Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Kristen: “Rachel thinks I’ve given up.. but I’m not giving up B!TCH”

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

5:55pm Lane and Kristen Backyard Couch Lane saying that people calling other people floaters because they’re not winning competitions is the biggest bullshit. He points out that some people may not want to win the early comps it’s not the best strategy. HE allso thinks most but not all of the comps they’ve had were random and just based on dumb luck. Lane says that this game is so messed up you can’t fully be yourself in here “In the DR it’s your real self and in the house it’s someone else”.. Lane: “rachel is basing her entire game on that one player from previous years… whats her name… oh yeah that Janelle girl.. she’s doing that whole floaters things because Janelle did”. Kathy walks in catches the tail end of the Janelle comments and says “you know she’s trying to be just like Janelle you know”.. “I want to see who the real rachel is Yo know” Kristen if we were outside this house I would not put up with rachels bullshit. Lane thought she was going to hit rachel after last HOH he saw her hands ball up and they thought the security gaurds would be jumping over the walls.

Kristen wonders why rachel is coming after her and not hayden, Hayden is just as dangerous target in the house. Lane thinks it’s because rachel believes she can persuade hayden whereas as for Kristen you’ve stuck up for yourself against her and now she’s scared of you. Kathy says Rachel wants to get all the girls out because she thinks it benefits her. Land thinks she should want the girls to stay but her logic is all fucked up.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

6:13pm Kathy and Kristen backyard couch Kathy tells her she’s preying for a miracle she really wants her to stay. Kristen just hates that Rachel is getting her way, kahty knows. Kahty: “Rachel hates you because you stood up for yourself” Kristen: “rachel thinks I’ve given up.. but i’m not giving up BITCH”. Kathy: “rachel works of intimidation.. she’s a bully and when people stick up to her she folds” Kristen counting votes thinks that matt has a deal with B/R so his vote might be tough, she’s going to work Ragan and Brit. Kathy tells her she has her vote. Rest of the house starts heading outside to eat dinner.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

6:26pm Backyard 6 different conversations. enzo: “Fucking ants are biting me yo.. even the fucking ants backstab yo in here yo”.. “It’s bananas up in here is crazy yo”

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I’m so sick of kristen with that wig. Everrytime i see her she reminds me of Carrot Top. It’s a hot az mess. She should be evicted for the wig alone. I can’t take it anymore…..


shes been called orphan annie, barbra streisand, mrs roper now carrot top. too funny


do not forget John McEnroe…when he had hair


ronald macdonald don’t forget him.


lol…..kristin reminds me of that girl on saturday night live…..”gilly”


you guys are cracking me up. she does look like gilly LMAO too funny


yo dude, if i knew i was goin, i sure as heck would ditch that wig and leotard, gross


you guys do realize the leotard and wig are results of the pov comp rught? She has no choice but to wear them. She has said numterous times since putting them on that she looks ridiculous and its gonna be hard for people to take her serious. I think she is being a very good sport about.


Yes we know!


Kirsten smokes? lame.

There is no one for her to “work” She’s going home. She has Kathy, that’s it. Brendon will enable Rachel’s jealousy and vote her out, Ragan will vote whatever way Matt tells him to, Brit will vote with Lane, Enzo’s the “leader” of the stupid brigade, so she’s definately gone! I can’t even think of a scenario that would benefit her into being saved.

Go Britney!!


Kristin looks like a drag queen. Maybe she is really a Guy!


Yes she does. She spends all her time fixing that horrible wig. Everytime she moves it around, I lose thought on what she’s saying. My eyes goes directly on the wig.


lmao too funny


why do people like brit? Didn’t she say rachel had an airborne std disease and after monet left she was in the tub with rachel on several occasions. I dont know about you but i’d want to be as far away as i could with someone with stds flying around… like enzo says no rats or aids yo


yea gettin in the water with someone with stds is like jumping in a contaminated water your gonna catching something.. rachel don’t have nothing you havn’t seen brendon “scratching” uncontrollably yet have you??


