**UPDATED** Big Brother 12 Spoilers – 2nd Part of the Final HOH goes to LANE

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2nd Part of the final HOH goes to LANE
Wednesday is the finale
America’s Choice VOTE


6:06pm Lane the big winner tonight .


6:15pm Kitchen, Enzo sitting at the counter by himself while Lane and Hayden sit at the table.


6:20pm Recapping the Comp

6:37pm HOH, The brigade are getting a lobster and steak dinner.. they ‘re in a lockdown. Enzo is chilling to tunez, Hairdo and Memphis are playing cards.
7:57pm Feeds cut while the brigade eats dinner
8:26pm Feeds on trivia

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457 thoughts on “**UPDATED** Big Brother 12 Spoilers – 2nd Part of the Final HOH goes to LANE


        1. Brit does nothing but make fun and talk bad about people to make herself feel better. If she didn’t do that then she would be a half way decent person.

        2. She does deserve it….to be the last of that mess o girls….and smart as a whip, my friends. Who cares if she was being mean….there was PLENTY to make fun of in that house. She had no filter…and I loved that! If Enzo makes more money than her for this summer…wtf? Even though, that being said, Lane has to take Enzo to win this, which means he gets 50 geez. This is just a bad last group of dumb guys……people are blasting this cast…but think about what could have been…Kristen, Matt, Ragan, Britney, Lane, Andrew?Monet?Annie? I think that the producers are pissed, as well as the viewers. Who could’ve planned this awful season?

            1. Lane? Certainly he wasn’t the dumbest as long as Enzo was around. I think Lane played a pretty good game. How do you live with that group of idiots and not make enemies? You have to work at it. Lane and Hayden did just that.

        3. I am running a little late and just now caught Britney’s exit interview with Julie. She is adorable. She is very well spoken and is no dummy. I think it may be the best exit interview yet. She has my vote.

    1. Brendon seemed like he didn’t really want to chase after her (but of course he did). I don’t give them much longer…

      1. I was a little shocked that he didn’t jump in the middle of it like he has the whole season. Do you think he’s finally opening his eyes??? I couldn’t believe he sat there quiet!!

        1. That’s probably because it’s the first time he actually was there from the start of the argument. He always came in at the tail end & assumed she was being attacked. This time he actually saw that she’s the one that started the conflict AGAIN… Ragan stayed calm & just explained the way he saw things & she just won’t let it go.

          1. Simply seemed like it was an instruction from the producers to provoke Ragan. Bet you money that they don’t really ‘hate’ each other. rachel really seemed like she was ‘acting’. yes, she did. bad. acting.

        1. You are right. Brendon just sort of had that puppy down look on his face after Rachel stomped off, and he actually said “Welcome to the Jury House” in a very decent tone of voice to Ragan.
          Rachel started this conflict, once again.

          1. I think Brendon realizes that with Rachel he will spend a lot of time sitting there after she has started a fight and left the room. Does he want to be the one to clean up after her? I think he looks like he might be tired of doing that.


      3. Yeah, that girl acts like a child when somebody doesn’t say or do something she wants even though she will initiates the question or interaction.Brendon new name should be Captain Save a Ho or Dr Save a Ho after he gets his PHD. Because he will constantly have do what he did tonight with here unless she grows up emotionally.

    2. Posted it in the previous post but I’m going to copy it here — Ragan is a wannabe bully. An angry little man with unresolved issues. I bet he wouldn’t be able to talk his shit to anyone in real life, because he would get his skinny gay ass beaten so bad, he couldn’t take a dick in there for a month. From what I saw tonight, Rachel sounded like she wanted to smooth things over, but Ragan again faulted her for everything in the house and made her feel like she was all alone in there. He likes to exclude her from the entire group, just like he was when younger and bullied by others. All I actually need to know how liked he is in real life is when he says he doesn’t have many friends and that his 3 brothers disassociated himself from him. He is going to be very surprised how much people dislike him when the season is over. As far as Brendon, you just saw that he is a pretty nice guy and doesn’t enjoy the fighting unless he feels he really has to. This never really got heated tonight anyway. If Rachel stayed, then maybe it would have, but she was the one to cut it off and walk away. Rachel definitely wins tonight and Ragan is looking again like Ragan.

      1. Rachel only “won” because SHE stomped off. She started this new fight. Did you not hear her say that she HOPED Ragan would say something to push her buttons because now she doesn’t have to hold back. Like she ever did that in the house. She pushed the buttons, not Ragan. He simply answered her questions, she kept asking more trying to get something started up. But of course Ragan, with his smart mouth, shot her down and she had nothing left but to storm off. She has no combative ability against Ragan who can really shove out the calm slams. I don’t like either one of those people, at any rate….

      2. Ragan doesn’t mince his words with Rachel. He doesn’t have to kiss her ass and she doesn’t have to kiss his either really.She shouldn’t have asked Ragan the question if she wanted to control his answer.And to say that he’s a bully is not giving Rachel credit because she doesn’t strike me as the type of letting someone bully her. She’s is emotional just like Ragan is emotional but in a different way. She proved that my stomping off like teenage age girl.

      3. I totally agree he is a bully there was an interesting article on another website about Ragan and group bullying cant remember which one but it was very enlightening. I also think Brendon has a hero complex but he seems to be tiring of it. hopefully for good

        1. That probably would explain his infatuation with Rachel. He probably feels he can save her from her current lifestyle and change her.

      4. Rachel “cut it off” because she knew she was wrong and she didn’t want to get told how horrible she is again. She thought she could talk her way into proving Ragan wrong but it was obvious he was right and no amount of her hounding him was going to get him to back down. She’s awful and any normal human being can see that.

      5. I totally disagree I think Rachel blow up for no reason Ragan told rachel that she wears her heart on her sleeve then she said is that a bad thing ragan says no but in big brother it is. Then Rachel blow up their was no need of her acting that way.

