Big Brother 12 Spoilers – HOH Endurance BATTLE

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Big Brother 12 Spoilers

6:35pm Backyard HOH comp

Ragan, Brendon, Meow Meow, Matt and Andrew are left up on the flesh boards

6:39 Meow Meow OUT

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

6:41pm Matt, Ragan, Brendon and Andrew


Matt “whats up Live feed nerds”!!


Big Brother 12 Spo

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

6:56pm Matt, Andrew and Ragan Still in it.. .. Rachel and Brendon pissed.. is around because of your donation every year the site costs us to host the images and run the 3 servers needed to handle the traffic. If you like the site then please consider donating to keep the madness going. Thanks!

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82 thoughts on “Big Brother 12 Spoilers – HOH Endurance BATTLE

  1. oooh shit pussyman down matt gotta hold on, it’s his only chance of NOT being put up next week by brachel alliance

  2. Matt or Andrew HAVE to win.


    NO Brendon and Ragan is a Roachel/swimmerboy suckup so NO Ragan.

    Preference would be Andrew.

    Nobody would be able to suck up to him because he spends so much time alone, but it would be fun watching people try to be his friend after the things they’ve been saying about him.

    Then again, Matt would be good too so he can put Roach and swimmerboy up.

    1. hahahha u like brenchel you loser!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they suck, she ruined this season, btw am i the only one who caught rachel in the dr calling the nominees noms? she doesnt have to abbriviate on tv

    2. Did they announce which two people in the house have a relationship prior to the show? Did I miss it? I thought maybe Andrew and Brendan are brothers because Brendan has protected him since the beginning for no reason and also because Andrew was so excited when Rachel won HOH.

    3. i like them too!!! not a big fan of matt!!! Kathy the jury is still out on her! Reagan not sure of yet,! love lane for now, enzo is a meathead in my book as of now hayden and kristen are not fooling anyone. brittany…welL!!!! Rachel isnt as dumb as everyone would like to think she is she had a feeling that matt was up to something!!! what i was mad about was the fact that brendon didnt see how matt was so worried about not being safe this week befor nom then after noms he was ok then he wants to be on the block…hmmmm!!! could see that a mile away!!

  3. Thanks for the link to the HOA blog – have to go throw up now. Sheesh. Rachel’s blog makes me start my I’m in pain mantra, “..kill me now, kill me now…..” Wow.

  4. and by the way if kathy says one more thing about those stupid fish i will tie myself to a chair and light myself on fire

  5. OMG! I hope Matt wins! Him, Enzo, Lane and Britney are the only ppl I can stomach! please get BRachel out and fast! At least Brendan cause Rachel would be clueless without him

    1. I like britney I think shes funny… who cares if she is a “cry baby” I rather her cry then get in everyones face and be a jackass like past houseguest, but thats JMO

  6. Matt removes either Brendon or Rachel….and he is back on good terms, with Brit….plus he could always backdoor Brendon/Rachel/Brit…Let’s Go Brigade!

  7. I want Andrew to win, he could turn the house upside down!!
    Matt is so cocky and a lier, i don´t want him to win, neither Ragan, because he is Matt´s friend

  8. Did they announce which two people in the house have a relationship prior to the show? Did I miss it? I thought maybe Andrew and Brendan are brothers because Brendan has protected him since the beginning for no reason and also because Andrew was so excited when Rachel won HOH.

      1. Are you sure Annie was lying? Me thinks Brendon sure is being the watchdog for Andrew. He would have to be kin, why else would he risk losing the big boobs, and thats pretty evident he has never got past them, if he had, he would notice that mug and skanky red bottle job :)

  9. Matt is an a**. Why would you lie about your wife having a disease? That is just low!!! I liked him until then. This is the most boring season of BB ever!!!! Bring back Evil Dick!

  10. Rachel may have some smarts about her as far as chemistry but she’s clueless when it comes to taste or carrying herself with respect. She looks like one of those trashy looking bimbo’s from “Rock of Love” in fact that’s the show she should have tried out for. I mean she in no way acts, dress, sit or carries herself like a lady and is always sitting with her legs open or straddling brendon and the close up shots are horrible zooming in on her bad eye makeup job.

    1. Rock of Love hahahahahaha! ur so right. Girls think guys just want big boobs but obviously that’s not what this bunch likes.

  11. i think if andrew wins he will send matt home bc of the house meeting plus he is a doctor and knows that matt is lying about his wife’s illness!!! we can only hope!!! i liked mat till then !!! you dont go on tv and lie in that way!!! just like whats his face that said he grandmother died on survior!!

  12. to any athlete in here, isn’t how their standing on that incline extremely painful to the legs?? i can see “charlie horses” in their near future

  13. If Andrew wins, it will be interesting to see the suck-ups work on him after the way they have treated him so far.

      1. Matt should put of Brendan and Rachel again and if one of them get’s the POV he shld put up Ragan and announce he is a pawn by choice. I don’t think anyone would vote against Ragan, at this point in the game.

  14. They should start playing Madonna’s “Vogue” in the background! “Don’t just stand there, lets get to it! Strike a pose, theres nothing to it! Vogue!!!!

  15. I told you guys. I told you. I KNEW the Brigade was money this week. As for those thinking a floater is going home this week, NO WAY. Brenchal is finished. No question about that. It’s just a question of which one. If I had to put money on who, I’d say Brendan right now, but getting Rachel out is just as well played.

    After this week, Brigade is on the precipice of being UNBEATABLE to final 5, maybe 6. At some point Hayden will choose Kristen, but that’s a while from now.

    Anyways, Brigade power.

    “Give ‘em da face. Ya Mutha.” LOL!

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