They get a pretty thorough physical before entering the house… I think Brit knew she was safe. Plus, she is only playing Rachel. It’s not like they were friends first.


That was a joke, damn while do have to be so serious


I actually find it funny that people are so against Brendon and Rachel and think they are such losers and will never get far in this game… and they will “make sure they get them out next week” (which is something they all say, but never do). Okay, so what I find so hilarious is this, if they are such losers and everyone hates them so much and thinks they are not worth anything and are stupid and ugly…why have they won the most combined? I think the word I am looking for here is …JEALOUS. Kristen said Rachel is “jealous” of her… LOL. I highly doubt that.


I agree.


Well, the Brigade has been throwing comps so everyone picks everyone else off while keeping their alliance a secret so they can go as far as possible without making it known. That’s why Rachel and Brendon have won so many. Matt won HOH or at least made a deal with Ragan and had a chance but was smart enough knowing that he couldn’t play in the next HOH to keep them off of him by putting up Kathy and Andrew instead. Sure enough, Rachel wins and Matt would’ve been up, but instead he was safe. Everyone else knew she was going after Kristen so they didn’t care. Now Rachel can’t play in the HOH so that leaves only Braden to have a chance. They are showing just how stupid they are by saying how much they trust Britney when she’s going to put at least one of them up if she wins. It’s just a matter of time unless production plays a role with twists that keep them here. The only wild card right now not to put up B/R is Ragan and I think Matt will work him hard enough to make that happen. Britney may put up Matt against one of B/R but I think Lane would talk her out of it. So everyone can say the Brigade is worthless becuase they don’t win but they’ve pretty much secretly influenced a lot in the house so far. I think if they’re smart, one wins this week, guarantees one of the B/R to go home by putting them both up and the non brigade members will be grateful and not put that member up and then the next week the other if possible, if not then Kathy. Then they will probably start to split trying to work side alliances with Brit and Ragan. As long as B/R go soon. I don’t care who wins after that

hayden is a baby

its one thing to sit there and claim the entire time that you dont care and are throwing comps, but thats not how its gone down, they bitch and moan about losing to each other…why?because they actually lose

not all of them throw every comp

brigade SUCKS yo


ummm….Hayden won the first HOH and came up with the idea to jump and grab the top to stay in the first place in that comp so he’s not a bad player. They threw the surf board comp to be haves instead of have nots and Matt, a member of the brigade, won that one. So they’ve won 2 HOH’s and they’re talking about throwing this one as soon as Brandon is out to let someone else take care of it. So yea, I give you they have screwed up some, but they’ve thrown more than they haven’t .


Kristen keeps making these grand, bold statements- about her ability to win, her ability to take out Rachel, how strong her connection with Hayden is….and then the complete opposite happens. I am not sure if she notices (she will when she watches the show back) but the egg is DRIPPING dwon her face.
If all she does is focus on how people are jealous of her or how a guy wants her, and uses that as an excuse, she is never going to understand what is really going on which is one reason she is in this mess. She suffers from myopia, lives in a bubble….But the biggest mistake she made in this game – BIG BROTHER101- you dont get into a fight with the HOH esp after the person has won it. She has made so many mistakes in this game, but this is the most egregious. You cant and shouldnt persevere making such obvious rookie mistakes. It’s crazy to think otherwise, so she should get on it with it instead of wallowing.

hayden is a baby

and shes done nothing…if you want to be the bad guy or the ronnie, do it…but if you want to sit around put people up, laugh at them, then say “WTF, its not fair that Im going home and its not fair for hayden either”…really? but its fair for everyone else? this entitled attitude is with a lot of the hg’s

tired of their complaints, play the game, or go home, but they talk more about what they will do to Brenden and Rachel(karma)



way to use big words yo but i agree, kristen is a dumb ass


The girls are firecrackers this season.



Firecrackers, really don’t think so. All the HGs are actually duds IMO. I watch BBAD for about 10-15 minutes and then turn it off due to it being so boring because of the HGs.


