Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Britney says when Andrew said he made it in junior high.

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11:20pm Up in the HOH room, Matt Ragan, Britney and Andrew are talking about Matts HOH letter. Britney says that she is jealous and talks about her 3 page letter that she left her fiancé Nick. Ragan whines that he wants a boyfriend. Britney then makes up an imaginary girl that her fiancé left her for. Britney then starts to describe the made up girl that drinks beer and is bar chick named Nicole. When she was starts to say her made up last name. ..(we get the we will be right back screen).  The subject changes to how Big Brother might be editing them. They start describing each character they are edited to appear to be like. Britney is worried she is being portrayed as the prissy princess! Britney says that it is all because of the day she wore the tiara around and how that was a huge mistake! Rachel says that she wonders how Kristen is portrayed. Matt says from the little he knows of her, she may be portrayed at the spiritual hippy chick. Matt says that he thinks Monet was the sporty girl next door. Britney says Rachel is probably the loud chick that’s outrageous. Brendon is the All-America, college athlete guy. Matt says that Hayden is like this season’s Jeff but a more of a surfer. They think that Lane is the down home country guy. Matt says that Enzo is totally the Jersey guy. Matt says that they are capitalizing on the Jersey Shore popularity with him. Rachel says when Big Brother came and got her they wanted a vixen. Britney says she thinks they wanted her to be the new Jordan. They then start talking about Annie being the saboteur. They agree there were some things that were tip offs to Annie being the saboteur. Britney says she thought Enzo was the saboteur in the very beginning. Britney says that if Kathy was the saboteur all the sabotages would include cigarette burns. They all laugh. They all start saying who they thought the saboteur was in the beginning.

Britney says that she really did believe Andrew was the saboteur. They talk about all the weird things Andrew did. Britney says that she had asked the diary room if the beeping devices were the work of the saboteur. Britney says that they confirmed that it was the work of the saboteur. Rachel asks Britney if she asked the diary room about the saboteur’s message, that there were two lifelong friends in the house. Britney says that she did but that they wouldn’t tell her. Rachel then thinks that there are still two friends in the house. The subject changes to Kristen’s boyfriend back home. Rachel says that Kristen this guy were an official couple. Rachel says that Kristen told her she really liked him and that she says they were together for two months prior to her coming on Big Brother. They comment on how Kristen doesn’t really talk about him. Britney then asks if anyone has seen Hayden and Kristen cuddling. Rachel says no. Britney says she doesn’t know, maybe they’re only friends. Rachel says that they do make decisions together. Rachel brings up how Kristen told her that she controls Hayden’s vote. Matt says that’s pretty funny she would say that.

12:45am Out in the backyard Kathy and Kristen are talking, while Enzo plays pool with himself. Kristen says that she thinks it was Matt’s goal to back door Brendon this week. Kathy says that she wishes it was her, Kristen and Hayden up in the HOH, so that they could relax. Kathy and Kristen head inside. Kristen goes to the bedroom where Hayden is and they talk. Hayden tells Kristen that it’s a lock that Kathy is staying in the house. Kristen says good. Hayden tells her about a talk he had with Ragan, says it was good. Hayden says that he also talked to Lane and Enzo and they’re all on board with keeping Kathy.

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1:10am In the bathroom, Kathy and Enzo are talking. Kathy says that the reason she voted for Matt was because she was going against what Rachel and Brendon told her to do last week. Kathy says that she wasn’t going to just vote for who they told her to, and now that is the reason she is on the block. Enzo asks her who Rachel & Brendon wanted to put up last week? Kathy says they talked a lot about Kristen and Hayden. Enzo asks her if she thinks Matt is with Brendon and Rachel and if that why he didn’t put them up?

Kathy says that she thinks Andrew is with them. Kathy and Enzo agree that Brendon has to go then Rachel will be on her own. Kathy says she appreciates Enzo sticking with her this week. Enzo says that Andrew is trying really hard to stay in the house. Kathy tells Enzo that Rachel and Brendon think everyone is against them. Enzo then heads up to the HOH room and he listens at the door before knocking. Enzo then goes in and joins the other in the HOH room. They talk about past seasons of Big Brother and how the house was different. Britney tells Enzo how a double eviction works. They wonder when and if they are going to have one this season. Enzo says that he is surprised how the double eviction plays out.
Kristen and Hayden are talking in the bedroom. Hayden says that one of them has to win HOH this week or they are going home. Hayden says that he is going to win HOH this week. Kristen says that’s not fair that she wants to win it this week. They both agree that anyone but Brendon and Rachel has to win HOH. Kristen and Hayden make out for bit. Hayden then tells Kristen that Lane told him that he and Kristen should distance themselves from each other. Hayden says that Lane told him that people think that Hayden and Kristen are connected outside the house, he told him people think that they may be cousins. Kristen says from the outside she can see why people may think that, everyone is trying to draw conclusions. Kristen says that she thinks they are keeping their distance and if they distanced themselves more it would look too obvious. Hayden says he thinks they did good today.


