sleeping is all messed up.. Now I’m working I have to go to bed early or I’m a grouch in the mornings. No one wants a grouchy rockstar wandering around aimlessly with a hair trigger

    1. And, lets get famous and get drinks given to us! Maybe clothes. All, hell, how come I ain’t still young enough to get out there and really have some fun! Boy, I use to, LJ. You would have had your hands full keeping up with me back then. And, if I had had the money they are going to have, WOW PARTY!!!!!!!!

      1. oohhh MAMA I dont doubt it for a second! But let me ask you this…..are we ever too old to stop kickin our heels up and havin’ a good time!! I dont think so……I’ll stop when Im dead!!
        So, I just had the sense to turn off the news and put on AD……and what do i see…Enzo’s dumb azz sleepin’….Im like REALLY??????? Isn’t it time for Lane to take a shower and wash his ear real good!

        1. Wash his ears? I think you want him to get ahold of himself. I am going to keep kicking up my heels until I am down toes first. I just wish I could kick them higher than 5 inches now!

  24. These guys really are clueless aren’t they? Hayden thinks a bar will pay them ten grand to wear their t-shits and promote them. How the hell much money do they think bars pull in? I know they are young, but good god, they can’t be this dumb can they? I’m just getting the biggest kick out of listening to them make fools out of themselves. This may be the best BBAD yet. What does that tell you about this season?

  25. I love how they say they need to use the shit out of certain contacts. I bet those contacts love to hear them talk about using them.

  26. AWWWWWWWWWWWWWW the meow meow is asleep yo while they are plotting his demise….awwwwwwwwwwwww yo!

  27. after re-thinking it….this is absolutely hysterical…. hayden to himself – “calvin klein hook it up when i get outta here”……..hahahahahahahhaha wowwww they really think they are big celebrities….hahahahaha

  28. It’s amazing BB gives them a football, but pleas with them not to break anything. Freaking CBS. They got billions and they worry about a little damage, in the final week of the show. Jesus, they’re cheap.

    1. “Bro” has been replaced by “Bra(h)” as a slang term. Instead of saying “hey Bro”, they say “hey Brah”. At least around here, and that’s been done for a while now.

  29. Boy isn’t Enzo have one heck of a pity party..WAAAAHHHH freaking WAAAAAHHHHH Enzo. You have no one to blame but yourself. If either Hayden or Lane takes Enzo then they are so stupid!!! Enzo had no business getting this far. I will say his daughter is one heck of a cutie and with the family interview he almost appeared normal. But he’s just been too freaking annoying this season. If I hear Meow meow one more time I just might lose it.
    Say buh-bye Enzo!!!

  30. Too bad Britney isn’t still there to laugh in Enzo’s crybaby face the way he laughed
    at her and kept rubbing in the alliance .
    Enzo is pulling out all the stops now he is trying the poor wife and pity party ploy
    to get taken to the final two.. Give it up Enzo you not that good an actor.
    Enzo is so transparent he should bathe in windex.

  31. I will apologize for my words up front ……. but if you can’t see the winner at least 2 weeks back you are brain dead or severely retarded, the comps have been manipulated by GRODNER AND HER MINIONS
    [sorry for screaming] but shameless manipulation of the comps has this effect on me.
    if they want o give secrets away in the dr thats one thing but they should let the comps be pure and clean good competition.

    p.s i am unbiased as to who wins because nobody in this season deserves to win jury house rocks.

    1. it isn’t guaranteed that hayden will win, lane can win last hoh(not likely)but it is pure luck, and lane can always take enzo(once again not likely)but if enzo would start fighting he might be able to convince lane he has a better chance against him, lane isn’t that smart, he might fall for it

  32. Yo Hollywood man, how do you spell BRAGADE. Come on man, you a professional student man. Yo give a shout out to your university. Yo Spelling BEE Man, I got to get you on that show, yo man you are going to be famouse! Yo how do you spell famous.

  33. Just the TIP:

    The BRAgade was spelled that way on purpose. It’s like the slang “bruh” or “bra” that is used in Hawaii. One of them said that early in the season. Does anyone pay attention?????

    Hello? Anyone? Bueller?

    1. Are you sure about that? I guess that could be it, but when I think back in my head how they talk about it, I think they have always pronounced it normally as the “Bri-gade”. I’ll have to listen to them closer next time.

