Big Brother 12 Spoilers: *UPDATED* Rachel didnt buy anything Ragan or Kristen said and now trusts Ragan less…

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11:50am Rachel doesn’t believe Kristen or that they can trust Ragan any more. Rachel says that Kirsten is going to align with Matt and Ragan. They still think that Kristen is going to fuck up their game. Rachel says that she just knows that Matt and Ragan will vote to keep Kristen. Rachel says that she guarantees it because Ragan came up here and was talking to try and persuade Kristen’s side. Brendon says so Ragan is against us now? He is on their side now? Rachel says that Ragan isn’t against them but that Ragan wants to have an alliance with Matt, Kristen and you and I. Brendon says get the fuck out of here …Ragan is blinded by Matt. Brendon tells Rachel that she should be careful what info she gives to Ragan from this point on. Rachel tells him that he needs to be downstairs all the time to watch the others. They talk about who would vote for Kristen or Hayden. Rachel telling Brendon that he has to win HOH this week. Rachel says that they need to get rid of Kristen, or they are fucked.

12:15pm – 12:50pm Brendon and Rachel are going over past seasons of Big Brother and then they start studying this season when and who won things. They talk about what has changed and what is missing in the house. Brendon tells Rachel to think about what she is going to say to Hayden when she comes up to talk to her.  Then Brendon asks if she would want to make an alliance with Ragan.  Rachel says no.  Brendon asks if there is anyone else in the house she would want to make an alliance with …. Rachel says no …not until he (Brendon) wins HOH and someone offers them a good deal.  Brendon asks but who in the house do you trust the most. 

Rachel says Ragan but he has an alliance with Matt.   Rachel says that if they evict Matt then Ragan is going to be pissed and then they wont be able to make an alliance with him because you can’t when someone is mad.  Brendon asks her what she wants to say to Hayden.  Rachel says that she will say ha, ha, ha you’re so dumb, you got manipulated by a girl.  Rachel says that she want to say that Kristen is campaigning against you this week …how does that make you feel?  Rachel says that Kristen is talk to other people and and trying to manipulate them into voting you out.  Rachel says that she would then say that she would never turn on Brendon … how does it feel to have someone so close to you turning on you.  Rachel says that they want to manipulate Hayden, without naming names, into looking at who Kristen is talking to that might vote for her.  Rachel says that when Hayden hears all that, he is going to say fuck, what a bitch.


12:55pm All the other houseguests are laying out in the backyard. Britney heads inside right at the time when Rachel comes down from the HOH room.  Rachel asks if Britney is laying out side and that she will join her.  Britney says yeah everyone is outside laying out … she says that she is gonna make lunch now.


1:10pm Kristen and Hayden are laying out by the pool talking. Kristen tells Hayden that he smells good. Hayden asks What?! Really?! Me?! Like what? Kristen says yeah! Hayden says oh I put on deodorant on. They continue to talk about random stuff…

Kristen and Hayden both agree that Brendon is too good for Rachel and he knows it. Hayden says that he really wonders what Brendon says about Rachel in his diary room sessions. Hayden says you know how DR sessions go, they’re either one way or another. Hayden says that he doesn’t want to get into trouble and then changes the subject. Kristen tells Hayden that she would hire him as her pool boy. Kristen says that he is better than a pool boy. Hayden says that he will take what he can get.
Rachel and Brendon are back in the HOH room. Rachel tell Brendon for the second time that when he is talking to Hayden he should make the one week protection deal with him. Rachel tells Brendon make sure you do it. Brendon says trust me, I will. You couldn’t say anything to Britney with Ragan in the room. Rachel says yeah, I don’t think Britney wants others to know she is on our side for her own personal reasons. Brendon says that he is cool with that. Rachel says that she trust Britney as long as she doesn’t think that, I don’t know. Rachel says that we just have to make sure this house doesn’t keep Kristen. Rachel leaves the HOH room. Brendon stays to take a nap.


