Big Brother 12 – Brit Learns About the Brigade, Brit: “Uh so I’m going home is that what your telling me?” Hayden: “well I’m telling you I’m not using the veto”

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Big Brother 12 Spoilers


10:11pm HOH Enzo, LAne and Brit Enzo says he was in an alliance with matty Day 2. Lane asks who else was there. Enzo: “there was 2 other people”. Brit says “oh”. Lane: “thats why you always hear about the brains, Animal, The beast and the meow meow. Enzo says it’s the greatest thing .. we controlled the vote since the beginning.. you don’t believe me yo. Brit: “DUH of course I do”. Enzo says it’s the best alliance every the 4 horse mane never made the final 4 .. evil dick and his daughter were pretty good but there was only 4″. Lane: “All our DR seasons have been about that”. Brit: “Now it all makes sense why y’all wanted Matty out”. Lane laughs that he had to take over the brains after matt left. Enzo brings up Matty and how they new he wasn’t a true member of the brigade when he won HOH and didn’t put B/R up. Lane says he feels bad for Ragan because he has no idea what Matt was doing.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

10:25pm HOH Enzo says what they did was a masterpiece. Brit: “everyone thought you and Hayden were in a alliance” Enzo explains that he knew that so that is why we got close to Brendon in ensure 2 brigade members never went up on the block. LAne points out that Brendon was winning BLANK so they wanted to be able to control him and to do that they needed someone close to him after Rachel went out. Enzo: “MAtt BLANK up because he got rid of Kathy…. I knew he couldn’t be trusted”. Enzo brings up how Brendon and Rachel didn’t have a clue about what is going one, Enzo: “Nobody had a clue”. Lane: “Ohhh BLANK Kristen told me all sorts of BLANKabout Hayden is was like ohh man I went to talk to HAyden told him to check that BLANK”

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

Hayden walks in, Enzo says that they already told Brit everything. Enzso explains the finer points of the brigade strategy to Brit and why they had to keep it secret. He says that They each had to have a pair so that the pair would be put up then they woul have th votes to safe the Brigade member. Enzo point out that there was Enzo/Rachel then Enzo/Brendon, Hayden/Kristen then Hayden/Brendon, Lane/Brit and Finally Matt and ragan. Hayden tells brit he’s sorry for not telling her he’s been truthful about everything. Brit: “Uhh so i’m going home is that what your telling me?” Hayden: “well i’m telling you i’m not using the veto”.. Enzo: “People might not want to admit it but it was the best alliance ever made.. I may not win the 500K but i help made it… “. Enzo: “It’s only right that we told you brit”. Hayden: “would you rather we never told you?” Brit starts to cry: “I’m glad yo old me still it BLANK sucks”

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

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Big Brother 12 Spoilers

10:53pm HOH Enzo and Hayden Enzo asks HAyden straight up who do you think will win this. Hayden says it can go either way. Hayden says his social game has been the best in BB history so why does he think he doesn’t have a chance against me. hayden trying very hard to tell enzo that he was a very strong player this year. Enzo doesn’t understand why hayden is so worried he’s not going to win the final HOH he’s by far the best player in comps this year… Lane comes back tells them that Brit is either in the Taj or the DR.

hayden wonder if they did the right thing telling her. Lane and Enzo agree they should of told her… Lane: “She’s not going to steamboat”.. Enzo doesn’t think that you never know how she’ll feel. Hayden: “um no she won’t be coming to Steamboat with us”.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

11:34pm HOH The Brigade talking about Brit and how she pissed at them. Enzo doesn’t care because when it comes down to it they have to vote for one of them so who cares if they are all pissed off. Lane points out that they did promise her final 4 and thats what she got… Hayden brings up steamboat and how win or lose they will get hooked up. (basically the brigade wins Big Brother 12, it’s the steamboat season). Hayden says he think Brit thought there was a chance he would use the POV on her. Enzo agrees he’s sure she was trying to get Hayden to take enzo out thats why she was talking to Hayden last night telling him how Enzo was unbeatable in the final 2.

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336 thoughts on “Big Brother 12 – Brit Learns About the Brigade, Brit: “Uh so I’m going home is that what your telling me?” Hayden: “well I’m telling you I’m not using the veto”

  1. Omg! I’m telling u, she’s so stupid. They just told her they’ve been in an alliance since day two. And now she’s asking if she’s going home? Getting sad?

      1. Let’s hope Allison sings loud and clear because the rules states you can’t tell them they are going home before the eviction . They broke the rule tonight . She was never given a fair chance tonight to even plead her case .
        I think all are tired of hearing that nasty mouth Enzo talk , much less his pig eating style of smacking . How does his wife stand that .
        Might as well turn off the live feeds and tv till the last night of the game all we will hear is more of Steamboat and how great they are at playing the best game ever. Yuk .

    1. You’re right. She is really going on crying about how she gave up her summer, and left her fiance to come on the show and not have a chance at winning the 500,000 dollars. IS SHE CRAZY OR WHAT. or does she really think those three care about her sob stories or her tears for that matter. What does she think everyone else in the jury house and there did, but gave up their summer as well, and only one person will win. She is so self absorbent. She really needs to get over herself.

      1. I think they know she was reaching with that but I do think they felt bad that she ended up crying. Although they knew she would but they just thought it was easier to tell her ahead so she could relax. Ragan did start to relax when he knew he was going and had some fun in the last day. Britney is hurting now because she knows it is over for her for sure. I think she will calm down in a day. I probably would have teared up, too, knowing that I got played but I would be relieved to know I could stop playing.

        1. The only reason they told her was they wanted their BRIGADE T-SHIRTS … now put them on and do DR’s about how great they were at doing nothing until it was down to just a homo and a little girl and the 3 of them. What a stroke fest this is for Enzo. Maybe he will eat something and show us the best smacker in Big Brother history! Britney you did it to yourself. Can we hear more about Steamboat? Save the money and give it to THE BIGGEST LOSER show and up their prize vault.

          1. Are you for real using ‘homo’ in your comment? Seriously now? These comments are a load of bullshit. Ya’ll are a bunch of sad people for making comments like this. Get a life.

          2. “Homo?” You actually just said that? Wow, you’re a frigging idiot.
            Who the hell uses such a disparaging slur in 2010? What a jerk.

        2. It’s a beautiful day in Mr.Roger’s neighborhood, isn’t it?
          Can’t get any better than this. It’s not karma. It’s not luck.
          It all come down to this:
          It is what it is.The boys didn’t let the “hot” , the “flirtatious”, the “little bitty bikini” redneck from Arkanas gets into their heads.

        3. She does feel badly/sad, but I am also guessing Britney is used to turning on the waterworks to manipulate people to her benefit, too. She strikes me as the type that has whined and cried her entire life to get her way and has probably usually succeeded in doing so.

          1. Yea, I Agree, but isn’t Lane the sucker who falls for everything about her, the only one voting this week?? What if ape brains decides to keep her over Hayden?? He did say he was taking her to final 2. Ugh.

      2. BA HA HA!!!! For a girl so pretty, she really is ugly on the inside. I really shouldn’t take such joy in seeing her breakdown and cry….mmmmm Yeah, I should…..Ba ha ha ha!!!!!

          1. Leah – against my better judgement – I responding to you…even though I know you’ll just come back and cuss me out like you do everyone else.
            We get it – you’re defending Britney and that’s fine, but do you have to be so vile in your responses! You’re so f you and f that – come on – can you say anything besides f/u???
            So, defend Britney all you want – but please do it with a some class – don’t act like an (go ahead – you fill in the blank)!!!!!!!

            1. Leah….Britney blew her game when she voted Ragan out….that was her mistake and now she is paying for it. Should she go? Hell no……that dumb ass,coat tail wop from Jersey should go….but it is what it is….

            2. OMG, Leah just learned 3 new words. She’s grown from her 3 word vocab of FU, Get A Life, Dumbass … Hopefully Simon will swat this little fly away. And if she comes back with another name, we can instantly recognize her hate, her typing ability and her limited vocabulary.

      3. no she doesn’t she’s a back stabbing brat! she doesn’t know when to shut her fake mouth! uncle matt didn’t have any reason to be put up on the block im being serious he basically played the game. brendon and rachel (as much as i hate them) also played the game. matt, brendon and rachel were the only ones winning the whole game you know that! matty deserved to win over any of the house guests in the house! and i wish he did. i love and miss him morre than the world. his family misses him we were all wanting him to win the half a million dollars! all this is coming from not only his neice but from someone who wants to tell him how many people wish he was dead in the house. it isn’t fair

    2. When an alliance makes it to the end, it’s usually every man for themselves in the final four. She probably thought Hayden would be thinking about winning $500K instead of dragging his buddies along so they can boot him in the end. If he leaves in 3rd place that’s what he gets for dragging two useless slugs so far in the game. The worse things you can do in BB is to come out balls to the wall in the beginning (Alison [bb7] Brian, Annie, Ronnie) or carry two slugs to the end so they can turn on you.

      1. haydan didn’t carry lane and enzo the whole d@mn game! it was my uncle matt doing all the dirty work! matt carried all the weight for the brigade! not haydan! matt should have went to the finals over all the rest of the brigade! tell me who won the most comps in the brigade? matt did. he rocked. i love and miss my uncle matt, and honestly he deserved to win over any of them! don’t rock the god d@mn boat just to have it your way dude! matt kept to himself the whole game.

        1. Matt isn’t in the house anymore. Hayden is the current HOH. If Enzo and Lane make it past Wednesday, it’s because Hayden chose to keep both of those slugs. Matt has nothing to do with Hayden keeping slugs.

