Enzo’s Post Big Brother 12 S$x with his wife, “I’m telling you it’s going to be awkward man i’m telling you..yo”

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9:20pm Jumanji Enzo and Lane Hayden is in the DR. They are going over possible questions for tomorrows final quiz. Enzo wonders the single game move that Rachel would regret the most a) being in s showmance or b) Not putting Matty up the second time. Enzo: “BLANK man I never knew I would be in this house 75 days straight… “. Lane can’t believe it’s almost done. Enzo doesn’t think he could come back in a tear he’ll need 2 years until he’s mentally ready. Enzo does think that in some ways coming back would be easy because

lane points out that the 3 people left in the house don’t know BLANK about the game and the 2 people that knew a lot are gone. Enzo: “I never knew about what these competitions would be about”

Lane wonders why Hayden is taking so long in the DR… Enzo: “Hayden is stressing out in there”. Enzo hopes there something happening for him so he can make some coin. Lane thinks there will be. Enzo feels confident that good things will happen to them because they gave CBS a good season.

They start talking about how hard the game is and how everyone in the house were smart they just played their cards wrong. Enzo says they are stuck in a house with a bunch of people that lie, cheat and throw you under the bus. Enzo: “big brother BLANK with your head to” Lane: “hell ya”
Enzo brings up Annie wanting to start an all girls alliance day one.. enzo: “That BLANK was BLANK up day one!” Lane and Enzo are both amazed that they pulled it off making a 4 person alliance day 2.
9:43pm hayden joins them in the Jumanji Enzo says Hayden was in the DR for 30minutes. Lane hopes they don’t get called in, Hayden doesn’t think they will. Lane jokes that he watching TV for 2 hours when he gets out. Enzo: “I’m going late for the wrap party… lust catch the last 30minutes”… Enzo reminds them how big of a day tomorrow is for lane and hayden.. Enzo: “Just go out there if it was meant to be it was meant to be” Lane: “Whatever happens all 3 of us will come out of this with something….we get to have sex”. Enzo talks about having sex with his wive when they get out. Enzo: “I’m telling you it’s going to be awkward man i’m telling you… it’ll be like we’ve started from the beginning again yo “. Lane asks if they see the psychiatrist tomorrow. Hayden jokes only the people that lose. Enzo: “BLANK I will not be able to sleep tomorrow night”. Lane: “I’m watching TV all night”..

9:53pm Football talk

10:35pm Jumanji Bragade Hayden telling them you can invest 1million and through the interest alone you will be making 50grand a year..

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some manipulation on BB’s part to get Hayden to take Enzo if he wins final HOH.


That makes ZERO sense. How does season 12 benefit by having Enzo in the finals? None. Tomarrow is the finale and would have all the viewership already tuned in by then.


Enzo’s stupid mouth is just a tad bit more tv-worthy than any of Lane’s responses. Maybe they’re going to try a twist and toss Lane on some violation of the contract’s moral clause.
I can just see Julie asking Lane, “So Lane, do you wack off as much at home as you did in the BB House?” Lane is semi-pro at it.


Sex with Allison Grodner post operation. I’m telling you man/woman/shim, it’s going to be awkward.

off topic....

Shameless manipulations. A fishtank with 3 fish would be more real’ than this. Expect more of the same at the reunion/finale.


Enzo’s worried about coming back to the Big Brother House? Don’t worry Enzo, You would never be picked for Big Brother All-Stars!! BTW… When do you all think they will have another BBAS? I hope it’s next year!


So you don’t think Enzo will be back in the Big Brother’s house?
You got inside information? You sound so sure dick.


If it’s like the original all stars, America voted who would participate and I don’t think Enzo has enough fans for that. Also he would have to clean up his mouth some, it disgusting and there is no need to be cursing constantly. I curse myself but it isn’t every other word out of my mouth. I am so tired of hearing Enzo, can’t stand that attitude of his, the NY-NJ guy thing, I grew up with and left it behind, it’s stupid.


I’ll name some HG’s who are more deserving then Enzo,,, Since you called me a Dick we’ll start there.

Evil Dick…



I would pick jessie over anyone in this cast, and trust me I am no a fan of jessie I helped vote him out twice


kicks Michelle.. bad girl..


Hayden sure was peeved when he came back from the dr. Saying that they r in control, they being production. Why would BB want that neanderthal or is it tal. oh well what ever. that thing that is an excuse for a human being named Enzo, to be in the final two? He hasn’t earned the right to vie for that title.


Hayden is the right one to screw with. The kid is naturally nervous. Production is playing head games.

What is this about the evicted seeing a psychiatrist when they leave the house?


Maybe let all 3 play in final 3


I meant hoh


What is it with that clown Enzo talking about having sex with his wife??? This man has no brain filter.


“I’m telling you it’s going to be awkward man i’m telling you… it’ll be like we’ve started from the beginning again yo “
Oh wonderful for the missus. Enzo get to disappoint her again, only this time in bed.


I don’t really see what Enzo did that was so bad. He played the game-the only way he knew how. The only mistake I think he made was to give up at the final 3 and allow these two idiots-especially nasty Lane think it’s alright not to take him to final 2.

He should intimidate the hell out of them-use you gangasta power yo. tell Lane that if he doesn’t take Lane he will have a dozen dudes like him and his ass brother coming after him in a dark alley-nah!!!Meow meow should go after the last two rats in house-go get them meow, meow!!!
I want to see you win over any of these dirty, lazy bums-not that you are not one yourself.


tonight is the night…


Thank God it’s over..