*Updated* Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Hayden Wins HOH


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Big Brother 12 Spoilers

6:30pm The remaining 4 sitting around in the kitchen talking about the comp. Enzo says it was a fun comp he wishes he had won but sometimes you win sometimes you lose. Hayden points out that he was up to 8 balls and Brit was at 3 but once he got to 14 she was at 8..

6:37pm Hayden saysing he requested Muscle Milk extra carbs and pepper. The rest of the houseguests don’t like pepper they want eminem back. They bring up how insanely annoying Ragan was. Lane really never noticed it until MAtt left.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers


7:10pm Enzo BLANK that after all the crazy BLANK Ragan was saying this week he says “I was a pill”. Enzo has no idea what he means “Whats a BLANK pill mean yo”. Brit and Lane doesn’t understand what he means. Enzo says that Ragan was a very good speaker he’ll give him that but Ragan is going to hate him after seeing this season, Enzo said Mad BLANK about ragan in the DR. Hayden tells them that he requested Eminem if they don’t have pepper.. The other houseguests are happy they don’t think they’ll get “amped” up enough if they have to listen to pepper. (you guys weren’t very “amped” up all week). Hayden says he can’t wait until there drinking coors light at STEAMBOAT..

HAyden saying he pulled a Will Ferrel and can’t remember what his speech was about he asks them if it was any good. Enzo says it was great really sounded natural, he adds that Ragan saying he’ll be waiting at the jury house with some ehhy gooey cookies was funny. Talk move back to Steamboat Springs.. Lane doesn’t think Brit will have fun and won’t be going. They all think Brit will complain and think it’s too cold. Brit doesn’t think so she thinks she’ll have fun. .. Brit defends that she’s a fun person it just this house doesn’t let her be fun, she feels like she’s being uninvited.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

7:47pm Hayden, Enzo and Lane. Hayden wants to know who he should put up. Enzo says it really doesn’t matter because unless she wins POV we’re in control. Hayden thinks maybe he should put Enzo and LAne up and BLANK with brits head. Lane jokes says he’ll be more salty then enzo if he goes up. Hayden wants to get some Brigade shirts made up with their names on the back, “Meow-Meow, Animal, Beast”. Enzo: “the brigade was a power move since the beginning”. Hayden: “If anyone asks us what our power move was it was the Brigade from the start”. Enzo says soon there going to get there shirts and be back up in HOH. Hayden: “lets not get the shirts Brit will cry, enzo and Lane agree because brit cries at everything”

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207 thoughts on “*Updated* Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Hayden Wins HOH

    1. These have got to be the most moronic group of House Guests ever.
      Every HOH has made the worst choices for their own game since
      Rachel nominated Britney and Monet (If she had a brain it should have been
      Hayden and Lane) but no, this is the stupid season. Before anyone argues about that
      putting a target on them, they had a target on them since week one, and it never went away.
      Matt should have put Enzo in his seat with the diamond power of veto, not kick
      Regan under the bus (stupid), and the latest stupid move, they should have evicted Hayden this week.
      Floaters get you life vests, and morons just sink with the show.

    2. The Jury House is more interesting than the BB House. Thats sad. The only thing more pathetic is that the Brigade won by manipulating a 95 lb woman and an umpa lumpa.

  1. Noms have to be/stay Lane v Brit – to send home Brit. Otherwise, if either L/B win POV, Enzo goes up as replacement and L or B (whomever comes off the block) sends Enzo home (single vote is all that they need this week). E/H have to win POV to send home Brit.
    But – Brit will start working on Hayden about how he “can’t win” against Enzo in F2, etc. Watch.

    1. It doesnt matter who Hayden puts up. This week POV is what is most important cuz the winner decides who goes to the Jury House

        1. They’re the only vote this week. Like if Hayden puts Britt/Lane up and lets say Britt wins POV. Hayden HAS to put up Enzo, leaving Britt as the only voter this week. So, whoever is not nominated, gets to vote who goes to the jury house

    1. If you’re a B/L fan, I wouldn’t worry too much. If Brit’s up against Enzo, Lane gets the only vote and I think he will evict Enzo. If Brit saves herself with POV, she will save Lane (who would go up in her place). The only way I see Brit going next week is if after it’s all said & done, it’s Brit v Lane on the block. Enzo voting is the only way Brit goes.

