Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Bragade sleep the day away.. … .

12:15pm Lane and Hayden in jumanji room sleeping

12:19pm Enzo sleeping in the backyard.. he occasionally moves it’s riveting

(Thats pretty much all they have been doing today in the BB house… )

12:53pm Lane rolls over..

2:00pm Still sleeping yo

2:35pm Enzo and Hayden are in the backyard.. Enzo tells Hayden even if Lane takes him, he thinks Hayden will win the whole thing. Enzo says that Hayden killed in the competitions in the end and that the jury will see that and vote for him. Hayden thinks each one of them has a good chance of winning it in the end. Enzo says that when the jury member’s find out about the brigade, he thinks the jury will be mad at all of them. Enzo says that he thinks Matt, Ragan and Brendon will get over being mad and vote for who they think played the game the best. Enzo believes Kathy will vote for Lane. Hayden doesn’t agree and says that he thinks Kathy will vote for him. Enzo says that it sucks to be in this position because he can’t do anything to change it, It’s all up to Lane and Hayden. Hayden says that it’s a tough spot but you still got a chance, don’t pack it in. Hayden tries to give Enzo hope but For the most part Enzo is feeling like he’s out of the game. Hayden says that he thinks he would have beaten him in the last competition. Hayden says that Britney said that Enzo had the best social game out of everyone in the house. Enzo says I don’t think so they are going to chew me out. Enzo brings up the Saboteur and wonders why CBS dropped such a weak power in the game. Hayden doesn’t know he thinks things would of been more interesting if Annie had stuck around a couple more weeks or maybe closer to the end.

3pm Hayden and Enzo are awake and in the backyard. Neither of them are talking. Hayden is sitting on the backyard couch staring off into the distance. Enzo is across the yard stretching. Enzo then goes over to the pool table and starts playing pool by himself. Enzo starts walking around the backyard. After a long time of silence Hayden asks if it is hot on his feet. Enzo says no that he is just warming up and just going to walk for a bit. Hayden says that it would be nice to have punching bag in the backyard. Enzo says yeah to take some frustration out on … especially after this week. Enzo says that he doesn’t understand why he has to stay around another week when they already know he lost. Enzo then says its almost over with man. Enzo goes over to the hot tub and sits down. Enzo asks Hayden if he is stressed out or something? Hayden says yeah … and that he is trying to block it out and just think about how next week he will be with his family…. Enzo says yeah .. Then back to silence..
3:20pm – 3:35pm Enzo gets called to the diary room. Enzo stands up and says DUH! Hayden heads inside soon after and looks around in the kitchen then goes to the jumanji room. Hayden then goes into the storage room looks in the fridge and then leaves with out getting anything. Hayden heads back to the kitchen and yells to Lane in the bathroom if he wants to grill for lunch. Lane says yeah. Hayden asks him if he wants turkey burgers for lunch. Lane says yeah. Hayden and Lane are in the kitchen complaining about how whinny Enzo is being and how annoying he has been since he lost. They talk about how he has just given up and that he is ruining their experience.

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3:40pm Lane and Hayden are in the kitchen talking about how cool it would be to get to do amazing race like Jeff and Jordan. Hayden is making the turkey burgers while Lane sits at the kitchen table. Hayden says that even just to get paid to come back and host competitions would be cool. Even getting paid to go to bars. Lane says yeah we’re gonna go anyways …we might as well get paid to go. Enzo comes out of the diary room and says those DR’s! They talk about how they’re making turkey burgers.

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Hayden goes out to put the burgers on the grill. Enzo says to Lane I am a BLANK do-do … I lost to Kathy in that competition!! Enzo says that no matter who Lane takes he is winning ….and not to let Hayden or the DR tell him anything different. Hayden comes back inside and Enzo is silent. Enzo says that today has gone by quick yo! They think that their families will be coming into LA on the Monday. Hayden heads back outside. Lane says that he knows he has a better chance at winning against Enzo. Enzo says that he loves both of them and wont talk bad about them. Enzo says that no matter what anyone says Lane will win against him (Enzo). Lane says that he knows Hayden wants him to take him if he wins. Enzo says that he respects Lane which decision he makes. Enzo says that he even asked Britney that both Lane and Enzo have a chance to win and that they should take each other. Enzo says that isn’t upset but that he is just mad that he had it in his hands and he lost it. Lane says that now all he has left is a dinky quiz. Enzo says $500,000 is a lot of money think of your family bro! Lane says but he had all those people telling him that if he took Enzo ….Enzo would win. Enzo says yeah if I won the last competitions … but not now … Hayden comes back inside and then conversation stops.

