Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Brit explains Anti-Pregnancy Pads” Lane: “What do you do clip it onto your Arby’s”


Big Brother 12 Spoilers

3:43pm Around the house Brit, Monet, and Lane downstairs and Ragan, Matt and Rachel in the HOH Playing a game The game is Rachel’s idea and it’s pretty lame.. she wants the downstairs group to go move things around the house and then have the HOH team use the HOH cam and try to figure out what they’ve moved. Brit and Monet don’t want to play, Lane demands they play he’s not going to be the only one playing this. Brit “LAME” Monet “SO LAME”

The rules are as follows the HOH team looks at one screen like the kitchen while the downstairs team moves shit around the living room then the HOH team flips to the living room and tells them what is moved. While there studying the living room the downstairs team moves shit around the kitchen.. Of course Kathy joins Rachel’s team and the HOH team goes downstairs and Lane, Brit and Monet head up to HOH.. nobody is really having fun beside Rachel..
Rachel “i like this game”
Ragan “my butt is sore”
Rachel “oh really ragan”

back up to the HOH Lane brings up that Brednon splooged all over the HOH bed. Lane: “You sitting in Brendon’s Jaba Juice… your getting pregenent with Brendon’s Jaba Juice”
Brit: “I have anti pregnancy pads on my vagina”. Brit explains that she’s 22 and hasn’t been pregnant yet these pregnancy pads work.
Matt: “what does it do clap on like a hair net”
Brit: “Its like a shield it’s very effective”
Matt: “you just clip it onto to your Arby’s”
Brit: “why do people call it that”

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

4:00pm Most of the house has joined in on the game and are all slowly starting to have fun.. Enzo sites down and starts to eat ketchup.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

4:08pm Brit, ragan, Lane and Monet in HOH while Brendon, matt, Kathy and Rachel are downstairs. One group is having fun the other isn’t..
heres about the funniest thing coming out of this game.
Ragan: “Brit doesn’t shower with water she showers in blood”
Brit: “Goes to church every Sunday… NO Brit wears black on Sunday”
Ragan: “Brit burns churches to the ground”

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

4:15pm Game is over, rachel, brendon, kathy and ragan are up in the HOH talking about the game they just played the rest are downstairs.. Enzo is making protein pancakes, Brit and Matt help. Back up in HOH ragan is telling them how he plans on doing hi HOH blog.. rachel “OMG mine is going to suck compared to what yours will be like…I just did a play by play about me and Brendon” (can’t wait to not read it) ragan “I can’t wait to win HOH…. I want to so bad” The other three tell him they really need him to win.


Big Brother 12 Spoilers

4:20pm – 4:40pmhave nots Rachel and Monet
Monet tells her that she wants to get a feel for what is going on becuase Monet is a little pissed at everything that happened with matt. Monet tells rachel that she is not her target next week and she thinks Matt is, “I thought Matt was Genuine but now I want to slap him in the face” rachel says that she knows that Matt is trouble. Monet: “it’s not the best interest in the house to keep a player like Matt around”. She explains that matt will do what he did to Monet and brit again to another person. Rachel agrees “it’s obvious that we’re not on the same side… I put you on the block but I still love you and Brit”…”I thought you were going to put me up” Monet tells her she has more respect for Rachel than for Matt because at least Rachel had tells her how things are going straight up and Matt is sneaky little ass…. Brit joins them.. rachel rehashes the entire matt situation and why she put matt up and not Andrew. She continues that if her and Brendon wins HOH they will be going after MATT. She adds that Brendon is very pissed at Matt because matt “basically told the entire house to come after us because we’re the big threat”.. Pretty much they are scheming against Matt.. Rachel tells her that she needs to talk to Andrew and brendon.. she tells Monet to go up right now and talk to Brendon. Rachel: “you have for sure 3 votes”.. Brit chimes in and says to Monet that they need to talk because she worried that Monet is coming after her.. they laugh.. Brit now tells Rachel that she’s happy that Rachel mentioned Nick in her HOH blog.. they all hug and cry.

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“I have anti pregnancy pads on my vagina!” classic!


Okay, this is a new one for me. All I can picture is a yellow stickem with “proceed with care” on it.


“What do you do clip it onto your Arby’s”



I love Arby’s!!!


I would be so hypnotized be her lazy eye, I wouldn’t even notice her beef curtain anti prego pad


god…i can’t stand listening to hayden do his DR shpeel during the episodes anymore.
is anyone else sick of hearing him like ten times every episode? >:(




Completely agree. Britney and Monet were right when they questioned why BB even picked Kristen to be on the show. I mean, you can assign a label to all of them (Andrew the Jew, Rachel the Vegas girl, Ragan the gay guy, Kathy the cancer survivor, etc.), but what the hell is Kristen? Absolutely nothing but super boring.


Well, according to Moaner, Kristen is Chip in the Dip.


Thanks simon for the best laugh I’ve had all day. “Enzo sits down and starts to eat ketchup.” :)

I can’t believe I missed out on 11 seasons of this show. It’s a gem.


Is it just me or does Enzo remind you of Ash from Army of Darkness too? “This is my BOOM stick YO!”


LOL Enzo as Bruce Campbell….”housewares” lol