Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Annie LOSES IT ….she says she is ready to kill that BITCH!

6:30pm Out in the backyard Lane, Matt, Britney, Monet, Annie and Enzo are sitting on the couches talking about relationships. The girls asks Lane what he looks for in a girlfriend. Lane says that personality is the biggest thing, she has to be serious, funny, and has to be able to take a joke. Lane continues with his list saying she needs to like to work out, he thinks it awesome. Lane then says that doing it is cool too. Lane says that most of the girls he’s dated let him do whatever he wanted but that he likes to test women to see what they will let him get away with.. and that he can be a real jerk, but that he can also be a nice guy. Lane says that he thought he was going to get married to one girl but it all turned to hell after she got the ring. Lane says she left the ring on his pillow for him to break off the engagement. Lane says that he was probably scared to get married too. Lane then tells a story about one of his ex’s where he was in bed and she would be twitching because she was trying not to cry. Lane says that he would ask her what her problem was and she would say nothing. Lane says that he hadn’t done nothin’ wrong so he told her to get out of bed and sleep on the floor. Lane says that he needs a girl that will stand up and fight.
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The girls start asking Enzo about his relationship. Enzo says he’s been with his wife seven years and that he was 25 when he met her he was in the prime of his life. Enzo says that he had a 6 pack, full head of hair.


7pm -7:30pm In the lounge room Ragan, Hayden, Kristen, Annie, Andrew and Brendon are talking about past seasons of Big Brother. Hayden says that their season is the most physical out of the last two seasons. Hayden says it sucks that the girls this season are a lot more athletic than previous seasons. The talk turns to Indians and all the royalist they receive but that most of them don’t know how to handle having a lot of money and end up blowing it all on flashy things. They talk about the Indian casinos and all the money they rake in and don’t pay any money to the state. Brendon gets called to the Diary room. Ragan yells OHHHhh COME ON…thats the third time today!! Brendon says yeah I’ve been in there three times today. Ragan is jealous. Brendon tell him that he’ll put the word in for him so that he gets called in…


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7:40pm Britney, Enzo, Annie and Kathy are out on the backyard couches talking. Annie is talking about how no one knows how it feels to be on the block and know that you’re going home. Annie says that everyone in there is talking about her and that Rachel gave her the stink eye.

7:50pm Annie confronts Rachel in the kitchen and asks her why she rolled her eyes at her gave her attitude and slammed a door in her face.  Rachel says I don’t know what you are talking about! …are you okay … are you sure you’re not just being sensitive?  Then Annie turns and walks to the sliding door and Rachel smirks at her and smiles that she just tried to get a rise out of her and Annie didn’t say anything back.  Rachel leaves the room and everyone from out in the back yard comes inside and Annie says I wish you guys had seen that.  They ask her what.. what ..what happened?  Annie says that she wishes they could rewind the tape and show them all what Rachel just did.  Annie is furious and starts talking to herself telling herself that she doesn’t want the old Annie to come out.  Annie says that she wants to kill that BITCH! Annie says this isn’t worth it, that she doesn’t want to be here anymore!


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this season is boring.. hate rachel.. i want a showmance between hayden and kristen (:


ewwww a showance between Kristen and Hayden they are brother and sister……..


That would be like watching two gorgeous bimbo puppies

Rachel's Left Boob

Loses it. Annie loses it.

I’m a boob and I know that one.

Rachel's Right Boob

Love Annie

Rachel's Left Boob

Left Boob is right, Right Boob is wrong.

Annie FTL. Too whiny. I’d be antagonizing her too so she really cracked.


Annie loses it, not looses it.

Your pants are loose.

You win or lose.


I can’t stand Annie…..I really want her gone…she reminds me of Ronnie the Rat…lol

I love Lane

LOL she totally does remind me of Ronnie the Rat. Perfect comment.


ugh so glad ronnies not in this season


me too – I sure hope he never gets the opportunity to show his rat face on the BB set again!! thanks again for the updates!!


Is Annie ever going to stop talking about the Rachel incident? OMG – if I have to hear her tell one more person about what she wished they could see I think I’ll stick a pen in my eye – LOL!!

The girl needs to shut up about it – not a strategic move especially since there were no witnesses. The houseguests will just thinking she’s lying to stay in the house or she’s the saboteur.


I REALLY REALLY wanna see the video Annie is describing about Rachel being a fake bitch to her. I see the pics but does anyone have the video???


sign up for the 3 day trial load up the flash back and you can see everything including BB10 and BB11. If you don’t like the feeds after 3 days you click cancel and they won’t bill you.

chick from louisiana

Rachel’s laugh is annoying


rachels laugh destroys my soul


Sadly, I love to look at her but I could never be her friend because she annoys me so much. Maybe I’m giving her a hard time because I expect so much. It just freaks me out to listen to her.


Rachel is an annoying girl that thinks when people hate of her they are just jealous. She needs those boobs to camouflage that awful face.

chick from louisiana

At this point, i really wish we could send Rachel and annie home together.


(I’m backkkkk…with last years name still)

Annie talk too much. That has been her demise in the game.


says welcome back and makes the sign of the cross because I can only guess who’s team you were on last year. haha


Oops, that should have said “talks”… I’m commenting from my mobile.


Has Brendon masturbated?

kathy is da sabo??

Technology is something else….last yr I cldnt dream to check all this on my phone…i use to rush to everyone comp to read you all posts. Now I get a msg thru twitter every post. Wow oh wow…. Im addicted to BB 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

Uncle Cool

The more Lane talks, the more I want him gone. He should have just kept his mouth shut.


annie..oh annie…get a life..please…