Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Kathy about Brendon’s Childhood: “something happend to him that makes him feel less then a man”

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

12:00am Enzo wins the pool Tournament
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Big Brother 12 Spoilers


12:20am HOH Ragan Ragan is talking to himself trying to figure out how to handle with B/R. Ragan thinks Brendon’s real target is Matt, Ragan: “These last couple days with Brendon attacking him and BRit has all been theatrics”. Ragan says you can never get to the end if everyone likes you, everyone wants to bring a person with a lot of enemies tot he end. He decides that he needs to change his persona he’ll have to make some enemies. He knows he’s made 2 enemies that will not give him any votes (b/R) . Ragan asks ” how much will it hurt me in the game if I go after Brendon and Rachel for real…give them a taste of their own medicine”. He doesn’t think in a house controlled by guys guys that causing drama will be beneficial. Ragan: “These guys don’t like drama they’ll get rid of whatever causes it”… “It’s not a good idea for me to throw back the drama”…”I don’t want to be the typical stereotypical drama queen, even though i cry every other second How do I deal with the gruesome twosome” feeds switch … when they come back Ragan is trying to figure out what the HOH is he’s pretty sure it’ll be a quiz, Ragan: “I gotta study”.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

12:46am Everyone beside b/r joking around drinking talking about there pool tournaments. Enzo jokes that they should go into the taj turn off the lights and rough Brendon up. Brit says that she’s so disgusted in Brendon and Rachel she’s just going to disengage from them, she knows she’s said it before she has to do it tomorrow.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

12:54am Kitchen Ragan, Brit, Enzo, KAthy, Matt and HAyden They are talking about Brendon’s blowup.
Ragan: “I think he’s attracted to you becuase why bring up Nick all the time”. Brit doesn’t know why she doens’t get that feeling from him. kahty: “I think something happened in him in child hood I deal with folks like that something happend to him that makes him feel less then a man”. Matt: “Brendon told me he use to be nerdy and stuff and people would pick on him thats why he started to work out”. Enzo keeps saying yeah.. yeah.. nerdy.. yeah.. just what he said .. sabetour… yeah. Kathy leaves to go to bed tells everyone goodnight and gives out hugs, enzo tells her if B/R wake her up to tell them to shut the BLANK up. They start talking about the sab, everyone is pretty sure that it’s rachel or brendon. Brit says it the video has anything to do about Matt, ragan or herself she’s just going to get up and leave. Enzo says “i don’t think there’s a saboteur”Matt: “I heard that America knows who the sabeotour is”.. Feeds cuts.. when we come back Brit is explaining her sab theory’s to the guys, she’s figured a lot of it. Matt: “the saboteur is exactly like America’s player it’s just like Big Brother to recycle BLANK”.

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I wish Ragan the best of luck trying to hide being the sab. So far so good.


I also wish Ragan the Best of Luck and hopes he at least makes it out of the house with 20k for been the Sab.


Kathy about Allison Grodner’s Childhood: “something happened to her that makes her feel less than a woman.”


brendan and rachel are my least fav players but he is kinda right about brit she is spoiled and thinks she has this game


I have been seeing a whole different side of britney….She gets more mean-spirited each week. Her wake up call will come soon enough. I won’t even mention ragan!


Brit can act however she wants, I don’t get why Brendon is so suck on Brit being a brat and having money. He s been saying this seen day one. Brendon didn’t like Monet for the same reason.


and don’t forget Monet being a Model…Brendon is the biggest BLANK in the house


Does anyone know if the houseguest gets to read these blogs? Because if they do I just would like them to know how degusting Kathy, Brittney, and Regan really are and how back stabbing they are I am so glad I do not know them in real life. Non of them deserve the money except maybe Enzo. And that is a maybe…..


I totally agree


me too!


does simon sleep?


Simon sleeps from 1 to 5.



Karen S

I don’t like enzo for using the C word toward Brit. Not classy, not stylish.. nothing to save game face in that. I don’t care if you’re going down in flames.. Brit didn’t do it. sigh~

B and R.. sealed their own fate. Brendan going off half assed, not knowing what had happened. What an idiot to not know the facts of everything that was said. Not that he would know, one way or another at this point.
Rachel… you give us so much to make fun of you and have our own manners classes just before you go into BB house. What a sorry excuse for fun you are. sigh~

My daughter is now buying up barbies and thinking this is good humor.. until my belly hurt.. is all on you.


it’s really annoying how every time you hear about bb12 it’s regarding how annoying horrible and evil b/r are, (yes they are extremely annoying but still) it’s all the others talk about…it’s just a big hate game. I don’t tune in to see the i hate Rachel game (she deals with stress and rejectionin a bad way so she does deserve some of the critisism, but not 24/7)


i so agree with u on this. talk about something else. we all know how everone feels about them so move on

just a thought

WOW, go to sleep and wake up to find the shit has hit the fan. I really don’t know what to make of all this drama. ITA that Rachel lives on another planet, she really has no idea of how her behavoir affects others. Brendon is totally wokring on emotions, he is not being rational at all. I am sure the pressure in the house has been building all week, but seriously, what was that display of chivalry? I know he wants to get voted out because he “loves” Rachel, but seriously, who does that crap? Rachel is a big girl. The two of them together just keep their delusions intact because they think it’s them against the house, which is it now, but they can’t see their part at all. They are victims. Sigh. I wonder what they will think once they see the videos or will they still keep up the charade?