1:45am Enzo, Britney, Matt and Rachel are up in the HOH talking about Andrew. Britney asks them if they have noticed that Andrew has eaten non-Kosher items. Britney talks about the cookie he ate and the beer. Britney says that no one should tell him because they don’t want to upset him. Britney says that Andrew is a have not every week because he can’t eat anything. Enzo starts talking about how Andrew “f-inger bl*sted” a girl on plane after having just met her in the terminal. They all laugh. Rachel had never heard the story. Britney says when Andrew said he made her c** that was it she was done! Britney says who does that after 9th grade?! Britney says nobody has enjoyed a f-inger bl***ed since junior high. Matt and Enzo both agree that they don’t even want to talk to the person they are sitting next to on a plane let alone pull an Andrew. Britney says that Andrew also says weird sexual things to and about the women in the house. Enzo says he doesn’t care, he still think he’s the saboteur! Enzo starts listening to music with the head phones on. Britney and Matt are talking. Britney asks if Enzo can hear them. Britney says that today Kristen told her that her mom named all of her siblings names that end in “en”, like Kristen, Steven. Britney says that it backs up her theory that Kristen and Hayden are related, she says that is why she asked Rachel if she has seen them cuddling. Matt says he doesn’t believe anything Brendon and Rachel say.

2:25am – 3:30am Matt then asks Britney who she would put up if she was HOH. Britney says that she would definitely put up Brendon and Rachel. Matt says that he thinks there isn’t anyone in the house that wouldn’t put them up. Britney says yeah except you! Matt tells Britney that Kristen told him that she would put up Brendon and Rachel, he says she is really pissed and fired up at them. Britney says she was worried that Kristen would put her up. Matt says he has been working on Ragan to convince him that Brendon and Rachel must go! Matt says he fucked up this week. Britney says that she thinks Matt is America’s Player and that’s why he didn’t put up Brendon and Rachel. Matt says that if the saboteur hadn’t already been revealed that everyone would have thought he was the saboteur for sure after this week! Matt says that he was stupid this week, and that he should have at least put one of them up. They talk about who they think Brendon and Rachel would put up if they won HOH again. They both agree that it would be Hayden and Kristen. Britney says that she thinks that Kristen would go home, everyone likes Hayden. Matt also thinks Hayden will be fine if they were to go up. Matt says after this Hayden is going to get so many girls outside the house. Britney decided to get ready for bed and leaves.
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Enzo and Matt start talking. They both think that Kathy is staying for sure. Matt says that he is worried that either he or Lane will go up as a replacement if Hayden or Kristen is on the block next week. They both think that if Brendon gets evicted that Rachel will just leave the house. Matt says they would totally get into her head and she would snap and just quit. Enzo wonders if Kristen knows she is a target for Rachel and Brendon. Matt says that Kristen does know and she is totally fired up and ready to fight. Enzo says that he is over this with Brendon and Rachel, he says he is away from his wife and he doesn’t want to see people kissing and all the lovey dovey shit Brendon and Rachel do. Matt thinks it will be an 8-0 vote to keep Kathy. They talk about how they need to win back to back HOH. Matt says that he can’t wait to see them get put up on the block next week! Enzo says the Brigade has gotten out the saboteur and now they are getting rid of Captain Kosher. Matt says every week he trusts in the Brigade more and more, he admits the first week he was nervous but now he really trusts them. They both agree no one knows anything about the Brigade, Matt says their side alliances is what makes the Brigade so brilliant. Matt says he hopes that Kristen wins HOH this week. Enzo says to Matt how crazy it would be if Brendon won POV again next week. Matt says no fucking way dude, and that he would break his knees before he can win. Enzo talks about Andrew saying the poor guy he never got a shot, he went from a weenie to the saboteur to Captain Kosher. Enzo says that he has got go home, he’s a strong competitor. Enzo and Matt both decide to go to bed… is around because of your donations. Every year the site costs us to host the images and run the 3 servers needed to handle the traffic. If you like the site then please consider donating to keep the madness going. Thanks!


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Captain Kosher is a good name…its funny and not offensive. COME ON CAPTAIN KOSHER!!! Do what you need so you can win this thing.
That Britney gets hotter by the momen…little Southern minx she is.
Thats who I want, Captain Kosher and Britney


i cant wait until BG goes home and sees that people dont see her as the outrageous party girl they see her as the dirty hoe with stds. and brendon is not the all-american athletic college guy hes a nerdy wuss who cant stop complaining if he loses.


I used to dislike the black PJ’s that Matt wears. Then I realized that when he wears them he can’t fondle himself. Now I hopw he wears them all the time!


100% agree. Seeing him w/his hands down his pants I have to gag and look away. Why does he do that?!


