Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Kathy ” you know you know I’ve lost 10 000 Brain Cells in here you know you know”

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Big Brother 12 Spoilers

8:30pm Palm Room Kathy and Monet
Kahty: “yo know you know…. its petty stuff…. you know you know… I have to consider what they’re going to do to me ….you know you know… it’s so messed up you know you know…” . Kathy is worried that people will go after her next week. Monet starts to cry she says theres not much chance for her to get those 5 votes.
Kathy: “you know you know…. I was tellling brit the other day your my friend in the house you know you know…
Kathy: “I thought yesterday that things were going to flip but now it looks like it won’t…you know you know… i want you to stay but i don’t think it’ll happen…you know you know… you really need people to guarantee you their vote”…
Kathy explains that there is a chance if she can get some solid votes then other people will flip, “It’s like theres 2 2 2 2 2 2 everywhere you know you know you know”. Monet cries again and guess what kahty says… “I KNOW I KNOW I KNOW” (She used up all her you words….oh no here she goes again). Kathy: “you know I can’t predict anything… you know… I’ve lost 10 thousand brain cells at this point you know you know”

monet says she doesn’t understand why people are acting this way she thought it was all out int he open and they would be stupid to keep matt. kathy agreeing she’s perplexed to… she wants Matt gone and she thinks Brendon does but she’s pretty sure that the rest of the house wants Monet gone.

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Other K

If producers aren’t messing with this show, they need to. 2 weeks and 2 of the most dramatic contestants are gone. If things continue this way, all the boring people will have made it to the end and no one will watch.

Britney/Monet need to run this house for a while cause it’s the only way this show is good television. Matt, Kathy, Kristin, Lane, Andrew… add nothing to the show. Get some of the boring people out first.


I’m starting to agree.


You know, you got every you know, you know. And, if she used 10,000 brain cells, you know, she is in deep negative now, you know.


If monet stays i cant wait to see brit and her get revenge!


I hope so too now.

bb addict

OMG I agree with Rockstar!


Wanna hug me? haha


Thank you Simon…..very nice!
And Kathy just explained why her ass is always lying down!


Well, hopefully will mention to Brendela what Matt said about his wife supposedly having a bone disease. He could do this without revealing that he is of all things a podiatrist (he can say he dropout of pre-med, or a family member is a podiatrist). It would be to his advantage to let them know that he thinks Matt is full of shit. In the long run it would save his ass – if Matt were voted out tomorrow night. If Brendon went to Monet with a deal knowing this info, she would take it. “Andrew wake up and listen to Yahweh!” You weren’t handed this game changing information for safe keeping. Use It!!!! If you save Monet’s ass don’t you think those bitches will – at least for next week – like you?


Very true jimi but he could also use it just in case Matt wins hoh and goes to put him on the block. It would ensure his safety


Your right. But I’d use it now when it would have a bigger impact on the game now. Unfortunately, I still haven’t harness what my shrink calls “my killer instincts”. I guess being a Scorpio, it is part of my nature. But then again, so is “unintentional” suicide. “But Sir Elton, I’m not ready to be a candle in the wind!”


OMFG, This is the most boring group I have ever seen. They need to start a fight or something!

I wonder if Kathy works as Deputy Sheriff lying down, I am starting to believe Kathy is inflicted with Matts ficticous bone disease that he said his wife had. I firmly believe she can not stand!

Watching Monet, Rachel & Kathy the last 2 nights on BBAD made me want to pull my fingernails out with pliers.

Ok lets see who the winner is, Monet said it sux ’cause, about 115 times, Rachel said Like like like like like, about 137 times, but drum roll!!!

The winner is Kathy, she said You Know, at least 1000 times, using it at the beginning of her sentence, the middle, the end and as an adjective for almost every other word.

I am so freakin’ bored with this gruop I mean, it sux ’cause, like you know, last year was so eventful and it sux ’cause, like you know, I am getting bored, you know, and I know that you know what I am talkin’ about like you know, man this sux just ’cause :O


Kathy has to be the laughing stock, bimbo of her police department. I bet she is used to older, overweight cops flirting with her all the time and never realized that even they were joking with her. She’s single right? Wouldn’t surprise me if she gets… well that is too mean for print but I still think its true.