Big Brother 12 Spoilers Drinking Game Edition – STEAMBOAT!!!!! Hayden Wins POV

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Big Brother 12 Spoilers

5:15pm Kitchen Hayden, LAne and Brit Hayden: “STEAMBOAT” Simon: “DRINK” LAne: “SNOW FLAKE” . Hayden puts together a bunch of Snow flakes he says they remind him of SteamBoat Springs. THey are trying to build a plastic model there is a ball and a tower. Lane is working on the ball brit has built the tower.


5:27pm Meow Meow Getting some sleep before the comp tonight.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

5:30pm The ball is together and Hayden and Lane start kicking it around. HAyden: “That ball is Kinda sturdy!”.. BIAM TRIVA IS UP

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

5:32pm Looks like the POV COMP is probably going down

6:24pm TRIVIA
7:10pm TRIVIA

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

Hayden Wins POV
Big BRother 12 Poll Whose the hottest BB chick

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267 thoughts on “Big Brother 12 Spoilers Drinking Game Edition – STEAMBOAT!!!!! Hayden Wins POV

      1. Lane and Hayden go to Steamboat springs to drink coors lite, bang chicks and snowboard. They are planning a trip this year with Brit, Enzo wants to go to but isn’t really part of the plan. Hayden has decided to talk about it 24/7, He wants all the free advertising he’s giving to Steamboat to equate to Free Shit when they head up to party.

      1. How is she not loyal? Has she kissed Lane? Has she slept with him? Given him a handjob or a back rub?? I’m not the biggest Brit fan, but I’m sick of hearing people say she hasn’t been loyal to her fiancee. All she has done is the equivalent of some elementary school playground flirting, and the last time I checked, flirting is not illegal, or disloyal. Unless of course, you are an insecure person who has no trust in your relationship or your significant other, or if you lack faith in yourself. I think she’s done a good job of keeping Lane as a friend, and nipping HIS flirting in the bud when it starts getting a little too much…Example: Her comment when he asked if they would have a makeout party at jury house, she replied with and emphatic NO…We’ll make friendship bracelets! There have been a couple of times where she has come close, but she has, in my opinion, never actually crossed ‘the’ line, whatever that may be for some people.

        If you don’t like Brit that’s fine, she kinda drives me crazy too, especially with her bashing HG’s who have been gone for weeks, and her dreadful nail biting and hair inspecting habits, but I haven’t seen her behave in anyway that could be considered ‘disloyal’ to her fiancee.

        1. Yeah, I agree that she’s resisted far more than most people expected her to. I think the best thing that happened to Brit is having Monet leave, because Brit definitely has a bitchy, nasty side, and another snarky girl at her side will constantly bring that out. Her and Ragan was nowhere near as bad as her and Monet. It’s part of why I know she’ll be in — and do great in — the next All Stars season. Cute females that can be bitchy and still have an eye (even if it’s a lazy eye) on strategy always get far. I still say she’s the Parvati (Survivor) of Big Brother.

          1. Oh come on! Parvati, much prettier and wasn’t any where near as nasty as Britney.
            Parvati brilliantly did her scheming while wearing a perfect smile on her face. On the contrary, Britney makes herself looks like a cartoon character everytime she’s in the Diary Room. I can’t believe she’s a real person. The things that come out of her mouth….wow, unbelievable.

            1. Well they’re different games. We rarely get side interviews with Survivor people, and when we do it’s not about making them into entertaining puppets, it’s just a quick reveal of their game strat. Which is why, if you put Parvati into the BB house, took away the large physical dynamic, and had production distorting her persona for ratings and one liners, then yes, I think they’re very similar. The only two striking differences are that Brit doesn’t have the physical strength/stamina that Parvati does and probably couldn’t hack it on Survivor, and also that Britney is more sheltered than Parvati’s life and personality suggests. I’m tellin’ yuh, if you dropped Parvati in the BB house, the gameplay would be almost identical.

                1. Well, you have an insatiable crush on Allison, so your taste is shot. Parvati is 10 times hotter than Britney. A 100. Parvati looks like a woman. Britney is sorta cute for a little girl. Almost looks like a kid. She has a little face and a terrible body – so weak and so frail, I’d break her in half in 10 minutes. Parvati could take a pounding and probably give me some too.

                2. Well lets see, Parvati is remembered, Bratney will be forgotten by Christmas. And yes, Parvati looks and handles herself like a woman. Bratney, is a spoiled brat with not a good word to say about anyone. Whose insides are soo ugly, that they diminish her appearance.

                  And watching her leave will be the highlight of the season for me.

        2. Last night when Lane said if he got her a superbowl ticket would she go with him – she said yes and that she would just tell nick she was going with “a friend” and leave him at home. Not all that loyal.

