Big Brother 12 Finale results – Meow Meow Vs. 8 Seconds Vs. Hairdo .. The Hair Wins!!

Well it’s kind of a given that Hayden and Lane are going final 2 and Hayden will be winning but lets play along and pretend that this will be a surprise.

Final HOH goes to Hayden
Last evicted houseguest ENZO
Final 2 is Hayden / Lane

    Jury votes are

Rachel votes for LANE
Kathy votes for Hayden
Matt votes for Hayden
Ragan votes for Hayden
Brendon votes for Lane
Brit votes for Lane
Enzo votes for Hayden
Big BRother 12 winner is HAyden
Enzo: “it’s between who needs a haircut and who needs a shave”
Brit wins America’s Favorite

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514 thoughts on “Big Brother 12 Finale results – Meow Meow Vs. 8 Seconds Vs. Hairdo .. The Hair Wins!!

  1. i dont care who wins nobody deserves it all three were carried by matt and when didnt need him they threw him out so i dont like that type of gameplay especially enzo’s so if hayden or lane win ill be both happy and not caring at the same time ;p

  2. Simon, the live feeds ended already. What happens after the live show??? Will we be able to watch the backyard party/interviews??? It says to click below, but will it be on automatically or we have to purchase additional time??

    1. yeah you should be able to see the interviews.. then there will be a replay starting in the next couple days and the flashback still works so if you want to see the last 3 season you can.

  3. Thanks Simon, this website has been like my home thanks to u, I couldn’t subscribe b/c of my dad but cuz of this live feed it wad fantastic though in the last couple weeks all they could talk bout was bashing others but it was still fan

  4. i gave dawg my vote for the 1/2 mill but dawg needs to share it with simon cause this site is the best! thank you! see you in a few months <3

  5. How is Brendon winning?!! he should have won based on gameplay lmao! By immediately visibly aligning with someone day one, and not hiding it, by getting power hungry everytime he got the chance?? lol you voters are blind. he was playing to save his life, he was never strategically playing this game at one point, all emotional, just like rachel.

    So all you guys that voted for him obviously dont get the show

      1. Hahaha ! Thats so true. Brit sometimes act like the dumb blonde who knew it all. I liked her the most but its true. She was so far up lanes azz she couldnt see the light

      2. Britney wanted so bad to be popular with the boys. Did you see the expression on her face when they showed Hayden and Kristen doing their things during late hours?
        In my opinion, Britney likes Lane, Hayden and Brendon, but Brendon and Hayden didn’t want none of that mess, so they threw it to Lane for his entertainment.
        The little “teach you how to speak properly” game that Britney designed for Enzo, was no more than psychology 101. It was designed to make her popular and appear intelligent.
        Ever noticed when she hug Hayden, she was all up on him? As we all know, Hayden likes beautiful young ladies, not a bottled blond midget who has a bad attitude.
        Then Britney tried to stay close to Ragan, yet she went along with the boys to vote Ragan out, citing that one vote won’t make a difference. Thats how this piece of you know what is, she’s not loyal to anyone. Ragan has never done a thing to her to deserve such betrayal.
        She talks about how close she is to the last 3 boys in the house.
        They don’t want her. I predict by Jan, they won’t have anything to do with her.
        Enzo got his wife.
        Hayden is going to kick it with Kristen, and probably a few more girls, but I hope not. I think Kristen is a tough, classy and intelligent young lady. I hope they’ll date for a while.
        Lane is going to be busy looking for more fights. He doesn’t want some midget hanging around him. He has already said that he has a few girl friends at home.

        1. Youy think Kristen is classy???? She fooled around on the guy she was seeing with Hayden on TV. Wow that’s classy!!! She cheats on guys. It doesn’t matter if this was the first time she ever did it…the fact is she did it! Run Hayden Run!!!

          1. Whatever Kristen may have had with her ex boyfriend, evidently wasn’t that much because she cheated with Hayden. The camera didn’t follow the boyfriend around, before and during the show, so we don’t even know if he was any good for Kristen anyway.
            Kristen was not engaged and I believe that she did with good judgement. In other words, the relationship wasn’t all that. He didn’t give her enough reasons to give a damn, and Hayden did. Now Hayden just gave her 500,000 more reasons.. LOL

    1. Does not matter whether you like Rachel or not, one thing you have to admit is:
      Rachel has more class than Monet. Last night show is proof that ” ghetto ” is not a physical location, but rather a mentality.
      I don’t care for Britney that much, but at least Britney has some sense to play it off, and not didn’t do that “in your face, I can’t stand you bitch, booyah shit” to Rachel when Julie busted her saying: “I’m disgusted.”
      Monet having only spent 2 weeks inside the Big Brother house, yet she wants to tell Rachel how it is after having called Rachel a skank, and Rachel tried to smooth things out to give Monet a little dignity.
      Rachel, I’m going to give you an advice here: Remember the old saying- You can take the boy out of the country, but you can’t take the country out of the boy……..Well, take that saying and substitute the nouns.

      1. I disagree. I think it was awesome of monet to stand behind calling rachel a skank. She is in fact a skank and everyone knows it except rachel. Monet doesnt need to save face if her comments were in fact true. Some people out there are ok with the fact that they said something bad about someone and the other person is aware of it.

  6. I’m drawing a blank from the last few seasons. But do the early evicted houseguests that didn’t make it to jury get to vote? Or are they just there to stir the pot a little and cause some drama cause they got to see how everything played out at home. Actually I guess I answered my own question haha cause why would they vote if they had all that knoweledge. I guess I could have just erased this post but screw it. I’ll make this my last post of the season. And again. Special thanks to Simon and dawg for all the hard work they put in for the entire bb12 season. You guys are awesome and this will remain the only site I check for big brother news and whatnot. You Guys deserve every minute of however long you take off from the site. Congrats on an A + site guys. One other question while I’m rambling. Will all the wrap party and post game interviews be on big brother after dark tonight or is that over with for the year as well?

  7. Enzo didn’t help the Bragade at ALL! He was the most useless player in this house. What is he talking about? He might have made the Bragade BUT That’s all he did!

      1. lol, Sorry. When I was typing it I kept thinking something was wrong with the way he spelled it.

        Hayden has the most annoying voice ever!!

          1. Matt’s vote went to the wrong person. He said he wanted to vote for the person who helped get him out. Brit was HOH, Lane encouraged her to get rid of Matt for the replacement nominee when Brendon took himself off the block after winning the POV. Lane was crucial in Matt being evicted – he got Brit to do it. Congrats for Brit on winning AC!

            1. Brit winning AC. Now its official, there is no hope for this country. When America will vote such a superficial spoiled bitch as their favorite player, then there is no hope for this country…

              But then I have to remind myself that most of the voters are the same that post on here, and then I consider the source. Maybe this country isn’t doomed, but has a large segment of idiots that hopefully natural selection will sort out…

      2. Dirk, they didn’t misspell anything. Didn’t you see the dash/hyphen? They spelled it Bra-gade for a reason. Brah, which is the term now used instead of Bro (you’ve heard Bruh, right?) It was a play on words. Its unbelievable how many people can’t figure that out and keep posting about how their spelling sucks. Maybe it does .. but that shirt isn’t proof.

    1. I thought I was seeing things…..what an embarrassment……can’t even spell the name of their great alliance……what a bunch of dorks!

          1. They spelled it Bra-gade for a reason. Brah, which is the term now used instead of Bro (you’ve heard Bruh, right?) It was a play on words. Its unbelievable how many people can’t figure that out and keep posting about how their spelling sucks. They are dumb, but the spelling on the shirt isn’t a testament to that. Why is it people can’t see that? It seems so obvious!

