Big Brother 12 – Chit Chat in the House, From the Holocaust to Brendon feeling like a Piece of Meat **Updated **

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Big Brother 12 Spoilers

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3:20pm Backyard Couch Brit, hayden and Andrew Talking about luxury prizes, Brit says she doesn’t want to win the TV fuck the TV she says. She’ll take the trip and the money.. or perhaps clothes to. Hayden says he’s been everywhere in the United states and some places in Canada but never anywhere else. Brit tells him he should go use his stipend for a trip. hayden: “No i got other things I want to do with that cash”
Brit tells them all the places she’s visited, Europe, Caribbean, and Mexico (She lists off a lot of resorts, expensive shit) Hayden leaves.. she tells Andrew that she really wants to go to Auschwitz. Andrew says he will never go he’s had friends that have gone but it’s not a thing he will ever do… Brit says she’s seen shows and documentary’s about it, She brings up the Pianist. She disgusted that there are holocaust deniers. Andrew says taht the town is really old and isn’t a place for tourists it’s more like a museum. Brit explains that she believes it’s an important part of history and she wants to go to see what it is like. She’s amazed that the human mind can handle and inflict so much suffering.


Big Brother 12 Spoilers

3:44pm Storage Room Andrew and Brendon Andrew telling him he’s got Brendon’s back he thinks Brendon is a stand up guy and he like him.


Big Brother 12 Spoilers

3:52pm Backyard Most the houseguest are on the couch chit chating… they are talking about modelling. Brit is explaining to them all about Beauty pageants and how much work and money they are, “hair and make-up 500 dollars the dresses are 4000 the interview suit is 500 theres travelling and the swim suit is a couple hundred”.. if you win you get to go to ms america and theres scholarships to win. Brendon says he stopped doing modelling because he felt like a piece of meat. Brendon asks Brit if she thinks pageants display
Big Brother 12 Spoilers
women as sex objects. Brit explains the different systems and how one system is highly regulated and another system is more raunchy. Check out Brit in her Beauty Pageants . She goes on to explains how expensive it is and how many of the girls that go into the pageants go on to big things like politics, movies, modelling, industry. Brendon asks if only rich people can afford to compete. Brit tells him that many girls do it on the cheap, they do there own hair, makeup buy cheaper clothes, “Thats what I did My family doesn’t have much money… theres some girls that spend a fortune but I think they can so they do” Brit says that its a great experience for girls to do it builds confidence and respect (and bitchiness) Enzo asks about the 6 year old Pageants. Brit is against the little girl Pageants she thinks that it’s not good to force your kid to do it let them start when there old enough to make their own choices. Enzo saying he watched a show once about it and it made him sick….Enzo asks here what her “talent” is she says she plays the piano but doesn’t sing. Enzo asks her if she’s ever been asked a question during a pageant that she didn’t have a clue or drew a blank. Brit tells them a story about being asked about what is democracy and she answered “Look at the Statue of liberty”… Enzo laughs.

4:08pm Chit chat about stuff… enzo starts to scratch his balls… Hayden is over to the side showing us his front teeth and Brit is talking on and on about Beauty Pageants.
Big Brother 12 Spoilers

4:13pm Hammock Kristen and Rachel Kristen is telling her that if she goes up this week it might not be a good idea to use the POV because then they’ll put Brendon up. Kristen says Rachel ahould just work like hell to get the votes, if she’s u against Kathy there shouldn’t be a problem. Rachel starts to whine about everyone in this house is hell bent on breaking them up and its not fair. Kristen tells her that the only reason that is happening is because last year Jeff and the cookie dough monster made it so far. Kristen tells her that every single person in this house is going to get lied to and back-stabbed and it’s going to get a whole lot worse in the coming weeks. Rachel says she didn’t know the game was like this she really isn’t liking it, “I thought it was going to be fun Play in some challenges and meet people… you know just hang out” Kristen explains that the game is very different then what they portray on the TV broadcast. Rachel: “you see i only watched the Broadcast” Rachel doesn’t have a clue what Matt is doing neither does Kristen… (I don’t know about you folks but I can’t wait for nominations tonight)..

4:48pm Trivia on the feeds, Nominations underway

6:14pm Still Trivia

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Has anyone considered that maybe Brendon and Andrew are the partners? They look a lot alike, possibly even brothers, Brendons been protecting Andrew, Andrew was very happy when he saw Rachel won, cause he was sure he was safe, Just a guess


Matt & Raygun are boyfriend & boyfriend… Mensaboy lied about a 1 legged wife whats to prevent him from lying about everything else including his sexuality. How he survived the eviction vote is beyond me, in front of everyone he called Brendon & Rachel out, called the house idiots and STILL got their vote. Buncha dumbasses!


You think? Didn’t they show a picture of his wife last night Or were they fake?


oh….guess I’ll crawl back in my darkhairyhole, I didnt watch anything past the eviction and BBAD is just that in LA, its on at midnight and lately its been R&B making out, not very compelling tv.
What this show needs is violence. Give the cop chick a baton and let her club the next lier.


Don’t crawl in any hole because of me unless you are a mole and you have a mate. Than go for it. I really was asking a question. I didn’t see last night if they did show a picture of his wife or not. I know he got a letter but I don’t know if they showed his wife. Of course they could be doctored, too.


Not a mole but I worked graves for a lot of years so basically the same thing, live in the dark and feed off of bullshit. Theres an analogy in there somewhere…trust me.
I do have a mate, a woman who hasnt killed me yet…so I’m very suspicious of her.
Anyway the noms done yet?


