Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Enzo: “c’mon yo… it’s just frustrating yo… not knowing shit yo…I hate thinking it hurts”

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Big Brother 12 Spoilers

10:47pm Brigade in Jumanji They’re trying to figure out when the next comp will be.. Enzo thinks that tomorrow is the finale. Lane: “just imagine tomorrow night we could be drinking cerveza in some bar”. Hayden doesn’t think it is the finale because parts need to be edited with the jury house. Enzo tries to calculate the number of hours he’s been in the BB house.. Lane asks who last year had 8 family members in the audience… He thinks it was Natalie. HAyden corrects him says it was JOrdan. Enzo: “BLANK it better be finale tomorrow yo”

Enzo: “c’mon yo… it’s just frustrating yo… not knowing BLANK yo…I hate thinking it hurts”

11:09pm Sleeping

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63 thoughts on “Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Enzo: “c’mon yo… it’s just frustrating yo… not knowing shit yo…I hate thinking it hurts”

    1. If this wouldn’t make the perfect SNL skit for a game ot Jeopardy, nothing would!!! Can’t wait for these two brain surgeons go head to head.

    1. If there is a god, please make sure that waste of oxygen Enzo doesn’t win 1st or 2nd place. Meow-meow needs to be beaten with the business end of a fire axe.

    2. So it’s going to be between Lane and Enzo.
      Enzo will beat Lane.
      Enzo faces Hayden.
      Hayden loses because no one can have that long of a winning streak.
      Enzo goes to the final.
      Enzo takes _________, with him to the final.
      Enzo wins because out of the 3 of them, Enzo has the least enemies.
      Enzo is still the Boss.
      Julie pays the Boss.

    3. Out of the three left, I hope he wins. I will not bore you all with the same reasons Lane and Enzo shouldn’t win. Now, the problem is who deserves the 25K. UGH! How could it be that hard to think someone deserveres it, but it is?!

    1. Top right corner of this web site. Hayden has won 1/3 parts of the HoH. Geez, do people actually READ this page, or just jump to the chat section?
      Wait, are you related to Enzo?

  1. Simon and dawg- you guys have an awesome site. Been reading all season. And will continue to as long as its up. Is there a site like this for survivor… if so how do i get there?

        1. I would like that Simon. I am a fan, I watch the episodes online. I would love to be able to come here and talk Survivor with the gang!

  2. who wants to see brits face when brendon wins americas fav!( cause if brittney wins americas fav she’ll put on her fake pagent smile and start waveing like shes in a pagent lol) well i hope brendon wins so vote for him! ANYWAYS idk who i want to win??? who do you guys want to win
    im not happy with the final 3 at all

    who cant wait to see how ragan reacts to matts lie??? do you guys think they will still be friends? my personal opinion about the people in the house is

    haydon- COCKY
    enzo- idk
    brittney- shit talker and fake because i bet if everyone in the house liked rachel and brendon she would not talk shit about them although she is funny!
    ragan- felt bad for him in the last few moments in the house.
    brendon- sstupid for falling in love but seems like his hearts in the right place
    rachel- crazy and every time i hear her name i think “dont get between her and her man!”
    matt – didnt like him at first cause of his lie and still kinda dont but hate the BRUHgade for kicking him out because without him they would be nothin!!!
    kathy- forgettable
    andrew- i liked him and how he always looked guilty lol even though he wasnt
    kristen- dont really know what to say about her
    monet- kinda bitchy and a shit talker
    annie- didnt get to know her that well

    1. If MATT had stayed loyal?! Excuse me?! Matt was loyal all the way out the door. He could have outed the Brigade and stayed in the house, but he didn’t. If your reasoning behind him not being loyal is that he had a side alliance with Ragan, newsflash honey, they ALL had side alliances.

