Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Interview with Lane Ellenburg’s sister; & Britney claims her home is unlivable and may move to LA

Mark Long interviews Big Brother 12’s Lane Ellenburg Sister at the Vegas Bash. Mark Long wanted to find out how Lane really feels about Britney, The BRA-Gade and more.

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Big Brother house guest Britney Haynes claims her Arkansas home is “unlivable” after a fire ripped through it earlier this week. Britney says that she didn’t have renter’s insurance and so she might have to shell out some of her $25,000 “Big Brother” prize to pay for repairs. Britney says that she is not even sure she wants to move back to Arkansas. Britney says she is considering staying in L.A. to try and work on the NFL sidelines as a reporter.

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172 thoughts on “Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Interview with Lane Ellenburg’s sister; & Britney claims her home is unlivable and may move to LA

    1. She won’t make it in LA. There are too many beautiful women that would be more desirable for CBS, FOX, NBC, etc. Plus the height thing will be a big issue since she has to interview players that are at least a foot taller than her. Erin Andrews is 5’10 Britney is 5’2. She’s gonna have to just live her boring life with Nick or become Lane’s bedroom jockey.

      1. Let her move out to LA. Then after a few months without any audition, or job, she’ll go crawling home to Nick. Oh, wait, will that be Nick or will that be Lane?
        She really thinks she’s going some where, huh? LOL..
        All the retired atheletes with their superbowl rings, NBA titles, record breaking titles are just going to sit on the side line while Fox, CBS give Britney the microphone to talk. Hmmm, what is she good at? So far, all I’ve heard are the thngs she said about Rachel and Kristen’s vagina…Oh My!

      2. You aren’t 100% correct about the height issue. The female interviewers that have made a splash in the sports world in the not-so-distant past are a variety of different heights. Some “stars” that easily come to mind are: Erin Andrews 5’10”, Jill Arrington 5’10”, Melissa Stark 5’4″, Suzy Kolber 5’7″, and Bonnie Bernstein 5’3″. They do however have several attributes in common: good looks, natural talent, specific training in the field of broadcasting, a good knowledge of the sports they cover, universal likability, and an extremely hard work ethic. While Britney’s height certainly won’t help her (she is shorter than all those mentioned), the things that will keep her from being successful are her lack of the other aforementioned attributes (other than looks).

      3. Good Luck in L.A. Britney… beautiful women are a dime a dozen and you’ll maybe get a Maxim magazine layout and a few offers for porn. I spent 26 years in that town and it was fun, but not for the weak or naive.

  1. I don’t think anyone gives Britney enough credit. She speaks well in front of the camera, is beautiful, has a very funny personality….I personally would watch a show if she was on it. Look at Elisabeth Hasselbeck…she made it on the View….I think we are going to be seeing a lot more of Britney!
    Good Luck Girl!

    1. Elisabeth was an outspoken person, to your face that is, while she was on Survivor. Elisabeth wasn’t nasty behind people’s back, and she definitely didn’t talk about anyone’s vagina. Although I don’t agree with Elisabeth’s politics, I must say she has a lot of class.

      1. HelloThere is totally correct. Whether you agree politically with Elisabeth Hasselbeck or not you must give her credit for being classy. On a daily basis she is outnumbered on The View yet holds her ground and does so without personal attacks on her co-hosts. Joy Behar could take a few lessons from Elisabeth or Whoopi. Britney does not have that quality. I could see Britney breaking into the adult film industry though. She is attractive, has a nice body, “that” shape/size of mouth, and doesn’t need a likable personality or much talent to succeed.

        1. Y’all kill me. Y’all talk just as nasty about britney as she did to the others. I don’t think she’s losing sleep thinking about what you all are saying about her. For people who can’t stand her, you sure speak about her every chance you get. I couldn’t stand rachel and I don’t talk about her at all. Why? It doesn’t make sense to dwell on the people you do not like. So apparently you all have become obsessed with her and what she spoke about on the show, and yet you talk the same way and say the same vile things about her.