          1. but she said it on camera, which her fiancée watches right? So it’s not like is some diabolical super genius plan and he wont figure it out….. And Lane IS a friend. Just not one Nick will like, but a friend nonetheless.

            1. Choosing the company of a relative stranger that keeps hitting on you – and having to lie to your fiance in order to do it- thats disloyal no matter how you slice it.

          2. Wow…. how old are you? talk is talk… it’s not being disloyal and certainly not cheating. If her fiance has a problem w/ innocent flirting and possible game play then he needs to deal w/ that privately when she gets home. BUT in noway is saying she would go to a football game w/ a friend cheating especially when she is being FILMED on VIDEO saying it. LOL

        3. That’s really good Anoymous. You always sold me on that argument. The way that I look at this is, Britney has already crossed that line. She has been disloyal to Nick.
          Reason being, you don’t have to actually have to have physical contacts to be disloyal.
          When you’re in a relationship, and you go into chat rooms and flirt with the same person, over and over….Do you think that’s okay just because you have not met this person in person? Britney even said that Nick is not allowed to text any girls, or call them.
          Seems to me: Britney is a jealous and controlling person.

            1. Dang, almost sold you hey? lol I have not heard Brit say that Nick was not allowed to text or call any girls. If that is the case, then I agree with you. These sorts of things need to be worked out between every individual couple, but only if both parties agree to both terms. If Nick cannot text or call other girls, then neither should Brit, I am with you 100% on that.

              For myself, I am a flirt. I always have been, and I always will be. To me, there is a difference between flirting, and actually hitting on someone. I was out one night with my boyfriend, and I was being social, and chatting with numerous people. Some of these interactions could have been interpreted as ‘flirting’. When I rejoined my boyfriend and his brother at the table, his brother asked him point blank, “Doesn’t that bother you? When she flirts like that?” and my boyfriend replied, “Nope, not one bit. She can give her smiles away to anyone, because at the end of the night, I know she’s coming home with me.” And that’s why he and I work so well together. He has a couple really good girl friends from waaaay back, and I am not jealous of them at all, because it’s the same for me…At the end of the night, I know he’s coming home with me. I have never been able to stand jealous people. If I were a guy, and Brit were my woman, I wouldn’t be jealous of Lane, but that’s just who I am.

        4. plain and simple, if she completely respected her fiance she would not “play” with lane the way she does. or at least did. lately she has been getting tired of him and he realizes it. thats why he isn’t as gung ho on keeping her anymore.

    1. everyone CALM DOWN first of all its a show jeez i just have certain people i like and brit is one of them she’s 22 i think shes dumb to be engaged anyways and yeah i think her and lane would be cute together but thats not really what i care about…i just want her to win cuz i can’t stand enzo and hayden !!…so go britney..just my opinion cheellll outttt

      1. I met my husband at 14. We became engaged at age 21. We both graduated college, bought a house, got married, and then had children. We have celebrated our 6th Wedding Anniversary and in 1 month will be celebrating our 16th “together” anniversary. And I love him just as much today as I did when we were teenagers.

        1. That is cool. Must have saved you a lot of headaches dating horny, lying, fratboys and just a lot of BS from guys trying to use you. Seriously, congrats.

        2. That makes you what about 30? Lets see if all is good with both of you in another 10 years. One of you will probably not feel the same. But good luck!

      2. Really,people..Don’t you think that all these HG’s significant others know that this is a GAME? C’mon,it’s a 500K possibility here,and they KNOW they’re on camera..Unless Brit wants to leave Nick,and they both know it’s over,I gotta believe they talked about this before she left..I mean it’s not like she’s like that “Rated R” wanna be wrestler dude from The Bachelorrette.

  1. Enzoid can’t win….ANYBODY but Enzo will win..I don’t wish ill will on anyone,BUT,this guy is classless,clueless,and has No idea how America see’s him.He’s simply a simple jerk.On the other hand,he could win the jury vote,and I think the other 3 know it,or at least think it. GO anyone except you,Mew-Mew !!!

    1. I agree!!!! Can”t stand the JERK. He is DISGUSTING! The way he is always playing with himself, farting, burping and the way he chews his food! And looking at himself, with his BALDING PATE!!!! Ugh! I hope he doesn’t win the POV!


          1. OH – that Hayden. I guess I was just having another senior brain fart. How ya’ doin’ BBG? I don’t catch up with you much anymore. Hope all is well.

        1. his hair covers his face, I know BB made Russell shave last year but this year they let Hayden walk around with his hair covering his eyes… if you can’t see someones eyes, it means they are hiding something..

          1. They made Russell shave?? Seriously? I didn’t know that. I do know he looked pretty damn mean with the beard, but I didn’t know they made him shave it. They should make Enzo wear a hat then, because he looks like he’s in the middle of chemo treatments.

