Big Brother Spoilers: Lane says that its like Christmas Eve! He jokes that if he won the half million he would be in debt in a year…

10:35pm – 12:20am Hayden, Lane and Enzo talk about all the crazy things they could buy and do if they Win Big Brother and get half a million. Lane jokes that he would be in debt in a year. The conversation changes to talking about Andrew and how bizarre of a casting decision he was. Enzo wonders how Andrew was able to get his Yamaka to stay on his head. Lane says that Andrew was trying to start sh!t with him by telling the other house guests that he thought Lane was the saboteur. Lane says that he had to have a talk with Andrew about spreading rumors about him throughout the house. Hayden gets out of bed and says that he’s going to go make some eggs. Hayden asks Lane if he wants any. Lane says no …and that he just wants to lay in bed. Lane tells Enzo that it’s like Christmas Eve; you’re supposed to go to bed… Enzo laughs and says yeah, why does Hayden have to get up? Enzo tells Hayden that he will take a couple of eggs if he wants to cook them for him. Hayden heads into the kitchen to start cooking. Enzo looks at Lane says he can’t believe they survived the entire summer, all the HOH competitions, Evictions and drama with Rachel Reilly.

Lane and Enzo talk in the jumanji room about how Enzo got in trouble for eating pizza when he was a have not. Hayden yells from the kitchen when the eggs are ready and both Lane and Enzo head in to the kitchen. All three sit around the kitchen table and eat. When they are finished eating they head back to bed. Lane tells them to lay down, do you want tomorrow to come or not? Lane tells them that he wants everyone to get to sleep. Enzo agrees that they should go to sleep. Hayden says that he is still hungry and can’t help it. Lane takes off his microphone and says no more talking. Enzo says that he has gotten fat in the house and that he can’t wait to get out and really work out. Lane starts talking and Big Brother tells him to put his microphone on. Lane says tells Big Brother that he’s not talking anymore. Hayden gets up and goes to the washroom.

12:45am Enzo can’t fall asleep and gets up and heads into the kitchen. In the kitchen he gets cup but instead of using it he decides to just drink straight from the jug of water. He then heads into the bathroom cleans his ears with q-tips and goes to the washroom. When he is done he goes to the kitchen and takes another drink from the jug and stares at the memory wall.

1:30am Enzo heads back into the bedroom and farts. Hayden laughs. Hayden tells Enzo that tomorrow is going to be a fun day and says that he can’t wait to hang out with his family, go to the wrap party, and that he can’t wait to watch some TV. Hayden says relax and it will be over… After awhile of silence … Enzo sits up in his bed and starts punching the air. Hayden looks at him and starts to laugh. Enzo and Hayden talk about Lane snoring. Enzo says that Lane is like a bear that hibernates. Enzo tells Hayden that tomorrow is Christmas and that’s why they can’t sleep…. Hayden says that he wonders why can Lane sleep? Enzo says that the five hundred thousand dollar test is going to go down right here… thats crazy yo!  Enzo and Hayden roll over to try and go sleep…

3am They are all fast asleep…

9:10AM ZZZZzzzzzz
10:15am Hayden, Lane and Enzo are all sleeping on the backyard couch during the outdoor lock down…. Waiting to be released from the Big Brother house…
10:30am – 10:50am Big Brother switches the live feeds to the following screen… The feeds say the house guests are preparing for the Big Brother Finale.

In other Big BRother news.. According to first live feed update of the season.

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282 thoughts on “Big Brother Spoilers: Lane says that its like Christmas Eve! He jokes that if he won the half million he would be in debt in a year…

    1. just figured it out! QAZ is Allison Grodner’s ex and she broke it off with QAZ.

      Let it go man. We get that your still in love with her but move on already!

    1. They are easy to make. My guess is they aren’t very proficient in the kitchen. Maybe BB isn’t stocking up on frozen food any more?!

    2. I have 3 brothers and they ate a lot of eggs. It’s a good source of protein and you get a lot of bang for the less than 100 calorie per egg. It’s also one thing that It seems all guys know how to cook–eggs.

      1. I’ve heard they have alot of protein too. For guys working out – I know they are good for you. However, my wife says I can’t cook them – so I leave that to her! I guess I wouldn’t survive in the Big Brother House!

  1. Just received awful news. Britney & her fiance Nicks home burned down last night. Everyone is okay! Please keep them in your thoughts. (from Big Brother Leak)

        1. What did I say that was so wrong?
          “Shit happens.” That was all I said.
          Two words. One a noun and the other one a verb.
          Oh, I got it, you’re pissed because it’s an incomplete sentence. A fragmented sentence.
          Ooops, I did it again.
          Thanks asshole. That’s another fragmented sentence. I’ve got to watch my grammatical errors.

            1. Goo lane, until you’ve learned to be more creative with how you express yourself, I’m putting you on my “irrelevant” list.
              Now that’s some shit right there, don’t you agree goo lane?

        2. In addition to my other comment goo lane, this was her rental home. RENTAL.
          She doesn’t own this home. The real homeowner should be the one who you should feel sorry for. The newspaper estimated the damage to be around $50,000.
          I think Britney should use her winning and pay the homeower for the property damage.
          Well, I’ll close my comment with this short statement:
          “Easy come, easy go.”

            1. I think you are right I think its is a rental, but its still their home
              I’m not a fan of britney but if it is true I feel bad for her

    1. Wait a minute, it was her and his house. Everyone is okay?
      Sounds like he had a big party there or a sleep over while she’s gone.
      Oh well, what’s good for the geese is good for the gander, said the goose.

