Big Brother 12 Spoilers: HOH picture day… Rachel says “CBS’s geniuses …they know whats happening.”

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1pm Rachel gets the HOH camera and runs down to the bedroom where Enzo, Lane, Britney and Ragan are talking. Rachel yells its picture day!! Enzo tells them that they all need sleeves on their heads for a picture. Enzo tell Matt he looks like Peter pan and that Britney looks like a pirate. They take a photo with everyone wearing bandannas. Then Rachel, Brendon, Kristen, Kathy and Enzo all run to the bathroom and have Enzo sit on the toilet while the door is open and Kristen and Kathy hold their noses. They then head to the lounge room and Kathy takes a couple photos of Brendon and Rachel posing together. The next photo Enzo says they should all take their pictures up by their memory wall photos. They take a photo of everyone around the kitchen table.

1:55pm They are taking a break from taking photos and talking in the lounge room about the HOH blog and the Tweets Rachel gets to send out.  Rachel just said CBS’s geniuses …they know whats happening. Rachel then heads up to the HOH room to write in the HOH blog and takes a bunch of pictures of herself… (lol)


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39 thoughts on “Big Brother 12 Spoilers: HOH picture day… Rachel says “CBS’s geniuses …they know whats happening.”

    1. even though I like her, I’m glad she doesn’t have a clue. It makes it more entertaining when she thinks she does but don’t and we can mock her for being an idiot.

  1. Just wanted to say thanks to electra, Rockstar and the other commentors who have metioned me in their posts. If there is one thing that I enjoy most is making people laugh or at least smile. I may not always suceed, but I try.

    1. OMG I totally BUZZED and forgot you Simon & Dawg. Thank you both as well, especially for not censoring my comments, like I hear so many other sites do. Also, did you catch what Braindead said about “the blogs”, I told you yesterday that production has been following them. You thing the bitch would give you a “shout out”. Quick, somebody “Tweet that Twat” and tell her to mention this site!!!!! ICKSNAY!!!!

      1. Production better sign you all up for a season of true bb if they are smart. HELOOW CBS????? Way better than the cast rejects in place now. My minions are ready…..

  2. Yep, rachel is not attractive at all….She just has a double-wide trailer for breasts….I would like to know what kind of chemistry student she was, sthe might have made straight A’s in school, but in the big brother house she is a double d….

  3. As I have said before, they are young girls sounding off to each other. I have been around lots of young girls and they can get pretty catty about one another. Not that they would said most of the stuff to someone’s face but a lot said when they are not around. Rachel does dress a little much for TV. I even wear a few of those outfits myself, at home, and when ole’ Rattlesnake Jake is in the mood. Or I am trying to get him moving.

    1. I’m totally catty. however, I’m the sweetest chicklet you’ll ever meet unless you annoy me or get on my bad side. Then I’ll make fun of your thick ankles or find a freckle on your face that looks like an anus and tell everyone just to annoy the poop out of you.

        1. no, no I luv your ankles. I wasn’t posting directly to you. haha

          I was having a conversation the other day when my friend said that she should be offended because I said something catty about someone else that was quite similar to her and the funny thing is, I had never noticed with my friend the same thing I found funny on the other person.

  4. For next week’s Have-Nots, the 3 choices should be:
    1) Matzos and Manwich,
    2) Latkes and licoriche, or
    3) Challah (bread) & chutney.

      1. I would starve in the BB house. Although part of me thinks I’d like slop because it’s only oatmeal. The other stuff people eat would gross me out.

        1. Especially Brenden’s cooking. He acts like he’s a gourmet chef cooking all the time for everyone, but his food just looks plain nasty.

  5. I think CBS should give Kathy a wheelchair, since she’s always laying down. She’s using the excuse that she feels too old to join in with the rest of the HGs. That’s lame. I know I am older than her, but I don’t let anything prevent me from missing out on having some fun. If she had a wheelchair, just think of the fun she could have. She could be the pinata at the HGs next marguerita party, or volunteer to play “Roll Out The Barrel”, and finally, help Britney sharpen her acting skills by re-enacting “Whatever Happened To Baby Jane.” Britney, with the help of Rachel and her makeup skills, could play Baby Jane, and of course Kathy can play Blanche. “Butcha are Blanche!” *Ya ah in that chair!” “Yarn’t ever gonna sell this house and yarn’t ever gonna leave it – Neither! Then push her into the pool.

    1. I vote jimik60 and rockstar as replacements in the house! Then BBAD would get some real dialog! Say, anybody ever watch Y&R on CBS? Today Victor’s daughter tried to start her own reality show to be called “the naked heiress” — she even looks like Britany!

      1. thanks electra, If BB contacted me I would poop myself but they won’t take Canadians. I haven’t seen a soap opera in years because I took issue with one a few years back and protested. haha

          1. OMG simon, would you try out for it? I would be there in a heartbeat but it would probably be a 100 grand prize because they are so cheap. I want to play against the americans. No offense to some but they are soooo easy to pick on and make fun of.

              1. Well, I will man the site while you guys are on. Rockstar, we Americans aren’t all that easy but they seem to look low for the contestants for this show. You might not make it. I have to give it to my Canadian friends, you do make me laugh.

                1. Grandma – I was born with a hockey stick in my hand. We didn’t have a ball so we used rocks. The guys would toughen the girls up by putting them in goal until we bled or cried – usually both. We have dental and good health care. Oh Canada! We play dirty. haha

                  1. I was born around cow shit, so, I know stink when I smell it. If it wasn’t so damn cold up there, I might join you. I have no complaints on my norhtern or southern neighbors.

  6. rachel and brenden wouldnt be hated nearly as much if they werent hoh, as they wouldnt require as much camera time

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