I have to agree Red. I really thought Brit was going to make it somewhat exciting and use the POV for a split second to stir it up and give B/R the finger. Now we’ll get a majority vote minus Kathy


These people don’t understand that once the POV is used, and once the HOH puts up a replacement, the HOH has no power. None. Why are they still kissing her ass? Her power is over. Her role as HOH for the rest of the week consist in sleeping in the HOH room and blowing Brendon under the covers. In fact, she is now at a disadvantage because she can’t play in the next comp and whoever goes home on Thursday, she has blood on her hands and everyone really hates her, which she made worse with her attitude this week. Why don’t they all just grow a pair and do what is best of them, not continue to suck up to Rachel. I can’t believe these people have ever watched the show before. Now is the time to stir things up. Call her out. Flirt with Brendan, make her cry, make Brendan and her fight. I haven’t seen Hayden asking around for votes, like he thinks he doesn’t need to. They all feel so freaking safe until they are on the block. Come on, houseguests. We want a game, not a cheap soap opera!


This is going to be a very boring week.

BigBrothers Big Brother

If I knew I was going out, I’d pack my bags and just sneak out that door while the house guests are sleeping. Give them no satisfaction in voting me out. Then what? They are always saying expect the unexpected. That’s as unexpected as it can get when you are on ‘death row’ Kristen has no chance whatsoever of getting a reprieve.

Short of LA having a massive earthquake that crushes everybody in the house except Kathy, she’s GONE!


she would lose her stipend for her time in the house, that could be considered “expelled”


if they just left bb producers would not give them their stipons for being on the show. they signed a contract. member last season with sheman?

BigBrothers Big Brother

True. I know. I’m just fantasizing. I know she’d not only lose her stipend but any chance of being on any other CBS owned program. Which could be a huge issue if she was using this as a stepping stone to other entertainment type gigs. Again, I vote for her being in a revival of the off off (way off) Broadway version of ‘Annie-It Really is a Hard Knock Life’ musical.


lmao you are too funny. the sun will come out ….tomorrow………………. LOL LOL LOL

canadian fan

Thats a real mature way to play the game. If that happened a few times, im sure the show would fold. If you sign up for the game and you can’t take losing, you should stay away. My kids play hockey and winning is important but learning how to lose is a life lesson as well, you can’t win em all but you still have to play a game till the end, or don’t play it at all.

BigBrothers Big Brother

Dude or dudette, I was JOKING. I realize there are rules and contracts involved in these shows as well as batteries of psychological tests to find contestants who pretty much stick to the script. Merely having a fantasy moment here,no more preaching please.


I would never preach during a fantasy. That could really mess up a good dream!

canadian fan

Hey Grandma, I didn’t realize I was ruining a fantasy for that poster, I would never stop a good fantasy unless it was going to make a mess on the sheets or a piece of furniture.


Not even then, let errr rip!


For the first two weeks, we didn’t even see or hear from Kristen…now she says “she’s not giving up”…what is she doing besides laying around or sitting around smoking with Kathy…start making some moves…start throwing Hayden under the bus…JUST DO SOMETHING…Dammit


Does Kristen know anything about the brigade? I was watching afterdark, and enzo looks worried that Kristen might throw them under the bus. It would be funny if she actually does throws the brigade under the bus.


she’ll do something alright. go straight to julie chen and cry after that door hits her on the way out. i just hope she doesn’t go away mad, just goes away. next after her gayan. he hasn’t done anything either but scare me with that ugly egg head everytime he is on camera.


Thats what i said. She started making cameos on bb 2 weeks ago

BigBrothers Big Brother

I think we all agree, we want some action. Bring the noise people! I hope CBS scans this site and see how the viewers are starving for more. I’ll take one for the team by volunteering to go on the show and shake it up!

cali girl

I agree with Red these HGs are boring. I would like to see Kristen go, but it would be fun to see Brit save her just to shake things up.