            1. Yup, my internet is slow tonight because of Hurricane Earl so I can’t access the archives well or I’d find the thread about it. Russell shaved this weird beard and he came out shaved it and said production told him he had too because viewers were freaked

    1. He mentioned that before! Something about how steamboat was going to hook them up so he keeps saying it. I wonder if he has a deal with them before he went in the house?

      1. All future players should be that smart… I will mention so and so place and they give the person free accomodations for the shout out! But then again, Hayden has only made 2500.00 dollars in the last 2 years, so he may not make it to steamboat without a freebie or a win at BB.

  3. Grandma- You alright? I haven’t been reading comments as much the past few days so I’m not sure if you were here or not..

      1. that is him simon…

        back before cable was available here in Newfieland, we always got WWF wrestling on our local channels. Ricky was always one of my favorites. I would say -dwagon not dragon..

          1. me? Hulk Hogan verses anyone… Andre the Giant or Randy Savage or maybe Roddy Piper… Hulk was always my favorite because I said my prayers and took my viatmins… If I’d have known what a douche he really would become I’d have cheered for the Iron Sheik.. I gave up watching ten years ago..

        1. sounds like this site has loads of Canadians on it, didn’t know BB was available there til Simon said he and Dawg live on west coast…….do you have your own BB there also?

        2. Same here, I was a HUGE fan of the dragon as kid. I saw him and Macho Man go at it for the IC title at MSG with my brother( big Savage fan) and a bunch of our friends back in the days. I heard his son Richie is a good young wrestler too.
          Hands down Steamboat, Lex Luger and Ultimate Warrior all time faves.

  4. All Enzo ever does is repeat word for word what somebody else just said and then he acts like he said it first. He thinks he is so funny and I find him quite annoying. Come on Enzo, if you’re that damn funny at least try to be original.

    1. Have you noticed that Enzo repeats his comments twice. Like: “I liked that competition. That competition, I liked”. And if he doesn’t think he was heard, we get to hear it a 3rd time.
      He’s full of hot wind. You’d think with all that crude farting, it would be all gone but guess not.

      1. Enzo has never claimed that he’s an Einstein. So why don’t we just leave it at that and make it less stressful on yourself by enjoy him for who he is……a funny guy.

        1. Enzo is NOT funny.I do not enjoy watching crude behavior and Enzo is maybe the crudest houseguest in all of BB history. That’s 12 seasons so that is saying a lot… Maybe he doesn’t realize….wasn’t taught manners,decent eating habits, knock of the every third word F word, farting in public, discussing bowel habit. You name it, he’s done it. He is not funny. He is disgusting. Yes, I know…. you will say “so don’t watch”. Actually when he eats, I don’t watch. And I am astounded that he does this on camera 24/7. I think even camera guy is so astounded at watching Enzo eat sunflower seeds, he just sits mesmerized with the camera taking it all in. Sorry, I can’t enjoy “Enzo as he is”. You do it for me.

      2. LMAO….yes, I noticed that too. He reminds me of a little kid who just keeps repeating himself over and over and louder and louder until somebody acknowledges him.

      3. Surprisingly, that’s actually a great strategy. It’s a way to convey both social dominance, and at the same time, evoke the notion that you’re harmless. Enzo isn’t aware of his social tricks, and therefore can’t take responsibility for them, but there are some really skilled social dynamics he’s fulfilled this year. I definitely think he doesn’t deserve to win, but he’s like a less physical Howie; he’ll go far every season because of he’s always both the center of the attention and harmless at the same time.

        1. Enzo didn’t really play the game, and yet, he played the game constantly with an eye to who will be voting for the final 2… he never got too controversial, he flew way under the radar by not winning anything until there were 4 people competing, one being him!, and he is generally a person who should not win this game, but just might!

    1. More than ready here! Wish I had a dollar for every time he has used his limited verbal skills and said f***, s***, b****, yo, and meow meow…ridiculous to the extreme.

  5. Enzo stands a good chance of being backdoored and sent home if he doesn’t win this thing. Sadly I don’t think he really gets that. He can be fairly disgusting at times, but at least he is half way entertaining. The other three are just blobs on the screen.

    1. At the same time, Enzo also stands a chance of making his biggest move and being the most powerful position in the house by securing his spot in the finals and basically sending Britney home and by far solidifying his position as the front-runner for the jury votes with how strong he has been of late. If he wins POV tonight, he just may beat either one of of the other stooges.

        1. yeah, no kidding, every day sometimes 2-3 x’s a day…..he doesn’t go in there to practice good hygiene, for sure…..I posted earlier he has worn same shirt for 3 days, that’s quite common with all his clothing…..sniffs them, shakes them then wears them…..1 day , brit offered to wash some of his clothes(probably big hint that they needed it lol) but he said they were all ok….just as gross as enzo’s nasty habits

          1. LaneFan, I haven’t really seen him but I have heard about it from all you guys that have and I believe you. The boy is a wacker I have been told.

