**updated** Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Enzo tries to convince Hayden to take him to the final two one last time…

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11:25pm – 12:35am Hayden, Lane and Enzo are all in the jumanji room awake with the lights out talking. Lane says that he thinks Big Brother will let them drink because it will be the last day. Enzo says that he might start drinking in the afternoon just to have something to do. Enzo says he will get BLANK blasted tomorrow. Lane and Hayden take off their mics to go to sleep. Enzo gets up and heads into the kitchen. Enzo grabs the cards and sits at the kitchen table. Enzo stares at the memory wall and then heads back to the bedroom.


Hayden tells Enzo that he feels like making some eggs. Enzo says that he does too. They both head into the kitchen. In the kitchen Hayden notices that it is 12:30 and says maybe they should wait until morning…. Enzo says that 12:30 is nothing! Enzo says two more BLANK days man… that’s it!!! Hayden says that he is excited for Wednesday and can’t wait to get out of the house. Enzo tells Hayden that he is going to win the game, no matter what. Enzo says that Hayden is going to win vs. him or Lane. Enzo tells Hayden to go ahead and take Lane if he wants to because he has them both beat regardless. They look at the memory wall and try to figure out the jury votes. Enzo tells Hayden that if he wins that final HOH then Hayden needs to think hard about what the jury is thinking and where each of them stand. Enzo tells Hayden that if it’s the two of them then he thinks he (Enzo) would only have Ragan and Britney’s votes. Enzo says that he thinks the rest of the jury would vote for Hayden and says that no matter what Lane has Britney’s vote. Enzo says that he is a donkey and says that the $500,000 is out of his reach now. Enzo says that he thinks if he could have won that last HOH then he would have had a chance at the money. Enzo says but he didn’t and that’s why he is so disgusted with himself.

Hayden says that it is going to be big decision and that it isn’t going to be an easy one. They both tell each other they have been straight up with each other this whole time. Enzo tells Hayden that if he is up against him (Enzo) then Hayden is going to be a lock to win the game. Enzo says that the Jury may sway towards voting for Lane. Enzo says that is why in the end you take the donkey, who only won one POV. Hayden says that he thinks if Lane wins the last HOH though then he has a good chance to win the game. Hayden tells Enzo that if Lane were to beat him and took Enzo to the final two, then Enzo has a chance at winning the game. Enzo says that there is no one who has won Big Brother by just winning a POV. Enzo says that you have to at least win a HOH. Enzo tells Hayden that he may make people laugh but he hasn’t won anything and people aren’t going to vote for him just because he made them laugh. Enzo says that he has already accepted that he isn’t going to win the $500,000. Hayden again tells him that if Lane takes him to the finals then Enzo does have a good chance at winning the $500,000. Enzo says Lane played a great social game, he had a social game like Enzo except he also won competitions. Enzo says that I didn’t bring my A game at the end. Enzo says that he expected to do a lot better in the endurance competition….BLANK.

Hayden says that he can see himself losing against Enzo and Lane, even if he wins the last HOH. Enzo tells Hayden that he is being too paranoid. Hayden says that Enzo may have Rachel and Brendon’s vote because he thinks they liked Enzo more than they liked him. Enzo says that Hayden won 5 competitions and he thinks everyone is going to be voting for the best player of the game and he says that is you (Hayden). Enzo says that its a lot to think about… Hayden says that he doesn’t know. Enzo says that you just have to look at the facts, I have never won a HOH. Hayden says that it’s so hard because it is a decision between Lane and Enzo. Enzo says that he hates that one of the three of them is going to be on the outside looking in. Enzo says that Lane has won two HOH’s now because he won that last one. Enzo says that the Jury is smart, they’re going to vote the right person to win. Enzo go back to the jumanji room.

Watch the last few days of BB12 for FREE!
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1am – 2am Hayden and Enzo talk about getting out of the house and cant wait to see what has gone on while they were inside. They talk about how all three of them are going to remain close friends. Enzo starts reminiscing about the other house guests and talking about which ones would have been really good competitors if they were still in the house. Then Enzo starts talking about his wife and baby. Hayden starts talking about the girl he was seeing before he came into the house and says that she is the coolest chick ever. Enzo says that he bets the girl is sitting there waiting for him to get out of the house. Hayden says that he hope so… The conversation changes to talking about BB11 Jeff’s around the world show and how cool that would be. Hayden and Enzo both talk about how they are going to be super Big Brother fans now. They talk about having an allstar season and who would be brought back. They both head to the bathroom complaining of stomach pains … They then head back to the bedroom and go to sleep…
8am They are all still sleeping..

10:10am Hayden, Lane and Enzo are all still sleeping… no wake up call yet..

11:14AM WOW biggest shock of Big Brother 12 the surviving members of the Bragade wake up before 4pm. Lane is working out Hayden having a short conversation with him. Tells Lane that the eggs are good and he has requested the song cleaning out my closet.. feeds cut.

Hayden and Enzo both join Lane in the backyard.. Enzo is joking around when would pick up girls and have sex with them and not remember where they are from. Enzo shovels his Eggs into his mouth trying to make the most noise humanly possible.

Enzo start talking about going to clubs and when he was young him and his 5 buddies would go to neighboring towns and party. Lane asks if he ever got in fights. Enzo says they got in some serious BLANK before.. When they went to these parties the guys were always territorial about the women. They would Tell enzo and his friends to back off the girls because they were not from the same neighborhood. Hayden starts to doze off.. Lane tells him to wake up. Enzo: “This is nice.. we’re up right now and in like 1/2 a hour we’ll take a nice long nap. Hayden: “5 hour nap”.

1:23pm Sleeping YO

5:03pm Backyard Bragade OutSide Lockdown yo… General Chit Chat.

5:30pm A plane flies overhead. Enzo says he like those planes it looks old. .Lane says it’s a twin engine. Hayden asks if one engine goes what happens.. can they fly off one. Lane: “Yeah.. actually in order to get your twin engine license they make you fly it with on engine”. Hayden: “Is it hard… do you have to compensate?” Lane: “Yeah but it’s mostly like flying a single engine plane”. Enzo: “What happens in the throttle snaps off.. breaks” Lane laughs.. “we’ll then your screwed but that would never happen”. Enzo is shocked he though there was a backup plan for everything. Lane says the throttle is made of steel it would never break.