          1. we don’t care if britney is or isn’t losing sleep over it, we do it just to entertain ourselves, because her and the other morons couldn’t entertain us this summer

      2. when was the last time that hasselback was recorded 24hrs a day for 60+ days? the view and big brother are different animals, kiddo. we haven’t seen britney in a view setting…her diary rooms suggest she might be able to be charming in a setting more formal than 24hrs/day on internet livefeeds.

        1. You found Britney charming? Talking about the other females in the house behind their backs isn’t charming…especially when the talk turns to STDs and “skanky vaginas”. If you find that charming then either you yourself have no class or you live in The South (or both).

      3. Yes because no one has made a living for themselves in Hollywood without being classy. Elisabeth wasn’t very outspoken on Survivor nor was she in the beginning of her run on The View. When she first started on the View she couldn’t get one word in. I’m pretty sure the producers told her to be more controversial and play up the Republican aspect of her views. I think Britney could do well in LA. She’s stunning, charismatic, and has natural comedic timing. She’s much prettier then about 80% of the girls in Hollywood (yes including butter face Erin Andrews).

    2. I wouldn’t compare Survivor to BB — several more Survivor contestants have made it than BB. BB just doesn’t have the audience or the prestige. Elisabeth Hasselbeck was also helped in remaining in the public eye post-Survivor by her marriage to a football star.

      1. Uh…Tim Hasselbeck was no “star”. His brother Matt could probably be considered a star since he’s been the starting QB for Seattle for several years. Tim was a journeyman QB at best that carried a clipboard on the sidelines. Now that he is retired, I do like him as a football analyst though.

  2. Boy, there sure are a lot of people touchy about Britney, I think we will hear more from her. She would be hilarious in a sitcom. She is very likable, Pull in your claws people, she was voted Americas Choice…..nananananana :)

    1. A sitcom? Are you smoking crack? She has no talent and is totally unlikable. As was said in an earlier post, good looking women in LA are a dime a dozen so she would be better off staying in Arkansas. Winning America’s Choice was due to votes from those only watching the highly edited Britney on CBS. Those with full access (unless they are clueless) did not vote for her as they saw what she was truly like.

      1. Unlikable? That’s America’s Choice you’re talking about. Seeing as the majority of BB fans loved her, I’d say she’s pretty likable. The only people who don’t are the simpletons who think everyone on BB she be nice and respectful and always shower each other with compliments.

      2. Britney was loved on most all live 24/7 chats. How stupid are you, she won americas choice, because we loved her. You are just a hater and a dumb ass.

          1. Ladies, ladies, this season is over and it is what it is, you two should join me in Canada for a little cool down time and we could all get to know each other better. Michelle, you could bring me beer and ellen, you could make me a sandwich, lol, just kidding ladies, but we could make a sandwich, Michelle and Ellen, you will be the bread, and well as in any sandwich, ol Canadian fan will be the meat.

            1. misogynist – from the urban dictionary –> A man who hates every bone in a woman’s body, except his.

              hahahaha you should get that printed on a t-shirt.. that would be hellafunny.

              1. Goddam, that is me, and im starting the Printing of those t-shirts tomorrow. I think I love you Rockstar, lol, heres a whole batch of cookies for you, you nasty, but lovely thing. Did I mention, Im also a self professed genious, and im bad too, just bad enough to be fun though, lol.

              2. Strange but as I was listening to a man call me and my sister some vile and filthy names at the beach yesterday I realized that gone are the hippies of the world who loved everyone and they are replaced by some angry misogynists who have no respect for women. Societies that are matriarchal are the strongest culturally and we are headed towards hell on earth if this disrespect of women goes on. Just a thought that I was having about the same time you were posting this today.

                1. Well I gotta reply to this, buddhistgirl69, first of all not that I have to explain shit to you, let me first say I was joking, secondly let me say, I have no problem respecting a woman and treating her like a sex object sometimes to, Yeah I like to slap a woman on the ass sometimes and it in no way means I dont respect her, it means I like her. I also have a pretty good idea what angry name you and your sister were called on the beach, Whats that whale called, Shamu, Orca, whatever. Also if Im not mistaken, you were one of the ones defending Lanes r**** game, good one there sunshine, thats the way to take a stand on the big bad men of the world today. You have yourself a great day and piss off.

