* Updated * Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Enzo says when they travel after the show ends his wife has to always be around because he would be worried someone might take her and ask for ransom money…

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12:45am Lane is taking a shower, while Enzo and Hayden work out. Hayden is on the elliptical and Enzo is jogging around the backyard. After a while they head inside. Hayden goes to take a shower and Lane and Enzo go to the jumanji room. Lane and Enzo talk about random stuff. They talk about having their own reality shows after Big Brother. Enzo says that his could be called the Meow Meow Down South. Enzo says that he could travel all over the South eating weird things and hitting up bars. Hayden finishes his shower and comes into the jumanji room. They are now talking about Texas. Enzo says there are college campuses every few blocks in Texas. Lane and Hayden name some of the colleges in Texas. They continue to talk about the different school. Lane starts talking about his brother Gunter getting in a fight and beating up a linebacker.

Photo source: Uncle Daddy Design’s Facebook Page
Texas State football player assault under investigation

Bloody assault probed
Bobcat football player accuses team member of attack

Lane says that Gunter’s wife Georgia was dating another guy before Gunter and after she broke up with this guy she started dating Gunter. Lane says that this guy started calling her a BLANK. Lane says that they were all at a bar and that guy was there too.. (Big Brother cuts the feeds) When the feeds come back Lane says that when football players fight they fight in packs. Lane says that this guy hit Gunter and knocked his tooth out and then Gunter started beating on him and the guy started to cry. Lane says the guy was a huge 250lbs linebacker. Lane says that he got Gunter off the guy and they were about to leave when the guy sucker punched Gunter in the back of the head. Lane says that Gunter nailed the guy one more good time. Lane says that the next day in the paper they were reporting that Lane kicked in this Linebackers door.. (Big Brother cuts the feeds) When the feeds come back … Lane tells Enzo and Hayden about how Gunter had to have surgery to repair his tooth. Lane says that the anaesthesia didn’t knock him out and they had to strap him down in the doctor’s office to operate on him. Enzo and Hayden start telling Lane about their experiences with anaesthesia. They talk about howBLANKed up you feel after you wake up from it. They all talk about how they hope Gunter makes it to the finale.

Photo source: Uncle Daddy Design’s Facebook Page

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2am Hayden, Lane and Enzo talk about life after they are finished with big brother. Enzo talks about how he can’t go straight back to work. Hayden suggests that they could just fly out on the weekends to make appearances. Lane and Enzo think that would be a good idea. Hayden starts talking about a girl from the Real World that makes $10,000 to show up for an appearance. Lane says that’s how they make their money after this is done. Hayden says that he would make an appearance every day of the year. Enzo says that he would bringing baby Gia out on the road. Enzo says that the wife has to always be around because he would be worried someone crazy might take her and asking for ransom. Hayden says this Big Brother dream is ending on Wednesday. Enzo says that this isn’t a dream its a nightmare and he is ready to get out of the house. Enzo says that he thinks the dream will come after the game is over. Enzo says that this is what they have to do to get to the dream. They start to reminisce about how Annie was in the house for such a short time. They talk about why Annie would chose to be the saboteur and how it ruined her game. They all still think that Matt was the second saboteur and that he made it far. Lane asks Enzo why he has so many wet dreams in the house. Enzo says that he thinks it is because he sleeps with three blankets on and gets too hot. Enzo says that he probably has twenty wet dreams a year but when he was younger he says he used to have like 300 a year. Lane and Hayden laugh. Enzo starts talking about himself in high school. Enzo says you were all BLANKed up in high school YO!! Enzo talks about how crazy it is to be that age.

2:20am – 3:20am Hayden, Lane and Enzo talk about the live shows. Lane says that in the beginning the live shows made him nervous but now he really likes them. Lane talks about how many people there were in the beginning and now they are the spot light. Enzo starts talking about how in the beginning when he asked everyone if they had nicknames and he told them all he is the meow meow. Enzo says that he had to tell then immediately because he was worried someone else would have the same nickname. They reminisce about the first few days of being in the house. Enzo says that he couldn’t remember anyone’s name and remembers thinking that he thought he wouldn’t have any friends because they were all so different than him. Hayden says that he just wanted to not be the first one out and then he wanted to make it to the jury. Hayden says and now we’re in the final three with the people we wanted to be with in the final three. They start talking about what the jury house thinks of the Brigade. They all think the jury members think the brigade is awesome. Enzo says that he can see Rachel trying to BLANK on the Brigade at the finale. Enzo says don’t even say it Pelican…. don’t even say it! Enzo says that they made side alliances and controlled the votes. The conversations changes to talking about past competitions. Then they talk about football and Howard Stern. Lane asks Enzo how he can take Howard Stern seriously?! Enzo says that he is actually a really smart dude and that he knows what sells. Enzo says he’s got a beautiful wife and tons of money. Enzo tells them that Howard Stern likes to jog and loves to play chess and he loves having sex with his wife. Enzo says that he even bought his wife Sirius Radio at Christmas just so he could listen to Howard Stern. The conversation dies and they all go to sleep….

7:25am Lane, Hayden and Enzo are all still fast asleep….

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10:15pm Sleeping yo
10:40am ZZZzzzz…

11:25am Big Brother switches the live feeds to the “We will be right back” screen to wake up the house guests. When the live feeds return…

12:45pm They are all still sleeping …even the camera men are bored…

1:10pm Enzo and Hayden moved … all back asleep now…
1:40pm Still dreaming of how to spend their BB money…

2pm More of the same …No movement…

2:48pm Lane wakes up uses the washroom.. starts picking his face then back into the kitchen to make some cereal. Hayden and Enzo are still in bed sleeping.

3:44pm Lanes doing the dishes. Lane: “Dirty ass BLANK”. He ends up clogging the sink with grease while he washes the greasy frying pans. Enzo joins him and starts cleaning the counter tops.. Lane tells him he’s going to use the washroom then he’ll finish the dishes, they need to soak for a bit first before he tackles them.

5:37pm Lane shaving on all 4 cams.

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346 thoughts on “* Updated * Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Enzo says when they travel after the show ends his wife has to always be around because he would be worried someone might take her and ask for ransom money…

    1. Why should he? Enzo is playful and funny just the way he is. If you don’t know when a grown man is joking, perhaps you should consider watching Sesame Street, which probably is more appropriate for your mental capacity.