6:16pm BackyArd LAne and Enzo. Enzo is getting pissed at Hayden because he told enzo that enzo has a chance and Enzo know that is BLANK. Enzo is mad that BRit and Ragan threw him under the bus telling them that Enzo is unbeatable in the final 2. Enzo doesn’t understand why they would say that he has no chance to win. Enzo points out that HAyden is stressing big time, he’s trying to look good in front of Lane and Enzo and enzo doesn’t think it’s right. Enzo told Hayden all he has to do is win this next HOH and he has 500K dollars, Enzo tells LAne that they both have no chance against Hayden.. And Enzo doubts he has a chance against Lane. If Lane wins the final HOH he’s got the money if he takes Enzo. Lane says that 50K is still a BLANK load of money. Enzo tells him that they both played the game the same way except that Lane won more competitions.. Lane gets called into he DR, hayden joins enzo and they start talking abotu how much enzo misses his daughter.

7:30pm Brigade throw the football around talking about highschool.. Hayden and enzo periodically check on the turkey burgers on the grill.

8:00pm Cards Standard 8pm bragade activity….

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231 thoughts on “**updated** Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Enzo tries to convince Hayden to take him to the final two one last time…

      1. The sole reason they picked Wednesday is because they will follow the first episode of Survivor. That will help them with the ratings they wouldn’t have received had they ended on any other day. BB is going to ride a real reality shows (Survivor) coat tails for maximum ratings for a boring season.

            1. Oh no I was asking you. I read somewhere that it was inappropriate ocnduct but I don’t recall the article saying what the inappropriate conduct was. Chances are it would be more interesting than what we have been watching this week for sure!

    1. they didnt want to compete for ratings with the football game going on on nbc, also they might have been weary of the tennis match that was supposed to air on cbs becuase if it went late then they would have to pospone the finale an hour or so and they would have lost viewers that way as well

    2. is everyone ..so dense that they dont realize these things are scheduled? this show is more than what happens in the episodes. there is a thing called a schedule.

    1. Enzo is the most charismatic floater I’ve ever seen. Really, what has he done except run his mouth like a used car salesman. If he wins a dollar, it will insult the rest of the true players of the game. He’s a hanger-onner, and that’s his A-Game.

      1. well…look where his A game you say has brought him so far. Final 3. Obviously he had to do something right to never even be a target once in the house. Yeah, he may be the Ultimate Big Brother Floater, but he’s the best damn floater thats ever played the game. His social game was unbelieveable, and all of you Brendon and Rachel and Brit and Gaygan lovers are stupid as shit. All 4 of them were pathetic crybaby losers and are out of the house for a reason. I just dropped a grenade on you pansy asses. BRAGADE!

        1. have u not noticed that enzo has been crying and moping around just like everyone else did when they knew that they were most likely going to get evicted. He is doing the exact same thing the other hgs who he talked crap abt when they were upset. he is even so delusional that he thinks someone would kidnap his wife. who does he think he is? No one is going to give a crap abt the wife of a guy that was on big brother and is known for losing comps and for his big mouth.

        2. whose the pansy? You using the word “grenade”, you really are swept into all this nonsense, shows your life is really boring as well.

      2. Call him what you will. You called him a charismatic floater, a used car saleman. I call him
        “Da Boss”.
        It is what it is, but before the week is over, I guarrantee you that the jury will have to decide on who to vote for one of these two senerials:
        1) Lane or Enzo.
        2) Enzo or Hayden.
        Da Boss will collect a paycheck. That you can count on.

      3. I agree about Rachel, I never hated her. Yes I want to smack her at times, but the other part of me is glad that she is who she is and owns it to a fault. She looked better with dark hair and before the plastic bOObs (see pic with Steven Tyler). I wonder if that girl walked into the house with the same personality would it change anyone’s view of her. Another example would be if Brit looked like Natalie from BB9, would she still be considered funny?

        1. no they would hate her, but honestly she really isn’t that pretty, I’m not saying she is ugly so britney fans don’t need to get upset, she just isn’t as pretty as she thinks she is

      1. LOL, that is what I felt as well. It was like they were bribed with good food to answer ?s posed by production. Nothing about it felt natural or at ease.

        1. Oh, God no. I hope he’s not even aware of the live feeds… :( He’s the one that got me started watching BB this season, but I read about the live feeds online, and just pretend that I know nothing when we watch the show on tv, lol.

    1. Hell yeah it was scripted. Last season they did the same thing with Kev, Nat and Jordo on bbad. They also get some extra cash for doing it too. Last season one of the three said something like if we keep messing up or laughing we wont get the $ the dr told us about…. something to that effect.

      1. They’re actors in training. It’s good for their career. I don’t blame them one bit. In this economy, you got to get yours where you can, and when you can.

  1. I agree, the finale should have been last night. The episode last night was a waste of a time slot! I will admit that I love watching the fight between Rachel and Ragan! The way he told her off was hilarious!

        1. Yes, she did cause the fight. She came back into the house and was bossing everyone around. She was itching to make Ragan grovel like everyone else was grovelling. And Ragan wouldn’t grovel.

  2. CBS is manipulating everybody — us. the final 3, the Jury — Phooey on this whole thing! Last night’s show WAS a total waste of time. Totally rehearsed and staged and boring.

  3. Last night should have been an episode of jury. Last night’s episode was bullshit we all have seen on the CBS shows throughout the season.

    1. I have a feeling the jury house is trouble this year. Usually we see clips every week, but not this year, and it’s not like there have been more exciting things going on in the BB house. The last episode before finale usually shows the jury evaluating the finalists and exposing secrets. This year we don’t see that, instead we get a walk down memory lane with three idiot tour guides. Maybe they had to split up some of the jury to prevent damaging headlines from being made. Judging from the last JH clip, Rachel is spoiling for a fight and doesn’t understand that the game is over. Now both Brit and Ragan are there. Or maybe Brendon and her had a bad fight and have broken up. Why would CBS edit a completely boring rerun show instead of showing us the jury? It makes me think something isn’t right at the jury house and they are keeping it quiet. Maybe they tried to tape the segment but it deteriorated into more of what we saw in the last clip.

