Big Brother 12 Spoilers – HOH Battle Part 2 Matts Last Stand **Updated**

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7:07pm HOH Comp Just 3 standing



7:07pm Brendon and Rachel pissed… Brendon making up excuses… I bet he cries


Big Brother 12 Spoilers

7:19pm Same 3 still up Andrew looks like he’s going to hurl.. Matts in good shape


7:26PM Same 3 Still Battling Ragan says to Rachel that if he wins HOH and Matt falls off it’ll be like Brendon and Rachel was last week (Implying that Matt is Brendon and Ragan is Rachel up in the HOH snuggling)

7:28pm ANDREW OFF They start to make deals..
Ragan wants to get Brendon and Rachel out to talk.. Ragan wants Kathy and Brendon up… Now Matt is talking about putting kathy and Andrew up.. Ragan isn’t sure. Ragan says there is no way on earth that Brendon and Rachel will vote against Kathy. They start to count votes.. they think that Kejy will go home against Andrew… Matt and Ragan agree to bring Andrew in and talk to him about being the pawn.. Now they think they should just wait. Ragan I want to give yo HOH but I can’t look like I fell. Matt you don’t need to give it to me we can play it out for a couple hours.

7:36pm Ragan wants matt to be HOH but wants to look good in front of Rachel and Brendon. They agree that this is best case scenario. Ragan wants to play for 15 or 20 minutes then he’ll fall off.
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7:50pm Still on the boards

Big Brother 12 Spoilers


Big Brother 12 Spoilers

8:00pm Lover boys still up

8:24pm Feeds cut last we saw was Matt and Ragan still up on the fleshboards is around because of your donation every year the site costs us to host the images and run the 3 servers needed to handle the traffic. If you like the site then please consider donating to keep the madness going. Thanks!

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115 thoughts on “Big Brother 12 Spoilers – HOH Battle Part 2 Matts Last Stand **Updated**

    1. are you all idiots the bregade are the people that need to be gone, i hate them, the showmances are always the good guys, the people that need to win

  1. Rachel is a bitch…She will blame Brendon for this fiasco if Matt wins HOH LOL, when it was her ass that caused that scene with Matt…

    1. Totally agree… hey maybe they will fight and BRachel wont haunt us with their screen time.. Does anyone else notice how BBAD its alot i mean a lot of BRachel shit! urrghh!!

  2. I’m going to pull a “duh” moment, but who is still up? Matt, Andrew, Ragen? Does anyone look like there ready to fall?

  3. OMG Brendan is such a pussy these two make me sick!!!!!!! If they dont get rid of Brenchal/Raendan whatever the hell they want to be called I think I may have to not watch anymore….I know…who gives a shit…but I’m just sayin these 2 morons get WAYYYYY too much face time!

  4. Whoever wins needs to put Kathy and Rachel up. If one of them gets taken off the block then they can backdoor Brenden. Unless Brenden wins POV and takes Rachel off but does that mean Brenden can be nominated or is he immune?

      1. Brendon and Rachel on the block is the only way then since POV winner gets immunity. Anything else is incredibly dumb. Kathy is a weak player, go after the head of the group, go after the couple and get rid of them right now.

    1. Brendon would be immune if he wins POV. I would put up Rachel and Brendon again. If one of them wins POV then put Kathy up as a pawn and get rid of whichever one is left on the block. If you put Kathy and Rachel up then Brendon can win take Rachel down and you’d have to put someone else up and Rachel and Brendon are still there annoying the piss out of everyone for another week. I’d like to see Rachel go to see if Brendon would step up his game at that point.

  5. They definitely need to put Brendon and Rachel up right off and then Kathy so at least there is a guarantee that Brendon or Rachel will go home. Not sure what happens if Brendon wins POV off the block and takes Rachel off. Seems like they should be able to throw him in there then as the POV winner should only have immunity if they use it on them self.

  6. NO NO NO!!!! Matt and Ragan, Take out BRANCHEL, PLEASE!!! Oh the horror the horror of the thought of more weeks of BRANCHEL in the house.

  7. It made me sick to my stomach when Rachel said she’d pick Brendon over the $500k. Seriously, did she come to win money or to find a husband? I hope Matt wins because he will go after Brendon and Rachel. I don’t think it was very smart that they got rid of Monet. $10,000 or not! They should have kept her and went after a stronger player. The members of the brigade are way stronger competitors.

    1. I thought so to, but last season I got into an argument with someone about that and I was proven wrong after looking at the BB rules. I think it would be better for game play for that to be the case but alas it is not.