  8. Enzo thinks America loves him, I think he’s going to have a rude awakening when he gets out and read some of the things that people said about him. Time for an ego check for all three of these dimwits.

  9. Did anyone really play the game? I went through the list of people and I cna’t come up with anyone worthy of the money. Kind of like BB11’s winner.

      1. But you watched and you kept posting, didn’t you? OMG. Everyone ….this game is about competitions and SOCIAL PLAY….both! Hayden did both. Get a grip! If you’re simply a fierce competitor with a sucky personality than go play Survivor….Big Brother is and always has been caging up the rats and seeing how the rats perform and interact in that forced environment. Dr. Will will always be my fav,,, Evil Dick I never liked….but he know how to play the GAME!

      1. Ragan is no fool, so don’t you people think about how this very intelligent man should behave. Ragan is also clever, witty. Ragan might have lost Big Brother but I’m sure he has gained millions of fans. I wouldn’t count Ragan out just yet. I believe America has not seen the last of Ragan.

        1. We can only hope we’ve seen the last of Ragan. Being intelligent is not licence to treat others with arrogance and superiority!

    1. a little different lying about wife having horrible disease and not tell about sabatur…if you don t get that you and mattie are on same level

  10. simon and dawg….i once again thank you for another great summer. not only to i love watching big brother…but i also can never wait to get back on ur site and read the spoilers. u guys r the best. have a good winter! see u back next summer for season 13 since it was officially confirmed! lets hope allstars 2!

    1. Didn’t they even admit that they couldn’t win against Matt if he had stayed in the game? I also think if you review the game in reverse, the brigade comes out smelling like roses, but in reality there was a lot of dumb luck at play. Had there been another alliance – pick anyone to be in it – the brigade would have been toast. Enzo, welcome back to reality. Reality bites.

    2. Not sure what show you were watching but Matt never ever carried the brigade…..he was dumb enough maybe to do some of what needed to be done….but he chose to do that…..bad choices on his part. He soooooo did not carry the BRA-gade. He’s a little weasel and you can tell everyone in the house feels that way about him. He’s gross!

  11. Before all hell happens I want to say I have enjoyed so many of you and I’ve said this before: Not sure where the problems happened with some of the in-fighting and the bad feelings (esp. rockstar & jimik60) but I really liked and respected both of you even though not agreeing. So here I am outting myself, a BB freak with 3 simultaneous successful careers: law, winemaking & wifey-ing to a partner’s overly full time position. Simon & Dawg, another contribution coming your way, and shouts to BBGrandma for her tour of Oregon. Tonight it’s all good!

    1. Electra, I have enjoyed you on here with me. Please come back so I can know how you are when you can. I will be checking in often.

  12. If they give them credit one more time for running the house, I think I’m going to scream,
    they did not run anything but their mouths

      1. Never call it talent or skill when it’s only a matter of dumb luck. The problem with this floater alliance model is that the next set of HG will boringly copycat it.

        1. The Brigade keeps being given credit for their amazing plan of having all these side alliances. I don’t recall that ever being a plan…it just happened. If Enzo was this brain child…where was HIS side alliance? They just kept mentioning Hayden, Lane and Matts side alliances.

          1. the side alliances were never planned, if they were why did they get rid of matt because he was getting too close to ragan, why did hayden and enzo have a problem with lane getting too close to britney

          2. i do remember enzo, hayden, and matt the discussing that hayden and enzo have a side alliance with brenden to further them in the game

            1. thats one side alliance, they don’t get credit for all of them and that was too control brendon, which did not work, they could not decide who to put up they kept going back and forth between britney and matt, and they finally decided on britney and brendon put up matt

        2. I don’t think Lane ,Matt nor Hayden intentionally sought out side alliances to further their games. Lane and Hayden were less focused in the beginning and Brit and Kristen were fun distractions. Matt hung with Ragan to remain under the radar and let others do his dirty work. Ragan was just someone to pass the time with.

      1. Okay, so he said those things. It was bad judgement on his part. Bad jokes. Bad Ragan.
        But now the show is over, and we know that Ragan is not the type that would hurt anyone unless it’s self defense, so I suggest we should just get over his bad jokes.
        I know Ragan is not an angel, but damn it, don’t you people turn his sexual orientation into something taboo to support your prejudice.

  13. Oh Enzo, shut up with I had the best social game, blah blah blah. He is soooooo annoying. Enzo you have a big screen tv out of this so you did win something. Remember you said you would sell the tv…….. Quit bragging Enzo!!!!

      1. i agree with hugabug. I wish i could have voted for him in AC but i couldn’t justify it. he didn’t do anything- was he fun to watch and very genuine, of course! does he deserve 25G because of it? I think not

  14. as long as he doesn’t say anything stupid, hayden has the 500,000
    and sitting next to lane everything hayden says has to sound smart

  15. In one of the comps Enzo gave up all his clothes, but after he got rid of the penguin costume he has had numerous changes of clothes. What gives? Did BB not take his clothes? or is he wearing hayden’s or Lane’s clothes?

  16. I think Lane threw that last competition. 55? they were on that swing for 2 hours. You’d have to figure atleast 1 slam per minute at the very least. 55 would’ve been closer to just 1 hour’s worth. but they were up there for 2 hours! I think Lane threw that competition, just like he threw most of the other competitions. He knew Hayden would take him to the Final 2.

    1. Lane didn’t throw the competition on the rope swing. Watch it again. It was very obvious that he unexpectedly fell off.

    2. lane didn’t throw anything, lane is stupid
      of course hayden only said 90, you would think if you got hit that many times you would at least say a number over 100

        1. I guessed really low, but I wasn’t there and I didn’t remember how long they were up there
          if you are the one hitting the wall you should probably know to guess a high number

        2. yeah,from what I saw,it was about once every 30 seconds…so,you do the math, 2.5 hrs @ twice a minute= what? about 360? whatever,those guys made their BEST guess and it simply verified their IQs which meant Lane’s IQ = 55 Hayden = 91……….that’s just about right, with Enzo a close 3rd @ what? 50?

  17. Enzo’s gonna vote for Hayden. When he asked Lane if he really was gonna take Enzo to the Final 2, Enzo could tell Lane was beating around the bush. Enzo said “that’s it”.
    Hayden gets his vote.
    Britney will be the only one who will vote for Lane, I bet.

  18. I dont care who wins. I would never want to watch repeats of this season. I hope they bring some drama thats why i’m watching. Can’t wait to hear from andrew his last speech was funny as hell

    1. Lane didn’t even throw Hayden under the bus. the $5,000 and the Trip to Hawaii… hello??
      Ragan was right. One of you played to win, the other one played to lose. or whatever he said.

  19. go hayden throw lane under the bus just like you kissed brenchels asses when you told them they were the best competeors. BB can give hayden 9.00 and he wouldnt know the difference since he cant count.

  20. I think 2 hours is too long with the finale, 90 minutes would have been perfect. There is still 45 minutes to go so they vote, doesn’t take long and the America’s player announced which only takes a few minutes. Again, thanks simon and dawg for another great BB season and I have enjoyed commenting with ya’ll and see ya’ll next season on BB13.

    1. just britney entering and revealing the brigade, matt admitting he was in it and raygan saying he was having a hard time forgiving matt for all his lies ( even though when they asked matt if he was the sabetour he said no, raygan could have admitted it and that he won 20 gs for being it (he didnt) oh and the members discussing the brigade and how brilliant they played, matt lying and saying the brigade was all his ideal (lie) thats bout it.

    1. his attitude right now is exactly why the Bra-gade kicked his ass out.
      I wish Matt realized the Bra-gade actually gave him some love afterwards, but he doesn’t know that yet.