                  1. oh noes… grabs canadian fan and buddhistgirl and makes them hug it out… we have so little friends during the game that we can’t fight during the off season.. lets hug, lets sing, I love you, you love me, we’re a happy family..

                    1. with a great big hug and a kiss from me and you,wont you say you love me to, i dont know about this song,when i was writing it ,i felt like a stalking perv kind of,lol

                  2. Whip me, beat me, blank me, make me write hot checks! Canadian Fan, you are my bad boy here again. You and Don’t Hate are two guys only a Grandma could love.

                    1. Don’t Hate, I think you would know them as “bad checks” but we use to call them “hot” because you didn’t want to touch them because they were bad. Sorry, I do show my age at times.

              1. Awww, thanks Grandma, my most favorite American woman. We could change this whole us/them thing if we tried. Your one of the main reasons I love this site, take care and if your ever in the maritimes, you wont be dissapointed by our hospitality, we love everyone and if I know your coming this way, I will spread the word, This lady deserves our love and respect.

                  1. pervs are great!!!! next season bb should cast all pervs just have a house full of pervs, and have perv competitions. and make julie wear a french maids are nurses outfit for us pervs.just an idea.

    2. Son, if you happen to be holding a TV attena and thinking about it, put it down and slowly move away from it. Just say no to crack.

    3. I always find it funny when on this site, people point to acting careers for houseguests. Nothing done on BB shows us if the contestants have any acting skills. Sure, you can say Britney may be a decent reporter based upon Just The Tip, but you can’t say that she’d be great on a sitcom. Just like “dont hate” [sic] can’t say that Enzo would be a great comedian like George Lopez just because “dont hate” found Enzo to be funny.

        1. Michelle your a dumb ass. Look back at the chats. Fans loved Britney, and if she wants to be in entertainment I am sure she will be great. Don’t be such a hater. Your view of her doesn’t reflect everyones. I’m sure cbs would not change votes just for Britney, thats crazy. Wow what a hater!

          1. you are calling me a dumbass, try learning to read, I said cbs set it up for her to win not that they changed the votes, I guess you just showed you are the dumbass

            1. Michelle and Ellen, I am giving you both a time-out until you can decide to love or hate Britney without making us a witness to the silliness of your disagreement. Now behave ladies. ; P

              1. I do not care if what you say about me, I made one little comment about a loser on a reality show, there is someone on here that hoped she would kill herself and you are focused on a harmless comment, deal with it

                1. oh michelle ….you lashed out at me a couple wks ago for playfully telling you to SHUT UP. people were calling others duche bags ..a holes and you got a hard on over SHUP UP. take your some of your own medicine.

                  1. I didn’t act like a baby and tell someone to shut up
                    you don’t have to like my comment, but I have the right to say whatever I want, so you can either deal with it or don’t read it

          2. only way I would ever watch Britney again is in an adult entertainment manner, which I suspect we will see her in before long. Might be nice for a change to see something going in her mouth rather than venom spewing from it.

    4. Actually, she would be funny in a comedy sitcom. Good call. I hate her, but I say it how it is. I hope she doesn’t get a role because, again, I hate her. But if she does, and the writing is good, she WILL be funny.

    5. On a sitcom, the actor has to have sufficient talent to deliver lines written by a team of writers. In addition, that person must be able to have chemistry with the rest of the cast to make those lines come to life. I don’t think that is what you are describing when you talk about Brit. Sure she seemed funny in the DR, but that was supposed to represent a face to face talk between her and you, the viewer. It doesn’t really take a clever wit to roll ones eyes and slam another houseguest.