      1. In the history of BB, the PoV winner has never been put up as a replacement when using it on someone who was an ally on the block. It must be in the rules. Why else do u explain 12 seasons of the HoH not putting the PoV winner up then when he/she has saved an ally from the block?

  8. Even in the diary room, that fake laugh drives me nuts. I want to see her go and the in denial homosexual cry for the next week!

  9. oh shit this is looking awesome for the brigade ragan making a deal with matt that means matt is bout to be HOH bye bye brachel barmance

  10. I totally agree with Jorge. The ONLY way to break those two up is to have them on the block together. They both cannot get off, and use someone as a pawn ( Hayden, perhaps?) in case one of them does escape the block.
    I cannot even beleive Ragan and Matt are debating who to put up!

  11. Matt wins HoH and the plan to backdoor Brendon is in full effect. Kathy & Rachel go up. anyone wins veto (except Brendon) they use it on Kathy and Brendon goes up and goes home. Brigade finally succeeds in getting someone out of the house and should dominate the rest of the way with their biggest physical threat eliminated. Could be a very boring next 3-4 weeks while they pick off the remaining houseguests though.

  12. If you use the POV and you are not on the block then the Head of Household can put you on the block. That is why so many don’t use it in fear of being put up. Be careful how you use the POV it might just bite you in the ass. Look it up in the rules online it clearly states that. Period.

      1. Back in season 1-4 when it was the silver power of veto you could be replaced as a nominee. But, when it became the gold power of veto when you use it you are safe too.

    1. You are wrong and I dont know where you read that info but PoV winner can not go up even if they use it on someone else

    2. Each week after the Head of Household has announced the week’s nominees the six HouseGuests (the nominated contestants, the current HoH, and three other housemates, if possible) compete for the Golden Power of Veto. The winner of the Power of Veto can choose to veto one of the Head of Household’s initial nominations. If the veto winner does not want to veto one of the HoH’s nominations, he or she can choose to keep the nominations the same. If they do veto one of the nominees, the HoH must name a replacement nominee. The winner is also protected from becoming a replacement nominee for the week. This competition is more often a game of skill instead of a quiz or endurance contest.

    1. he lying he just said that to ragan branchel are going up as planned there’s no reason for him to change his mind now that his plan is out in the open

  13. If they nominate both Brendon and Rachel, and if he wins POV and takes her off the block, he is still on the block and can be sent home. That is the only way to guarantee that one of the che-miscreants will be off of my BBAD screen and I can remain a fan of this show.

  14. Not liking the 4 alliance this year! Someone shake it up and get rid of one of them quick! and really a secret showmance whatever Hayden I like you but really….

  15. anyone else having issues commenting? It keeps saying I posted too quick and I haven’t posted in over an hour or more? grrrrrrrrrr

  16. Matt is lying out of his ass, to get HOH….he is yanking ragan’s chain…..You watched Brendon is the target of the Brigade…hayden, and lane don’t like him….I’m sure Kristen doesn’t. either….Don’t know what the hell Enzo is thinking……Ragan has a mini-alliance sorta thing going with B/R…..Matt knows this, he is playing Ragan…

      1. Fine by me…as long as 1 of them goes this week… then maybe I will begin liking this season again…

    1. Monet said something earlier this week about not wanting to be in seclusion but she could ahve been talking about the Jury House. I think they’ll put the first couple of cast offs in seclusion and have the HGs pick one to come back.

  17. Okay, it is just now airing here on the west coast and Simon i am with you on the editing. I am going to have headaches with my friends that just watch CBS. AHHHHH

  18. GO MATT! Brenchel are soooo pissed! I love it! Classic! I want Matt to win just to see how they will try to kiss his ass! I love Ragan too but not this HOH Matt needs this

  19. Putting Kathy and Rachel up would be a bad idea if they want to break up the showmance. Brendon gets POV, takes Rachel off then Matt gets an incredibly weak floater, Kathy, out. A complete waste of time. The only way is Brendon and Rachel on the block.

    1. The ONLY way is for Roach and swimmerboy to be put up.

      Then someone we know who hates them both (Kristen) gets POV so the POV is not used.

      Then we can work on getting rid of Kristen or Hayden.

      The showmances cannot go on.

  20. Wow Lane really likes his food, he went out first. And I surprised Andrew and Regan hung in there as long as they did. Maybe it is their low weight. Go Matt Go!!! and break up that sicking showmance. My 14 year old twin girls are watching that Ho Rachel and I don’t want them to get any IDEAS!!!!!! Good thing they don’t read this blog! It is too rated R for them.

    1. What about Jerry Springer in the morning or Maury and the soap operas and MTV in the afternoon, or Two and a half man early in the evening? Are you sure Rachel and Brendon are the ones giving bad ” ideas ” to any teens ??? I doubt it.