  34. Mike,

    Compared to these douche bags Vanilla Ice is Sinatra. If Ice got $7500 and I was a bar owner, I would pay the following:

    Matt= A donation to the the American cancer society in his name.
    Ragan= 2 tickets to an off broadway production of the Ramrodders
    Rachel= A years supply of ProActiv zit removal system
    Brendon= A box of Tampex panty liners
    Kathy= a nicoderm patch
    Britney= a pirate eye patch for that lazy eye of hers
    Lane= The Brokeback Mountain Collectors edition on DVD
    Haydon= A gift certificate for a free haircut to Sal and Vinnies barber shop
    Enzo= A coupon to Papa Ginos for a free meatball sub

    What a collection of douchers. And could they go back to casting a more diverse group. A group of 20 somethings (with one obligatory gay, black, and over 40 HG) is getting stale. Season 2 will always be the best. Get a more diverse group age wise……………………

    1. That was good, I laughed. By the way, I’m pretty sure Lindsay Lohan gets $10,000 an appearance in such a club. So, your price list here is pretty much right.

  35. I predict 2 years after finale —-

    Lane is in jail for drinking and 8 second game…..
    Hayden is giving snowboard lessons and still in school……
    Enzo has 2 more babies and working 4 jobs to support his family….

    Britney interns with Joan Rivers for the nastiest mouth in Hollywood…

    1. Yep and
      Brendon is married to a real girl…
      Rachel is still in VEGAS…
      Ragan writes another book about how he is always right…
      Matt eventually gets a chance to play BB again to redeem himself…
      Andrew meets a kosher girl, that likes his quarks….
      Monet gets on Americas next top model and is nice to everyone….
      Annie ?……

  36. Vote for Brendon for America’s Favorite. At least he will use the $25,000 for his schooling in cancer research.

    The big money that Hayden will probably win will be going for snowboarding, Steamboat and partying with Lane.

    1. Cancer research? Give it up. Really. I don’t mean to be rude. But please don’t think he will use that $ for cancer research. Even if Rachel wasn’t in the picture (but she is in the picture and would get her hands on it), with his school loans, that $ won’t be donated to CA research. Hopefully he will pay school loans so the government isn’t carrying another unemployed graduate.

    2. Oh, I just re-read your post. I misunderstood it. You WERE talking about paying for his education. Sorry! I’ve just heard on other sites where he would donate it and I just can’t get past someone thinking that. Sorry again.

  37. Oh Enzo, shut the hell up!! Self pity is very unbecoming!! And you only have yourself to blame for not winning competitions!! Give Enzo a sleeping pill so we don’t have to hear his constant whining please!!!

    1. Now Enzo feels like Brit did last week, Regan the week before. All-confident Yo m-f man beat up on Brit, telling her all about the brigade, making her feel bad. Now he is Ezo-downer. I just wish they would have cleaned up his mouth with a bar of soap, or asked him to be more of a gentleman when he talked.

  38. I watched parts of BBAD last night and had to keep switching channels because Hayden and Lane’s ‘dreams’ of what’s to come once they get out of the BB house reminded way too much of Ryan and Adam a couple of seasons ago. I don’t know who all remembers the last few days of Ryan and Adam being the final two, but Hayden and Lane’s constantly talking to the cameras about setting stuff up and making things happen was really kind of eerily freaky.

    I can understand the two being on a high right now… completely! But I think their plans for bar tours, the bus, getting paid ten K to wear certain designers’ clothing while on their huge bus tour, to hook up with starlets and get on Rob Dyrdek’s show… really?

    I’ve said before here… I live in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, know ‘the scene’, and sorry, Lane, but basically nobody’s so much as farted in your general direction. Seriously, on the local news, in the local papers, and via word of mouth, there’s been zero talk about Lane on any mainstream level here…

    And as mean as this is of me, I’m kinda looking forward to him getting back here and realizing that.

  39. I remember BB9 I think it was and Adam and Matt also had big plans to parlay their Big Brother ‘fame’ into careers. And look where they ended up!

    And the 8 second game was NOT about r****. Now I know how rumors get started. When you’re having sex you challenge your buddies to walk in on you and if the girl doesn’t freak out and cover up within 8 seconds you’re a great big stud. Obviously it’s a moronic game for little boys who think they’re men. But it’s not r****.

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