    3. Sorry but Enzo is completely insensitive. All he talks about is the alliance. He did nothing to help them at all . I honestly can’t stand him and I’m from NJ. And tell his to chew with his mouth shut. What a slob.

    1. This game is not about who deserves to be at the end, but who can u beat at the end. Hayden has a better chance with the two bozos.

        1. Uhhh…… I guess you didn’t see the clip where Matt, from the jury’s house, looked straight into the camera and in so many words, told America that Britney is two faced and couldn’t be trusted.

          1. You’re right I didn’t see Matt say that (can’t watch CBS anymore, too boring). But, that just makes it even better for Hayden to take her to the final 2. The Brigade will vote for a member of their alliance over Britney.

            1. I agree that the CBS show is sometimes boring, but if you’re not watching that, it only leaves BBAD and live feeds, which are like Chinese water torture. I only watch the CBS show.

        2. But if Hayden picks Brit to go to final 2 the rest of the B. will vote against him for breaking the brigade. Thus, Brit wins.

  2. Brit should have won this. Enzo and Lane won very few comps and are losers. Hayden and Brit final two would have been worthy of the game. Again

    1. That may be true, but I think BB is setting it up for Hayden to win and Enzo to win 2nd place, because if you have noticed no one that has ever won money prizes like Brit, Ragan, and Monet they never go on to win. I guess BB figures their stipend plus th emoney prize is enough. To give them the game or second place on top of that will be too much. And whoever wins 1st or 2nd never wins America’s choice, which I think love it or hate it will go to Brendan or maybe Rachel. I don’t think BB will let Brit or Lane win because of all the talk of Lane and his family’s money and business, and Brit with her travelling the world. Hayden never talks about having anything, not even a car. The only thing he seems to talk about is Steamboat, and how he hasn’t made that much money in the past few years. And Enzo and new father who wants to give his money to his wife and child’s college education (compared to Matt’s wife who isn’t sick, Enzo looks like a Saint to BB) who can compete with those two. Deserve it or not, that’s how I think it will happen.

      1. FYI, Hayden won $5000 and a vacation to Hawaii. Of course, nobody else knows about that because that lying rat blamed it on someone else (poor Matt). If BB thinks that Britney doesn’t deserve to win because she won money, then Hayden doesn’t deserve to either for the same reason.

        1. FYI everyone does no Hayden won the money and the trip, including Brit. Lane told Brit last week before the POV ceremony, and Hayden told Lane and Enzo the same night or day after he won. SO everyone in the house knows. RAT. Brit is the biggest hypocritical rat their is. The only person she has not turned on is Lane. She was whomever friend that was HOH and then trashed them when they weren’t, so no I don’t feel bad for her she got the same thing everyone before her got. She was just two faced with her stuff. And she is still talking about people and they aren’t even in the house. I mean get a life already. She talked about Brendan and Rachel so much that the guys had to tell her yesterday to please stop talking about those two. I mean what does she need to down people to lift herself up. Get over it. That was her game strategy, and like everyone else before her it didn’t work. The only one in the entire game that betrayed her is Lane no one else. The people she should have trusted she didn’t. Brendan, Rachel and Ragan and even Matt all saved her shen she was on the block, but all of those people she trashed talked and help voted out. So you feel bad for her that’s your right, but don’t get mad because I or someone else disagree.

          1. You are riaght about Britney. She was so busy being obsessed and jealous about Rachel she had no time for game play. Even towards the end she had a chance to set herself up with Ragan and Brendon but she jsut ran over to the Brigade and told them everything. She rather just hang and trash talk Rachel. Can you imagine for at least 60 days straight she bashed the hell out of that girl. She does deserve to go home. It’s a good place, 4th place, you stay in the house all summer and get nothing!!! (she is lucky she won that 10 grand)

        2. Half of all married people cheat on their spouses. Yet MATT is the vil one for lying, with his wife’s consent, to get an edge in a GAME. And he should feel sorry because a pack a day smoker managed to survive cancer? Some people…

          1. I think people should ease up on Kathy and her smoking. I’m fighting cancer right now. I’m getting ready for my third stem cell transplant at the end of this month. I know what it does to you mentally and emotionally. If Kathy continues to smoke, that is her business. Maybe the stress of quitting would be worse for her right now. There are a ton of people with cancer who did not get it from smoking…..I’m one of them. And there are also a lot of people with cancer who continue to smoke…Patrick Swayze comes to mind. There are a lot of reasons to bash Kathy but smoking should not be one of them. Her game play was enough to bash her about……she had no reason to be on this show with the way she played.

            1. I’ve had cancer also (go every 3 mos to see if it has returned), and my father is dying of it now. The difference is that people like Patrick Swayze, for example, don’t cry and bemoan their situation while smoking on TV . Its pretty hard to be compassionate when someone continues to do something harmful to themselves while trying to pull on your heartstrings by saying they are fighting for their life. I understand why people feel the way they do.

              1. I do hope your situation improves, Eaglebirdie. I know the mental/emotional fight is so difficult. I hope your spirit stays strong and wish you the very best.

        1. I can’t wait for her to leave sequester in the JH and see what everyone on the show said about her and what BB fans think. I’m following her on twitter just to see the fall out, lol.

      2. just want to point out (not to fight) but dan won americas choice and his season…so its not a sure thing that if you win a prize production doesnt want you to win the show.

      3. That’s NOT true! Dan from Season 10 was America’s Choice when he had to complete challenges for America and won $$$$ and ended up winning it all in the end next to Memphis.

  3. I understand now why Hayden and Lane were worried about telling Brit, and why they thought she’d cry. At first I didn’t get why they’d think that. But now I remembered… Hayden and Lane already made a pact with Britney last week about going to the Final 3 together. They were planning on evicting Enzo. But a couple days later, Hayden and Lane changed their mind and decided to keep it all Brigade in the Final 3, and dump Britney.
    Enzo didn’t know this plan for sure, but he did hint that it probably crossed their mind.
    Brit will get over it. she got her $10,000. She’s good to go.

    1. Brit will get $10K, $9k stipend, and when the viewers see the arrogance of the Tampon-Gayd and all of the big talk coming from some guys who have done 0 all season, I’m sure she’ll get the $25K jury prize, too. That’s $44k. 2nd place only gets $50k + $9k and they have to go through the long endurance at the end.

  4. I DESPISE Enzo!! He says Matt couldn’t be trusted because he got rid of Kathy! WTF does that mean!? He could have put up someone from the brigade to help himself in the game but Matt was nothing but loyal to those back stabbing dumb asses! Vote Matt for Americas player, he really is the only one who deserves it!

      1. there is no way Matt deserves anything, the lie he told was unnecessary, it just shows what an evil little creep he truely is, karma is a bitch.

        1. Everyone needs to get over the lie he told. I’m sure you have told lies yourself and he has to deal with that not you so why judge? He played the best game hands down and he got screwed by the assholes that he carried!

        2. Well, Karma IS a bitch, and the Ratt felt her sting. He is a low-life, and the reaction from the people in the jury house (whether real or scripted) is exactly how the MAJORITY of Americans feel. So, no way he is America’s choice. You people who say “enough about the lie” are sorry asses just like Ratt.

            1. Can I use the power of veto to get Obama voted out too!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That would be great. Mister Obama by a vote of 100 million to o you have been eliminated from the united states. YOu have just moments to pack up your stuff and leave.

            2. LOL cuz we all know the pro Bushers weren’t followers….especially Bush himself. Oh, brother…what a completely irrational comment.

        3. OMG. Are people STILL hating on Matt about that bloody lie? I don’t mean to sound rude, but get over it already. Do you even know what karma is? Clearly not, otherwise you would know that the only way to get bad karma is by hurting others. Matt’s lie didn’t hurt anyone. He may have violated some peoples’ moral codes, but that doesn’t create bad karma.

          1. You obviously missed his wife’s reaction when she heard Ratt tell somebody about her “sickness” for the first time. You could see it in her face, it hurt her. Sure, she went along in the letter, but she had to, she loves her husband and wanted to help him win. But, he did hurt her, don’t doubt it for a second. Is that karma enough for you? I don’t really care, just thought I’d clear it up for you.

            1. You are confusing pain/suffering with anger/disgust. I seriously doubt that she experienced any physical or mental pain and suffering as a result of his lie. She would have to be an EXTREMELY sensitive person for that to happen. She wasn’t hurt by the lie. However, she was definitely angry and disgusted with him because he did something that she considered to be morally wrong. But as I said before, violating other peoples’ morals does not generate bad karma.

          2. That lie wasn’t his Karma, because until he told the people in the jury house no one knew it was a lie. His karma was that he was two faced, and it caught up with him. I mean he even turned on the one person that was loyal to him. Ragan was willing to give up 500,000 dollars for him, and he backstabbed Ragan. That was his karma, not the fact that he lied, because no one in the house knows it’s a lie.

          3. Exactly, Ratney is following other peoples opinions like many other small minded people. This is how Obama became our peesident. Whatever, you’re no better Ratney get over yourself!

            1. No it doesn’t. That is not how karma works. If you sow happiness, you reap happiness; if you sow misery, you reap misery. Matt caused no misery whatsoever with his lie, so he doesn’t get bad karma. Period.

        4. i think matt is a piece of shit for what he was wrong absolutely no need for it.and karma is getting him now thats why is ass is in the jury sure he is the most hated player besides brendon and rachel.

    1. They all agreed even Matt to take Kathy to final 6 and to get rid of Brit first. But Matt had his own plan on the side that they weren’t aware of. That’s what he meant by that. And ultimately that was Matt’s demise, because that’s when the three other brigade members knew they couldn’t trust Matt, and worried that Matt would even choose Ragan over them.

