*updated* Big Brother 12 Sausage and Turkey Burger Party Plus Hayden gives us a new Drinking Game.. STEAMBOAT


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Big Brother 12 Spoilers

8:13pm Kitchen Lane and Hayden. Lane: “I bet that POV is going to be faces” HAyden: “ME to study up”. Lanes making turkey Burgers.. the the guys are excited about having some beers and drinking turkey burgers tonight.
Big Brother 12 Spoilers

8:18pm Lane doesn’t want Brit to know about the brigade he doesn’t want to wear the shirts. HAyden says if it’s him Lane and Enzo in the final 3 Enzo and Brit will take Lane. Lane isn’t sure about Enzo but he’s sure about Brit. HAyden brings up STEAMBOAT Springs again. (new drinking game.. every time Hair brings up steamboat DRINK)

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

8:25pm cabana, Hayden, enzo and LAne Talking about how the challenge was fair. Hayden thought that it might of favored brit because she had small hands. Enzo kept hearing Brit drop the ornaments, Enzo: “I was like OHHHH Shiiit”. Lane says the nerves really got to her but she caught up quick. Enzo asks what is brit doing is she freaking out? Hayden says yes. Lane gets called into te DR. Enzo is scared that if he goes up with brit and LAne wins the POV he’ll use it but he’ll also control who goes home what if he keeps brit. Hayden doesn’t know what will happen. Hayden says he’s sure that no one will take him to the final 2 so he’s pretty much screwed. Enzo says they are all in the same vote, “it’s simple who you need to win the first HOH”. Enzo tells him not to worry he’s up against two dodos. HAyden says he’s a dodo to. Enzo points out that lately Hayden has been winning a lot of competitions. HAyden brings up STEAMBOAT and how they are going to get hooked up because he told 8 million people about it. (DRINK)

8:56pm Cabana Brigade talking about how they are being asked to say the same shit in the DR over and over again. Enzo: “I feel like a broken record”.. Feeds cut


Big Brother 12 Spoilers

9:47pm Enzo wonders why there is so much fat in sun flower seeds
Big Brother 12 Spoilers

10:35pm backyard entire house Hayden is grilling the burgers, he can’t find the metal spatula.. Brit, lane and enzo in the hot tub. Brit wonders why Lane’s calfs are so weird.. Lane: “What do you mean weird I have no calfs.. theres nothing weird.. Do you have calfs”. Brit: “Yes I do look” she shows him her calfs.. Enzo: “Ohhh Shiiiit she does”. Brit: “Yeah from wearing High Heels” Hayden joins them and guess what… He mentions STEAMBOAT in Colorado.. DRINK!
10:46pm Brit leaves.. Enzo tells them he thinks Brit has checked out mentally. He went to talk to her in the jumanjii and her eyes were all blood shot she was whimpering that all she wants to do is see her family. Lane: “Its the same shit with her for the last 5 weeks”. Enzo about Brit: “Enough already your going home this week now hit the red button”. They head inside to eat..
11:14pm Lane, Enzo and BRitEnzo says Hayden is going to win this game if he gets final 2. Brit agrees she says it’s rare that such a good person wins this game. Enzo would be happy if the kid won he deserves it. Brit: “He’s good peoples.. I know becuase i’m not and I can see that quality in other people”
Big Brother 12 Spoilers

11:32pm HOH Hayden get his HOH room… Enzo gobbles down the beef jerky.
Big Brother 12 Spoilers

11:40pm Hayden gets a bracelet, his dad wrote him his HOH letter.. enzo is burning through the beef jerky. Enzo asks Hayden how old his younger brother is. Hayden: “He’s 4”. Enzo: “Ohhh Shiiit”… They find out that HAyden won 3rd place in a yo-yo competition. Hayden: “I’ve always been good at yo-yo’s my friend won first place he was sick good”… not very much talking going on..

Big BRother 12 Poll Whose the hottest BB chick

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185 thoughts on “*updated* Big Brother 12 Sausage and Turkey Burger Party Plus Hayden gives us a new Drinking Game.. STEAMBOAT

    1. There’s already enough sausage fest in the house as it is. Allison Grodner needs to step it up and eat some dicks. I will have a Birtney nip slip by the end of the season, or there will be hell to pay.