  6. I hope Britney LOSES the POV. She should ‘ave / could ‘ave gotten Hayden and Enzo out the last 2 weeks — instead she got her allies out …. and was pretty darn rude about Ragan, considering how close they’d been in prior weeks. Because she was playing stooopid, she deserves to lose the POV and be evicted. If Enzo is evicted though, I will take that as a good 2nd best — he’s such a bigot.

    1. Britney needs to sit in the Jury House and figure out how her game could have been played better regarding her choices to get rid of Matt and Ragan and Brendan. She has no votes in the jury house after her dumb game play. Did she just win the POV??? Oh no!

    2. i want brit out too. let her visit rachel. she will kiss her butt and take bubble baths with her. then she will talk about how nasty rach is after like always.

  7. Enzo also thinks everyone is the sabatour. I bet at the finale he says he knew it was Regan. When we all know no one thought it was him

  8. In an EW exit interview, Ragan said that he wasn’t willing to walk over someone to win the POV. Well I guess that’s why you’re in the jury house. In BB you have to bring your total game and win by any means necessary, or your out of the house. Also Kathy said in an EW interview that she wasn’t willing to sacrifice her morals to play BB. Why did she even audition? There are countless Americans who would have given anything to be in her position and would probably have played the game more passionatly and rigourously. After all how worse can you get than Kathy?

    1. Ragan, in my opinion, was referring to the fact that Enzo pushed / shoved him to get the POV. Even Enzo thought he’d broke the rules … he said that he’d looked around to see if production was going to call him out afterwards. Of course, production doesn’t care at all if Enzo breaks the rules. In other game shows — even Survivor — when you break the rules, you get a penalty (often you get dq’ed) but not on BB….

        1. Yes he did and it was really funny hearing Ragan let out that feminine squeel when he got bumped. And it was even funnier when he hit Enzo on the head with the CD. Shit, that was funny.

  9. I’m still trying to figure out what the deal was with Kathy. She was by far the worst player in the history of the game. I guess there are a thousand ways you can play the game, but that strategy should never be used again…..if in fact there is an “again.”

    1. When you refer to “that strategy”… what would that be? Sleeping all day, smoking too much, after a cancer diagnosis and “cure”???, spending a good portion of the day applying mascara, or just not making one alliance in all the weeks she languished in the house? Yeah, THAT strategy should never see the light of day again… but then she left with her “morals” intact!

    2. hehehehehe!
      You’re a very clever person Eaglebirdie. I always look for your comments.
      One thing about Kathy that got me scratching my head. She was really upset when she found out that Matt told that lie about his wife being sick. Kathy said that she is a cancer survivor therefore, Matt jokes was hurtful and sick.
      So I guess being a cancer survivor, Kathy is not worried about her puffing on how many cigarrettes a day? That she might develope other cancers like, lung cancer or throat cancer……
      Imagine that, a cancer survivor, preaching how hurtful it is to make up lies about someone having cancer, but what does she put in her body every day?

    3. Her strategy was that she wanted to float the whole way, and lose in final two on purpose. Which isn’t a terrible plan since $50,000 is nothing to laugh at. However, little known fact: the houseguests get about $750 a week just for being on the show. It’s a weekly stipend to coerce them to leave their job/life to come on the show, and it used to be $1,000 a month before the economy woes. So Kathy just wanted to coast and rack up as much money as possible.

  10. Even though I don’t really care for Britney, I hope she wins pov so Enzo gets the boot. I found him entertaining at first, now it’s just old.

  11. I missed your perverted humor dear jimik, just checking in after 6 days of carbonite backup. Good to see my old favs rockstar and BBGrandma on here too. Now I have to do a bit of catch up, I see my favorite HG Ragan is gone. You guys are the best, can’t watch BBAD for more than a few minutes at a time, but simon and y’all keep me laughing!

  12. Thats funny u guys don’t like when Enzo repeats himself.
    Just call him Enzo two times he gotta say everything two times.
    Enzo cracks me up he reminds me of my old boss, he is Italian too. Just like him with thenon stop hand gestures.

  13. I don’t think anybody has won. I’m pretty sure they aren’t playing POV tonight. I seem to remember hearing Julie say that the POV would be played live on Wednesday, followed by the Veto Ceremony, and the Eviction ceremony as well. So, I just looked into it and at least one other website is saying that POV is being played live on Wednesday night and that the house guests don’t actually know that POV isn’t tonight. They’re probably playing some kind of luxury challenge right now or something

  14. If Brit goes home I am done with this season. I really don’t care for anyone left except Brit so there will be no reason to watch or read the blogs. The guys left are 3 losers/floaters. I will watch the finale but just so I can see the other players and not to see who wins.