      1. It’s obvious they (CBS) are playing up the whole Brigade alliance…perhaps their perception is that everyone just LOVES them all. So they are really pushing this “greatest” alliance in history shit. Also remember it’s a two hour finale so we may see some deliberation at jury house too. But I agree jury house has not been featured as much this season.

        1. There won’t be much time. They need to play the last competition, the winner will hear the other two explain why they should go to the finals, someone will be evicted and then the jury will get to ask questions. That all usually happens in the first hour. Then they vote. After that, someone will expose the secrets, like Andrew being a doctor, that Ragan was the sab, that the Brigade started on day 2. We will be forced to relive the “romance” of the showmances, and then the vote will be revealed. I don’t think there will be time to see the bull session at the jury house.

          1. they only controlled one week, when matt was evicted, and that only happened because britney was a dumbass and would not play the game for herself

          2. they did control the whole game ,they had all the votes with there side alliances how else you think these 3 dodos got to final 3, best alliance ever never again will 3 out of 4 get to final,period,

            1. danielle and jason from season 3 had an alliance from the beginning of the season and both made it to final 3, danielle got marcellas to not use the veto on himself which saved jason and jason voted out marcellas, there is no way the brigade could do that

    2. To … , I think the ending might have to be drawn out and not played the next day for production reasons. I have a friend who photographed a top reality show and said a quick turnaround resulted in poor production for tv. The recap on the other hand was OVER-produced. Not good enough for those of us posters who want constant action, but we don’t constitute the main viewing audience I would guess. CBS doesn’t want a shoddy product in AG’s defense (time somebody stood up for the woman!)

  4. This is a tough hardcore crowd, not willing to settle for the CBS show’s recap — some Real fans here on Simon’s site ……. love you all even the ones I don’t agree with for your interesting views through the season. What got me last night was Enzo referring to Scooby Do!!!! Do grown men still refer to cartoons? Time to man up enzo …. I mean, Hello Kitty!

    1. LOL, I think the answer is yes, some men refer to cartoons, but usually not Scooby Doo (unless they have a child who is watching it and talking to said child), maybe South Park, LOL!

  5. the DR is obviously still giving Enzo hope and trying to get him to “play” the game even when it’s clearly obvious that Hayden and Lane are not gonna budge on their deal to take the both of thems into the Final 2.
    Next year, CBS needs to definitely shorten the final week. There’s no need for this to be dragging on like this. They should’ve done either a Wednesday and Thursday back to back Finale. That’s it, game over.

  6. From reading the above comments, I’m so glad I didn’t waste any of my precous time watching. Thank goodness for this site. CBS, you have to do better!!!

  7. After watching about ten minutes of last night’s show, I switched to football. It was sooooo scripted and boring. Watching and listening to Enzo eat was more than I could take. From other comments I made the right choice not watching the whole show.

    1. done with bb, but yet you watched for a while last night. Might consider changing your name, clearly your not done with bb. maybe peeved with bb or bb hurt my feelings. done with bb, as you would suspect, suggest that you no longer watch. But you do…Hmmh, what a contradiction…

    2. geez its OBVIOUSLY scripted. it is every year! the point is to just poke fun at everything (kirsten eating spider, lane with “that’s what she said”) and thats it. They need to a few days to get footage of britney in the jury house before they can even air it. The recap show really wasn’t that bad. I enjoyed it! Stop hating on everything.

  8. I sure wish they would have a 2nd BB in the winter time when everything is in reruns. Amazing Race, and Survivor have 2 shows a year.

      1. Deb, I didn’t watch it but if you say that Enzo didn’t curse or use the f-word then I know for a fact it was scripted. So glad I didn’t waste my time.

  9. I really, really hope Lane does not make final 2.

    I don’t care for Enzo or for Big dirty mouth Brit at all, but I can not stomach how Lane used her, lied to her, and referred to her as an old dog dying.

    Some things you don’t do for money or anything.
    And, if you have to sell your Mother to the devil , then find a more humane way of doing it.

    Enzo was very cruel, too. He convinced both of them to tell Brit not because he wanted to be fair to her as he claimed. He was mailing the last nail in her coffin-making sure all was in the open so neither Hayden or Lane would have a chance to work with her for the final three.

    He accomplished his goal. If only he would play his last trump card-he would convince both of them to take him to final 2. Focus damn it-focus!!!!
    I can only hope.

  10. I loved the fact that I got to see Ragan and his fight with Rachel..He was sooo composed..and then the fight with Britney and Brenden…her mimicking his walk…PRICELESS…them two showdowns were worth watching…..AGAIN!!! Think Hayden should win!!! He played a clean game IMO….

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  12. Hey Simon and Dawg! Have you made a decision about keeping the site going for Survivor? If so, I will be there. Hopefully a great season awaits after the disappointment of BB12. You guys did a great job again this season, I can easily say that this site was the best part since the feeds were often painful to watch and the episodes were more banal than ever. Keep up the good work! Come on everyone, throw these guys some coin in appreciation for all they do. I know how hard it is to moderate a blog and keep it running when traffic is so high, spam bots trying to get in and personal attacks everywhere. You two rock!

    1. THanks, Chloe… I’m still on the fence about Survivor, I don’t know what I would blog about. It might just be episode recaps and/or rumors about survivor.

          1. Russell was the “ultimate” Survivor. He played the best game of anyone. Outwit, Outplay, Outlast. He did have a devious personality, but no one played a better game.

            1. russell forgot about the most important thing in winning survivor, picking the right people to be sitting next to you at the end
              thats were he was stupid

              1. And what’s awesome is he keeps doing it! LOL I love to watch Russell get to the finals…just so I can watch him lose yet again. It’s too funny.