        1. “I’m So Ronery
          So ronery
          So ronery and sadry arone

          There’s no one
          Just me onry
          Sitting on my rittle throne
          I work rearry hard and make up great prans
          But nobody ristens, no one understands
          Seems like no one takes me serirousry

          And so I’m ronery
          A rittle ronery
          Poor rittle me

          There’s nobody
          I can rerate to
          Feel rike a bird in a cage
          It’s kinda sihry
          But not rearry
          Because it’s fihring my body with rage

          I’m the smartest most crever most physicarry fit
          But nobody else seems to rearize it
          When I change the world maybe they’ll notice me
          But until then I’rr just be ronery
          Rittle ronery, poor rittle me

          I’m so ronery “

    2. We are left with a man who can’t make a cake cuz he doesnt understand measuring units, a man who yells like a retarded 6 year old in the DR, a man who can bench 325 lbs but can’ t remember what he ate for breakfast, and a 95 lb woman who bitches all day about people who dont like her because she’s a self righteous hateful human being.

      1. Lame the college grad from Texas also had no idea what Teaxas A&M stood for? Lane Hayden told him correctly that the Aggies meant agricultural. Lane is really stupid, thank god daddy hired him.

  1. Just hope my boy stays safe. yo I cannot wait until Regan gets to jury house and hear about Matt’s lie. After hearing an seeing Kathy’s reaction, I do not think people realized how bad of a lie it was. I really felt for kathy…having cancer for 6 years sucks yo! Matt’s deserves the hate.

    1. Yeah it sucks so much when people have cancer and can’t do anything about it to save their lives. It’s not like they can just stop smoking, there’s just no options. It’s cool that she stuck with it, toughed it out, and beat cancer and keeps smoking anyways though. She’s a trooper. Geddit? TROOPER! LOLZ!

      1. I think, but am not sure that she had breast cancer not lung cancer. Breast cancer is usually caused by inherited genes, but can also be linked to dark soda (root beer) and other dietary choices. Just FYI.

        1. Having been whacked twice by br ca, the one thing I know for sure is that doctors do not know what causes it. I have been swamped with some of the stupidest causes by ‘friends’. If it wasn’t such a scary disease, it would be comical. The greatest strides have been made in developing new drugs that have helped women survive much longer. But the one thing I know for sure – unless you have been there, never judge a cancer patient. It doesn’t help.

      2. Thank you for thinking of me. I have battled that C twice. Hope all continues to be good for you. I will be here until the end of this season and I will be back next. I know I will find you here again!

        1. Oh, Gabkat, here is another Partridge song:
          Hello world here’s a song that we’re singing
          Come on get happy
          A whole lotta lovin’ is what we’ll be bringing
          We’ll make you happy

    2. I know. I want to give him the benefit of the doubt and think it was just out of sheer stupidity on his part, but I don’t know…. What kind of person you have to be to try and take advantage of others with a lie so immoral ?! How could he not think it unacceptable? :// Ugh.

    3. I must be sick cuz i thought it was funny and thought rachel did to and was faking so much her reaction she was laughing …give me a break haha atleast matt isn’t being fake he says who he is and they will get over it…:) I don’t agree or understand why he did it..but atleast he is owning up to it..were all these other fools are in denial..

      1. the guy really is born to be on bb. the lie was so immoral, so wrong, that it actually worked. it was controvertial and entertaining. Thank you Matt for entertaining us all summer.
        btw, live feeders, do you think Rachel is edited? I mean, all the sound effects and zoomed in faces.. it was too muchf for me.

        1. Matt’s lie was insane. How could someone leave their sick wife in the care of others? Did he forfeit his job and medical benefits? He at least lost earnings in his GAMBLE to win big. It just made no sense and the other HG’s should have called him out on it. I would have insisted on sending him home to be with his wife making the argument that out of the thousands of BB fans out there would enough contributing to his cause to help matters greatly if indeed his wife was gravely ill.

      2. I wouldn’t say a lie like that but I don’t get the over reaction either. There are people raping a killing, but Matt hurt no one, had his wife’s consent for the lie, but HE is going to hell. Some dude just raped and killed 10 kids but went to death row and “repented”. But MATT GOES TO HELL for what amounts to ….lying. What a stupid thought process. The idea of heaven and hell is ridiculous enough but to react so forcefully… Preists and ministers and Imams lie every day to billions of people. They should be going to hell. Or Texas, the next worst place.

