Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Kristen “All I want to do Is to Libate and Gyrate”


Big Brother 12 Spoilers

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

6:25pm Backyard Rachel telling Brendon how Original Ganatsa he is.. Feeds cut to the couch where Ragan and Kristen are talkign about how board they are.. Kristen keeps singing “all I wanna do is Libate and Gyrate.. Libate and Gyrate” Ragan really wants to go watch a movie he now knows why when previous season players were so excited when there was a movie even if it’s one thats crappy.

6:37pm Kitchen Kathy, Brendon and Rachel making some food houseguests coming in and out getting food or puting it back.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

6:39pm Have nots Monet is telling her that Rachel and Kathy have been trying to talk to her. “Rachel came up to me and asked me if i was ok” monet thinks she can get haydens vote i think i got lanes vote
Monet: “kathy is she fucking serious… and rachel keeps looking at me giving me dirty looks.. I have to do this I have to stay it’ll be worth it seeing the look on her face” Brit tells her that she thinks they can get to Andrew.. he pulled brit into the storage room and told her he sorry for acting weird, “He sounded sincere” is around because of your donation every year the site costs us to host the images and run the 3 servers needed to handle the traffic. If you like the site then please consider donating to keep the madness going. Thanks!

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BB fan

Can you please proofread after you are done writing it? I’m getting of words like bored being misspelled.


Wow, BB fan, that was rude. I think we all get the gist.


My dog farts. Its okay, Simon. I know you are trying to get the info to all of us as quick as you can. I guess we have to hear this evey year, huh. The site is to enjoyable to me to let the little stuff get me down. Don’t you either. Love you, you know.


I am a huge grammar, spelling freak. But after watching BBAD, have you seen how fast things happen? After watching the side shows and then reading what is on this blog, I am amazed that these guys include EVERYTHING that happens. These guys are amazing. I don’t even have to watch BBAD because Simon and Dawg write about all of it. I quickly learned to forget about the errors and am glad they have such great content. In any other form of blogging, I might agree with spell check, but for this site, I say GOOD JOB GUYS.


all that has to be done for a miss-spelled word is to right click on the word, it’s too easy. We should use it.
But the guys doing the blog for all of us have allot to cover and we should give them a break. We do have a source of reference to be able to see what’s happened during the day & night, maybe we may want to look it up on 24/7 & watch it. Or people with no computer are able to see what goes on as well.
Be gentle with them, they are doing us a great favor. I spell check but not everyone does. Try to chill.

BB Jinxy

seriously?! we are fortunate and should be grateful they do all of this for free.. who cares if words are misspelled? it’s soooo much content to type quickly.. I am very thankful for this site.. misspellings and all šŸ™‚


You are so right. These guys are watching, listening, typing and posting all at once. To get it to us as quick as they do is something in itself. They keep us informed. I don’t have the 24hr feed. But, I have as good with Simon and Dwang.

Mr. Pickles

I’ll tell you what bb fan, how about you start your own site and you can post Simon and dogs blogs spelled correctly! Then at least you would be happy. I myself appreciate the hard work that is put into keeping us updated 24/7 and could care less if words are misspelled! Thanks Simon and dog!


Again, agreed. Thanks for keeping all of us addicted fans updated. It is greatly appreciated!!


I post maybe 2 lines and mess up because I get a little overly excited. If I had to type as fast as my little fingers would allow as quickly as it was done well it would be a mess here.

It’s easy to point a finger when you have nothing else to do with your life but these guys are working their arses off to give us hourly content. Lay off a little. Not only that ahem but they also have to go through the comments for spam. Big job and they do it for free.


Rockstar, I like a guy who gets excited and his fingers/hands go crazy. When typing, too. Wink, wink.

The Playa

these guys are up all day and night hooking us up with info that we may have missed. i appreciate the site. We all know what was meant to be written. so just enjoy


If Monet should stay I think that the next HOH competition should be themed “Im Gonna Wash Your Mouth Out With Soap.” It shoud be an endurance competition to see who can fill their individual barrel up first with small bars. The trick is they can only use their mouth to transfer the small
bars of soap from the barrel at the starting line to the barrel at the end. (sort of like last year’s S’more’ competition but without the slippery track!) it would be Alison’s tribute to the “Mean Girls”.


Perfect competition! By the way, Simon and Dawg, most of us really appreciate all the work you do to keep us up to date! Keep up the great work!


Spell check will not catch mis-used words.
Yes, I notice when words are mis-used, but I agree with BB Jinxy, so what…………..there is alot of information to get out……


I’ve been on your site for the last 2 years, just never posted till this week…Thanks for the site..

BAB - formally BB

Thanks for all your hard work on this site! This is the only site I come to for all my BB updates. Correct spelling or not, your loyal fans get the idea! Keep up tha AWESOME work! šŸ™‚


Hey BB fan — how can you so politely request proofreading and yet not even proof your two sentence request……seems to be missing a word…… Your post “Can you please proofread after you are done writing it? Iā€™m getting of words like bored being misspelled.”

TOO FUNNY! May we have another?

The Playa

lol…and we all knew he left out “tired”.


I got in trouble yesterday from a person named Jess over the way I spelled & wrote, a lot of people came to my defence & I thank them. But when your typing you ” a lot ” of the time just plain hit the wrong dang key. I,m the 67 y/o he poked fun of. Respect for one another is all we need, we are not going to school & sitting in a class room .I just wonder who died & made him ” BOSS ” We are here to have great summer fun & THANK YOU—Simon & Dawg, your just two great guy’s & no one is perfect.


See everybody makes mistakes, the word is a lot, not allot. You made my day sweetie, your point was right on. We are here for the fun & like I already said Simon & Dawg, you are doing a ” OUTSTANDING JOB ” what would we all do without you two !!!!