      I do have a question – sorry if it’s dumb: Say Hayden puts up Brit vs Enzo on the block – Lane wins POV and saves Britney. Since there is no replacement for Britney, Enzo goes home automatically, right? Lane is safe with the POV and saves Britney. Be the same if Lane didn’t win POV, he’d vote to save Brit. If he went on the block and could only save her, she’d save him with her vote. Think I answered my own question. :{

    1. Everything Ragan said to Lane is going to come back and bites Lane in his behind.
      Should’ve listened to Ragan. Hayden is a good competitor. Lane let this one slipped right through his hands. Looks like Hayden is going to run with it….all the way to the end.
      I’m counting on Enzo to be there too.

      1. so he got rid of hayden right?? then either enzo or ragan would of won that..enzo would of been pissed off..and bam targetted lane!!! How is that smart??Lane for sure would of left this week..He did the right thing..hayden promised to take him to the final 2 also brit…ragan did not..he been a fool not to stay on the route he has been on 50k or 500 still was the right move!!

  2. Sad, sad season…how is it decided now? Does he put up 2 (Enzo & Brit) & one (Lane?) gets to vote? Sorry, not a strong supporter of BB – still kicking myself for watching this whole season!!!!!!!! Only rootin’ for Brit at the end, maybea little for Lane. Oh, well….

      1. I don’t think so. Did you hear Matt?
        He blamed Britney for him being out of the house.
        I might be wrong but he said she’s a liar, two face, can’t trust her…something along that line.

        1. Agreed Hello There. He really seems to be on to her. He sees her for exactly what she is. Kiss Matt’s vote goodbye.

        2. That’s rich – Matt calling someone in the house a liar. I recall a posting of Matt telling HGs within 10min of coming into the house about ins wife’s “disease”

          1. That lie finally bit him. What they showed tonight was the JH a week ago. Kathy and Rachel were really angry at him for that lie. Brendon was more philosophical seeing it for what it was in the game, and maybe willing to forgive it. I think it won’t be such a big deal in a few days. Rachel and Brendon are going to hang out together, Kathy will probably avoid him for a few days and everything will be on OK ground. Then Ragan will show up and we will probably see double the reaction from Ragan. It’s like his wife said when they talked to her, “Matt’s smart, but sometimes he doesn’t have a lot of common sense.” Judging by the way he brought it up, I don’t think he anticipated the immediate repurcussions his confession would have.

            1. Are you serious?? I didn’t get the same reaction from rachel i seen her laughing and smiling and trying to look mad!! she wasn’t that effected by it..i don’t think she even really cared…it was all show as usual for her…matt didn’t care he did what he did..and atleast he owned up to it and never sits around and says what a great person he is he says he is evil and not a nice person.

        3. Matt is stupid. The Brigade took him out of the game. They used Brit to do it because they were too cowardly to do it themselves. They threw that POV to Brendon so she would have no choice but to put up either Matt or Hayden. If she had put up Hayden, they would have taken her out the next week instead of Ragan. He still thinks he is good with the brigade and Brit ruined it for him. What a moron. He is going to feel so stupid when he finds out these morons played him. If he had listened to Ragan instead of throwing him under the bus, he might have survived and had a chance of making it to the end. His arrogance and delusional belief in the brigade were his downfall.

    1. You like Brit? Shes a snake and so judgemental, spoiled and full of herself. The back biting garbage that came out of her and Ragans mouths was unbelievable making fun of Rachael and Brendan CONSTANTLY. They were obsessed with it and exaggerated everything. All the things they accused Rachael of in the house they did first. They are not nice people and don’t deserve to win. I am sooooooo glad Ragan is out of the house. Now, it is the brat’s turn. Brendan was right…Brit is a spoiled rotten brat!

    1. I’m hoping Britney would go to the jury house too.
      Say Britney wins the POV, and Lane and Ezno will be on the block.
      I say vote Lane out for being so dumb and kept Hayden in the house.
      Friends you just met a few weeks ago, or $500,000?
      You would think it’s an easy decision.

      1. He did make the right choice…he been stupid either way…:) i mean really don’t think enzo would of been pissed off won hoh and put his azz up?? of course he would of… either way its up to the pov…who wins the pov determines the final 3..

    2. I got my fingers crossed that she will go…..She is so annoying and thank goodness Ragan went to the jury. I was going to throw up if I had to put up with her with him for one more night.