    2. agree.enzo is so annoying to watch n listen to. he lives in lala land with his dreams of becoming famous.also, i find him referring to his wife by the name “wifey” highly disturbing.he’s just plan creepy n doesn’t rep jersey well at all. someone please tell him that there’s no need for sunglasses inside the house at night…opps,i forgot…..he’s famous n needs them to hide from his many,many,many fans……hahahahahaha!!!!! he’s such a jerk.

    3. Right on man! This guy just talks more than everyone combined, he is so lame. It would be great if he really had some good things to say. I think he talks just to hear himself talk. He can win anything, so he talks.

  1. OMG, let these poor fools out of the BB house soon, they have been there so long they are all delusional. They really believe that their names will go down in history as the best of everything. They will be remembered as the 3 dumbest dodos ever in the BB house and thats about all.

    1. should we give them credit for their imagenation….lol… maybe they should sit down with pen and paper in hand and write a fiction novel… lmfao

    2. what if i told you theres a movie script waiting for enzo.a blockbuster hes not the star but hes in it.this is a fact.are you gonna hate that hes in a movie.are you guys going to change the channel out of hatred when the movie clips come on.enzo gets the last laugh.cause hes the boss hog.

      1. That’s right. Enzo is Da Boss!
        I predict he’ll end up with some type of TV comedy show deal. I wish Barbara Walters let that blond, Elizabeth Hasselbeck go, and replace her with Enzo. The view needs at least one man, and some real fun from a male point of view.

        1. Yes – it will be great on The View when Enzo starts asking the ladies how they feel about “looking at a man’s hairy asshole”. Mr. Smoothe.

          1. I know you’re not that naive to think the way that Enzo acts around these guys are the same way he’ll act around a table full of older women. Enzo made lots of jokes since day one. So if you’re going to take everything he says seriously, you have a lot to learn about human interaction.

          2. Or maybe he can be on DWTS with Betty White. I can imagine him complaining about her to the other contestants, when Betty is not in the room. I can hear him saying, “That Betty is such a c*nt, yo. Who does she think she is earning all that money at her age? Yo, I’m not letting any 80 year old c*nt win. F*ckin c*nt, yo!”

      2. Oh, I believe there’s a script waiting….for sure….someone has to play the guy everyone laughs at (because he has a small dick) in all those pornos. And, before you say….”you have no idea, he may have a big one”….the reason I say he has a small dick is because he must have a tiny weiner in order to act like such a big dick all the time. Acting like a big dick compensates for having a small dick. :-)

          1. Your comebacks are so clever….you must be in grade 5….at least. Brutal….read a book!! BTW, I wouldn’t give Enzo or any guy like Enzo a second glance (hell, I wouldn’t even give them the first glance). There is not enough alcohol in the world for me to consume in order to hide their idiocy.

      1. they are not the first alliance to make it final three, danielle and jason season 3
        danielle also got marcellas to not use the veto on himself and jason voted him out
        lets see the three idiots do that

  2. How long before we hear that Brit and Nick are no more. Brit will sleep with Lane in Steamboat (drink). Brit smells that Lane has money and SOOOOOEHHHHH the Arkansaw hog will sniff it out.

    1. She may settle for Lane, but Britney obviously has a MAJOR crush on Brendon, and she has been none to pleased that he rebuffed her for the red witch. In oh-so-cliche mean girl fashion, she has spent the entire season lashing out at them because she didn’t get the guy. Hopefully this guy Nick sees the trailer-park-trollop for who and what she is and moves on without her. She can spend the rest of her days pining away for Brendon.

            1. You people sound about as mature as the middle school students you must be. Girls/Women do have comfortable relationships with men without ‘wanting’ them and thinking they are the center of the universe. I never saw in Britney’s actions anything but sister-like behavior with Lane. And I saw not ONE little bit of her supposed ‘attraction’ for Brendon.
              Grow Up children or go watch some Disney teeny bopper show. That must be more your speed.

              1. Wow, bitter much? LOL

                We are talking about Britney from Big Brother 12… I’m not sure what show you have been watching. Britney has been absolutely obsessed with Brendon the entire season – talking endlessly about him and even wondering out loud about his pubic hair. She has been absolutely positively obsessed with him, and so enraged and bitter that he chose Rachel instead of her, that she has been trashing Brendon and Rachel for weeks even after they were gone. It has been all she has thought of. Textbook psych 101behavior for a silly little spurned girl.

                1. Brit has trashed Kristen, she has trashed Kathy, and unabashedly trashed Rachel. I doubt she is smitten with them …. She just loves to trash talk and she spreads it around.

      1. David you are correct… Britt really wanted Brendon.

        Look at the picture on CBS.com on the voting page showing all of the houseguests. Brittany is sitting in Brendon’s lap and Rachael is sitting on the end with Ragen’s hand on her leg. Looks like a promo shot before the show began.

        1. She sat on Brendon’s lap?
          I bet she though that he was going to give her all his attention once the game starts.

      2. david, you are completely delusional. Sometimes people actually just hate other people. There’s no underlying secret to it. She just thinks he’s an easy target for her humor. She’s right about it too.

        I think she likes Lane though. They seemed to click. I think she and Hayden were just friends though. I never even got a slight sexual vibe from them. She might like him more than Brendan but that’s not saying much.

        1. If you hate someone, you would expect the occasional backhand…but Britney has been absolutely obsessed with this guy to the point that she can’t think or speak of anything else, ala her musings on his pubic hair. If she hated him, she would have let it go when he was gone from the house, but every minute of the day she continued to obsess on him and talk about nothing else, long after he was gone. It’s textbook…she is so totally crushed on him, and like a spurned silly little girl, she lashes out.

  3. I like the part where Enzo said he could travel all over and eat weird things. Who would pay him a penny to eat in front of anyone?

    1. he complained about eating the slop and the food for the have not .. he had to cheat … than mans brain is running on empty … got to admit tho…those three stooges keep talking they are gonna look like a dozen eggs all scrambled..lol

  4. I am so SICK and TIRED of watching BB after dark on showtime .. that I have stopped watching ! They do nothing … say nothing … and will be nothing ..Get REAL this is your 15 minutes of fame it is over …listen … do you hear that ? That is the fat lady singing !

    1. I quit watching it too since the 3 stooges were the only ones left. Watching Enzo use his fingers to count when they played blackjack, Lane needed to know how to spell a 5 letter word and Hayden mentioning Steamboat every hour on the hour was driving me nuts. Yeah, they’ll be famous; as the dumbest final 3 in history of the show.