1:50pm – 2pm Hayden and Enzo are in the backyard talking about random stuff like how bored they are … when to take a shower and shave…. Enzo says that he is bored and that they should be allowed to have a pen and paper in here. Hayden says that they’re not allowed because they could pass notes and people wouldn’t know what they were saying. Enzo says I see that. They start talking about baseball and baseball player stats.

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Julie :)

Well, crap. So much for Brendon’s vote for Kristen :'(

Julie :)

AND for that matter, anytime someone talks to Rachel, she immediately believes they’re against her. Although Ragan is unaware that Kristen would avenge her nomination by nominating Brenchel, he does have a point about being suspicious about the Brigade.


Exactly-try to shake something up and then someone starts to “think”…..UGH! This is the most boring BB ever! So predictable it is aggravating!


they’re both on the right trach -Ragan is right to start look beyond the surface for the true alliances -but Rachel is smart not to trust Kristen (or even Ragan) for a second- what Ragan is not considering is that if Kristen stays she could get absorbed by anyone – and hasno reason to be loyal to Ragan and will definitely go against Brendon &Rachel…she could very well fall into Haydens place (if he were evicted instead of her) along with Britney in the Brigade – and noone wants a five person alliance….he is also not suspicions of Matt whereas Rachel is…..


Exactly Sophie. I know CBS wants to cast mostly young people, and I agree with that (you are not allowed to talk about production.) Yes I am! Back off! I’m not on your show!

Anyway, can’t they find young people who can play the game with their brain, not be afraid to stir stuff up a little? Isn’t that more entertaining than these players making it personal based on all of the raw emotional high school crap? Maybe players who can pretend to play on emotion! Ugh! this is boring!


That’s an idea for a whole new show!


If Brendon had a pair, he would vote to keep Kristen and not tell Rachel, LOL! No one would think he would go against her and they would start ?ing their alliances. Stinks that every time we think something interesting might happen to shake up the house it falls flat.


i’ve been hoping for a b/r breakup


Simon – are you trying to come between Rachel and her man? LOL!! It’s very hard to watch them play the you & me against the house game. They think they’re so smart but they’ve been blinded by the showmance. If they were smart they’d listen to Ragan about watching who hangs out together.

Of course, the brigade would be smart to let Hayden be a casualty so that perhaps Kristen could win HOH & do the dirty work of putting up Rachel & Brendon that none of the brigade has the balls to do.


kristen is too dangerous now. she will be gunning for b/r…she will be the one playing personal.

Boring BRanchel

That would actually make the game interesting. Finally having someone with power gunning for Rachel and Brendon, putting both up and thus guaranteeing at least one will go home. The drama will be so much more fun with them completely separate. I hope they send Brendon home first to see Rachel cry for a couple days before she gets the boot.


exactly.. as opposed to stupid matt putting up kathy and andrew.


yea just as rachel been playing personal the entire time


That is BRILLIANT! The Brigade would be questioning which one of them voted the wrong way.


It would be a great move, but unfortunately I don’t think Brendon is smart enough to think of it.


i could see hayden’s relationship getting sour with brigade after this. i could see matt departing from the brigade soon. i could see enzo and lane getting left high and dry soon. i could see major shifts in loyalty in many……
….but only if brendon gets HOH. cause it would put too much pressure on their secrecy.


the brigade wont breakup. b/r will break them up eventually.


I can’t wait to see her evil ass leave!

Kristen has some hidden agendas, that will be exposed before this is over. Kristen has some hidden agendas that will be exposed before this is over. I hate her nasty attitude, trying to play shy at the beginning.

PigPin FTW!!!!

Please bring nasty back!


What are her hidden agendas?


The Gnat? What an obscene woman.