      1. i don’t get the live feeds so this may seem like a dumb question. Without Ragan in the house can Brit continue blathering on about Brendon and Rachel?? In my experience, guys are not so into the gossipy smearing stuff. Just curious.

        1. This is another instance where the producers must be reading some of the boards, because I thought I read on here last week that they told them to stop with the Rachel and Brendon bashing. Or maybe they just got sick of hearing it and were hoping that by putting the kibosh on that topic they would find something else to talk about. If that was the case it obviously didn’t work.

      2. Brit isn’t annoying. Brendon amd rachel were two strong competitors that felt they were being targeted for “being in love” and not for being strong competitors. They isolated themselves from everyone, rachel was mean and annoying and a bully and brendon was a jerk. He would jump into people’s conversations with rachel and accuse them of yelling at her. They also talked about people behind their backs. Rachel set herself up several times to be talked about with her drinking and weird vegas stories and the houseguests were around them 24/7. I’d talk about them too.

      1. getting out ragen was a big move. getting out haden was only a big move to ragan. keeping ragan was dumb for lane because he would win the first comp in the 3 part hoh. every time ragan said it was dumb to evict him it was only dumb for his game. no one elses.

        1. So agreee!!:) finally someone making sense lol…it wasnt good for lanes game only ragans and britneys…she was honest to lane about that..enzo would of been smarter to get out…if he has the chance this week he should take it…

    1. I so agree. I haave been a dedicated fan from the start. This has been the most boring season by far. BB After Dark is even worse. It is like watching paint dry in slow motion.

      1. I can never get through BBAD. I can make it for the first half hour but them an out like a light. This season is a complete snooze fest! ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

        1. Any flavor of Jello is acceptable except for the green Jello that someone always brings to a picnic or family reunion type thing. LOL

        1. Carol, it worked for John Travolta when he was starting out. Enzo is getting a late start and I don’t think he or us have enough time for him to make it.

  3. How fun would it be to see the JH explode if Brit enters next? She would enter all sugar & sweet but I think that, between Matt & Brendon (esp’ly Matt knowing about the BG), that they will easily persuade Rachel & Kathy that Brit is evil. She’ll be so embarassed and full of obnoxious explanations about how she got booted. Ragan and she may be a sorority to themselves unless Matt gets through to Ragan how Britney smacktalked him behind his back, too. I just don’t think Ragan will truly hold it against her. His venom for B/R will probably make him welcome Britney but Britney may be hugs & kisses with B/R after she gets there, leaving poor Rags an island. Brit will try to get along with them to influence them to vote for Lane, I think. Matt will pump her about her/Lane’s alliance, just for kicks & giggles. He’ll see what’s really up before he outs the BG.

    1. I would love to see her reaction if she finds out that Lane had been playing her since day one. She ran to him withevery bit of conversation that went on which only helped his game. OUCH!

      1. yeah..but he showed her his loyalty by saving her butt this week..she would of been out…so i think she will be fine with it…cuz deep down he did keep her and even said tonight he planned on taking her…so she be stupid and petty to be mad at him…but i think she will be questioning hollywood haydens behavior against her..

        1. I think everyone is in for a surprise? Brendon would vote for Britney he thinks she played the best game. He has always said he respects gameplay?


  4. Ok that was totaly a comp for Hayden to win. I hate Enzo but the guy is Italian so you know he most likely has thicker fingers.( I can say tha because I’m Italian.). And Brittney has small fingers so it would be harder for her. Hayden on the other hand is tall and thin and he played baseball so he has better hands for a comp like that then any of them. BB knows the 3 morons will get killed in a question and answer comp that’s why the last 3 were the ones they were. They want the 3 guys in the final 3. I don’t know why but they do.

    1. I would have thought Britney had an advantage in this one b/c she has long thin fingers. But I could see her problem from the start was that she was nervous and putting too much pressure on herself to win. From what I saw, her hands were shaking which caused her to drop and break about five ornaments in a row. Beyond that, she was trying to go way to fast, too focused on the end goal, when in that comp. you have to concentrate more on the path to the goal. I think we’ll see that she probably got her focus after the thrid or fourth ornament, and possibly she could have caught up to Enzo, but by that time Hayden was too far ahead to be caught.

