Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Hayden is telling Brit about the Brigade Tonight!

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Big Brother 12 Spoilers

8:39pm Kitchen Silence..


Lane: “His hump was that big.. his father was a show bull”.. Hayden and Lane continue to share bull and cow stories.

Enzo jokes: “I want my dogs to die so I can get a new dog”

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

9:19pm Lane and HAyden engage in some serious ranch talk.. “cutting horses”, “bulls”, “uncles”, “hardcore”, “dogs”, are all terms used heavily. Enzo doesn’t want to eat because he’s feeling a buzz and wants to keep it going. Enzo asks them if they want to come visit him after this. He tells them he has a 65″ TV in the basement. Brit brings up the 3D TV Enzo won. Enzo says he’s going to cash that in.. wonders how much he’ll get. Hayden is certain he’ll get 5grand. Enzo: “there you go BOOM… wifey’s birthday present 5g’s” Lane asks what is he going to get her. Enzo starts pretending to throw the money “boom boom just give her the money” Lane and Brit laugh. Brit: “I would spend it on furniture”.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

9:30pm Enzo: “Rats and aids thats 2 things that freak me out”. Enzo about sex: “If I can last longer than 6 minutes we got a party yo… a white trash party..I like to talk yo.. i get crazy with it”. Brit gets called into the DR. Hayden asks them when will they tell Brit about the Brigade. Enzo thinks they should just keep talking about it until she clues in. Hayden asks enzo: “you win who do you take it to the fianl 2”. Enzo thinks Hayden deserves to go to the final 2 he’s won 3 HOH and 2 POV’s. Hayden says that BOth Lane and Enzo have the same number of comp wins…. Hayden says he has the POV whoever doesn’t take me to final 2 he’ll take them out this week. Hayden tells them that he’s worried that no one will take him final 2 because he’s won so many competitions. Enzo says they should worry about who take who later.
HAyden: “what are we going to tell brit?”. Lane is concerned about losing his vote with Brit. Hayden tells Lane that in the POV ceremony he going to tell her. Hayden: “day 2 we had this 4 person secret alliance the only reason Matt is gone we wanted him gone and you got 10g’s yesterday.. is that OK with you”. lane: “ya ya ya”. Hayden: “It’s your call do I tell her now or tomorrow”. Lane:” tell her now then she can sleep on it”

Hayden: “Do we do it now or tomorrow”. Lane: “Lets tell her tonight”. Enzo: “Lets tell her now”. Hayden: “I’m going to tell you guys it’s brigade final 3 even though I doubt you guys will take me final 2”. Enzi: “Ehh don’t say that we don’t know what happens”.


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72 thoughts on “Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Hayden is telling Brit about the Brigade Tonight!

  1. I think it is funny how they are panic about telling Britney. I don’t think any of them really want to hurt her but they are still glad she will be going. But, I think it is better to tell her now so she can be ready to go. She may still try to save herself but at least she knows.

    1. I don’t think it’s that they really care about hurting her . . . I think they don’t want to lose her jury vote and they worry about the drama she will create when she finds out. Enzo hates her crying.

      1. They already know she will vote for Lane. They didn’t have to tell her at all. They are because they want her to know. They don’t care if she tells.

  2. Why wouldn’t Hayden tell her? I looove how Lane is like — then she won’t vote for me wah wah. Hayden might GAIN a jury vote by telling her and he certainly won’t lose one — unless Lane ends up in the jury, but I still think Lane votes for Hayden and not for Enzo.

  3. If it’s Hayden – Enzo in the final 2, I think he might only get 1 or 2 votes — I think Hayden might get 1 or 2 of B / R’s votes and I’m not sure that B / R will be voting together. Ragan (after that POV), Brit, Kathy, and Lane would all vote for Hayden. Not sure about Matt.

  4. no haden left the room for lane and enzo to tell her and theyre laughing at it … brit is just taking it in :( shes doing good though

  5. brit should feel like an idiot. kristen tried to tell her about the brigade and so did ragan, but she was so full of herself and thinking that she was really in good with the, she is trying to play it off like she is not surprised or shocked. she got played and there is nothing she can do about it now.

  6. Britney’s eye is WONKY tonight. It’s like she is looking at the other side of the room with it. And she’s been eating her hand for an hour now.

  7. Because she doesn’t want to seem dumber. She’s pretending she already knew, yea right. She had no clue. She so going to regret not voting for Ragan so does lane. Hayden is winning this thing.

  8. Brit is NOT reacting cause she probably already knew about the alliance from Lane. We all know Lane planned on bringing her to the end. The probably have been in this together from the beginning….before the show even began.

  9. The heads of these three guys are soooo big, they will never fit thru the door when they have to leave. What morons. Still boring as hell the entire season. LOL

    1. true n enzo is sooooo stupid on top of it,he makes me wanna throw the hell up. geee,his “wifey” must be soooooo proud of him because he sounds like a complete tool.