      6. Rachel kept pushing and eventually Ragan made his comments personal. She was taken down again and that is why she left. For no other reason than she had no way to respond. When they had that fight in the courtyard and Ragan was slinging big time insults right and left, all Miss Mouth could say was “Really, Really”…. He cut her down and she wilted. She did not walk away in the Jury House, she all but fled. Ragan is an asshole, but she prompted the show down…and if you saw the show she SAID she HOPED he would push her buttons because she didn’t have to hold back anymore. She instigated it all, and if you listened Ragan started out NOT pointing at her. He was just making comments on communicating and treating people decently. When she pushed him again, he let her have it. I don’t like either one, but Rachel is still the Rachel we saw in the house…and I loved it that Brendon seemed to recognize that and didn’t run after her like a little boy.

    3. Rachel’s problem is that she is a bad winner and a terrible loser. She called people out when she won , the tramp taunted when she won, calling out the floaters and telling everybody to bring it on. When she lost she cried like a baby, case in point going after Cathy for cheering when she beat her. No one likes a person like that, especially when you are with them 24/7.

      1. The fact that the entire game the entire house spent all their energy trying to evict Brendon, and he kept fighting to be there makes him deserve America’s vote more than anyone else.


    1. Enzo’s mom must’ve been like 10 when she had him, she looks as old as him or young, whatever.
      And Ragan took Matt’s lie pretty hard.

        1. Not like lane and hayden though…even dr is trying to get them to turn on each other and take enzo what is up with that…such crap…Idk why this season seems more set up and controlled then other seasons…or just the fact maybe these house guest just have big loud mouths and outting the dr tactics more then others have in the past..

    1. I agree 100%. I actually think Big Brother should give Enzo the boots now anyways. In my opinion, Hayden won part 1 and Lane won part 2 so they should both be fighting for prizes now. They both won, so they should be able to win at least $50,000. And, Asswipe Enzo should just have to leave. You lost and you lost again, so guess what, you LOST!!!! He shouldn’t even be allowed to be taken to the the finale. This is just my opinion on the way the game is played in the end. I simply don’t agree with a loser continuing to have a chance at either prize. Oh yeah, and just in case I didn’t say it earlier….Enzo is a douchebag. :-)

    1. CBS is really pulling for Enzo to win favorite. Gave a lot of air time to wifey, baby, even his mom cooking meatballs. But no time to Lane or Hayden’s family.

      1. No they showed Lanes fam already. This is the first time they’ve showed anything on Enzo.
        They already showed Haydens( I missed that show) family too. Everyone got air time in final
        except Enzo.

  1. Brendon for america’s player remember Britney has already won 10gs we can’t let Brendon win 4 comps and go home with nothing.

    1. It makes no difference that Britney won 10Gs. That does not make Brendan any more worthy. He is rich in his love for that witch, Rachel.

          1. Then you are either a 12 year old girl or extinct desperate! He is a man boy: looks like a man with the mentality of a puppy dog.

        1. Didn’t anyone notice the pained look on Brendon’s face when Rachel got up and left. Like here we go again. I think CBS is making him stay with her for the ratings. I really think Brendon has seen Rachel for what she is, and he is over her..

      1. Brendan played a amazing game and played hard, he didn’t need to spend his time making fun of people. Even after Brendan was evicted Brittany still had nothing better to talk about other than making fun of him. She needs to get a life.

          1. britney stayed in longer because she had more than just one person looking out for her. if she had been targeted since week one like brendan by the entire house, i doubt she would have stayed as long as she did! i do thng both er and brendan playd hard for the comps but just couldnt win because of the brigade alliance who had all the votes. so my vote for ac goes to brendan, because i respect him more than i do her. she is my least fav hg this season, then ragan and then lane. and yes, i like rachel better than all of them because she is who she is nd doesnt try to hate on people they way ragan and britney do. of course whe ur in te game ur gonna trash talk people and lie and manipulate, but britney just took it to a whole new and unneeded level!

            1. No, she won 3 POVs and an HOH. She kept herself safe 4 weeks all by herself. The other weeks she wasn’t in danger of going home because the house wanted to send someone else home. Nobody, not even Lane had her back, because his loyalty was to the Brigade. The only time he did anything to keep her safe was when he was HOH, but it didn’t matter because Ragan was the Brigade’s target. She did more to keep him safe than he did for her. As for Rachel not being mean, we must have been watching different feeds, because she was the meanest of them all.

        1. Brandon was playing the game as an extension of Rachael. He was not playing for himself. He was sulking because she was evicted. That is not the purpose of the game.

          1. of course he was sulking, his only ally in the house gets evicted and the whole house is after u for the rest of the game, i would sulk too. but he still did fight to stay, his luck just ran out, its nearly impossible to win every other hoh or veto to stay when the whole house is against u. and lets be honest, he isnt the only person to sulk in that house! look at ragan, sulking over matt! and matt wasnt even loyal to him! matt should have used the dpov to get out britney or one of his brigade members after he discovered they were gonna vote him out, but oh well. here’s to next season.

            1. They all start to feel that way when they know they are going home. Brendan had only one friend in the house b/c he chose to have only one friend in the house.

    2. he wont go home empty handed, he got rachel! I know she is not worth much, but i am sure he can trade her in for a beer or two in vagas.

    3. Totally agree…Brendon for America’s Choice!!! He should get the 25K!
      No way does Brit deserve it! She has money, she did not play hard enough at the end and complained all the time, said vile things about everyone and let the boys run her game at the end! I don’t want Brit to go home as AC!

          1. no britney got played by lane, I don’t care what lane says, he was using her until ragan talked him and he realized the only one he could beat was britney

            1. He could beat Britney? Lane is a clone Memphis and Memphis got 0 votes in the end. I think that’s a record. And not only did Lanephis get 0 votes, he was up against Dan and Dan had screwed most of the Jury house. When you don’t do anything you don’t even get votes from people who hate your opponent.

  2. give EGO ENZO an ice pack…lmao… cause an air pump wont help … such a looser… only won the POV cause he was bigger then Ragan. was easy to push him over…

  3. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My prayers have been answered big time! Once again Enzo shows his true colors. 19 minutes on the swing?? And then proceeds to smack his way through ham as the other two last over 2 hours?? He needs to go back to Bayonne!

    1. Bozo always has an excuse!!!!!!!!!!!! 19 min. on the rope really poor. Then to go in an eat and come out and eat in front of lane and hayden!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jerk

      1. I am lmao at the continued excuses from all of the Enzo backers trying to explain how hard the annie pic was. Why didn’t the idiot study like Lane last night. No, he went to bed.