      1. I find online now gives me all the info I need to know. The rest is boring………
        I do speed a while each day voting for Brendon as he was the most all around player, tried to be a peacemaker,etc. Use your time voting so as not to have the last 4 get anymorethan they already have. All have won $$$$$ including Brittney.
        GO TEAM BRENDON !!

  5. Funny, Dawg!!! You cherry picked the great lines from another dull night:
    “Enzo told them all he is the meow meow. Enzo says that he had to tell then immediately because he was worried someone else would have the same nickname.” WTF??? Seriously Enzo???

    (Anybody know what TWO full time jobs Wifey was referring to? Insurance adjuster + ??)

    Typical Enzo: “Enzo says that he even bought his wife Sirius Radio at Christmas just so HE could listen to Howard Stern.” Buying HIMSELF a Christmas gift telling wifey it was for her??? WTF!!! Seriously Enzo???

    1. Insurance adjuster and taking care of their daughter after 1 PM while wifey is at work (I’m guessing that is the other “job” she was referring to). Somewhere Enzo did make a point to say he was home by 1 PM every day so that makes sense.

        1. It’s difficult to tell tone when reading stuff on the internet, but that “sounded” like it came with attitude…LOL. My wife stayed home with the kids when they were young and I always considered that a full-time job so I’m with you on that. :0)

      1. it was also mention that he sold or sells relistate… he bragged making triple digits a month at one time .. (if i am not mistaken). maybe he should write a dream on book…but don’t use lane as the proof reader…

  6. Yes Enzo.You got it.Your wife will be kidnapped because you are now famous.But the problem with that is how are you gonna get the money?you aren’t gonna win anything and you said yourself that you weren’t gonna work for a while after you got out.

  7. These guys are nasty talking about “wet dreams” to each other! and Enzo they already have a show like that its called “Bizzare Foods”!

    1. welcome to Bizzare Enzo where a man will eat anything, do anything, swear at everything, play with himself, fart you a tune and so much more

  8. Lane is feeding that fame delusion as much as Enzo is. Enzo has calmed down a bit — is Lane going to take him to final two or is Lane just trying to appease Enzo to get him to settle down? Hayden is mercifully silent most of the time. The two dodos are doing all the fantasizing and talking and by the way — the jerking off and wet dreams = way too much information. Shut up and stop talking (and eating, please, Enzo — didn’t your mother teach you to eat quietly with your mouth closed?? If not, she SHOULD HAVE.)

    1. i dont think lane or ego enzo stand a chance winning the 1/2 mill against Hayden… so if Lane wants a kick at the can he would have to take Enzo… I am sure that Hayden will be getting the jury vote…

  9. Lane is feeding that fame delusion as much as Enzo is. Enzo has calmed down a bit — is Lane going to take him to final two or is Lane just trying to appease Enzo to get him to quiet down? Hayden is mercifully silent most of the time. The two dodos are doing all the fantasizing and talking and by the way — the jerking off and wet dreams = way too much information. Shut up and stop talking (and eating, please, Enzo — didn’t your mother teach you to eat quietly with your mouth closed?? If not, she SHOULD HAVE!)

    1. It was after Enzo’s DR visit that he started talking game . . . & shuttung up when Hayden came into the room. Was a seed of ambition planted to generate sizzle? . . . Sorry, flame’s gone out.

      1. what are the chances of BB putting a quiz about past BBHG… Hayden doesnt stand a chance if thats the case… he has only watch two seasons… All i can say …if BB does that this will be the last season i watch … what ever the final three is should be fare as if all three were playing … Guess questions are out of the picture then … or trivia… since we do have dumb … dumber … and lets not forget ego enzo dummest …

  10. Okay, Enzo was worried someone else in the house had the Nickname meow meow? Really???? He is dumber than I thought. He makes me laugh though.
    Brit for AC

  11. I’m sick of these 3 loser dodos!!! Enzo w his wet dreams, Lane jackin off in the shower 3 times a day, and Hayden thinking it’s funny that he picks his nose and wipes boogers on the carpet next to him!!! They’re a bunch of gross-os!!! Final 3 couldn’t have been worse IMO!!! I can only name a handful of things that were good about this season: when Ragan told off Rachael (twice), and Britney getting busted with the hair extensions– her drs were good, too. The Kristen Rachael fight was okay, as well as Enzo busting his ass to beat 130lb Ragan in otev comp. Matt’s dpov is barely worth mentioning since he screwed it up using it on Kathy. Let’s hope BB13 is all-stars MINUS the brigade!!!!

      1. I think you’re giving them way too much credit. We have a community college attendee, Hayden who still lists himself as a student (of life?) and Lane, not sure if he graduated or not but couldn’t spell “liars.” If they wanted to play on words, they would’ve spelled it bro-gade, not bra-gade (the word that pops out is bra but Britney wasn’t part of it). I have yet to seen a text that read “hey, bra, whatcha doing tonight?”

      2. Hey Deb – just finished watching tonight’s garbage show. I had wondered why they misspelled Brigade too so I paid close attention to how they said it. I am a retired school teacher and often when kids made errors, I’d get them first to say the word correctly so they could sound out the spelling. Surprise, surprise! These bozos all say Bra-gade.

        1. lol ok bra-gade is like da bears, win the spelled da bears on snl,they werent dodos, its like slang bra-gade, lol im laughing at myself because i do defend these guys like im sucking there wieners,im just bored, but thats why they spell it like that it a little slangish,

      1. I simply was stating some facts. The only idiot around here is you, and I’ll make sure to look out for your name so I don’t read any of your pathetic comments.

        1. Michelle– that wasn’t directed at you– thanks for the back-up :) People have to know that if you’re on a reality tv show, you’re setting yourself up for any and all kinds of criticism– good or bad!!!!

  12. I can’t get over how seriously immature these guys are. Mentally out of touch with reality. It reminds me of how my head hurts when I watch the first couple of weeks of American Idol and think that these people not only really believe they can sing, but they have friends and family that encourage them.

  13. Those pics of Lane and his brother are scary so I’m not going to say anything negative about Lane. Hayden, please win the last HOH ’cause I don’t want Enzo to get anything.

    1. Yes, it does look like a gay-porn ad. Actually, if you look really closely….isn’t Lane playing with Gunther’s hair or rubbing his neck or something?!?! I think the title of this pic should be “I just luv to finger his bum….whenever and wherever I can”. Douchbags!! I can’t believe women sleep with these guys willingly?!?!

