BB12Spoilage – Bragade Drinking with 48hours to go Lane: “Aghhhh don’t say that 48hours feels too long say one day”

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9:22pm Hayden and Lane in the backyard. Lane has 6 ice cold coors light with him. they talk about how glad they are to be out of the house soon. Lane: “So i guess our family’s are in California now… probably the same place we stayed” Lane asks Hayden if his family has ever been to Cali, Hayden says his mom is from California they owned a ranch in north California. Lane isn’t sure if his parents have ever been to California, he knows Gunther (Aka the undertaker) hasn’t been. Enzo joins them. They start talking about New Work, Lane says it’s cold as BLANK there, Enzo laughs. Lane tells them how badass the cops are in New York tells them that on new years eve they brought out the swat team. Hayden: “it would be sweet to be on the swat team… to be a sniper”

Talk moves to Ragan and how he would get close to people then say how wonderful that person is. Hayden can’t remember who Ragan was friends with besides Matt. Lane reminds him that Ragan was close to KRisten and MAtt, he was also close to BRit for awhile. Enzo: “He tried to get close to everyone but me”. They all agree how “pathetic” Ragan was during the last week and during his nomination speeches on the live broadcast. Enzo: “Yeah that BLANK won 2 POVS” hayden: “how the he’ll did he go so fast in the puzzle” Enzo: “is puzzle was 4 pieces big”.

The Jumanji Room has been shutdown. They’re trying to figure out what is going on it, Hayden thinks part of the final HOH will be held in that room so they are preparing it…

Hayden: “48 hours we get our cell phones…” Lane: “Aghhhh don’t say that 48hours feels too long say one day”…

9:45pm Nothing else to talk about .. silence

10:28pm Kitchen, Lane and Enzo Enzo is admiring the Tournament bowl.. Enzo: “what if the door bell rings right now….” Lane doesn’t answer, he goes to the jumanji room comes back and tells Enzo they are closing that room soon they better get all their BLANK out. Lane tells him that he wants to go to bed early. Enzo would still like to pay some pool later tonight.

10:40pm Jumanji Enzo and Lane Enzo: “What do you get when you google yourself” Lane: “A big BLANK donkey” Enzo doesn’t think Lane will look like a donkey. Enzo and Lane aren’t going to look around online about themselves because they think some things will get under their skin. Enzo says there’s groups of people out there that will Hate because they are haters, they’ve been trying to get on the show 20 times and their salty because of it.

Hayden joins them. Lane says when they are at the wrap party he’s going to ask his parents who talked BLANK about him in the DR.. and when he finds out…

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dude this sucks haha…even though i don’t want any of them to win..the only one who really needs it i feel like is though i guess i just say that cuz he’s older and is the only one who actually supports himself …my favorite still lane though…BUT….worst final 3 EVERRRRRRRR


Meg, are you serious. Enzo is supported by his wife. She has the job, the career, and takes care of the house and kid. Enzo is a little mama’s boy that is the poster child for underachievers. How he could have lost the insurance adjuster job in an environment that is expanding in both insurance and cars on the road. is remarkable!
Either way, this is a competition and not about need. Kathy would droll on about some socialist agenda where “need” is the reality, not performance. She joined BB like it was some sort of lottery scratch ticket. She was even more pathetic than Enzo. If need was the case, these kids would be at the top of the list. They’re just starting out and will be poorer than the previous generation due to higher tuition loans, lack of credit, and a crappier economy. On top of that, Lane needs to go into rehab to get treatment for his excessive masturbatory behavior, and Hayden will probably never be able to find a job that doesn’t require a paper hat and a plastic name-tag.


uh ya as i said all 3 of them suck…all i was saying is enzo is a grown man and doesnt have mommy and daddy paying for him but i wasnt aware his wife payed for him sorry i dont watch the feeds 24/7 and know everything about them…i dont really care that much i was just bored and was reading it tonight and wanted to give my opinion…my opinion doesn’t matter anyways whoever wins wins