      1. And who else would Matt have gotten rid of? At this point the back stabers already wanted to get rid of him, Brendon had the pov. What he did kept them safe when he could have sent one of them out. It makes no sense what that idiot was saying. They all just make excuses to justify their stupidity and make themselves look better.

        1. The 4 of them agreed to take Kathy to final 6 and to get rid of Brit, so Brit was the one he was suppose to get rid of. Matt backstabbed them long before they backstabbed him, because they had no clue Matt had a one week alliance with Brendan and Rachel when Rachel got rid of Monet. Matt had been running around behind their backs worse than a person cheats on their spouse. This was the alliance he made on day two, and then he went around making side deals with people and that’s what caused him to not be trusted. Yes he did win comps but he did that ultimately to put his game play into action, and even Matt admitted that what he did was the cause of him being evicted. He doesn’t blame the brigade because he no he was the victim of his own distruction, so I don’t know why everyone is mad at Hayden Enzo or Lane. Everyone in the house knew they were dodo’s, and they were the first to admit it. The only one’s the Brigade’s played were Brit and Brendan, everyone else was fair game.

          1. Yes BB fan but he was the only one winning anything and was making strategic moves for himself and the Brigade! He NEVER not ONCE backstabbed them in any way! Don’t you understand he had to protect himself since dumb dumber and dumbest couldn’t win a f’n thing!

            1. And by the way, Matt had all the blood on his hands already why would he want more ? He is the only one who played smart! They just rode his back and dumped him off. The 3 of them are pathetic!!

            2. Yes he did, he talked Rachel into putting up Kristen against Hayden, Eventhough Kristen was the target he said he didn’t care if either of them went. He also told Brit that he wanted Brendan to put him up against Lane because he knew he would have the votes to stay. Matt was only loyal to Matt, I mean look at how he threw Ragan under the bus, and that was the only one that truly had his back, and in the end when he knew Ragan was the only one that had his back he still turned on Ragan. Maybe it was his strategy, but Matt was loyal to no one.

          2. He won HOH he had to make deals..when your the one on the line..he didn’t make final deals with them only week…they all have made talk about matt?? yet look at lane and hayden they did not only make a final four deal with her…they made a final 2 and 3 deal she trusted them…after hours and hours and hours of mind warping her..lane is lying still not owning up to how he used yeah i don’t blame her they just threw it all in her face…and confirmed that ragan told her the truth..they also just admitted that they were mad at matt for taking out kathy which means they were mad that matt saved brit… just before that they already made deals with kathy..not the brigade but enzo and hayden they already kicked out matt before any of that..matt took the hoh which put him in target zones and deal zones…

    2. *spoiler alert* Here’s another non-watcher of the game. Matt backstabbed them the first time by not putting Brendon and Rachel on the block and instead making a deal with them. He backstabbed them a second time by not sending Britney with the Diamond POV. He agreed with his alliance twice to do something, then he didn’t do it. He wrote his own ticket out of the house. He did the equivalent of shitting in his own bed. If he would have hung in there with them he would have been there tonight instead of Britney.

    3. Anyone stupid enough to use the Diamond Veto to take out someone like Kathy, needs his nuts trampled by a herd of goats and his ass kicked by me.

    4. Enzi is a world class scumbag. He doesn’t deserve anyhting. He’s gross and disgusting. His poor baby doesn’t have a chance with that loser. It all comes down to who is the biggest liar on BIG BROTHER. Besides JOrdan, they have all been liars, losers, and low lifes that have won. Lets not forget season 10. He was just the worst!!! Hayden is just a stupid imature baby. He should win because he will never amount to anything and he is going to need the money. Lane is a good guy, just got caught up with a those two idiots!!!!

    1. I gotta agree with you. Tonight, while Hayden’s sitting there with the POV, the ceremony not happened yet, Enzo’s stupid enough to tell him over and over and over again about how Hayden’s going to win the whole thing, and how he’s not going to take him to the final two with him. That’s straight up idiocy.

    2. the way he told her was F’d too. the other two at least broke it to her easy… enzo just kept bragging and rubbing it in her face.

    3. And one of them is coming in third and gets no money at all. In their collective delusion, none of them thinks they will be the one that doesn’t make final 2, and they think that whoever places 3rd will win America’s vote. Hayden would be smart to take Lane off the block and let him decide between Enzo and Brit. The only thing that would give me some small satisfaction would be to see Enzo get blindsided and go home with no money at all, and then learn that he was actually one of the least liked players this season, that there will be no movie deals, no invitations to do the Amazing Race and hang out with the stars. Unfortunately, Hayden doesn’t have the balls to make such a bold move, and even if he did, Lane wouldn’t have the balls to save Brit. I wouldn’t be surprised if Enzo won the last HOH, It seems that every week they end up regretting not sending someone home when they had the chance and then the person that didn’t go home wins. This happened almost every eviction this season.

    1. AGREE LMAO TOO. She is so hypocritical. The whole season all she did was talk about Rachel and Brendan and how dumb they were. Like Ragan said KARMA. She just got it back that’s all. Now she is going through just what Rachel went through, the only difference is Rachel knew everyone was gunning for her. Brit this SPOILED BRAT had no clue. She really thought Lane was on her side, and now he’s sitting their laughing in her face, and can barely defend his actions fo rthe way he lied to her. He sits back and allows Enzo to do all the talking. I don’t feel bad for her, because she is getting the same thing she said about Brendan, and Rachel, and Kathy. She should take her own advise and and HAVE SPORTSMANSHIP. IT’S ONLY A GAME.

      1. She didn’t realize how dense Hayden is. She thought he wanted to win $500k instead of bringing two slugs along so they can boot his ass in third place. I’d cry too if I was in the presence of such a dense moron.

  5. The brigade is the best alliace BB has ever had. They effectively controlled the house and kept it secret and made it to the end.

    Hayden will win the 500k, Lane will come in second and Enzo will win the money from America. Well played.

    1. The brigade is pathetic! They were only considered “good” because all the other houseguest were terrible. It’s like 3 10 year olds against a bunch of 6 year olds. are the 3 10 year olds good or just good in comparison?

      1. Right. ‘The Brigade’ really didn’t do anything other than lay low and get lucky with everyone else causing more drama and putting bigger targets on their backs. Matt was the only one who was actually was good at the competitions (the only nice thing I’d ever say about Matt). Every time Enzo says something like, ‘We ran this house’ I wonder which house he was referring to, because from what I saw this season, it was not the Big Brother house!

        1. That’s funny, your insulting of the Brigade just laid out for all of the readers the correct way to play the game. Also, I recommend you watch the tapes back, they did run the house. And, yes, Enzo said it best, “It didn’t really matter who won HOH, we always had the votes”. It was true, whether or not you choose to believe it, and that’s the way you play.

        2. If you watch even one prior season of BB, you would see that the strategy should be to lay low the first few weeks, don’t win money and put a target on yourself, don’t be an ass to others, that is not floating ITS BEING SMART. Accessing the situation and not calling attention to yourself….let the drama queens boot each other off while you treat others with humor and respect…..and THEN you start the winning comps. Hayden does deserve to win and I don’t really like him one way or another.

      1. Please not Enzo. Brendan should get it for crew cut, dumped in slop and if not only for being hancuffed to Briiney for 24 hours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Oprah will not have Enzo on her show……no possible way. Her show is winding down and she sure as hell isn’t going to go out with a guest like this moron.

        1. Oprah just signed on for another six months to give Enzo time to film his first movie, Palumbo (The weasel version of Rambo), and go on a worldwide speaking tour.

    1. Agreed! Those pictures above of her crying put a huge smile on my face. A bigger will replace this one when I see her butt walk out that door.

      1. whoa nellie………or should say gretel… sound way too emotionally invested in caring how she’s hurting, now that spoiled brat has finally gotten what she deserves…………you her mother? I’m waiting for a post from hansel who is probably nick lmao

        1. Lol you guys might have gotten dumped or rejected multiple times for you not to feel bad for her. Everyone on the show talks shit about each other. Like people in real life dont talk shit.

      2. no one is jealous of brit, I don’t feel that bad for her, it is just a game, but I don’t like seeing her cry either
        She should have teamed up with brendan and ragan and got the 3 amigos out

      3. I”m with you. How many times did Britney clowned in the Diary Room when she thought she was safe, or in the back yard when Rachel couldn’t hear her?
        Miss Cartoon is going to the jury house, and you know most of the jury don’t care too much for her: Brendon, Rachel, Kathy and Matt. Ragan might not even like her any more.

        1. there is no way in hell u have any friends if u talk about people like that. geez, blame britney for expressing herself. if i were in that house i would vomit all over myself for even standing near rachel

    2. what does treating others have to do with this game? you ppl are so hypocritical. you get mad at britney for doing the same thing all of you do on this website. you talk about everyone in a negative and foul-mouthed way, but she cant, and had to live with these idiots everday all day? Bottom line is if you are going to criticize her for how she talks about ppl, then you should say that and that only..not call her britchney and talk about her eyes and do the same thing that you hate her for.

  6. I think she now is pissed at Hayden the least. She is definately voting for him to win. Lane didn’t even look at her. Hayden at least tried to hug and comfort her

    1. yeah but lane is like in love with her. hayden likes her and is constantly checking her out. and lane does feel bad, cause lets face it, hes lied to her since day 1.

  7. Now that it’s only the 3 bozos left I have to think about each of them and which big dummy I hope to win. I’d be cool with either Hayden or Enzo winning the whole thing. I really hope Lane doesn’t win because it sounds like his family already has money and he’s spoiled back home. I always like to see someone who has money troubles win something like this.