        1. Are you serious? I guess you are.
          For that, I will spank myself 10 times.
          Ask your momma if she wants to join me.
          We can stay up all night and have a virtual spank party.

        2. Stick around.
          Pull up a chair and make yourself at home.
          Pour yourself a glass of wine and relax, because this party just got started.
          I’m HelloThere and I’ll be your host.
          I can’t promise you a check for $500,000 or $50,000 but this much I will promise you:
          I’m going to “WOW” you like you have never been “WOW” before.
          Now that’s a “WOW” you can “WOW” about.

    2. Do you believe it or do you think it’s a publicity stunt? If it’s real, I hope her dogs are okay and am glad everyone is safe. Also, if it’s real does she decide her old life burnt down and now she wants to start a new one w/Lane?

    3. Does anyone know where Gunter was last night? The Elenburg brothers have a history of committing crimes to help one another out with woman problems and Britney did NOT let Lane have his way with her. I’m just sayin’.

      1. BTW, just because someone tweets it doesn’t mean it is true. If by some SMALL chance that tweet is accurate, then I would immediately retract my previous joke. There is nothing funny about someone’s home burning down IF it really happened.

          1. Wow. Believe it or not, I was actually chatting with Nick through Facebook last night, (among other things, he told me he’s not going to the finale, (house guests not in the top 3 only get to choose 1 person to be with them on finale night & she chose her mom), and near the end of our conversation, I noticed that he wasn’t replying anymore. I guess I know why now. Poor Brit. I hope she wins the $25K as America’s Choice now.

              1. It’s a rental. they just both moved in- IN July. So? The owner would be the one who loses a house, Brit and Nick only lost some of their belongings- not their house.

            1. Poor Nick, a fire at his house with 50gs damage (according to EW report) and a ruined relationship — this HAS NOT been the poor guy’s summer.

    4. so when you do a google search and there isnt anything that talks about it…you think someone is trying to help her win america’s favorite???

        1. I’ve copied and pasted this:LITTLE ROCK — The Hillcrest home of a contestant on the CBS reality show “Big Brother” was destroyed early Wednesday, the same day she is to appear on the program’s live finale.

          Laura Grisham said her son, Nick Grisham, was awakened by the blaze at the home on the corner of Van Buren Street and Lee Avenue. Nick Grisham, who made it out without injury, is the fiance of Britney Haynes, the 23-year-old woman eliminated from winning the reality competition in last week’s episode. She is slated to vote for the show’s winner in tonight’s finale.

          Laura Grisham said the couple picked out the home and that her son helped move Haynes’ belongings into the residence in July after she left to appear on “Big Brother,” where she is sequestered from the outside world.

          Nick Grisham called the producers to let them know about the fire, Laura Grisham said.

          “He told them what happened and they agreed they wouldn’t say anything to Britney,” Laura Grisham said. “She can’t do anything. The final show is tonight and it’s live. There’s no sense in her knowing.”

          Nick Grisham went back inside to rescue the couple’s two dogs and family members have been able to salvage some possessions, Laura Grisham said. She said her son will fly to Los Angeles later Wednesday to meet Haynes after she show.

          The cause of the fire remains under investigation, authorities said. Laura Grisham said her son had been grilling and it’s believed that somehow sparked the blaze.

          The house was fully involved when crews arrived about 1:30 a.m., said Little Rock Fire Department Capt. Randy Hickmon. It took about an hour-and-a-half to get the fire under control.

          The fire did not appear suspicious early-on, Hickmon said.

          “But in the daylight hours and then you start interviewing people, that might change,” he said. “But we don’t have any reason to believe it would be (suspicious).”

          A complete damage estimate has not been completed, but Hickmon said the house is believed to be a total loss.

        2. The fire was reported in the oklahoma online newspaper — it looks very real to me! Says Nick was grilling and initial reports say the grill was probably the cause. He went into the house twice to rescue their 2 dogs.

      1. Dang some of you must be working overtime to find a conspiracy. The house burned overnight, and the AC voting ended yesterday. So how exactly would a fake story about her house influence whether she wins AC or not? How sad…

    5. It is true and sad. He moved her stuff in while she was gone too so she lost everything. They aren’t going to tell her until after the show. Nothing she can do now.

      1. the article said she didnt lose everything. They got some of her belongings out after they got the fire out. I am still a little skepticle. I think mostly because the local tv station said there was a fire and the house look occupied but didnt know who lived there and that was after they had updated it and other press had already said it was hers. You just never know nowadays what people are trying to do. I am in no way saying she is…since she is serquestered…or her family and close friends are trying to cause anything. I just get a little hesitant when there is something big on the line. I sure hope everything turns out for the best for her & Nick.

        1. I do feel really bad about the fire and hope everything will be okay for Brit, Nick and the dogs, too! Britney was not my favorite and I even said that here on this website, but I truly don’t wish bad things on anyone! Let’s hope things will work out for everyone and Brit can move on with her life!

    6. Nicks saves the dogs and Lane kills the animals.. hmm, whom should she choose? Nick. If she don’t want him, I’ve got tons of friends in my animal rescue groups who’d go for a man who’ll rescue a dog from a fire..

      1. Don’t hold your breath Jackie. Remember, Ezno, aka Da Boss has a Jesus connection.
        Holy Father, aka, Da Pope loves Jesus. Da Pope lives in Rome. Rome is in Italy. Ezno, aka, Da Boss is Italian, and also a Catholic himself.
        Jesus, aka, the Saviour, is a Jew, and he loves the world so much, that he died for our sins, all of our sins, no matter what nationality we are.
        He picked Peter as he right hand man. Jesus said: “Peter, you are my rock, and on this rock, I will build my church.”
        So after Jesus died and risen and went back to heaven to be seated at the right hand of his father, GOD, Peter moved to Rome to retired.
        So that’s why the main church is in Rome, Italy.

