Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Hayden has a plan to get pulled off the Block and Brit’s onto Matt’s scheming

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

7:12pm Taj Room Hayden and Brit Hayden is trying to talk Brit into using the POV on him. Brit says if she does it and takes him down theres a good possibility that one of the people she wants to keep in the house will go home (lane and enzo). Brit “I have no guarantee that Kathy will go up”. Hayden is positive that Kathy will go up cause rachel hates her and brendon wants all the floaters out. Brit says the best thing for them to do is for Hayden to go up and talk to B/R and give them a 2 week deal if they put kathy up. Brit says that if he has Kathy going up then she will use the POV. Hayden says that he thinks that if its him against Kahty then he goes home so Brit need to take him down and it will be Kathy vs Kristen he has the votes to keep Kristen. Brit is sure that Matt has a deal with b/r because he never put them up and is sneaky with them, Hayden agrees. Brit is really suspicious of Matt because he lied about Brit telling Kathy that she was going to use the POV. Brit “he’s a little schemer he’s working with a lot of people in this house”.. “he’s sitting pretty he’s right in the middle”. Brit wonders why hasn’t anyone said anything about Matt not putting up B/R, now they are up in the jury and that is 2 vote. She says that B/R are playing on a strictly personal level and will vote for who they like. Brit tells him all her theories about Matt playing both side. HAyden asks if she’s told Lane about it, Brit says no. Hayden i love lane i’m solid with him, brit “yeah me to he’s a smart player he’s got ideas about the game”.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers
Lane walks in for a couple moments accuses them of talking game. They both agree that they need to take out B/R next week, but the problem is everyone knows the house id gunning for them so they are throwing competition because now they don’t want B/R’s blood on their hands. She keeps reminding him how bad they all screwed up letting b/r in the jury room because they vote on emotion and will never give a person their vote it that person evicted them. Brit thinks that whoever puts b/r up will win the respect of the house but will most likely lose to Jury votes. She hopes Matt or Enzo win HOH next week. She understands that Taking HAyden off the block is possible but he needs to work B/R to get Kathy up.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers


7:37pm Bathroom Hayden tells Lane his plans to go to B/R and tell them Brit will take him down if they put up Kahty as a replacement. Lane asks if he’s talked this over with brit Hayden says Yes it’s all set in motion all he need to do is talk to B/R.

 Big Brother 12 Spoilers

8:00pm Backyard lane and Hayden Hayden wants confirmation that Lane is cool with what he told him in the bathroom. Lane says yeah as long as theirs no chance another brigade member goes up. Hayden says the plan is to keep Kristen and have her win HOH next week and put B/R up. Hayden asks again if he’s cool with it, Lane says lets be careful and not risk losing a brigade member at this point but he’s fine with the plan just wants them to be careful. Hayden goes over all parts of the conversation with Brit how they need to take out B/R but ideally they would get another player to do it so they didn’t lose the jury vote.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

8:19pm Backyard LOCKDOWN

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74 thoughts on “Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Hayden has a plan to get pulled off the Block and Brit’s onto Matt’s scheming

  1. I have missed too much. Is Britney going to use the POV or blowing smoke everyone’s ass? Also, with what is America picks Hayden or Kristen for the Saboteur – do they get to stay and use it since it was chosen before the live eviction?

      1. I believe when they talk about the voting they say that if the person who receives the most votes is evicted this week then the offer will go to the person with the next highest votes.

    1. Should America make the evicted HG the sab. Then they will give the saboteur to the second highest vote getter.

  2. i hope brenchel realize that kathy is not a threat even though she is coming after them. the best way to get brit not to use the pov is for rachel to lie that enzo or lane will be backdoored eventough there is a greater chance of backdooring kathy.

  3. I just watched thursday’s episode on dvr. Ummm…anyone else think matt’s wife is beat and slightly “special”??

    1. It looks like she opens cans and bottles w/her teeth for a living. Or maybe she eats Pop Rocks & uses actual rocks.

    2. I kind of thought of the girl from american pie…I think her name was Michelle…ya know the band camp girl! She kind of reminded me of her..