      1. Now that Im taking a second look…and not at Lanes face or tattoo’s……what is up with those girly tank tops?? I have never in my life seen a guy wear a tank like that, just girls…….weird……hmmmm……
        Oh well……

          1. Really?? fiddy came out with that style?? Interesting…. I never noticed….I guess when you are too busy looking at the muscles…..HAH! Thank you for the info! Still a little girly if you ask me! I prefer the old fashioned wife beater myself!

            1. I think those tank tops are girlie too. Anytime I see a guy wearing one, I always bust a gut laughing.. We call them tit tops or tube tops.. even though the normal tube top is tight and just covers the boobs, it’s the male version of a tube top and no one wants to see that… if you are a guy and have bigger boobs then me, well… enough said

              1. What happened to the good old days when you could tell the different between Mens clothes and Womans clothes! I like my man a little more manly than bright colors and tight titty fits!! LOL! Remember Johnny Cash, the man in black??? I still like my man in all Black, but macho black, not girlie black! And no plucked eye brows unless absolutely necessary!! Feel free to get rid of the uni-brow but save the waxed look for the ladies! Unless of course you are not into ladies…then it is ok…..

    1. I would think if a tooth is broken right up to the gum line, there is nothing left to pull out and it would have to have a surgical removal. I sure wouldn’t want it done.

      1. Brendon sucks?? At least he won alot of compititions, yea he would have been better without rachel but hes still a good competitor

            1. Brendon immediately won the HOH. Rachel is the Delilah to Brendon’s Samson — she is going to be his undoing. He is not really very bright where women are concerned. Rachel is a Predator — Brendon is the Prey. Poor lovesick fool.

              1. he won because he’s the most athletic in the house nobody could’ve beaten him, plus as you know every comp this season was rigged for whomever won it they(production) wanted to choose who wins, too much proof of that this season.

  14. oh my goodness, i wish someone would just tell enzo that people don’t love him like he thinks, probably not even in the top half of all houseguests, and the longer he is in the house the worse it is…..production save this man (and our ears) please!

    and why would someone kidnap his wife when he hasn’t won any money and isnt going to…they could always hide her in the middle of a crowd at the jersey shore, trust me, no one would be able to tell the difference

    1. tinydance, I’m guessing when Enzo said he was taking his daughter Gia on the road he was referring to Gia being kidnapped for his big winnings; wifey was going along to take care of Gia while he raked in the big bucks for — being famous — appearing at a bar — getting a free drink here & there — waiting to be discovered for his high school jokster “personality.”

      1. people love enzo get over it, some of you guys might not but you guys are douchers.and enzo knows whats up, last night he was all ,damn we got big heads.he was asking if any other bb player in the past would talk like them.he ask lane and hayden you think we really could do something after this,and lane and hayden tell em yes.enzo wants to be famous but if it doesnt happen ,he doesnt give a shit. but hell be famous,as much as you guys talk shit.hes in all your heads.

          1. ohhhh, how clever, you think I suck balls….you must have the same brain capacity as Asswipe Enzo. Wake up idiot….I say that because they all act the same. Actions speak much louder than words. Now, how about you go and read a book. You might learn something.

              1. Gotta go to Brokeback? Reaaally? I guess that shows you have nothing that is currently relevant or hasn’t been regurgitated ad nauseum for years. I’m betting you didn’t even have that in your arsenal until it was two years dead. What a sad phobic life you must lead.

          2. I suck balls … malted milk balls, even if Ragan gives em to me. I think that Enzos only hip with a few gansta wannabees from NJ. ho ho yuck ha ha. Most of us who are not from NJ cant stand his act.

            1. I also know people from New Jersey and they are not like Enzo (or those Jersey Shore kids) either. It’s too bad that the world is seeing those idiots and are thinking most people from the area are like that. That is what’s sad about this entire reality show shit. These producers take the worst possible candidates and stick them on tv and they represent a certain area (they shouldn’t but that is what always happens). It’s just because shit attracts shit and all the lazy idiots run to get the free money. The good people wouldn’t even be caught on reality television. Remember when talent got you on tv?? Oh, the good ol’ days!!

              1. apologies to the rest of NJ. Maybe the joke of big brother is how WE all react to their shit. Imagine if we were all sitting in a living room having this same talk about enzo as on simons site and cameras were on us, like in Persons Unknown. (Run with this one jimik60).

        1. I agree, Enzo is talking shit, BUT IF something came out of it he’d run with it. Now on the other hand those two other twits really are feeling themselves. Thinking when the get free then the big bucks are gonna start rolling in! Lanes gonna flly them all over the country with his plane, make ten g’s a night and live it up like a rockstar!
          So their gonna be on the hollywood walk of fame too right next to P. Diddy and Tom Hanks. Good luck fellas

    2. I really think (hope) Enzo will get a rude awaking come finale night. Especially when he doesn’t win the $25K. I honestly think he’s the most annoying HG ever. If either Lane or Hayden takes him to the finale they’ll so regret when Enzo’s handed the half mil check. It’s nice to see most of us on the board realize what a total floater he is!

      1. How can you be the one to judge? Do you know them personally? You’ve seen one on television for a couple of months and you’ve seen a couple of pictures of the other one. Are you referring to their looks as disgusting, or behavior? Cause, yet again, that’s something you would know nothing about.

          1. I’m just saying…yeah there are articles here and there about Lane and Gunter beating the crap out of some guy. Okay? Like people haven’t gotten in fights before? So what? I just wish people would move on. I doubt they would have put him on the show if they thought him to be dangerous. I’m sure they’ve learned their lesson from Justin in season 2 and Scott in season 4.

        1. Awww, FM, read between the lines. Lane looks to Gunther as the only role model he knows.
          Gunter prepetuates muscle beats everything. LISTEN to Lane. You CAN judge by what is presented.

      2. I agree with you Michelle. They are indeed both….very disqusting. I bet if we looked, there would 2 very small units in those shorts.

  15. I have a feeling BB wants the Final HOH competition to be in favor of Lane. Right now everyone and their mother knows that Hayden is the favorite to win the $500,000. But the only way he might not win it is if Lane wins the Final HOH and decides to take Enzo to the Final 2. (Lane would beat Enzo in that scenario, but Lane wouldn’t be able to beat Hayden regardless)
    So, I’m expecting the last HOH comp to be one that involves some sort of target-shooting type of skill, or kicking an object between a goal post, or maybe having to have to hold something heavy up for a long time, Or something that involves flying an airplane.