  3. Isn’t Regis’s sidekick, the blonde woman, also very short? I don’t know, Rachel and Brendon got a small role on Bold and Beautiful. Superpass asked Brit, Ragan and Hayden if they’re interested on doing Just The Tip for Superpass. Kristin just did a car commercial in New Jersey. Monet has gotten a few modelling jobs. The only person not offered anything was Enzo, the one with the biggest hopes for a movie role. Brit also mentioned that her degree is in Journalism or Broadcasting or something along those lines, but all her former experience was in the hotel industry, where she works now. I could see her doing comedy, or news broadcasting where she mostly sits since her height would not be an issue. She is very witty and can ‘wing it’ when necessary.
    It might be a good idea not to go back home. The fire at her home may not have been Nick’s BBQ since it started at 1:30 a.m, long after Nick finished BBQ’ing and while he was in bed. I hope it wasn’t some crazed fan trying to harm Nick.

    1. It’s smart to strike while the iron is hot, but I think that she’d have the best chance of breaking into the industry in Arkansas. She’d be a relatively big fish in a little pond for one of the small market local tv stations. And btw, Regis’s sidekick had a full-fledged career and was much more famous than Britney from her career in the soaps (All My Children) when people were still watching soaps. It’s not like Regis was just looking for someone petite and blond and she got the gig. She’d done guest gigs on there before she was cast when Kathy Lee decided to leave.

    2. Thanks for the tip of what Britney has been offered. If I see Britney in an ad from any company, I don’t care if it’s a toilet paper company, or for socks, I’m not buying it. And if I happen to be a consumer of that brand, I will drop that brand faster than some of Tiger Woods’ sponsors dropping him when they found out what he did where he put his putter and who was holding his balls.

    3. Maybe you should read the article again. It stated that the fire was well underway by 1:30 am. It started from the grill, caught the grass on fire, spread to a trashcan, and then to the house. It’s not like it happened in 30 seconds. Hot coals can burn for weeks. He could have been grilling at 7 at night and the fire could have easily started by 1:30.

      1. Nick and Britney are perfect for each other. Both are insecure about themselves and need constant reassurance. Britney doesnt want Lane cuz he’s a challenge and she just wants someone to baby her and send her flowers every 2 seconds.

  4. Looks like Ragan, Brendon, Rachel and Brit will all be living in the same city. Welcome to BB LA! I doubt they will keep in contact with each other though, so drama won’t flare.

    1. Why do these houseguests think they can get into show bizness? You cant just decide to go to LA one day and say im gonna be an actor when you have no formal training. They are at best F list celebrities with no talent. Enzo is going to be in Ironman 3, Britney is not going to work for ESPN, Kristen is not going to be on the Price is Right, and Rachel is not going to host the next VMA’s. The fact that all these people are leaving their homes for jobs they can never have just shows how awful their lives are. Makes me feel much better about my life and career.

      1. What makes you think that they’re all moving there for show biz? Brits house burned down and B&R are going for education purposes.

    1. No. I think most of them listed as their careers what they’d most recently been doing — but not all of them were currently still doing it! Hayden, the guy with the 6 year and going college degree, will hopefully finish though!

    1. They look very good together in that picture. Now all Brendon needs to do is grow some balls and stop being such a pussy. Maybe he’ll be a positive influence on her and calm her down, but it’s gonna take a lot of work! ;-)

    2. Ha ha. She’s not perceptive enough to play the “skank ho” just for the cameras. Giving bjs and having sex on live tv would be a little far to go for the act, no? Unless the she hoped to follow BB with a porn career LOL.

        1. It appears to me that Rachel doesn’t have a lot of pull in Las Vegas. I mean it looks like they held that gathering in somebody’s basement. I am like Rockstar and expected more glamor and glitz. But it looked more like my mother’s basement and even her basement furniture! Since Rachel is “Vegas” you would think she might have gotten them in some better place. I understand that it wasn’t something that Big Brother was sponsering, tho.

