Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Indoor Lockdown… is Production Setting up for Endurance?

 Big Brother 12 Spoilers

3:20pm Taj Room Kathy, Matt, Kristen and Hayden talking about what the live show will have on tonight. Kahty says that they’re going to show the HOH pow wow or perhaps there going to show the house meeting. Matt thinks the house meeting is shown on Thursday because the show before the Eviction always shows the final nominations then they roll to credits.


Big Brother 12 Spoilers

3:25pm chess board Matt and Kristen They head up to the chess board and see Andrew there playing by himself (ok lets change Andrews name to Zach) Zach leaves to let them talk and Matt asks Kristen if b/r have been talking to her about voting Matt out. Kristen says no they haven’t said anything to them. She thinks that they are going to let the house vote the way they want. Matt says he thinks it’ll be 5-4, Kristen thinks he needs to talk to Lane and Enzo, but she really believes theres nothing for him to worry about. Matt says he’s going to talk to them tonight. Kristen says I think this entire thing that happened last night is not that big of a deal. Matt: “exactly”
Hayden comes to join them and Kristen starts asking him how to play.. she pretty much knows how just needs a refresher.


Big Brother 12 Spoilers

3:32pm Taj Andrew and Kathy Andrew is complaining that Brendon is sleeping all day and he can’t find a chance to talk to him, “He need to talk and figure this out”. He points out that every-time he walks in when “they” are in the room they stop talking. He doesn’t think they will be voting Matt out. Kathy asks him what he’s going to do.. he says he’ll do whatever kathy wants.. they laugh. Andrew starts to complain about having to do all the cleaning and everyone else is ungrateful.

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Well Matt was pretty sloppy wasted last night but he doesn’t seem too hung over today. He better do good in the HOH comp tomorrow or I am jumping ship. Guy is talking waaaaayyyy too much. I mean, he was actually trying to reason with Rachel, for what??? Although I think the vote will be 8-1 Monet leaving, regardless if Matt is now regarded suspiciously. With the whole “keep my pawnship a secret ” tactic, Matt has drawn too much attention to make it to the end. But he’s no Ronnie and will slide by this week. Buh-bye Mo Money.


Sadly I have to agree with you Moaner.


I still like Matt for final 4 but not so sure about the top spot.


If he shuts up and lays low, maybe but he made a very stupid move wanting to be a pawn and right now he could be a bigger target then R or B.


Aint he Mensa making it impossible for him to do anything stupid.
Seriously people, I cant find any of these guys to root for. Last year I rooted for Natalie because so many people on this page hated her. This year theres nobody…so far. Maybe Andrew because he’s such an oddball. The women, get them in a pillow fight-lingerie-makeout-oiling each other while in bikinis-wet-tshirt competition and I’ll tryyy to pick one.
Thats it…GO TEAM ANDREW!!!


The more I see of Andrew the more I like him…he doesn’t trash talk or scheme like the rest of them and I loved the expression on his face when Matt was telling his bullshit story about his wife’s illnes not realizing he was talking to a doctor! Go Andrew keep lying low bud.


Welcome BBFan. I’m the poster child for the BB addict. I don’t have anything to do with the site, I just stalk simon and make him work hard with all my comments. haha jump in whenever you want and don’t be shy.

Unless Brendon wins HOH, Rachel is going to lose it big time because she made herself out to be a bigger threat then she really is. This was her big mistake. Especially this early in the game. I would not have wanted to win until week 5 or 6. Even if she makes it a few more weeks saying that she wanted to go to jury with Brendon will cost her the money. No one will let her win and I doubt she’ll even get that far anyways so it won’t matter.


Don’t you guys also think that rachel and brendon are playing the game too safe? They talk game to everyone, even people that are supposed to be on “the other side”. At the start of Week One, I hated Rachel, mainly because of her laugh!!Ahhhhh!!! I began to like her and now that she is HOH, she has completely turned me off. She says stupid stuff, like she doesnt want people coming after her and Brendon, they already are!!!! (On a side note, has anyone noticed how she compares her relationship to the marriage of Matt and engagement of
Britany? Get real, a clue, and hopefully, an eviction next week!)


Yes, this is why R acts like she’s 16. When your 16 2 weeks with a boy and you are “in love”. Two weeks with a guy in your 20’s and you’re just horny!


Horney means love the one you’re with, at least until the lights come back on.


Spoken like a true smartass. Touche BBGrandma.


That’s some funny stuff!