4pm Enzo asks if the burgers are almost done. Lane says that he thinks he will take 3 showers to day … that will waste like 3 hours. Lane says that showers are the best part of his day. Hayden leaves again. Enzo tells Lane that he has the power …and that its his choice. Enzo says that none of them want to take Hayden because he is the best player. Enzo says that if he thinks he can win against Hayden then go do it but thats a lot of money. Enzo says that you don’t want to lose at the end and think back I should have taken Enzo. Enzo says that he has faith in Lane and that he knows he can win. Enzo says that at this point he has to think about his family. Enzo says that people wont vote for me, I only won one competition. Lane says that if he wins he will take Enzo. Hayden brings the burgers in and they start eating.. They talk about how the diary room has told them that Enzo’s wife is hot.. Enzo says that Lane can tell her that she is beautiful but just leave out the name calling …like saying she is sexy.. Enzo starts talking about his wife and how she is a little taller than Britney. They talk about the family they will have coming to the finale.

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4:15pm – 4:30pm Enzo says that he has so much respect for his wife ….after you go through a pregnancy with a girl …I could never do anything.. even with Jennifer Aniston. They talk about how his wife is going to be more famous than he will be. Lane asks Enzo if his wife was asked to do a porno for a million dollars would he do it?! Enzo says is the dude wearing a condom yo?! They laugh. They head out into the backyard to toss the football around. They talk about going to football games together and being on the Jumbotron with fans screaming for them… They continue to talk about football as they throw around the football.

7:21pm Backyard Bragade Lane is telling them about flying and how he had to have g force testing. Hayden is asking lane if he can fly them around to make bar appearances. Lane says sure just cut what the time it takes to drive in half. Enzo wants to just drive, Enzo: “I don’t want us to end up like bla bla lambaba”. Enzo goes on about how much he love everything about Airplanes. He loves there smell, smoke, looks, even airports, he’s always been fascinated by them. Lane tells him he should go and get his licenses it’s not too hard. Lane explains that the only reason they bought a Cessna was because in order to get a license you need to rent a plane which is more expensive then to buy the plane and use that with the instructor.
7:36pm They start playing pool talking about how much money John Travolta has. Lane tells them about the 747 Travolta owns and flys… Lane says when they get out of the house there going to meet an all new group of friends. enzo: “I want to know important people after this I want to know people that know someone that can do important BLANK..” Lane and Enzo start joking about getting agents. Lane to enzo: “I’m telling you your going to have people approach you after this”. Enzo: “Yeah you are to”…..

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252 thoughts on “Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Bragade sleep the day away.. … .

      1. I don’t know what PLC is, but I’ve been gone all day, so I got a question here:
        Did Lane win something while I was gone? I see 2/3 on his picture, while Hayden got 1/3.
        If there is another story, I may have overlooked it.

          1. Oh thanks BBBill. I don’t know what I was thinking. When I saw the 2/3, I took it literally as in 2 third of something, like Lane won 2 out of 3, and not part 2.

      2. Come on don’t beat up on him…. As far as that goes Brittney would sculpt it for all of you if she had plaster right now. Let us not forget what she would say about Kristen’s vagina. She even commented on it during Brittney’s last week there.

      1. You’ve won the award, so why continue with your sad commentary? I think “Allison Grodner” and “AG” should be added to the filter for this site. Simon, please!

    1. Brad, be careful. The people here are very selective on the words you can use. I mean, it doesn’t bother me, but there are a lot of sensitive bloggers. With that being said, Brit’s clit really is cute. It’s out there for all the world to see. But, she won’t be America’s favorite player. No way.

  1. So Boring! The finale should be Sunday instead of next Wednesday. Nothing interesting is going to happen – so reason to watch BBAD or the feeds. We all know Hayden will win the final HOH and take Lane to F2. The JH will vote for Hayden to win. Britney will get America’s vote for the $25k.

    1. Why does Brit have to be the 25k winner! No, No, Hell No!
      My choice is Brendon, but many people don’t want him. So – let’s just give the money to Simon or Dawg! (still voting for Brendon on CBS) but we should tell CBS that Simon or Dawg made the season and if they want us to keep watchcing – then Simon or Dawg should win because imo – this site has makes BB much better to watch and much more fun!!

      1. I cant believe why any american would vote Brit as America’s Choice… she was a pond for the brigade and road their shirt tales… did what they told her… another words she played their game till they had no more use for her… At least Brendon played his heart out and stuck around longer then the so called brain…He had to fight from day one… just because of what the BRA-GADE labled him… Come on America … BRENDON was up against the whole house and still stayed longer . We all know he would of beat Brit out and the Ragman …lol… Plus he didnt go around slandering everyone in the house the minute their backs were turned… ok.. he had a bad moment …. listening to Rachel would of sent me for a loop too… Didnt hear much tho when Regan through the disc and hit EGO ENZO in the head… I VOTE FOR BRENDON. ps… he is the only one that hasnt recieved anything other then Kathy …

        1. Hey boredom – with a name like that – you couldn’t have picked a better name for supporting Brit! She was a bore and her game was a bore! Brit’s not going to win and if she does – it’s a disgrace!!!