          1. Hello – are you joking or serious? I’ve been trying to figure it out because sometimes I think you are being really funny but other times I’m left wondering..

          2. Agree – Enzo over Lane- I think Enzo is likely a nice person- even with his weird habits and all, but Lane does not seen to be a nice person – remind me of a bully.

    1. plus, when she sees nick is not at the finale she will think they broke up. (he wont be there until after and she told the bragade if hes not there its because he broke up with her.)

      1. She could only have one guest and she chose her mom, so I doubt she will think Nick dumped her because he isn’t there. And also why would Brittany be mad at Nick…. accidents happen.

  2. I just like to thank CBS for helping to enforce sterotypes on there show by picking to sterotypical extreme individuals. You got Enzo the guido from Jersey and Lane the dumb redneck hick from the Texas. However the only difference is people on these blogs made no reference to Lane’s heritage (German I Think) as a reason for his behavior unlike Enzo being Italian. Humm? interesting

    1. Enzo has a strong Italian way of speaking (although more a Jersey than Italian accent). If Lane was going around sounding like Heidi Klum then his German ancestry would probably come more into play. I think Lane’s accent is more like one from Dumbassnia.

        1. How is saying he has A JERSEY ACCENT more than an Italian one ignorant? Maybe I should have been clearer….stereotypical Italian way of speaking, but with a Jersey accent. Do you folks in Jersey, Brooklyn, or Boston even understand you have an accent? Us left coasters sure as hell hear it when you talk. When I was in Boston we had car trouble and had to have the “sta-tuh” (starter) cable replaced. The repair shop was on “Pike” (park) street.

          1. Excuss me but wha is a “stereotypical Italian way of speaking” CoCo. Last I checled the Italians I know where I am from sound just like everybody else your an idiot who has watched too many mob movies. You mean jersey, boston, new york. right.

              1. lets do a weird science project, we’ll get howard stern,eminem,the guys from the movie the bronx tale,and a caveman, put them all together and poof we have enzo, oh ya and bruce springsteen becuase we cant forget enzos the boss,

    2. Enzo doesn’t act or talk like normal Italians, he is an insult to Italians. He is nothing
      but a caricature Italian. If anyone is sterotyping Italians it’s him not Big Brother or
      the people commenting here. Did you hear his wife or his mother talking like him?
      He acts this street way because he thinks it makes him stay young and look cool.
      He thinks that being from Jersey is the in thing now so he has created his over
      the hill not ready for prime time nj housewife character for himself.

      1. Excuss me but don’t you think big brother did this on purpose by selecting people like this for ratings, give me a break they knew exactly what they are doing. They interview these people and pick them on personality and background. please

        1. They usually try aqnd select people who will annoy and cause controversy within the house. Did they accomplish that this year? Not so much!

      2. I thinks it more like the media’s warped representation of Italian over the years that they think people will find intertaining and translate into higher ratings.They been getting away with this for years. Right Allison Higher ratings=Money

      3. Soothe I hear what you are saying but don’t you think they pick someone that represents the extreme of an Italian stereotype on purpose knowing very well he was going to act like this and make a fool out of himself and the heritage he claims he comes from

        1. Try some consistency, Lisa. You attack me for talking about Enzo being a stereotypical (not MY stereotype) Italian then you say that is exactly what BB was attempting to do when they cast him. You are a total douchebag! If QAZ reads this, maybe we can start some Fat Lisa jokes in addition to the AG ones.

          1. Lisa loves Enzo so please take it easy on her. I find it difficult to believe that every show with an Italian in it from Jersey is stereotyped… Jersey Shore, Housewives of N.J., Jerseylicious, etc, all have very shallow people with no depth of character or morals. Sorry, but it can’t all be casting. Lisa, I love the Italians who garden, go to church, have huge family get togethers, and are very generous in my grandmother’s neighborhood. They are NOT like the one’s I see on television. Go to Italy… Italians are very fun and family oriented. Enzo is typical of his upbringing. That whole generation seems to be a write off. Sorry, but it is how I see it.

    3. I still think CBS selected a group where half of them obviously would play the game more agressively using various strategies while the other group were relative dumbasses. The first group went out earlier by overplaying their game and ignoring the second group that they didn’t see as a real threat. Hence the biggest dumbasses of all sit final three. I don’t think floaters will be ignored as much in future seasons.

      1. The people who play too hard in this game at the beginning always go home first. Why in all the season’s of this game people don’t realize that you lay low, make your alliances and stick by them, and coast along until you have to play is the way to go. Rotten Ronnie really got called out by Russell because of his ruthless, relentless manipulating… that was a good season of the game, minus the end.

  3. Okay if that discussion about Enzo getting in trouble for eating pizza wasn’t set up by production I’ll eat my keyboard. That was so obvious that they have been reading
    the complaints that he didn’t get punished for it. They must have put the fear of god
    into him cause he ate about 4 times while being a have not.
    To just throw that comment about him getting into trouble just out of the blue like
    that was a pathetic attempt by production to cover up their favourtism of Enzo.

            1. thanks, at least it was mentioned — seems like we were the only ones who noticed since it hadn’t come up from production and there were no repercussions to breaking any rules this season. The rule that got me was “not allowed to tell people how you’re voting” — and that let to unanimous voting (bully votes). Was it simply “laissez faire” this season or too late to start punishments after several violations had already taken place?