              2. they should make a big brother all star against survivor all star, alliances against alliances in the ultimate reality game, that would be cool

                1. The only problem is that BB competitors wouldn’t last in the jungle. They whine when they are on slop and cold showers. LOL. They would be a riot in the jungle.

                  1. thats true huh, they would all be crying in a corner but it would be funny watching enzo in those comps, and ronnie, nevermind i think bb would get killed.

            2. Russell’s first season, he played many aspects well, but he was ultimately a big FAILURE because he failed at the social game. You can’t be the ultimate survivor if you fail at the social game TWICE. His second season, he actually wasn’t that great a player: If his villain teammates hadn’t taken him along, he would have been out before the finale. He only made it to the finale because Parvati and the other villains KNEW his social game was horrid and that no one would vote for him. In the old days of Survivor, before idols were given out like candy, Russell wouldn’t even have made it to the finale in his first season. He’s not the ultimate survivor; he’s the ultimate creep!

    2. I have to piggyback on everything you said Chloe. Thanks so much Simon and Dawg for everything you both have done with this blog. You’ve made this season bearable for so many of us. Thanks a million guys!!!!

      1. Your welcome, it’s been fun..

        Just a reminder the site will not be going down after the season is done so don’t forget to check us out once and awhile. We may start a survivor offshoot this year.

  13. Hell yeah ( recap show) it was scripted. Last season they did the same thing with Kev, Nat and Jordo on bbad. They also get some extra cash for doing it too. Last season one of the three said something like if we keep messing up or laughing we wont get the $ ( I think its 5g’s) the dr told us about…. something to that effect. I only remember seeing the JH on thursday not on anyother nights for the last couple of seasons

  14. After seeing Ragan gone (not my favorite overall, but last hope for the better turn of the game this season), I called and cancelled live feed subscription (got my $$$$ back), stopped watching CBS episodes (aka “brainwashing). THe only bright side of this all is visiting this website and seeing that i am not alone in how disgusted i feel with this season . Dawg and Simon, thank you very much for keeping Big Brother spirit going. SEE YOU ALL NEXT YEAR , AND HOPING FOR THE BETTER BB13 SEASON !!!!!!!!! Thanx

    1. You people are sick. The man washes his dick and you want to turn it into your sexy fantasy.
      Let him deal with his dick the way that’s best for him. Just don’t think about his dick any more.

        1. I find it ironic how some people here chose to defend and protect the players: Look, nobody forced them to go on BB. Heh heh if you “wash your dick” in a way that seems to pleasure you IN FRONT OF LIVE CAMERAS someone somewhere is going to call you out and probably post it on the web. I expect Lane and the other guys to be doing it, but I also would expect him to do it under the covers if he wanted it not known. Maybe Lane’s an exhibitionist?

          1. Of course no one forced them to go on BB, but that doesn’t mean that we have to go “retard” on everything little thing that they do.

            1. Isn’t this blog designed to document every little thing they do? Hell, isn’t BB designed to film every little thing they do? And how is me saying that he was masterbating “going retard”? I find the term “retard” much more offensive and immature than me pointing out a simple biological fact.

              1. Whatever Lane does to his “stuff” is his business. That’s why there is a wall between him and the camera. To shield his “stuff” from us viewers.
                Now, if Lane did masturbate, which is a natural thing, especially for a young man his age, why do we need to keep pointing it out? Is there any decency left here? I can understand poking fun at his silliness, pretending he’s dumb dumb, or how the way he talks, but something such as him masturbating is better left unsaid………To keep bringing it up is as bad as Ragan making jokes about 12 yrs old. Terrible, and I expected more from someone as intelligent as Ragan.

                1. For the record, if Hayden wins, then my comment about Ragan’s advice to Lane to get rid of Hayden would come back to bite him in his behind came true.
                  Now if Lane wins, and he takes Enzo to the final 2, Enzo will win the $500,000.
                  And if Lane takes Hayden to the final 2, Hayden will win the $500,000.
                  Lane is so screwed.

      1. Sorry, but when I clean that area of my body I don’t have my eyes roll back into my head and get a shit-ass grin on my face like Lane does. I also don’t need lookouts to make sure no one is going to enter the shower area if all I am doing is cleaning my body. I’m just sayin’.

  15. Just heard that Enzo is trying to get on America’s Got Talent. He is going to to mouth the words to America the Beautiful while eating wine cork stoppers with his mouth open.

  16. And which ones did BB show? Of course, they didn’t show the Rachel-Enzo-Britney fight, because that one didn’t fit their meme. Actually, they seem to avoid showing any fights involving Britney, don’t they?

  17. I just don’t get it. With all the talented people in the industry the show ends in a painful death.
    Production can’t come up with ideas to keep these three morons entertained a few hours a day. At this point I don’t care who wins. The Prize money should be donated to a charity this year.
    Not only are they dragging this out – but now we get “still shots” of the house that we have been looking at for months.
    – Do I really need to see the fish or the pink flamingos close up. Again!
    – Do we need to hear the senseless banter. All they do is talk about what they will get for free – All the jobs that will be heading their way. THe constant plugs for friends websites. Selling crap on EBAY.
    Look at how “BALLER” turned out- Success in the industry has ZERO to do with the show.
    – Do we need to see how trashed the house is.The pillows and blankets are everywhere. PIGS !!! Instead of masterbating in the shower 3 times a day maybe Lane could straighten up. I’m not asking them to polish the leaves on the walls -but a little goes a long way. Who dyes a beard at his age?
    Maybe he should polish the leaves vs. polishing his knob.
    – Do we need more footage of them eating. How about production eduacating them on what “we as an audience” hear from the mics. Enzo could make a mix tape from his eating and lip smack’n.
    – Lane –Get a haircut!


    I hope next season BB executives take a good look at the “product” they are selling. The whole concept needs an overhaul. From the interior decor (concepts) to the actual layout of the house. They had more creative ideas in years past. THis year it looks like they vomited Miami beach (on crack) for the set.

    1. Maybe they should close off all of the bedrooms so that they can’t lay in bed all day. Make them sleep in sleeping bags in the back yard. Make it boot camp for the last week. LOL This I’d like to see.