          1. she isn t sorry. at least she s not a hypocrite. rachael is a joke with her phoney nervous laugh after each sentence. but you are entitled to your opinion. ha ha

            1. i was really surprised that Monet seemed so bitter. She wasn’t even friendly to Britt. I really think that Monet is mad at CBS for casting her as the angry black woman and that she was just used because of her color. Just My Opinion.

              1. Cast her as an angry black woman?
                That’s the funniest thing I’ve read on here since day one. Funny on so many level.
                Fist of all, Monet didnt’ have to be an angry person period. Monet chose to stay angry because that’s her personality. Not too nice, as you can see.
                Secondly, that is a very clever comment from you. Monet should be pissed if she reads it.
                Thirdly, cast? Cast? Oh, you’re a mad black woman. We need one of those on the show..
                I know plenty of black women, and it appears to me that the more education any person has, whether black or white, the better they can deal with their feelings. They learn different ways to express themselves to avoid penting up rage and resentments.

            2. Funny that you think Monet is an angry girl from day one. I wrote something similiar to your comment, and I didn’t see your comment until now. And from week 2, I wrote my comment about how she wanted hit someone in the face. If my memory is correct, it was two different incidents that Monet said she wanted to hit someone.

        1. Monet is a bitch. She’s had plenty of time to get over it, but she’s still so bitter. You were out-played Monet. Even Rachel is more popular than you.

    1. she as well as brittney called it like it is, no reaosn to be fake, unless your talking to that person’s face… and Rachel IS a skank ho

  21. Lane couldn’t have said something that smart not even 15 minutes ago? I’ll bet that would have changed many of the votes. ((refering his comment about Matt’s lie))

  22. Rachel hypocrite to the bone, and she don’t apologize for it or was it part of her “game”.. she don’t think shes a skank. REALLY? so skanks don’t dress the way you did or show their private parts in public on national TV? she needs a reality check.

  23. I agree…. This was a game and Rachel was being way more classy just now with her and yet Monet just had to go there when this was just a game. As they say in Cali (back in the 90’s, Monet holds true to her name…. She is a MONET…. Looks good from afar, but up close is just a mess. What was up with that HUGE PIMPLE by her mouth? Please, no more close ups for MONET

    1. You have nothing enlightening to say except to spew homophobic hatred which is such old news. You need a new game darling…. don’t be a dumb bore. Thanks to Randeep for blocking this knucklehead.

  24. too funny the clips from hayden and kristens shomance. and monet not backing down, well if she still really feels that way then why should she? also, enzo should have been that funny when he was in the house and lastly rachel saying “whatme a skank, I don’t think I’m a skank” ah rach heres wikis def of skank , Skank may refer to: a slang term for a promiscuous person, usually a woman dah.if the shoe fits.

  25. Did everyone hear that Britneys house burned last night? Nick got out and rescued their dogs. Apparently coals from a grill started the fire. Nick and the producers decided not to tell her until after the show.

          1. Oh thank you Andy, you’re making me blush. And thank you for being such a total dick because it makes Brit winning so very much better. Honestly, I mean that from the bottom of my black lifeless heart!

  26. First off.. Thank you Simon for all the hard work you do on this site!! You are truly amazing!
    Will you have the interviews after the show on here?

    1. Did you see Rachel’s face when Britney rightfully won! In your face all you annoying idiots who went on and on about how great Brendan and Rachel are all season. I don’t even give a shit if Britney gets the money or not but it’s just nice to think of you guys having to watch it happen! Boring season with a minor pay off in the end. I’m going to bed happy!

  27. Good thing Brit won the 25K. Guess she’ll need it to find a new place to live.
    So long, people. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

  28. should have never been that close tho…….brenchel voting for who had best social game… lame…….Lane was the big floater so ….what happened to them saying all the floaters need to go?

    1. ITA, but I knew from the chat with the jury house which way Rachel would vote in regards to Lane, so right there, Brendon would vote with her. I figured Brit was the only definite.

    2. I could be wrong, but, I really think that Breche voted for Lane is because Enzo and Hayden played Brenden big time and when Rachel was evicted, she told Brenden to stick with Hayden and Enzo, not knowing that he was being used by them.

    1. Ah yes, keep whining! Your palpable disappointment sustains me. Brit winning and pissing off all the people who are so lame on this site is just fantastic. Just fantastic I say.

  29. BRITNEY WON AMERICA’S VOTE BITCHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

      1. It’s very sad when anyone’s house burns down. Let’s all hope YOURS doesn’t. And then you might have to read some insensitive slam like you wrote about Brit.

        1. Anyone’s house burning down is a tragedy. No one got hurt! They didn’t own the house so I hope the landlord had fire insurance and hopefully Brit and her fiance had renters insurance.

      1. “Tupshida” Simon! A toast in Korean that means “Here’s to you!” My Aunt who is Korean says it all the time trying to teach us after a few, lol

        1. I think it didn’t since it happened after the voting was closed. Any more excuses for things not going your way Enzo, I mean Andy (I mean, I hate you).

            1. Who would they be trying to please if not the fans? They would have no reason to give it to anyone but the person that the majority of fans voted for. That’s who they make the show for genius. You’re such a sad little man.

      1. We will never know what the real vote was. I think Britt was the favorite of BB staff also. Plus they feel sorry for her. I read in the Little Rock paper that Nick called the producers to tell them about the fire.
        We will never know, the show is very fixed.

  30. annie was giving the brigade and enzo credit for running the house from the beginning, I want to know what show she was watching
    because I didn’t see that show

      1. I’ m sorry but Matt was so annoying last night he made some of the most stupid moves during the gameand on top of it took complete credit for the Brigade and didn’t even realize that it was acutally Lane not Hayden that talk more about getting Matt out. As smart as Matt thinks he is, is as DUMB as he is.

  31. Thank goodness that shithead Lane didn’t win the 1/2 million. He didn’t even deserve the 50K! I wish Andrew said the most shocking thing was Lanes 8 second game. It was live tv, it would have been too late then! And Britney, really? Well, I guess it’s good she won considering the house fire. Sucks about the fire, but she was lucky her dogs and fiance were safe and now she has some extra cash to help out where insurance may not cover (if she had it).

  32. Britney needs that money now that she has to have a place to live in and all new stuff…. Sux she won’t get to really enjoy spending that money as she will have to put her life back together with it. She needs the money, i’m glad she got it. She’s getting the news right now i’m sure, so good luck

    1. I think Enzo knew Lane was lying. He couldn’t be straight and was avoiding answering the question and in the end he never really said he would take Enzo, just loyal to the Brigade. I bet after seeing the clip with Lane saying he wanted to take Brit, Enzo was happy he voted the way he did. Plus, I think he didn’t believe Lane needed the money.

      1. the show is full of crap, they had to make britney feel better about lane, so they show the clip of him saying he would take her to the final 2, he only said that after ragan told him he could not beat hayden or enzo lane was using britney all season

      2. Agreed. Enzo is nobody’s fool. He knew that TX boy was lying to him. Lane shielded Britney from getting evicted by putting up Enzo, and later Hayden so that he can protect Britney.
        Britney got played by Lane, but the little girl is so duh, that she thinks it’s all good.

    2. I just saw the Early show and Julie Chen interviewed all three of the guys and she asked Enzo why did he vote for Hayden and he said that Hayden helped him to get this far in the game and plus he said that Hayden won competitions.

  33. YaY! Enzo, won nothing, And Brit won America’s favorite! I’m happy, happy, happy! (I guess my several hundred online votes paid off.)