I never thought I would say this, but I’ve found someone who is nastier than Britney.
Hayden will never find what kind of job???????????
I don’t care too much for Hayden, but he’s still a young man, still learning, still feeling his way around as he trying to find himself in this world, like most young people his age. Why would you go and write something like that about him?
You, like some on here, are so hateful beyond belief. These kids are real human being. They are somebody’s kids, brothers, sons. You must be one unhappy person to be that hateful toward someone you don’t even know personally. Who had done nothing terrible to you or anyone else that you know. All they’re trying to do is to win $500,000 on a reality TV show, which we all know you don’t own.


omg Obiwon you are WAY too involved in strangers lives. Take it easy and the enjoy the last 2 days before you have nothing to watch 24 hours a day and blog about.


sorry not ment for Obiwon , it was for “hellothere”


Do you want fries with that?




I keep thinking wouldn’t it be a lot more interesting if it was all the people who hate each other left… Ragan and Rachel, Matt and Brendon, you know, something to pass the time watching. These braggart’s think they invented the wheel. Ho hum, back to studying Japanese.


Lane would be stupid to take Hayden…that’s like handing him a check for 500K. He probably will though.

Curtain Call for BB

Remember that none of them have seen the 360 view of Enzo that we have. With the exception of outing the brigade to Brit, he’s never been mean to someone’s face. He was even kissy-kissy with Brendon and Rachel. He may be a bigger threat than we think. I also don’t trust Lane when he tells Hayden that he’s taking him to final two: Hayden doesn’t even trust him.


Yeah, I agree on Enzo. I think Lane is screwed either way. Hayden was nice to everybody and won some competitions in the end, but Enzo made everyone laugh (well, not me, but the house guests). So Enzo is definitely a threat. He keeps saying that he hasn’t won enough, and that jury people look for the game played, but I’m not sure that’s always the case. Enzo just may have enough votes to give Hayden a run for the money. I don’t know what my choice would be if I were Lane, but knowing I don’t have a solid chance against either one, I would definitely pick Hayden because they are closer and also because they seem to want to invest in a business of some kind together. I don’t know if they’re just bullshitting about that, but maybe they really do.


Lane has slightly less blood on his hands than Hayden. I think that within the house, and even among Hayden and Lane, Enzo is considered a joke. The Animal and the Beast have already talked about how much traveling together they would have to contractually have to do if they with the top two spots. I doubt they want to be further locked in a box with Enzo’s mouth.


It doesn’t matter if Lane takes Hayden or Enzo to the final 2. Lane will lose to them both.
Now the only way I see Hayden losing the $500,000 if he gets to the final 2 is if he takes Enzo with him.
Enzo will beat them both in the final 2. Enzo has a likable personality, and he knows how to much of a distance to keep from the controversial people. Enzo definitely will get Rachel and Brendon’s votes. Enzo was the only person who spoke up and said that he gets along with everyone when Ragan told Rachel that no one likes her.
Enzo is a leader and not a follower. I want to see this man wins.
Da Boss, that’s Enzo!
Hurry up and pay Da Boss!


Lane is stupid but it doesn’t matter he can’t beat enzo either


Enzo: Are you gonna jerk off? Lane: Yeaaah! He then goes in the shower and stares right into the camera while it – at least – looks like he’s doing it. I swear they need to give them some sex toys. Wouldn’t it be cool if they hired them hookers? Idea. BB – The X-Rated Edition, where all house guests walk around naked and play sex game competitions… best BJ, best cowgirl, can you pick up a dollar with your ass cheeks, etc..


Nice career move (Gunther is so proud!). He can sub for Levi Johnston when that putz is otherwise busy on some reality stunt.

Curtain Call for BB

There’s an interview with our least favorite producer AG on reality blurred that talks about the manipulation of the drama, the hiding of contestants’ bigoted remarks from the public, and why there will never be a celebrity big brother.


There have been several Celebrity Big Brothers. In the UK, it’s an annual event with half the HGs coming from the US.


In England they have celebrity BB and the “almost famous” hook up with each other a lot. Ivana Trump was in the house in London. It was kinda fun to watch. Lots of nasty looking celebs without the make up.


You are way into this Big Brother show.

The Excitement

Good thing Lane and Enzo aren’t gonna read stuff online. They would kill themselves if they read this shit.
You people are horrible.