    2. Enzo’s wife is Assistant Vice President at Credit Suisse and Hayden vacations in Jackson Hole Wyoming. Billionaires vacation in Jackson Hole Wyoming.

    1. I think it would piss them off more if Matt won AP because they would know that they f’d up voting him out and maybe understand why nobody can stand them! Especially Enzo!

      1. they would not care if matt won, they said tonight they really like matt
        the only ones that would make them mad would be brendan rachel and kathy
        and I will not vote for rachel and kathy

      2. Matt won’t ever win AP because BB edited the show to make Matt seems like a monster for some stupid lie. A strategic game lie that could have paid off if the Brigade didn’t backstab.

  8. Huge mistake in telling Britney about the brigade unless they plan on keeping her, If she goes to the JH with this knowledgeand tells everyone about the brigade for one get just dumps more crap into Matts lap for not coming clean with the JH members and second it will change the way the JH votes with this information. Dumb move in telling her if Britney goes to the JH. It will guarantee Lame or Bozo the votes over Hairden.
    The other killer response was Lame saying he took over being the brains of the whole operation after Matt left, what a clueless moron. Just goes to show you people can be as stupid as they look.

    1. it really doesnt hurt them jury wise…the idiots made the mistake of not getting rid of another brigade member and keeping brenden. if they made that move, they would be looking GOOD on the jury. as is, it doesnt matter, they HAVE to vote for someone



    2. The mistake was inevitable. Enzo cannot not stop talking.

      Genius would have been to remain quiet – even the1st of the last three should have not told at the JH. Whoops, that was assuming Genius.
      Britanny loves to talk. She will have a lot to say in the JH & light a bonfire . . . Unless someone starts thinking about themselves as an indiviudal instead of a Brigrade Appendage, it;s a snooze fest firm here on out.

      1. They don’t care, they know one of them is gonna win it. You see, that’s the beauty of it, even if everybody in the jury hates them, they have to vote for one of them. LOL! I love it!

    3. You wrote: “It will guarantee Lame or Bozo the votes over Hairden.”
      There is a lot of truth in that sentence.

    4. Ok, this is how I see it. It was a mistake to tell Brit about the brigade. If she is smart, which I think she is, she should have a one on one with Hayden. She needs to convince hayden to take her down and put up enzo OR she will go into the jury house and tell them all about the brigade. At this point she will tell hayden if she goes to the jury house she will tell everyone that ENZO was the brains behind the ENTIRE operation… breaking up rachel and brendan by getting out rachel (enzo’s idea) becoming false friends with brendon to keep close, but put the blame on hayden for backdooring brendon, enzo’s idea to back door matt, telling jury that kathy going upset enzo ( a lie to get her vote) tackeling ragain to win pov in returns send ragen to jury house. If the jury thinks that enzo is the reason they are there then hayden will think he has absolutely no chance of winning. Tell hayden the jury will think that he was just a floater hanging onto enzo’s coattails. With Matt’s big lie, when he chimes in and tells everyone that brit is lying, no one will believe that lying ass anyway due to his enormous lie. This is her only way…… If i was in her shoes, I know i would be able to convince all that hair! …. Yes, i know that brit does not know about matt’s lie, but the jury does, so when matt tries to defend the brigade, brit will say his is just lying because he is a liar and they will believe her.

  9. He won’t win AP. What sickens me though is Douche bag Brendon might win that. He wants to give up playing BB for a skank he just met and America wants to reward him for it. Ugh!! This game sucks this year!!

    1. MY VOTE IS WITH REGAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. brendan knew he could not trust them, he kept trying to get in their alliance, but he knew he had to win every comp to stay in the house


  11. OMFG… this might be some of the best TV I have seen in awhile. The best part was when Brit was hearing Hayden tell her he is not going to use the veto…and in the background you have Enzo yelling about history… and the brigade is legacy…. that was priceless. I did feel bad for her cause I like her and think she is funny…but it’s always best to know the truth…even if it hurts. yo

    1. It’s best to know 5 days before she leaves so she can start telling Enzo and Lane about how social games mean nothing in the end and they would be even stupider than they look if they brought Hayden to the end. Of course, Brit needs to convince Hayden that keeping her would assure that she chooses him for final 2, but if he doesn’t use the POV on her she should stir things up as much as possible. I doubt she will though.

  12. I think Britney is a bit heartbroken over Lane too, because she visibly had a crush on him. Engaged or not, she’s a young girl and she’s been stuck in that house for so long I’m sure she developed some feelings for him. So now not only does she know she’s going home, but she feels betrayed and used by Lane. Poor girl. I’d feel sorry for her if she wasn’t such an asshole.

    1. she really trusted lane…I bet he would have preferred if it was less…vocal…otherwise hes just kind of mean

      and I really dislike brit


    2. Hey Goofy, comment was dead on, karma is a bitch and she’s getting a huge dose of it right now. The lightbulb just went on big time and although warned and having an opportunity to make bold big moves, just discovered she got worked, and the people who warned her she can ow join in the jury house.

    3. I agree with you 100%. What a good comment.
      Britney also tried to buddy, buddy with both Hayden and Lane. And both of them did promised to take her to the final 2. It’s beautiful how this all ends for her. Put away your makeup, little bitty bikini, hair gel and nail polish Britney, because the boys are so over you.
      It didn’t work Britney.
      Four weeks ago, I said: ” Britney is trying to play a man’s game and she is going to get slammed.” ……….. Well, here it is!
      Anyways, they should make a Mastercard priceless commercial from this session when Britney found out about the Bridgade.

    4. I totally agree!! If Brit wasn’t so nasty to people behind their backs, I might feel bad for her too. You could see the “Light” go on in her head when Hayden was talking…I can only imagine what BB had to say to her!! I’m sure she said she was quitting and they had to talk her down.

      As far as Enzo goes…I think he is feeding off of Lane and Hayden, they like it when he acts up…so he overly does it!

        1. So what? You do nothing but pick on people you don’t know on this site over a freaking game. Nothing is out of bounds for you. You throw around profanities, insults and personal attacks every time you post. You disrespect casual visitors and yearly regulars as if anyone cares what you think. You are a troll, and the best way to deal with people like you is to starve your craving for attention.

  13. You could actually see her heart break in a kind of slow motion. Ouch! IMO she does not deserve to win she was the “mean girl”. No, Hubby I am not talking about you.

  14. I’ve been Team Brit since the beginning but I honestly think Hayden should win because he has played the best game out of the four of them socially and competition wise. If he’s smart he’ll make a final two deal with Britney because other than winning h.o.h his only chance at final 2 is if Britney takes him. Because Enzo and Lane have walked around the subject of taking Hayden to final 2 all night. There’s no way they’re taking him.

    ALSO… I find it hilarious that Enzo feels America LOVES him… I beg to differ! And I think once Britney gets the boot she’ll have a shot at America’s favorite cause she’s the funniest and Britney fans are more likely to vote than Enzo fans.

    1. How quick they forget that Enzo was just short of getting the votes from America to be the saboteur. America wants to see him yo!

    2. Hayden didn’t really win anything until he was up against a really small girl, a really small homo, and two really dumb idiots.


    1. They are big stars, you’ve been reading about them on the internet every day for 60 some odd days. So have millions of other people. Clearly they’re stars.

  16. Finally, the Brigade comes out. And they impressively did what they said they would do. Final 4. (except for Matt, but Matt screwed himself over)
    I loved the Brigade since Day 1. Their secret alliance was the most compelling thing this whole season. Amazing job!
    Enzo was brilliant. A master at the social game. He manipulated the whole house, including this Brigade brothers. That’s the bottomline. He deserves the win.
    But Hayden, is most likely the favorite to win it all. Lane definitely was the weakest one.

    1. He may have ultimately screwed himself in the end but little did he know, and bow he will find out, his supposed brigade bro’s put him down the path for his demise.

    2. Whether you like it or not, they did get to the end. That should allow them to toot their horn. Yes, Enzo is tooting it too much, maybe, but he is excited that he made it because I don’t think he thought he would. I wasn’t for them at first but I have to give them credit for making it. I am still pulling for Balloon Boy.

    3. The Brigade did nothing all season. Matt won when it was important and when there was some competition left in the house and Hayden won when there was no one left but a small girl and a small homosexual. Enzo had to rough up the homosexual just to get one win. Weaseling off into the shadows while the rest of the house fights it out 7 days a week, and then turning on one of your own when he thought he was safe, doesn’t qualify as doing anything.

    4. Enzo should get the $500,000. After all, it was Enzo who created the Brigade. He’s the boss.
      You’ve got to pay the Boss.

  17. Brit was warned by other players, chose to ignore and should be going home, yes I’ll miss the bathing suits, but evil Brit will be gone and we’ll be left with the three clowns. I’m just ready for this season to be done. BB needs to come up with something new, can’t stand that house members have the comps damn near memorized as to what comes next.

    There’s no way I could vote for Matt as America’s choice. I mean he just doesn’t get it. On last week’s show he wasn’t sorry for telling the lie, only that it didn’t work. Rachel tried to start drama and I was glad to see him basically go tell her to *%$$ herself – was pretty funny.

    I might have to vote for the deballed Brendon just because he put up a good fight but pissed me off by continuing to play Rachel’s game instead of his own.

    Damn, just gonna have to pray that next season is a whole lot better, cause this cast and production attempts to add drama (sab., endless pandora boxes, ect.) really sucks!