I really don’t like rachel..I respect her for winning two hjoh but I don’t like the way she talks and its weird how her and brandon just became a couple like that they act like they new eachother for years….ishe thinks that kristen hasn’t won any hoh,s that she is a floater that don’t make sense the game has just started only 3 people went home iTs bad for her to win because now they all are going after her and brandon and brandon should get rid of her because that has ruin his game!!!!!!!and I think ragan or brittany should (the sabatour


i dont think anyone will accept the sabetour position. especially for a lousy extra 20 grand. shit! after taxes thats about 12 grand. 🙂


oh yeah one more thing….after andrew left and said that kirsten and hayden r together now rachel wants to come out and say “I heard yall making out” don’t make sense and why would they make out when she is in the room lol I think she lie on that one!!!!!because how come she didn’t come out and say it before andrew if shE really heard them!

hayden is a baby

right. then kristen said to everyone that it wasnt true they never kissed or did anything hayden then said what the F dude, why would I have a showmance blah blah

fact was andrew told the truth, kristen didnt…rachel is a known liar and game player, kristen tries to pretend shes not a liar, and then claim she doesnt deserve to go…she hasnt done a thing not named the animal


andrew heard them kissing ect not rachel, rachel lied … whhy didn’t they just come out then OK you got us were a showmance but we tried to not make it obvious like rachel and brendon at least that wo0uld’ve been honest goddamn, but rachel still wouldn’t put them up like she said on sundays BB she wanted to get some of the heat off brenchel….



Mr. Pickles

She did bring it up to her jester beforehand. She told him she was pretending to sleep and she heard them making out. She also asked Hayden if her and Kristen were asleep when he came to bed to see if he would lie about it.

BB6 Fan

Lane has a very serious point. I agree with him!


I don’t know about you guys but why don’t they just call it the “Nominations/POV/Elimination” show because they don’t show anything else, the last few years I have just read about the feeds online because I can’t be bothered to wait and watch the show to find out what happens. There is just so much else that happens that they (CBS) don’t put into the aired episodes, or if they do it’s so minuscule.

BoyGeorge is stupid to take out Kristen instead of Hayden……..the house is stupid for not recognizing the Brigade alliance….they couldn’t fight their way out of a wet paper bag……I’am for Matt or Ragan… those two should make a side final two alliance….their the only two with half a brain!


who is boys george? gayan


why i dont see it shes a red head with 42 triple d fake boobs 🙂


thanks Simon……… : )


actually i like matt but him not putting up brendan and rachel was probably the dumbest move of the game


lets see so far kristen has been called mrs roper, carrot top, barbra streisand, orphan annie, john mcroe (whoever that is) and ronald macdonald. add kathy griffin to that list 🙂


John McEnroe is a former World No. 1 professional tennis player from the United States…… him then click on images…’ll get it!


john mcinroe is butt ugly>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


no offense boredwithbb but i am only 21 and don’t know these old people. i blogged boy george and he is a drag queen. is that ehy rachel is called that? cause she looks like a drag queen? and john mcenroe had a big career in the 70’s wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy before i was born.


Oh, sweetie, some of us go back to the 60’s. Sometimes we forget how old we are. You made me laugh and for a few moments I felt young! You keep it up and point it out to us oldies anytime!


watch the live feeds. Rachel did see Hayden and Kristin making out..
Go Rachel and Brendon..
get rid of Kristin and break up the 4 idiots that have done nothing but talk and win nothing..


why would you want to look like an ass on your last few days on national tv? reminds me of the guy who had to wear that banana suit the last few days he was there…….how humiliating! but he didn’t have a choice…..what is kristen thinking?

Lennon's Ghost

She doesn’t have a choice either. She got stuck wearing that HippieTard and wig during the POV competition and must wear it for the rest of the week (or until Thursday night).


My gosh………..give Kristen a break. She is wearing the unitard and wig because she has to. Why all the nasty remarks about the way she looks now. Give her a break….she is going home.


She will get a break on friday!


Can someone please tell me why Kristen is fighting to stay which would make Hayden evicted – when she supposedly likes him? Why don’t any of the houseguests call her on that? What does Hayden think? Sorry – I can’t find this info so can someone please enlighten me?