    2. Brit must have been wickedly nervous and had a death grip on on some of those ornaments. The ones that she didn’t drop she crushed with her fingers trying to hold on. No wonder she did so badly. She was either fumble fingers or she went to the other extreme and Hulked out on those poor things. :p

    3. Check out Steven Hawking with the theories! Slow down Mike, you might blow out that pea brain of yours kicking around scenarios (you might want to look that one up Einstein). Anyway, glad to see you found a couple of more quarters to put in that there internet machine you’re using. By the way, I like turkey and Swiss. Go fetch. Wait, what’s that? OK, hold on Mike, someone wants to speak to you:
      {Hi son, will you please get this man his sandwich? he’s really working me hard and the weekend’s coming up; you know what that means son, especially with the fleet coming in; I’ll be icing down my snooch for weeks. I gotta go, you know I shouldn’t talk with my mouth full son, and it’s REALLY full right now}. Hey glad you two had a chance to catch up Mike. Much love McDouche.

    4. are you serious?? I thought that seemed like one of the most fair comps they have played…brit and enzo had just as much of a chance as hayden…brit started to pick it up and lane said she started doing good but she was just to nervoues…but they all thought it was a fair comp

    5. what i been saying, big brother have been rigging comps to cater to certain HGs every single comp that was won this season that person was supposed to win..

  5. It isn’t looking good for next season either. Apparently Grodiner says it will be all stars. That means that we will get to watch the likes of Jessie, Jeff and Jordan, and probably Rachel and Brendon again. Geez. The only people since the last all stars that I would rate allstars are Dick, Eric, Dan, Russell, Michelle and Kevin. That means that a lot of people that don’t deserve it will be there unless they reach back again to earlier seasons and bring in Janelle and Howie again. I don’t think Boogie and Dr. Will would do it again. Who do you guys think deserve to be all stars. Not the ones you like, but the ones that played the best game?

    Personally, I wish they would do a season of early evicts, the people that never got a chance to show us their game, like Laura, Andrew, Annie, Kristen, Brian, Jen from season 9 and that guy with the afro.

    1. It also gives us the opportunity to watch my two favorite houseguests, Dick and Danielle Donato.
      Adam and Matt from S9 were arrested in my state, Massachusetts, on drug stuff.
      I hated Gnatalie, but she was a good liar.
      Jesse got schisted by America, twice. Time to see what would happen without the effin CDT.
      Jeff and Jordan, like above, were saved by the CDT and America. At least when Boogie won it he earned it.
      Eric should be in it w/o AP.
      Brenchel were good players, they were targeted early on.
      Matt won’t get on after tonights episode
      Hayden might get on.
      Kevin was good.
      Bring in Jessica, cause some tension cause Jeric is over.
      Natalie…Dick will give her the treatment of the “magic ping pong ball”
      Russell, yes. Jeff, no.
      Michelle screwed up her life after bb. She left her husband and got a boob job.
      Ryan S9 was good.
      Renny! haha…Jesse vs. Renny again.
      good season next year if it is allstars.

      1. I disagree about Danielle. She was a whiny spoilt brat and she never would have made it as far as she did if it wasn’t for her dad. I hated Gnat too, but she did play the game. I think she would be an early evict though. The only thing that got her far was that everyone underestimated her as a threat. They wouldn’t do that again, and she is bad at challenges. I don’t know if I could bear watching the showmances JJ and BR again. They repulse me. To me, that’s not game play. I doubt BR will be together for Christmas let alone this time next year. Honestly, I don’t think anyone from this season deserves to be an allstar. I am guessing they will bring back Keesha and maybe Rennie and Memphis. I doubt whether Dan would come back.

        1. i disagree, they’re should def be some showmances going back, j/j and b/r becuz i think it would be them against each other or even better an alliance, and i agree with you on danielle being a whiny baby about the whole thing, she was a floater, so was gnat i hated how she talked and complained, russel wasnt that good, and memphis was good too i guess, ..it’d be kinda funny if they brought ronnie or chima back but that would be more of a sabt thing lol, if they have an allstar season next year then they should add like all the twists from previous seasons in it to make it extra fantastic lol that would be awesome, people with a dpov, cou-de ta, hoh, pov, show mances, sabt, no family, maybe an ex, and someone super annoying like chima, ronnie, gnat, jessie lol or etc.