    1. yeah glad Hayden won, he was most deserving but don’t think he could have won against enzo…… expected brenchel voted as a couple, saying they voted for person with best social game which is stupid………enzo had best social game of all 3 of them and IMO, Hayden’s was much better than lane’s, especially when brenchel was in the house and plus brenchel was grooming enzo and hayden to get to the end, so am very surprised their votes didn’t go to hayden…… if enzo was up there with hayden, enzo would have gotten their votes

    1. yeah we’re going to try and add some survivor spoilers to the site.. might not be as good as BB since we don’t have feeds but we’ll try and see what happens.

      Thanks for the support Fede nice to see we’ve got a global audience.

    1. The lifelong relationship was Kathy and Enzo having a love child named Ragan who’s boyfriend, Matt was married to Britney before she dumped him for Annie, who previously was married to Lane who had an intimate relationship with Kristen who dumped him in the house when she met Hayden. Got it?

  34. Simon and Dawg. Thanks for this site and for making BB12 enjoyable. It was your site, editing and the other posters here that kept me on board.

  35. I’m glad Hayden won. I was stunned when Julie announced that Rachel and Brendon voted for Lane. He was the biggest floater ever! I can’t even believe it was that close.

  36. i wish it would be BB All Stars next season
    but there was an ad saying they wanted new people -_-
    i want more britney. BEST DR SESSIONS EVER

  37. Nah it wasn’t the producers, America chose the right person to win the 25k, Matt would’ve got it had it not been for the lie, because HE carried the brigade til they axed him….. Brendon did not deserve it as soon as he fell for rachel and played the game for her fortified 500k and his competition wins are NOT good enough to make up for that HUGE mistake.

  38. The lukewarm season is over and thanks to all of the resources here at OBB for providing a phenemonal website. If only the other (quasi) reality shows could have such committed documentarians who inject humor while still providing info. As always, I’ll be back next year. Can’t wait.

    One last request, see if you guys can talk The Discovery Channel into allowing live feeds for ‘The Colony’ I’m sure you guys would do a bang up job for that show too!

  39. And totally predictable.

    The only surprise was that it wasn’t YET another unanimous vote… Like watching an NFL blowout.

  40. Brendon is such a wuzzy!! He doesn’t have a mind of his own in saying he was voting the way Rachel wanted him to. Yuk! I knew she would vote for Lane since she was so jealous of Kristen and Hayden. Did you notice the snarky look Rachel had on her face when Brittany was announced as America’s favorite?

    1. agreed about rachel being jealous of hayden and kristen…she didn’t want anyone to outshine her gross showmance brendon ugh….i throw up a little bit everytime i even think about it!!

  41. annie is an idiot enzo didn’t do shit it was all matt…AND matt was wrong hayden had nothing to do with him getting evicted it was allll lane talking brit into backdooring brit and allllllllll lane had to do was tell enzo the truth when he asked him if he would have taken him to the final two and lane would have gotten enzos vote aOAILSDJKGLAJHKSJD so madddd hayden won!!!!!!I….so happy brit won america’s vote though!!!

    1. No Megan actually you are. Even Andrew acknowledge Enzo’s role in the game. and you Matt fans are Gross. He made some of the worst moves in the Game and used his wife in a horrible way. What a piece of garbage. He is not that smart. Mensa or not

      1. the only thing the brigade did was turn on matt, the brigade is the lamest alliance ever, I think the show paid off annie to say what she did

  42. omg this is so lame………this missy persom waiting for someone to come along to interview…….yawn……isn’t evel dick doing interviews on some site? please tell me he is

  43. I won’t miss BB as much as I will miss Simon and Dawg, you guys rock! If you will ever make a Simon Dawg Twitter page about BB, we would tweet it up 24/7 LOL!

    I guess that’s what keeps this site so interesting, we have to wait till next season to post again. I love all you guys rather we agree or not, Take care all!!!!!


  44. I am one happy camper!! Enzo was shut out and Brit was America’s Player! NOW–all of them need to read what we really think about them. Memo to Enzo: learn how to eat with your mouth closed. Any bets on how long Brenchel will stay together? How much will the three stooges make from their bar tour, movie and tv roles, and other appearances? Memo to Alison: Please find more diversity in casting for next year (more than one minority or older person. Get some people with more life experience and not just hoping to get famous.

  45. brendon is being interviewed and talking about rachael told him stuff that hayden said behind his back and that’s why they voted for lane…………how would they even know what anyone has said abount anyone else?….everyone was guilty of that

  46. Enzo: “It’s between who needs a haircut and who needs a shave” – I wasn’t a big Enzo fan, but I do think he had the best line of the night! Uneventful night overall though – could have been a lot better – why wait so long to name the winner!! Ridiculous! Anyway…I said it before and I’ll say it again here…thanks again Simon & Dawg! All the best to you guys – the website is great!

  47. and now brendon just said that ragan told him, when he came into jury house, that hayden was saying stuff behind his back, like ragan was a perfect angel….no way is anything like that even supposed to be allowed…………only thing that jury members are allowed to know, is only what they see on dvd that evicted member brings in…….guess no surprise, considering all the rules that enzo broke and got away with

    1. That’s not true, Jake. They can talk about the game and the contestants in the jury house as long as the cameras are on.

    1. the voting for AC ended before the fire happened. i guess cheating is always possible but i voted for her so I am happy with how it turned out and happy for her that she will be able to replace some of what she lost.

      1. are the votes tabulated by an outside accounting firm for authenticity like the emmys and oscars? or were they tabulated by some intern at CBS who was told “doesnt matter what the outcome. write down Brit on the final tally. no one will know. its between us.”


  49. maybe it’s just me and the fact that I had no favorite in the final 2 but I thought this was the best finale of BB in a very very long time.. Everyone managed to get a few blurbs in and I thought it was funny.. I laughed so many times throughout the night.. I’m glad it is over so I can finally take showers and relax but I can’t wait until next year to start all over again and I will NOT be play the innocent Simon Cowell with his nuts in a vice next season so watch out haters, you’d better get your dictionaries out because I am gonna slay.. haha Grandma and LJ, luv u both but it’s not like you don’t know.. Glad to have made some new friends this season.. simon and Dawg are wicked and this site is the best.. it’s now #2 on Google.. I’m so proud to be a part of it and especially for it to be a Canadian website which welcomes everyone from all over the world… I feel very patriotic for these guys and I wish them nothing but success and a great lay.. hahaha

    as we are all sitting around tonight celebrating I was told I would lose the social game because I’m an asshole.. haha I love my family and my friends and everyone who has taken the time to engage me in BB talk because I love it so much and thank you to those who have plugged their nose to my smell as I sat around for 1 whole month crying and watching the feeds eating cake and chicken.. haha

    I feel like I’ve won the lottery or something.. anyways, I’m leaving you with our party song tonight hugs to those who might want them… goodnight, it’s late and I have work in the am

    1. I liked the finale better then any show this season. Thanks for everything Rockstar.. we’ll be number 1 again next year, I just need to get my but in gear and fix the site.

    2. This was the first finale I’ve ever watched. If it was the best, oh my, the others must have been really bad. I thought this finale was so boring. I only didn’t change the channel because I didn’t want to miss any of Top Chef programs and I’d already missed the first 15 minutes.

    1. Canadian Fan, I am here! I waited until it was over here on the West Coast to get back on. This is a first for me. My guy won! Yah for the Balloon Boy! I hope you will still get on here now and again because you know how much I enjoy hearing from you. You are one of my favorite Canadians.

      1. Congratulations BBGrandma! Your Balloon Boy did well and my Britney won AC.
        Hope to catch you from time to time throughout the winter and rev up for BB13.

