Big Brother 12 – Hayden’s Big Plan to save Kristen “When you win HOH you can say B!tch you embarrassed me on national TV Bring it”

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

8:50pm Taj Room Hayden tells Kristen the only chance they have to keep her is to talk to Rachel and tell her that brit will take Hayden down only if they pull Kathy up. hayden will also offer them 2 weeks protection. Kristen isn’t sure about doing this she thinks Rachel will put up Matt anyways then tell Kathy what Kristen said and laugh at her. Hayden doesn’t wouldn’t put it past Rachel but knows that this is the only chance they have to keep her in the game. Kristen doesn’t like going something like this to Kathy. Hayden doesn’t either but he would rather see Kristen in the game then Kathy. Kristen is sure it won’t work asks if he wants her to do all the talking, hayden says no he’ll do it all he knows what to say. She agrees to do it. Brendon walks in and hayden asks him if Kristen him, Brendon and Rachel want to talk. Brendon says sure thing he’s going to go work out with big red and maybe later tonight they can talk and keep it on the down low. Hayden says that he wants to talk about a deal and maybe Brendon and Rachel will be receptive and if not one of them are going home. Brendon really wants to talk he telsl them he’ll find them later tongiht. After Brendon leaves he tells Kristen Wouldn’t be epic if it worked Kathy goes home and we win HOH and put them bot up next week. Kristen says yeah but I really don’t like doing this to Kahty, hayden doesn’t eaither.. but if they don’t she’s going home. Hayden says if this works there plan for the next week is to become B/R’s best friend, If they have HOH they will continue to be nice and spend all their time with b/r and right at the nomination ceremony Kristen can get up and say “Bitch you embarrassed me on national Television bring it” Kristen lets out a big Sigh “You think this is going to work” hayden “I dunno but it’s all we got” They agree that it’s going to be tough being nice to B/R they are very annoying… Kathy walks in Looking like death. (I think she knows something is up there is a strange awkwardness in the room that wasn’t there 6 hours ago when they were hugging each other and crying) Right before ahyden leaves to hang out with his “Boys” (4 deep yo) He tells Kathy she can keep his stuffed monkey.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

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Big Brother 12 Spoilers

9:10pm Taj Kathy and Kristen Kristen tells Kathy that Hayden want sto offer the same thing to Rachel that Kristen offered a couple days ago. Kathy : “Oh”… then silence.


Big Brother 12 Spoilers

9:19pm Kitchen Brit and Lane Lane asks him if she’ll use POV it they will put Kahty up? Brit isn’t sure what does he thinks he should do.. She knows that if she does it Hayden and Kristen will protect her. Brit: “I have nobody that I can count on 100% i feel disposable”. Lane “your not disposable i’ll protect you” Brit says this is our chance now to split Hayden and Kristen up maybe we should take it? Hayden has already told me he won’t be mad at me he wants to save Kristen but he also wants to save himself more. Brit: “I fucking cannot stand that Rachel but for some reason she likes me (rolls eyes)”, She must be happy with this deal otherwise i’m not doing it i’m not ready to burn the bridge with b/r right now but when she wins HOH she’s burning that bridge and putting them both up. Brit says that if its double eviction the following week she’s going to throw this weeks HOH comp as soon as Brendon is. Lane “i don’t know what will happen all i know is Kristen has to lie like crazy and kiss some ass for rachel to accept this deal”. Lane “B/r are easy as fuck to manipulate it might work..fuck

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

look where i’m at” The only good thing about Kathy being here is she a pawn so it makes HOH easier. It’s going to get harder to think of people to put up. He thinks having a pawn around may make the later weeks easier on them. Brit I think if Kathy left Ragan will become the new Kathy. lane yeah but the difference is he can win HOH and he’s smart. Brit agrees. Lane tries to explain to her that having Kristen around till the end might be trouble for them. Brit points out that Matt is getting a bad reputations he’s sneaky and people are catching on. She’s sure he’ll be gone in double elimination. lane tells her that Kristen promising you her vote for as long as she stays is worthless people forget things all the time in this house. Brit tries to weigh in the pros and cons of the two choices. Kristen – wins stuff is a fighter and a competitor she has a target on her back and she’ll carry Brit further in the game. Kathy – can be beat in every way, but she’s dependable, cleans up and does the chores… Kahty walks in .

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

9:45pm Pool table Lane and hayden just going over the plan

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Finally some big moves in the house! That’d be awesome of this plan works!


If they want a better chance of brendon and rachel out they should so get rid of kathy.
kathy will not win SHIT ALL and kristen has a 100x better chance of winnning HOH and getting B/R out. That way the brigade won’t look like the assholes of putting up b/r. It’ll all be on kristen.
If Kathy stays, she wont win shit and the chances are higher a brigade member will win hoh and they’ll be the ones getting in shit for getting rid of B/R.

Julie :)

YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love it! Hope it works. Love me some Kristen.