  18. Well, these 3 bozos might possibly be more hated than Nat the Rat. Seriously Hairden, you think Enzo the clown will win America’s choice…think again. The three of them just sat and psychologically warped a 23 year old girls head, and they think they will win that money? Hellz no. Brit will win that money, which will give her at least more than she thought she would get. Poor girl. I’ve liked Brit since Monet went home, and this just made me thankful that the three bozos will have their name trashed for all Big Bro history. Good Going guys, I hope whoever wins that money loses it within 6 months. I hope Karma comes and holds her hand out for the money,, that’s what will happen. F’n losers.
    Lane, you are the biggest scum of them all. Leading this girl to think you were her best friend, and Enzo the clown, I can’t wait till you get out and see that the Bragade is something you will be ashamed of forever. Congrats Enzo, your kid will be ashamed of this, big time. I highly suspect your wife is packing her bags now, if not ,she should be.

    1. Poor little Brit. This is the same one that promised not to put up Brendon and then did. What an evils bitch warpping the mind of such a fine upstanding young man. Not to mention leading Lane around by his prick and costing him the game by puttting up enzo and then Hayden instead of her stanky evil ass. What a bozo. Hayden and Enzo will take it all.

    2. You’ve brought Enzo’s kid into this discussion to make your point, but it’s Enzo who has no class?
      Wow, unbelievable.

  19. I love this Britney was such a hater. She and Regan talked vile shit about everyone. So glad she’s being tossed out on her prick teasing ass. Did she really think playing the crying game and giving the boys a little whiff of her va jj was going to help her win. What a spoiled brat. Now she and Regan can be together again.

  20. I think it is funny that everyone says Enzo shouldn’t win because he never won challenges and is a floater because of that.. that is stupid Enzo was not a floater, Kathy was and winning comps doesn’t make you a great big brother player, Enzo was involved in every eviction played a great social game and was the last person that wasn’t on the block till recently, was Will a floater because he never won? love it or not Enzo played a great game and deserves to be in the final two more then Lane or Britney.

    1. NO WAY!!!!!

    2. Will purposely lost competitions and wasn’t delusional. Will also made it through most of season 2 on his own and had to drag Enzo, I mean Boogie, along in season 7.

    1. Agrees, she should have made plans with Matt and Ragan! They all would have talked and figured what was happening and this would have been a much better, more interesting, more deserving outcome!

    2. She didn’t want to put him up. The douchegade threw the POV to Brendon because they wanted to force her to put up Matt so they could back door him. The only other people she could have put up were Ragan and Hayden. If those Bozos had tried to win instead of taking prizes, the nominations would have stayed the same and Brendon would have gone home. Matt was taken out by Lane, Hayden and Enzo, not Brit.


    1. Nancy, think it’s time for you to get back on your meds……you sound and look like a raving, ranting lunatic with your caps on……..chill, girl, chill

    2. I’m confused are you talking to me? because i didn’t talk any trash at all and i think you need to calm down taking this game and show way to serious if you get that worked up.

    3. And Kathy set such a good example did she? A cancer survivor that was ALWAYS smoking? Yes, that sets a wonderful example AND it shows the respect she has for life!

    4. How on earth can anyone takes Kathy’s anger toward Matt seriously, is beyond me!
      Oh, she’s a cancer survivor. God gave her a second chance in life. She’s cancer free. Life is so precious……………….yet every day, she continues to puff on those cigarrettes, but, but she’s mad at Matt for telling a lie. If anything, Kathy should be upset with herself for still smoking after have survived cancer.

    5. Whoa, Nancy…. Calm down with the caps
      On a side note, you should reread your posts before you criticize someone else’s grammar. That is all.

    6. Nancy – pleaseeeeeeeeee, using all caps is against computer manners. It actually means you are shouting……………plus, it’s harder to read.

    7. Nancy my love, Kathy not only smokes but she takes meds that cause cancer. Not only that she is inappropriate with the guys. Come now, you must not think she is innocent in this? She has a child and look how she behaved on tv.

  22. Lane better not win. He hasn’t done shit. Out of the 3 left, he’s done the worst.
    Hayden’s really stepped up. I gotta give him credit. He’s definitely deserving of the money.
    Enzo would make a fair 2nd place. He hasn’t won shit, but he’s definitely been the most entertaining person on this season, and he did play a great social game. Hayden’s social game was great too, but in a different way.

  23. Two thumbs up is my review of tonight’s goings on in the BB house, which I watched on BBAD. I laughed, I cried, and finally felt truly entertained. Hell, I almost felt bad for Britney tonight… almost. There was no pool tournament I had to watch, either, which alone is a plus. When Hayden came up to the HOH room, and thinking Brit had already been told she was going home, said ‘I’m so sorry, Britney. I’m glad you won the ten g’s, though’… priceless!!!!!!!!!

    Enzo does need to learn when to shut up, though. At one point tonight, I think he pretty much had Hayden wondering if he really shouldn’t use the POV on Britney.

  24. Not one of these guys truely deserve the money on there own. They all 3 made decisions as a whole. Hayden won more comps but that was when there was 6 people or less left. If lane was smart he would have gotten Hayden out last week and if Hayden is smart he will get Enzo out this week. This game is about winning $500,000 but these guys are just wanting to basicly toss a coin on who should win. If they would seperate themselves and vote Enzo out then it would be a move that shows that when it comes down to it there is someone who is looking to stand out. Lane is a wuss. All he does is yes Enzo and Hayden to death. He has no brain of his own. If he was smart he would tell Hayden to use it on him so he can vote out Enzo. And if Brittney was smart she would promise Hayden a final 2 and tell him she hates lane for lying to her. Lane needs to stop being a follower and a little yes man. He is the weakest BB player ever. All he did was stay out of trouble. He wasn’t like Enzo who actually acted like he was friends to everyones face only to talk shit behind there backs. It’s great that they were able to make an alliance but now it’s time to show that your hear to win the $500,000. Not to just make it to the final 3 and then be happy for whoever wins.

    1. That is a really good post and I agree. I was hoping one of them would make a big move by this time to position themselves for the win, but nope. Then again, I thought Ragan and even Brandon had a good chance of winning as well, so I suppose they were scared of them, but shouldn’t the 3 big scared of each other? I don’t know who’s going to win. It’s a toss-up.

  25. that was soo funny. brit just wants to start crying when the bg comes out. she deserves it after all her shit talking and fakeness. and wht the hell r u ppl thinking voting for her for americas player shes a brat and she already won 10gs!

  26. This has been my least favorite season of Big Brother since……..forever! At the start of the season and up till two weeks ago I thought Hayden was a douche and wanted him to go, but now that Britney is leaving he’s the only one I’ll be content with winning.

    I love how great those three think they are.

    Can’t wait to see them come out of the house and realize that they aren’t nearly as popular as they think they are.

    And now that I think about it this cast, as a whole, is the most unlikable group I think they’ve ever assembled.

  27. did you here those guys talk about how she’s not their type of girl. she’s too short too white and has a flat ass. have none of these guys looked in the mirror. they then said that she was flirting with lane all summer even though she has a fiance. these guys are really full of themselves. if Brit didn’t make fun of everyone i’d feel bad for her but that’s karma. but i don’t think they should have told her. Will never did because i’m sorry but that’s mean. they weren’t really interested in her feelings they just wanted to know who’d she vote for and if she thought they had the best alliance.

  28. Ah this was great I had to spread my joy with everyone………Hayden says I’m glad you won the 10g’s yesterday.  Lane says are you pissed… a little bit… I would be.  Britney is smiling.  She says so you are saying I’m definitely going home?  Hayden says I’m not saying definitely… but I’m not using the veto.  Silence.  Enzo flushes the toilet and says people don’t want to admit it, but it was the best alliance ever made.  Silence.  Enzo comes out of the toilet and says what happened, whats going on…. we have enough respect for Britney to tell her.  

    Enzo says he thinks Hayden is the best player in the house.  Who would vote for the anyone else… Britney says I will find out when I get to the house.  Hayden says are you glad we told you?  We like you and that is why… (Now Britney looks sad…)  Enzo goes on and on about the best alliance ever…  He says we’re a bunch of dodos… but how dodo can we be?    Enzo says it was only right to tell you.  It was only right, know what I mean.  Britney says I would rather you tell me than not.  She says it doesn’t mean it doesn’t suck.  Hayden says I don’t want to make you sad or make you cry.  Enzo says I was happy when you won the 10g’s.  Enzo says we’re being honest, not f* around, you deserve that, you are an awesome player, funny as s*  (the praise seems to have upset her and now she is crying)  She says I’m going downstairs.  How does it feel that you have wasted three months for no reason.  She says I got it, I didn’t win the veto… it’s just hard.  She says it’s fun, I just need to… She leaves the room.

    Enzo, Lane and Hayden laugh.  Lane says there went my only vote.  Hayden says she is gonna hate us so much.  Enzo says we shouldn’t have told her.  They don’t want to go talk to her.  Hayden says she didn’t start crying until I told her I wasn’t using the veto. Lane says she will feel better tomorrow.  Enzo says once Monday is over, she will be all right.   I will give her an awesome speech when I evict her out.  Hayden says I feel terrible.  Enzo says we had the f* awkwardness… he recaps the unveiling…. Best night of bbad this season………ya outta here!!!

  29. Thats what her dumb self gets. They used her to get rid of Matt because they know they could not beat him in the final four and now your gone.. Next time, she will learn to think for herself!!!

  30. Wow, Lane threw that PoV so he doesn’t want to have to blood to choose between Enzo and Britney. So much for having her back and wanting to take her to final 2. It really sucks when someone tells you that you have 0% chance of getting into the final 3. Britney pretty much got Keesha’ed.

    1. Her what will prevail? She’s stupid, evil, short, has a crooked smile, fake boobs, roaming evils eyes, personality of a rattle snake, and thinks since she has a vagina she deserves to win. Oh and also did everything she accused Rachel of. Now she can go to the jury house and spend time with the other ve evil bitch Regan BR rules fools.