  16. hahaha@Dark.. finally, you are getting yours.. hahaha awesome I appreciate a man who gives it to a girl straight. Seriously, no messing around, say it like it is..

  17. I would hardly call Enzo a jock — a wannabe jock maybe but hardly a jock in actuality. Anyway, Gunter is a scary hulk.
    The “boys” (L/E/H) are slugs. Enzo’s mother should be ashamed that she didn’t teach her boy some table manners — ugh.
    I laughed when Lane said that his showers were the highlight of his day…funniest line of all. We all know what happens in his showers. The whole world knows what happens in Lane’s showers. I just wonder if he will have the good sense to be embarrassed when he finds that out.

  18. enzo said a few weeks ago ” after this, how am I ever going to work for someone else….’ – well enzo, you will be lucky to still have a job when you get out of there

    1. Before I let you perform the act that is your name on me, I gotta know if your a chick, cuz when I look down on you I wanna see your long hair and pretty eyeshadow. Not a bald spot and a 5 o’clock shadow. Darkhairy dont swing that way.

      1. Funny….they say that if you have to tell people that you are not gay, then you are secretly hiding your man love for the sucking of the penis. Congrats, you have just come out of the closet!!

    1. Wow…that’s cold. I would hardly call them white trash. Lane comes from an oil industry family, and you saw Enzo’s house and his wifey makes the big bucks. You just slinging insults for the fun of it?

  19. For havin’ a whole lotta money, Lane acts like trailer trash. Fightin’ over a boy saying nasty things about an old girlfriend. Laughin’ about being in the paper and insinuating the paper was wrong — well, Lane how did you get into the boy’s house — he certainly didn’t invite you in!! Drivin’ drunk. All those muscles just for show — couldn’t cut it in sports, couldn’t even cut it in the endurance comp (< 3 hrs), and wouldn't go on Survivor because Survivor doesn't have a gym!!!

    1. Exactly!! You have summed it up perfectly. He is trash. Another idiot over-compensating for his ‘short-comings’. Anyone who talks about shooting animals and beating people up all the time is an idiot, plain and simple. Lane is not even a man. A real man would have more sense.

      1. Lane will be fine with his BB winnings and Daddy’s money. Sadly, my dislike and many others of this r*****-“game” lover is unlikely to make a real dent in his already nicely funded pocket.

  20. I’ve only been watching BB since midseason last year so don’t know the history, but was there ever a time when a floater (Enzo) wins because the final winner of HOH (Lane, hypothetical) takes Enzo and the jury gives it to the floater out of spite? I just want some kind of a twist, such as Lane taking Enzo and the jury all voting for Enzo because he deserves it the least. This way they can make a history and maybe put an end to people taking floaters to the final 2. The jury should all say I’m voting for Enzo because he was the because floater and Hayden should’ve been in the final 2 but since Lane took Enzo, Lane gets 2nd place.

    1. I don’t know enough BB history to answer, but it happened two seasons ago in Survivor. Russell, the evil mastermind, was knocked off his feet when the jury awarded the supreme floater the win. It was delicious!

  21. Just wondering if Enzo ever received punishments for eating extra food while being a have-not, or not completely participating in wearing the penguin suit?
    Thank you so much for all the hard work to keep this site up and running, I have enjoyed it.

  22. lane got injured benching 420 pounds dumb ass, or he would be playing pro ,so suck on that weiner.and it was lanes brother who got into a fight get your facts straight dodo.

    1. You are an upstanding relative or friend of the bragade [sic], as I can tell by the grammar and spelling of your fine literary posts. I love the delicious irony because your “dont hate” [sic] handle and the excellent job you do spewing hate against anyone who reports the truth, as it came out of Lane’s or Enzo’s mouths or was reported in numerous articles. I urge you to take all your outstanding intellectual skills and begin with the starcasm article; then if you are not exhausted from that use of your intellectual prowess, google his name, his brother’s name, and the name of the alleged victim. Then, please report back on your findings of his involvement. If you know more hidden details about the alleged incident, as a real friend or maybe even girlfriend? or brother? or weiner-lover sucker? of the thugian BB “houseguest”, please do report all the nitty-gritty details: I’d love to hear the real tales that Lane tells all the girls and boys? he gets drunk and f*cks.

      1. i dont hate i just talk shit on the haters, i like all the bb players this year.your speculation of my typing is correct but you did get one thing wrong.the truth, the truth is that haters suck big fat dicks.and if your brave enough to step up to lane and his brother your brave enough to get your ass kicked.and why someone so intellectual as you bother watching big brother,

      2. Well said Curtain Call!! Bravo!! I’m glad someone else noticed the ‘lack of writing ability’ of our friend ‘dont hate’.

        1. No. You are upset because you came in here and started bullying people (like your idiot heros) and it didn’t work. We pushed back. It’s fine when you are mouthing off, but not fine when anyone else does it. Again, another trait of an immature person.

          1. nah i’m just talking shit bustin balls, see thats were you get it all wrong you call it bullying.lol we call talkin shit. like yo mama so fat she left the house in high heels and when she came back she had flip flops.like yo mamas so fat when she went to kfc to get a bucket of chicken they ask her what size and she said the one on the roof,haha i dont get upset its fun when you guys snap back,no matter how lame your comebacks are,lol see talkin shit suckballs.

            1. And, once again, you go and prove just how immature you are. Keep telling yourself that you are not a bully. You ARE the epitome of a bully. Oh, and to save you some google time.

              1. A person or thing that is a perfect example of a particular quality or type: “she is the epitome of elegance and taste” or in your case “he is the epitome of a bullying, nasty douchebag”.

          1. “DontHate” is a jerk who does nothing but attack the posts of the others. He has nothing of importance or interest to say, just slings insults and pats himself on the back. How about we just all ignore the little 12 year old?

            1. And there’s the big sign of your immaturity. We criticize the players; you criticize us. Until today, most people didn’t criticize YOU. See the difference? And why are you so protective of the bragade [sic]? I don’t think you’ve answered my question yet about which bragade [sic] weiner you are sucking, LOL.

              1. You aren’t even witty…all you can do is throw the worst degrading insults. I can’t imagine what you must look like. You have to be one ugly SOB who has been bullied all your immature life and the only way you can get back at the world is to sling nasty names at people you don’t even know for no good reason other than to make yourself feel like a big ….a big….who the hell knows what. You’re a first class idiot. Go play in traffic.