    2. first of all in season 3 danielle and jason made an alliance in the first few days, and made it to final 3, plus danielle somehow got marcellas not to use the veto on himself and marcellas was evicted, which saved jason, the brigade could not do that

  3. Simon, Dawg…..a great big hug and sloppy kiss for a great recap of this otherwise Boring Season of BB! I want to leave a donation but don’t want to be seen as a cheap ass…..can any of the posters give me an idea as to a great donation offering? It’s not like I have a total bill from onlinebigbrother that I can base a 20% tip? The live feeds were $30 during the promos and although I would have loved to spend 100% of my summer on BB, I wasn’t sure this was the summer to take that leap again! (A little hindsight that actually was correct!) Just following your recaps was obsession enough! Plus I think a $6.00 tip is an insult to the commitment you have given to our satisfaction!! BBGrandma or Rockstar, what are you suggestions for us followers to contribute to the AWESOME dedication these guys have exhibited throughout this season? QAZ, I challenge you to the opportunity for a quick witted AG response! I’m sure all your input will help all us in contributing the donations these die hards deserve! Thank you again for all your hard work and sleep deprecation!

    1. chigirl- I can’t speak for anyone else but I’m sure simon and Dawg wouldn’t care what it was… Give what you can.. I would love to be able to fund the whole site because I love it so much.. so do whatever you can and I’m sure the guys would be greatly appreciative..

    2. chigirl: The tip should be approximately 15% of Allison Grodner’s weight. Might want to tell them not to cash that check until the end of the month, because it’s going to be a doozy.

  4. If Lane and Hayden are in part 3, I wonder if they will try to mess with Julie/BB12 by selecting the same answer no matter what in the quiz and putting the same number for the tiebreaker. The hardest question is probably going to be from Kathy since she rarely did anything in the BB game.

  5. Does anyone know who fell first? I am guessing Bozo. And does anyone have thoughts on if production really does mess with the people in the house you would think that when it is over you think the people would be saying I could of stayed in the house longer but production suggested that I do this or that and I should of done what I wanted and I would of lasted longer. You would think they would be pissed and tell how it was with production.

    1. I believe they are under contract and can be sued for speaking out like that. I’m not positive though. And if that is the case, then I’d bet it isn’t for life, and eventually you may see a book from a previous player spelling out exactly what goes on in the house that we don’t know about.

    2. Haydon said that production told him he should think take Enzo to the final 2 so yes I think they tell them what to do. It is rigged just like last nights show they made Britney look so sweet and we all know that she is anything but sweet, they are fixing the America’s Choice also. Haydon is taking Lane Haydon is going to win the 500k and Lane will get the 50 and Britney will get the 25. that is how they have worked it and that is what will happpen.

    3. Production doesn’t make them do anything, but I am sure they plant seeds in their heads about what is going on, what to do. So maybe they really think it’s their idea as oppposed to production manipulating them.

  6. If this is a legit game, Hayden should win this hands down! Looking back on everything, he has played a super game. He was loyal to the brigade, and yet was able to handle the side dealings going on. A girl can take a man out, both Hayden and Brendon played better once Kristen and Rachel left the house. Hayden washed the gel out of his hair and started playing this game the way it was meant to be played. I want Hayden to win the 500k and 25k as America’s Choice!

    Well done Hayden!

  7. Could you imagine what Brittany would have said about Brendon if he would have been the one that told her that he played the 8 second sex game with his friends and had killed a bag of kittens throwing them in a rock crusher, yet she attaches herself to Lane as her best friend whom she loves in the house and when she is evicted they all tell her how much they will miss her and that she is the sweetest, kindest person?? Ragan told some pretty sick stories and she really liked him too. What does that say about her character?

    I don’t know how anyone could want Brittany to win as America’s Favorite.

    At least Brendon and even Rachel would feel bad when they would say things and react badly trying to save themselves in the house and they would try to appologize which Brittany would make sure no one would accept so she could continue to make up lies and keep trashing them.

    Brittany was not a very nice person on this show but CBS did a great job of editing her last night so everyone would feel sorrry for her and vote her as America’s Favorite. At least Rachel’s judge of character for Brendon is better than Brittany’s choices. Whether you like Brendon or not he is a nice person that tries to see the good in other people.

    I just don’t understand what kind of people are voting for Brittany to win.

    1. Some of don’t dissect every single moral fabric of a person and apply to game play. Some people can separate the two a little bit better than others can. Or people just have their favorites in the house. Brendon and Rachel were not saints and Brendon wasn’t always a nice guy.He was becoming a bigger prick by the week when Rachel was there.They both isolated themselves so early that other people couldn’t form a bond with them outside their bond. So that’s was their choice.