          1. britney fans keep saying brendon played for rachel, but they can’t see that britney played for lane which means she played for hayden and enzo also, at least brendon fought to stay in the house every week

    2. no no no …..Brendon for AC…Britney does NOT deserve it. Brendon at least really played the game and tried after Rachel left. If he hadn’t hooked up with her he would still be there!

      1. brendon doesn’t deserve the money. britney played harder in each competetion than he did. and like u said he started playing AFTER rachel left, he should have played hard since day 1.

            1. Brit got used. She didn’t last long because she had a great social game, she lasted long because the BG (Lane specifically) could use her. And they did.

        1. how were the rest of them any better, instead of playing the game all they did was make personal attacks on brendon and rachel, and then brendon and rachel are supposed to kiss their ass

      2. The best moment of the last episode was the look on Brendon’s face when he realized what a she-beast he blew the game for.

        He’s needy. And he let that get in the way of his game.

        Brit was hilarious, good at comps and she didn’t have a team most of the game. Brendon had She-beast who was the main target between the two of them.

    1. I know, I just watched part of season 10 again, and that cast knew how to play big brother, except for maybe ollie and even ollie is better than these losers

  2. Brit could win only because people who only watch the cbs overly editted shows dont know what she is really like and what she has done versus being the pretty little princess she appears to be on the cbs show

    1. I watch the feeds and I voted Brit. Yes, she was trashing everyone, but I cannot vote for Brendon. None of the others are even in the running. If it’s between Brit and Brendon, then I vote for Brit. As vicious as she was, she was funny. I can’t get over the sight of Brendon gloating when he won, following Rachel around like a puppy, or whining when he lost.

      1. everything you are making fun of brendon for, britney is guilty of, she followed lane around like a lost puppy all the time
        and every time she lost she would whine and cry ,boo hoo I don’t want to go home
        boo hoo I gave up a lot to be here
        the difference is brendon never made it personal

        1. Britny just couldn’t keep her hands out of her mouth..that bugged the crap outta me….biting her lip,picking her lip,etc…it’s a wonder she didn’t put a hole in it…..but I still voted for her,she was funny and WAY more intelligent than these 3 dodos

        2. Brit has crotch rot. She played a terrible game and was a terrible person. She spent most of her time kissing Lane’s ass and worrying about Rach. She is an insecure person who could not even give a shout out to her fiance. She thinks Lane has money or will win money. She will split from Nick and sleep with Lane and then Lane’s brother. SOOOOOEEEHHHHHHH!!!

      2. He was so pathetic when he though she was at the Malibu house and he was running around whining Rachel. If he didn’t hook up with her then he would have had normal fans. His fans are desperate losers who stick up for all of his ridiculous behavior. I havento admit that I did like him in the jury house when he kept his mouth shut during the Rachel/ragan argument but he does not deserve AC.

    2. Amen to that. CBS calls this glorified game show a reality show? Britney and Ragan would both be looked at MUCH differently if everyone would have seen the real way they acted throughout the season instead of their highly edited versions. I actually view them as lower than Rachel and I can’t stand her.

      1. so very true .. watch every night and the mouth and things, statements and comments coming from those too pieces of trash …. nothing more then slanderous… would love to see them in a court of law…. BRITNEY was trashy from day one with what she had to say …not only about rachel but every female in the house .. exept Mona… but then again they were budds from the start … spent their whole day trashing instead of getting to know anyone …

        1. yeah cuz ur toatally not trashy talking trash about her on the internet. yup ur so different from her. wow thanks for clearing that up!

          1. How is it you can’t see there is a difference in boredom’s comments and the comments Britney made on the show? All boredom did was point out the facts based on observing her behavior. We all saw it. Britney trashed talk everyone, that’s just the truth. Boredom made an observation, Britney was vulgar and insulting, she made personal attacks based on her own nasty fictional ideas, and this was done behind everyone’s back. A comment on a message board that points out actual behavior is not trash talk. See the difference?

            1. Correction: replace “boredom” in this post with MEM. MEM is the one that pointed out the facts, “boredom” is the one who can’t tell the difference.

        2. Completely agree…couldn’t stand her from day one…even stopped watching BBAD because of her and Ragan…truly boring season and this last week is such a waste…should end on Sunday…I am voting for Brendon!

        3. Actualy, CBS did air some real bad Brit speak. My mother was visiting early in the season and Brittney and Monet where trash talking about Rachel’s fake Boobs, and Kristens Vagina and some comments about Kathy. Then Rachel got trashy in the HoH room. All I heard about after that was how could I watch such trashy people. Here is the only quote I can remember from that visit.
          “Those girls should be ashamed of themselves. They have filthy little mouths.”

        1. Wow “boredom”, you seem to be on your own on this one. The overwhelming consensus is that Britney and Ragan were awful because of the way they trashed other people constantly. You must have been limited to the CBS edited version of them. If you had seen the live stuff you would sing a different tune.