  15. I keep thinking about the people CBS chose for this season. Half of them seemed reasonably intelligent and the other half were like 15 watt lightbulbs. Maybe they were experimenting to see if being half smart wins over dumb luck. Just a thought. Otherwise, they must have just been looking for people who fit various steretypes without caring about being potential players.

  16. simon/Dawg – if at any time you would like to add a search bar to the website, that would be super neat and I’d be forever greatful..

      1. Lane and Britney’s biggest mistake was getting rid of Regan instead of back-dooring Hayden. I like Hayden so it really didn’t matter to me from a favorites standpoint, but from a strategic standpoint it really would have made more sense for them to get rid of him, team up with Regan, and go 3-1 against Enzo. Then get rid of Regan and take each other to the final two as they planned.

    1. BBGrandma just wants to get in his pants! I don’t blame her! BBGrandma if you do, give him a haircut after you wear his ass out!!!!

      1. No, I don’t need him for that. I would give him a hair cut, tho. But, my grandson has long hair, too, and I can’t get him to cut his.

          1. I would just tease you about it but not expect you to cut it for me. I was young in the sixties and I loved long hair on guys. I have pictures of Rattlesnake Jake with hair that would make Haydens look like Enzo compared to his back then.

  17. Ever notice production gives Enzo major leeway even though he continues to break the rules? I really think they want him to win this thing, like they did with Dick. How can you spill tea on someone and threaten choke someone to death like Dick did towards Jen and not get penalized? Enzo on the other hand broke a alot of Have Not rules and still no penalty, though Jen got a penalty vote against her for eating while a Have Not. It’s a double standard.

    1. if I remember correctly Jen got a penalty because she cooked and ate a turkey burger and enzo got a penalty for eating that slice of pizza. So i dont see what ur talkin about as far as double standards go. If you are also referring to enzo eating pickles well that is not against the rules becuase as a have not they are allowed to eat condiments which include pickles.

  18. I don’t blame Kathy. She seemed like a nice lady. I blame the casting director for putting her on the show. It just looked like she had no idea what she was doing.

  19. THANK GOD………….Hayden willing I pray means Brit’s whining stops and the B/R bashing stops. Hayden let ENZO kick her ass to the curb. I would love for her to spend 2 weeks with those that can’t stand her. Lets see her run her mouth in Jury.

  20. Well that seals the deal. A moment of silence for Brit as she walks out the door. Hayden has all but won the $500,000. Enzo is toast and Lane is a solid second.

  21. Goodbye Brit, You big dummy, you should have kept Ragen, you just handed one of the buffoons a half million when ragen went home. This has been the season of dumba$$es.

  22. Now that it’s getting close . . . I wonder how tempted Hayden will be to backdoor Enzo and how tempted Enzo would be to vote for Lane instead of Britney. In the final 2, Britney would get fewer votes than Enzo or Lane….

  23. Let the water works begin!!!
    Don’t let the door knob hit ya where the good lord split ya Lazy Eye.
    Now shes going to beg, throw ppl under the bus and (my favorite) cry.

  24. I am just hoping next season has players that play with their heads. These people went in there to make friends, not play a game.

    1. That was Haydens strategy, to make friends then win comps when he had to. Take out the sttonger players and not put a target on his back. Remember when he won HOH that sent Brendon home, he found both names, took one with him and the other one was easily found since he couldn’t take both names at once, that was a SMART move and I haven’t seen one person on here give him credit for that. Hayden has played the best social game and has won HOH and POV when it matters. Everybody thinks that Matt got the brigade members far in the game when it actually didn’t matter that he was HOH or not, Hayden,/lLane/Enzo were not targets at any point in the game until it became too late. Their strategy won. This is a game of more than just winning competitions. You have to first finish the race before you can finish first.

      1. I agree that in this season of lame losers, Hayden played the best social game. In other seasons with better players, he wouldn’t be there still … because he would have been recognized as a threat (like he was this season) AND actually taken out when they had a chance. I really think that the casting is at fault — the most interesting players are the ones who are already BB mega-fans (Rachel, Ragan, Matt) — not the lame losers who are looking for any reality show vehicle. Heck, Brendon already has a Hollywood agent adn this was his and even Kathy’s 2nd reality show….

    2. No, the remaining losers (Hayden, Enzo, Lane, and Britney) all went in there with deluded dreams of post-BB fame in their heads. The three boys were really looking for ANY reality show that they could be cast on … they all had LA dreams dancing in their heads and weren’t even BB fans before the show.

