Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Matt Plays with himself, Dresses in Drag and spends the evening with Ragan in the Palm Room


Big Brother 12 Spoilers

7:00pm -8:00pm Kristen, Lane, Hayden, Enzo, Brit and Andrew on the floor All Chatting


Big Brother 12 Spoilers

7:00pm -8:00pm Palm Room Matt and Ragan hooking up 😉 The shirt Matt is putting on is Annie’s it’s 8:30 right now and he’s still wearing it.

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A Matt & Ragan showmance?


I don’t know if it’s the dog bark educing pitch, the volume, the monotone, or a combination of all of the above, but Rachel’s voice in the DR is extremely shrill and annoying. Why does she have to talk so freakin’ loud? And, what’s with the constant neck roll while she talks? I need Dramamine and earplugs just to keep me from putting my foot through my flat screen.


She wants to make sure I slit my wrists!

Actually, I was wondering why she was yelling every time she was in the DR myself.


Rach wears her mic higher or it gets suffocated, so it’s louder


Should read “inducing.”

Big brotherr

When does Matt not play with him self.
I hate matt I cant believe he lied about his wife that bull!


Good grief, it’s Johnny Fairplay on Survivor’s all over again with Matt lying about a fake disease his wife has. One can only hope for his sake and the wife’s sake that lie does not come back to haunt. And is everyone always amazed that someone as vicious as Brit and Monet end up boo hooing when they get slapped on the block.


Are you Matt’s wife?






i would gladly watch matt play with himself.


Me too!!!!


Matt in this shirt….swoon…I LOVE YOU MATT!

Big D

As a experienced, RN, I have NEVER heard of such a disease!!! And the odds of having it are .9 in a million. That means there less than 30 people in the US with that disease. C’mon, what nonsense!! Fortunately for us who want him out–he told the wrong person, Dr. Andrew!! I hope karma bites him in the ass!! The look on his face would be more priceless than Dustin’s if he gets booted instead of Monet!! BTW–I can’t imagine why Brendan’s folks would not like Raquel?? THERE IS SOOO MUCH TO LIKE!!


Matt’s smart, remember? He has planned the disease, laying low, garnering sympathy, playing a social game– see how he hangs out with different people and then latches on? Exercising with Lane, roping with Hayden, asking about religion, being bitchy w/Brit, etc. He knows from past what works & what doesn’t and has come with an arsenal of low-key games, coming off as friendly and go with the flow.


Electra, I totally agree. I thought it was good game play on the part of Matt to pick an actual disease (checkout the link provided above by Abbey) that is obscure. Realistically, what are the chances that every medical professional would have heard of it.? Even if he knew that Andrew’s a doctor I think he could’ve still played the sympathy card with the disease he picked – unless Andrew’s specialty was “Obscure diseases that effect limbs and can result in amputation” as apposed to feet!


Yeah, just hope he doesn’t get too smart and full of himself and tip his hand to the BB fans in the house who would recognize those past game plays. Roachel totally figured him out about why he wanted to act blindsided as the pawn. Matt’s DR snickering and smiling really freaked me out, but the wife sympathy card is a slick move to sway jury votes.


Someone said in another post Rachel looks like Boy George. LOL, it’s so true!! Let’s just call her George from now on.


That’s all I could think of last night watching her. “Do you really want to hurrrrrt me?”