              1. Enzo cheating while being a havenot was discussed before in several threads. However, I did catch Dawg’s recapping that coversation too! It seemed like at the time Big Brother didn’t do anything about it at all! Plus, he ate and drank different things that got him noticed on the live feeds! One of the biggest things talked about was a pickle – but everyone ended up saying that BB considered a pickle – a condiment – and since condiments are allowed while being a havenot – He got a pass! Pizza though – he should have been penalized – but wasn’t. I do think BB favored him!

  4. Can’t believe it’s coming to a end.. Big Brother 12 almost over. Special thanks to all the great people who comment on this site, your involvement is what makes Big Brother such a entertaining show to watch. A special thanks goes out to all the people that support our site through buying the feeds and donations it’s this contributions that enables dawg and I to afford such a busy site and will allow us to get the site redesigned for Big Brother 13.

    During the off season the site will remain active and updated with Big Brother/Survivor news so remember to check us out.
    Thanks again to everyone

    1. Simon, I have visited your site 100 times a day to keep updated and I so appreciate you and Dawg and all of your wonderful attention. I donated a little….I am retired and there isn’t a lot of moola hanging around. I visited some other sites and there were ok but I do prefer yours.
      With that said, I noticed on the other sites there is a disclaimer that: there are no obscene names, and profanity and insults and attacks are not permitted. It is nice to be able to post without someone just attacking the post with insults for no reason. The names that your posters have been called are really insulting and degrading.

      1. Its hard not to be obscene when discussing the houseguests who are sometimes obscene. This isn’t the library or an elementary school.

    2. Yeah, I can’t wait for Survivor tonight.
      I would like to see Enzo’s sweet family reunion. Want to know what dishes his Italian momma cooks up for them. I bet it’ll be good eating, and good fellowship.

      Also, I’m betting that Hayden will buy himself a lot of blink blink with his money. The boy might get some gold grillz for his teeth….
      Lane, well, he’ll find himself a fight some where. Heck, he’ll probably end up fighting as soon as he lands in Texas.

        1. Maybe “blink blink” is false eyelashes. LOL Like you could even see them with those bangs of his.
          I guess they meant “bling bling”.

          1. I was thinking the same thing – bling bling! I don’t think Hayden needs to buy that – a better barber maybe! I know it’s his look – but as a guy who likes to keep my hair short – I say – Cut That Mop Already!!

          2. Ah! If this person was talking about eyelashes and “blink blinking” he/shemust have been referring to Kathy! And yeah, I knew it was “bling bling” but I had to be an ass and point out the faux paus! :)

    3. Thank you, Simon and Dawg, for maintaining this site. I subscribe to the live feeds, but don’t get to watch often – pesky work gets in the way! So I love to read your “CliffsNotes” versions. I also enjoy reading the comments; and even though I often disagree, but being the non-confrontational sort, I don’t respond. Good Luck, Hayden and Lane!

    4. Kudos to Simon and Dawg! Thanks for everything – this website, the recaps and the laughs! You guys make this reality show a lot more fun, interesting and enjoyable to watch! Again, Thanks!

    5. Simon, once again, Great Site!!! Thanks to you and Dawg for the great work you do here… it is like wrangling chickens trying to keep the petty fights and posts from getting out of control. We are all here because we love the game, if not the players, (sometimes) Thanks again for making this possible for all the visitors and fans of the greatest game on t.v. I promise to behave from now on…* fingers crossed behind back* : P

  5. big thanks to you Simon for all the good job you’re doing here you don’t know how much i appreciate it i am a senegalese but i like big brother and i come here every day to update myself and comment sometime
    thank ypu so much long life to you and your family

  6. omg; tonight is the end of BB; I am going to miss staying up watching Afterdark on Showtime; so sad; I wish them all the best of luck; but I hope Hayden wins tonight!!!

  7. I wonder when the producers of reality shows such as this and Survivor will figure out that part of the original draw for us viewers was that they used people we could relate to (mostly) and threw them into these surreal situations. Now they activley “recruit” people to try and create the situations that they want instead of letting them unfold naturally and they utilize people who are outside of the “norm” to try and create a script. THAT is where they go wrong and what ends up turning so many of us off. Go back to the original format big-wigs. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it and keep on trying to fix it until you jack it up beyond all recognition.

    I feel sorry for the do-do’s left in the house. I mean yeah, one will win the money but they are delusional about what people outside of the house think of them and how they will be treated like royalty. they were brought in to play roles and editing twisted things to fit what they wanted and each became a character. Hopefully next year will give us some players with backbone that will stand up to production and do things their way and not be puppets.

    GO WHOEVER!!!!!

  8. I have enjoyed coming to this site througout the summer for the spoilers/updates and comments from everyone. What I found most interesting is how so many people can view the same situation so differently. We have all had our favorites based on how the HGs acted and perhaps our own skewed views of people, personalities and situations. I rather enjoy being an observer of the happenings in the BB house, but I don’t think I would ever want to be a guest. I know we have all commented on how boring this season has been (I haven’t read the site for a few days, but it doesn’t look like I missed much) but I look forward to seeing how they will cast BB 13. (I think they will have another season b/c it is their summer show to compete with other networks) I’m hoping for another all-stars so that we can get some of our favorites back for the summer and maybe have drama and fun again.

  9. IS it just me or are they all starting to talk like ENZO. Lane was talking last night and using “ENZO” hand gestures. (open jazz hand slowliy pumping downward). with the slight head turn.
    They have all lost their minds identities. I wonder if they will get their period cycles at the same time too.