      3. YES!!! Rachel and Brendon wanted to laugh…..they totally faked the whole sympathy thing for kathy……..and I do not understand why she is freeking out…..she should have had a cigaret to come down…..

        p.s. ‘In a study trail the team of researchers led by Dr Yuan-Soon Ho from Taipei Medical University examined both normal and breast cancer cell to see whether nicotine encouraged the growth of cancer at a cellular level. They found that that when normal cells were treated with nicotine in the lab, then nicotine encouraged the growth of cancer attributes.’

  2. I can’t believe the Brigade made it so far. They slacked off in the beginning and were kind of a joke, but I think Hayden has really picked up his game. If Britney is evicted, Hayden definitely deserves to win the money the most out of the 2 left.

    1. Well I hope so there was only two other players in the game for HOH
      Enzo can’t win even when they try to throw the event to him and Britney couldn’t keep her composure long enough in an event tailor made for her small hands and fingers.
      This has been the worst BB so far.
      BB should just tell the HG who wins that the half million is going to a charity in the winners name.

    2. Picked up his game? LOL!

      How do you lose when you’re basically the only with a fighting chance? The Christmas tree was too tall for Britney to win, because there’s no way she was getting a star on top without dropping it 1,000 times, and Enzo can’t win unless he has a homo to bowl over.

  3. lol! he’s really excited about this steamboat thing! Im happy Hayden won, even though he’s a little bland, he’s seems like a pretty nice guy and he’s won some stuff. If he’s in final 2 – I’ve no doubt he will win.

  4. Another thought from the beautiful mind of Enzo—–Enzo says that some people might want to audition you for a role in a movie before you even get to the jury house. —//What is this dude smoking????

    1. I think it’s what’s in the air……boredom… These clowns are more boring then watching paid programming. I hope next years more exiting. The only reason I still watch is hoping that there will be a big twist and/or surpise at the end or still in the house this season. Wonder is Hair will open a pandoria box? Bring back Racheal, Matt & Brendon. That would be great. Send meow and animal home. We want some action.

  5. Have you noticed it is almost like everytime someone wins the votes of America on her they get voted off? LOL
    LOL that seems weird!

      1. Hey Dirk I was reading the message above you and seen that they didn’t actually mean the Americas vote for favorite player. It looks like she was talking about the vote on this site for who we like who is left. And every time that person jumps to number 1 that person gets voted out of the house that week

      2. I mean the votes on here. The poll that Simon Is taking on here. Everytime Simon puts up a new poll and we vote for OUR favorite guest that week, it seems they get the boot. Ha! Brendon won the poll, then her backdoored. Ragan won (the poll) then he got voted off. Britt is winning the polls on here this time! Will she be next? It is just ironic. LOL
        I do not think Matt won the polls on here because we did not have any the week he hd the DPOV or he would have (he left the next week though.) We started voting who’s our favorite the next week, and that was Brennon.

  6. Lane has a classic example of Male Pattern Baldness. You can notice it on the sides of his forehead and the top of his head. I think he’ll look OK bald, though.

      1. Exactly. This is a thread, where we discuss things about the show. If you notice some physical character flaws about someone, and want to make a comment about it, you have every right to do so. I don’t understand what’s up with “what does it has to do with the game?” remark.
        While it has nothing to do with the game, it has everything to do with what the poster wants to say. That’s what he has noticed and that was his comment. Deal with it!

        1. Dirkie Boy (assuming) usually has no opinions of the show, he just lurks and gets off by making irritating and stupid slams to people. Poor little boy (assuming).

      2. making fun of the houseguests is all we have left, because we are stuck watching a bunch of idiots, if you don’t like it stop reading the comments

  7. Steamboat drinking rule! Yes, proof that Simon loves us and wants us to be happy. Or that he knows the only way to finish this season is three sheets to the wind…Go Team Dawg!

    1. I was amazed at how the camera guy kept the camera buzzing on Enzo with his sloshing around, cracking seeds, spitting them out, smacking his mouth as always. Watching something like Enzo eat freezes you in horror. Eventually Hayden glanced a dirty look at Enzo, and rolled over to block out the sounds. Hayden should have told Enzo “take that noise to the kitchen”…. BTW, Dirk, I DID change the channel because I couldn’t deal with it….didn’t need your suggestion.