  31. enzo is not that popular on any sites i been on..good edit or not..I don’t see him winning americas vote…brendon became more pop then any of them i see him in running.. most online post went from brendon to matt to ragan to brit then lane hayden and enzo mostly tying..

  32. haha its funny seeing britney cry her sad little hopes were crushed. normally i would feel sad for a contestant but she was such an awful human being never want to see her ugly face. she made fun of everyone and when things go her way shes all cocky about it and when it does not she cries and runs her skanky little mouth. her boyfriend should dump her you dont want someone like her being the mother of your children.

  33. I do not normally respond to what i read but i think its time that people respect what the Brigade has done, This alliance will be respected and many big brother player will try to replicate it, let me break it down for you all, they made an alliance between the four, but to make it work they each were allowed to make side alliances, i will admit some of the side alliances were coincidences, but now going forward that will be a blue print, but making side alliances out side the brigade is what kept the brigade off the block. if people take the time to respect what these guys have done you will understand what others in their position did not do. Other alliances let their power get to them and they had to show their power by exposing it, these guys kept it quite . i think its about people began to respect.

  34. Best alliance in BB history? HA!! Enzo is dillusional. I personally think Will and Boogie were the best alliance, but it was played better in All Stars. They had some time to tweak their strategy. And like I said before…2 of the 4 horsemen became the final 2. So he needs to shut up. The brigade ain’t shit. Even Dick and Daniele are better than them. The brigade was never targeted. D&D were targets from day 1 when the house wanted to “get those other people (Dick, Dustin, and Jessica) out and stick to the original group.” The brigade survived on DUMB LUCK. The house was so worried about getting Rachel and Brendon out that they never thought to target anyone else. These 3 bozos don’t deserve All Stars. I want to see people who played the game downright mean and dirty, not these lazy guys who think way too highly of themselves.

    1. I agree that if the HG were not so intent on getting Rachel and Brendon out, the game would have been ALOT different. The brigade survived on ‘dumb luck’.

  35. Ok, I know how Enzo can make his millions from his big brother fame (cough) he can open a place called “enzo’s” where you pay to get in and once you’re inside it’s just a big empty room ( this represents the big void in his melon where a brain should be) then you do absolutely nothing! Just like him in the house! Upon leaving you get a chance at getting half a million, fifty thousand, or nothing. It could be huge!!!

  36. How is Hayden really stepping it up in the competitions? He has only been playing
    against a Britney and Enzo. (my dog could beat Enzo). Lane said he wasn’t going
    to try for the power of veto because he said he didn’t want to be the one to send
    Britney home.

  37. “YOU CAN’T EVEN TALK WITHOUT USING ENGLISH”….lol, wtf does that mean? I’m looking for some secret coded meaning hidden in your use of all caps, but I can’t see it. Of course people can talk without using English, after all, I’ve done some research and I have found that other languages exist besides the English language. I know, I know, it was news to me too. I even found that in a location just South of the USA border there is a language called Spanish that people seem to use frequently. I know this doesn’t help anybody to understand what you’re saying, I just thought the loyal readers should know. Also, I researched this whole lying for money thing you mentioned. It seems that people have been doing that for millenia! Thanks Simon and Dawg! You guys are helping me learn by running this site!

  38. I wasn’t for the Brigade for a long time, but they really did do it.
    Hayden is the main one to win the comps, but they really did stick together.
    Lane was going to go astray, but didn’t.
    Hayden and Enzo always stayed true. I think Hayden and Enzo should be final
    Lane, no thanks.
    Hayden should win, but we will see.

  39. The brigade almost appears to be like cartoon characters.
    Does anyone notice how much Lane appears to look like Larry the cable guy?
    Hayden is a bit like Spicoli, and Enzo is trying to be the next “the Situation”
    It’s like BB took a stereotypical doofus from New Jersey, Texas, and California.
    I’ll bet MTV will notice and start doing more Jersey Shore type shows using Lane types in Texas;
    Hayden types from California, etc

  40. Brit is in the best position to have Enzo evicted and doesn’t know it.
    All she has to do is sell the fact to both Enzo and Lane that if they take Hayden to final two, she will work to convince the Jury to give money to Hayden. She should do this with all three of them in the room so that Hayden can finally realize that he will not make final two if she is evicted.

  41. Well, the DR has a few days to implant paranoia in Hayden, so the game isn’t over yet. Oh, what am I saying? The game ended when Rachel’s 24 hours were up.

  42. I haven’t liked brit since she mentioned on how she ‘stabbed and killled a turtle’ as a child!! She displayed anti social behavior back then, I can only imagine what else she is capable of! I hate her! Glad she is leaving! Woo hoo! Karma sux you hefer!!

    1. So, an eight year old killing a half dead turtle is worse to you than high school aged Lane tossing a sackful of kittens in a rock crusher? Britney told that story and said “It was the worse thing I’ve ever done.” Lane told his kitten crushing story several times without any remorse at all and once told it and then laughed about it. Both are wrong for killing for entertainment but Lane still would do the same thing today and think nothing of it. Britney definitely would not. She’s still haunted by her behavior.

    2. She went on to say that the turtle was already dying and she felt sorry for it and put it out of it’s misery. Get your shit straight.

      1. Leah – why do you think Britney deserves to win so much? Really tell us. Don’t try to change our names, call us names, cuss or anything like that (yeah, you newest word is vomit – nice). You come on here totally supporting Brit by ranting and raving about how great a player she it and deserves to win. Well, instead of your vile and insipid comments – take the time to explain why this so called wonder player deserves to win over anyone else? Can you do it? Can you do it without using a cuss word or making ridiculous comments – go ahead —- we’re all waiting!

  43. If the this news of them 3 being in the Brigade with Matt since day 2 doesn’t straighten out Britney’s eyes, I don’t know what will.

  44. Karma is such an overused word around here. Jesus…bunch of armchair experts in Hinduism and Buddhism around here. It’s a game, people will lie, get over it.

  45. My take on the entire situation is that I have no idea who to be rooting for anymore.

    I used to like Lane and Britney for the final two but now Britney most definitely won’t make it, and I don’t know if I can root for Lane anymore because he really messed with her head and lead her on.

    As far as Hayden goes, I used to think “oh at least he stayed true to his word” but he really kind of hasn’t these past couple of times. I mean think about it, last HOH during the double eviction he puts Brendon up as a pawn against Regan, Regan wins POV takes himself down, and Hayden tells Brendon that Britney is going up and that she’ll be going home. Who went home? Brendon (thank god!). Hayden knew the entire time the house was going to vote Brendon out not Britney but continued to sit there and tell Brendon he was totally safe, Brit was going home. Now this week, he wins HOH, nominates Lane and Britney…fine, but then on the BBAD Britney and Hayden were sitting in his HOH room and she asked him if he thought she, Lane, and himself would still be final 3 even though they were nominated and he said “We have a really good shot” and then went on from there. He really kind of lead her to believe he was trying to back-door Enzo when that was never really the plan unless it had to be.

    Enzo will in NO WAY have me rooting for him, EVER end of story. He’s done NOTHING in this game except skate by on the heels of everybody else. One POV win does NOT make you worthy of $500,000 when all you’ve done besides that is talk trash about everybody behind their backs, and be the most vile person in the house.

    So right now…I don’t want any of the final three to win, and that’s sad.

    As for America’s Player: I don’t know that either

    I won’t vote Brendon because he never played his own game. He was much better and much more tolerable after Rachel left but he still continued to play how she would have wanted. I would have liked to see how he played the game as himself, not as her.

    I won’t vote for any of the 3 stooges because they really don’t deserve it

    Matt – I’m not a fan of the lie he told about his wife, but at least he did somewhat have a strategy.

    I guess all-in-all, I’m just saying this season kind of did suck as far as players go because I can’t figure out who to vote for, or who to root for, and it’s not because they were all so good, it’s because they were all so bad.

    1. u are, without a doubt, my best friend. no but seriously, lane did try to keep her safe. she was so nervous she screwed up on hner on her own.

  46. I am glad that brit is hopefully leaving!! she is no better then the people she was slamming…….now the brigade lane, hayden, enzo will fight for hoh and pov and good luck to the winner…they all gave up something to be on this show…i look forward to BB every year!! i love to see how people act in the house!!!! i do hope that hayden wins i do think he behaved as normal as you can when you are in that situation of being with many strangers and having to fight every week to stay in the house i know i could not do it…..matt lying bout his wife is really low and dirty as far as i am concerned…i feel really bad for kathy she had no chance…..good luck to the three muskateers!!!!!!!

  47. Big Brother was too predictable all season.The brigade made it to the end,so I guess they did something right. It was ONLY because of the voting in numbers,otherwise they sucked.Brendon and Rachel made the excitement hate them or love them, Matt made you want to smack him upside the head,O how could he have donated money to a charity that wasnt even real if he won? Reagon was a big crybaby, that embarrassed all of the gay people out there.:( No one DESERVES,to win anything but someone will, Hayden in my eyes is the lesser of the 3 evils , and sounds like he needs the money the most.He did stay low and didnt offend anyone. Brendon worked his butt off seeing he had a target on him the whole time,Rachel was just a booger in his nose.

  48. I am to the point that I DON’T CARE who wins..The losers end up winning the money??

    Hook up with a bunch of losers let the best LOSER WIN..this season SUCKS>.

    I am voting Brendon for the 25,000..
    Nobody cares about your mastermind Brigade….So Glad when the season ENDS..