            1. Simon, did you know he was on Average Joe in the past? If so, did you ever Google around? He actually went on a forum after he got evicted from Average Joe and answered a ton of fan questions. Even revealed this:

              “Three years (well, two now – since the show taped so long ago)…
              That actually became an issue this year, as I was one of 20 Big Brother semi-finalists from the Midwest region. They couldn’t end up pushing me along cuz of AJ….
              Oh, and before you’re like, “Jesus, will this kid ever stop!!!”, Big Brother is the ONLY reality show I ever applied to besides AJ4. It’s also the only one that I ever have really “wanted” to be on (just cuz I’m fairly confident I could win). I apply every year to that show. But I don’t, like, send out applications to every single reality show or anything like that. Not at all… ”
              His user name is “Shooting Blanks” and he has a few posts before and after this page on the forum, but this page is where that quote came from:

            2. Simon, more GoogleFoo comin’ atchu! I tracked down Matt’s (old? current?) band. Here’s their Myspace page with some of their songs:

              Is this old news? If not, the forum link from my post above combined with this Myspace link/info might be worth a small post. Hope some readers found it interesting. Enjoy!

          1. Matt was on the Average Joe. I watched it but don’t remember him being on there. Kathy was inthe biggest loser….just kidding!!! Idk what show Kathy and Brendon were on.

  25. WHOOOO Hayden won, and I seriously seriously doubt that he will use it! I don’t think he will send Enzo home over Britney when he knows he can easily best Enzo in the final three competitions, and also Britney would take lane to the final three whereas Enzo would take him. If Hayden leaven Enzo he is practically in the final two, because whether he wins in the final three or not Enzo and lane are both taking him to the final two. SO HAPPY THAT RETARD BRIT IS GOING HOME!!!!

  26. How much will Brtiney try to sell out and bad mouth Lane to Hayden now? Remember, she did it to Matt and Ragan when Brendon was HOH and she did it last week to Ragan last week … She’s got such a fine, upstanding character. A real example for young people today — just like the rest of the remaining house guests.

  27. Crap, crap, CRAP! Bye-bye, Brit! Then I could care LESS which of the 3 idiot “boys” win this game. Bozo, Hairden, or Lame….WORST BB ever – what a waste of my time to even get so involved with this show!

    1. Sorry but not for me. This is the first time anyone I have been pulling for has gotten this far. Got to love the airhead Balloon Boy, Hayden.

  28. Yes!!!!!

    Bye Bye Bye Britney!!!!!

    This is so awesome! Now I don’t have to worry about the people I dislike winning, actually don’t care who wins it now…but Enzo knocking Ragan out for POV is priceless!

    Enzo FTW!

  29. Well, at least Enzo didn’t win it. THAT would’ve been the worst case scenario for Lane/Britney. Britney isn’t gone yet. I think she and Lane are a lot smarter than they let on. They could easily manipulate Hayden into back-dooring Enzo.

  30. brit is just as gross as the guys……..yesterday she drank o.j. right out of the jug and now, is eating ice cream right out of the container……..what an over-privileged,self- entitled prima donna whoa, but wait, that’s been her whole game plan….to be one of the guys

      1. I said yesterday, actually it was last night and they had already been given plastic cups….that’s how much you know…..I watch the feeds……do you?

      2. When Brit was drinking out of the OJ jug yesterday, their cups and glasses had been returned. Previously, she used a bowl for her OJ. Eating out of the ice cream carton grossed me out tonight. YUK!

    1. I’ve been wondering why she is always in the HOH room chillin using the bathroom, sleeping in the bed as if it was hers. I thought the HOH can only use that room. Kind of defends the point of having the room no?

  31. Yeahhhhhh! I predicted she would loose and said good bye to her while the POV was going on. Her bitchy Mother will be soooooo pissed!!!

    Just watch her turning the water works with Hayden.
    She will be stuck on him from now on like stink on shit,

  32. Bye bye Brittany! Hope karma bites u in the butt and u are very miserable in the jury house with everyone u have talked so horribly about. hahahaha

    1. It would be great if Matt and Ragan ignored her in the jury house like she ignored Ragan last week. Then she’d have to hang out with B / R…. or maybe just Brendon, who is probably looking for a new girlfriend now since Rachel will dump poor penniless Brendon soon.

  33. Britney is gone :( nooooooo. *if* Britney leaves (which she will) this will be the second worst season in big brother history. no doubt about it.

  34. Let’s review where we stand now…
    Hayden’s work is done and cleverly diverts the attention to Enzo for getting blood on his hands to evict Britney. 110% possibility that she’s going home and that’s that yo!
    Enzo now has had the most blood on his hands for the past 2 weeks with winning POV to get rid of Ragan and now evicting Britney. That makes Enzo the best player for Hayden to shoot to take to the final 2 since Hayden has won now twice as much competitions as the other guys…combined!