    1. I don’t like that chick,but nobody deserves that. My heart and prayers go out to her fam.
      Atleast nobody got hurt and u can always replace items but not family.

  10. I too just want to send a special thanks to Simon and dawg. This is the only site I check out ( 50 times a day) and it will remain that way next season as well. You guys do an awesome job and it shows. My wife didn’t let me subscribe to the live Feeds but I don’t feel like I missed anything because of the quick and detailed updates by Simon and dawg. The last few weeks must have been brutal to have to watch though for yas haha. Reguardless my hats off to you guys for an awesome site and look forward to next year. Hope everyone has a nice winter off and look forward to talking to y’all next season.

    By the way. What’s the deal with the wrap party? Is there anywhere to watch that besides if you have the live feeds? ( I’m talking free, after the live show tonight?). And will you guys continue to cover all that on here until these guys are off the big brother grounds? Look forward to all the post show interviews and whatnot.

    Take care and everyone have a safe offseason!!

    1. I agree. You guys have done a wonderful job keeping the info flowing and the content fresh. It’s nice to see all the fine details that get edited out on the show without showing the whole story. Thanks again for the hard work.

      1. Haha. Im assuming ur talking bout me and the wife won’t let me comment. No skin off my sack, plenty of better things to spend my money on then following a group of strangers on the Internet eat sleep and shit.

    1. I read above that she wasn’t told and won’t be told until after the finale.I dont know if its true but she was told i hope they do giver her enough money to fix least she won 10,000 dollars to at least help cover it.

  11. as i know Brendon and his sweet heart if he wins AC he can give some help to Britney and it would not surprise me anyone share my thought

  12. Enzo’s comment about all the haters was great. “For every hater there’s a fan”. Enzo rocks. He was prolly the most honest, true to himself HG of the season. And being that this is a voyeuristic show makes him the best. BEST! Most of the other HGs were way too aware of the cameras all the time.

    1. Like the rest of the malarky he spews, that’s not true. He’s again way overestimated his popularity. Poor Enzo, the bite of reality is going to hurt. I’d like cameras for October when he’s back in Bayonne and nobody is recognizing him.

  13. Thanks for sharing this website with all of us lunatics. But, next year if you’re going to impose censorship and filter certain words, you might consider something else. A constant barrage of jokes are sent to a real person (Allison Grodner) and this is allowed. So, either stop the constant fat jokes against one individual, or open up and stop filtering EVERYTHING. And, that’s Just the TIP. Maybe next year, you people can handle a little more. ;-)

    1. AG is a public figure in all this: if her feelings are hurt (which is highly doubful), too bad.
      No publicity is bad publicity for BB/CBS: the more the better in fact.

      Ratney: are you really Allison G posting here??: If so, PLEASE, ALLISON do a better job next year!!!! Watch those bonbons!

      1. If you’re “not watching” then that’s bad for ratings, too. Plus, it means you are uninformed and probably an idiot. No wait, you’re lesbian and have a crush on AG. That’s it! Back off handi-tard.

        1. Ratney sorry my comment & name were beyond your comprehension. Eat some fish and other brainfood before next season of this stimulating program. Love to AG and her legions of followers.

    2. the problem with the censorship issue is that ‘some’ like to feel free and barage the site, freak out, call people off, then claim to be innocent and then cry when someone goes back at them.. plus the fact that ‘some’ get into a fight, then change their name and fight again under another name to think they have friends or to gang up on someone. right Mr. *******?

      1. Who’s *****? Are you talking about ratney? Either way we can’t have censorship. There have been times when i read a comment and i’m like this dude sucks balls then other times i’m like wow this dude has a great point of view. Even with the posters that like to come on here and bash or the posters that come on here with a super biased view of the HGs, it can be entertaining to read (sometimes). The point is who’s to say what should be censored or not. At times i would have liked Simon to censor certain posters but at the same time I’m sure certain readers were entertained by that comment.

        1. This site would not survive if I didn’t censor certain comments, theres too much malicious shit coming from some people. I try my best to keep everyone happy in the comments I don’t have the time to commit to understanding all the conversation threads so sometimes I make mistakes. Next year comments will be open to people who donate and we’ll probably have a dedicated person to moderate.

          1. Right on. I’m sure you’ve seen some posts that you were like WTF is this dude for real?! I’m just saying the problem with censorship is were do we draw the line?? Who decides what is offensive and not? BTW awesome great job at being the BB of OBB:)

                1. I agree, some things are better left unsaid. It’s their site and they have the right to run it as they see fit. I do think this is the best BB site the way it is, Thank you Simon and Dawg!

          2. LOL! Maybe you shouldn’t use the same unique username for every site on the Web you visit. All it takes is one Google search to find your full name. Shame on you. That’s not Simon’s fault.

            1. QAZ, Simon is still held legally responsible for any and all contents on this site! How would you feel if if were you? Unlike that HE_SHE BITCH, got better and more important thing to do than hang out here!

          3. I just googled Jimik60 and the 5th result came up with this

            James K******* (jimik60) on Twitter
            21 Jul 2010 … Twitter is without a doubt the best way to share and discover what is happening right now.
   – Cached

            1. when you have an issue with me, why do you have to bring simon into it? I stand by what I say and what I did.. I don’t think and I am quite sure but your name nor handle was EVER mentioned in this post which was not about you nor were you participating in. No one would have ever known your name nor would they care however as you can see, you were easily found on line – ie twitter, gay porn etc. It is your choice to leave an internet trail and to attack people on and off this website. A quick google search shows your name, home address and all your information which I never placed on line nor do I care too, you did that, not me. I don’t know if you made a donation to the website, nor do I care but it’s cool if you did since ur here 24/7 and if you didn’t donate I’m sure one of your other personalities would have. simon has never given out your personal info and honestly I thought maybe you were blaming him for a long time but I think you want simon to ban me since some of your other personalities were banned as you have stated yourself and I have become your opposition… fight me if you want but leave the guys out of it. simon and dawg did nothing and are not responisble for anything I say nor do… just so we are clear on that.. I don’t know the guys, they don’t know me.