    2. canadian fan – it was around 2 am when I posted last night… I had to get up early this morning – had to – didn’t mean I did.. I’m not use to the early mornings because I would be up all night and slept lunch time my time because the houseguests were in bed then.. now I’m trying to get back on schedule but it is so hard. I fell alseep in the lunch room at work, luckily my head hit the wall before I landed on the floor.. haha I’ll be back and forth for a while.. I’m not sure if I’m going to get into Survivor because it’s Wednesday nights now but we’ll see.

    3. hey Canadian fan – I looked for you last night but I finally decided sleep might not be a bad idea. Have a great winter and hopefully we will reconnect for BB 13. I’ll work at being more confrontational but it’s gonna be tough!! LOL

      1. kicks Kathie.. ok, now kick me.. we can hug it out later but we have to get tough for next year.. you’ll need to purchase a mouth guard.. mine is pink with rhinestones for bling.. haha

  50. Does anyone else agree that lane really got put on the spot tonight with all those questions? I kinda think hayden got it easy with the questions…

    1. I think they both got super-easy questions. They were nothing like the Survivor questions — those can be harsh and very entertaining. Lane’s just looked tougher because Lane is a doofus and got flustered by easy questions. The hostess (what’s her name?) is also a fool….the Survivor host does a much better job of following up on questions.

      1. Putting down Julie Chen is not allowed… she is smart, attractive, the best host in the world of reality shows ever and I just plain love her! She can’t help it if she is a nice person unlike Jeff Probst who uses the young survivor contestants for his dating pool!

    1. Belle, You know how to call it! Brittany certainly deserved America’s vote. I agree with your assessment of Brendon. He’s let’s Rachel lead him around like a puppy on a leash. WHY!
      She is such a put-on. I noticed when Brit came into the house, she became less beligerant. Why, because Brittany is the one that refused to back down when she and Brendon tried to intimidate her. I’m sure Brendon, when he get out from under the covers with her, will be mortified that he stooped so low. Rachel just isn’t of the same class. I don’t care how many degrees she has, she has no class. As an old saying goes, “You can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.

  51. Umm we should SUE Simon and Dawg did more and deserve the winnings then everybody on this season…. AWESOME JOB SIMON AND DAWG see ya next season. Hopefully they won;t “rig” the entire season like that did this year.

  52. Now that the season is over, can we all take a bottle of Vodka for one final drink? What are we drinking to you ask? 1.) Nick DOES exist and is NOT Lane!
    2.) Kathy is NOT Britney’s mom.
    3.) Bendon and Andrew are NOT brothers, cousins, buddies.
    4.) Matt and Ragan are NOT bothers or lovers.
    5.) Kathy can smoke as much as she wants, it is her body and her choice.
    6.) Steamboat, Steamboat, Steamboat……
    7.) Spelling and grammatical errors happen, get over it
    8.) Everyone threatens to never watch BB again, but we KNOW they sneak a peek.
    9.) We NEVER have to listen to Enzo eat again!

    And an extra toast and drink to Simon and Dawg for keeping us so well informed!!! Good job guys.

    1. Finally, all the dummies who kept speculating about the life-long friends will stop posting. Even after being told the logical and obvious reasons the life long friends lie couldn’t possibly be true (and after being told OVER AND OVER AND OVER) they still couldn’t give it a rest. For future reference, to any of those who were stupid enough to keep thinking that a life-long friend relationship existed, remember this when you watch future BB seasons:
      1. If CBS doesn’t hypesomething week after week, then it didn’t happen.
      2. if Julie Chen isn’t saying things like “will the life long friends finally be revealed? Tune in next week and find out.” Then it doesn’t exist.
      3. If there is ANYTHING that can be used to boost ratings, then it will be used. If it isn’t being used, then it isn’t true.
      4. When people keep pointing these logical/obvious facts out to you week after week on message boards, and you completely ignore facts, you are dumber than the 3 final houseguests combined.

  53. Thanks, Simon and Dawg. It was a great summer. Is there any chance we can hear about the wrap party and anything about Brit and Nick or the rest of them and their families? And about Steamboat in the snow? They feel like family.

  54. It’s a new LOW for some of the co-called fans to suggest that Brittany got America’s Player because of her unfortunate situation with her house burning. Just for the record – American’s Player voting ended Tuesday at Noon. And the fire happened at her house at 1:30 AM on Wednesday. I’m personally SO HAPPY that Brittany won, she was a smart player and she deserved to win. The look on Rachel’s face was priceless. Thanks for a great site Simon and Dawg!

    1. Hey bbfaninca, I really think Britney won Americas choice when she turned on the water works arter she found out about the Brigade, Not that I disagree with the choice but I still think Matt or Bredan should have won that, she was in the running though, so as they say in my part of the world, ” its the way she goes”.

    2. She got AC because CBS didn’t show her filthy mouth. They edited her completely different than what she is, and most of the audience only knew her by what they showed on CBS. If they knew how ugly she was on the inside, she wouldn’t have won.

      1. Very true. They showed her foul mouth in the beginning and then turned her into cute, funny Britney during the middle as they tried to build up the love relationship with Lane.

        1. I SO disagree. I watched BBAD and heard most of everything Brit said during those hours. Was she mean and catty? Yep. Was she hilarious while doing it? YEP YEP!
          And her DR sessions were by far the most witty and entertaining I’ve heard on BB.
          She reminds me of Kelly Ripa, and could be a comedian on her own sitcom.

          1. Wow~ Bitter people! You act like bullies! The name calling, the hateful things you’ve said, makes you a hypocrite to accuse anyone else of those actions.
            Again, NO TV, RADIO, Music, books, distractions.. except each other. When the personalities conflicted so much with the others standards, I can see where they would bash on each other.
            It amazes me as well how everyone seems to forget the filth that came out of Rachel and Brendons mouth as well.
            Argggghhhhhhhhhh! I voted for Britney, she is likable and funny… put up with everyone’s crap, took it on the chin several times. A survivor as far as I am concerned in the BB12 experience. : )

          2. I watched the live feeds. I’ll take your 3 hours a night and raise you 8 hours a day. Britney knew that she was on the BBAD and maybe she didn’t appear quite as harsh? but after endlessly watching her stabbing people in the back after being two-faced smushy friends with them — total mean girl. The only ones she didn’t turn her back on were the “cool kids” — the brainless boy bragade [sic].

            And by going on BB, you open yourself up to everyone peering at you at and making fun of you. Very different than the standards for an anon posting on the iternet. I can assure you that I would NEVER say the things about my friends and past coworkers that Britney said about her BB friends and coworkers.

    3. I didn’t see Hayden or Enzo’s faces but they must have been flabbergasted too. Hayden had JUST 45 minutes before reassured Enzo that he was winning the 25K.

  55. I thought Britney came off looking very poor in tonight’s show. Still entranced by the bragade [sic] that tricked and ousted her? Getting visibily upset at the roundtable when some were saying that Lane had no real game play? Calling the bragade [sic] the three best people? Making faces while Rachel was saying that she is going to move to LA? I don’t like Rachel, but c’mon, it’s childish to make faces. And Rachel has a guy who was willing to give up the 500gs for her — Lane gave Britney NOTHING except an upcoming break-up with Nick. And Lane was not 100% truthful about Britney in the end — he threw the POV when he and Britney were on the block (he admitted it to Hayden). . . if he had won that POV, he could have taken Britney to the final 3.

  56. I was hoping Annie would mention that Enzo called Kathy and Britney c*nts and that she was surprised by how different he was behind everybody’s backs. Instead, she was in love with him? Of course, I’m sure that the non-jury 4 had their “shocking” statements reviewed and approved by production. That’s why no one said: “Enzo, you’re not as popular as you think.” “Lane, do you really encourage a game that involves rape?” or “Lane, why were you always masterbating in the shower ON CAMERA?”