          1. nope boredom is not alone.i think Britney and Ragan were hilarious.except for a few things Ragan said,he was really funny.Britney was hilarious.i vote britney for america’s player.

                1. I have to be ugly just because I don’t like britney, oh yeah you got me I’m just so jealous of britney, my dream is too played by the dumbest guys on the planet, I’m just so jealous

            1. I am voting Britney too. I follow the blogs and I thought Brit and ragan were funny. The only person I really hated this season was Rachel. She was entertaining but that girl is clueless. She is nothing like she thinks she is and hopefully Brendan doesn’t waste too much time on her.

              1. To be honest, having seen his face in the jury house after her little snit fit, I don’t give the post-show relationship more than a week. But I hope it goes longer. Those two deserve each other.

        2. well bordem.. you are intitled to an oppinion… I must say you are the bulb that burned out… or the knife that needs to be sharpened. Not everyone is talking trash about Brit.. they are all just stating fact…. you know something that is true …. seen live … uncut … Must admit tho.. getting a kick reading you ignorence … you are so refreshing NOT…. how about you order the whole season uncut and get back to us …lol … you make me laugh .

      2. I agree and the people that say she was entertaining are sick if they think someone trashing another human being all day every day is entertaining then I feel sorry for you. I hope Brendon gets the 25G’s

        1. I agree, this game is not about trash talking and personal attacks, this game is about trying to win 500,000 dollars, I want to see people play the game not insult people to make themselves feel better

      1. The polls at are not fool proof, I had polls with them last year. The posts that have been around the longest have Brendon winning the newer polls have Brit winning. Not everyone is going back and voting on the new post. And most people don’t know where they are. They just vote for the HG on the main page, which does not tell us who is winning.

        Old 8/30/10
        BRENDON 33% [ 1462 ]
        BRITNEY 20% [ 897 ]
        Total Votes : 4457

        New 9/9/10
        Brendon 21% [ 548 ]
        Britney 55% [ 1457 ]
        Total Votes : 2644

    3. I watch the feeds as well and BBAD and still vote Brit. Brendon was willing to walk away and give it all up for Rachel. He was winning and doing just to please her not to actually play the game. Besides, if he did win it. it would be just that much more money in Rachel’s purse because there’s no way she’s walking away from free money!

    4. Yeah,I agree,and I almost voted for Matt,but my g/f can’t let go of the cancer lie….I can,I think it was gameplay…for 500K….but I think I’m in the minority on that one….oh well,pretty much all losers in my book

    5. Rachel works for tips. Someone like her doesn’t end up with someone like Brendon because Brendon’s mother would talk him out of it. She ends up a trophy wife, then a regret.

      By the time she’s 40, Rachel will have been married 4 times, be on her 40th plastic surgery procedure and she won’t be recognizable. Especially since her prescription drug habit will have her looped most of the time.

      Brendon, on the other hand, will have a series of long term relationships, none of them will end in marriage, because most women a guy like Brendon would pursue have enough options to know not to commit to someone so needy. At 50, he’ll still be pursuing much younger women, hoping to save them from something, and always disappointed.

      Just a guess.

  3. I’ve decided that when the end is this predictible and stupid the live feeds or at least BBAD should split between the house & the Jury house. Whoever is more entertaining.

    I feel for ya Simon & Dawg right now. I can’t even make it thru BBAD without wanting to gouge my eyes out and I’m sure my ears are bleeding when the Brigade talks of their future plans – as if that will really happen.

    Just when I have time to keep up with the comments – it’s so awful! Oh well, I’m a fan and will watch to the end.

  4. The HGs spend their last days sleeping: what a fitting end to the season.

    BB might try requiring all the HGs to sing instead of speak these last few days (no known tunes allowed, of course, for copyright reasons)– . “Big Brother the Comic Opera”: I might even watch the live feeds. Include the finale show, w/ love duets by Brendon/Rachel, Ragan/Matt etc.

  5. Notes on BOREDOM, to break up the boredom:
    Boredom is an emotional state experienced during periods lacking activity or when individuals are uninterested in their surroundings. The first record of the word boredom is in the novel Bleak House by Charles Dickens, written in 1852.
    …… boredom arises not from a lack of things to do but from the inability to latch onto any specific activity.
    …..Although boredom is often viewed as a trivial and mild irritant, proneness to boredom has been linked to a very diverse range of possible psychological, physical, educational, and social problems.
    ….. Boredom is a condition characterized by perception of one’s environment as dull, tedious, and lacking in stimulation. This can result from leisure and a lack of aesthetic interests.
    ….. According to Erich Fromm, boredom is “perhaps the most important source of aggression and destructiveness today.” For Fromm, the search for thrills and novelty that characterizes consumer culture are not solutions to boredom, but mere distractions from boredom such as in any instance of waiting.
    …..In the novel The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde (1854–1900), the character Lord Henry Wotton says to a young Dorian Gray: “The only horrible thing in the world is ennui, Dorian. That is the one sin for which there is no forgiveness.”
    …..John Sebastian, Iggy Pop, the Deftones, Buzzcocks, and Blink-182 have all written songs with boredom mentioned in the title. Other songs about boredom and activities people turn to when bored include Green Day’s song “Longview”, System of a Down’s “Lonely Day”, and Bloodhound Gang’s “Mope”. Douglas Adams depicted a robot named Marvin the Paranoid Android whose boredom appeared to be the defining trait of his existence in The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

  6. The voting poll on the CBS site shows Brendon with the most votes for america’s favorite. If folks don’t want him to win, they better get on it.