            2. you know whats sad?, thats exactly what brendon and rachel fans do when we tell the truth about how they acted on the show they defend their every vile action and call us names… brittney and Regan are not the only ones talking shit behind people’s backs EVERYBODY in the house did that , but Brittney and Regan, and Hayden made it entertaining….

    2. Actually the police report had BOTH brothers break into one of Gunters teammates apt and beat the crap out of him over some girl. There were facial fractures and a 10-stitch gash above the eye of the victim of their attack. Evidently it was dismissed as a drunken fight and handled outside of law enforcement. Read for yourself: http://starcasm.net/archives/62408

      Lane was listed as 6′ 0″ and weighed 211 at Texas Tech. Exactly where in the hell was he going to play pro ball at that size? Canada? Was he a safety? If he was a lineman (offensive OR defensive) or linebacker he sure as hell wasn’t playing in the NFL at that weight. He would get killed!

        1. Dont hate [sic], why would you continually, for week after week, try to bully and suppress any criticism of Lane and Enzo? Do you have a personal relationship with one of them: are you a lover or a brother? Why are you hypocritically pretending to be a lover not a hater? Need I remind you that the bragade [sic] put themselves on public view? That if they didn’t want millions of viewers watching them and hundreds of people delving into their past possibly criminal histories and inane utterances, they shouldn’t have applied to be contestants on BB? Instead you and some other bragade [sic] protectors here, believe it’s all right to denounce anonymous critics in the vilest terms?

          1. i’m not bullying ,were you from? geeeez grab your not suck and spit ,damn i would hate to see you at a def jam comedy show.you probably hated andrew dice clay.

  23. I think Enzo’s mother dropped a huge bowl of pasta on Enzo’s head when he was a baby
    and he never recovered.. He’s still not in touch with reality to this day.
    By the way Enzo you wife wouldn’t have to have been kidnapped to disappear.. She is
    hiding out from shame of seeing your behaviour and language on t.v. She couldn’t
    face her fellow employees anymore.

    1. he was talking about his DAUGHTER being kidnapped …. and who says that you have to be famous to have a family member kidnapped.

    2. First thing first, I think you need Hooked on Phonics.
      Secondly, Enzo, aka, Da Boss is a guy who loves his wife and child. No matter what Da Boss does, some of you are going to find something wrong with him. It’s all good because he has a gorgeous wife, and you’re probably lonely. And it’s evident that he has a lot of love for his wife and child, and still have some left to love himself enough to laugh at himself, at his own expense. Men who has the smart to enjoy life like the way Enzo does, tend to live longer than most.

  24. It’s been discussed repeatedly how dumb Enzo and Lane are. Hayden was a member of the Arizona State baseball team in 2008 when he appeared in seven games and went hitless in six at-bats. He was originally named academically ineligible on February 20th 2008. Not exactly stats to write home about. The three together have a total IQ of around 12.

    1. From my understanding, none of them have completed college. Lane appears to be a drop-out? Did Enzo ever go? Is Hayden still really going or did CBS just list that he was still a college student because snowboarding lazabout looks funny? And it’s really funny those people here who say that Hayden is poor . . . to be in college still at his age, going snowboarding, going on trips [Steamboat, drink!], takes $$ and he admits that he’s not even earned 5K over the last several years — so he’s not even working at a part-time or workstudy job! Where did BB find these dodos?

  25. CBS/Allison Grodner needs to rethink how they end BB…………I don’t know anything about
    time schedules and production……..but, making these people stay in the house for this
    last week is ridiculous ! They could have ended the season tonight…….live finale……..There
    is absolutely nothing to watch on BB after dark…………there is nothing exciting to talk about
    and they make them stay up and play cards or shoot pool………..it’s crazy……does anyone
    agree with me ? They are bored, the cameramen are bored and we are all bored !
    Please CBS/Allison……..do it different next year ! If anything BBafter dark would be more
    exciting if they videod the jury house for 3 hours each night ! ! ! Am I right or wrong ?

    1. A few nights ago one of the handlers or camera men named Derryn told the 3 they had put a football in the storage room, go outside and toss it around but don’t throw it at a window.
      Lane screamed “WHEN have we EVER tossed ANYTHING at the windows”? Lane is getting mouthy and yells at BB if they call him to the DR.

  26. I watched season 10 again yesterday, the 1st part of hoh comp was also in season 10, jerry lasted for 41 minutes enzo on lasted 19 minutes
    jerry was 75 years old

    1. Do you mean romantically? No, not at all. Ragan stated that he has no relationship with his actual brothers (reading between the lines that is because he is gay and they couldn’t deal with it). When questioned about Matt throwing him under the bus his final week, Ragan said he saw Matt as a brother-type and forgave him because he didn’t want to lose another “brother”. They joked about being a showmance because they were so close and Ragan was gay. They were just having fun with the others when they said that.

      1. Hello There and Coco, two voices of reason on this blog! I’m so happy to finally read some comments from people who realize that a gay man is not after, in a sexual sense, every other male that he meets!

  27. Do these idiots really believe they are going to be famous and that Enzo is going to need protection for his family? How utterly ridiculous! These morons will only be famous for about the length of time it takes to close up the BB set! If I am to believe even one fourth of the comments that people are leaving on this site, America is fed up with ths seasons HG’s. They are all boring, shallow and self obsessed morons! FInish the season already!

    1. you cant stop watching them and talking about them, theres only three bra-gade members left and you still watch em, whos the moron?

    2. are you joking or just ignorant? while it’s obvious they will not be as famous as they think they will be famous for a little while and there are people out there that will want to do something bad to their families because they hate them so much or out of sheer jealousy. ans i personal known someone as a kid who was kidnapped an d her dad wasn’t famous or rich just someone wanted to snatch a kid for some quick money.

    3. Take it with a grain of salt. All 3 boys are just talking shit. There’s nothing else to do in the house but dream big and have fun with it.

  28. Thank God this season is ending. We all love the show, but feel miserable dying a slow death with these least likely characters headed to collect the big prizes.

    I think it’s worse for us than for the fans who only watch the show on scheduled nights. They only see the abbreviated one hour version-so they don’t have a chance to be bored or disgusted to death.
    They haven’t seen the grotesque behavior, and gruesome details we have seen displayed by Rachel, Ragan, Brit, and Lane. So disgusting and extremely inappropriate even for some of us who might think some of the stuff is rather fun and entertaining.