  18. Curious about the lifelong friends twist? The truth will be revealed at during the 2-hour live finale Wednesday at 8/7c! <———–

    This was the update from the big brother fan page on facebook. I thought we all agreed that there were no lifelong friends. Also if it ends up being nobody, you can't call it a twist!!!

      1. i forgot about the hamsters. that was stupid. they used it in a competition. what a dumb idea, if they say the fish were lifelong friends i will flip a shit

  19. what if hayden and lane are lifelong friends ,lane keeps asking enzo about it, i dont know though, if they are, they did a good job at keeping a secret so maybe not,

    1. If there are life long friends, I always thought it would be Brendon and Andrew. There was a trust between the two I never understood.l

  20. Enzo’s funny logic: Hayden, you will win against me because you won more competitions than me. Hayden should be thinking, “I also won many more competitions than Lane: If the one with the most wins is key, then I’ll beat either of them in the end. So I need to take Lane to the end because he lost competitions AND played a worse social game than Enzo.”

    1. i think the dr made him game talk like they made ragan, i think enzo knows hes done, it seems like the dr is telling these guys that they will have things after bb,

      1. I agree that DR planted the seeds to make him fight. I also know that Enzo is so deluded that he begins to believe these thing and then progresses to wholeheartedly believing them: I’ve seen it multiple times with him this season. (Watch, when Ragan is revealed as the Saboteur, Enzo will say that he always knew it!) Regardless, it’s still funny that he doesn’t see the flaws in his own logic. If the jury will vote based on competition wins only, then Hayden beats BOTH Lane and Enzo. It’s like when a person pointed out here that Enzo and Hayden were talking early last week and saying that Lane was guaranteed the 50K: For that to be true, both were admitting that they’d take Lane to the final 2 LOL.

        1. lol enzos dumb ass always does that , he says i knew annie was the saboteur, i said it day 1, then he said kathy was the saboteur no matt is the saboteur, everything these guys say is so wrong, like hayden was survivors tapping for next year, are when they were saying tonights finally night i know it.i feel it. these guys are the biggest dodos in bb history but i feel like there family now,i watched these dumb asses everyday for like 70 days.i need a life

  21. There’s so much wrong with this — the house is tacky, the guests are nearly subhuman, Enzo is beyond belief — with his eating habits (as much noised as humanly possible – LOL) and his occasional speculations – if an agent tries to talk to him, he’ll give them 10 minutes (really, Enzo? In your dreams!) Ah, the fall is going to be so long and so hard…I almost feel sorry for him — and he doesn’t want to go back to work??? Bet his wifey will have something to say about that! Lazy slob.

    Hayden for the win — Brendon for AC! Britney will have to get a new fiance, Rachel will be out trolling for some guy with $$$, Matty will have to go home with his tail between his legs and apologize profusely to his wife, if she’ll have him back. Ragan will go back to his world and ponder what just happened to him. The rest — well, good luck, we hardly knew ya.

  22. There’s so much wrong with this — the house is tacky, the guests are nearly subhuman, Enzo is beyond belief — with his eating habits (as much noised as humanly possible – LOL) and his occasional speculations – if an agent tries to talk to him, he’ll give them 10 minutes (really, Enzo? In your dreams!) Ah, the fall is going to be so long and so hard…I almost feel sorry for him — and he doesn’t want to go back to work??? Bet his wifey will have something to say about that! Lazy slug.

    Hayden for the win — Brendon for AC! Britney will have to get a new fiance, Rachel will be out trolling for some guy with $$$, Matty will have to go home with his tail between his legs and apologize profusely to his wife, if she’ll have him back. Ragan will go back to his world and ponder what just happened to him. The rest — well, good luck, we hardly knew ya. Most of you were completely forgettable anyway.

    1. Matt’s wife was interviewed on BBradio. She said she got death threats on their Facebook page because of Matt’s lie. She cancelled the page. She said it wasn’t her lie, she didn’t agree with what he did, and people came on the page and said “I hope you DIE”.

      1. In her letter to him when he got HOH she helped him make his lie more convincing
        She put in that she was feeling better, eating a little more and people were hleping
        to take care of her… She is running scared now but she was in with it as much as
        he was.

        1. She said when she heard him tell that health lie, she did not agree, but he is her husband and she felt she needed to support him. Hence the comments in her letter. She was not happy that he told that lie…

      2. That’s truly crazy. Death threats because your husband told a lie? Why would anyone think that was ok? I’d be so scared that I’d notify the authorities and see if they could prosecute the sickos who made the death threats.

        1. people are mental… Matt makes up a lie and yet people feel justified to threaten his wife. Totally disgusting.. If I were his wife and if I was dear gawd, I’d be naked but that is another story for another day.. haha but if I got the death threats I would take every damn one of them and charge those assholes with harassment… what the hell is wrong with people? he is playing a game to win money..

      3. I liked Matt. He told a lie to complete strangers to help him win a half mil.
        Kathy’s reaction is ridiculous. She doesn’t care about her own health. She is a chain smoker so get off your high horse Kathy, its a game.

        1. I dont care I think what matt did was wrong it one thing to lie but to lie about someones health is sick. I hope his lie doesnt come back to bite him in the ass

  23. I apologize ahead of time if this has already been asked……anybody know for sure if live feeds will have the backyard interviews after the finale?

  24. So Hayden hopes the girl he was dating is still waiting for him… What about Kristen? Why start something with her when she had someone too. They are both at fault, but if he had someone he really likes why take it to the level that had Kristen breaking up with her boyfriend on TV. And giving her false hope of a relationship with him outside of the house. Just not the good boy image he tries to portray.

    1. He’s the best out of the final 3, but that’s a very low bar. Notice as well when the bragade [sic] speaks and says that part of the bragade’s winning strategy was their side alliances. The other bragade [sic] members DIDN’T EVEN KNOW about Hayden-Kristen until
      Andrew revealed it. Hayden-Kristen side alliance might have been part of Hayden’s strategy but it wasn’t part of an overall bragade [sic] master plan. I think that they all had side alliances because most of the snakes didn’t trust the bragade [sic]. The only one who trusted the bragade [sic] was Matt and they turned him out.