    2. Wasn’t that hilarious? Almost seemed scripted it was so…Enzo-esque. A charicature of himself. If that was scripted, well done!

      So is Enzo. I agree that the timing of his (absolutely charming!!??!!) family profile is a push towards AC for him and it’ll be interesting to see the effect. I’m pulling for Brit – that very young lady has great potential. I’d be fine with Brendan too – a doctorate is expensive.

      Lane started out as my pick, but I’ve been pulling for Hayden for a while now – he definitely deserves to win and is the least vulgar of the whole bunch.

      1. I tried that again can you give me the address I have cbs/bigbrother a picture of the cast and a thing says vote I clicked on it and then Julie’s picture came up and says vote below and it is blank.

      1. My computer hates me I guess I just tried that link and the same thing happened I guess I can not vote I tried it last night also.

    1. You need to enable JavaScript in your browser to see the voting options. Also, you must accept a cookie for the vote to register or it will come back in a loop asking you to put the code in.

  4. but see now, it gets interesting because Lane has won more comps than Enzo. Lane has 2, Enzo only has 1. Hayden has like 20.
    So, maybe Hayden and/or Lane might decide to take Enzo in the Final 2.
    Lane definitely has a better chance now of beating Enzo in the Final 2. Lane nor Enzo can beat Hayden tho.
    I’m just sayin’. It is what it is.

    1. Ya think ? I’m thinkin that Hayden would take Lane and Lane would take Enzo..then again,maybe Lane and Hayden are both afraid to take each other?? I really don’t know how anyone could think like they do,or don’t, so it’s probably up in the air to all of em

      1. No, I’m pretty sure Hayden and Lane have an agreement to take each other to the Final 2.
        So whoever wins the Final HOH comp doesn’t even matter. Because the two of them are already locked in. They’re just gonna shun Enzo.

        1. Lane can’t be trusted anyway. He would have screwed over the BG for Britney if he had the chance. So whatever pact he made with Hayden is just BS. Lane will do whatever he thinks will get him the $$ regardless of any pact previously made.

          1. I would actually think higher of him if he actually was just using his Brother-bond with Hayden as a strategy to get the farthest he can in the game. It will all be confirmed if Lane chooses Enzo over Hayden.

          2. I don’t care what lane says, he was playing britney it wasn’t until ragan talked to him that he realized he had a better chance of beating britney

        2. I think the deals that are being talked about are just talk. Hayden and Lane are closer in age and both have big party plans for the money. They both seem to really like Enzo and will probably feel badly when they move on without him, but husband/dad Enzo is not a fit with the two younger guys.

          1. i think if lane beats hayden , he would be stupid to take hayden to the final 2 cause he wouldnt be able to beat him. i think hayden can take either one and still win. however, i hope hayden wins and takes enzo! thats just my personal opinion

    2. No they think enzo played a really good social game…they no brendon and rachel liked enzo so in there heads…they are also loooking in the social part..i would really be shocked if hayden and lane don’t stick to there plan and take each other…despite all the dr minipulations..

  5. why should brendon win the 25k? him and brit are even when it comes to competitions,britney won 3 povs and 1 hoh and brendon won 3 povs and 3 hohs and britney wont spend the money on new hair extensions for rachel.

    1. I have to agree fanfan. Enzo has to be the dumbest person on the planet. He didn’t try to win because of course Hayden and Lane have both said they will take him to final two so why try. With the pea size brain that he has he figures he goes to final two no matter what. Enzo, you don’t put $500,000 in the hands of someone else but your own you idiot. In his favorite words, “all I’m sayn is it is what it isyo!”

  6. Britney deserves the $25k. She stayed the longest w/o an alliance. Even though Lane wouldn’t vote her out he was also w/Brigade first. Brendon’s an idiot especially if he sees anything in Rachel. I hope someone tells her the shirts she’s wearing are suppose to be worn with leggings and not as a dress that just barely covers her butt! She’s disgusting and just does not see any fault in her own behavior. At least Ragan is the only one that will stand up to her!

    1. Ukiddin says: “I hope someone tells her the shirts she’s wearing are suppose to be worn with leggings and not as a dress that just barely covers her butt! ”

      Well Brits short shorts got allooooooot of attention as well!

      1. I think everyone remembers when Rachel “forgot” to put on underwear and she wore one of those short skirts at the competition. The viewers got to see a lot of blurred spots while she was bouncing around. Brit said she was too stupid to put on underwear, but with Rachel and her boob popping “accident” and her butt flashes, did she forget or do it on purpose. One wonders.

    2. What do you mean without an alliance what was Lane ? he saved her more than once, they were after Brendon from day one and he did work hard from the beginning.

      1. Britney also saved lane many times…he was going up when she won the pov and if she used it several times lane was going up.. so she chose not to use it to save lane…they both used each other…lane saved her one time and now he is a hero?? what the heck and he didn’t just save her he saved the guys also keeping ragan would of eliminated one of them..he would of won that pov..he new the most when it came to that stuff…and he would have tooken hayden or enzo out…so lane saved them all from there paranoia

    3. Remember the competition when Rachel wore one of those short short skirts and she left off her underpants?….. they were bouncing around in the comp and all we kept seeing were blurred areas because BB had to “edit out” …a LOT…. She’s a piece of work, that Rachel.

      1. She’ll be spit out the bottom of the porn industry in 2 to 3 years….if they can find enough make-up to fix up that ugly mug of hers.

  7. ragan started it she only asked him what kind of game he thought she had played, he could have been nice at that point but instead attacked her ( as always) he is so oviously jealous of her because she has something he will never have, a vaginia) BOOM!!!

    1. Ragan is very good with the passive-aggressive crap. He knew exactly which buttons to push with Rachal. I don’t have much respect for him.

        1. I have to disagree. I think Ragan thinks he is a superior being and is in total denial that his arrogant, pompous attitude can provoke others. Passive aggressive is a good descripter of his personality.