      1. That poll is great! Go Brendon!! !
        Thanks Rhyseizure for the info!!!!!
        You Brit voters – I think it’s time to concede and just let Brit go home with no more than her 10grand.

        1. ya there’ll probably be like millions voting and there happy over a 4thousand people vote,geeeez my poll says enzos ahead and theres 25 people voting in my poll. whoever bb wants to win will win,it might be britney, it looks like shes the face of this season,and maybe enzo because bb loves him.

    1. Yes. Wednesday night. Hayden VS Lane.
      then whoever wins gets to pick who they want to go up against in the Final, and the jury will vote for the winner.
      All indications point to Hayden and Lane both choosing each other to take to the Final, so it’s basically a done deal and no shot for Enzo.
      Hayden will win by a landslide. the only vote Lane will get is Britney’s.
      Lane is viewed by all the houseguests as the biggest floater. He had 2 life vests on, the whole time: the Bra-gade, & Britney.

        1. If he wins HoH, Lane has absolutely no chance to win vs Hayden so why not take a chance against Enzo in the finals instead? No chance (against Hayden) vs who knows (against Enzo). Hmmmm…I’d take Enzo.

        2. Lane never intended to take Hayden, still doesn’t. He’s stupid, but not a complete idiot. Hayden’s only chance is if he wins final HOH.

          1. No, Lane’s brotherly-love towards Hayden outweighs his hunger for half a mill.
            It’s kindof admirable. He knows Hayden’s family doesn’t have a lot of money.

            1. Lane knows the golden rule: ” In the Big Brother game, you park your sympathy at the door.”
              I believe Lane will take Enzo with him to the final 2.

  7. BB should make these guys perform everyday like the circus animals they are. They should not be allowd to sleep the days away.

  8. Enzo, “I’ve got Fan Clubs, gotta schedule tour dates.” Puhhhhleeeezzzzeee tell me he is joking! He is going to be slapped so hard with reality, he may never recover!

          1. Dude, don’t know what you are smokin’, but you might want to get a refund. I highly doubt Oprah and Obama have a clue about Enzo. As far as Enzo, the only song he will write will be “Yo, the meow meow is a whipped boy”.

            1. you didnt watch obamas speech today at the end he said god bless america meow meow.and oprah said her number one favorite thing is meow meow, and interscope records already have a contract ready for enzo, i know because dr dres my homie. so stop hatin dude just get a pen and paper ready for enzos autograph. bra-gade!!

  9. Is there a possibility Lane would take Enzo to the final two, if he were happened to win this next competition. I’m just thinking, neither would win against Hayden, but against each other. I don’t know.

    1. I hope Lane can see through Enzo’s rationale. That is Enzo’s only chance to get $500,000 or $50,000–make Lane think he can beat Enzo. Lane will lose to either one of the others. Enzo does not deserve 2nd place!

      1. Yeah, nobody puts Enzo in the corner!

        If I wanted Lane to win, (I don’t), I’d be for him to take ManKathy with him and win the 500K. Enzo would be so happy with the 50K he could quit one of his seven full time jobs.

        But at this point the only enjoyment I can get out of the finale is seeing Enzo leave with nothing. So I just hope that Hayden and Lane take each other to the finale. Of that couple of idiots, it’s impossible to care who gets the money. But I just want to see Enzo skunked.

        If a lump of garbage like him gets anything more than the minimum per diem every HG earns, then there’s no justice left in the world. Or something like that…

  10. enzo enzo is a major floater. he hung on to to the coattails of the rest of the brigade. he was was true to the brigade because that was the only way he stood a change to stay in the game

    1. yeah, but Lane was by far the biggest floater. Enzo had to go into the trenches and act like he was in an alliance with Brendon. Enzo could not stand Brendon but he sacrificed it to make sure Brendon doesn’t target the Bra-gade.
      All Lane did was flirt with Britney the whole time. That was easy as pie since they both liked each other. And Lane also had the Bra-gade keeping him safe as well. This boy had it way easy! And even now he’s got Hayden giving him a piggyback into the Final 2.
      Lane is the biggest floater since Jordan.

      1. Lance – you’re absolutely right. Whether she knew about the Brigade or not – she lied to Brendon to stay off the block and then rode Lane’s coattails until the Brigade voted her out! She doesn’t get my vote!