Could it possibly be that Brendon and Rachel are the people that have a releashionship out side of the house before they came in?


I think the LLFs are Brendon and Andrew. Why else would they feel so strongly allied and secure about each other’s support?

I like Andrew a lot. He seems like a dignified and decent person, and he’s one of my favorite HGs. Meanwhile, I can’t think of one nice thing to say about Brendon. He is manipulative and passive aggressive and I can’t wait until he’s gone. I mute the TV when he’s on screen and pretend he’s not there.


I totally agree Sharin…its been hard to find someone to root for with this gang of misfits this season but the more I see and hear the more I like and respect Andrew. I believe he truly is a good person unlike most of the others. I do believe he has to be careful of Brendon however.


I like Andrew because he hasn’t been in the “drama”-but he definitely isn’t as entertaining as Britteny….hopefully she won’t be leaving anytime soon.


Who would win an endurance comp?

Shaggy or, Zane if it’s upper body strength
Brat or Matt if its lower body strength, plus they both want it bad
No one else has a chance in hell.


im rooting for shaggy


I think Britney’s gonna win because I know this competion has to do with “sitting on something and spinning!” Ass down she’s sure to win”


i agree.


Ha! Kristen walks like she has a potato chip between her butt cheeks that she doesn’t want to crack, so she might give Brat a run, er waddle, for her money.


Lays or Raffles? Now I have something to watch her for as I haven’t been.

The Playa

I like Herr’s potato chips…..


I think Brendon has a chance in endurance.


Oh, I hope not. I can’t take another week of those two in the HOH.


Maybe if he goes into praying mantis pose. Dear God don’t let it happen! The Branchel slobbers must be eliminated


I so agree: Rachel is an exhibitionist, and as Brit says, “too stupid to put on underwear for a challenge”, hopping up and down showing “all”, including (per Brit ) ” floppy butt cheeks” . Brendon must have led a very secluded life to hook up with her, and I would love to think after BB12 he will leave the dyed job girl behind in the dust….Matt did talk too much, was yacking so fast and furious he wasn’t finishing sentences or making sense, Brit is quite an actress if she convinces Rachel that she isn’t after her…if only Rachel could get an earful of Brit and Monet talking about her. They are downright vicious… Brit can’t keep her damn fingers out of her mouth chomping on her nails or cuticles… I can barely watch Ragan talk, Enzo can be funny but is crude rude dude leaving his stink bombs in the center of people…. what a crew…!!! But there I am, every show and every BB12AD.


Before I came out (when I was 19) I dated a girl like Rachel, or should I say – reminds me of Rachel. Anyway, she never questioned why we weren’t screwing, she just thought it was because I was in Catholic. Needless to say, it only lasted 2 weeks. In that two weeks, she learned how to dress, accessorize and how to style her hair for different occassion. The guy who started to date her after me would later give her the nickname “One Can Amanda.” Not because of her fondness for Aqua-Net, but because of her love of Miller Lite 16 oz cans of beer.


jimik60, I don’t even think she is getting fashion tips from him. Certainly no help with her hair. Your ex got a better deal, I think. I know that you have a better sense of humor, too.


The way I see it, if HOH is actually endurance, Brendon has a small chance of winning. He’s been a have not…fishsticks, fruit cake, and slop aren’t exactly good foods to build up strength for a competition. If the “smaller people do well in endurance” theory is true, Matt may have a good chance of winning. I, for one, would love that. I’m so ready for the skanky hyena to be GONE!!


If its like them hanging on something or balance, id go with Reagan, Hayden or Kristen.

Lennon's Ghost

Andrew = Zach (BB9)
Very apropos. I love it!


I agree, Moaner: Kristen’s posture cracks me up. Watch her. She is constantly posing! The way she walks and check her out sometime sitting at the hot tub! She is VERY aware that cameras are on her 24/7. Of course, if you wait until the network airing the show to see this you’ll NEVER see it because neither Kristen NOR Kathy were even shown on last night’s broadcast.

Looking forward to tonight’s live eviction and HOH competition. Maybe someone fun will win and we won’t have to go through another week of having Rachel shoved down our throats. (Prayer to self: Pleasedontletbrendonwin, pleasedontletbrendonwin, pleasedontletbrendonwin…….)


39 times last night Kathy said “Ya Know”
to Brendon while in the bed….. in just 15 minutes!

You guys pointed this out to me
know I cant stop laughing. She does it non stop when she explains
things to B/R, ya know? 🙂