    1. Last time I will mention this: The game is called “Rodeo F*$@” and you tell a girl she is the worst lay you have ever had, while in the middle of “doing it” and then you try to hang on for 8 seconds! It is not a rape game… it is a joke told in small towns all over North America! I laughed every time I first heard it…. FROM MY HUSBAND!!! It is a JOKE!!!!! Lane is NOT A RAPIST!!!
      He is, however, a terrible animal killer!

      1. Buddhistgirl69, the game you are talking about is how my husband said he heard it, too. But, that is not the game Lane told the others. His game was that you invite a girl to your room in the dorm and when you have her in position, doggy style, you howler and your roomates in the dorm burst into the room. The girl struggles to get away and under the covers because she is naked and in the act of having sex. She may have agreed to having sex with the guy but she did not agree to have sex in front of others. I do believe that this would be considered rape. But, that is a legal matter. He certainly wouldn’t get another chance with me!

  57. Although I wanted Enzo to come away with something… Hayden really thru Lane under the bus even though he made it seem to Lane he would take a hit…… Lane seemed like a deer in headlights thru most of it…….I am glad Brit got the America’s vote. She is gonna need it after her house fire.
    Thanks Simon for your hardwork and funny observations during the cousre of the show…you make it more enjoyable. I’ll be back next summer…when Enzo is back for All-stars!!!!! Yo~

  58. Happy with the results, kind of wish Lane would have won it all, but at least he got 50 g . I loved the look on Rachels face when britney won. I’m glad Britany won after the stooges emotionally robbed her that night. I voted for her. Glad Enzo got nothing, that’s exactly what he deserved, nothing. He didn’t do shit.

  59. I’m glad Enzo got his deserved recognition of being the leader of the Bra-gade by both Annie and Andrew. And how the hell is Matt gonna claim that it was himself that was the Leader of the Bra-gade?? Come on, man. Enzo was the true mastermind of that alliance. Matt’s social game was wack. All he did was flirt with Ragan. Plus he was a major target by Rachel and Brendon. And furthermore, he drifted away from the Bra-gade.
    The Meow Meow was the best.

    1. LOL. Yes, he was so good that he won 500 gs, no I’m sorry 50 gs, oh wait, no 25 gs. Wait, he dosh garnit won zippyadoo …. nothing but his 3-d tv and his stipend.

  60. For all those who say that Britney should have won it based upon game play. SHE COULD HAVE won it if she wasn’t blinded by Lane. It was her HOH that got Matt out. And her vote that got Ragan out. It’s her own bad game play and infatuation with Lane that cost her the win. And she’ll need that 25k because I doubt if she’s moving back in with Nick. He was even planning on going to the finale — before the fire. Would you go to LA, even if you had to pay your own way, if you hadn’t seen your fiancee in 3 months???

  61. awww i’m gonna miss you guys <3
    and whatever i prefer hayden over the rest of the BRA-gade. and brit's my favorite anyway so glad she got 25k

    see you all next summer :]

  62. Ugh … Rachel. All her BIG talk about only competitors should be in the house, floaters get a life vest, get the players out who aren’t really trying, crying about how hard her and Brendon have had to fight and compete since day 1, etc. And then she gives her vote to “the person who played the best social game”. WTF?

    1. she was bitter hayden said britney was a better competitor. also, hayden kicked brendon out so the two of them are still pissy.

      what a bunch of dummies.

      1. EXACTLY i can’t believe brenchel fans don;t see through their bullshit it’s amazing… while i don;.t agree with every brittney, monet , and regan were saying about brendon and rachel tnhey very much deserved SOME of what was said about them for literally “turning” the house against them after week 1, they never once attempted to reconcile with the house and make a force they just played the victims and played the worst social game of the house and got exactly what they deserved HAHA, what pathetic players. and the DRAMA they caused was just because they were too retarded and thick-headed to realize the best social game wins big brother they played well in competitions but played shitty where it counted.

    2. and then she thought Lane had the best social game, REALLY? He had no personality, olay maybe one of a serial killer. I think she voted for the “social” thing because like she said, she had no social game. Uhmmm, really Rachel, you think?!

    3. Because she had no choice, Hayden and Lane both played Social games. They really weren’t good competitors at all! Hayden was bragging that he won 3 HOH’s in a row? Well look who he was competing against! Lane and Enzo. This Season reminds me a lot of the Winter BB in 2008, Big egos, Small brains.

  63. I see the knuckle-dragging, but somehow I doubt the ability to get women. Unless you are talking about your mom letting you live in her basement??

    1. I got the impression from her questions that julie does not like rachel(brendon) and matt
      and she is a fan of britney and ragan for some reason

    2. brit won AC, they don’t want to paint her as a bitch right before she wins 25k
      ragan was the 2nd sab, also voted by america
      and kathy… well, who cares about kathy

    3. Like I said, I just want honestly. CBS clearly went out of their way to paint Britney in a very different light than she really was. There has to be a reason for that. I’m not saying it’s racism, but there’s gotta be something. Maybe just ratings. Brit is small, blond, and kinda cute, I guess. Not my type, but whatever. They do pick who they like better over others.

    4. you can tell she is very angry. Like I said before, she realized that she was used because of her color and she is the “token” black person.

  64. My final rundown on what could be done better in the future is to award the Winner 1/2 hour earlier so they can be a part of the final conversations. Is CBS afraid they will lose viewers if they give the final winner away too early? Why not let America’s Vote get revealed right at the end? Certainly we would stay tuned for who got our majority vote. Tonight it seemed way too scripted for any of the emotions to be real. Oh well, players got played by the Bra-gade… dummies can’t even spell Brigade?!!! Oh well, felt sorry for Lane sitting there taking grenades left right and center and trying to figure out when to duck.. okay…. done and done! Thanks Simon and Dawg… great job boys! See you here for Survivor and we’ll see how that goes. Can’t wait…. when do we start?

    Re: Survivor…. glad someone who “farms” goats went home. I love goats and they are lovely creatures. We are a goat loving family so we were happy to see Wendy go. I call FIRST for survivor post fall 2010!

    1. me to dude i felt like we were homies ,i was in the bra-gade now there gone, lol hope they get a twitter account so i can follow all of these guys,

  65. I agree with you and the poster below! Britney got a pretty sweet edit from CBS and we all know better about her true character. I wish someone, anyone else had won the 25K. Oh well, maybe she has a nice boyfriend. I am glad he rescued their two dogs last night so he deserves to spend some of the cash with her.

  66. Monet did not look too happy with that line of questioning at all… why didn’t she mention all the stuff that was said on live feeds about Rachel by Brit and the crew…? Monet should have grabbed some balls from Enzo and fought back to defend herself.

  67. Britt is so dumb, poorly brought up, and vulgar. The faces she was pulling while Rachel talked about her relationship were disgusting. Rachel came over as classy. Britt came over as stupid trash.

    1. I didn’t like the faces either, grow up you little brat,
      she is judging brendon and rachel about their relationship but she doesn’t even know if she is still engaged

    1. Nick is a dumb-ass, he burned down their house. i hope she leaves him…. he sems absent mindeed if it happened while grilling….p.s. im a huuuuuuge britney fan. so glad she won ac…i watched her on live feeds and cbs. they didnt have to edit her so she could in… i thought she was awesome. GOOOO BRITNEY!!!!!!!

