Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Kathy Famous Last Words “I Didn’t Read All the Paper Work We Signed”


Big Brother 12 Spoilers

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

8:20pm Annie and Brendon
Annie tells Brendon about the rude thing that Rachel does and says will reflect badly on him. She tells Brendon that he better smarten up and stop being so close to Rachel because she’ll drag him down. She wants to beat the shit out of Rachel. Brendon tells her she needs to grow up he’s not going to get in the middle of all this. Annie warns him that he threw the game away on a week one showmance because now all those people know you are a pair in this game. Brendon tells her she’s being like a fucking 14 year old she needs to grow up. She blames him for being nominated and tells him it’s his biggest mistake letting her leave. Brendon says he doesn’t feel that way but if that is what she wants to think than whatever. She tells him that she’ll do anything to save Brendon, she offers him final 2.
Brendon says he will talk to Rachel and tell her the two of you need to be civil and work things out, he suggests they should just stay away from each other for the rest of the week. Brendon still says he considers Annie a friend and they will be friends with Annie outside the house. Annie gets called to the DR.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

8:40pm Brendon and Rachel Rachel is crying because she thinks that Annie is getting between her and Brendon. Brendon tells her he thinks the best thing for her to do is to avoid Annie entirely until Thursday. He tells her all this shit she is causing just seals her fate, “shes going home”. (Rachel is using a pouty baby voice it’s drives bananas) Bredon starts to shower her with complements he tells her he may only know her for a short time but already he knows her to be beautiful, sweet, kind, wonderful and clever. He doesn’t think Annie is coming between them and if anyone tries he’ll kill them. Rachel asks “Oh My God Really?” Brendon “Not Really … Really” eviction! … they snuggle and start to kiss.


8:40pm HOH Monet, Hayden, Kathy and Brit Talking about how fucked up and weird Annie is being about Brendon and Rachel. She’s acting like they’ve known each other for a long time.. Brit says wait Maybe theres something here maybe they’re the long time friends… Kathy laughs says “Ya and maybe i’m in a state hospital”… “what do you think Hayden?”… “You know I didn’t read all the paper work I signed we probably signed up into the state hospital”. Brit chuckles “Ya we’re in here with 3 or 4 clinical physco paths thats the twist”. Hayden tells them it’s all messed up how Annie is acting he thinks she’s just trying to stir things up.

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Uncle Cool

Please get rid of Rachel. There is nothing real, or likeable, about her.



C Note

I wish they would kick them both out because I cant stand seeing their foolish showmance anymore. It’s like two high school kids falling in love in a week. It’s taking away from my baby’s airtime. (BB Kristens needs more airtime), either way I can’t stand to hear Annie’s bitching anymore. How can people like Annie she so dayum annoying. Dayum I hate almost everyone allready, not good. Guess im down to Matt and Kristen.


Gotta save some drama for later. Imagine Annie and Enzo going on the block together in week 6. That would be crazy drama worth watching. I say get rid of the floaters first and let the real players entertain us. I will be so pissed if another floater like Jordan wins this year.


Me too. She really annoys me. I can’t bear the thought of listening to that laugh and watching her make out with Brendon all summer long. Annie is crazy, but she is playing the game. Rachel seems to be there for the showmance and exposure. She might actually be the saboteur because she is the only one that isn’t talking shit about anyone and nobody is tossing her name around and suspecting her. People dismiss her because she seems harmless. Brendon seems to be the bigger target of the two. Maybe she is trying to sabotage her game by distracting him. She is supposed to be smart enough to get a degree in chemistry, but all I have seen from her so far is horny ditz with fake laugh, fake red hair and fake boobs.

Uncle Cool

One of the main reasions I want Rachel gone is the showmance will be dead. But I would bet another would begin. It gets CBS ratings, which is the whole reason they air shows.