  49. It’s time for all of the Brigade Haters to go away now. Seriously, leave and come back next summer. I was away for three weeks, but I kept up with the game. And as predicted from the second week, it’s remained ALL Brigade. Whoever thought it wouldn’t be needs to get their head examined. You don’t beat 4-Deep. If an alliance that large is true to one another (and keeps it under wraps like these did), and this one was/did, those numbers are way too strong.

    Sure, one member had to go. We (we being the true Brigade fans from day one) KNEW that eventually a Brigade member would fall. At first, I really thought it would be Hayden, but Matt ended up doing himself in by getting too close with the rest of the house. Big Deal. I posted earlier that killing off one member didn’t stop the Brigade. As evidence clearly shows now, it has not.

    For those of you thinking Brit pulls some rabbit out of her hat, you’re just being slow witted. She pulled her last rabbit last night with those crocodile tears. Party’s over Brit.

    If you’re not a fan of the Brigade, party’s over.

    Great Job Simon and Dawg. BTW–I haven’t forgot about the donation. It’s coming. I got called out of country for 3 weeks. Been keeping up with live feeds and the show and even checked in here a couple of times, but life’s been really hectic. I ain’t forgot.

    Brigade Power. 4-Deep Yo since day one. Grenades.

  50. It wasn’t the brigade’s moves that got them to final 3 — it was the hand of BB that got them to final 3. Never before in a season have so many done so little to get to the end. One example — BB made Brendon change his nominations when he told Britney that he was going to nominate her . . .BUT has never called out Enzo for cheating.

  51. The people who think Hayden should make a final 2 deal with Britney are wrong. Right now Britney doesn’t care about any of the 3 boys and (in her own words) “will say any CRAZY thing I have to.” She’s only in it for herself now. She’ll make this deal with Hayden just to survive this one week and then turn on him the next week (à la Brendon). Basically Hayden would be keeping someone who is a strong competitor and who will be gunning for him next week, and will loose a jury vote for turning on one of the Brigade members. This doesn’t sound like an attractive option. Britney has never proven herself to be loyal to anyone other than Lane (who Hayden would then be keeping in the game) so Hayden would be wise to not make a deal with her.

    I worded this horribly, but hopefully you people are smart and know what I mean.

    1. “She’s only in it for herself”… WoW..Really ?? Isn’t everyone?? Cheat,steal,lie,backdoor,anything…but please don’t do it for yourself…..gimme a break….at least TRY….It’s half a MILLION DOLLARS!!!!

  52. Okay Britney/Keesha is upset and crying. What’s the big deal?She’s been duped just like the rest of the people in the jury house. She probably has to process it out. I’m sure there are things she regrets like not going for the prizes in that comp, trusting Lane and Hayden, and basically doing some of there dirty work to get them to the top. Besides there’s nothing wrong with showing emotions within reason, and I don’t think she’s been over top with hers overall. Other than her hate for Rachel by continuously bringing her back up and loyalty to Lane.

    But the one main complaint I would have about Britney is not the infamous trash talk that people get up and arms about. But it is that she didn’t take seriously that there was a possible alliance in there with them. Kristen suspected it and so did Ragan. Ragan could not have been more clear. She said she saw it but I’m not buying that she did completely. I think she thought she was somewhat a part of that group or a real pair with Lane and friends with Hayden.

    Out of the three I would go for Hayden to win at this point. Enzo would be the last person I would vote for on anything unless it was an Ebonics competition or something like that.He comes off like he thinks how ignorant he sounds is cool and enchanting.

  53. I’m so tired of hearing about how well Matt has played. ….WRONG!!! He has played probably the worst game of anyone this year. Twice he won HOH when he didn’t have to. Both times he could have thrown it to Ragan who was second place both times. He would have been safe with Ragan as HOH and so would his Brigade, because everyone was gunning for Brendon, Rachel, Andrew and Britney. No one was interested in the Brigade or Matt, but when you start winning you get a target on your back. His next bone head move was volunteering to be a pawn when Rachel was HOH. Everyone started thinking he was shaddy after that move. No one volunteers to be a Pawn, remember Justin? The only smart thing he did was realizing that the longer Brendon and Rachel stayed in the game, no one was suspicious of the Brigade. His last bone headed move was when he back doored Kathy instead of Britney, he could have justified it with Ragan by telling him Britney was working with Brendon to get him thrown out. After he used the golden veto Ragan would have believed anything he said. He was so dazzled, he would believed Matt could walk on water. This would have also proved to the brigade that he was still solid, which they didn’t and from that point on turned on him. Britney gets no sympathy from me. She played a strictly hate game. Her sole focus was to get Brendon and Rachel out, now she will forever wonder if she would have taken Brendon’s offer of an alliance, she might well have won the game. What people don’t understand is Big Brother is nothing more than a chess game with people. The only game other than pool that’s in the house is the chess game. If you play the game like chess you win, but if you play like Britney & others a hate game you’ll lose. Align with strong people and let them be your shield i.e. Jordan last year with Jeff. He took out the powerful people for her. You don’t have to like them, just hitch a ride with them. Sometimes it’s an advantage if the person isn’t well liked, they will leave before you. I also dislike floaters, the first half of the participants that drop in a comp should be the have nots. If your going to be a floater, then it should cost you. If your acting and eating slop every week, pick your Emmy up at the door. The only player who played all out every time was Brendon, that’s who gets my vote for the $25,000k!!!!

    1. Even though I love Matt, I have to agree, he was the dummy, not Brendon. Matt would have won it if he would have shut up and just let it be.

      1. gee isn’t it so hilarious when people put “lol”? NOT. put something new people, and ur right about still thinking he was part of the brigade. they said they’re still getting him a t-shirt.

        1. What’s your problem, Leah? Simon and Dawg work hard for little reward to give us this place to hang and comment on the game. Why do you never contribute anything but personal attacks? Do you have nothing interesting to say? Does it make you feel good to insult people over their posts on a website? I bet you would never say these things to people’s faces. People are free to say what they think, even if their point of view is different from yours. What makes you think you are so special that you can come here and disrespect the regulars here and the vast majority of respectful BB fans? I bet you haven’t even made a donation to the site but you feel like we should all listen to you. I am just going to scroll past your comments from now on and I suggest everyone else does the same to this troll. Leah is like the uninvited guest that drinks all the liquor and then barfs all over the dining room table.

  54. When they decided to go to the HOH and tell Brit together, Hayden was the one who was supposed to throw the grenade about the brigade.

    Before they went up , Enzo predicted that production would interfere and call one of them in the DR to mess with the plan.
    That’s precisely what they did. As Hayden was getting pumped up to tell Brit, they called Hayden in the DR.
    They were sure interfering with their game play, but Enzo threw a grenade on production.
    Enzo smelled the rat, and took matters into his own hand.
    Knowing that his life depended on crushing Brit’s hope, and that she would turn on the ‘water works’ and pour on already tempted Hayden until the last minute, he throw the grenade on her. BUmmmmm! Done! Over!!! Smashed! Destroyed! Beautifully done. She deserved to get a taste of her own medicine. She lied to everyone’s faces 24/7-except for Lane. And, that’s what hurt her most. She was gullible and stupid. Lane never really answered her questions directly. He always let her think he would take her, but never said he would not take Enzo or Hayden.
    However, given the opportunity, Lane would have taken her final 2. Enzo, knew that, too and that’s why he could not wait. This was Enzo’s chance to cement the brigade and send Brit home.

    Now, we wait and see if it will work in the long run.
    Expect the unexpected–still on.

  55. Well I am truly disgusted that one of the dodo dunderheads aka Hayden, Enzo & Lane will win BB12. Colette Lala @ was right, this has been the worst season ever of BB12. Thanks to Simon, Dawg & Miss Lala for doing great work covering this season, I know it could not have been easy having to watch and listen to Enzo.

  56. Please, God, please anyone but Enzo. He’s a vile bore who thinks he’s bound for stardom. And I’m so sad for his wife to have the nation see who she chose to marry and reproduce with.
    My pick for AP will be Matt because of his game play (made a crucial error but played a good game otherwise) and Ragan because he didn’t give up. Yes, he had a few dark days but that logic he presented to Lane & Brit before leaving was right on and they were too entrenched in their friendships to play the game. And his studying was unrelenting.
    Reluctantly, I choose Hayden to win because he maybe showed a little compassion to someone that was hurting albeit only to her face but was laughing about it behind her back. Don’t get me wrong, I couldn’t stand her mean girl ways but just can’t tolerate a lack of compassion and Lane and Enzo so fit that description.
    PS – I am done with the lie – it is a game. Just a silly game. If he did that in the real world and scammed people out of money and sympathy, that is a whole different story. This folks, is a game.

  57. HAHAHHAHHA enzo thinks that either lane ,himself, or hayden are winning america’s favorite and he also thinks hes getting a standing ovation if he leaves HAHA wow thats funny keep on dreaming

  58. I’ve read all the comments, search all the different blogs and website and finally have concluded my research.
    The only person that deserves to win the $500,000.00 is…ME!
    I love this show and look forward to it coming back every year. I have not missed in episode ever. But to be put through the torture of listen to those idiot house guests this year, and putting up with 12 weeks of a cry fest…I am truly the one that should paid for my efforts.
    Change the show title to “Dumb and Dumber”, “The Bold and the Clueless”, “Expect the Expected”, “Pandora’s Box has Herpes” (it never goes away), “Boobs and the Boobs That Have Them”, or finally “I Was to Much of Whiney, Pussy Whipped, Useless, Gay, Homophobe, Dumb Shit, to get on Maury or the Jerry Springer’s Show”.

  59. I keep checking the CBS website and still can not find if the voting for America’s Player has started.. Is it somewhere else.
    Thanks Simon and Dawg for the great website. Thanks everyone for they hilarious comments.