      1. enzos dumb ass trusted the bra-gade, he chose the bra-gade over a sure 50gs, all he had to do was evict lane but he loves the bra-gade like its a street gang,lol

        1. Enzo did NOT trust the bragade [sic]. Didn’t you see him running around trying to form an alliance with Brendon? His brown-nosing of Brendon and Rachel was sickening and driven by desperation. He also spent a lot of time yelling about Britney, because he was worried that Lane would take her instead of him to the final 3. And if he trusted the bragade [sic], why was he the one lobbying for Matt’s eviction because he kept on coming up with false and paranoid ideas that Matt was double-crossing the brigade, when Matt was the most loyal brigade member. Sorry, “dont hate” [sic], but you’ve once again displayed flaws in your reasoning.

          1. Further, if he’d evicted Lane and kept Britney, he was not guaranteed 50gs. He saw Britney as a tougher competitor than Lane in the HOH 3 part competitions. He thought that he had a better chance winning the final HOH competitions against a fellow dodo. And if he knew that if Hayden won the final HOH competition, he’d take Britney to the final 2. They all knew that Britney would be the easiest to beat against the jury. So with Britney, he’d have a tougher time winning the competitions and he would need to win the competitions to get to the final 2. [Side note: I’ve noticed that you, “dont hate” [sic], are being a nicer person today. I apologize if by my being witchy and pointing out the flaws in your logic hasn’t taken into account that you’ve been nicer today.]

            1. lol everything i say you have to disagree with, how bout if i say that there all dumb asses every single one of them are simply dumb asses.lol

            1. thank god!! lol i see your points you just dont see mine, you dont see the mastermind of the bra-gade you just refuse to give them there credit. there like rain man there retarted but also smart.

              1. They were lucky, Every one was so afraid of a showmance , that they spent their time watching Brendon and Rachel instead of paying attention to everything going on in the house. Hgs in the past season were not paranoid of a showmance and they would of seen through the Brigade

  25. I Thoughts on confessions at finale night

    Matt & Regan are really lovers.
    Regan & Rachel are the real best friends The fights seems staged
    Kristen & Hayden was a booty call ( he wasn’t thinking side alliance- he was just horned)
    Kathy isn’t a sheriff – but owns a pets shop . Production needed someone to care for the fish (how many did she kill?
    Lane is a male escort & Kristen was a client
    Enzo was kicked off MTV’s JERSEY SHORE during filming -they found him on the studios doorstep.
    Andrew is Catholic it was his strategy to win by a matza
    Annie was a relative of CBS and just wanted to be on TV
    Monet was cast in the remake of “the crying game”

    1. Those scenerios would make the houseguests kind of, sort of, more interesting wouldn’t it?! LOL! Some how I doubt there are any other twists to come to light. It’s been a dull/predicatable season.

  26. if lane wins he should take enzo….neither one of them stand a chance against hayden in the end…enzo should be trying to convince lane not hayden

    1. Lane doesn’t come across as being very bright, but I think even he knows he doesn’t stand a chance going up against Hayden.

      1. cmon rachelspimple, the bra-gade is cool, who’s cooler than the bra-gade? they just might get a movie called the bra-gade. cbs might start a new reality show called the bra-gade just for them.they can travel around the world like jeff and talk like arnold.and play catch in different countries.you know that would be cool.

  27. Simon,
    1)do you know if the HGs read the blogs after they go home????

    2)Do you keep the site going?

    3) could they read our comments from day one ?

    4) Some of us kept true to our favorites throughout the season, , and some of us changed our minds depending on what they did- that we either liked or disliked.
    That would show them what they did wrong.

    5) final question–Will they be able to see the live feeds, or just the weekly shows??
    If they can’t see the live feeds then this blog should be the best recap ever for them.

    6) Last question—Have any of them ever contacted you to get the whole write up???

    1. Hi Eriene, Heres your answers

      1) Dunno..

      2) YES, Last year we were down for 3 months but this year we’ll be up all year round updating with any Big Brother News we can find

      3) Yes

      4) If someone read this blog and maybe had the feeds with flashback they could go through the season and find out exactly what went wrong.

      5) I doubt anyone other than Brit and Matt will get the feeds and go back to see what happened.

      6) The only past houseguest that has ever commented on this blog is Dick and only to promote some web show he had going on.

    2. Eriene, if you are wondering whether the houseguests will get a reality check, I believe that several of them will. Rachel had a little ego check when she was interviewed right after her eviction as you could see in her reaction to the interview questions. Ragan, as a communications professor with a blog, will surely be interested in what the public’s perception of him was .. and I think he’ll go searching for recaps and articles and probably be disappointed in how he was perceived. Additionally, although they may not read this specific blog, several of the troubling incidents that changed people’s minds have been reported or commented on in other venues. For example, the HuffPost recap talks about the 8 second game and I saw multiple comments about the 8 second game in the EW comments, although the article itself didn’t mention it. I doubt, however, if some of them will ever be clued in: Enzo, for one, seems to be types that continues to believe whatever version of reality that he desires.

      1. I do think they will read here, it’s the first one that comes up on google search most of the time.
        With that being said.
        Enzo, YOU deserve NOTHING. You are nasty, self serving, and stooopid. Stop playing with yourself in public. You’re an idiot. I am sitting here hoping and praying you win nothing, because you deserve nothing.
        Matt, You lied about your wife being sick, but for some reason, I liked you. You were entertaining and didn’t lose my interest in a sick and twisted kind of way.
        Rachel, or should I say RATchel. You are a conniving, ho bag who only used Brendon, and if he wins any money will probably steal it. Ragen was DEAD ON about you. You were a trouble maker and should have been the first to go, because you ruined any chance Brendon had to win this game.
        Brendon, You should have ran the other way when you first met Ratchel.
        Ragen, I really liked you. Thanks for telling Ratchel off and giving her a reality check.
        Brit, I liked you too. Too bad you had to believe in a bunch of dumb asses.
        Kathy, You slept the whole time. I really don’t even know who you are.
        Hayden, You’ll win it all :(, and out of the 3 brainless bragade members, I hope you do.
        Lane, you are a sorry excuse for a friend(brit) and I don’t know how anyone could ever trust you again after watching you feed her to the wolves.