      1. OK OK maybe i went a lil too far she not that cleaver to just “play” a skank but she do look much better outside the house, guess we gotta wait til the Big Brother Starlight goes out

  5. Well, this cast is turning out to be a lot more memorable than we all thought. They made for a boring BB cast, but I am really enjoying reading about some of their delusions of grandeur and fame now that they are out of the house. I think if Britney wants to stay in LA and try for some acting or sportscasting career there, well she should go for it. You never know if you don’t try, but I hate to join the other pessimists and agree that I don’t think she’ll have much luck. I personally don’t think she was memorable enough with her personality/performance on BB to be able to capitalize on it. I’m also probably one of the few people hoping that Brendon and Rachel will make it. I always thought they were good together and complimented each other pretty well. OK, so Rachel has an annnoying laugh and dresses a little more risque than some others, but Brendon seems to accept her the way she is. That’s part of having a good relationship, accepting the other person for all that they are. As for the rest, I think it speaks volumes that the season ended only about a week ago and no one seems to be talking about them at all. But hey, they were brave enough to be on BB, and I say best of luck to all of them, live long and happy lives, and if you ever do come back to the BB house, next time bring a little drama with you so we on these boards don’t get so bored watching you.

    1. I agree with your Brendon and Rachel comments. Rachel certainly is not my cup of tea, but beauty is in the eye of the beholder and if Brendon thinks she is great…

  6. Isn’t Brendon supposed to be starting school tomorrow? We in the ‘know’ knew that wasn’t gonna happen once he actually got out of the house and realized he was semi popular for 20 seconds..

    1. He could still be starting today AND fitting in a couple of hours on Bold and Beautiful set. I hope he’s not throwing away his PhD chances. The guy hasn’t really been successful in life and he doesn’t / won’t have any better opportunities. At least in academia, you can survive without a personality ;).

      1. How dare you name her the “best bitch”?
        Now all the bitches out there is going to be pissed. FYI- Britney would have to work her way up the ladder.

  7. oh man, so many haters who are just so bored with their lives. if somebody wants to do something good for themselves who am i to be judging them? they had the motivation to apply for bb. they are the ones taking risk while most of us are just living a very routined life (not saying that you might not be happy with your saturday-pation-drinks, but still you are not reaching for the stars either).

    i admire their spontaneity and courage to take actions for doing something most of us will only daydream about. maybe they expect a lot out of themselves and their delusions make them think they can go very far, but you have to be somewhat delusional to get far in life anyway.

  8. I never imagined Lane’s sister to look like that. She looks better than I had imagined.
    I do love how it’s evident that she really like Britney and wants her brother Lane to “take her home with him” lol. I do think Britney and Lane had such great chemistry together, and it would be a storybook ending if the both of them get married to each other.
    I think Britney is so headstrong, that she’ll find something in LA. Whether it be for a celebrity gossip show, or as the Dallas Cowboys sideline reporter. She’s such a special talented person, she can do it. And I hope she does.
    I also hope Enzo finds something great in the entertainment biz as well.
    But back to my original idea… Hayden & Kristen, Brendon & Rachel, Britney & Lane, Matt & Ragan, and even Enzo & Joella…. on The Amazing Race! Make it happen, CBS!

    1. hayden and kristen are boring, britney and lane britney needs a smarter partner because lane is a dumbass and they will get lost, enzo-Hell No!!!!!
      matt and ragan brendon and rachel are fine

      1. Michelle, there you go again calling Lane a dumbass: he’s a man’s man and I understand why you don’t have any acquaintance with such a guy….. you need to get a real man in your life and stop whining…. People who have a life don’t sit around all day with their keyboards, and their only companions, their cats, posting banal messages…..

        1. ” People who have a life don’t sit around all day with their keyboards, and their only companions, their cats, posting banal messages…..”

          and yet, everytime Michelle says something, your there to bash her. Have you heard what they say about living in glass houses?

  9. ok….no one from bb12 will be famous for anything involving sitcoms…sideline jobs…all of that…none of them,…no chance, no way…no how…there is no eliz hasselbeck here

    1. You never know. There are a lot of people in the entertaiment industry that you wonder how they got there. All those stars came from somewhere. They had a dream and went for it. Or, they were just discovered by being in the right place at the right time. Maybe they knew someone. These guys have, at least, that going for them. You just never know. Bristol Palin is on Dancing With the Stars. Her chance to “star” is her mother not getting elected and her getting pregnant while not married. Normally that doesn’t make you a “star” but it has her. So, you just never know.