    1. She’ll bat her eyes at Lane and offer to sleep with him for some of his prize money to rebuild her house. (if he gets any). What’s that movie? Indecent Proposal?

  14. I’ve been watching bbad since the first season. This is the first cast I’ve ever heard say some much that production tries to talk them into what they should do. Have any of u guys ever heard past hgs talk like that?

    Only a few hrs to the finale….. I just HOPE season ( lucky number) 13 is all stars, if so I bet a lot of ppl on this site r gonna be pissed on who they did/didn’t bring back who they wanted……just bring back Keesha(and make it tothe final 2) and I’m good!!

    Awesome site Dawg&Simon I’ll check in for updates in the coming months and can’t wait to get it on again on July 5th 2011 god willing. Peace&Love Ya’ll!!! One last thing….. Lets go Enzo and get that 25k Brendon!

    1. its the psychology of the game.
      production is not talking them into anything.
      production gets the houseguest’s view on every possibility…like keeping or voting out someone they never thought they would.
      they ask what they “think” about different senarios.
      they NEVER tell them to do one thing or another.
      it is the house guest that perceives this because their head is in the game and because they become paranoid.
      this is the FACT of the game.

      1. AG, is that you? BTW, this is not the first season that houseguests have felt that production manipulated the game. It is maybe the first time that they’ve been very very vocal about it though.

  15. Simon and Dawg thank you for everything!! This is by far the best spoiler page!!! Hope to see ya’s next year!!! I’n gonna miss checkin this page out like 100 times a day!! Take care!!

      1. I’d laugh my ass of if they went to Steamboat and they treated them like any other guests and gave them no no perks whatsoever.

  16. I love Big Bro but to be honest I am glad the season is over. It was very uneventful and I will not miss listening and watching Enzo eat! See ya next summer :)

  17. Simon & Dawg, Thank you for another great season of blogging BB! You guys are the best at what you do. If I had only one suggestion to make the site a little more user friendly it would be to be able to find your posts, or someone else’s posts easier. Thank you again!

    1. @OK then: go to Edit, Find on Page, type in name you are looking for, you will see Previous & Next. I’m no geek, but this is how I find things.

  18. I agree – thanks Simon and Dawg. You always come through for all of us here. Even when I’m not at home, I can log in anywhere or on my phone and get the latest. I wasn’t able to donate this year, but next time – I’m there for you guys.

  19. this season was boring because the bra-gade just ran the house like nothing, it was to easy for them ,everything just fell in there hands,it was like the lakers playing little people. bra-gade for life homie,lol

  20. Just thinking….Everyone talks about Lane always fighting and being a rapist blah blah blah…..yet this season, not once in 3 months did Lane get in one fight with anybody, nor did he rape, or even come close to be dis-respectful to Britney. Now I dont have the live feeds and haven’t been on here much lately to keep up….but I do understand alot of people talk a big talk for the entertainment factor, whether they be the peeps in the house, or the peeps posting here…….but Im the kinda of person who if I dont see it with my own two eyes Im not going to believe it till I do, and from what I have seen the only thing Lane is abusing is his own little Lane! So Im still sticking by “My Man”!! Lane for the win!!

    PS. Much Luv to you Simon and Dawg!! Thanx for the memories! Looking forward to your Survivor Blog!

    1. So, Lane’s to be congratulated because he didn’t rape anyone while on live tv? Oh, and tell me this — do you think OJ Simpson is guilty or innocent? Based on your criteria of seeing it with your own two eyes. . . I assume you are also an atheist??

      1. OMG!! I am an Atheist!! How did you know?? I hate OJ Simpson….I totally think he is guilty, so you do raise a good point!! But think about it, if Lane will rub one out on TV, what is to stop him from doing other crazy stuff?? I get it tho……..Im just blinded by Lanes inbred beauty!! HAHA!! I would be tootin my horn for Hayden, but the girlie look doesn’t do it for me and he has no rhythm…….and as for Enzo, well if he would shave his head and close his mouth Id be all over it! YES, I am shallow!! Well, LJ is at least…….the real “L” isn’t really…….but is there anyting real about most of the postings here…..NAH…we are all just living out someone else’s fantasy to escape our own reality! OK…..I am!!
        Peace Out!

      2. I love how it’s always the churchies who are the most judgmental. Who cares if she’s an athiest? I hope I’m one of the many people on here that you’re so above you pious hypocrite. If there is a God then he thinks you’re an a-hole for always judging others but he likes me cuz he’s totally hot for blondes.