    1. I don’t think it will matter to Britney that Enzo is the one getting her out. She knew that was going to happen if she didn’t win. She has already told Hayden that she will vote for Lane in the final two. She said that she would vote for him over Enzo but that she was pretty sure Enzo would win anyway.

  35. Big brother 12 winner is Hayden. Hayden is going to be in the final 2, because Enzo wants him, same goes with Lane. So don’t be surprise to see Hayden win this season.

  36. I am surprised the princess didn’t fall asleep for 100 years when she pricked her little finger.

    Maybe she will sue BB for having dangerous things come into the house and be thrown in the trash. Maybe they should pay disability compensation for life. Now, that would be a big prize-bigger than half mil.

  37. Why is Brit building this ship or whatever?????. Go pack your stuff !! After this week with last smart player gone (Ragan), Brit is on the way OUT. There is no miracle for this BB season.

  38. Live Feeders, is Britney crying already? I’m sure many a tear will flow between now and Thursday. I’d have sympathy but she was such a wench last week to Ragan and she truly was stupid when she was HOH and could have gotten rid of the brigade…. she deserves every tear.

    1. Not yet, but very close to . You can see it in her face , she is totally pissed its not her way, but HIGHWAY out

  39. Hopefully, Lane can convince Hayden to use the POV on Brit. I am sick of Enzo. He is truly mean, and I want him out.
    Lane 1st place
    Hayden 2nd place
    Brit 3rd place

    1. hayden first

      lane or enzo second.

      hayden is smart. matt told him about ragen and what he told him hayden found out to be true. matt also told him to take enzo to f2 to ensure his win so he may just do that.

      but, with all haydens wins he will beat anyone and he prob realizes that too.

      hayden believes in the brigades celebrity. he wont go againt that. plus, keeping brit would be more competition for him in the quizes which he does not want to do he said.

  40. She already tried to talk to hayden about using the veto when she was alone with him for 30 seconds. Lane and Enzo were joking around in storage. She might have to cheat on nick to stay this week.

  41. And so the Season of Morons continues.
    Will Hayden do the smart thing and take the
    opportunity to backdoor Enzo, Hell no he won’t,
    because they are stupid.
    Will Britney go to the Jury House this week? Yes,
    because they are stupid.
    Will Mr and Mrs We Don’t Want any Floaters to Win (Brenchal)
    vote to give $500,00 to the biggest floater ever (Enzo)? Yes, because
    this whole season has been a bunch of Morons.
    I hope and pray Enzo does win the big prize, because the BG morons
    have carried him to this point. They deserve to loose, watch the season when
    they get home and realize the only Loyal Brigade member was Matt.
    (Scary isn’t it?).
    The only People I would want to see from this season in All Stars is Regan, Brittney and
    the train wreck known as Rachel (Just to see her get evicted again.)

    1. brit is too much of a baby who hides behind others when she feels defeated. what she doesnt realize it that with confidence she could have done a lot better.

  42. I wonder if Britney and Lane regrets taking out Ragan since it looked like Ragan could have won the f4 PoV easily. Britney is gone for sure unless Hayden sees Enzo as a threat since he believes that if Enzo is in the final 2, he’ll win. Even though Enzo sucks at the competitions, I still wouldn’t take the risk since anything can possibly happen. Hayden thinks he can beat Brit and that Lane would be easy to beat (obvious since Lane didn’t make the power move to take out Hayden). If the final 3 is the 3 dodos, this is a very disappointing conclusion to this season.

  43. You never know what may happen. This whole show has been played like one big grade school playground to see who can make the most friends. I can see Lane talking Hayden into pulling Brittany down and putting Enzo out on his ass. Lane and Hayden are pretty tight and Hayden isn’t all that bright. It could be the “Steamboat Alliance” because you know Enzo isn’t going to be able to go because of his family.

  44. I wanted Britney to win the POV and stay.But she did make it far in the game. I still can’t quite fathom why she didn’t push more for Ragan to stay. She knew what the deal was with those guys. But there a few things I can’t fathom with with some of those people in the house.Including but not limited to men or a man playing with themselves dead and center on camera in front of people to Brendon’s personality change with Rachel,lazy Kathy,and Matt’s game play at the very end. Not a big fan of the Brigade but people in the house ate what they were secretly being served by them. So I can’t hate on them at all for that.Now what would be funny is if they got rid of Enzo and poked a hole is his balloon head/ego.But that’s such a long shot. But if they don’t he could beat whoever at the end especially if its Lane.

    1. I agree she should have tried harder for Ragan to stay but the problem is that Ragan will get to the final 3 easily (that PoV is meant for him with his knowledge of the game) and he could possibly win the game over Britney. Also, it’s Lane who has to make the decision and he knows he won’t win if Ragan is in the final 2.