      1. how do you know he won’t leave her, I want to know what she did in the house that we didn’t see, if she is worried about not being engaged anymore

    2. PLEASE that was all show for the cameras anybody with common sense know she is going to drop him like a bad habit(her facial reaction when brendon did not get the 25k was proof) AGAIN i reiterate now that he don’t have any winnings he’s completely useless to her the whole idea of her using him the entire season was so she would have 2 chances to win the money by throwing her pussy at the easiest target, her being fake for the cameras when she said she would give up luxurious life in VEGAS to be with brendon was BULLSHIT( brittney caught onto it immediately as did america)

      1. This wa s agame. The puppet master is always BB not the house guests. Roles were cast and the house guests played them. Game over and reality will set in shortly. Lives will go on…….. even all of ours! lol The curtain has come down and everyone has left the theater!

  68. It really should have been Britney. She was even saying sh*t during the live show tonight! But of course, that wouldn’t play with the line that the producers have built about Britney and they knew that their America’s sweetheart had won 25K. Monet, on the other hand, has only ever been editted as a beyotch so it fit perfectly.

  69. britney’s house burned down AFTER the votes were cast for AC
    so nope

    and your karma theory is crap. you says she’s a bitch so her house burned down. so why did she win 25k?


    1. She won because obsessed people repeat voted. I really didn’t care who got voted AC because it was a choice based on a lousy group of people.

  70. Thanks for the updates all season long Simon.
    Of course CBS won’t show the ugly side of Britney but you can expect that to happen since her DR sessions were pretty much the only source of entertainment. I think that if we all had a chance to compete in the Big Brother house, it’ll drive us insane and you’ll start doing things that you never ever thought of doing. There is a reason why pretty much every houseguest said that playing the game is a lot more difficult than just watching it. Having no access to TV, internet, family, friends, your job, your life, etc.. and being confined with people you probably don’t care about for 3 months sounds torturing already.

  71. Another great year with!
    Thank you Simon & Dawg for all of your hard work and patience with the show and us.
    You made this season bearable with your great recaps and wit.
    I’ll be dropping by throughout the year for updates and to say hello.
    Can’t wait for BB13.
    Also thanks to BBGrandma, Rockstar and all the others who have made this site so enjoyable to visit.
    And with that I shall say goodnight to all.

    1. Goofy, I am all similes because this is the first time in all the seasons that I have had someone I was pulling for win the big money. Balloon Boy is flying high. Thank you for thinking of me. I hope to see you on here again. You have added to the joy of this site.

      1. Hey Grandma, I was looking for you last night, Congrats on having your boyee winning the 500 K. I guess he deserved it as much as any of the three that were left, and he doesn’t seem like a bad guy really. Thanks for all your great comments this year, I always enjoy what you have to say, and I wasn’t as involved this season but I was always on here and ready to come to your defense if you needed it. Thanks for sayin, im one of your fav Canadians, In the words of Rachel, ” I am Canada Baby “, and next season, Im coming back as my confrontational old self, just couldn’t get into the show this season like other years.

        1. Canadian Fan, you have been my hero on more than one occasion. I hope to find you here often. And, I hope that the months ahead will be much better for you and your needs. I am pulling for you and wishing you good things!

        2. yeah, I cannot wait canadian fan.. We can tag team.. We need to teach Grandma to box though.. ‘there’s no crying in baseball..’

          1. LOL, Yeah Rockstar, we gotta toughen Grandma up and we got to get Kathy from Canada to shake that nice Canadian image, I want to see Kathy change her handle on here to, In Your Effin Face Kathy from None of Your Dam Business, lol, just kidding Kathy, your fine the way you are. I have had a totally shitty year, and I hope I rebound soon, my goal is to find a decent job and have the first comment on here next season, that comment will be, ” Im Back Bitches”, Well its time to turn off the computer and get some sleep, if I don’t see you on here again till next season, have a great BB off season, and whats that sayin you have on the Rock, Oh yeah, “long my your big jib draw” lol, something like that anyway, Cheers Rockstar. PS, I tag you in, give someone a foreign object to the forehead if you need to, lol , just like the old Maritime wrestling circut.

          2. When it comes to my dog, I will cry! But, I can box when I need to, however, I don’t care to. Why should I? I have Canadian Fan to take someone out if they get too out of hand. And, you, Rockstar, to tangle them up in words. I am a lucky lady!

          3. Hey Rockstar – every time I drive passed Mary Brown’s in our town I think of you and let out a little giggle. Looking forward to catching up with you guys next season for BB13. Take care everyone and stay well! Not just DRINK but CHEERS!

            1. Kathie – hahaha I am probably in one somewhere chewing on some taters and a chicken boob.. haha dreaming about Matt or chocolate cake or Matt covered in cake. haha

  72. I really enjoyed the finale tonight. Very happy to see Andrew. Wish he could have stayed longer in the game because he was very entertaining to me. It was funny when Andrew said that he was a Podiatrist and had to explain to Enzo what it meant. Glad Matt got called out on his lie about his wife. Happy that Hayden won. Sorry to hear about Brit’s house even though I am not a fan of hers. But the most defining moment to me was when Lane told Matt that he should have made a lie up about his dog and not his wife having a disease. He really sounded intelligent.

  73. Wouldn’t surprise me. I’m not saying they did, who knows, but we have no way of knowing the real results. Just like the Presidential elections, lol.

    1. I don’t think the show is rigged, but it loses alot of credibility when they allow people to cheat, so it puts doubt in peoples minds about the votes

      1. Yup. That thing with Enzo was inexcusable. I think it would be a lot more fun to watch too, if they had punishments for not following what they’re supposed to do. Like stand in a corner for 2 hours!!! Walk around with a Dunce cap on your head! :-) Or more serious punishments if their actions affected the game.

  74. Thanx Simon and Dawg for the awesome site!!. I will continue to support this site throughout the year. Looking forward to Survivor updates.

    1. Hey dumbass and everyone else who says it was a fix. Every site you go to had it neck and neck for Brittany and Brendon, even this site, so shut the hell up about a fix, or that they felt sorry for them. You people are all idiots to think that america’s vote was a fix. Catch a clue! and get a life.

  75. It was really sad seeing Britney so happy when we all knew they were keeping the
    horrible news about the house fire from her. Talk about going from extreme highs
    to extreme lows. Hope we hear about how she handled it and her reaction.

  76. Ugh!!! Brittney won! I think CBS gave ir to her because of the house fire…I hope thats the case and that America didnt make that choice…she was so foul with her mouth…what a spoiled litte brat!

  77. I didn’t vote for Brit. Wife didn’t follow the online stuff and she wanted Brit to win based off what she saw on the show. Hayden winning in the end was what should have happened. He was a bigger player than Matt in the end with 4 HOH’s and a POV, he won more and didn’t piss anyone off, plus he didn’t use the wife and disease thing for sympathy. I think the footage of Matt having to tell everyone about the lie and how uncomfortable he looked, not even really showing much remorse for how dumb and distasteful the decision was, was a good look into his social game. I think his popularity among fans has everything to do with him being the one to finally get rid of Rachel. I don’t buy that with him in the final 4 that he would have ended up beating Hayden in those comps, Hayden threw early comps to Matt for a reason just like Matt threw the one in the week he ended up going down, it just didn’t come back to hurt him because of his social game.

  78. GREAT JOB Simon and Dawg!!!! Please keep us updated when-ever possible about the HG’S of BB12!!! EXCELLENT SITE!!!! I’m keeping this on my fav site list!! WAHOO!!!

  79. Thanks for a great site guys. I find it very funny that Lane wants to be famous when he leaves the house. He is going to get home and find out that he IS famous – for beating off in a shower. That video went viral at the time.

  80. Brittany wins favorite? What’s wrong with America?

    She’s a mean witch with a nasty personality. Her best friend was Monet, a bitter witch.