  8. Well it’s nice to know our viewership will help fund the new BB Boardshop. Friggen awesome. What a loser…stay in school moron. ANYONE BUT HAYDEN!!!!

  9. from a brigade point of view…

    enzo is the only worthy one left. hayden and lane are showing signs of betrayal.

    enzo did want matt out because it looked as if matt was betraying them.

    right now, when they talk brigade enzo is the only one being completely honest with the guys.

    from that perspective, he deserves to win.

    from a game point perspective, hayden deserves to win.

    lane is just in the middle and brit is trying to hold onto lane.

  10. Hayden won again. And, he did it with his hair in his eyes! Guess I will have to pull for him another week. Go Balloon Boy, you little airhead you.

  11. The douchegade needs a taste of reality. Enzo telling Lane that if he keeps Brit over him, Lane will lose a lot of fans because everyone wants the BG in the finals. He thinks that the BG is making history. What a moron. The 4 horsemen got 2 guys in the final 2, and they didn’t turn on their 4th wheel like these douches did on Matt. Looking at the polls on various sites, the brigade aren’t as popular as they think. I have seen polls where Brendon and Brit are the faves. On some of them Andrew and Annie are more popular than Enzo and Hayden. Lane is the only one that figures anywhere near the top. Enzo thinks they are liked by the fans. He thinks he can quit his job and cruise with his imaginary fame. What a moron. Sometimes I wish we could see their reaction to reality when they get out. CBS should sequester them and make them watch so we can watch them come to the realization that they are idiots and nobody likes them on live feeds.

    1. Matt turned on Enzo first if you remember. But hey the guy deserved to leave… of the rest of the brigade Enzo is the most loyal…and it will probably bite him in the ass. I would actually like Brit and Enzo in the end. I think they would at least be the most entertaining …cracking on everyone that is gone. I could stand that. Anytime the two of them have been together alone…it’s been friggen funny. yo

        1. Uhhh yea..what are you watching. A little late to the game.. Matt spoke in the DR about how he wanted Enzo out….he turned first. yo

          1. And if Matt wanted to turn on the brigade he would have put one of them up when he used the DPOV. But he didn’t. Enzo was throwing comps from the start and Matt knew it so he could have put him up knowing that he wouldn’t win hoh or pov anyway but he didn’t. He also said that Hayden was cool and strait up with him but enzo was acting all shady about it. If Matt was smart he would have put Enzo up knowing that he was number 4 on the choping block of the brigade and he could have become 3rd but he stayed true to the brigade even though they were about to vote him out. And he was the one winning hohs and keeping all of them safe. They also told Brendan to put Matt up. Kathy told them about the messege and they left it there. If it was Enzo, or haydens name they would have went up to the hoh and removed it. So the brigade turned on Matt first. Enzo is the only one who didn’t make a side alliance so he was the most loyal to lane and Hayden but not the whole brigade.

      1. Actually Matt always said he was with the brigade 100%. Matt noticed Enzo being shady when lane and Matt were on the block together. The brigade turned on him long before the week that Brittney was hoh. And they wanted to back door Matt from the start. The brigade freaked out because Matt was hanging with Regan. But in his DRs Matt always said he was sticking with the brigade. They just felt like they couldn’t beat him in the finals but I don’t think Matt would have won any of these last few comps any way.

      2. I am in total agreement with you about Enzo being the most loyal
        Brigade Member. He never had a side alliance and always
        talks up the Brigade.
        If a Brigade member should win, I think it should be Enzo. He started
        the Brigade too.

        1. It;s true yo. Enzo is the heart of the Brigade. Both Hayden and Lane have had a final two for awhile. Enzo is the only real guy there…and as I said before…it will probably bite him in the ass. Whatever people say about Matt… I just never got into the guy.. the “lie” was just too horrific for me.

        2. That’s why I want to see Enzo wins. The Brigade was his idea. He was in charge of the jokers. While it’s true that he didn’t win much of anything, he pretty much guided those jokers early on, and kept the spirits of the Brigade strong.

    1. You know I kinda do too…even though it might be bad for Enzo.. I like Brit… I wish that her and Enzo would have talked more before Regans eviction.. I think Regans big mistake was talking to Lane and not Enzo.

