**Updated** Big Brother 12 Houseguest Twitter Accounts

Check out Big Brother 12 the entire season of the live feeds transcribed with pictures

Britney Haynes

Ragan Fox



Rachel Reilly
Andrew Gordon
Kristin Bitting

Enzo (unconfirmed)
Still waiting for the other houseguests to get their acts together.

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42 thoughts on “**Updated** Big Brother 12 Houseguest Twitter Accounts

      1. Yes, pretty please with sugar on it! I would love to have somewhere to go to read Survivor strategy with intelligent folks like yours on this site ; ) … let’s do it Simon! I know you can figure out some way to make it fun and exciting… maybe you could do a live feed of Jeff Probst’s bedroom and we can figure out who he hooked up with from this season… ha, ha! He’s a dawg..okay, I will be nice. I will check back to see what’s happenin’ here.

    1. Matt has a fairly large intelligence quotient and it takes a smart person to have a sharp sense of humor. All comedians have high I.Q’s… except Andrew Dice Clay… he was a neander-TALL… and not too funny, so there, it proves my theory.

  1. I asked Matt on Twitter why he hated Brendon and Rachel so much. He said,
    “I didn’t. Editing my friend, editing! :)”
    Most of the houseguests claim editing had a lot to do with the way they were portrayed on tv….

  2. Matt tweeted, “Favorite part of my day…Woman comes up, asks for a pic, says she watched every episode and was a huge fan – then asked what my name was.” Pretty funny.

    1. matt sucked ,he was like the dumbest hgs on this season, his band sucks balls to, lol just kidden i like matt, i just wanted to hate a little like curtain call, lol

    1. I think you’re right. Matt is following that twitter account. . . and I don’t think he’d be following an account if it was a faker.

    2. I don’t believe that’s Enzo’s twitter account. However, I do think Ragan, Matt and Rachel’s twitter accounts are real.

  3. From Enzo’s twitter:

    “Work wants me back,I’m like meow meow,bigger things to do”. And “Papa is back home,I got awesome support from friends,fam and fans,to the haters u just need to hang out with me to really know me”. Sounds like it hasn’t been all adoration and roses from America as he thought, but he’s maybe? coming to a maturing realization about it. Dont hate [sic] will be pleased to see his man still has bigger things to do.

  4. Now my list of the most annoying.
    1. Monet
    2. Britney
    3. Rachel
    4. Kathy

    My list of the most intelligent:
    1. Lane…LOL, hahahahahahaha!
    That was a joke. Let’s get real now, shall we?

    Most intelligent:
    1. Ragan- very intelligent but should’ve been more aggressive.
    2. Andrew – Too bad Andrew didn’t get to stick around for long, but you can see how clever Andrew was in that short period of time.
    3. Enzo, yes, enzo for his role in being the Brigade’s Boss.
    4. Matt
    5. Brendon

  5. ALERT: Twitter has a security flaw that may have porn pop-up on your screen according to the news this morning. One newsite said it was fixed but another didn’t mention it as corrected yet. I’m staying away until I can view the tweets from the BB twits safely.

      1. Stay tuned…when Britney realizes her stint on BB isn’t going to make her a movie star or even land her a regular gig on a television series she desperately will turn to soft-core porn. It is a multi-billion dollar industry and she would make a killing in it if she connected with the right company. I know there are those that will say that is sexist and needlessly critical of Britney, but unfortunately that is where some of these wannabes (both male and female) end up. Why would she be any different? She is beautiful, has a nice body, and….well, that’s about it.

  6. On Aug. 14, at 8:09 PM, cam 1: Britney tells Rachel that she thought Enzo was the Saboteur.
    Then at 11:53 PM, that night Britney pretty much lies completely by saying she never said she thought Enzo was the Saboteur. LOL. Britney was such a great liar that most viewers thought Rachel was the one making up lies. But the reality is that Britney infact did tell Rachel that she thought Enzo was the Saboteur, but she was trying to save her ass from being targeted so she lied her ass off infront of everyone that night. Enzo was very good at picking up that Britney was lying. Plus, it was so hilarious and entertaining when Enzo was so paranoid that someone might think he’s the Saboteur, and he had to declare aloud to everyone that he is not the Saboteur. lol! Enzo is so funny! I love it.
    At one point Britney even says “I swear on my life I didn’t say Enzo was the Saboteur”. lol!
    Damn, Britney. that was good. Enzo was amazing at reading Britney’s lies.

    1. Excellent detective work! Britney actually may have started believing her own lies. She lied so often that eventually she couldn’t tell the difference between lie and truth.

    2. Britney’s is getting everything and every word said about her as she was the most meanest person and bad mouth I have ever seen on big brother I almost didn’t watch it till the end

        1. Its not fishy, cbs wanted her to win so they gave her a good edit, they also wanted us to think the brigade ran the house so they gave them a good edit even though matt did all the work

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