    What kind of people would even be friends with those 2 in real life? Their parents must be very proud…NOT

    1. Ever see America’s Got Talent? That is a cross section of the gene pool we are dealing with. The bottom feeders from the South were out in full force to support their Arkansas hog.

    2. Brit’s mom is proud. Remember, she and her mom makes fun of people at church and talk about all of their friends behind their backs. Brit is the kind of person that can dish it and not take it. I was really mad at enzo for calling her the “c” word, but in hindsight, after all of the names that she called other people, she deserved it.

  81. Buddhistgirl, I’m responding down here because I don’t know if you’ll see my reply to your reply. For a buddhist, you don’t act very buddhist-like. Have you read the transcript (see the CBS blog for an excellent one) of the rape game? Lane’s version differs from yours — although I don’t even find yours funny. Lane’s involves holding down a girl and continuing to have sex with her while she’s trying to get away — as soon as someone wants to stop sex, if you hold them down, it’s rape. And really STFU with small-town morality — just because something is done and laughed about in small towns doesn’t make it holy and good.

  82. This is my rundown of the season..the BB cast was by far the least interesting to watch this season..I believe production did indeed manipulate the comps, also manipulated the fans by being biased as to what they showed with the hgs, yes bbad was available but during the regular day hours there was also plenty to see that was never showed, some hgs were very crude and very unlikable, and if the fans were able to see this, they may have had different opinions on who their fav hg was…I dont believe Brit won cuz of the fire, she was leading most polls before the fire. However, on live feeds Lane told some very disturbing stories about himself, Ragan made some very disturbing comments that put him in a very bad light, Brit was very catty and had quite a mouth on her for being so young, and Enzo and Hayden were just fame crazed, yet so much was edited to put these people in a different light that most of the fans did not get to see. I say BB, let the public see the real side of these hgs and stop trying to manipulate us into thinking what you want us to think, hell people talk more about what they see on live feeds then the actual show, cuz the show is so obviously slanted to sway the public to like the hgs that u want us to like. Show us the real sides of these people, that is what reality tv is, isnt it?

  83. All I can say is…. wow. Brit won AC? Cbs gave her a good edit. If the people who only watch the broadcasts watched BBAD and the live feeds, they would see Brit’s real personality. She is cruel without reason. Rachel and Brendon got bad edits too. Brendon was made to look like a douche, Rachel was made to look like a skank. Yet Ragan was made to look like such a good guy. SIGH..,
    I hope next season is better.

    1. it wasn’t just brendon and rachel the show also tried to make matt look bad, which is total b.s. everything the brigade got credit for was actually matt

    2. if brendon was a douche so was everyone else
      if rachel was a skank so was everyone else
      with lane and britney as the biggest ones

  84. Enzo’s wife’s job: His wife Joella is the vice president of loan sales and trading at financial services giant Credit Suisse in New York City. Financial services hand out VP titles like candy, but still Joella would be making well over 100K with that job and in NYC. (I was trying to find an interview on the web about Enzo’s reaction to losing it all, but can’t find it yet.)

  85. Enzo’s job: “Outside of the game, he works for Mercury Insurance and also part-time for the real estate firm Coldwell Banker.” from nj dot com (a new jersey news website). A funny quote from that same article, “While deception remains a common strategy in the house, Enzo, 32, has opted to play a subtle, cerebral game with a level head.” LOL giggle Only in Jersey, would anything about Enzo be considered cerebral.


    Just when you begin to like the guy (after Rachel’s eviction) he turns into a nuetered puppy again. He had insisted all season that the title should go to a “competitior”. Yet the minute Rachel decides to vote for Lane for his “social” game, he does a 180 and also supports Lane for his social game. What a weeny!!!! I am glad he lost AC to his arch enemy, even though she is a beeoutch…..

  87. Matty Matty Matty.

    Your lie cost you the game before it even began. Someday maybe you will realize that it was the stupidest move in BB history. You could have won the whole thing. Yes BB production rigged the game so you would lose. But you deserved it. For a smart guy, You should have known that CBS and BB would never allow you to go too far in the game. You were like the single mother who pretends their kid has cancer to get donations. Only the kid doesn’t have cancer. You dumb f%6k!!! Karma is a …….

  88. Thanks so much for this site Siman and Dawg! I really enjoyed and appreciated all your hard work and dedication to us Big Brother Fans. Thank you soooooooooo Much! I will be back and look for you guys next year!!! Still wish Dawg would have won! Still team Dawg all the way!!!!

  89. I don’t have as much a problem with Britney talking badly about Brenchel. I do have a problem with her being two-faced. Some of the same problem I had with Enzo. I really hate people who suck up in the most disgusting manner and then cut to pieces as soon as the back is turned. It’s not mature and it’s not anything to admire. Britney also allowed herself to be a puppet and her puppet master was pretty dumb but she STILL admired him and did whatever he wanted. Not an admirable quality in a woman.

    1. i despise two faced people also. how people are in the house is usually how they are in real life. Nat from BB11 was one of the best liars i have seen in a while. i am truly glad that i don’t know her or brit personally

    2. Its big brother! you are suppose to be fake to people to get you further in the game. and she made it to the final 4 so it worked! Unlike Rachel who always had to say what was on her mind, and look where it got her. Leaving with no money and one of the most hated players in Big bRother history.

  90. If the people-the real America’s voice-could find a way to publish the whole ugly truth behind CBS’s ‘ureal’ reality show, season 13th might be different. CBS has gotten away with murder-literally!!!
    They lie, cheat, deceive, destroy, build up, edit pick and choose the winners and the loosers, in other words they violate every rule of ethics a good, sound TV station should observe. They are no better than ‘yellow] journalism–no better than the tabloids. This is an universe removed from the Walter Conkrite’s days. Julie Chen should be ashamed of herself to be associated with such a crap of a channel. , AG makes my skin crawl. I saw her in the backyard, and trhe comments she made in an interview about Brenchel being a perfect couple in love who are going to marry. She even said they would pay for the wedding.Yuck!@!!!!!That’s why BB is so poorly done. I love the concept of BB-but they are yet to deliver the product.

    1. Our media and news outlets are all complicit in the faux-reality as well. You notice that none of them interview Lane and ask about the alleged crime, his 8 second “game”, or even his shower scenes. None of them interview AG and get to the bottom of the fixing of comps, manipulation of players, and all the stuff that is NOT shown to CBS show viewers. If they did, there would be an outcry from the general public and BB would have to be revamped. I can say that I can’t watch Julie Chen as an honest or even intelligent anchor after seeing her in inane inaction on BB: CBS loses a potential morning viewer because of her lack of skills. But I’m only one person and that doesn’t mean anything. It won’t change until somebody in the media starts asking questions — geez, even TMZ might be able to give it a nudge but none of them touch it.

    2. Although CBS may try to portray this show as a “reality” show, it is a gameshow. Several TV executives went to jail for picking the winners and fixing game shows in the 60s and 70s. It is against the law to do so. At the least the FCC should investigate this matter. It would not surprise me if BB pays off several contestants (matt) and has them sign confidentiality agreements as to what went on.

  91. Can someone explain to me how the hell Britney won AC. I guess bad mouthing every single person behind there back. This season was a jk. Big Brother is not the same the last 2 seasons have been the worst in history!

      1. Hate when I miss Brits eye when I splooge! I usually sealed them shut. Excepect that crooked nose and lazy eye makes me miss, so I just dump in her foul nasty mouth I use like a garbage can.

  92. Simon, I was a reader only but it certainly kept me interested and up to date. Thanx for all your hard work. It was well worth clicking on each day.

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