        1. if you guys hate the people so much why do you watch it. You guys are just as narcissistic as all the other people in this chatroom. The few times I read the chats they are all so condescending. IT IS JUST A SHOW!!!!!

  8. I wonder if Brittney regrets not listening to Kristen when she said that there was an alliance between the four guys? I also wonder whether Lane regrets not getting Hayden out last week? $500,000 mistake…

  9. When I go to the CBS web site to vote for AC the choices do not show up on the bottom of the page, is anyone else having that problem ?

    1. go to big brother homeage. It is not at the bottom just down from the top. If there is such a thing, it is at the top of the middle of the page.
      I have voted for Brendon.

      1. I’M CALLING THE HOT LINE FOR ABUSE AGAINST ANIMALS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. i was just giving a realty ck LANE * 8 SEC* OMG this is a low down [game ],this is r*****any way u look at it this is APPAULLLLLLING, i bet your MOM is SO PROUD of her SON TREATING WOMEN like a piece of TRASH. Then last night refering to Brit as Your Favorite DOG dieing ,you are a piece of work I BET YOU I FIND OUT THE OIL COMPANY YOU ARE WITH and COVENCE ALLLLL MY FRIENDS AND THERE FRIENDS TO STAYYYYY AWAY. I am so disappointed in YOU . my friends have talked and talked about this and you should be made to take r*****PREVENTION CLASS and feel what its like to have your life destoryed and for Brit as a women to sit there a be apart of this you give TRAILER TRASH A BAD NAME. Thats not even funny. I understand wanting to have a varitey of people but comon BB this is tooooo muchhhh!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Enzo and Lane better not win this, they are 2 of the most inept morons on the planet. Like him or not, Hayden played the best overall game, he played both sides when Brendon and Rachel were in the house, got along with Brit, Ragan, everybody, and won 3 HOH’s

  12. Brendon – I hope he wins the 25k becuase he truley deserves it after being made fun of & attacked from the begining.
    Brit – was funny with ther one liners, but I am so happy to see her gone. All she did was cry to stay in the game.
    Ragan – Can’t wait to see his face when he finds out about Matt lieing. Ragan could have made it to the finale 2 if he didn’t lose sight on for why he was there. He became waaaaay to emotional.
    Enzo – is hilarious but he talks to much..He should of played harder. He hid behind the the Bragade.
    Lane – Have no words. Is he pretending to be this dumb?
    Hayden – Great competitor toward the end.
    If I had to choose outta of the 3 I would say Hayden should win it cause he is playing harder than Lane and Enzo.

  13. I think Hayden has won this game. I don’t think the first HOH has also been the last HOH.
    I know Enzo has not won a lot, or been the best player, but he has played better than “8 Seconds” Lane. Lane does not deserve the $50,000. Lane does not even try in the comps. I don’t understand how he and Hayden have become so close. Hayden is close to both Enzo and Lane. Enzo was always going to pick Hayden for the final. Whereas Lane would chose Brittany.
    I would hope Hayden would choose Enzo because he has a baby and probably could use the money. Lane’s parents seem to take pretty good care of him and his legal troubles.
    Enzo does talk too much, but is that a reason not to put him in 2nd place? I think he is better than 8 Seconds.

    1. Pretty sure Enzo and his family have money. His wife has a great job. And it’s not about who NEEDS the money…it’s not a charity.

  14. Everone is thinking Enzo isn’t so smart but wait and see he’s studied alot more than Lane, Of course Hayden wants Lane because he has more of a chance of winning against Lane too funny Hay I say Hayden deserves to win with all the challenges he has won,but it up to Lane and Enzo to see who goes with him.
    It will be interresting . OOOOOOOOOOOOOO poor Hayden don’t know how long he stayed up on the rope ?????????? But his hands were so blistererd owwwww.

    1. I hope Yo doesn’t know too much, but last nite he was watching Lane and Hayden studying, while he was in another room, peeking around the corner.

  15. The brigade wanted shirts to boast their alliance. Only thing is, they had to design them by themselves, and none of them are good artists. Why bother?

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