  28. Hard to believe that Enzo really expects to be CARRIED all the way to the finish line. I would like to think that Hayden and Lane have so little respect for Enzo’s gameplay that neither of them is willing to just hand him even $50,000, much less $500,000. It would be like rewarding him for showing up to the audition. He hasn’t done much since. And pleeassse America, don’t let Enzo walk away with anything more than his stipend/ per diem.

    1. enzo was not a floater are tried to be carried to final, he tried to win,,, sometimes came close but majority of time he just sucked big balls,

      1. It was Hayden who commented on Enzo’s half-hearted effort during Round One of the final HOH. He observed that Enzo didn’t even try to push through the pain. Hayden & Lane hung from those ropes for more than two hours. Enzo dropped after 19 minutes. Hayden and Lane like Enzo very much on a personal level, but they don’t respect his game.

        1. that just means enzo sucks balls, he was in pain after 19 minutes,that dont mean he floats just means he sucks, like lane said it didnt matter if he would of stayed up 2 hours .lane said he thew it,so if you think about it enzo is really the smart one,

  29. It seems that too many of the Season 12 cast members spent too much time trying to become the characters they thought production wanted. Thus, you get a bunch of amateurs doing really bad acting jobs, trying desperately to get as much individual air time as possible, in the hope that this would provide audition footage for future roles. Back in the early days of the show, the people came to play the game and win challenges. Once the word got out that there was potential money to be made after the show, the aspiring actors, models, musicians, etc. came out of the woodwork. You never used to hear people talking about quitting their 9-5 jobs, “practicing” their speeches, hoping Julie would address questions to them on the live show, etc., becoming famous, and breaking into show business. This group was more focused on the aftermath of the show than the show itself. If you’re thinking the big pay day won’t come until after the show, you don’t play as hard because you’re just after the exposure. I wish CBS would get back to casting real people who just want a shot at the grand prize.

    1. Hello said it best——————–Lets get real people back on the show . Not Hollywood wanabees.
      This cast also spent a lot of time primping in frot of the two-way glass. How many times did britney do her nails. Get rid of the beauty shop. no combs ! no brushes!

      1. No makeup I’m ok with, no brush no way! If anyone in the house has thick hair like me they will end up with Carrot Top hair or Dreadlocks after 3 months. If they take anything like that away from the girls, they should take away shaving from the boys. Oh yah and happy showers.

      2. Although I suspect Britney’s daily manicures were born of boredom, I began to wonder if she had sufficient nail beds to support her fingernails, what with all of the picking and biting and scraping she did. Oh, and I can understand the ladies (and the men too) wanting to be presentable for the live shows, but geez, midnight make-up applications for BBAD? Come to think of it, Brit was constantly doing her nails even when they had a house full of people. But Monet’s departure left her calendar completely open.

  30. Simon thank you for your reply– despite all of my mistakes in wording the questions.
    I was in a bit of a hurry.
    Anyway, I have visited many of the BB spoilers sites/blogs and none of them compare to yours.
    Your transcriptions are very well done, accurate (I watch the feeds) , fun and entertaining.

    That’s why I asked if the HGs had the opportunity to read the whole thing afterwords.

    Since there are so many BB spoilers blogs -I was wondering if someone come up with a rating system so people would know which sites are the best and why??

    Maybe we should ask Matt, ‘the brains’ to come up with something.

    1. Eriene – this site is #3 for BB12 on Google….. a few more strategically placed keywords here and there and it would probably rank higher.. there are tons of people here from all over the world, it’s amazing

  31. Enzo is on his way out, so hes not gonna let them have a nice final few days in peace. Hes goin around crying and complaining constantly.. Might as well. They have made no effort to show that they want to bring to the final. I would of done confronted them about it. They beat around the bushes too much . Drag in it out. Boring Season..

  32. The return of scared and jealous Enzo who can’t understand why everyone isn’t rolling over so that he can win 500 gs. So blinded by his ego that he complains about Britney and Ragan, when he threw them under the bus long ago? He truly believes that he’s the only person who has the right to decide who is on the bus and who is under the bus? I hope Lane enjoys listening to the whining and crying for the next two days.

  33. Dear Simon and Dawg,
    Allow me to express my appreciation for your efforts in keeping us all current on events in the Big Brother house and providing a place for us to express our opinions and communicate with one another. In many ways, this site has been more entertaining, this season especially, than the show itself. That likely was not your intent so much as an unfortunate consequence of this season’s casting. It is no small feat to maintain a site like this, so I thank you on behalf of myself and the countless others who share my sentiments.

  34. Over on CBS they have many polls, one is “should Lane go to jail?”l. When I voted YES, I was amazed that I was in the minority – not by too much but still in the minority. I also had to respond so I’ll try to recap.
    You hear the word karma so much and, frankly, I don’t care too much for that word. Let’s push it off to the side and focus on why the poll was even started.
    Here is man who has:
    (1) held girls down and forced sex on her for 8 sec. but, hey, it was all “fun and games”.
    (2) Faggot=Maggot. Enough said.
    (3) I’ve heard some talk about a bag of kittens but haven’t tried to learn about it because I like to sleep at nights
    (4) his bio said he sells drilling equipment but it comes out that all he does is play golf with the customers. I’m going to need to talk to my Dad and see what he can come up with for me.
    (5) illegally spotlighted critters and blown them to bits
    (6) documented breaking and entering a man’s house and beating him too severely for even the police to interview him all because he said something not very flattering about brother’s girlfriend.
    And even tho I don’t care if he jerks off hourly in the shower (not my business), only a dumbass would be so stupid to do so with so many cameras on him.
    Jail – YES. Karma? No. Justice is the word. Justice for everyone and everything he has put his spoiled, self-serving hands on. Maybe just a little justice. Don’t let him get any money. By anything you call holy, don’t let it happen.