          1. Showmances are stupid. If I wanted to watch that kind of thing I’d watch a soap opera or read a romance novel. Showmances put a target on their back and they vote together. I want to see people playing the game as individuals. If JJ and BR were on the show together, I doubt they would be allies. Rachel wouldn’t want to share the spotlight with Jordan, and Jeff and Jordan will remember how Brendon threw the bowling ball. I know CBS tries to stimulate the showmance season after season, but it only appeals to a certain demographic and revolts the rest of us.

            1. And as for the twists, there hasn’t been a good one since season 4. Too bad the idea was good but the cast sucked. I wish they would just can the corny “twists” and let them play the game.

              1. I disagree…AP was a good twist the first time, but you can’t do it more than once.
                As for Danielle being spoiled…she did whine, but she definitely isnt spoiled. She was raised by her grandma. Her dad was alive!…tough childhood. How was she a floater? She won 7 comps, 5 POVs and 2 HoHs.
                Shomances were good up until season 10. Mike and Will+shomances=Great move.
                B/R my prediction.
                Rachel moves to L.A., Brendon is out at work and school a lot, Rachel gets mad, cheats on Brendon, Brendon finds out within a week, they break up, Rachel crys for 2 weeks straight.

              2. i didnt start watching bb till season 6, but i wouldnt say i want to see a showmance every season, but it adds so much more drama and others jealous from it fight too, bb11 was one of the best seasons ^_^ !! everyone was fighting each week and everyone always loved watching each week, now its like ughhh i wonder who will go home, oh wait its a dead give away cuz none of them make a bold move.
                btw whats AP ? someone said it was used in season 4 but what was that?

      1. will is my favorite too! he’s the reason i started watching the show. i know he already did an allstars & he’s already played twice but i would LOVE to see him back.

    2. i loved bb allstars so i cant wait for the next bb allstars but wouldnt the next one be bb14 since the ifrst one was bb7, next year is bb13 so im not so sure but if it is tru than thats awesome cant wait, danielle and dick vs brendon and rachel hahahahaha

  6. This has been the worst Big Brother yet..What happend??? I won’t watch anymore with people like this on here..I pullfor underdogs and this year everyone but the worst players ever have left the house..BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO..These people are more boring then Mass on Sunday

    1. who in the Jury house are the best??? they all got in there because they played a shitty game that cause them to be evicted FACT… the best players are the ones still in the house

  7. I hope lane wins POV so he can vote out Enzo. But you know the comp will be rigged in favor of Enzo. If Matt was in the final 4 I would be on the brigades side. Not the I am a fan of Matt but I just think it would have been cool to see them stick together completely.

    1. Check out Steven Hawking with the theories! Slow down Mike, you might blow out that pea brain of yours kicking around scenarios (you might want to look that one up Einstein). Anyway, glad to see you found a couple of more quarters to put in that there internet machine you’re using. By the way, I like turkey and Swiss. Go fetch. Wait, what’s that? OK, hold on Mike, someone wants to speak to you:
      {Hi son, will you please get this man his sandwich? he’s really working me hard and the weekend’s coming up; you know what that means son, especially with the fleet coming in; I’ll be icing down my snooch for weeks. I gotta go, you know I shouldn’t talk with my mouth full son, and it’s REALLY full right now}. Hey glad you two had a chance to catch up Mike. Much love McDouche.

    2. aww i agree all though i was a matt fan lol idk why…just is what it is..:) but you can’t have a name alliance and just toss um out with out even saying a darn word..and be like oh were still that blah..I was routing for them till they did that..and also they could have by standing up and playing hard core all four cleaned house…I still think funny irony is if enzo don’t make it to the final 2..and find out matt would of tooken him over the other two brigade thats funny:)

    3. “Rigged in favor of Enzo”???????
      Just what do you think would be Enzo’s game?
      I’m sure production couldn’t come up with something they think would
      favor Enzo.
      What’s your suggestion?

  8. I think this season is the worst i ever watched and I watch all of them. also the people in the house used very bad language and did not like talking about everybody.

  9. Now I believe that Hayden and Lane are lifelong friends and will work to be the winners.

    Goodbye Brit…you stupid woman..they’re building your welcome sign at jury house.

  10. Well Brit has no one to blame except herself for not persuading Lane to keep Ragen. That would have been 3 against Enzo and he would have went home next. If she goes home, it’s her own fault for trying to keep her buddies happy and forgetting she is trying to win a half mill. Sorry you are so stupid Brit.