      1. I can see that Lane is thinking that Hayden should have gone, now. He wants to end up with Brit. Besides wanting her there b/c he thinks he has a better chance, he really likes her. Wouldn’t it be funny if they were related? If Brit had voted to evict Hayden, Lane might have done the same, since he would have been the tie-breaker. Then Enzo would be gone next time. Enzo might have started the brigade and stayed loyal to it, but he has done nothing but floated, and saved himself from eviction once. He is disturbing to watch. Maybe even Brachel would be easier to watch, more than Enzo.

  12. The reason there is so much fat in sunflower seeds is because they make little sunflowers…they need lots of energy…fat… it’s like eating an embryo…yo!

  13. So will production fix so that Brit wins POV? We’ll see how much more production likes Britney than production liked Ragan and Matt. I really hope that she is evicted this week — she deserves to lose for having her head up Lane’s butt and evicting Matt and keeping Hayden.

    1. True we will see… but I think if they really liked her.. they would have geared the HOH more towards her with a quiz… which is what most of us were thinking. So as of now it appears the powers that be…want a Brigade member to win.

      1. They do like their drama though — so gearing it several times this season (Ragan, Brendon, Matt) were on the block and then SAVED — by a BB production manipulation ;). I can’t imagine they actually want to get rid of their fauxmance and have only sausages left. I hope though that Brit blows her fixed POV comp though. This horrid season deserves to have someone completely atrocious win.

    2. Why would they have to fix it? As it stands it is Brit & Lane against Enzo in the POV competition. Lane can out muscle Enzo and Brit can beat Enzo in any quiz. I think Meow Meow will choke on a mental fur ball, and will be on his way to the Jury House.

    1. “Quelquefois un rêve est ce qui vous fait un esclave .” In English this translates to, “Sometimes a dream is what makes you a slave.

  14. FAME – Enzo’s completely deluded. BIG BROTHER DOESN’T LEAD TO FAME. I keep up with the gossip rags (people, us weekly), the blogs (tmz, p hilton) and BB cast, after the initial win, is never discussed — unless they are going to jail for dealing drugs. V. much different than the Bachelor, the Apprentice, and Bachelor Pad — but Lane and Hayden aren’t handsome enough to be cast on that reality show. And many mags’s entertainment blogs (New York mag, The AV Club) don’t even recap BB – unlike Project Runway and Top Chef which are recapped on many.

    1. I voted for Dawg this time. First, I voted for Matt. The next week, I voted for Ragan. Now I voted for Dawg — hope that doesn’t mean Dawg is getting evicted this week!

    2. problem is Britney most likely was raised by a moron Obama slacker who think we need to share the wealth with everyone outside of America.

  15. Ok so. we know the CBS viewership is up…somehow this season has the highest ratings of any other BB….??????????… (enzo) .haha………. anyway I would be really intersted in seeing if the showtime AD had any new viewers and if the live feed subscribers are up… that seems to me like a better bellweather indicator of actual interest. Otherwise it could be lack of other crappy programming and shitty economy.

    1. I’ve said it before ;) but I’ll say it again. . . I was a very occasional viewer in past years. BUT this year (until it pissed me off with its fakeness), I was watching because I’m unemployed … and you have a LOT of extra time when you are unemployed. Last year, late nights at work and several vacations to other places as well as business trips — this year, home and the tv.

    2. New fans account for this. I know a lot of young new fans that got into BB last season ( mainly because of the showmance and Lydia n Jesse fans) The younger generation are becoming fans and we think this season owns. ANd it’s awesome how Brigade, a bunch of do dos, are running the house that is filled with superfans that have been watching the show since they were like 12 (Brit). Brigade forever!

  16. Funny enough… they all think Matt and Regans reunion is going to be some kinda Rachel and Brendan hate fest… but I bet… when Regan hears from them ( and you konw they are
    going to run to tell him ) about Matt’s lie… Regan is going to be sick. He played his game for his friend and voted and stratigized to save him…he is going to be far more friendly with Rachel and Brenadn. I cannot wait to see it.

    1. Yeah, I was finally glad they showed the Jury house…And Matt telling the jury about his lie, was more drama than in the past few weeks in the real house…..

  17. I think production is setting this up for a Brigade showdown..and forcing Lane to choose Brit or Brigade…that’s really the only potential drama left…right??? yo!