    1. he is on tv now and is loved by a great deal of people .. that is justice for yah.. sometimes you need karma when there is nothing else

      1. Well, because I’m not a believer in reincarnation, it is a little hard to lean towards karma. I like to see justice in the here and now. Maybe I’m a bitter little bitch! LOL

      2. He’s hurt his post-BB career chances. Many of those “great deal of people” who love him have no clue about what was said on the live feeds. When (if) his bad behavior comes to light, as it will if anyone tries to cast him in anything bigger than a bar tour, you’ll see that a vocal, powerful percentage of mainstream America doesn’t condone violence against women and doesn’t look too kindly on prejudice. Michael Richards almost completely ruined his own career after his prejudiced remarks: You may have noticed that he hasn’t gotten any new sitcom leads since that incident. Mel Gibson still hasn’t recovered from his prejudiced remarks and now has taken another career hit with the allegations of violence against women. ABC rebuked that Grey’s Anatomy actor for his anti-gay remarks.

    2. its obvious you are spinning things worse than they are.

      the kitten incident was a joke. the girls were already having sex, therefore agreed, so it was never rape. who cares what his career is. spotlighting is not illegal in texas. you have no proof of the facts of the fight. he was not charged with anything.

      and…he will win something. hayden is taking him or he will take himself.

      1. I really don’t need to put a spin on it.
        Do you think the girls being held down would agree that it wasn’t rape? Maybe ask them.
        When you submit a bio, it should be somewhat accurate.
        Somewhere I missed the funny part of the kitten story. Jokes are suppose to be funny, right?
        Okay, so spotlighting isn’t illegal in texas. But is it the sportsmanship thing to do?
        I never said he was charged with B&E. Just that it was documented and, indeed it was.
        Is that you Gunther?

        1. That is incredibly offensive. Ask your mother for forgiveness for having an ill-mannered, aggressive, ignorant child like you. Shame on you.

      2. As soon as he forcibly HOLDs the woman down when she wants to leave — it’s rape. As soon as anyone continues having sex AFTER the woman (or man) has said no — it’s rape. I hope that you are not acting according to your faulty beliefs — if you are, you may be guilty of a crime. And in my opinion, since Lane talks about planning out the rape game with 4 buddies BEFORE he even meets the girl, it might also be premediated in some jurisdictions.

      3. According to Texas Hunting Laws:
        You can’t legally spotlight or night hunt for game animals like deer and you can for varmints like coyote under certain circumstances. You have to have permission for varmint hunting. I don’t which Lane was talking about.

      4. Spotlighting isn’t illegal in Texas? Texas doesn’t have laws against hunting and killing certain animals outside of hunting season? Texas doesn’t have laws against the kind of weapons you can and can not use to hunt? Texas doesn’t have animal cruelty laws against killing some animals? Can you please point me to the specific laws? And if true, wow, Texas is even more behind than I thought.

      5. Nowhere have I seen a verified statement that he’s said that the killing of kittens was a joke. What is your source for saying that it’s a joke? Did your own laughter at the “joke” make it into a joke? And if it was a joke, it was in very poor taste and stupid to make where it could be misconstrued by thousands of viewers.

  35. You kinda wonder which hole did the producer herself crawled from. She loves the low lives of this world.

    On another note-Simon I tried to donate to the site but the name on the account was Mikey6pk Is that right???I wasn’t sure.

  36. Watching BBAD and it seems like they are finally crackin up mentally….and what’s with the ghost talk? Was something in the two way mirrors??

  37. I just want to thank Simon and dawg once again for providing us with the updates, which proved to be far better than the actual show again!!! I would also like to thank all the posters for sharing their opinions with everyone, especially Rockstar,Gramma ( the real one), buddistgirl69, the excitement, dont hate( for possibly the most stupid, ignorant posts I have ever read) and enzo’s shiny dome( which still makes me laugh every time I see it!) you have all salvaged this season for me! It would be awesome if we could have a get together of all the posters!!! We could play flip cup and play the steamboat drinking game! We could pool together some money and pay Enzo 10.50 to make an appearance!!! Seriously, it would be cool as hell to meet all of you face to face! Let’s make it happen!

    1. MrPickles, thank you for singling me out with the others you listed. I would love to meet all of you, too. I already feel like I do know several of you. Even when some of you have upset me, I still would not close my door from meeting you. I don’t always agree with my family and my friends. But, i still love to see them. You let me know when and where and I will do my best to get there.

      1. Grandma is always much nicer then me.. There are a few people I wouldn’t even let them into my town and I’m thankful these yahoo’s live in the US.. However there are many whom I think are the bee’s knees and I’d invite yah into my house. I like yah so much I’d show you my Tuesday drawers because I know you’d appreciate the funny.. thanks Mr. Pickles..

    2. i get the most stupid award, thanks mrpickles. you made my day. but i think 10.50 could probably get us the whole bra-gade and maybe even britney.she’s an alternate,and just so you know i’am ignorant,lol watch, enzos the boss, and the bra-gade is the best alliance ever in the history of bb.and if you realized that you would reconize that my comments are the greatest comments ever written.lol and everybody keep coming to this site so when enzos in a movie i can see all your dumb ass reactions,sometimes i make myself laugh,

  38. These guys need Brit to keep them sharp. They are just verging, nothing to say, look miserable, have to get out of there. This the worst part of the whole shoe for them and for us.

  39. wow! i don’t care who wins\
    \. they are all idiots. but i’ll give them all the money if they just pick up their damn feet when they walk!!! that damn shuffling noise is driving me crazy! and what are all these pajama parties about? MAN UP! idiots! i’m done watching next season.

  40. Wonder if Lane or Enzo (whichever makes it with Hayden) will tell the jury members that Hayden won the 10g’s plus trip to Hawaii? The jury may then say well he don’t deserve to win. Also wonder if Ragan told the jury house he was the sab? The jury could suspect that one of the final two is the sab which could sway votes.

    1. I thought maybe CBS was saving the secret about Ragan being the second saboteur for the finale. Maybe Ragan is not allowed to divulge that info until everyone can hear it (from Julie ? ) together.

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