    1. As much as I love Brit it does seem like her sole purpose in this game has become to further the Brigade. All she does is try to suck up to them. She should have tried harder but she thinks Lane is going to carry her to the finals and I think she’s banking on that.

  11. The HOH competition was unfair for Brit as small fingers couldn’t grab those ornaments as well as those guys larger fingers. Enzo makes me ill….would someone lock him in Pandora Box for the week..can’t stand him no longer

    1. Bull!
      Britney’s little fingers should’ve been her advantage because they had to put their fingers through the small fence holes. Britney’s problem was her nails. It was so sharp that she broke so many ornaments trying to hold them by her nails.

  12. I would love so much to see Britney in the Jury House, that would be more entertaining than watching BB house, but just about anything is more entertaining than watching that crew at work. I don’t have too much of a problem with gay people (women gays are cool), but I really hate Ragan with a passion and I can’t wait for him to get his heart broken when he finds out about Matt’s lie! None of the HG deserves the 500k, but it was worth 500k seeing Enzo beat out Ragan for the POV!

    Please vote Britney out and atleast none of the nasty characters will win.

    1. Ragan’s siblings (3 brothers) disowned him. There is a reason for that and it’s not because he’s gay. He is a vile, spiteful, prick.

      1. Those are the words I should have used, thanks!

        I hope like hell Rachel has the chance to kick his ass, he deserves it for the things he said to and about that girl. It was so disgusting to watch that idiot just sit there and let loose on her knowing people he teaches would also be watching the show, as if he cared about it. I almost hate myself for hating Ragan the way I do. I guess I can see how people could hate Gnat, which at the time I just didn’t understand.

        1. Yeah, when she told him he was bad at being gay and that his father didn’t talk to him because he isn’t a man, he should have just let her keep insulting him and hurting him because she knew his dad is dead. I don’t get how people can ignore all the shit she did to him that caused him to respond. They pretend like he just jumped on her for no reason and forget how it all went down on the feeds. Rachel is a vile person and she deserved what Ragan said and more.

      2. It’s amazing how you all think that the way these people are on tv is the way they are in real life. They are put in an unreal situation with people that they would probably never associate with in the real world. There is no tv, no job to go to break away from each other and they are with each other all day, everyday competing for money. I guess by all the comments everyone on here would have nothing but kind, sweet words for every house member, even if they didn’t like them.

    2. You mean at least nobody that tried to win every competition will win. Yeah, that’s what we want. Floaters winning for doing nothing but crap talk behind people’s backs and yak about what big stars they are.

  13. this thing has deteriorated so badly — the only other season that I personally found as bad was BB9 when Adam and Ryan were the final two. Adam won — Ryan wasn’t so bad but Adam was gross — talk about your hand down your pants constantly! And Natalie of BB9 was offensive, too. She was a female Matt, but always following her “Matty” around begging him to be nice to her — he was always trying to escape her. It was all pretty sad, and she was playing all sides of that house just frantically. I’m beginning to think that BB deliberately casts for boring HGs and controversial HGs and the controversial HGs go first and the bland and boring HGs wind up in the interminable period leading up to finale. I cannot take BB anymore — too detrimental to my health (HBP).

    1. they go threw a heck of a lot of people..and pick the best they feel for there show…there is big processes…they don’t no what is going to happen anymore then we all do..but because big brother is getting bigger and more popular..and people are going into the house knowing the game..it seems more like they are going in as acting a part instead of being themselves..and that is what we all want to see..out of all seasons i have watched this one by far seems more acted and set up…

  14. it would be great if brit wins pov the enzo goes home as for if brit gets voted out she won’t be alone cause regan is going to turn his back on matt for the lie he told about his wife.If anyone will be alone in the jh it will be matt cause didn’t you see how upset b/r and kathy were with scum bag matt.I hope brit wins the pov cause if enzo makes it i to will be kicking myself for watching it all season. next summer i will know better if the hg are anything like this year i am done with bb.

  15. yeah really, lets watch the jury house, at least there is something going on. forget the BB house, turn the cameras on in the jury house…………………………………

  16. Britchney is leading the polls for favorite hg? What has come into the world?
    Everybody hates her in the JH except for maybe Ragan. I think Hayden is a good guy, I hate Enzo, Lane is ok, Brit is a bitch. I voted for Dawg though.