    1. I was thinking the same thing but I don’t think they can find a comp for lane to win. He couldn’t even get the first CD right during OTEV. Lol. Enzo will out hustle and out jump him in a physical comp and Brit will beat lane in a Q & A comp. So it doesn’t look like lane will get to choose. Unless they do that black Jack comp again. Lol. But I think he just lucked out on that one by Regan choking.

    1. Gut feeling? Of course Hayden will put Lane up against Britney and let the veto determine the events of the week. If he does, and either Enzo or Hayden wins PoV then nominations stay the same. Enzo would then have to decide who he has a better chance beating if he makes the finals. Lane could go home.

    2. pay back time for Hairden, Lame and Bitcney will be on the block.
      Lame walked right into this. It would be funny if Bitcney wins the POV,
      who goes to the JH, Bozo or Lame?

  18. Enzo is driving me insane in the hoh room smacking when he eats, licking his fingers, chewing with his mouth open!! i had to push the mute button several times. Where did he get his manners from .

    1. Enzo has no manners. He gets on my last nerves. Was this man raised by wild dogs or something. he eats like a dog, he plays with his gooch all day long. Imagine what he does when no cameras are around. Who would want to live with this idiot? He is the neanderthal, not Brendon. Are these hg crazy? They actually like him, why? What has he done for them, nothing. This season sucked. I could care less who wins at this point, as long as it’s not Enzo! I’ll be glad when he gets out and reads the blogs and other boards, maybe he’ll change his behavior.

      1. Well said. Enzo is the crudest houseguest ever. So inbred-crude he doesn’t even know he’s crude … That sunflower episode on AD last night was just another round. I saw Hayden give him a dirty look. Enzo is a pig…. It was bad enough with the sunflower seeds, but then h e was in the kitchen shoving chip crumbs in his mouth and smacking those. Ugh.

          1. Okay, I keep hearing the “Michelle” reference and I missed something here. Who is Michelle and who is Marco? I must have fast forwarded and missed it!

    1. No shit! But Brigade said they didn’t want Brit to cry. Makes sense. They don’t want her to feel completely vulnerable. Good decision even though i really wanted to see the t shirts.

  19. Lane wins PoV = Enzo leaves
    Brit wins PoV = Enzo leaves
    Enzo wins PoV = Lane or Brit leaves
    knowing Enzo’s winning streak(1 PoV) chances are he leaves.

  20. Thank god Matty iniatiated the lie from the beginning eh folks?..Gives all those who haven’t been on their soapbox lately the ability to preach about how terrible someone is. Matt is Matt..you are you. If you think it’s terrible to do what he did..don’t do it. The fact he did it doesn’t mean he kills kittens and rolls the infirmed. He did something he believed would get him further in a game. Big F***kin deal. If you buy a german car does that mean you have no sympathy for halocaust victims/survivors? Get the f**k over it. At the very least he brought awareness to an obviously little know disease. Only good can come from the awareness.

    1. I agree. I don’t know why Kathy got so upset. It’s just a game. I probably wouldn’t lie like that about a loved one, but it’s no big deal. I might have gotten upset if I were there and Matt was in the final two and I actually gave him my vote because of that reason. But they’re all in the jury house and he told them the truth (which he didn’t even have to do that). Has anyone watched Survivor? A contestant name Johnny actually told everyone that his grandmother died while he was there. He cried and everything. He did it for sympathy. I don’t remember everyone getting mad about it when they found out it was a lie. I like Kathy, but she was acting a little self righteous if you ask me. I understand she had cancer, but he didn’t tell everyone his wife was dying from cancer. Rachel and Brenden were only saying it was wrong because they’re too stupid to think for themselves.

      1. kathy does a right to be upset but kathy is also the same person who was the biggest two faced hypocrite in the house and rachel and brendan probably just felt bad that kathy was upset about it, so they were showing her support

    2. they have a right to be upset, but now knowing some of things lane has done and what ragan and brit have said I don’t care about the lie anymore

    3. It struck me as kind of funny last night when Rachel told Matt he needed to leave the room (because the three of them were not going to leave it) and he said no I’m not going to leave the room with such a “you idiot” attitude toward Rachel. I think it went right over her head though.