  4. I know this is a totally newb question but I was wondering what the stipulations for the POV were. If Brittany uses the POV on someone could she potentially be put up on the block??? Or does the POV protect both the person who has it and whoever they may save?

  5. Brit needs to use the POV on Hayden. Kristen will be the one to keep the energy up plus she is the only one with the cajones to put both BG/B up. Everyone else will pull a Mattie and puss out.

  6. 8:44 pm HOH Room Brit Ragan Matt, going to find “freshly made spooge stains” in HOH room. They find them. Ragan observes that is smells like freshly made babies.

    Matt and Ragan stay on bed anyway.

  7. Watching the Sunday night show right now. Britt’s DR comments about Rachel are killing me. She is too funny. She is scary good at being fake nice.

    1. I really can’t figure why any of the HGs are tossing in a personal sob story about why they are so needy of the money. Do they seriously think that will get them a free pass to the top?? DUH!

  8. If only stupid Matt had put B/R up, no matter who won POV, one of them would have stayed on the block and gone home. If I was in the Brigade, which I still laugh at every time I hear that, I would have already thrown Matt’s ass out. Anyway Matt is playing everyone and this is determined by who he is talking to. What a wimp he is, EWWWWWW! I just can’t stand him.

    1. I would have to say that Matt not putting them up was the biggest mistake this season. He was worried about Jury votes? If he got rid of Brendon or Rachel last week, they wouldn’t have even made the jury. Rachel would not be HOH, and they could get the other one out this week. Now they are in the jury and I don’t think they will vote the way Matt thinks. They will vote on emotion, not on gameplay. If they got rid of them before jury, they would still have plenty of floaters to eliminate before final 4. With B/R gone, they still would have Andrew, Kristen, Brit, Kathy and Ragan to vote out, and another week or two down the road it wouldn’t matter if the brigade got outed. The reason Matt kept B/R is because he wanted them to be around to pick off the other brigade members when the time comes.

  9. This lame Saboteur/Pandora’s Box twist has two many variables going against it in order to work. First, one of the Hgs that got votes has to accept it. Second, it can only be played out if the HOH chooses to open Pandora’s Box. Third, what can they offer the HOH in order to make them open Pandora’s Box.

    1. I think BB is a bit timid on these twists as they should be, since that “coup de ta” changed the whole game last season, and admit it or not, ruined the game.

      1. it totally ruined the game. all our luck Kristen’s boyfriend will pop out of pandoras box and propose to her.

        1. Gawd no! Not that! I couldn’t bear another scene like that one! Pandora’s box was lame as hell. I’m not convinced about the saboteur either. It will seriously mess with the game, on the whims of the public who usually form their favorites based on the tv show. They have all fall winter and spring to come up with new ideas and test them. They should know after 12 seasons that things backfire and they need backup plans. Last year they said Pandora’s box would change the game, but all it did was rain money on them and force us to watch the Nat engagement. I’d like to see Annie, Monet and Andrew jump out of the box and be able to vote during live eviction.

  10. BB need to let people fight damn put them in a boxing ring and soon as producers saw them arguing they should have had some gloves brought out… Brenchel VS Haysten battle to the Death

  11. A new big brother drinking game,,, every time you see Kathy on her feet you have to drink! A six pack would last all season! Also I have noticed since Matt has been working out he’s been leaving his hoodie unzipped to show off his rippling physique;,?$&);:.,’ncmbhccdbb!!!!? Sorry I was laughing so hard I accidentally hit some errant keys. I’m still going with my idea for a new spinoff called little brother- big brother with little people and matt can be the celebrity houseguest!

  12. I think that the first 20 minutes of tonight’s show had more comedy, drama, and action then the first 4 weeks put together. Christ’s even Lane was funny. Speaking of which, I wouldn’t put it past CBS to have a competion where the theme was based on his love for “Spotlighting.” (The possibilities. . . .)

  13. Hayden eyes penis. It certainly looks like Hayden is looking at Lanes penis in the shower. Maybe he is gay and he and Ragan are a secret alliance.

    1. Rockstar, Lane’s just showing Hayden how he can pick up the soap without having to bend over or use his hands. “Everything ‘s Big in Texas.” Too bad the same can’t be said abut your cousin “Steven’.