  45. lol people who say the guys are no longer floaters are crazy its 3 grown men against a chick whose what? a hundred pounds they’re sure to win in a 3:1. if they had won when there were against more people i wouldn’t complain but seriously …

  46. I officially HATE this season. The prospect of Hayden, Lane, and Enzo being the final 3 makes me sick to my stomach. They spent the first 7 weeks of the game doing nothing but gloating about how awesome the Brigade was, while Matt carried their useless hides through the game and did all of their dirty work. He was loyal to them, and he proved it by throwing Ragan under the bus to keep Hayden from getting nominated. They turned on their ally for no legitimate reason whatsoever, and I have no respect for that kind of gameplay. The only reason they are winning stuff now is because most of the better competitors are gone. Britney is the only HG left who deserves to win. She might be a catty bitch, but so what? At least she has been playing the game from the beginning, and not just in the last 3 weeks like those other 3 losers.

    1. Couldn’t have said it better myself. I honestly don’t get the attraction with Enzo. The guy isn’t even entertaining. All he does is say “Yo” and gloat about how awesome he is when he hasn’t done crap in this game. If that’s entertainment, I’ll enjoy my boredom.

      1. I would also like to add that a lot of people have been hating on Britney for saying nasty things about other HGs behind their backs. Well, I have heard Enzo say just as many vile things this season – if not more. Yet, he doesn’t seem to get nearly as many negative comments on here as poor Britney does. Both of them are gossips, but at least Britney is a competitor.

    2. The game isnt just about winning comps. In fact, manipulating people and being sociable is just as important as winning comps. Everyone who is in the jury house was good at comps, except kathy, but didnt play a good social game. They all got into huge fights and put a huge target on their backs. Its about playing smarter not harder. Even though the Brigade is obnoxious and annoying, they won comps when they needed to and the rest of the time they manipulated when necessary. Therefore they deserve to win.

      1. Oh, I agree that having a good social game is equally as important as being a strong competitor. Brendon and Rachel were strong competitors, but they alienated people with their attitudes and behaviour. Kathy’s lousy performance in comps made others see her as disposable, so she was an easy target for Matt to use the DPoV on. However, Matt and Ragan good competitive game AND social games. The only reason they were evicted is because they won comps, which is stupid IMO. As soon as they were nominated, there was nothing they could have said that would have saved them. They had already been branded as strong players, and that was that. I agree that BB isn’t JUST about winning comps, but come on. For all 3 members of an alliance to win nothing until the last few weeks is just plain ridiculous, and not the least bit respectable. They made it this far simply by losing competitions (or purposely throwing them). Everyone else (except Kathy) got evicted because they actually tried to win. What kind of game is that? Future HGs are going to look back at this season and none of them will want to win anything. Every comp will just be a race to see who can drop out the fastest. That would not be a very entertaining show to watch. Hopefully in future seasons, BB implements some new rules to weed out the floaters and give the HGs an incentive to win comps. The survival of this show depends on it.

  47. Thank god, now Brit can get evicted and I can stop watching this epic fail. She’s been my only reason to watch this for weeks and now I can finally stop. BB, please write better storylines next year or atleast hire a more likable cast.

  48. the guys were just saying they are going to sit brit down, tell her about the brigade and that she’s going…….but I’m not sure hayden and lane really mean it…they have been talking about taking each other to final 2 and we know that lane has kept saying in DR he wants to take brit to final 2……so maybe trying to make enzo think he’s safe and backdoor him? guess we will see, come monday

  49. i am so glad that cross-eyed Bitchney will be gone this week. The house will be left with Hairden and two floaters, Lame and Elmo. Hopefully Elmo goes next, I can’t stand that foul-mouth piece of crap.

  50. You know, if Rachel hadn’t hook up with Brendon, she would have gone really far in this game because people weren’t after her…they were after Brendon. Brendon would not have survived as long as he did without her. Rachel is so awesome, alot better than what’s left in that house.

  51. lol brit is crying ,hayden said hes not using the power of veto brigade is funny enzo is crazy it went the way i wanted to lol crying ass bitch u made 10000 its ok lol enzo they told her shes going home already lol

  52. Well doesn’t this just SUCK!!! I seriously can’t stand Enzo and I was so hoping Brit would win so Enzo would go. If he wins this I will be done watching BB. Yeah, all 3 of them are floaters but Enzo is the worst by far. I really want Lane to win but I’ll be OK if Hayden does. If either Lane or Hayden win the final HOH I reallyl hope they are smart and get rid of Enzo. The whole “meow Meow” thing is just so irratating. Uggghhh so not the news I wanted to wake up to on a Sunday.

  53. wait wait wait. i thought julie informed us the PoV was gonna be live. dammit brit! she deserved to win this season. :'(……there is always allstars right?

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