        1. She lied to Brendon because she had to. And he wasn’t going to put her up anyway. His SheBeast had already instructed him to oust Matt. Brendon was too whipped at that point to think for himself. So he was getting greedy asking Brit for safety.

          So if someone wins HOH and calls every other HG into the HOH room and makes a deal with all but one that they are not the real target in exchange for keeping the HOH safe the following week, does everyone have to agree and then keep that promise to be good gameplay in your book?

          The only thing Brendon did well in the house was play competitions. But you can only ride that so long in this game. You need guile, you need to be strategic, you need to play the social game.

          Identifying other people as targets and getting other HGs to go along with it, without becoming a major target yourself, is perhaps the most important skill in the house. But in the end you should be able to win SOMETHING, which is why I don’t give Enzo a pass for having only one aspect to his game. He demostrates what a true floater is. He relied on everyone else and in the end couldn’t win a single thing, save for the time he manhandled the 105 lb weakling for a POV.

          So Hayden & Lane do both deserve to be considered for the money. That they are worthless human beings is beside the point.

      2. you are right, she was never the target, she won challenges when she didn’t need to, and the last week when she was in danger she choked in the challenges

  11. All the HG’s 15 minutes of fame is already over as far as I’m concerned. What we have now is just semantics of going thru the motion. Give Hayden the half mill, Give Lane the 50 G’s. That’s it. Game over. When does BB13 start?

    1. “Excitement” – there’s not a lot I have agreed with you on – but your above post is so TRUE! That’s probably what is going to happen and we’ll have to see what kind of HG’s we get next year!

    2. I wish BB/AG would just throw in a prize comp in for fun or drama. Something where you can take a prize away from each other (like white elephant at Christmas party’s) could change who they take to the end. IDK, but they need to do something. I remember last year was bad too. This is just too much down time. And they should at least do it for the live feed viewers and BBAD, even if they don’t have time to show it, but I think they could at the end of Sundays recap show.

  12. I’m glad Enzo’s being mopey. He used to rip on Ragan and Britney when they knew they were going home, now he’s moping. He knows what it feels like now.

  13. The Amazing Enzo is alive again! He’s out of his slump. It’s so great to see him back in Enzo-mode. He’s hilarious! I love this guy!

      1. Enzo is Da Boss.
        People, Da Boss will rise again.
        Da Boss will be there on Wed to collect a big check.
        And you, the viewers will praise him.
        You will be down on your knees and call his name.
        In your humble world, you will ask Da Boss for a sample of his fantastic fart.

    1. No it’s not! And, if you really think about it then…a vote for Brit, Ragan or Matt is a vote for criers and/or liars! Don’t waste your vote on any of them – It’s not worth it!!

      1. No way am I voting for Brendan. Not even for dogcatcher, though I think that is what he has done by hooking up with Rachel. Brit all the way.

    2. thats why voting for him is a bad idea these people must want rachel to get that 25k because thats who he gonna give it too just like he told her and the house that if he won the 500k he would give it to rachel. “spend it on her” i mean. rachel need to be honest with him and tell him how she really feels about him.

      1. Yeah, if he wins, she’ll roll her eyes, then go over and give him a fake kiss, reach in his pocket and lift his wallet.

        She’s a grifter.

    1. I do too!!! So Funny. I’ll miss this site when it’s over. I really appreciate a place like this where we could all vent!!!!!!

  14. It would seem that the DR is filling Enzo’s head about who to work on to take him to final 2. Lane…hello you won’t get hte $500,000.00 either way Stick with the deal (if by fluke you win) otherwise you really are an A-hole.

  15. we need to get a Petition going to give the 25k-500k,50k = 575k to the Bloggers who made this garbage season with these shitty house-guests entertaining with their commentary.

      1. VMC, very miniscule comprehension (VMC) of the real perception of the slimy salesman having a chance at winning. He is only a legend in his own mind in his own little hood, not N.Joisey, not those who think he is somehow perceived as cute or funny. Read these comments and you will see the three of you Lorenzo cheerleaders are a real minority.

        1. Electra – you make no sense at all. I totally comprehend that you don’t understand that I was making fun of Enzo — or — can you not comprehend that????? Enzo doesn’t have a chance of winning, but you do…for being ridiculous!

  16. I really think brendon would use his money for school, not on rachel. I mean come on! Did anybody watch the feeds? I would never vote for britney. She was disgusting how bad she talked about people. She brought out the worst in everybody in that house. Like it was cool to hate others. Notice that since britney and ragan are gone, there is no more bashing. Please, brendon deserves something too, He put up with all the hate, and played a hell of a game. That HOH comp he won was unbelievable. And he really is a nice guy. I think people are forgetting that. I really think that britney is really mean in real life. It makes me sick that she might win 25, 000. It’s not fair she already has 10,000. It’s just so sad.

    1. You’re right – but she has no heart! She lied to Brendon, wouldn’t listen and dissed Ragan when he tried to tell her about the Brigade and then acted like a baby when they told her she was going home. She said she wasted 3 months of her life – and she wasted our lives too! I think you should get over it!