    4. I totally agree! It’s a risky move and I think after this, future competiters will think twice, but geez, it’s a game for money! The gloves come off and all is fair! Johnny Fairplay was dastardly and it was GREAT T.V.! That is his one claim to fame. After this, people will become more jaded and skeptical of contestants using the sympathy card, and they should be! It shouldn’t interfere with anyones game. They are ALL there to win (except for Brendan apparantly because he wanted to give his spot away to Rachel.) Brendan should have been on The Bachelor instead. Any money that he wins will go staight to Rachel and then she will return to the Bunny Ranch.

  21. Attention Posters!
    Since the game is winding down. I suggest you guys pull out your credit cards and make a donation to this site. I will donate my money next week. I’m not rich, but I think I can give $25. It’s worth it. This is much cheaper than going out and pay for fun, (no, I’m not talking about hiring a stripper). I’m talking about going out and just blow your money on stupid stuff.

  22. Does Hair really have a chance? Everyone left in the house thinks he is such a nice guy and has jury votes. I do not think any of them want to be setting beside him in the final 2. He will probably be gone next.

  23. I dont know about you. But if they had a 24 hour link to the jury house. I think I would rather watch it than the boring people left in the house. Rachel may have been annoying as hell, and Brandon the biggest douch bag I may have ever seen on TV, but at least they were entertaining.

  24. Not getting rid of Hayden is coming back to bite Lane on the ass.. He should have
    listened to Ragan. Looks like everything Ragan predicted is going to come true.

  25. I wonder about Brit’s ‘fake fiancee’ too. I think she copied the fiancee idea from Nasty(BB11) who had Napolean like delusions.
    She thought America would love to watch her wedding on TV and hustled CBS to pay for it(ha, ha, ha). I remember Julie’s sarcastic smile when Nasty proposed the idea to her.

    Maybe Brit has a Nasty angle we have not thought of, yet.

    She does have a shallow, Nasty Mother, for sure. Brit said on BBAD that her mother goes to church only to make fun of people’s shoes and to say how disgusting they are for wearing such a ‘horrible’ thing in church.
    She also said her Mother is even worse to people than she is. If you can imagine that.
    And, that she will be so mad if Brit does not win the half mil.. ‘

    People like that should not be awarded half million dollars. I can’t wait to see the little skunk go home to Mother skunk, with her tail between her legs and empty handed..
    “The apple doesn’t fall too far off from the tree.”

  26. I guess that Lane really wants Brit to win the pov? That way she can put out a brigade member not him. He actually has a good gameplan even though he might have done it accidentally, he just doesn’t seem like the brightest light on the christmas tree.

  27. Enzo is a cretin, a funny one, but still a cretin, YO. Lane is a tool, although fed the right lines he can be mildly entertaining. Britney is just a plain old mean girl through and through. Hayden is boring and bland but at least he seems to be a nicer person in general. Can’t stand any of them but there has to be a weiner so I’m pulling for Hayden. I hope next season is better………………. *YAWN*

    BTW way BB production, y’all really screwed up this year. Most boring season yet with boring HG’s (mostly). Shake things up for us next year, will ya? Get back to the roots of this game and quit micro managing everyone.

  28. Im so happy ragan went home. He needs to get booted from the show.
    I cant still cant believe what he said about the sticking needled with infected aids to the kid in africa. To know that one of my best friends has a adopted kid with aids and she watches the live feed and hear that. I just want to cry for her. Also his other comment about raping children. WTF! how can someone be that cruel. He complains that rachel says something about being gay but look what he is saying. I cant wait till he get out of the house and sees all what he did. He thinks america loves him. NOT TRUE!

    1. Unfortunately unless you have the live feeds or read message boards like this one, America doesn’t have a clue how vile Ragan is (thanks to CBS editing).

  29. Oh come on people, it wasn’t the most micromanaged game, Big Brother was coaxing Lane to get Ragan to stay in the house and provide greater entertainment. Last season was FAR more controlled than this one with the nauseating Jeff/Jordan showmance crap, sure it was far more entertaining but I would bet big brother was a lot happier about the results there than this season, this one is more like BB9 when Adam won, sort of a boring ending between the Bros at the end that dragged the old lady with them. And even Dan’s season was probably more controlled than this one, he was the favorite and the favorite won. Jeff and Jordan were the favorites and Jordan won. Evil Dick was the favorite and the favorite won. You want big brother to make it more fake not less. If it’s real it’s not entertaining.