    2. LJ – I’m not a fan of Lane. The spotlighting thing freaks me out and since I’m such an animal supporter, I can’t deal however I do believe that a great deal of it is postering and trying to be the big dog

      1. Hey Rockstar! I know you are not…..and Im surprised that I am too being a big animal advocate and a foster mom of homeless doggies on occasion. I guess since I never heard him say that or really read the posting for that one I am living in a state of denial! But I too believe that he is just trying to be entertaining and give us something to hoo haw about! Like you say……the “Big Dog” factor!! If I were to be honest for a second I would be a big whiner and say how I hated this season, it was a big snooze fest and Im really hoping for a better 13! My original love was for the “4” Brigade members to make final 4 with Matt and Enzo at the end! But that didn’t work out so all I had left was my female lust for big white trash with lots of tribal tattoos. Lane resembles my husband more than anyone else, but his tribals are much smaller…..or at least less of them! My man wouldn’t hurt a fly or a woman tho! And being an ex abused woman, I have little tollerance for men who do it…..but I guess I just never really beleived that Lane was capable of all that stuff, it was just hot air! Will I ever know…..nope….cause after tonight, this season will be an old memory and survivor will be my new passion! Cant wait to see who our favs end up being for that!! Young or old??? Im already rootin for old since someone on here said the olds have no chance! See how I am!! HAH!

        1. LJ, you picked your favorite based on what you saw on the show. If we knew any of these people personally, we might love them or hate them. I picked Hayden because he reminded me of my grandson, long hair and all. But, many stories come out over the internet. Maybe some are true but many are not. I hope the animal abuse commits made by Lane were just talk among guys and not true. And, the 8 sec ride story, well, I know how guys talk and some things are blow out much further than the actural facts. If he did force his girl to be seen in a sexual act in front of his friends, that is rape. But, again, it may have just been talk. I hope that is all it was. But, LJ, no one knows any of this for sure. You chose your favorite and that is it. I am all for you doing that. But, I am still for my Balloon Boy for the win! But, I will have your back on who you choose.

        2. LJ – my guy has the tribals too … I like them. I really hope Lane is full of crap.. I don’t think they are all bad. I think they are just talking and saying stupid shit believing they are not on camera. It’s a huge lack of brains but none the less, every single person in the house does and say stupid crap and we either love or hate them but 90% of the time, the people are not that bad… only time will tell if anyone will turn into an Adam the druggie, Matty the girlfriend beater or Tonya the drunky killer..

    3. I wuv you gals! BB-Ma, Rockstar….and now Becks too!! I would never support anyone with those kinds of horible behaviors like I said……I just feel that if those are your real human traits, we would have witnessed some sort of the same type of behavior in these last three months and we haven’t…….Action speaks louder than words!
      Only a few hours to go!!

      1. LJ – that is very true…. you’d think he would have lost it a few times if he was such a psycho guy..

        I think me and Grandma wuv you too… wanna play Naked Big Brother? hahah

  21. Thank you, Simon and Dawg. Thank you to the commenters who’ve provided mature and interesting comments. I know that many of you have been here because you’ve been unemployed or ill. To those of you, I wish you the best of luck with finding a job and good health to all.

        1. Congratulations Rockstar! All my hard work for the economy is paying off and things are getting better. Now can I stop spending so much money shopping?

          1. buddhistgirl69 – thanks.. We just had a dollarama open in town. I won’t even go in until I can get my bills paid and get back on track.. It’s killing me.. I’m hoping to find some of Kathy’s mascara in a bin somewhere for a buck. I’ll feel much better when I can buy some junk and go on about my life.. haha

  22. And to the OTHERS: To the immature, sniveling idiots who use profane and vile language against your fellow commenters, the female contestants, and the sole gay contestant, I wish you a year of emotional growth and embracing your obesity, your homosexuality, your feminity, your very humanness — whatever you have hidden in the closet of your psyche that has caused you to become so prejudiced and hateful. Peace out.

    1. I wish you didn’t write that. Now you make me feel bad. Well, I’m just guilty of one of those things…so one out of what, 6 sins? Not so bad, I guess.

      1. I’m glad that you are beginning to recognize that you’ve been hateful and immature. Acknowledging your problem is the first step. I need only to point to your comments from earlier today to some places where you need to grow. And the things hidden in the closet aren’t sins, but obviously several of this board haven’t come to terms with themselves yet and FEEL like they are sins.

        By the way, everyone who is a “renter” lives in a “rental home.” Being a renter doesn’t make the damage any less severe and most renters don’t have rental insurance and so are in a worse boat than homeowners who suffer a fire — most homeowners are forced to have home insurance by their banks.

        1. ……and even as they signed off with: “Peace out.”, they’re still hanging around, looking for more.
          Damn, I’m good!

        2. Son, I don’t know how old you are, and who you wish to preach to, but you’re ranting about things that are common sense. Why do we have to go into details explaining our posts?
          At some point in our lives, shouldn’t common knowledge prevail?
          You may “peace out” at this time. And go in peace my son. I wish you the best.

      1. Find it hard to believe that more than 1 person might call out the haters on this site? Sorry, more than 1 person has — I’m not JimiK and I don’t know JimiK.

        1. It just gets to be funny……all the kettles and pots on here! Thanx for clearing that up tho…..I will now consider you an individual!

  23. Wow, are you kidding me? Voting ended before the fire even happened. And, no matter what kind of person Britney may or may not be, no one deserves to have their home burned down. It amazes me with the things some of you think up. $25,000 would barely make a dent since the damage was $50,000. I am sure if she were trying to get some attention or make some money, she would be more cleaver than this crazy idea you are putting out. She is a very bright person and obviously has more smarts than you are obviously lacking.

    1. Yes, if she really wanted attention she could learn from the Craptasia Barrino method and get knocked up to promote being a strong single mother and then claim that she can’t read and have a movie made about it and then fake a suicide attempt.