Cuz he’s a dude… we’re so happy to have a wang that we have to remain in constant contact with it, ‘you still there wang? still here boss.’ We all do it…some do it in front of ladies some dont…but that wang will get touched. Some violate it but thats a different story. You girls fuss with your hair,us guys fuss with our johnson.


OMG hilarious…….


….and if guys were as flexible as dogs, they’d be doing something else.






You are so right! I never thought of that. I just hope there is no zipper on the front, he will find his way in if there is!!!


If any two members of the Brigade get on the block thats when they split up


It cannot happen soon enough


I agree! This season needs a shakeup!


and thats when it gets good…if they don’t ever turn…it remains to be the most obvious show on the planet thanks to a house meeting constantly.


brenden must win HOH to shake it up

and since when does he complain more than anyone else? YES he did say comps were rigged when he lost…but did you not notice matt and hayden saying the same anytime brenden wins?

brenden is just a sensitive guy…obviously hes had a past that made him this way…why the hate?

people want to see rachel alone and sad? why? what is wrong with this house….they think the goal is to evict 2-3 people then its a campfire and a song…..NO

Mr. Don't Give a F**k

hey brachel fan, calm down, LOL

Mr. Don't Give a F**k

they all complain a lot equally, but brendon is a pussy, thats been confirmed he’s more than just a sensitive guy, and he’s also a weird dude rachel been throwing the pussy at him since they got together and he hasn’t tried anything, but i know that both of them are trying to make it to jury to take care of that, neither of them deserves to be in the house if they don’t want the 50k/500k thats not fair, another thing why hasn’t he said anything about her dressing half naked everyday? thats NOT a normal dude you don;t let your women dress like that without saying nothing.

Mr. Don't Give a F**k

they all don;t deserve they money but especially brendon and rachel… nobody else said they’re not in it for the money except them


Rachel said she just wanted to make it to the jury house with Brendon and you think their in it for the money. What a joke!!!!!

C Note

I have to agree with Darkhairyhole Britney gets hotter by the minute. She needs to stop looking at Kristen as her competition for the hottest in the house and try and get her on her side. They could do some damage toghether. They have close bonds in the brigade and that alone would put them ahead of R/B, Kathy, Andrew. Capt Kosher will get the boot even tho I disagree.


Maybe Brit and Kristen should get together mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm


why won’t andrew speak of his doubts about the fake illness matt is using for sympathy votes. why won’t andrew speak of the kristen/hayen showmance. he has to speak up before leaving. just because kathy HAD cancer and helps people every day and would take bullets for people doesn’t mean she should stay in the house. If that were the case then they all should pack up and go home. Leave Kathy in the house alone to get the 500k because no one else deserves it. (might make better tv) and since when does being a sick, nice person mean you should win BB. wishin someone would WAKE UP!

Mr. Don't Give a F**k

i agree , but andrew is a strong player thats why he should go, and what brendon said about keeping strong players is exactly why he and rachel will lose, why would you want to keep players that could possibly outplay you in endurance ….. ANdrew should go becvaus ehe is a very stong players the last 4 playing in HOH endurance enzo,matt, brendon,, ragan, and andrew, which who i think will win in endurance


He said he was not aware of the disease, not that he didn’t believe him. You don’t just say “hey I think you are lying about your wife dying” to the guy. Because what if he wasn’t and Andrew still wasn’t aware of the disease. That would out Andrew as an asshole and a Doctor.. Right now everyone thinks he is a shoe salesman. Sorry but Andrew is outta here.

Evel Jim

in the DR he said the disease name Matt said wasn’t a medical term. Though his doubts seem to have been removed when he heard the letter from Matt’s wife, so maybe he just thinks that Matt messed up on the name of the disease. How anyone believed the story is beyond me though since every time they showed him telling someone that story he had a huge grin on his face.


If this kind of play works, everybody is going to be using it. They, wife, husband, mother, father, sister, brother, Grandma, Grandpa will have fatal dieases. I don’t know if people feeling sorry for you gets you to the end. But if it does, everybody is going to be sick and one foot in the grave on the next season.


Andrew isn’t lying? As a podiatrist he sells shoes. Ortheopedic shoes, but shoes none the less! Lying is when you say your only 18 when actually your 21!


After Matt read The HOH letter from his wife that said she was feeling better (or somenthing like that), Andrew started to believe that the illness was true.


Andrew is going to feel so dumb when he finds out Matt is playing him and others for a fool. I would hate for that lie to get out while Matt is still in the house. Matt is playing the game way too hard… his comeuppance is coming!


What is to miss about Captain Kosher… he is a strange, pervy geek… he probably has a weird foot fetish. Who wants to go to school to become a Dr. of Feet!!!!!!!!!! I can’t think of a worse job…. feet sweat 1/4 cup of sweat a day! I can’t wait to see his ass walk out the door, and the yamulke that hides his bald patch too!


I would rather be a foot dr than a butt dr….


Brit must have been easy in junior high. Wish I was there!!!


I wish I was in Brit now