    1. I liked dan and I was happy he won but keesha was my favorite, evil dick was not my favorite at all, I was happy jordan won but Jeff was my favorite

  30. Enzo is such a pig. Cannot eat w/o making pig noises and looks at himself in the mirror whenever he sees one. This an italian thing?

  31. How can anyone deny the Brigades accomplishments?
    HoH 1 – Hayden wins
    HoH 2 – Brigade had a big part in getting Britt n Monet nominated
    HoH 3 – Brigade wins (everyone else forfeited but still a win) and gets out Brenchel’s strongest ally (by coincidence but still)
    HoH 4 – Brigade votes out Kristen
    HoH 5 – Brigade wins. Showmance is over
    HoH 6 – Brigade convinces Brit to out Matt (who was forming another alliance and testing the waters of his current)
    HoH 7 – Brigade controls Brendon.
    HoH 8 – Brigade wins.
    HoH 9 – Brigade wins.
    The Brigade totally owned this house from day 1. A little bit a luck maybe but either way they ran this game. Even more than production tried too.

    1. 1 hayden doesn’t get credit for that was a group comp
      2 matt and rachel got monet out not the brigade
      3 brendan and rachel were the targets again they took out andrew not rachel
      4 they don’t get credit for voting someone out, kristen wasn’t their target
      5 matt got rachel out not the brigade
      6 they tried controlling brendan to have brit put up, but brendan put matt up matt used dpov and kathy was evicted no help from brigade
      7 this week the actually did something only because brit is an idiot and has her up lane’s ass(they got matt out)and then hayden just barely beat brendan and evicted brendan
      8 lane wins hoh because no else is left to compete against
      9 hayden wins hoh because no else is left to compete against
      so the brigade controlled one week

      1. I see you have a biased opinion about the Brigade working the house. I will argue just one of your rebuttals.

        When Rachel won HoH and she was talking to Haden, Hayden recommended putting up Brit and Monet because it would cause the least uproar. I forget who Rachel suggested.

        Do you not recall this event? (you are not the only one. A majority of the posters on OBB are blinded by prejudice towards Brigade)

        1. hayden had nothing to do with it , rachel did what rachel wanted to do, brit and monet were going up because they were stupid and could not hide their hate for rachel
          as far as the brigade matt controlled alot of the house but the other three did absolutely nothing except get matt out of the house

          1. Brit and Monet went up because they were girls and Rachel was jealous. She wanted all the attention. She couldn’t stand having pretty girls with real boobs, real hair and no need for botox stealing her thunder and tempting “her man”. She couldn’t stand that they got along with the guys. That was Kristen’s sin too. Being a girl. Rachel did what Rachel wanted, even when Brendon gave her good advice.

            1. they went on the block because they were stupid and opened their mouths, don’t let the hoh know you don’t like them
              kristen was even worse, as soon as rachel won she was fighting with her, and then wouldn’t except rachel’s apology
              you don’t have to be sincere just act like you like them

    1. Because he is a pig. Everything is all about Enzo. Even somone else’s HOH snacks — he totally chomped and smacked that bag of Beef jerky — the jerk. He was disgusting last night. Enzo talks mostly about himself and is always preening and checking himself out in the mirror — I’d be so happy if he goes. He disgusts me.

      He’s useless and disgusting and could only win that POV by physically knocking Ragan aside. AND BB permitted it.
      BB has been giving Enzo a pass all the way through. I find him so totally repulsive in so many ways — go home Enzo!

    1. Everytime Hayden brings up Steamboat Springs Colorado you drink. He brings it up every couple minutes so it’s a great game to play if you want to get plastered

      1. Between the life long friends and Steamboat, I have been walking around in an alcohol induced stupor these past few weeks. It does make it easier to watch these idiots though. I cancelled the feeds, but it turns out they are still on because they are paid up until the 12th so I keep checking in hoping Lane has grown a pair. I have looked at the polls on lots of sites and the brigade isn’t as popular with the fans as they think. There are some polls that have Andrew and Annie with more fans than Enzo and Hayden. One poll I saw, the only people they are beating are Kathy and Monet. Funny enough, the consensus is that Brendon is the most popular with Brit in second place. It looks like Brendon will win the fans choice prize. I dislike him, but in this group of morons I concede that he is one of the few that deserve any money at all. Well, I am out for now. Got to get more supplies from the liquor store before Hayden gets out of bed.

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