  17. so maddddd….if brit leaves theres really no point in watching i’m so sick of the brigade…if brit wins pov this week then lane goes home and if lane wins pov brit goes home…stupid…hayden thinks hes hot shit now cuz hes winning comps but it’s just cuz matt and brendon aren’t there to win anymore hahah….i wish britney would have won ! ughhhh

    1. the only reason hayden is winning is because there is no one left to compete with,
      enzo/lane=a box of rocks, the comps that brit won were just dumb luck

  18. Can’t wait to see Regen hear about Matt’s wife. Made a fool of him after telling the nation about how Matt was so honest and all that crap.

  19. I was THRILLED to see the reaction of the jury house when Matt confessed the lie about his wife’s health and they all told him just how they felt!

    Matt was smart to tell it now. If it had gotten out Sept 15th to everybody at the same time then it would’ve been worse for him with all those initial reactions. Now they have time to simmer down.

    I agree that Hayden will put up Lane and Britney. They better hope Britney doesn’t win POV!
    It’s still anybody’s game.

  20. they have all talked crap abt someone at one time or another in the house. Lane should have kept ragan as annoying as ragan is. I am soo tired of seeing him cry like a little girl. I really wish they would show us more of the jury house. Also on bbad brittney said that in the DR they told her that this season has the highest ratings out of all the other seasons. It is hard to believe since they all are so freaking boring but i guess it is like a car wreck where you don’t want to look but you can’t help yourself so u do and you can’t get yourself to stop.

  21. enzo is gone unless he does miracuosly win the POV. they dont want to keep him. they have all said that…………………………………………..

  22. I believe Hayden is now in the final two, and all that means is that regardless of what, he wins the $500,000. Nobody else can beat him when the jury house votes.

  23. long as Brendon and his Parrot(see the pic before the plastic surgery) are not winning i don’t care who wins. I’m done with Big Brother it’s predictable & rigged for certain HGs too much proof of that with every single comps those who won were supposed to win.

  24. This week’s PoV is huge. If Enzo or Hayden win it, then Britney is gone. If Britney or Lane win it, then Enzo is gone.

  25. I hope that Hayden nominates Britney and Lane, so that Lane can get a taste of his own medicine…If they don’t get rid of Britiney once and for all, she’s going to end up winning the whole game.
    I wonder if Matt has told the other jury members that he was in an alliance with Lane, Enzo and Hayden.

    1. The only person Brit would have beaten was Ragan. She can’t beat any of the douchegade. The only votes she would get would be Ragans and Lanes if he didn’t make it to the end. Matt still thinks Brit was the one that backdoored him, so he would vote brigade. Rachel and Brendon only would have voted for her if it was between her and Ragan who they hate even more than her. Kathy would probably vote for any of the brigade except maybe Enzo. Lane and Enzo can only win if they are up with Brit at the end, and if they go up together, it will be a tossup. Neither one wins next to Hayden.

      1. I agree. The thing I can’t believe about Matt is that he knows the prior week they were trying to get him out of there. I would have ratted them out instead of trying to get Ragan put up. I was wondering if he was in the Brigade or some kind of cult. I mean did they all put blood on their fingers, rub them together, and vow silence no matter the cost. He was more like a Diabolical Stupor Genius than toward the end.

        I also can’t believe how easily duped this people were in the game. It made me wish Kristen had of stayed in since her eyes were opening when she was on the block. No one every suspected that Lane, Enzo, and Hayden were that close. It’s kind of hilariously ridiculous.Then some a** hole you never met tells you his wife is sick with a disease you never heard of and you take him at face value . You never question it in the back of your mind if it’s true for a moment if that’s true. This is a sneaky a** reality show game.

  26. They’re getting their Brigade Shirts tonight!! Bojangles!!
    But i just hope they don’t put “Bra-gade” on it like Enzo was wanting them to do. that spelling is lame. Keep it real. Keep it “Brigade”.
    The Brigade is the sole reason why the Ratings have been higher than ever for BB. that’s legit, yo!

  27. I am for Enzo he is the most entertaining person in the house. Please get Britany out of the house next and then Lane, he is so sure he is going to win! He hasn’t won a thing! Hayden and Enzo in the final please!!!!!Enzo please win the POV!