BAB - formally BB

I am starting to wonder if Britney is really going to use the POV. Right now, it seems as if Britney is up in the HOH trashing Kathy to throw the possibility to put her up. If that’s the case, she an awesome player!


Hey BAB ~ The other night you mentioned Rachel got fired from EBC . . . what is EBC?

BAB - formally BB

Encore Beach Club. I read it online.


Cool. Thanks! 🙂

BB6 Fan

I LIKE KRISTEN! She’s a lot classier than Rachel, and doesn’t go around disrespecting folks. I hope she stays.


I dont think either of them are classy. Rachel is very immature and is letting Brenden make her choices! But Kristen is a snotty little B who thinks she is classy. When someone tries to apologize, at least hear what they have to say! Kristen is anything but classy! I used to feel different and even Hayden was shocked the way she acted! I personally think that Hayden and Kristen should align with Brenden and Rachel!


Hmmm … was this plan hatched by K/H? Reminds me of last year when production got that whole Russ lie going. Was such a sad thing to see him leave due to a lie … sigh.


Rachel makes it way more entertaining. I’d she leaves the house it’ll get boring real quick


Its like pro wrestling, shes the bad guy you wanna see go down but somehow through some trickery survives only to be evil again. Rachel is the only reason to watch, shes plays hard and makes the HGs play hard as well. Cant really say shes evil…she just looks evil, she looks hard, even when its casual she dresses like you would imagine a Vegas girl dresses. Its this game, cant win unless you lie, you have to be deceitful, BB even made a good Catholic boy lie, Captain Kosher lied. $500k is a lot of justification.

Jordan (#1 BB Fan)

After watching BBAD I think Britney is really cute…


she the sexy one of BB, the only one beautiful in the face… all the other females clearly NEEDS make-up


Kristin is a butter face. And her eyes are freaky crazy like She is a Meth head.

Jordan (#1 BB Fan)

Yup! Do you see Kathy and Rachel without make up? Britney is cute either way


rachele looks evil when she has no makeup and is pissed

Uncle Cool

But it is such a cute evil…

Uncle Cool

OK. No more drugs for me…


Kristin left a boyfriend and went on the show and she totally hooked up with Hayden. She is FAR from classy!
She is also worthless as a player. I hope she goes on Thurs.


Ya got the rootbeer? I need to go to
the jury house for medical reasons, ya know.
I couldn’t stop laughing
when they were going at in hoh room.
The “You Know Monster” making a apperence
in the bathroom w/ Shaggy.


britney is not cute!

Joe Mama

I totally agree. Her eyes are all over the place. She has a lazy eye or something. And her attitude just sucks. Whoever marries this girl is in for a treat!


I miss my family. I wish I had my bible.
You ain’t gonna use the POV? LOL
Kathy to Brit


I really hope this plan works, its the only thing Im really unsure about this season since so far everyone has been predictable. Cross your fingers!


Brit is super cute. Rachel always looks like she just gave a bj.kirsten is crazy looking andv kathy looks like somkeone bfro Fargo. Get rid of kirsten.


They are all talking about not winning this weeks HOH because they want wait until the next one because they think it will be double eviction. Now, I think it would be really funny if they dropped out of this HOH and it turned out to be the double eviction!


i know very funny indeed. brendon wins and 2 brigades evicted

Kathie from Canada

Since they all seem to be playing this strategy, it’s a perfect time for CBS to throw in a twist of the unexpected. If they all lay back on winning HOH, the format of the game could get shaken up and they would all basically have their game plan screwed. It’s been said before, the game has become just too predictable!


I can’t stand Rachel and Kristin they both are annoying. I like brendon and haven’t decided on Hayden.


I can’t stand Racheal Almost as much as I hated Natalie last season! If she gives one more goodbye msg talkin about “your not comin between me and MY MAN” Imma BREAK my damn TV! I can’t see what on earth does Brandon see in her? She is SUCH TRASH!


I think britney is funny but she comes off as really really two faced and unbelieveably mean! I wanna like her but I just can’t! I don’t like kristen too much but I’d rather see her stay than Rachael! Why can’t the brigade get Rachael out NOT brendan! I’m so tired of seeing her completely stuck up his ass!


She has to be 2faced it’s the game , you must be new…


I hope to god Kristen goes! I want to see her eat her words….”I AM NOT GOING ANYWHERE!” and rachels actions are going to be hilarious! Then I hope Brenden wins the HOH! I really can’t stand him but it makes for excellent TV!


I love Brit


The only reason I watch this show is because of Rachel. She makes me laugh, and what makes me laugh even more is hearing everyone else pick on her. Without her there, everything will be a lot less exciting. And although Rachel is annoying in the house, outside she may be slightly different. I am sure this house makes you crazy.

ALso, I would love it if some way, some how, Kristen was taken off the block, and a brigade member was put up with Hayden.