    They are so enamored with themselves and their big egos that they forget that these ‘little indiscretions’ are being recorded and filmed for posterity-for all to see now and for years to come.
    In my opinion, Lane’s stories – even with half of the gory details blocked by BB- are the worse because they reveal real signs of violence, r*****, disrespectful to other human beings and animals.
    Lane is a quiet, dangerous thug walking among us.
    He should not be rewarded with any amount of money or attention on finale night.
    But, we all know that BB loves trashy people, and loves to display them under a spin that only we know to be false and twisted,

    Having said all that, to my family’s dismay (especially my adult children) I continue to watch the show.

    So, what does that say about me?????

    1. Good points, Eriene. Lane knows that he’s recorded 24/7 and still he has no problem with repeating his stories of violence and r*****. Enzo had no problems calling other contestants vile names for it seemed like hours on end. What do both of them say and do when they are not on camera? When they are among friends after a few hours of drinking? And if they are the exact same when off and on camera, what does that say about their intelligence? Both of them turned off many live feeds fans with their on-camera behavior. [Side note: LOL, Many of us are addicted to BB — maybe we should form BB Anon :).]

  29. I am so SICK of hearing Enzo speak and natter on about anything that comes to his mind and his language is atrocious! He is an idiot with a little bit of knowledge!
    I want Lane to win, just because I like him and his sensitive nature toward Brittany – but I wouldn’t be opposed to Hayden winning just because. He has done well in challenges and hasn’t spoken ill of anyone – but I CAN’T stand his hair! He needs to get it out of his face!!

  30. I’m looking forward to seeing tonight’s CBS episode. I bet you that the contestant with the best edit will be the eventual winner! I’ll be shocked if we see any clips that make Lane look bad.

  31. all 3 of them will end up looking like america’s darling and for everyone that doesnt watch bbad, start pulling the sack over your head now

  32. Could Lane actually be Brit’s Nick? A friendship in the house was one of the saboteur’s words. Maybe that is why Brit did not give a shout out to Nick in her speech. Could it be?

  33. Just showed the Ragan and Rachel fight if you can even call it a fight more like a tongue
    lashing… Rachel has a face like a slapped arse.

  34. I never want to see Ragan again, He is such a vile disgusting person. Seriously, He thinks he’s so better then everyone. He judges Rachel and Brendon YET he has said some nasty and horrible things in the house, A lot more then Rachel. Get over yourself Ragan…

          1. Rachel ALWAYS does the approaching either with a smart mouth or in body, and her approach is always negative so the feedback she is going to get is going to be a fight. She starts them. Every fight in that house was Rachel-based. Ragan is a whiney little boy but I will tell you this, he can slice Rachel down to size in a few words, leaving her with that whipped face. I was actually thinking of voting for Brendon for AC, but once again seeing him play the whipped puppy dog to Rachel, I am back to voting for Brit. Brit was the Trash Talking Queen, but I can’t deal with Brendon following that Las Vegas redhead around like a puppy dog chained to her belt that has his balls hanging from it.

      1. Go back and watch the feeds. Rachel wanted a fight with him, and after failing a couple of times inside the house, she followed him outside. She wanted a fight, and she got one. Unfortunately, she came to a “war of the words” armed only with cookie dough.

        1. If you watched it all you would have seen the nasty face he gave her when she came in back into the house and he did say something to start the whole thing. If you think about it every fight she had in the house he was involved in, except the one’s with Brendon. I think regan is a nasty human being.

          1. Rachel smarted off to Kristen with her “Get a lifevest, floaters…KRISTENNNNNNNNNNN”….. she demanded an apology from Kathy because Kathy beat her in the bowling, she has had words with others in the house other than Ragan. Regan is the one who slices her in half. I don’t like him but good for him. She cuts people down and then figures if she apologizes all will be well. They are empty apologies because in 10 seconds she is at it again.

      1. As a gay man, I can absolutely assure you that he is NOT representative of our community and he is universally despised as a vile, despicable, contemptible human being. His only friends in our community would be the lowest of the low, as in any other community (see Britney’s friends).

        1. Too bad David– I agree with Rockstar on that. Ragan had an evil twin when he was pushed too far and his anger & hurt came out, but throughout the game I enjoyed his ability to communicate fairly until the end of the game. He was encouraging, he asked questions to get people to think about things rather than just telling them something. Seriously, he has a lot of skills, intelligence and sensitivity that to me override those few days of nastiness. He would be a friend of mine over anyone else in the house except possibly Kristen & Matt.

          1. I am a happily married 40ish woman with children. I watched the CBS bb shows and followed this site since the beginning. I like ragan. He never said anything bad about someone for no reason. Rachel started every argument they had! I think he is a well spoken person who is truely loyal. I am not a Hayden fan but I also think he is a nice person. Matt made this game the most exciting and since he knew no one in the house when he told the lie a out his wife, I only see it as a way to win a half mil. (Kathy should shut up becuz she is a chain smoker so I hardly have any respect for her health) I think Brit was funny and played hard. Enzo has great one liners but is a loser ant the game and does not deserve one cent. Lane is hot but sucks at the game and when i see him with his brother they scare me. Finally Rachel is a nasty selfish jealous girl with low self esteem. After reading her house blogs I am convinced she did not graduate from a reputable college. Oh yeah, Brendan… if he didn’t get involved with Rachel he could have hidden his desperate, clingy, needy side and made America think he was an okay Guy.

          2. I really disagree. Ragan is a very damaged person who believes himself to be far superior to everyone else, both morally and intellectually. He is a mean-spirited, hate-filled child that lashes out at others intending to hurt them as badly as he is hurt by his experiences in life. People often disagree and say things in the heat of the moment, but Ragan’s vitriol has been consistent and planned.

                1. This is a board where people can express their opinion. Lucky for you because that allowed your rude smartass comment of “who gives a damn what you think”?

        2. I would never attempt to speak for the entire heterosexual community. Even if gays are only 10% of the population, that’s still 30 million people who would have to have elected you their spokesperson and somehow, I doubt it.

  35. can any one tell me who the best freinds are supose to be. I never heard any thing else about it. If They said I must have missed it.

    1. I’d drink, but with all the “life-long friend” references on this site this season, I am fresh out of alcohol. I do have some Dr.Pepper though, so…DRINK!