  28. I think Brittany has a good chance on staying. As long as Lane or Brittany gets POV she will stay. I don’t want to see Enzo win, he gets on my nerves. I believe Lane should have gotten Hayden out but nooooo. Matt was the Brigade, they wouldn’t have made it with out him.

  29. god i hope britney wins pov she wont vote out lane so that means enzo will go!! i dont car who wins just as long it aint enzo,,,

  30. I hope production does their “thing” and let’s Enzo know the other two brigade members aren’t loyal so he can let them know he’ll tell everybody in the jury house about the alliance in case Brit makes final two with them.

            1. BB had 10-11 million viewers in the past, right now BB is at 7 million, one episode was 8.something this season.. Wednesdays episodes have a little lower ratings at first because unless u are a super fan you expected BB to be on Tuesday night

    1. Because bb is popular more then ever…more loyal fans..boring or not..:) also the episodes are not bad there good if you weren’t watching the live feeds or reading the spoilers it is a good season..episodes don’t show them sitting around bashing like they do….

    2. people can’t afford luxury vacations anymore and only reruns on tv, so there’s literally almost nothing else entertaining to do or watch

  31. hayden knows that he can beat enzo –in comps and in the end –because he is stronger/smarter and because everyone will vote on best player.
    if he approves of keeping brit over enzo he is an idiot because he knows there is a chance of lane and brit taking each other to the final 2.
    hayden does deserve to win this at this point and the others know that.

  32. I think bb should do a season with ppl ages 18- 20 that would be interesting I think it would b a competive fun to watch season ….. I hope Enzo goes this week thank god regans gone

  33. Brigades make me mad. All they do is talk about how great they are. Well… newsflash.. They would not be sitting high on their horse right know if it wasn’t for Matt. They rode his coat tail all the way until they turned on him. Matt did make some dumb moves but he was a good player. No I do not think his lie about his wife was right. He Was not perfect but I think when you want to have an allience from front of the show until the end then you shoud not leave one person behind. Matt should of been there not Britt. That is what a true allience is all about. (I think it pretty pissy that they are not mentioning Matt in their T-shirts because he is the Brigade). It’s just upseting because it is like he did the work, they took the credit. I used to be a big Brigade fan. Not anymore.
    The need to give Dawgg the money and get it over with. I hope ou win Dawgg. Go, Go Dawgg go! Team dog all the way!!

    If I had to choose the houseguest right know it would be Branes (Britt & Lane).

  34. Ragan leaving is his own fault. He basically had no strategy whatsoever. He didn’t make an alliance with any HGs and he thought he could get far by simply being Mr. Rogers and telling the HGs how much he admires them and how much they are nice wonderful people. At this point in the game he would of had to win HOH and POV back to back until he launched himself into the final 2, no doubt mission impossible.

  35. strayed?? blah;) he was more loyal to that alliance then they were to him…anyone in bb who wins hoh has to make deals and has to be the center of the hits..and his alliance did nada to back up there descions and help him out..instead they turned on him for no reason he showed nothing but loyalty time in and time out..Hayden was the one who wanted brendon and rachel out from the start..rewatch a few episodes..hayden has played a bigger part in strategic moves then anyone …borefest:)

  36. I was delighted when Brit’s farewell speech to Ragan was abruptly cut off because she couldn’t stay focused long enough to stop her Rachel rant. She probably thinks she got in some good digs, but she really just embarrassed herself. I don’t ever recall a time when TPTB literally cut off a taped farewell speech, and in mid-sentence, no less. Brit must have thought she was on BBAD. By now, she ought to know the Primetime version of BB is much more family friendly.

    RE: Women, smoking, and breast cancer. The reviews are mixed as to whether there is direct linkage, but if you think a cancer survivor, irrespective of the type of cancer they survived, ought to keep puffing away after being given a second chance at life, do a backbend while spinning on your ear and juggling paper plates.

  37. Aaack! Had to tear myself away from BBAD after watching and listening to Enzo smack and chomp his way through Hayden’s supply of Beef Jerky without leaving any for Hayden. He’s a pig! Evict him ASAP! Yuck.

  38. I hope production gives them BG shirts and we can watch BLANK face! ANYONE win pov but her!! I wonder how long before she talks bad about Regan..

  39. wow so hayden now has three HOH’s under his belt ,
    one of which matt let him have , and the other two he won against complete morons.
    except for that double eviction one , that one brendon was really fighting for though

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