      1. I’m tired of seeing Ragan’s back teeth!!!! How many people open their mouths so wide that you can always see their back teeth when they talk???? Opps, I think I just figured out the answer to my own question ;-) Anyways, yeah, I don’t have much respect for him either.

    2. true, all true. i am not sticking up for her, i cant stand her either but i hate ragan even worse. ragan attacked her more than once because he has fun winding her up. and for him to be a communications teacher, ha! what a joke. He probably made that up.

    3. We totally agree here. Rachel seemed to want to calm things down, but again Ragan started blaming her for every evil on the planet. She even mentioned that people didn’t want to accept her apology (Ragan, Britney, Kristen?). If you don’t accept an apology, you can never make up. That was the big problem that one day with Rachel/Brandon & Ragan/Britney. Rag and Brit just wanted to have a target victim in the house to go off on. They chose her and never let up.

      1. For such an innocent person she sure did start a lot of trouble. All the way back to when she made up a lie when Monet was on her way out. She even admitted she made up a lie just to get trouble started. Poor innocent Rachel. She was never a troublemaker even though she admitted to being a troublemaker.

        1. With the crap that Rachel shoved in houseguest’s faces, I can see why they didn’t feel they had to accept her apology. They were empty offers anyway. If one said “I forgive”, it would not have been long before she shoveled the crap another time. She’s a 100% bonafide antagonistic VIP COCK-TAIL Waitress.

  8. I have a question for BB experts please. This is my first season watching the show so I don’t know how this works. Does America’s Choice have to be someone that has been evicted or could you conceivably vote the $500,000 winner as America’s Choice as well?

        1. Actually, Rupert never won Survivor; however…He did win 1 million as America’s favorite player for the All-Star edition. For the 3 seasons Rupert has been on – Sandra won 2 of them (Peal Islands and Hereos vs. Villians) and Amber won All-Stars.

      1. Thank you Dirk, BBGrandma and Sky! These boards and all the commenters have made this game 10 times more fun that it would otherwise have been. Thank you Simon and Dawg for all your hard work! Cheers to all!

    1. and Rachel’s, and Brendon’s, and Kathy’s.
      Matt’s is fine tho. But he’s burning so many bridges with his wife’s lie.

  9. To everyone voting for Brendon for America’s choice I ask you to reconsider– what he would truly want? Brendon himself said that the half million bucks wasn’t the prize,meeting the women of his nightmares… i mean dreams was. Using that logic, he wouldn’t even want the 25,000. Also since he feels like he already won the biggest prize, ask yourself this – Would you reward the winner of the 500,000 with an additional 25,000?? – no you wouldn’t.. In the same way, Brendon has already won, he doesn’t need anything else. I rest my case.

      1. Sky – you don’t even know the half of your statement.. there are some people here who have more names and more personalities, it would freak you out to even fathom someone is that unstable.

      2. Word? I’ve posted here under this name(and only this name) for the last 2 seasons. Don’t shoot your mouth off without some facts. School yourself son!

        1. Beau Beau Chocolate Pee Pee, I think Sky was joking with you because he thinks you have three names in Beau Beau, Chocolate, Pee Pee. But, Rockstar and I and others have been victims of others using our names and posting as us. Or attaching us under different names they use. Like one post maybe for us and post again under a different name against us. Rockstar and I don’t need any help in getting us in trouble on here. I hope that clears things up for you, tho.

          1. Thanks, but with all the Brit fans I can’t tell the fake from real anymore. He just got my wrath by accident. Should have posted it at the bottom.

            1. Sky – totally understandable.. another poster said something very similar so it is very hard to figure out who is whom or who?

              1. hugabug – It’s ok, but I still like you, we agree on BB most of the time so that’s a start. I’m the boss at work so it probably rubs off. I’ll work on it when I post. When I’m wrong, I say I’m wrong.

          1. Its fine. i appreciate the apology, just writing the word ‘ pee pee’ to me makes it all water under the bridge.lol. Also- just to be clear, my name refers to Howie’s fascination with Beau’s penis in season 6, when I watched the season I laughed and laughed at the scene. And i’m not a giant brit supporter,i’m voting for her but thats besides the point. i just don’t think Brendon deserves it, the only reason the entire house was against him( and why he had to fight so hard) was because he played the social game so poorly and didn’t understand when enough was enough in order to save his game.

            1. I remember that! lol Good point, I didn’t think of it that way. So I thought Brendon would give up so he could go to the JH with Rachel. I liked that he didn’t. I have a soft spot for the Dork. I don’t think he and Rach will stay together. So if he wins the AP I doubt it will go to her. If I’m wrong you can tell me “I told you so” next year. lol

    1. Case, not well taken. sorry, my vote is still for Breadon. (sorry, if name is mispelled) I don’t think he and Racheal will last. Tonight, he didn’t even defend her while Ragan is arguing with her. I like Racheal but I think she will drag him down.

  10. LOL!!!
    This only shows that ENZO SUCKS!!!
    as it has been the WHOLE season, even if it was only himself he would still lose!!!
    Just pathetic!

  11. I guess I really don’t care who wins the $25k but I’d like to see Matt get some credit for getting these other 3 do-do’s as far as he did. They don’t seem to be giving him his props. He’s my first vote. Then I was just thinking how funny it would be if we gave it to Kristen!!!!! That would piss off Rachel & Brit so bad it would be worth it!! Plus I kind of think she got a raw deal…I’d like to have seen her stay longer. At least she had the balls to stand up to Rachel. I hate Brendon but could see him deserving the money because of the comps & punishments he took. But I’m like a lot of you & don’t want to give it to him because of Rachel! I don’t want Brit or Ragan to get it simply because they already got some cash. I’d like it to go to someone who didn’t get jack.

      1. I can’t vote, yet. My Balloon Boy might get popped! I will have to give him my vote because he is the only one I have ever pulled for that got to the final 3. If he gets to final two, I will vote for Matt. Although, I really kinda would like to give something to Kristen but I know you think she looks like a guy. I liked her because she never gave up and kept trying to get votes up to the day she was evicted. Hayden told Lane he would take him to Hawaii with him, so, she doesn’t even get that. However, she didn’t leave empty handed. She got the hippietard. Was she the one that sold it?