What’s funny is after BB10, everyone hung out, remained somewhat friends (Jesse/Lydia/her buddy Jeff/Jordan/Michelle even chima reached out to the others and did dinners) but NO ONE did anything with the Gnat. In fact they all bad mouthed her hard. She may have went far in BB but in the game of life, she is an abysmal failure.


since reality TV friends is a sign of how you are doing in life


LOL, was just thinking the same thing.


Why do you keep up with these BB people…seems like a waste of time


I just want to see Kristen with that wig off again. That thing has to be hot and I can’t Barbara Streisand out of my head every time I see her in it since it’s been mentioned. But I don’t know what her hidden agenda would be. To me she just comes off as more desperate to stay in the house not that it’s too late. Maybe she should have bonded with Britney earlier in the game and that may have helped. I do wonder what would have happened if Andrew didn’t make that


um nooooo! ew.


Rachael is a complete idiot. She didn’t hear anything Ragan just said, except 3’s….She is all wraped up in her own head. Drinking makes it worse. You can see her emploding! She is a burn out. I liked her until now.


rachel is actually smart. kristen is a free agent…offering herself to anyone to knock b/r out. she is the deadliest person for rachel to keep.


No actually boy George isn’t smart!! She’s ugly, bitter, stupid, and annoying and needs to go home!! She is ruining brendons game and he can actually compete once she’s gone. She’s so dumb claiming Kristen wants to get rid of the girls when she’s the one who got rid of Annie, Monet, now Kristen, and next she wants Kathy!! All her moves are dumb because none of those people are threats to her! She’s probably not even a chemist considering her occupation says bartender!! She should be embarassed by herself!


wouldn’t call her dumb, she won the 2 HOHs mind you 1 was a guessing game, but hasn’t done 1 thing “strategically” every move she makes is “personal” and thats gonna be her downfall everone can see it but her


the uncalled for shit she did this week just made the already big target on their back bigger


Simon/Dawg, wish it was possible to post our own captions to the pictures you post. But you guy have enough to do and do it very well. Just a quick question – has this season helped or hurt the traffic on your site this year? I would think that it has helped!


July BB12 traffic was greater than BB11, August is about equal maybe a little less for BB11.


That’s great! I know that Coletta throws you guys some “snaps” in her blog, You guys are obviously doing an amazing job, and I hope it is paying off. The reason for my asking is because of the information I am “privy to” (thanks “Richie”) about the show being retooled for next year! There is talk that CBS wants to use this show and its format to “springboard” into this new medium and market (i.e YouTube, Hula TV, etc…). There is a light bulb going off over my head!!! Hmmmm!!! If only I had computer programming knowledge!!!! (But you guys do!!!!!) Just sayin’


We’re always game for changing things up, next year we’ll probably redo the site since it’s getting a bit long in the tooth … Coletta is awesome she basically only 1 of 2 sites that “support” us.

Thanks for the support jimik, send me a email anytime if you want to discus things.


I will do that. Just trying to string together the pieces – Showtime, RealPlayer, etc. and retrace the money trail. I can right proposals and shit like that. See how this season plays out.


Unbelievable. Ragan is the one making the most sense and Rachel doesn’t believe him. This arrogance is why she doesn’t deserve to win. She doesn’t even deserve the jury house in my opinion.

Would really like to know if all her acting is of her design or if production is guiding her? Have you noticed that Brendon said a couple of things in the DR that weren’t supportive of Rachel? I can’t see him doing that on his own???


I hope that something interesting happens during the vote, to question all loyalties. I really hope Brigade members fall apart and start making other deals!!

Boring BRanchel

I want to see a real “shake up”. I want to see someone backstab B/R after they’ve done all the maneuvering to stay and FINALLY put their butts on the block side by side and get rid of one of them leaving the other just crushed and stunned, miserable and angry causing drama and creating more and more enemies (probably best if they booted Brendon in that case). Get rid of a Brigade member… meh, so what, Enzo and Lane are pretty good entertainment, but if one of them is booted they aren’t going to start running around the house screaming. If you want more drama then put the drama queens in danger of going home and make sure it’s a big surprise by backstabbing them (not trying to backdoor them but actually make a deal point blank and after HOH say you guys are going home. Ah I want to see a couple weeks of Rachel crying in pure misery.