  10. Hello All Chatters!
    Hope all of you go to hell….cause most of you deserved it. and while there have a wonderfull
    HAPPY HALLOWEEN……C ya there….Remember I’ll be at the door….and the password is “brenchal”.

  11. The diabolical super genius is funny in Twitter (unlike most twits on twitter who are pretentious and boring). You can read them at He mentions that the brigade creation scene was crazily edited by production: I guess we shouldn’t be surprised, should we since we saw what production did with other areas. Simon, I bet if you asked to interview him or even just interviewed via twitter, he’d provide more info on what really went down…..since the brigade was created before live feeds!

    1. read matt’s twitter page and enjoyed it even though i am not a fan of his. the one thing that stood out to me is when he said the people on twitter were nice to him and the people on the websites were cruel. i just wonder if he read this site? just a thought.

  12. Ragan is . His tweets aren’t as entertaining as Matt but they contain some additional funny info. He now knows about Lane’s shower scenes and says that Lane in the shower is quite popular in the gay community in WeHo (west hollywood). LOL.

  13. I’m sure the interview is good, but you can’t hear it. the super pass interviews were bad too. Hey guys, how about some quality equipment so we can actually hear what they are saying?

  14. I wish you all the best ” Brittney ” follow your heart, & pay no attention to what you read from nasty people on here. You see were there sitting don’t you now Brittney ? At ther computer behind closed door’s & bashing you & you can’t even see there face ! Everyone desreves a great life as to how they want it to be, { Let the dang football player’s get down on there knee’s to talk to her } There on the stupid ground most of the time anyway or sitting on the bench }

  15. Elizabeth Hasselback, got her first start doing her ” Clothing Line on E ” after Survivor’s . I watched her for about a year before B. Walter’s got her ! She done very well with that, & @ time’s has a clothing show on the ” View ” So Brittney well make it people. You watch. Enzo, not to sure, but I hope they all get a start in something. It fail’s so be it. The one guy on bb, a few years back, he was also on the : Bold & Beatiful., but just once. Never saw him after that. so what dose tell you ! But Britt well go a long way. And nothing wrong with us ” SHORT PEOPLE either ” I,m 5 ft. was a nurse for year’s until I retired & @ times I was to short to reach , a person in bed, but ” nobody died because I was to short.

    1. Britney’s height is not my issue. Well, a little…short little piece of S*………but my issue is with her nasty personality, and the nasty things that come out of her mouth about Rachel and Kristen’s vaginas. This red (fill in the blank) from Arkansas must have embarrassed the hell out of her home state.

    2. elisabeth was on survivor so alot more people knew her, britney was on big brother, as much as I love big brother, it is not a big show its a summer fill in, the only time it has gotten mentioned is from matt’s lie
      plus elisabeth has alot more class than britney, and trust me I don’t agree with much about elisabeth

    3. I can’t believe you were a nurse; your posting is ridden with grammatical errors (they’re definitely not typos). Maybe nobody died because you’re too short but how about because of your incompetency?

  16. Wow! This BB cast is really over estimating their capabilities! Brit to be an ESPN newscaster?? You’ve got to be kidding….remind me not to watch when she is on! I love sports and know all about it so hopefully, she’s won’t be on a show I’ll be watching. Her eyes and mouth will just plain irrirate me! She got AC because the choice was limited.

    Next, Enzo into acting, pleeeeeez, are these people crazy or just dreaming their fantasies?? They were the worst cast IMHO of BB history. Are they aware of it now that they are out of the house? They were least entertaining.

    It may have been a tad more interesting if Brendon had put more emphasis on the winning rather than dating! Perhaps, he got confused with the Bachelor series. For an educated man as he says he is, he should have been more focused on his goals and let his brain takeover his heart! As for Rachel, simply annoying; her voice, persona, everything about her was irritating to watch.

    As for Lane, I really couldn’t stand his diary room sessions, his gestures made him seem overly arrogant and unpleasant to watch!

    Matt, Kathy and Ragan were just plain mudane and forgot they had an audience that was watching. Come on guys, you could have done better!

    Lastly, Hayden and Kristen, what were you thinking when you lied about the bedroom scenes??? Did you not realize that America was watching you 24/7???