              1. Then I guess I will have to make up my mind on Monday, Hey. Maybe I will get a better feel by then if Hayden will be on of the final two. Thank you for the info.

    1. i know why give the 25k to brendon? he’s just gonna forward it to rachel, he gotta pay for her “services” just like everybody else.

        1. That “boyfriend” had only been her boyfriend for 2 months. She had almost as much time with Hayden. i have already said my opinion on “so called” cheating on boyfriend. Just couldn’t let it go by again. I didn’t like them bring in Brendon’s ex either. Or, pushing a romance between Britney and Lane. Romance happens and that is just the way it goes.

            1. Right on BBGrandma!!! I haven’t been able to see all of the “family” visits, but I thought Brendon’s was the worst. They should not have had the ex-girlfriend and her mom! I’d say Brendon got a bad rap with that one!

                1. Agreed – it may seem a ridiculous statement but that was tacky and mean-spirited. He was struggling and it was a kick when already down.

  12. I have said it before and I will say it again: Ragan has very serious emotional problems. Rachal made a very astute point No fights in the jury house until Ragan showed up.

    1. astute sounds like a stupe which is short for a stupid idiot.. They were fighting in the jury.. Kathy won’t speak to Matt, she’s in hibernation with her $1 bin mascara and Brendon and Rachel are holed up somewhere passing cooties back and forth

    2. Rachel was DYING to fight with Matt the last time they showed the jury house…Matt just ignored her.
      People that think Ragan is even 1/2 as shitty as Rachel, are crazier and more dellusional than Rachel. Ragan is a smart person that is trying to deal with a moron that is constantly antagonizing him. If I had to deal with her for as long as he did, I would be 100 times meaner than he ever was.

        1. Oh stop acting like rachel is innocent…you just didn’t get to see her say more when she went to the jury house but come on you know she talks mad shit…just her cameras were off…ragan and brit were still bitter…all bb’s have the ones sitting around talking mad shit …like season 10 renny and keesha all the time…just they mocked themselves and others as welll and made it funny…these guys all just look and come out mean sounding…

        2. He is the only person that has not just said things behind her back. Everyone has said things behind her back. Most of them she deserved. But Ragan is the only one that had the guts to say to her face what the others only ever said behind her back. Of course Brendon is the only one that didn’t talk bad about her, but he said nasty things about everyone else behind their backs. Tonight Ragan came clean about his PHD and professorship, and Rachel being Rachel tried to make it about her and hoped to make him look bad. Instead, he answered her question and she kept pushing. He was quite calm, and even accepted that he was too emotional in the game. She didn’t even hear that. When she felt she was losing, she made the tiara comment and stomped off. He showed restraint. He answered her questions from his perspective and talked about her behaviour, not her as a person. It went right over her head. It looked like Brendon was embarrassed. I give them until the morning after the hangover from the after party before they split. I disliked him from the start, but he is not as messed up as she obviously is. Rachel has been there the longest, but of all the people in the jury house, she acts like she doesn’t realize that the game is over for her and everyone there. Why not just chill and enjoy. What happened in the house doesn’t matter anymore.

        1. And I would bet money that she will try to start something with Brit too. She is so self involved and she craves attention. She hasn’t figured out that the game is over for her and everyone else in the house. She lost. They all lost.

    1. I tried it again still no luck it is blank where the choices should be. Are you in canada ? I am in Miami so maybe the site is differant. I do not know !!!!!!

      1. wait a while Donna… there are hundreds of thousands votes going down within the next few hours.. if it doesn’t work tomorrow, maybe you need to clear your cache or cookies.. then check, maybe it might be java that isn’t updated.. what are u running there?

    1. Lane = won a HOH, is funny, didn’t really do much in terms of game play

      Memphis = won a car but no game changing comp, wasn’t funny, wore v-necks


      1. I’m waiting to see how you and colette lala vote. If I can’t vote for a favorite (I just don’t even have one any longer) I might as well vote for a favorite’s favorite!

    1. I saw that Rachel started the questions and I heard Ragan answer. Rachel kept pushing questions and although I cannot stand Ragan any more than I can stand Rachel, I did not see him raise his voice. It was delusional Rachel once again who won’t admit she was at the front of every conflict in the house, she was rude to the houseguests when she was the winner, she was a wimpy crybaby when she lost. Tonight with Ragan, she raised her voice, not Ragan, and she stomped off, not Ragan. I can’t stand either one, but I saw the Rachel did it again. I also think that Brendon didn’t say much (where was the man who had to protect his girl in the house)…I think Brendon is over Rachel. If he is lucky, he should be.

          1. thats not raising your voice, she was getting upset but she did the right thing and walked away and he did a good job staying calm

          1. She did raise her voice. You need to watch that clip again. SHE went out there to deliberately “push Ragan’s buttons”…. She said she hoped he did and she made it happen. He just answered her questions in general, she kept pushing. And then he made it personal. She left because she had no retort. He’s a jerk, and I can’t stand the little shit, but I can’t stand Rachel either. She can’t stand up to Ragan’s words though. She “equipped” but not with words.

    2. Are you serious?? guess your a rachel fan…cuz she so started her bs and not listening..she was itching for that fight..and she will start more when she sees brit…I really wanna see matts look if brit tells him his so called buddies talked her into back dooring him…:) that be worth more then that stupid lie he told…and you all gotta member they encourage lies they want them to make them up…

  13. Lane and Hayden are both gonna throw the last HOH competition. Infact Hayden might even let Lane win it. It doesn’t matter at this point. The clear frontrunner is Hayden to win the whole thing. The 3 comps that Lane will have won won’t even compare to the 10 that Hayden won.
    And we knew all along that neither of these 2 boys were gonna take Enzo with them.
    Plus, breakdown the jury votes between Hayden and Lane, and I only see Lane getting 1 vote. Britney’s.
    Hayden will get Kathy’s, Matt’s, Ragan’s, Enzo’s. that’s enough right there. but he’ll most likely also get Rachel and Brendon’s votes.
    Hayden’s got this. Too easy. No suspense.