Karen S

oh and the crap she’s talking on Kristen right now, about how she is betraying Hayden by campaigning for herself. What does she think she will call it if she and Brendan are up there together? She would absolutely distance herself from Brendan, break up or even have a big fight in front of everyone where she outs Brendan for things he’s said. But she would call it.. surviving? ha!
The only more perfect thing is for Ratchel to get drunk night before POV and fall on her butt as she’s leaving BB house. : )


I can’t wait till Rachel burns the hell out and ends up on the back yard sofa, naked, diddling herself, sh!tfaced and delirious from drinking, yelling “love me! love me, I’m VEGAS!? Look how farking sexy I am, please love me! gggmmmmmmf, grrgrmmmhf, hhhhmmmmhhf….”

The Excitement

Rachel and Brendon are the dumbest players ever!
Does Rachel actually think Hayden is gonna be pissed when she tells him that “Kristen is campaigning against you”? What a dumbass! Hayden is the one who told Kristen to campaign against him. He understands. And he understands that there’s no way he’ll be evicted. Brigade!(Matt, Lane, Enzo) plus Brendon is definitely gonna vote Kristen out(Rachel’s orders). so that’s 4 votes right there. Kristen might be able to pull Kathy, Britney, and Ragan. but that’s just 3 votes. she can’t win.


i see a shift in loyalty coming.
1. if brendon gets HOH= i see Ragan, Matt, and maybe Hayden leaving Lane and Enzo high and dry
2. if Enzo or Lane get HOH= i see these two and Brit getting tighter. B/R up
3. Hayden gets HOH= nothing changes

I dont see Ragan or Brit needing to win right now. Matt may need to clean up his image a bit…but will probably throw it as well.

Kathy has no loyalty


Did anyone notice Rachel’s expression when Ragan mentioned double eviction. She just sat and stared downward. This girl has overlooked a basic fact, that her behavior is causing the whole house to despise her AND she is taking Brendan along on this ride of hers.

miley cyrus

Kristen used to be in the back and now she has a huge target on her back. Rachel just so stupid even Brendon thinks so right now i mean if she’s trying to get kristen out why not put up like Ragan,Kathy or Britney cause now Rachel has a very big target on her back for putting Hayden up beside her. Now the brigades going after them even more. I’m still surprised that Britney did’nt use the POV now Matt,Lane,Enzo,Hayden will think shes with Brendon and Rachel. lets see the votes Matt,Lane,Enzo,Brendon and Ragan will vote out Kristen and Britney and Kathy will vote out hayden. Britney will so kristen stays in and she wont be a target. Kathy will cause there great friends. By the way I wanted Kristen or Hayden to win ever since the start because they were the only normal people


Alot of people are saying Rachel is a idiot ! I question that, If it wasnt for her and her ways this would be the most boring BB ever! I hope they vote out Hayden and shake up the loser brigade. We want more females in bikinis not less !


I hope Brendon does win HOH just to see the Brigade start to unravel. Enzo and Lane are holding on tight while Hayden and Matt have created ‘side’ alliances. Matt will keep his pal Ragan during jury so that gives him a leg up. Lane kind of has Britney on the side but it’s clear the Brigade is first.

Ragan was spot on with his ‘observations’ of the different groups. Too bad he can’t see how his buddy Matt fits into the mix.

I would like to see the house split: Brendon, Rachael, Ragan, Matt and Hayden against Enzo, Lane, Britney and Kathy


What would happen if the whole house finally figured out that Rachel has got to go and they all stuck together??????? I’m perplexed why this has not happened already. I’m wondering if anyone sees this coming?