  60. The Brigade for the win. I think Britney was sexy but The Brigade members played the best social game by far & won the competitions when it mattered most. The best part about the whole show is the unintentional comedy by Enzo not the stuff when he is trying to be funny but the unintentional stuff. They should have all went to console Britney a little while after they told her. They all liked her and thought she was a cool chick. At least go check on her.

  61. i just finished watching bbad and i couldn’t take it anymore listening to enzo talk about how the brig, made history where it drove me crazy. i do feel for brit i think out the 4 remaining she played the game the best so what if she backedstabbed so did everyone else. if hayden had a brain he would use the pov on brit and backdoor enzo this would for sure make him the bb winner.lane and enzo will be mad but the other jury members dont care for bit i just think if hayden is up against lane and enzo he would loose cause the jury for some stupid reason like enzo and possibly lane if brit ends up in the jh i hope she can get into all thier heads not to vote for enzo if he is in the f2 i really hope america votes for ragen or brit to win the 25,000. please america dont vote for enzo he doesnt deserve NOTHING.

    1. No, no ,no. If Hayden keeps Brit in the game, her and Lane are the final two. Hayden would not win. Maybe Enzo doesn’t deserve to win, but he played an okay game. Brit was two faced to everyone but Lane. Sorry, she does not deserve to win. My money is on Hayden.

      1. its either gonna be hayden or lane. they already have a plan to get out enzo next week. but if its a physical challenge, lane will win next week, enzo will be out. then its up to the jury from their. most likey hayden though.

  62. Finally, Britney will be gone. How dumb are you girl? Bro’s before ho’s.. Ever heard of it? It is true. If it comes down between you and guys and if you are not sexing any of the guys, your ass is hitting the highway… goodbye, don’t come back! BRIGADE…

    1. really? u don’t hold back do u? sorry, brigades the laziest alliance ever, and the person from the team who deserves it the least always wins. britney at least deserves to win. GO BRITNEY!

  63. I don’t understand why all the hate for the brigade……………. I mean they truly did run the house, I mean except for week was there any concern for them being in trouble the whole time. It is even a bigger testament to them for having these side alliances and them not ever knowing what was really going on with the brigage. I will say this though about the players this year, besides brendon and rachel “everyone else wanted to skate by” throwing comps, group votes(brigade controlled this., but my point is this I think from the day they became the brigage I think they could have told the house and everyone would have been to scared to put them up in fear of going home the next week, I really do!

    1. they didnt tell her for the better. they told her cuz they wanted brigade t-shirts. really? u think they are really that noble? well, sorry, their not.

  64. Oh
    -forgot to say. I think the reason production was trying to prevent the Brigade to tell Brit was not because they wanted Brit to have a chance and to keep the hope alive,but because they wanted the truth about the Brigade to come out during the finale, so the jury would act surprised.

    Now, they have very little material to present during the finale—except for revealing the saboteur. I am sure they bribed Ragan to keep him quiet to the end, too.

  65. Someone explain to me why so many people like Britany…she loves talking bad about everyone…not just on a game level but more so on a personal level….I just am sick of hearing her bash everyone…I don’t get it.

    1. I don’t get it either. She is that mean girl in high school. Talks about everyone…not nice stuff either. She still talks horribly about Kathy, Kristin and Rachel. Not necessary..they are gone.

  66. Sorry but I really believe Brit is gonna get what she deserves. She is one of the most vile players in bb history. You can not talk trash & put others down and think its okay. Playing the game is what it was about and she just talked total trash. She acts like she is better than everyone else, but she really showed her true colors. Her family should be very ashamed at how she acted. Its a game not a personal attack show & shame on you cbs for letting her get by with it.

    1. really? there has been many seasons before britney and ur gonna say she disgust u the most? what about brendon and rachel, there a whole new level of vomit on their own. so, lets just say u repulse me so much i want to kill myself even replying to you. GO BRITNEY!

  67. If a brigade member is going to win, Britney can’t be in the final 2. When the jury finds out about the brigade, they will react like Britney and feel betrayed & angry. They would vote for anyone who wasn’t in the brigade i.e. ….. Britney

  68. Can someone tell me why Hayden wanted to be there when they told Bit about the Brigade? Was it:
    1. He was proud of it wanted to be included to boost his pride/accomplishment?
    2. He wanted to see her reaction, maybe took pleasure in her surprise?
    3. Was afraid she would think worse of him that he wasn’t there to come clean with the rest?
    4. Was afraid that L&E were working together leaving him out which wouldn’t bode well for being included in the final 2?
    5. Or something else?

    1. He thought he could have eased the news to her more gently and with more tact than Lane or Enzo. I actually believe he was sincere in not wanting the news to sting more than it had to.

      1. I think you’re right. Hayden seems like the most decent guy in there. He’s always seemed more sensitive to people’s feelings than the rest. Plus, he actually seems to have a brain under all that hair. I wish he’d talk Enzo into voting Lane out this week.

  69. I don’t think Brit has much of a chance of convincing Hayden to use POV at this point – or enlist Lane’s help either. The guys are drunk on post-season financial opportunities. Hayden even said something to the effect that they only have maybe 6 months or so to cash in on their BB popularity. Lane said maybe everyone go home/see their family for a week, then the 3 of them (or 4) do every appearance, etc, they can get; he’ll use his contact in LA (?), Hayden use his, Enzo, etc. They were all hyped up about taking every bar appearance, etc they can get while they can. If Brit goes to F3, that will screw up their plans (in their minds) since Lane said they can make alot more money the 3 of them together as The BG making appearances. Enzo said they’ll be making $100K a piece at those appearances.

    I kind of wonder how different the POV ceremony show (Wed) would be if they didn’t tell Brit til just before showtime and have her be a mess on tv. I think they will evict her Wed night, as well, since they have to get started on the final HoH comps (3). May be wrong.
    As it is, she has several days to compose herself and prepare her interview with Julie Chen and what she’ll tell the JH.

  70. If Hayden was smart he should use the veto on Brit and put Enzo up for eviction. That would give Hayden a better chance to be in the final two than keeping Enzo in the game. Enzo nor Lane would take Hayden to the final two for he is too competitive.

    1. Lane and Hayden don’t think Enzo can win anything. Hayden has made a deal with Enzo and Lane so if either wins they will take him. One of them is going to be very hurt when Hayden wins and picks one over the other.
      They think Enzo is going to be Americas Player bsed on Rachel coming back and saying Enzo is the most popular player outside of the house, that America loves him. I think BB told her to say that. They believe it, that is why they think he has $25,000. He is in for a shock.

      1. Hayden is stupid if he thinks Enzo or Lane would take him final 2. They won’t. I wouldn’t be surprised if Enzo won the last round and takes Lane, leaving Hayden wishing he had kept Brit and turfed Enzo. Almost every HOH this year, the HOH ends up regretting who they sent home and who they kept. He still has time to use the POV and take Lane or Brit down, but since nobody has done anything bold all season, it’s too late to expect them to start now.

  71. (A) lying , backstabbing, making Aliances, straight up it’s all a GAME …..
    does anyone remember that it’s not who’s lost the most or who won the most , straight up they made it work . I’m really disscused by some of the comments people are saying play the game yourself and lets see what you would all do ?
    Grow up and stop the trash talking.
    the last 1 standing wins………………..

    1. Speaking of trash talking, is there anyone off limits to Brit today? She’s pretty much ground up with her fangs and razor tongue all of the HGs who have been evicted. She’s complaining about Ragan’s lip trembling about going home and wasn’t that just what she was doing last night? They would be smart to keep her since she just can’t have any friends in the jury (or anywhere). If I was Nick I would run, not walk, far, far away from this little viper. If his family has the feeds, they have to be on medication by now.

  72. Enzo all the way!!!! He was the funniest during a not so adventful season! Will vote for Brendon to win Americas player unless Enzo does not make final two, then Maybe him or Brendon not sure. Goodbye Brit go say all the things you have said to their faces, I bet you won’t! She is one back stabber thats for sure!

  73. Someone asked why Brittany is liked. Well for me, I like that she knows how to hang with the boys, converse with them on their level and still let them be who they are. She’s not an easily offended “girl.” And yes, I am a girl too. I like that about her. She’s just a likable person. And sure she cried when she found out–but she’s taking it like a man now! :-) She’s not sulking and throwing it in their faces. She’s still talking football, concerts, celebrities, Rachel and Kathy, and relationships. BUT I do agree with someone here. She made the mistake of not keeping her pact with Brendan because I believe he would’ve honored his word to her until the end. But the Brigade doesn’t know how smart Matt was to form an alliance with Ragan because that kept him off their tale. But you know what I want to see??? Women, coming together to form a She-gade… That’s why that one season of Survivor was classic. When all the women stuck together to kick the men off one by one. Why do the men always excel off the backs of BLANK women who tear each other down!?!?! So, I like that Brittany can hang with the boys, but I’d like her more if she were at the end with a she-gade instead of the brigade and was hanging with the girls! And I don’t even watch Big Brother. But for some reason I’m watching it the season…hmmmm….wondering why???? I do like that Brittany and Lane clearly REALLY like each other. They’re really comfortable with each other–and it’s like they’ve known each other forever. Oh, and I do like the funny conversations they all have. The guys take you in the locker room. Sans the farting, burping and more farting–that’s cool! I don’t know–great casting Big Brother!

  74. I think it is funny how everyone keeps saying omg the three boys are such losers who did nothing the whole game. Well they obviously did something right because they are the final 3. This game isn’t only about winning contests, it’s also about alliances, they made one & now are at final 3.

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