    1. you are probably right about the votes but Britney may throw a wrench into things when she gets there. I think she was upset with Hayden the most about the alliance…remember he was the one that actually told her she was going home and he broke his promise to her. She may try to sway the jury. Of course B/R hate her so bad they won’t go along with anything she says just out of spite so he’ll have their 2 votes. Kathy will definitely be the 3rd vote for Hay but I’m not sure about Matt/Ragan. Britney could sway them. You are probably right about Enzo though…he’ll be the deciding vote for Hay.

      1. Plus lizzieliz reminded me of something she just posted – – -that Lane told Britney about Hayden taking the 5k & Hawaii trip. Remember Matt got the blame for that during his eviction week (as well as being blamed for Sab) If Enzo doesn’t vote for Hay, then Lane wins.

        1. Britney in that 15 min interview with Julie said she thought Hayden would win. That she would tell the others about the Brigade and she would probably vote for Lane. However, she thought Hayden should be the one. She didn’t sound like she had any argue or vendetta against Hayden. I think Britney will let people vote as they wish without influence. But, that is just my opinion.

          1. I agree. And Britney left in a way that seemed like she wasn’t upset with anyone.Minus the trash talk she actually has a good head on here shoulders. I don’t think some people like to give her credit for that though. They told her in enough time for her to process it. I think she was a good sport when she left and accepted her fate and her own responsibility.

    2. I don’t know that Ragan or Brendon will give Hayden the votes. Ragan likes Lane, and Brendon felt back doored by Hayden. Rachel may go with who Brendon chooses, so not so cut and dry.

    3. If Hayden purposely throws it to Lane, Lane would have 3 wins and then he can get rid of Hayden and go up against Enzo. Although Lane wasn’t loud and wasn’t running his mouth 90 mph, his social game wasn’t bad. He was friends with everyone in the jury except for Brendon and Rachel. I could see him getting votes from Brit, Ragan, Matt, and Kathy, especially if he actually made a move and booted Hayden. All you need is 4 votes. Hey, if he did that he may even get Brendon’s vote, but no way would he get Rachel’s. Lane is Brit’s buddy so there’s no way he would get her vote.

  14. I think for all stars they should take four from this season( if that much lol).
    Kristen or Andrew ….. Rachel or Brendan….. Matt ….. one member from the current brigade, my vote is for Enzo.

  15. I voted for Brit. I think she deserved it after that emotional breakdown she had to go thru when the brigade F’ed her over.
    The only reason I didn’t vote for Brendon is because Ratchel would get it.
    I am getting great pleasure seeing Enzo the clown squirm.

    1. How exactly did The Brigade screw her over? They were an alliance all season, they told her about it so she could be prepared for her eviction, and they sent her packing. If being evicted from the BB House is your definition of “F’ing her over” then there were a total of 10 people that were screwed over so far this season. In fact, didn’t Britney more or less ridicule nearly everyone (to the remaining HGs) after they got evicted? Yet her emotional breakdown prior to eviction is supposed to make us feel badly for her? You Britney fans need to get some perspective.

    1. At this point, Hayden’s won 5 HOHs and 1 POV.
      And by the time Wednesday’s comp finishes, he’ll most likely have won 6 HOHs.
      Lane’s won 2 HOHs. Enzo’s won 1 POV. That’s it.
      Hayden’s got this thing locked up more than anyone in the history of BB.

      1. Hayden has 3 1/3 HOH’s. The first one was given to him and the rest were against a gay, a girl, and 2 idiots.

      1. we’ll see about that. I think Lane’s ultimate loyalty and brotherly-friendship towards Hayden might be strong enough to make Lane do the honorable thing and take his brother Hayden with him.
        stupid is as stupid does.

        1. I hope you’re right re Lane taking Haydon. That would be a win for both of them. Lane is fine without the cash and Haydon will likely share – maybe even giving Enzo the 50,000 grand he’d miss for 2nd – winwinwin.

    1. I just listened to an interview with Matt’s wife Stacey and she said that Matt didn’t want to bring those pajama’s but his wife really wanted him to wear them on nation TV to bring attention to himself and make “The Soup” which he did.

      1. Making “The Soup” isn’t a good thing because I’ve watched that idiot bash the hell out of anyone whose face shows up on the show. But then again, those PJ’s were pretty laughable.

  16. I take it from reading everything you have posted, that Britney wasn’t shown going to the Jury House. Is BB on Sunday? Probably then, huh?

  17. I’m watchnig the Live Feeds and Enzo is visably shaken. I think he shed some tears in the HOH bathroom by himself. He knows he’s done.
    I’ve loved Enzo since Day 2, but it wasn’t meant to be.
    Let death take you, Meow Meow.


    1. he probably had to keep it a secret because others might think it was someone left in the house and it could be interesting but I doubt it, the sab was a flop..

  19. i dont give flying shit if hayden or lane win as long as enzo doesnt make to the final two im fine. that guy thinks he is as bad as a pitbull and as gangster as micheal corleone or something. hes a waste of a cast member.

    1. So is Lane, the only player that isn’t completely worthless right now is Hayden, terrible that Lane gets to pick after winning jack nothing until the end.

      1. And when did Hayden’s wins start piling up? Oh yeah, at the end when he was against a girl, a gay, and 2 idiots who were on his side.

  20. actually it (tv guide) says sundays show is recap of the season) (highlights) same thing. last yr they had final 3 sitting at dinner table discussing the episodes highlight. probably will be the same this year too i assume.

  21. Hayden = Greatest Player in BB History!
    When it’s all said and done, he’ll have won 6 HOHs and 1 POV.
    And it will most likely be a landslide victory in the jury votes, except for 1(Britney will vote for Lane).
    Hayden will win the $500,000.
    And on top of that he also won $5,000 and a trip to Hawaii.
    Plus he was part of the Greates Alliance ever… The Bra-gade.
    That’s it yo. Nobody comes close to what he’s done.

    1. That’s like saying a Division 3 college football champion can compete with the top teams from the BCS leagues. Hayden dominated THIS season, but put him up against Evil Dick, Dr. Will, or Mike Boogie (even Dan Gheesling) and he wouldn’t have been able to handle the competition. Let’s try to keep some perspective here.

      1. Ok maybe you have a point. But the kid has really been impressive and his achievements should not be shunned so easily.