The only thing I can come up with:

They’ve only had 2 chances to get either one out

Week 1 – Hayden HOH – Rachel was up but the house got rid of Annie. Why? Dunno… I forget

Week 2 – Rachel HOH

Week 3 – Matt’s HOH – He had the plan to backdoor Brendon…OR he was thinking about Jury votes in week three.

Week 4 – Rachel HOH

Their golden opportunity was week 3, and they blew it.

God forbid Brendon wins HOH this week.


They have a golden opportunity at this juncture to improve the game by taking a stand against Rachel’s choice to dump Kristen but they are all a very fearful group. They are paving the way for her. It’s hard to watch. Really timid group!


Does anyone else find it ironic, that Kirsten competed in a competetion to see a Will Ferrel movie and looks like Will Ferrel in drag too especially with the curly wig on. And Boy George and his drinking, everyone knows Brenda is the bottom when they bang. TEAM BRITNEY FTW!!


i am tired of b/r. I am sick of him whining abt everything and her talking abt how she IS vegas, like vegas wouldn’t exist w/o her. I still think that matt did a stupid thing as far as not putting up b/r when he had the chance. Andrew was nuts but he could have been swayed into an alliance or voted out the week after. I really didn’t like britney at first b/c she and monet were so catty and bitchy and then she did the same thing w/rachel acting like they aren’t being rude until i saw her dr session where she said she was just doing it to suck up and that she can’t stand b/r. I think that out of all of them that she is playing the best game and the maybe the brigade will pull her in. I love enzo too but I would love to see britney win


“she IS Vaegas, yes butch 3 years in las vegas they can’t live without you


I like Matt’s target approach. B/R will get eliminated. Matt got rid of somebody that is more of a threat to him and his alliance.


Rachel is a true imbecile!!! She just want Kristen out because she is JEALOUS of her!!! Can’t wait for next week HOH! The Brigade better bring it!! who am i kidding,the brigade is useless…p


Would love it if on Thursday, the twist is the evicted houseguest gets up to leave and finds the door is locked and cannot get out. Can you imagine the meltdown that Rachel would have and the drunken mess she would become that night?


that would be the best twist yet and Rachel not being able to play the HOH and Kristen winning!


I am waiting for Rachael to crack and her relationship with Brendon break down rapidly. She has shown signs of being very posessive and jealous.


and he hasn’t? i consider rachel to be a vegas skank but brenden is a true psycho or just a COMPLETE douchebag idiot…Why did he pick her? Why does he expect rachel to be anything other than her appeareance/behavior suggests? he was so whiny last night it nearly made me puke. i could understand him getting pissed about her talking/acting like a drunken hooker last night, but that wasn’t even mentioned…he just whined over and over about her loving vegas and her not being eager to move to l.a….sure, it was annoying…but not the issue of her behavior last night. plenty of people assiociate some of their personalities with where they’re from. i’m a proud texan and i feel like texas is a part of who i am. he shouldn’t pick an obvious skank and then break her down for who she is…HELLO!! YOU PICKED HER! ACCEPT HER FOR WHO SHE IS OR DUMP HER!! (because come on, seriously, you aren’t “in love” with her)


Simon, trying to make a donation, but keep getting “not an acceptable form of payment” error message. I thought food stamps were accecptable everywhere? Oh well, just have to use tonight’s “beer” money! It’s worth it!!!!!

Yae Dum Dum

Hayden knows Kristen absolutely has to go for him to stand any chance of being in the F4. Matt is going to find himself jammed up because he is using Ragan to try to get a F4 promise form B/R. Matt would NEVER ask them himself as he cannot let the Bro-gade ever know he aligned with those 2 idiots or he will be OUT!! We all know what a coward the ball scratcher is!!


Wow Rachel takes stupid to a whole new level! Ragan was 100% right and she blows him off! Thinking Britney is on her side right now. How awesome would a double eviction next week be to start the jury house with Brendon and Rachel going together!

Jordan (#1 BB Fan)

I really want Brendon to win HOH this week just to see how pissed off everyone gets.