      1. Maybe Britney can clean up that mess for you!
        And it doesn’t matter how many seasons you watch – (just like in survivor) – It’s “usually” the person who lied the least, tried to be nice to everyone and outplayed the other HG’s or survivors. Britney fails in each category – including winning the 25K!

        1. Um seriously? Season 2, Will won. Season 3, Lisa beat Danielle because of Danielle’s DRs (hence why the jury no longer sees DRs…makes it too personal). Season 4, Jun won because Allison was basically a POS and everyone hated her. Season 5, Drew won…he did lie AND he played a better game than Cowboy. Season 6, Maggie won (UGH…that final 2 SUCKED). Season 7, Boogie won. Season 8, Dick won. So up until recent years, people have “usually” voted strategically and didn’t just pick the “nice guy.”

      2. all she did was boo hoo I don’t want to go on the block
        boo hoo I don’t want to go home
        boo hoo I gave up so much to be here
        really she’s 22 what did she give up

        1. She gave up the constant attention and pampering she needs on a daily basis. We all saw how she acts when she doesn’t have it.

    2. He found true love. Is that not enough for you people?? He doesn’t need money. Rachel makes $20,000 a month. She’ll spot Brendon a few bucks.

      1. Rachel will have enough money stuffed into her g-string to pay for Brendon’s schooling. Didn’t he already go to college to be a teacher? He’s going back again to cure cancer? huh? Does anyone believe that crock of shit?

    3. she did give up her spot for lane, if she played for herself and not lane she would still be there, instead she made herself look like a complete idiot

    1. You might want to consider seeing a psychiatrist before Wed finale. As much as I dislike Britney, I’d never wish that on her. You on the other hand, have no problem typing something like this about Enzo. Please get help soon.

    1. and then washes his face with his hands. It is the single most grossest thing I have ever seen apart from 8 seconds of two girls one cup.. dumb ass thought it was an ice cream movie.

    2. ROFMAO, does Lane some oedipus-ial rex complex? In his HOH blog, he said, “Mom watch for the earlobe tug.[sic]”. He also tugs at his ear while ENJOYING himself in the shower in the clip I saw.

    3. I don’t know if i should be proud or ashamed of the fact that I was the one who first noticed him masturbating in the shower.
      I know the gay viewers love that stuff.

  17. Will there ever be a Celebrity Big Brother (US)? And if so, who would you want on it? (I use the term celebrity loosely)

    1. I read that AG said that they looked into it, but most celebrities don’t want to be seen 24-7. She claims that they haven’t found the right group yet. That’s the gist that I got. If she had any Celebrities (If true) she should have thrown them in there. It was probably Spidi’s that got it called off.

  18. Has a BB star ever been greeted by fans and cheers on a jumbotron? Wouldn’t most football fans not even know who the person was?

  19. Simon was thinking about the stats you have for the guys…..Hayden has played only 1 comp so shouldn’t he be 1/1? Lane has played 2 and he’s 1/2……….enzo of course 0/2…….and then go from there when final comp is played…..just sayin…..thanks to both you and Dawg for all the time you put into this site and what a great job you both do

    1. I was thinking the same thing, when I watched how awkward it seemed to be. Could be the edit, but they were not sitting together. Something is different or they got into a fight that day.

      1. It looks like he tried something without asking her and she reflexively said, “That costs extra.”

        He’s been weird around her ever since.

  20. BBGrandma and Rockstar, off topic of BB, but with all the down time I wanted to tell you about a show I watched yesterday and thought of you both. It’s called Assume the Position 201 with Mr. Wuhl. About Robert Wuhl teaching a class about history in a different and funny way. I think you might like it.

    1. Sky – sorry I didn’t see your message right away.. normally I scan to find me because I’m a little flakey and forget where I’ve posted.. We don’t get that show, I just went to check however I’m not sure if icefilms have it.. I love stuff like that..

  21. Does Lane realize that he’s undermined his celeb chances? Lane’s 8 second game has freaked out a lot of former fans. I know that some on this site don’t have a problem with the 8 sec assault, but there’s a lot of anti-Lane feeling now on other sites. After the murderer on “Megans wants a millionaire”, most reality casting agents want to stay away from possible criminal actors.

    1. You raise a very good point actually. As I recall, the guy that was on that VH1 show had a very wealthy father as well. Plus he also had a criminal record of domestic violence.
      Very similar to Lane. I’m surprised BB actually let his ass in this game.

  22. wow imamzed u guys can say stuff about britney and lower urself to that level. amazin. ragan and brit were hysterical, if u couldnt deal than maybe u shouldnt say anything.

  23. I started to watch BBAD and instantly there goes Enzo with a bag of munchies. Oh good heavens, BB….please come take that away from him or lock him in the closet while he smacks the stuff. And then we have Lane chewing on the ice 2 inches from the mic. I left the show for a while, came back and Enzo is still chewing with his mouth wide open, smacking his mouth. Give me strength…. Come on finale….hurry up!