      1. Beyonceisfat: MY girls don,t watch that stuff. Just BB and Julie said tonight to Regan that this was supossed to be a family show. WE like the compititions. And Jeff & Jordan’s showmance was rated G for all to see. Rachel just needs to wear clothes where her ass and boobs don,t hang out all over the place. It makes her look trashey. Keep that for BBAD.

        1. I would never let my child watch Big Brother…no way in hell. And let me say, while I agree Rachel could wear more clothing, I would be more concerned of my child thinking it is ok to degrade other women like Britney and Monet tend to do.

    1. don’t matter he’s not putting up ragan, he’s gonna stick to his plan of putting brachel up , it would only make sense since everyone knows his plan and brachel already said if they get the chance matt is going up

      1. I didn’t figure he would put up Ragan…but since he (Matt) is part of the Brigade but is becoming such good friends with Ragan it will be interesting if he is forced to choose down the road. Same scenario could happen with Hayden & Kristen too…

        1. of course down the road they all will have to choose, but right now this is their best chance of getting rif os one of brachel

  21. If they take out Brendon and Rachel out, the rest of the season will be very boring with the Brigade winning all and taking the rest of the house one by one

      1. Will definitely be interesting to see who they try to suck up to when their other 1/2 is out of the house. They really only have each other…

      2. but at least i would like to see a counter-aliance to the brigade, because the brigade annoys me, specially matt and his lies and enzo and his meows ewwww

      3. I agree, so sick of those two with their idiotic teenage comments. Rachel to Brendon: “You make my heart beat slower and faster all at the same time.” GAG!!!

  22. I really want Rachel out. I couldn’t handle listening to her cry & whine if Brendon was evicted and she was left without him. I think Brendon would play hard by himself and the game would be a little more interesting. I hope Matt doesn’t stick to his word when he told them he wouldn’t put them up if he won HOH. Rachel threw him under the bus in front of everyone. He told her if he went up as a pawn he was going to act surprised and she made it look like she was in shock in front of everyone. She is such an idiot.

      1. I was waiting for her to go all Maury- Paternity Testing style- on their asses…start moving her head around and waving her finger saying, “not my man”.

  23. The Brigade is awful! The only reason I want Matt to win is to get B/R OUT!! After that he can go next!! As for the Brigade–Hayden being aligned with the Brigade and Kristen, Kathy, Ragan and B/R will come back to bite him and destroy the Brigade once he is forced to choose–and he will be forced to choose once the numbers start dwindling!!

  24. Cannot believe Meow, Meow chooses food over HOH!! Why is he even there–always complaining about hating it in the house and how bored and hungry he is. Stop already, leave and nobody would care. He is a LAME competitor and does not deserve to be there as he is taking a spot for someone who really wants to be there and win the money!! He does very little if any strategiezing and expects the Brigade to carry his fat ass to the end. LOL as the Brigade will self-destruct due to Hayden being aligned with Kristen and the B/R gang and the Brigade. He be forced to choose between Kristen, B/R and the Brigade and at that point his micro-penis will make the decision and it will be the wrong one!!

  25. I can’t see anyone in the brigrade screwing anyone in the game for a girl.. If hayden screws any of them he’d likely be out the following week

  26. Not for Ragan.. all the members of the brigade have someone that they are partially aligned with for the sake of the brigade. Lane has Brit, Hayden has B/R, Matt had ragan…all pulling some weight except Enzo

  27. The ragan comment was
    meant for someone else an hour Ago I just forgot to put the persons name. He asked who Matt would be more loyal to(between raga. Or the brigrade) and meow meow does shit all haha

  28. Kristen is the one who they will all regret keeping in the house…i don’t like her, but she’s hanging on shirt tails…and she will win this whole thing if they aren’t careful!!

  29. I told you guys. I told you. I KNEW the Brigade was money this week. As for those thinking a floater is going home this week, NO WAY. Brenchal is finished. No question about that. It’s just a question of which one. If I had to put money on who, I’d say Brendan right now, but getting Rachel out is just as well played.

    After this week, Brigade is on the precipice of being UNBEATABLE to final 5, maybe 6. At some point Hayden will choose Kristen, but that’s a while from now.

    Anyways, Brigade power.

    “Give ‘em da face. Ya Mutha.” LOL!

    1. Ugh the brigade, how lame is that whole alliance. I’m over their inflated egos and domination complex. Matt should have been gone this week as he was a bigger threat for sure and just a liar/manipulater. They definitely had the votes to do it, but these people just don’t know what’s up

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