  14. The only thing that Brendon’s parent could find appealing about Rachel she his religious. She has slept with evry guy who is either named or numbered in the Bible. That includes names in both the Old and New Testament.

    1. And she makes Brendon scream for Jeebus when she sticks things up his a**. So I guess she makes him more religious too. . . . So that’s two things.

          1. just beer i never touch the hard stuff it impairs my BB judgements :) plus I type in the dark and key board is black so its like blind person typing :) (dark except for telly light :)

            1. they NEED to give the HARD LIQUOR ….. imagine what the ladies would do if they were really DRUNK ummm Brittney, Rachel, and Kristen dancing on the table and then….. it will really be the best BB season ever

                1. WHHHHAAAAAAAAAATTTTTTTTTT???? i KNEW i saw some stripping going on when i was flipping channels and saw BBAD in 07, DAMN but i didn’t start watching until BB10, they need to do that agin

  15. Britney is trying to get Hayden’s plan set in motion/by talking about Kathy not wanting to be thrown under the bus….It’s weird. Kristen, may somehow escape this week. I am staying up tonight to watch Kristen and Hayden’s conversation with Brenchel. Should be good.

  16. Finally had a good episode tonight!!! Brit is too funny! her DR sessions crack me up. Lane was pretty funny tonight too. And the luxury competition with Enzo-Hayden-Brendon… LOLL xD

    1. I loved when Ragan said it was like the movie weekend at bernies (with having Kathy on his team) carring a dead body around!!! LOL!!!

  17. i dont see why people like britney a few weeks ago she was talking about rachel having std’s airborne and then shes in the tub with her everynight shes just a typical spoiled little child

  18. any one ever see all the seasons? i sorta have, I vaguely remember season 1. that was when the show was sooooooooooo boring. since they’ve twicked it to perfection. like clock work, i can predict who’s gonna leave the house next. just see who is hardly in any scenes on cbs until eviction, then all sudden they are on for the hour. kristen is next to go , watch and see. I think the votes are predetermined. member “expect the unexpected” also, hoh compsare almost always numbers or ?’s bb could twick it to the person they want next to be hoh (for instance: how many pics are hanging up in the BB house? rach says 80 so it’s 80). LOL

    1. Wish I could say the same for you, but your posts are so ho hum. Talk about droning … you regurgitate meaningless shit post after post. Everything you say can be said about any of the house guests, yet you repeatedly single out R for the same shit everyone else does. Its like she dumped you and you can’t move on. Ok .. we understand you don’t like her. Let us all hate her with you. Give us a reason that you can’t apply to every other person in the house.

      1. Yes, everybody has someone they like and someone they don’t like. Some get more emotional about it than others. Some can use more nasty language than others. Some see things others don’t see. But, that is why there are so many different things in the world to choose from. We just have to hope we choose wisely. This is just a game show and not the end of any of us typing here lives. Lets have fun with it. Even if someone gets mad at you there will be someone else that will agree with you. I would say most of the sides are pretty evenly represented on here. Keep having fun.

      2. Yep, that’s right. So, its a deal. If someone has a problem with with your posts, no one replies. And if you have a problem with someone’s posts, then you don’t reply. Or is that another one of your double standards? Problem with people like you is you are so quick to jump on someone else for the same shit you do. But, hey, anyone can see that if they look at all the drivel you post ad nauseum. News flash … your opinion is just as useless as any one elses. Even more so because you think you can tell other people that their’s doesn’t count. Take a chill pill, quit hating people because they don’t agree with you, and live a longer life.

  19. they should let Amerca vote between the nominated house guests and whoever gets the most votes gets 1 vote against them in the final tally. that would be a true americas choice.

    1. I agree Kym!!! What a good idea. I think America should vote for 1 of the evictions. That would put a cramp in their gameplay. If they found out the voting numbers, they would learn who is liked in the house and stir up a frenzy. LOL

  20. how many people on this sites don’t like Brenchel i know im not the only one yet im being signaled out, and i gave them props many times about them winning and FYI drones them winning is not why i don’t like them… so get off the sack yo

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