Made another donation. I feel like such a creeper, always refreshing this site so I don’t miss anything. I feel like I am here so much that it is inconsiderate not to donate. Hope every little bit helps.


I got the donation, Thank you very much for the support.


the brigade thinks they will have the votes…but after they start slicing each other, they wont

and brit ragen rachel kathy brenden are ALL on the jury, and ALL non brigade


yea what is it w/matt always having his hands down his pants. i am hoping/thinking that once b/r get out of the house he will dump her b/c right now he is getting sex from her but i think he will get tired of her drinking and how she acts in public. The crap she does on national tv is bad enough i can only imagine what she is like in the real world/VEGAS
b/c we all know that vegas is her soul. I think she wants kristen out b/c she is jealous of kristen and feels threatened by her b/c she isn’t afraid of rachel. Sometimes girls just don’t like each other for no reason, and probably would have put her up even if andrew hadn’t outed them. Rachel the biggest pain in the butt and she can’t even come up w/her own comebacks she has to copy jannelle b/c she worships janelle. The one thing rachel seems to not remember is that janelle lost


Rachel and Brendon are just beyond stupid. Do these two people not have eyes in their heads and see that their is a four person alliance in the house. I mean it really is not rocket science. Stupid, stupid, stupid. They have to be the two stupidest people in BB history.


dumb and dumber! I like rach and bren but lets face it they are like the blind leading the blind (or the stripper leading the dah! swim coach) 🙂


I’m definitely not looking forward to Kristen being voted out, and Rachel making yet another goodbye video talking about “me and my man” and “going after Brendon and I”. She’s immature and obviously lacks education in the English department. Also, her jaw moves all funky when she talks and it reminds me of a meth addict.


regardless kristen WAS going after them…so what should she say? sorry I got rid of you..bye!

yeah…after all the things said about B and R, you obviously can tbe watching the feeds…its like high school, THEY are the victims…its pathetic people see it the other way because they won an hoh


It’s a game. Nobody is a victim. I haven’t liked Rachel from the beginning because she is acting like a teenybopper. She’s overly dramatic and I’m embarassed for her. They put their own target on themselves by being in an open showmance within the first week. Of course people are going after them because they didn’t even try to hide their connection, and two is always stronger than one. I’d like to see her leave so Brendon can clear his head and play the way he should have all along.

And I want to see Ragan and Lane team up. It would be unexpected, but brilliant. Plus nobody in the house would believe it.


Umm, everyone is going after them. Even Brit, who is just blowing sunshine up Rachels ass, and Rachel is believing it. Everyone except Matt the moron would put them both up. The only person in the house that is less likely to win HOH than Kristen is Kathy. How does that make her a threat? She only has one person, Hayden who is half with her. Any of the Brigade or Ragan or Brit are much greater threats, because not only do they have the votes, they also could win a competition. The only reason Rachel feels threatened by Kristen is that Kristen also has big boobs. To her, the threat isn’t game related, she feels threatened by other women that might split her and Brendon up. As if any of them would be interested in a whiny pussy like Brendon.


I love bb but I havent been able to keep caught up, but is there a reason why kristen did her hair like an afro?? I think I’ve missed something


Krusty decided she looks better with her natural curly hair so she gave her flat iron to Brat. She is trying to show the other HGs she isn’t fake like Boy George to win votes.


too funny it looks just like her


she had to wear a unitard and a wig


for those claiming brenchel would never turn on each other i want to see what they will say when their both on the block now that there’s MAJOR tension between them…. Brenchel entertainment is finally on the way

gino dee


J.P. Brigade

This vote is closer than I like.

4-Deep is still in the front, but it makes me nervous. And Enzo NEEDS to be careful about shoutingBrigade in the backyard like a moron. They can tell it after this week, IF they win HOH. Not until and NOT if they don’t win HOH.

4-Deep Yo and MAYBE Countin’