    2. Yes, but don’t forget that Lane told Britney that Hayden took all of those prizes in the POV and she will tell everyone in the jury house. I’m sure that finding that out will effect how Matt & Ragan vote….and possibly others. Not sure if Enzo will have time to find that out before he votes, but if Brit asks that as one of her questions, he will definitely find out!

      1. Hmm… sneaky ass Brit might just be evil enough to manipulate the jury house’s minds into voting against Hayden, and voting for her boyfriend Lane.
        Wow, payback is a bitch.

  22. Oh crap, the dumbest BB player in history gets to choose who goes with him. This blows. Hayden’s the only one there that actually played the game well.

  23. Sorry folks but I deserve the 25 K because I watched this horrible season of BB and none of them actually did anything but annoy me !!!

  24. Did anyone notice how bright it was outside when Enzo’s family was watching BB? They are in the eastern time zone just like me. I know it gets a bit dark when watching BB. To be pure sunlight outside? I wunder if they get to watch preview copies or it’s fake what they show on their TV screens.

    It never looked like they were watching the episode they were showing. I swear the super impose what is on TV when they show the family in the living room watching BB.

    1. Yeah i was thinking about that. It was probably all staged.
      And even that sign in the window was put there by the camera crew, 2 minutes before they filmed it, i bet.

    2. I figured that interview with Enzo’s family was pre-recorded. His wifey is delusional just like Rachel…. so is his mother. Enzo’s gonna win the $500,000???. Have they been WATCHING Big Brother… I’d love to know if they have After Hours and watched Enzo be a foul mouthed uncouth loud mouth eating idiot?…. The mother said Enzo is doing New Jersey proud.
      Heaven Help NJ….

  25. Lane Fans, I got a scenario for you!
    What if Lane wins the Final HOH competition against Hayden…. Would Lane be viewed as the biggest dummy for choosing Hayden to be in the Final 2 with him instead of Enzo?
    Obviously, Lane has no chance of beating Hayden in the Final 2, but he definitely has a strong chance of beating Enzo in the Final 2.
    Again the reason why Lane would choose Hayden in the Final 2 with him is because of his loyalty and stronger bond to Hayden than Enzo. But would Lane really want to sacrifice his chances of winning the $500,000 by taking Hayden with him??

  26. Hi Simon or Dawg this one is for you guys or anyone else that can answer it. In the beginning Julie said that in the house two people knew eachother, but that was never played out or even brought out. So who do you think it was? Thanks

      1. yeah if you remember back in the beginning everyone was talking about who could have been the two people, most people thought hayden and kristen were brother and sister until they started kissing, also people thought that Kathy and Brit were mother and daughter..

    1. I watch the broadcast and never heard her say that. The only time it was said was in a saboteur message. If that were true, CBS would have hyped it every single week to try to create drama & up ratings. The friends thing couldn’t possibly be true because CBS isn’t using it to their advantage.

    2. it was one of Annie’s saboteur messages: “2 of you are life long friends”.
      It was all bullshit.
      Just like all of Ragan’s saboteur messages.
      It was all just to make the houseguests paranoid. That’s it. Shun it.

  27. It seems to me that Brendon’s eyes were open as to how Rachel starts all the drama.
    He was in the house with her and without her and noticed the difference . He knew
    Ragan was right , once she left nobody even raised their voice or fought with each
    Rachel wanted to start with Ragan cause she figured he was vulnerable and sad
    having just found out about Matt’s lie, also she figured she now had Brendon
    beside her to back her up. But, it backfired Brendon never opened his mouth where
    before he would have jumped in to defend her. He knew everything Ragan was saying
    was true.

    1. I so agree with you on this. Rachel deliberately approached Ragan, and I think to be in his face. Before he came in she said she hoped he would push her buttons because she didn’t have to “hold back” now. I don’t know when she thought she ever held back in the house.
      She is the most delusional broad ever …. I do think Brendon has taken a good look at her.
      And it could be she has pulled a Penguin Shun on Brendon because, after all, he didn’t win the big bucks.

  28. Did anyone else think that Enzo’s time went slower then Lanes??? I swear that around 30 seconds it was really slow?

  29. Don’t like Rachel or Ragen, but it just seems to me the whole season she has been on some bad spanish soap opera doing some very bad acting!!! And she was wanting more camera time so she was trying to bait a fight.

  30. Now I know why Enzo is called Meow-Meow … he’s the biggest pussy who’s ever been on BB.

    I understand why he has such a huge ego – just listen to how his “wifey” and his Mommy feed it.

    Can’t wait until he’s booted from the final two and then sinks into obscurity rather than finding his fortune as some kind of big-shot “celebrity.”

    As for Ragan’s response to Rachel … c’mon, seriously – she expected him to COMPLIMENT her on her social game or her communication skills (or lack thereof … well, except in bed with Brendon)?! She asked for it; she got it (like Ragan was going to hold back?). Then, as the true narcissist she is, she went all psycho … ug!

    1. I tivoed Wednesday s episode and it made me really like Britney. She handeled herself with class unlike others (b & r) when things didn’t go their way.

  31. missed the ep tonight – did matt tell ragan about his wife’s “illness” and how did he react. thanks. i’m in canada and can’t watch it on cbs tomorrow – gotta find a torrent i guess

    1. Yeah, Ragan was hurt, as expected. Asked Matt to leave him alone. I knew this wasn’t going to go over easy. Ragan feels like this entire “friendship” as been a lie. D/L the episode to take a look.

  32. Kristen should win the money. Even though she didn’t win a competition, I saw her as being a big threat in the house had she stayed longer. If she hadn’t gotten evicted because of Rachel’s insecurities and the brigade’s inability to see that Hayden would win it all within the brigade, she probably would have a won a lot of competitions and made it really far.

    1. More reason why you guys should stop with the “Vote for Brendon” campaign. The guy is just a big dummy. He does not deserve to be rewarded whatsoever.

      1. We all probably know alot of people in our own lives that fall for someone thats not good for them or acts nuts but they also dont listen. Dont mean we should ignor or not like them for their choice in a mate. SO it is just STUPID for people on here always putting Brenden down because of his choice. And if anybody dont know somewhat that has done this at one time or another you must live in a very small world….. So grow up and look at the person not their choice of a mate.