They are going to read about themselves online. I don’t care what they say and they will be shocked to see really what people think of them just like the other HGs will be also. The are so full of BS!!


LOL rachel is going to hang herself when she reads what we’ve been saying and even though some are just opinions on her most of what we say are spot on about her personality too bad we couldn’t put her in her place to her face like regan did


and she is going to BLANK when she realizes that she does favor “Boy George” and she gone get some more plastic surgery and Brendon will use that 25k(if he win) to pay for it.


Wow i can’t belive they even had showtime after dark tonight, just so we could watch the borgade sleep! this really turned out to be some crappy last days for bb fans.

so scripted

hayden needs to be the one to win…he prob needs it the most…but seems to have his head in the wrong place…but it seems his mom will crack the whip and put it in a trust fund

Dr Poopy Pants

The only one that semi deserves it right now is Hayden. Lane is too dumb to breath and Enzo is completely worthless in terms of competition.


Ok I must ask. I don’t know if this is normal practice in the “straight world” between guys but do they always come in when one of their (lane last night) is showering and sit a watch them?!! I mean, I know I would be like ” get the he’ll out please! ” lol


Enzo says there’s groups of people out there that will Hate because they are haters, they’ve been trying to get on the show 20 times and their salty because of it. Enzo really…..I think they must be so thankful that they didn’t make this season because it has been one of worst casts in BB history. Not to mention what exactly did you do to be sitting where you are sitting. Thank goodness Wed. will bring him back to the real world and he will realize what a loser he really is.


Enzo is talking like a typical ignorant ass as the other have also. Haters, blah blah blah, how ignorant!!!


Enzo talks big about what a family man is because he thinks that can sway the HOH winner to take him. He is trying to appear like he needs the money. Well, in my opinion, he made the choice to leave his family to do the show. He floated through the game and my only hope now is that he ends up third with nothing but a TV and a stipend. I don’t care who has money and who doesn’t. None of them are exactly in the poorhouse. If Hayden can afford to go snowboarding and visit Steamboat once a year, he isn’t that in need of money. Just a lift pass is worth upwards of $50 per day, even more in big resorts. Lane’s family has money. So what? It’s a game, and whoever wins the money can spend it as they wish. As far as I’m concerned none of them deserve to win, but it is what it is. Hayden is the only one that won anything, but he didn’t start doing that until most of the serious competition was gone. Same with Lane. Enzo didn’t win anything. Lane and Hayden will lose if they take Enzo. He will play up the sympathy vote, how he’s a family man and needs the money, and I think Brendon, Rachel, Kathy and the evicted brigader will vote for Enzo if he’s in the final 2. I don’t think Lane can win against Hayden or Enzo. It will be interesting to see what they say when the jury asks them each what their biggest boldest move was. None of them did anything, let alone something big and bold. They all do need to read the blogs when they get out to get their delusions of greatness under control. Their 15 minutes of fame is almost over, and thank goodness for that!


I think they need to read the blogs too. My, my, my what a wakeup call that would be.


Enzo will not win against, Hayden. Sorry. The only way Enzo wins is if Lane wins HOH and Lane takes Enzo. And with that said, I believe if Lane win’s he takes Enzo.

Aaron C.

How can Enzo beat any of them? He won nothing.

The jurors will look at who played the best game and while Enzo did what he needed to do to make it this far, his social success should not be enough to win votes.

The jurors should have had enough time to put personal issues aside.


Here it is, Wed, it’s ” SHOW TIME ” Surviver’s frist, then BB. And Danceing with the Star’s. After this year of BB, don’t think i,m excited about next year. I have watched BB from day one, never missed one show, but this year was the same-o, same-o. They need new everything ,,so the house guest have no idea what’s up. They can’t study & know what week after week is. Surviver is pretty much the same-way though, but they can’t study from watching past show’s , they have get down & dirty. I don’t care who win’s bb, as long as they get Enzo out next. Ya,all have been great & kind to this little old lady @ 67 years old & have a wonderful ending of your year, enjoy all the up-coming ” Holiday’s ” But most of all be ” Safe “