I really wish more people would talk to themselves to figure out game play. I find it interesting to listen to people’s thought processes. I think Ragan is a smart guy and has read the house well, but just like everyone in the house, they have lost sight that it’s a game and taken it too personally. Brendon is just a love sick puppy who is in for a rude awakening at some point soon in regards to Rachel.

So, how often do the house members who hate each other end up friendly and say it was the house that made them do it?!

It’s kind of hard to feel badly for Brit since she has been doing so much nasty stuff and was making fun of Brendon. He made a comment about her height, it shouldn’t cause waterworks, LOL!


Rachel needs to wake up she and “her man” are clueless. She has been rude to everyone yet she denies it and that pisses me off I can’t even watch anymore of her drama. I watch recorded shit so I cn fast forward through her fake crys and hienna laugh. Brittany is funny as hell and Brendan is an ass for attacking her. does he think that the way rachel treats people is ok ? Frustration with B/R they both need to go with matt right behind them.


there is only 4 people who are really playing this game and It’s Matt, Brit, Rachel Ragan the others are just sitting around talking big but doing nothing. It will get boring when Rachl leaves. JMO


@ Janice – you wrote: there is only 4 people who are really playing this game and It’s Matt, Brit, Rachel Ragan the others are just sitting around talking big but doing nothing. It will get boring when Rachl leaves. JMO

You forgot to say Brendon. Remember Rachel and Matt kept winning HOH and Brendon was winning POV. If Ragan and Britney think they are so smart, then why haven’t they figured out the Brigade. The Brigade will pick them off one by one. As much as I think the Brigade should be found out, they have been able to blind-side everyone.

Even if Brendon wins HOH (if he doesn’t leave), Matt can change or use the Diamond POV. But I still hope if Brendon wins he puts up Enzo and Lane. Just to stir things up. Who would his replacement be if Matt took someone off – would love it to be Britney. She’d have to be sequestered with Rachel. LOL.


It would be so nice to see Britney sequestered with Rachel but I already know Britney will just pretend to me Rachel friend again like she did in the house…..Britney is all bark and no bite.


from reading a bunch of responses from last nights blowup, i saw alot of people on b/r side… I DONT GET IT!!! ragen tried to have a logical (keyword) conversation with rachel by pointing out the facts while never raising his voice to avoid a huge dramatic blowup. however, after the facts were laid out for her,she was speechless and went in a corner to cry. so wtf does brendan do… starts cussing and personally attacking someone without ever being in the conversation. to make it better, he felt compelled to plead this case to america. if you did nothing wrong brendan, no need for explanation. he truely believes they did nothing wrong!
here is the reality of the situation, b/r brought this on themselves. everything leading up to this is a culmination of their actions.


When is Ragan going to be off the hook as the SAB? I think he’ll think more clearly and a have a more pleasant disposition once he realizes he pulled off the SAB and collected his 20grand.


..and GO AWAY Rachael

— Brendon has mentally checked out of this game and honestly, once Rachael is gone, he’ll go mad and isolate himself even further from the rest of the house.

Am I the only one who just remembered there’s another player in this game? Kathy — She’s been so far removed from the drama that I thought she was gone


Has the sabator (RAGAN) had to do anything to the houseguests as of yet? I haven’t seen or heard of anything yet he only has this job for 2 weeks? Correct?


What a ridiculous BB12 this is. Ragan as the sab, he’s done nothing yet. He cant stand B/R so if he does anything it will be to them. The only 2 who have played the game are R/B. True, Rach is annoying and when she was in power it went to her head but seriously Brit needs to move on. Sooner or later they all will have no choice but to play the game. Brit seems to cause alll the drama and everyone else reacts to it…


If the HG’s know they are sending Rachel & Brennan home, why do they care to have long chats with them. Leave them alone of you hate them so much. The truth is, the bitches in the house want to have conflict so they have something to tall about in their private sessions. Brittany is a nasty bitches who feels she can make judgments about the relationship Rachel & Benson believe they are in. And as as aside of Regan was my professor & I went to him with concerns & he condescended as he indicates he would with his students, I would have read him the riot act. He has a lot of nerve demanding logic from Rachel, whose been under the gun since day one, when he has been a basket of emotion throughout.


The behavior of all of these people is the result of their life experiences and relationships. We can learn from them that it’s better to keep your cool, than to lose it and make an ass of yourself.


Maybe something did happen to Brendon. The nerd thing and getting picked on makes sense. Maybe that’s why he prides himself in protecting virtually a random manipulating hooker style stranger. If anyone doesn’t think Rachel isn’t manipulative than all you have to do is observe how she twists conversations when she’s relaying them to Brendon.He falls for it every time like she’s some type of Big Brother victim.


Ragan didn’t yell or say anything personal to Rachel to make her cry.Brit just laid there and ask them she could leave and they shouldn’t bring up the past. Rachel just walk off and cry for no reason. The only reason Brendon yell at Brit because she was laughing at him.


who cares.