Gracias amigo


there isn’t any couples. Annie said on one of the exit shows she made it up as the salvatore to mess with the houseguests


You are bad. lol


In Yiddish, your name would be BB “Buppie.” Grandfather in Yiddish is Sada and grandmother is Buppie (there are various acceptable spellings for each – depending on the country of origin – Polish, Russian, Czech etc.)


I like Buppie. You can call me that. I didn’t know that and like learning. In my native language you would be called sneaky wolf who howls to make people laugh. You keep howling!


My grandfather was a full-blooded Iroquios Indian born and raised in Quebec Canada. They moved to Augusta, Maine in 1900 to work in the mills along the Kennebec river. What’s your American Indian heritage?


Grandfather is Zaida and grandmother is Bobba. A circumcision is called a bris, brisket is a cut of meat that you buy at the store.


Bobba is okay, too. I think he met brisket as a joke. But I appreciate you clarifying. Thanks.


would not want to eat Brendon’s brisket


I have some Irish in me but no.


At least I got “moyel” correct!


I think u are right they do look alot alike!!


Brendon is protective of Andrew. Always coming to his defense. I think Brendon is a Hitchcock fan.


andrew was excited that Brendon and Rachel won HOH. He may have been joking but it stuck in Brendons mind that maybe he has allie in Andrew


thanks for the up date simon, your the best.


guys there is no relationship prior to entering the house annie was lying about that


“I thought it was going to be fun Play in some challenges and meet people… you know just hang out”

How come season after season,people are so shocked by how hard BB is? If I went in there I’d just prepare for it to be horrible.



If you only watched CBS edited broadcast, you might have the wrong idea about the show. I have friends that just watch that and they don’t really get all the backstabbing and lies that go on to get to the end. They refuse to get online because they like living the American Dream.


i don’t watch the live feeds, I get all my updates here….since BB8 I think?
The live shows though you get to see the DR rants which are GREAT


You have to watch the DRs on the live show to understand the players minds = how they will vote. And the goodbye messages are classic! Brat to Monet: I’m going to miss talking about how high-waisted Kristin’s pant are, and how skanky Rachael’s dressing every day, and how annoying her laugh is, and all the things we could do with her hair extensions


If they picked only people who understood how hard the game is then it wouldnt be as good as it is lol


I always only watched the CBS version, up until last yr. How much info they leave out is astounding. I feel they need to up the amount of days it airs but if u can get updates like this/live feeds, you’re good. If I was only watching CBS, I would’ve stopped watching this season.


Oh I agree, this is my first year with the feeds and I am much more into and interested in Big Brother. Well worth the $40.00 (I got them from seasons first show)

Mr. Me Too

brendon needs to realize when a man is with a woman like rachel which is use to living a wild lifestyle , you can’t help but feel like a piece of meat


I agree, they leave out a lot. I also started looking at this site last year…love it!!!


How dare Kristen and her bald eyelashes call Jordan the “cookie dough monster”! Jordan looks a thousand times better than her naturally! With or without the weight. Hog-nosed heifer!

Uncle Cool

You are correct.

Kristen is just as fake and plastic as Roach is.

Mr. Me Too

very true kristen is NOT that hot brittney and rachel looks much better than her


Kirsten sounds annoying. she has a bad boob job, and she has 1 word in every episode. She should go back to being invisible!


Cookie dough monster is MERELY simon and dawg’s nickname for Jordan. I HIGHLY doubt that Kristen actually said that nickname :)


OOOoooo lol I hope so! simon is no bueno for that one lol


Hey Pamela,
I am a BB fan and read the feeds. I have never posted a response until I read your ignroant comment. I hope you are a total knock out. Skinny, pretty, beautiful hair and full eyelashes. I have a DISEASE that took all of my hair, eyelashes and all. It is people like you that make people with my condition so self conscience. GROW UP. I love Jordan and Jeff…..however, I highly doubt you look like Kristen or Jordan, so shut your mouth and stop insulting…..I know nothing about you, but I hope you are some teenage kid that has no idea about the read world..maybe when you get older you may gain some intelligence and sensitivity.


awe Alopecian. I know it’s hard not to take things personal even if it was not a comment directed towards you. Please don’t be upset. I say horrible things a lot of the times. I think what pisses people off is that these people go on BB think they are beauty queens (well Monet was one) but none the less they want us to love them, worship them and sometimes we need to knock them down a peg or too. I know darn well if I was on BB I’d be broken hearted because I would be made fun of but if I choose to be there, I must withstand the mocking. Please don’t stop from joining in and debating, screaming or having fun with us.


My sentiments exactly Rockstar =/
As for Alopecian… I really hope that you gain some self-confidence in your old age. You chose the wrong forum to vent your frustrations. What you think of me and my opinions means nothing. You are an irrelevant stranger.


Maybe not the wrong forum, Pamela. There is a lot of venting on here. Sometimes you just have to say something about something that got too close to home. Opinions are numerous and some we agree with and others not. If it made you both feel better, all the better for you both. I respect both views. Hope you will give the same to me. Even on the nights I am brain dead, like tonight.


Someone should break Kristen’s nose so that way not only would she look like Streisand, but she would sound like her as well!! “If I had known there were so many people on this side of me – I would have had my nose fixed! Never!”


Kathy & Andrew have been nominated, hoping to BD Brendon


I doubt it.



Yae Dum Dum

The truth behind the so-called couple is this—“The Sab said their was a past BB alliance in the game.” What that meant was that Steven Daigle BB 10 ( the gay cowboy/porn star and friend of Keesha) is Lane’s cousin and he will be coming into the house to host a comp sometime this season.Fact.


I know its fact. I posted it yesterday!

Yae Dum Dum

Glad you know it jimik60 but commentors keep going on and on about this relationship in the house and it is getting annoying. The connection with Lane and Steven is inconsequential to the game and will make no difference in the long run.