  36. “Wifey” is experiencing an entire summer without constant bullshit, life without obnoxious noises and stupid remarks repeated for no reason. She must be dreading the end of the show. She was smart to send him away for the summer, and with money at the end or not, she had some peace and quiet. Even if she is a busy working mom and not seeing him as we do, somebody in her life is reading these posts and letting her know “hubbie” is not loved universally as he believes (and as CBS portrays).

        1. So that’s all you got? That Enzo was dumb enough to think that “S” stands for Sheriff and nothing else? Maybe it was his strategy to take any attention off him, as in anyone thinking he was the Saboteur since he found the note.
          You haven’t walk in Enzo’s shoes, so don’t be too quick to judge the man’s intelligent.
          Now with Britney, if you want to talk about how stupid she was, and what a nasty mouth that little girl has on her, I’m all for it.

                1. See what I mean? You are so empty headed all you can do is make some snotty ass comment at other posters.
                  You are really intelligent? yeah…right….!!!

  37. A good idea for CBS would be to provide live feeds in the jury house as well, so that viewers can alternate between the BB house and the jury house, when either one gets too boring to endure. I think it would make great money.

    1. I’ve always been a fan of the J/H no matter which season it was. It would be a great idea if they would put a few cameras in the jury house, that way we don’t have any dull moments on BB!

  38. I just wasted an hour tonight watching that recap show. There’s nothing like a trip down memory lane to remind myself why I did not like any of the HGs this season and ended up rooting for nobody. Is is Lane’s mission in life to come across as the village idiot?

    1. I’m glad I watched the recap show tonight. It convinced me that Brendon should be the America’s favorite player. I was leaning toward Matt a few days ago, but after watching tonight, I see that Brendon has a lot of class and I think he should be rewarded with $25,000.

    1. You just disrespected Da Boss. I order you to spank yourself 100 times.
      Well, in case you ended up enjoy that punishment too much, let me give you another one.
      Take a deep breath and fart, then inhale real deep.

      1. “Well, in case you ended up enjoy that punishment too much”

        spank himself with a spiked-whip 100 times, im sure he won’t “like” it for long

  39. he really said that, thats funny this idiot must not have figured out his “balls” were in the possession of Rachel his entire time in the house …guess he forgot to mention that little fact. she still has them which if he wins AC he will give her that money

    1. It would be a draw. Brendon would never fight with a man close to his own size – he prefers people of smaller stature (either gender will do). Hayden wouldn`t be able to see through his own hair.

  40. HAYDEN just a little bit off the sides goddman boy cut that hair, better not come near me ill knock em out and shave all that hair off have him acting like Rachel when she realizes she REALLY looks like the offspring of “Boy George”

  41. The big bad ugly red hair extensions witch cast a spell on neanderthal when he said he had a PHD, or was getting a PHD in Physics. She immediately decided she was a Chemist–Yeah! the witch with a degree in Chemistry, I mean spell/potion alchemy. Brendan got infected by her nasty contaminated saliva when he constantly drank out of her cup, and ,,,,,,well, never mind.

    I thought it t was hilarious tonight when they showed Rache’s mean,, drop dead face twice-once when she was mad at Brandon for criticizing her obsession with Vegas, and the other time when Regan left her speechless in the backyard.

    That was priceless! If looks could kill, both Brendan and Ragan would be dead!!!!

  42. Big Brother is such a good show because they just put a bunch of stupid people together in one house and we all just make fun of them. lol!

  43. Enzo well have to go in ” rehab ” for depression if he don’t win. He think’s he’s all ” Hollywood Now. I don’t recall anyone making the big time’s after any bb was over, do you ? I don’t remember seeing anybody that lost make round’s on talk show’s other then the two winner’s. And for showing his family last Thurs. night, do you really think they would bad mouth him , after all blood thicker then water, they got there three minute’s of fame to. I mean his Mother can see no wrong in him, that’s her son, & the wife, she was playing for the camera too. Just saying, that whole bunch are all alike.

  44. Since this season has gotten so boring I have gone back to watching the older seasons. I am currently on season four and have discovered that the brigade being so high on themselves is not totally new behavior. The “dream team” alliance in season four were also very high on themseves! The conversations about their grayness were eerily similiar to this seasons brigade conversations! It is also very obvious when comparing competitions, that production totally rigs the competitions so that they get the winner they want. In the earlier seasons the winners could have been anyone. The competitions were played without any of productions prejudice in mind. They really do need to mix it up in the future because it has gotten entirely too predictable! The past few seasons have followed a pattern so closely that the houseguests have been able to guess what the competitions were going to be in advance, hell, even the audience can guess in advance! I do prefer the live audience as oposed to having no audience like they used to.

    1. Season 4 didn’t end well, but it was a pretty good season. The competitions were fresh and unpredictable. And they weren’t set up to favor anyone in particular. The twist that year was really good, probably the last good twist. Production got comfortable with a formula and basically keep following the same tired script and casting the same stereotypes. If you haven’t watched season 2, I think it was one of the best ever.

      1. Thanks Chloe for the suggestion! I have not seen season two and I will start it next! I loved the competitions in season four! The water jug with the ping pong balls into the tubes, anybody couldve won that! I loved the food comps such as the building of the meals where Jack was a giant strawberry! They were original and funny, but most of all they made the houseguests work together and have fun together! The comps now are so predictable and boring.

        1. It is true, isn’t it. If you look at some of the earlier seasons, the competitions were original and fun. The formula hadn’t been established yet, so they didn’t know what to expect and they didn’t even think to study and count things. I like how they had to earn their comforts like the hot tub. I wish they never stopped doing that. The houseguests are too pampered now and they don’t have to work together. In my opinion Season 2 was the best, season 3 was pretty good too, season 4 great twist and some people you can really love to hate, season 5 sucked, season 6 was a lot of fun until the final 2, season 8, another of my favorites, but that’s when it started getting too scripted and predictable. My least favorite seasons were BB9 and BB12. Seasons 10 and 11 rate mediocre mostly because they were predictable and scripted. Enjoy seasons 4 and 2!

  45. I am no looker (I’m mexican) but Lane and his brother are the poster boys for white trash hillbillies. Gunther kind of looks like the Undertaker from WWE…..and he wore a mask a lot.

        1. Sorry, I should have said I am a mexican dude. The ladies have potential but when is the last time you saw a good looking mexican guy? Just saying……

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