        1. Yeah, we do know people like that and some of us are probably those people. But the chance to play for $500,000 is a rare opportunity to just throw out the window for a stranger you met in a fish bowl. He’s an adult. He could have used his head and waited to pursue something outside of the house.Besides I’m sure he enjoyed having some female comfort in there while she was in the house with all the kissing and massages. So look at it as an expensive massage if he doesn’t win. He should have appreciated the opportunity to play for that amount of money and made it a priority instead of a woman he doesn’t really know.

    2. brendan will not be with rachel when this is over, britney on the other hand will be all over lane, at least until the 50,000 is gone

  33. rachel 5g, ragan 20g, brit 10g,enzo tv,lane 91$,hyden 5g &hawai vaccation.By seeing this the only person who deserves 25g is ONLY BRANDON……..vote for brandonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.

      1. POV comp that Kristen ended up with hippietard. When they lost the round they could pick something & the next person out could take it from them or keep the one they drew, etc

  34. OMG!! Enzo’s family is deLIGHTful and their love and support seems genuine. My mouth is still hanging open in shock. How did he become so cretinous?

  35. I think Rachel couldn’t wait to start something with Ragen. He remained calm trying to express himself. Brendon looked disappointed when R huffed out of the room. Surely, he has had time to recognize that she is a drama queen as Ragen told her. I don’t understand anyone being upset with Ragen for talking to her, she started it, he remained calm throughout the conversation.
    Go Hayden!

    1. I agree 100% she acts like she is pms’ing whenever she disagrees with someone and it looks like Brendan is starting to see the light!

    2. Brendon wasn’t disappointee enough in Rachel to start acting like a MAN! He sheepishly rose and followed after her like a little puppy dog. He is totally disgusting.
      Rachel is all about Rachel. Anyway she can, she will draw attention on herself. At anyones expense, I might add. Does Brendon think it will be any different when they leave the house.
      She knew that Ragan would not put up with her bullying (like all the others in the Jury house) so she couldn’t wait to get the show going.
      I just hope above all hope that Brendon does not get the A/C. He is a real woose.

    1. Brendon should have butted in. He should have told her to cool it. Or, he should have come to her defense. Anything, other than just sitting there like the wimp he is.

      1. Brendon did the right thing and never said anything. It was none of his business and to be honest Rachel was my fav until last night there was no need for her to act that way. It was Rachel and Ragan’s fighting not Brendon

  36. Shouldn’t the 3rd person, the one not taken to the final two win the $25K? If #3 gets nothing from BB – then I’d give them the $25k no matter what since they stuck it out this long.
    While Enzo is not my fav – if he is 3rd runner up, I’d give it to him because of wifey/daughter and he did stay in the game – he formed the brigade, and his funny antics made them keep him around – he did have a good social skills game going.
    Seems like the others can live fine without the money – but once you’re married with baby – Enzo could use it the most.

    1. The $25K is for Americas Favorite, and the audience votes for this one. The audience has had full exposure to all that went on, and this prize is not for need but perhaps popularity or preference of the viewers. There are alot of needy people who could use the money, and, besides, Enzo has ridden this one in with the brigade.

    2. I can agree with your arguement to a point. The only reason some of these people are going away with money or prizes and were not in the final 3 is due to winning the gifts thru out the season. I think that the AC player is another way that we watchers can feel apart of the show! Plus, hopefully the person we vote for will win – part being a good player/part popularity contest!

    3. Don’t you remember hearing him brag about how “wifey” had some big job? Just being married with a baby is not enough to overcome his dirty mouth. He called the ladies b**** and c***, and every other word out of his mouth was f***. Production warned him about it and he didn’t change it up one bit. Give the $25,000 to someone who really tried to win this game and competed. He talked the talk, but never walked the walk.

  37. Here’s a twist. Hayden throws the final comp (highly unlikely) so Lane gets the blood on his hands when he evicts Enzo and Hayden would get Enzos vote. Or Lane evicts Hayden and takes Enzo and takes his chances. Lane with more comp wins to boast to the jury to try to beat Enzo’s social game. What am I thinking? Lane doesn’t have the balls and I give credit to Hayden. He won’t make the mistake of throwing a comp. Hayden will win the 500k and although it sounds like he doesn’t need it Lane will win the $50k.

  38. wowwwww, i cant believe Brendon is most likely gonna win the AC. Becuase all these stupid people saying “i wanna see the look on the other houseguests faces”… thats b.s you just think he is the hottest ish you have seen. plz, the guy is a scientist who played the game like SHIT for an ugly chick…

    im sure he dosnt need the money from AC.. voting for him is probably the dumbest thing ever, this isn’t a good looks competition. its BIG BROTHER. ENZO even deserves it more, just for getting this far without doing JACK

    1. I really wanted Matt to win, he besides Brit & Ragan played the only intelligent game. I say vote for the only WOMAN who deserves it and that’s Brit. Come on ladies!

  39. did i just hear him say wifey has to go back to work….i thought she had a big wall street job…ceo…feo . i think he lies about every f ing thing. yo i had a golden opportunity if i only won something lol

  40. Man, it’s the same ole pattern. When you know you’re going home you just feel so shunned, and start to cry. What I’m seeing in Enzo right now is the same thing as Brendon, Matt, Ragan, Britney. They were all sad when they knew they were done. That’s it. Let death take you.

  41. Enzo goes home with nothing but his stipend and a penguin suit….lmao. I am so happy that loser isn’t getting anything. Let’s see…..19 minutes on the endurance comp. How pathetic is that? He doesn’t deserve to win shit in my opinion. Hopefully Lane and Hayden will stick with each other and let the best man win. Enzo’s 15 minutes of fame are almost over.

  42. AWESOME! Hayden won, Lane get 50 g’s and Dumbo … um … Enzo goes home with nothing except his enormous ego.

    And Britney gets America’s Choice & $25K – good for her!

    Best clip of the night:: Monet saying that she stood by her comments about Rachel being “skanky” and a ho!

    Second-best clip of the night: Lane telling Matt “You make up stories about your dog – not your wife!”

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