      1. No reason to be nasty except that is probably all you know what to do. This is a comment/opinion section so have some manners and try to be civil. It makes it much nicer. And yes, I am still watching, I have watched all 12 seasons. Just don’t read my comments, skip over them. Like I previously said, get some manners!

  10. haha enzo is feeling special to be in the :best alliance ever”.
    w.e enzo, you being in the ‘best alliance ever’ is negated by the fact that u are tied with kathy for ‘most pathetic bb competitor ever’

  11. I really wish Enzo would shut up about making history, best alliance, what BS. It isn’t the best. He sounds like a broken record!!!!

    1. I know I have showtime right now, and all enzo has been saying best alliance ever, this made history over and over and over again
      someone please tell him to SHUT UP!!!!!

  12. It was funny when enzo came out of the bathroom, he had no idea that brit got denied the pov while hes still talking about the greatest alliance ever . lmao Brit mood changed ….. now she is crying after they came back from commercial break DAMN u bbad.

    1. ditto………yeah she wasn’t surprised about the alliance but at the time she was the dumb blonde cuz she didn’t get what it really meant til hayden said he wasn’t using the POV

    1. I don’t think she is all that spoiled. She talks about going to school in spain but it was a transfer program…most likely that you have to pay for. She talked about having only certain foods that they were allowed to eat out of that family’s fridge. She talks about the job she has. It sounds to me like her parents didn’t just say hey…. you’re 18 so get out. She had some help to get through school like so many other people do to and then she got a job. How is that spoiled? She talks about wanting furniture and wanting to pay off her car. This sounds like a normal 23 year old young girl who is just starting out. It doesn’t sound to me like she has it all handed to her on a silver platter. I think too many people in the world feel the need to hate for any reason they can think of instead of trying to see the good in people.

  13. Britney needs to convince hayden (though her actions) that she is pissed at lane such that hayden believes if it was lane, britney, and himself in the final 3, britney would choose hayden. Since hayden thinks neither lane nor enzo would choose him, might make him consider getting rid of enzo. She also needs to convince him that she is playing for 50g and that enzo would beat him because he has more votes because the players will vote personally instead of who won stuff, which would also make her easy to beat. Easy right.

  14. Now Brit knows she’s been had…. If anything I am weary hearing Enzo repeat everything 3 times. I hope he’s right…Hayden is going to win. I sure don’t want Enzo to win.

  15. Enzo couldn’t keep his big mouth shut. Out of respect for the BG, he should have waited for Hayden. That was wrong. He couldn’t shut his mouth. Of course, she acted like Matt told her already. She didn’t mention Kristen telling her or Ragan telling her about the boys….because Julie (surely) will ask her WTF were you thinking with people telling you? I think her ego got in the way. She thought she had the boys wrapped aroud her finger.

  16. what tools enzo,lane n haydon are!!enzo has hated britt for so long you hafta wonder if the dumbo is gay n jealous of her. really enzo practically got a boner at the thought of making britt cry with the news of them being in an allience. so proud britt held back the tears for so could these asses be laughing at the idea of telling britt? enzo is so annoying with his constant bragging about their allience being the best in BB history and how the public loves him n haydon.little does enzo know most people hate him n haydon…….they actually believe one of the 3 are getting the $25000 peoples choice award. oh, and enzo’s reason for hating britt is that she’s too young to get the prize monies n she’s too rich n doesn’t need it.first of all, lane has more money then god.2nd haydon n lane are young as well. enzo’s a loser who lives off his wife…isn’t their a name for a man who relies on a women to live?i’m watching enzo right now watching for lane on the tv sceen being so parnoid that he’s gonna talk to britt.dammmmmm i can’t stand thes 3 guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. not everyone…just a few who are jealous of her,like enzo.she doesn’t apear spoiled to me.i heard her say how grateful she was to her stepdad for all he’s given…sound like a spoiled kid??? don’t think so.enzo’s jealous of briit because at 22 it looks like britts going places n is quite smart.however,poor lamebrain enzo can’t even earn a living n must let his wife support him n his daughter.

    1. he also said he was flattered being compared to Dr Will, Enzo is nothing like Will
      Will has good looks, money, charm and enzo has nothing but the brigade

  17. ENZO should repeat everything as much as he wants becauc=se he accomplished as much as he wanted to. All these other gaytard hgs thought they were above the game. etc etc. you know.

  18. This is the worst BB ever!! And, just look at the final 4!! Lane is a caveman. He always talks about hunting and beating up people. What a tool!! Hayden is a a self-centered brat. All he is worried about is his hair. And, his teeth are so white that it’s actually creepy. Britney is a cry baby. She does act like a princess, but somehow I think her hole stinks. And, Ezno is a complete idiot. He is mean, dumb and full of shit. He has done nothing all season except strut around (he ‘thinks’ he’s cool) mouthing off about other people. He has said things that makes me very, VERY ANGRY!! And, I know we shouldn’t talk about people’s looks, but I just can’t help it. Enzo is ugly….wtf is up with those few scraps of hair that he uses to try and hide his bald spot. Again, WORST BB EVER!!

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