    Overall, BB12 was a total waste of time and money, I might add. If they do become famous, that just goes to show the lack of intelligence American viewers possess!

    1. I haven’t heard if Matt is interested in an acting career in LA. He seemed like one of the more level-headed contestants on BB this season. Someone with a twitter account should tweet him and ask him. He is answering the tweets about BB from viewers.

        1. Oh, I know he’s been on Average Joe and obvs. has a thing for being on reality shows BUT I don’t recall him having the same delusional conversations about all the post-BB fame that he’d have — not like Lane, Hayden, Enzo, and even Brit. I think he might be smart enough to realize that De Niro wasn’t calling and the NFL wasn’t lining up to hire past BB houseguests. I would be interested in his thoughts and expectations on post-BB fame. I could be wrong but I think he might also have a funny comment about Enzo’s expectations.

          1. Matt did have dreams, too. He wanted his band to get some recording opportunties. He was all with the guys and them making a rap recording. They were all to get together in Chicago to record there because Matt claimed to have connections there. Matt was hoping for more just like the others. I don’t have a problem with any of them wanting to get more from appearing on BB. They are young people with chances of heartbreak ahead. But, go for it! You never know.

            1. BBGrandma, I remember that and I have no problems with those dreams. Those are realistic dreams, imho. It was the delusional dreams based upon weird personal arrogance and lots of personal stupidity that annoy the sh*t out of me. Matt has lots of band experience and has put a LOT of work into music — Enzo has asfaik NO acting experience and wasn’t exactly going on casting calls in NYC but expected De Niro to call him with a big role!

    2. I guess they do have a shot of being famous, I mean think about the useless shows on the air right now, Jersey shore, Jerseylicious, Jersey Couture, anything with Spencer and Heidi, all MTV shows, all VH1 shows, all Real Housewives Shows
      and thats just some of them

  17. Britney is a little ‘princess’ that will finally get a taste of reality in LA. I’d love to see her throw a tantrum when people don’t welcome her with open arms. She’s a Tw*t plain and simple. Ever see that movie mean girls? She’d be the lead cheerleader.

        1. i think she’s to short to be a porno star, lol maybe not, i think she could be on mad tv,are friday night lights, and maybe the simpsons.

          1. Are you for real? She has nothing to offer. I have to agree with Michelle that Britney’s best chance is in the adult film industry.

            1. how bout a country music singer i heard she has the voice of an angel when she sings,
              britney haynes doesnt it sound like a country singers name?

    1. I want to see Britney lives in LA. If needed, I will volunteer to help her move.
      Let LA gives her a reality check. Hey little girl, you’re a nobody. I believe Kristen has a better chance of making it in LA than this short little piece of S* (fill in the blank).

    2. I think Enzo is much more likely to be the tantrum thrower. He threw numerous tantrums during his time on BB. He probably threw his first tantrum when he saw that he hadn’t gotten a call from De Niro.

  18. This is a comment from someone who has to be the biggest asshole …. can’t you just express your opinion without calling someone YOU DO NOT KNOW the worst name? Apparently not.
    Sew your mouth shut, you ignorant SOB.

  19. Why are so many of the BB contestants so delusional about post-BB fame? Because most of the bragade [sic] hadn’t even watched BB until they were cast. They had no clue about BB and probably thought it was a much bigger show than it is! Then they formed their own reinforcing cheering squad when they were in the house together — Remember Enzo after Rachel returned to the house and told him about “Enzites” — he suddenly decided he was most popular, that he’d win AC and the rest of the bragade + the duped alternate Brit also began to believe it.

    1. So true. The Toronto Star (our main newspaper) had one line in the entertainment section. There was a VERY quick Survivor update with rating on first show. Then they added ‘Hayden Moss won Big Brother”. That was it.

  20. I thought the same thing, she was calling nick a douche, she needs to take a better look a her own brother, I can see why she would like britney because she came across like a total bitch

  21. Shut up about britney . She’s nice : i watched the live feeds . Shes gotta dump nick & go to Lane . Their a much better couple ;P.