  24. by far, this has been the best “spoiler” site for big brother. that i could find anyway. but great job on all the updates. i have checked this site once an hour for the last 4 or 5 weeks. wish i woulda thought of it earlier in the season. bb12 is not the best season yet, but being a bb mega fan i would/have not missed an episose. if it werent for all the updates i probably wouldnt have been as interested in watching. so thank you and hope i can visit back for BB13. GO LANE! AND HOPE BRITT WINS THAT 25K (after her house buring down she will need it)

  25. Simon,
    A couple of days ago I tried to donate to the site, but wasn’t sure if I had the right one. When I clicked to donate the name Mike something came up. I wasn’t sure if that’s you or not. Did you reply to my question about this?

  26. I know it sounds bad regarding Britney’s rental house – have you seen the pics? Not that bad! From the looks of it she might have lost some clothes and furniture with the smoke . It wasn’t a 5000 sq ft house that burnt to cinders. Isn’t that what insurance is for. It is not like she will become a bag lady and live off the streets.
    Bad things happen to good people every day.

    She has a family – She will make out just fine. You will see her marriage vow played out early…”For better for worse”

  27. Thanks Simon and Dawg. I had always been a casual fan of Big Brother since it’s first season. I had never joined any discussion websites until this year. I guess maybe it was because I was intrigued by the cast of characters – I was a fan of the Bra-gade alliance; and I was attracted to Britney. Those 2 things are what drew me in, and I searched for a website and after just a couple of attempts I found this one. This site appealed to me more than some of the others mainly because it seemed easy to post something without the hassle of registering, simple layout, and welcome to all newcomers. And the spoilers/updates were well done, and entertaining. Your updates/spoilers and the cast itself got me inspired to actually purchase the Live Feeds for the first time ever.(I also had Showtime this year for the first time too, but I got it before BB12 even started, due to a free 1 year deal with my cable company.)
    Anyway, it was great to have that total package: CBS, Showtime, Live Feeds, Thank You.
    I don’t know if I’ll sign up for the Live Feeds again next year. It depends on who’s in the cast.

    1. @the Excitement: Don’t worry, they’ll cast another big busted blonde for you to slobber over next year! Too bad you missed the year Janelle was on! See you next year! I know you’ll be back.

  28. Simon, I do hope you will be posting tomorow for those of us that might be too bored with the two hour finale to stay awake for it, but want to know how it ends!

    1. How can anyone be bored with this finale…. they will show Jury House chaos between Rachel and Ragan, Julie Chen will be in some elegant outfit making astute comments, Enzo will go home with his green toe nails and nasty table manners, Hayden will party like he’s at Steamboat, and Lane will feel the wrath of God for hurting defenseless and meek animals. So we have fighting, fashion, fa-caca, furious drinking, and epic failure as a human being to watch on CBS tonight! How can that be boring? I am making guacamole, margaritas, salsa, and homemade chips for the finale…

  29. Hey Simon and Dawg, I just wanted to thank you guys for this site.
    I am a regular on here and used to post more last season, but this summer my grandma died and then I started school, so it’s been crazy.
    Just wanted to let you guys know that you do a GREAT job on this site and I have it set as my homepage on my computer and phone.
    Thank God you guys aren’t shutting it down like last year, I was so upset. Haha.
    But again, thank you guys for this site. It must take a lot of work.
    God bless.

  30. Thanks Simon and Dawg. I’ve really enjoyed your site. My husband will be glad when BB is over so I will stay off the computer. I’m afraid to tell him there still will be updates on the players, oh well football season is here that should keep him busy. Thanks guys!

      1. Simon, no cold turkey please! Give us one full day to vent before you take your long weekend! Now is not the time. This is the time to let us unwind — while asking for donations and laying plans for the future for all those BB addictions. Be kind!

        1. Unless something bad happens to the site/server like last year everything will remain working. dawg and I will continue to post whenever we find anything interesting.

  31. This has been awesome and totally addicting! I found this site half way through and want to go back and read the whole thing. Great job and I would have given up on the BB show if it werent for this. Keep it interesting and I will look at your Survivor blogs also….Donation is on its way and well deserved!

    Brendon for the $25K!

  32. You will all see the final before me. I will read it here first. Thank you Simon and Dawg for another fun time. And, thank you to all the posters and the funny, serious, threatening, sad, thoughtful, honorable, and loving comments that have appeared here. We are lucky to have a couple of guys who give so much of their time to make sure we have somewhere to come and let our thoughts be know. You know I love you, Simon and Dawg! I am not going anywhere but just wanted to tell you again how I feel. Here’s to the end of another Big Brother Season! DRINK! DRINK! DRINK!

    1. BBGrandma, we will see you here during Survivor I hope! Do you watch Survivor? This year it is the Old folks against the Young ones… should be an excellent match up if they have more mental challenges than physical ones. You are a sweet soul and may God Bless you.

      1. Yay finale ! 1 hour left until this nightmare is over! I can’t wait until they see how dumb they look! I cant wait until next season.

  33. Love to everyone here! Have a great finale…Hayden for the win, Brendan for the 25K, and anyone in the Jury house for the 50K!

  34. Thanks for all the updates Simon and Dawg!!! I’m not sure how many times a day I checked this site but it was a lot…couldn’t wait until the show aired to find out what happened! this is the best site i found for up-to-date info. I will be checking back next year!!

  35. This whole season is like that Seinfeld episode where Elaine had a card from a sub shop and she had to have the whole card filled in order to get a free sub. “I had to eat a lot of crap to get where Iam!” You said it Laney.

  36. Please CBS do America a huge favor for the lack of excitement. Please film Britney’s reaction when they tell her that her boyfriend burnt her house down and maybe her stuff. It will be 10 times better than when she found out about the brigade! You think 3 guys in an alliance is bad, what about EVERYONE in America knowing something that involves you…. LMAO

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