      1. Even the way he talks is different when Yo mf is in the house. But, when he talks with Julie, all of those garbage words are left back. What is thinking? Is it ok to cuss every second word in the house, then “in mixed company”, sound like a regular human being again? To anyone who only watches the tv show, he seems like a nice guy. For the rest of the time, he burns our ears.

        Eating in that manner is not acceptable, either, and he probably keeps it only in the home? Would he really do that with his very nice family?

  24. LOL this crap sucks yo! And if you ask anything about the so called free bb cams they get pissed and kick you out…it’s a scam.. don’t bother

      1. they didn’t at first but now that the BRA-gade are in the finals they have to try and downplay her and up the likability of the guys

  25. Enzo has no manners. I am a teacher and my kindergarteners act better than he does Enzo talks like white trash, smacks when he eats his food, wears glasses in the house beacuse all he does is pout. He is a sore loser.he should
    be embarrassed when his family sees his f bombs etc… He has done
    nothing this whole season all he says is yo. I don’ t think he ever
    went to school. Enzo ruined the show. Let Hayden win he has class and
    knows how to act like a mature adult. It is so stupid the meow meow crap.
    All he talks about is being a star. Y who would want him. He is a disgrace to America

    1. Wow! A kindegarden teacher whom uses terms like ” white trash “?
      You have to wonder what those kids are being taught.
      Do you sit them according to race and wealth as well?

      Hayden deserves the win!

      1. Yo mf is “white trash”, and it is a lot better language than what comes out of his dirty mouth. Where is the bar of soap for this have-not cheating, floater,” being friends with Brendan just stay-in-the-house sneak” (I know, he was playing the game), looser having never won a comp with exception of one-to save himself, making food for himself and eating while the other two were still fighting for the comp, then hoping one of them will carry him to final two?

  26. I often wonder how many people who post here are actual big brother fans! I have been watching BB since season one and every season I don’t think the person I liked the best ever went on to win. However, I do continue to watch every year and I have never said I am done watching or it is the worst season ever! I guess the people on here who trash the houseguests are perfect in everyway and I would love to see them continue to be perfect 24 hours a day. I am a true Big Brother fan and the people who complain about the seasons, well, go watch something else!!

    1. I have watched since season 1, which was all started in North America with Survivor. I have to check for which seasons I have, but When I used VHS, I would keep the tapes. I have them for Survivor and Big Brother.

      This year, I really got into Big Brother with the live feeds which we get on the reality channel which our cable station has provided us. Watching the HGs three house a day( BBAD ) has given me in site on how they really behave, like in the case of Yo mf man, who seems like a gentleman with Julie, but in the house has such a potty mouth. What is wrong with him, and what is he trying to prove? No one else has such garbage coming out of his mouth. He also chews with his mouth open. Right now, he is subdued, and scared of not being in the final two. He is a vile person, and he should only get the vote for the Least Favorite, second would be Rachael, next Brendan.

      Brandon also showed who he was in the house by carrying on about Rachael. He did not play for himself, but for Rachael. America’s Choice cannot be accurate because of two things: 1) Not all voters have seen any of the live unedited feeds 2)
      There are people voting who don’ t care who wins, but just want Brendan to win just to stir up trouble.

    2. I have watched since season 1 and this this the worst season ever, this is the first season where they have had this much trash talking and personal attacks on someone else, the other seasons never got personal, with the exception of shannon from season 2

    3. Me too. I have watched every season and totally believe that this is the worst season ever. These people are vile, rude and arrogant. And the final 3 are super dumb – especially Enzo Asswipe and Lane the Loser!! Those 2 need to go and crawl back under the rock they obviously lived under before this show. Also, there is no surprises anymore. The houseguests always have an idea of what the competitions are going to be – physical or mental. And, everyone is aware of everyone else’s tricks because they have been done in previous seasons. So, yes, this season, IMO, is the worst ever.

  27. how can anybody vote for Britey as an AC omg she is disgusting and trashtalker if america likes britney the i don’t know what to think about this it sucks

    1. Britney will win. And because she’s “America’s Choice” she gets to sleep in the Lincoln Bedroom. And be President for a day. Also, she’ll get her own channel where it’ll just be her and Shiloh or whatever that early loser’s name was, sitting at street cafes watching people walk by and commenting on what sorts of VDs they suffer from. And also speculating on how gross their genitalia are.

      1. Also, Ragan will have a special segment, ala Bruno, where he does the same thing from a gay perspective. He’ll mostly be talking about how unsexy certain straight men are.

  28. I voted for Brenden lots, not cuz I particularly like his limpness with Rachel, but I just want to see everyone else’s reaction!! Come on, it will be priceless. $25G isn’t a lot, but just a message to the bad-mouths which Brenden wasn’t.

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