  22. What’s with all the C*nt and Tw*t name calling? The most hateful offensive words that I can think of and they are being hurled at reality tv substars? seriously? Boy, sure would hate to be the driver who ever cuts you offenders off in traffic……i mean seriously? Ok, we get it….you don’t like britney….well a lot of people did, so deal.

    1. I don’t like the word c*nt, but I don’t think it’s the most offensive and it’s certainly not the most offensive that’s ever been blogged here or even today. Goofy saying that he wished Britney would kill herself — much more offensive and imho, he should be blocked from the site for it, but that’s just my opinion. I didn’t see the word tw*t, but I used the word twit — if you think twit is really offensive, you might want to get a dictionary ;) — it doesn’t reference a female body part at all. Even tw*t, I find to be only on the level with dick, but ymmv on levels of offensive.

      1. If someone really meant “twit”, they would have said it. It isn’t offensive, but the other word with the * for missing letters is. Some of these people can’t discuss anything without throwing around foul words and insults.

    2. I think it might be interesting to take those vile hateful offensive names and hurl them back at the mother, wife, sister, girlfriend of those commenters. do you suppose that Goofy would like to have a female member of his family called that name? Bet not.

  23. Did anyone hear about Lane “hooking up with Carley Johnson the night od bb vegas bash? Word has it her bf is RACHEL…..OMG!!!!

    1. Poor Lane needed some lovin’ after a whole summer with just his right hand… leave the boy alone and let him get on it… he has some lost time to make up.

  24. I think CBS could do a show on Britney and Lane doing a Amazing race type thing ..the interest is there, the chemistry is bankable.. Maybe something with Nick, Lane and Britney doing odd jobs.

    .I just hope she does what she feels in her heart, there is another GUY in her life other than Lane his feelings should be considered by all.

    1. “Other guy” in her life? Lane IS the “other guy”. If Britney is asked and agrees to do an Amazing Race type thing with Lane, then Nick needs to launch a pre-emptive strike and cut her loose immediately. Sounds like she is letting her 15 minutes of fame really go to her head and Nick doesn’t appear to be part of the equation. When she comes back to real-life, Nick will be gone and she will most likely regret losing the love of her life.

      1. I have a feeling that Lane will not be thinking of Britney as much as those people that want a romance there will. Lane is going to have girls coming up to him and giving him all kinds of attention. Britney may have guys doing the same with her. But, I don’t think you will see these two being anymore than friends. They are now out of a confined environment and limited people to be with. They are now out and enjoying the fun and attention from everyone. Since people will keep asking the two about each other they will keep responding because that continues the attention.

    2. I agree, everyone is talking about Nick…he’s an innocent person here…i mean, i have not heard him say anything negative about lane or brit, and actually, him keeping his mouth shut makes him more of a bigger person than Lane or anyone else that is saying stuff…and I like lane, i just hate the way people are talking without even knowing the whole story…and if Brit will leave Nick for Lane, a guy she met and knows for only 2 months, then she is no better than Rachel….who Brit was first in line to say , hey dont do this for a guy you just met…..i hope she takes her own advice

    3. Now that Big Brother Season 12 is over, how about let Britney stay out of the public eye. Let her go back to her little dent in Arkansas and hibernate her mouth until next summer. Even then, when her mouth wakes up, let’s not think about putting her back on TV, shall we?
      Let there be peace on earth!

    4. Britney used Lane as much as Lane used her… SHE was the one in a committed relationship so she was the one who created the “sisterly” relationship that we saw. Lane would have hopped on for a pony ride if she had given him the slightest okay. I think the relationship would have been done after that… Lane seems like that kind of guy. Hit it and Gone in 60 seconds… he just likes a challenge.

  25. I put in a request to to have a season of The American Race with former BB cast mates. It could be titled The Amazing Race BB Edition.

    1. Two of my favorite shows meshing together? I love it! Please, please let them consider putting Dr. Will and Boogie together… please! I will write in to second and third this idea! It would be fun to see some of these people lose it together.

  26. Not too nice… just because she makes you feel inferior you should not call someone you don’t know personally a name like that. Can we have some censorship of THAT word?????

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